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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, November 10, 1894, Morning, Image 8

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To-PAY Rear Admiral Ban
croft (;hcrardi retires from
Uncle Sam's service.
lie A ill be remembered a
the greatest naval tactican of
the age, and to him most of
the recent improvements in our
service are due. For years he
was a friend of the ill-fated Sir
George Tryon who went down
with the Royal Victoria.
Better buy that hat you lost on
the election-and better buy it
here. We'll make the ,price so
low that it will take away the
sting of losing. Every sort
every shape-every quality to
select from.
Men's Suits, in Cassimeres,
Worsteds, Cheviots, Meltons,
Thibets, etc., in plaids, stripes
and solid colors. $7.50, $9,
$io, $Iz, $13.50, $z5, $16, $18,
$20 and up to $30.
Men's Overcoats-Ulsters,
Pooles, Box, Sacks, and every
other desirable style. $7, $9,
$Io, $16, $18, $20, $22.50, and
up to $50o.
Boys' and Children's Suits-
Brownies, Jack Tar, Reefers and
Cutaways-lots of the Combina
tion suits with two pairs pants and
cap. $2.50, $3, $3.50, $1, $5,
$6, $7 and up to $15.
Children's Overcoats, Capes,
Sacks and Ulsters. $4, $~, $6,
$7, $8.
Children's Flanncl Shirt W\aist
-Mother's Friend style. 7Y ,
$r, .s50o.
Children's IIose, all styles and
qualities, wool and cotton, 25c
Jaeger's is not ordinary Under
wear-- if it were anvy ldy could
make it. It is scicntitically cur
rect and peria t in ),' . ;i. ,c prin
riple. W e'll t.1 \you all a,,lu t
- or 'cmnd you a little l,,(k that
E' er weui a Knox it?' ]ver
( 'ti . ,-t t, ' 'v.1,.
Such Will Be the Celebration the
People of Montana Hold on
Ti.e Permanent CaHptal to Be the
tone. of the Ratif
A Great Torvhlllgh Prared., lp.Lekh and
a I'ublle f.ro.ptln. Ithe. eV.trOe
Arralllln the DLet.aI
!Monhty Mil 1 ie a great dany In Helena.
'll it ill I ,ot I, s. tlll, h a grle t . il lfor
11,b 1. .lh 11 wII 111ll hr to the e1ntire etate of
ItIl.it II ItI ill Ib the ivti'rb tilon of the
>. an ~i thiti stlt. tri the trange r of - or
I' t1 it I .. ll 1 tit tll ll ti ons of t hein
.It ottl lill tl ti i- t to i-ki pjatt. tepre
, intllll II I il I t 1111 it) , 11 11 itt. e, the
m11It, 1 . n l. tl I tl e lt, iawot the (1mr
\lhla to l t. '. itl t tl . a111 1' ttittiriuti of ( ll
e. 'i t lgb tiiI tt t i- i. t .tit i uit ~ t omt.
g1,ts.-I titelebr tittio ia ler gseen in the
Iti t'tliy lia t it ins. The ps r.es.sloe iT e .
pir tIt to Nillti anything ever before at
trmttltt. T'oiches ittIll be procured and
ll rhl. in sufftlh nt numbers t' o IIKht 1up
o\rt y Ilp rt ofit the I hra8 h nhtd tllltings
Along ith tl ne of nutu, h l t ilal be illuminh .t
tI anal d e.1~'ri r lte,. t ll he lrteworks pro
utiailoh will be st off, a( nd i anythlng
n ail to putl it o tin of i il I t on th l e.
M l l li'le t cf ithl .l of .ntaltllll ihal lee
\t ,I I,. ,ked Iv til conulllllitte' of alrrIange
I, in.11 n h -nli ofih t t nthusIstlic l'rth I
.,ils ,ill nulllty it. \ hille, the letalinl
hatite not yIt ,l, pi- filtatedi , It ca c m ittfely
11e i'l t'l thai those wiho ltil Helena
, to par ricplla e in th . celei rat on 1 will see
iomnitiltg moro ater thi r eoley of march
ing l.l thr J. ill st iL a panor.ml of
ever changuo g ithligures, sl.tl ut of some
of the I, t i g puintsl In the great a. i t l
pa ign l w f rllllch sn',i t closed.lI (.l '
The \ dung Men's Capital lutb hove
been i nII illChi l' . of+i th lhe orh h t protc.
iston, ithe auits, the salutes, itC. They
lwill not togl' one great factor In the
tight, the Yloung Men's Cap'itail club, of
Humtt. Thiis young imn diu noble work
for Hi l.na lin the I ight. They will un
loubtelly lhave a\ r big delegation here. F.
't.. Sterling. W. I. Orr, F. W. Kuphalt
and Fre+d leutenherg have been appoint
ed a comnmilnttee to take charge of the d.,e
ilation and filhlnination of the town.
,11hmbers of the Women's Capital club
will have charge of the decoration of the
auditorium. miit will appoint a committee
of fifty to look after the reception of vis
Itors. J. J. Fallon and 1,. L. Flaherty
till look after the lreworks
The general recception committee to meet
xIsitors at the depot 'will consist of A. J.
$Sligman. A. J. D)avldson, F. D. Weed, D.
A. t'ory and Joe Davis. The general re
eilption committee at the aulllltorlum will
consist of ex-tov. Jospeh K. Toole. Col.
\W. F'. Handers, W. E. cullen, Hion. Thom.
II. ('arter, Major Martin M'.aginlis. A. W.
Lymnan. It. 1:. Fisk, ex-Gov. Hamuel T.
Haullser. Thomas ('ruse, .. II. Hlrshfield,
E. I). Edlgerton, N. W. Ml'onnell, H. M.
I'nrchen, It. H. lcepner and Charles It.
a ndllers.
The parlde will hogin to move at seven
o'clock und the exercises at the auitltr
itum will commence at nine. All merchants
are rtquest*,.. to close their places of bust
It,·s at half past five, so a. to allow their
ulllnloye to takl part.
Loved by alt, Arabella flour.
The Ice Hive lcads in low prices. Give
them a call.
MoItselal s Invited to Attend the South.
ora Edomeatonal Asnlloeatle.
E. A. Steere, state superintendent of
Iublice intstructin. has received i ci rcu
lar letter annoneing that the Southern
il*u"cat i'; onlI ass~ciation will meet In
; alve.ston, Texas, on Dec. 26i, 27 and
';. The plrevious meetings of this as
ielatio h ave been held In midsum
mir at Atlanta and Lookout Mountain.
but in coi'Isep'i*Iiee of the desirability
ft a itrip to tihe south In winter, and
the (tconflicts of the sunimmr meeting
with the lnatiional ieducatiIonal and varl
ii1t stat, assiciations, it has been de
ciilid to h ld the meetinlgs at that time.
Tih eet ling will probably be the
larl, t .l ll Inost represen.tative gath
' III of teachers ever held on the gulf
of .Ml xio. ailld will Includ( e teachers
not only frinm the south. but from all
parts oif the I nite States.. Mexici
will Ie innit lhd to send representatives
t. th, motill.e. "i'h, prrgrnnmme will
nlliIl,. sm .e f r th'i fo'lllst educa
tIultal thinkers o5 f the counltlry.
Buy Arbetlla flour, made ia 3eleal.
If..', .ou If . ar d one of the tniner
t.,l I· hoot Molnthl) ?
If I I t ,. * ,f hI I thif annovances of
.oa ,hi - . i e niru:l fli e irun it; thet
mailwas is -tll* bialla"t.
azrur. lom 1 etlts to ('alfermtml.
Take the sh. tt all by twentv-four
hourts ith ui, kst Iroilt I to 4'allfurnla.
I Igant l'.Illmait paitlu and tourist
slI,. r t 'I rll- dIining tar roullte. Th.
I nu'n I'', iin, htas pl..t'd .I on i.le, daily
,lllr ,,| tr \'. c ,L;i.,. KoII ; \+I th {,tcIvil' . '+
,,I I I' iit ' IV tin.' 1 ittii i lliiX I tIsIIIIht ,
S , ' ', -- p fllt 1 a I .; . n l
. "nIt c thi L 0 o,| n li tr
t 'i '' , I . ' : 1, i. 1n I t , ve r: a,
' ' , .1 ' I J 'tli:n <lu
' , I' , ' 1 ,. t i t i ll I I,t
, I 1. I a . . . i ' * , , , 1 t
I. 1 " . i ' i t
, 1 1 "I 1., ' ,II I
it , ., h 'o , in,
II * ' 'I I i tI . 'l l I rI,.,
S, z, rs'nn Il I l r* V I tn11 s .
' I ' ' \ . " .I 1
I, " ,t lu l 1, 1 t a >P 1i I f
. . . , , i Ir,1 t o',, '
'1' I 1 " , ," ,r I'.,, I , i, lr,., h :,
I I, . ,i
, I',' , 1 11,e l ir. , I .
S , ii' tl ', f l rI ;it t anr
I ,I III' I r
,I 'II i, .I a i I-tl .l'1nt .,
" ] . , , ,1 1 1, I I }',
I I P' ] ,I, ~',t+ ;-.r1 1t* l i t, ll '
, , ,n
II .1,1 I, 11 . ' ,I ll lI l,.
I' ' 1 " , ,1, " I fll ol' l . '1 4 1'
I n l I , , 1!t .I" lp ig l'ar
The Official Records,
Showing the
Best Baking Powder.
The United States Government, after claborate tests, reports
the Royal Baking Powder a pure cream of tartar powder of
greater leavening strength than any other.
-Bu//ltin i3, U. S A. g. Dep., p. 599.
The Canadian Official Tests, recently made, show the Royal
Baking Powder highest of all in leavening strength.
--Bu//etin to, p. 16, In/and Rev'. Dip.
I find the Royal Baking Powder superior to all the others
in every respect. It is purest and strongest.- I aiter S. llaines,
M. D., Consulting Chemist, Chicago Board of Hcalth.
Hence, in practical use,
The Royal Baking Powder goes further, makes
purer and more perfect food than any other.
DIsk PIaeeI md Jabe Flashear uarvve
the General Wreek.
It Is now pretty generally admitted
that Richard R. Purcell. the democratic
candidate for county attorney of Lewis
and Clarke, has been elected. Jake
Flscher's election as assessor is also
conceded. This makes as many as two
democrats elected In this county. The
missing Valley precinct turned up yes
terday. They gave Purcell 33, T. E.
Crutcher, populist, 19, and R. A. Bal
liet, republican, 26. This made the total
vote up to date stand: Purcell 1.773.
Crutcher 1,736, Balllet 1.731. The lead
of Purcell over Crutcher is 37. The pre
cincts to hear from are Wolf Creek.
Empire, Middle Fork Dearborn and
Dearborn Canyon. They have alto
gether about 100 votes. Conceding
Crutcher 50i of these, which is a very
big percentage, and allowing Purcell
only 20, which is a very low estimate.
Purcell would still be elected by seven
plurality. It is not at all probable
that Crutcher has anything like half
the vote still unheard from, while there
are good grounds for believing Purcell
has many more than 20. So it will be
County Attorney Purcell after Jan. 1.
On the assessor Jake Fischer has 1,87:3,
and Harry Tilton, his republican op
ponent, 1.924, a plurality of 49 for
F.ischer. Tilton would have to get half
the vote of the missing precincts to
defeat Fischer by one vote. and no one
believes such a thing possible. The
popullst candidate, R. C. lludson, has
made a good run in the outside pre
cincts. and will get a fair share of the
missing hundred. The republicans con
cede Fischer's election.
The returns from the Valley precinct
made the race between the two popu
lists and the three republican candi
dates for the legislature still closer.
('orbett got 16 there, giving him a
total of 1,.66: lrown got 17. making his
total 1.874. Of the republicans Thomp
son received 25,. bringing his total up to
1,861; Anderson 28, making his total
1,84:1; and Herron 25, making his 1.844.
This left Corhbett only five ahead of
Thompson, and the most the missing
,pr.,incts are expected to do Is to settle
it between these two.
You can buy a dress pattern at the Bee
Ill've with linings included as cheap as
the price of cloth.
lHarrah fer eolem, Arabella fleor t. the
Bahy carriages at actual cost this week
at the eie Hlive.
Having over one thousand acres of the
best pastlure, will pasture horses at $2
per month. Ranch known as the Green
J'reuiitt ranch, seven and one-half miles
Itorth.hast of Helena. Inqillre of J. E.
Allen. Court House Square Hlilble, or
hloward Little livery stable, North Main
.ltcet. 'arr Brus.
Kid camlbri" only five cents per yard
at the li.e Hive.
tBaby rarriages at closing l4ri, es at the
leec HJive.
Lalies'. misses' and childlten's cloaks
at the Jive Ilive.
Ihe People's 4 bntre.
T.n't patronize' those who are not
frI. nlly to ir. lena. Therrl it is your
,lt; to b y onily fthu, ilona-)) m)t l. In liel
* !1. .\i.i,. lhl for bre, l anI P .illte Lily
fo, p| t. y.
.ii :ii I, I Iio.i,'l ,. i tI f ,I u ,lerwaenr
f.r Iile :. all wo l,. for t I. I lt tihis
«r K at ali, I';," Il'e, a t ;;i ' $ value.
l:i.s' i "'r d .iers)'y riltb. I inder
iai, uily , " , ls i1 ti , I live.
I;n to the ' I t, 'v fTr r io t , In dry
I', l, leeh rl, ",I loIks al Ih ',,, o fliv '.
T h,. I:, , i. l . wil .a Il l' II natul ral
.' t. ol sliiltIe a, r i t t , ,, per suit
ti, I ,k' I, worth
Highest Honors-World's Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tirtr PowJer. Free
fiom Amrnmonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
Very Fl- Wnrb.
Messrs. Rnss & Frank, Printers: I
am instructed by the executive com
mittee of the Women's Helena-for-the
(apital club to express to you the
thanks of that organiatlon for the
prompt and satisfactory manner In
which their work has been performed
by your firm. In the sending out of
their (lrculars and badges much has
depended not only on the neatness and
accuracy of the work, but on Its being
completed at the earliest possible mto
ment. For this, with many other fav
ors, they telnder their acknowkdge
ments and thanks.
MRS. R. E. FISK, Secretary.
Dress patterns at the Bee Hive cheaper
than ever.
Cleanliness In traveling Is the one thing
desired. Travel by the (Great Northern
and you will he clean. No dust on this
line. Rock ballasted roadbed.
The Bee lllve will continue their bar
gain sale on blankets for this week only.
Call and see them.
Fresh from the beds in
New York.
'Telephone !'.
Cor. Main and State Streets.
rnWi[ CASH
107 N. MAIN ST.
25 Per Cent
... ON ...
For Ladies and
Children .
This ID)partment contains the
be~t selected stock in the city and
compnrising all the la,test novclties
itcluding the (golf L'apes and
I'rince Albert Coats. Our prices
are acknowledged to lie the
Iowc>t in the city, but this week
week von an ha| e th'em at a
discount of 25 per cent.
i'.,it , , IN' i fN ll. wing I . i k.l* q
%w ill 10 1*' ý a 1' , tr l , l bookl , H0.1lli I'. .I
L, lt i t ..t I. H , Il k. N ,lr 1,vk Not
.t, I t,, . 1 u . l rl, 1.lltL Ilr.i e Co.juk
S AT -
Raleigh & Clarke's.
Our competitors very mad, our customers very much pleased, our special
weekly sales the talk and wonder of not only our own, but of the surrounding
towns as well Why? Simply because we are selling, and making prices beyond
the reach of competition, always giving you just what we advertise. Since the
organization of these special sales our business has doubled, showing that the
publio appreolatse our efforts in giving them low prices on good goods. This
week we sell our entire line of new Muslin Underwear at prices that will surely
tempt you. You cannot afford to think of making garments after seeing the
great reductions we are making this week. We will not presume to" attempt to
describe these garments, and our space is too valuable to fill with cheap cuts.
We simply ask you to call and examine both garments and prices-- they will
speak for themselves. In addition to our specials in Underwear, we have many
equally as attractive bargains in all departments. In our Dry Goods Department
are many short lengths and parts of both, remnants from last week's slaughter,
that we shall dispose of regardless of value. We show our goods cheerfully,
saving you money on all lines of Dry Goods, Cloaks, Notions, Etc. Let us prove
these facts to you. Respectfully,
NOTE-SBometime since we decided to take the agenoy of l'oster's Hook Kid
Glover, under their brands, Dante, Bruce and Argyle, their latest and best pro
duotions. In order to establish the reputation and the fact that we ARe the
agents for Helena for these Gloves, the manufacturers, Foster, Paul & Co., will
mail to 100 of our lucky patrons (whose names were chosen by lot or drawing) an
order on us for a pair of our best gloves free of oharge. As soon as order Is
received kindly call and have them fitted.
- JOBBI{IS (F --- -
Hay, Grain, Flour, Feed, Rlollil Oats, Corn Meal andl Potatoes
Royal Banner and "A." Patent Flour
lelephone No. 1O. -The Ikst Storag Faellities In the City.- 122 loseman tit.
o"="J" The Pioneer Fruit lou~c or Iontana, ""G
Nut." LINDSAY c CO., on
('Caudlem WUI)L"AI. s An ) rrArI IHmona,
Fruits and Produce. ewet lotston%
Chewing Gorn& u
ceasonable Fruits Arrwvinj Dally California Vrlt a
Fig and Data in Car Lots.
_______Moutana Fra.LA
Ol.. ad Walrehoee. em WI. O. Trsel,
I to., Eta. Newr PaaI.nger Depot. atrllman
bumber, Sash, Doors, Etc
Mill Worc of .A.ll Kixle.
Sole Agents For Rocky Fork Coal.
i IA3C00IK'S
Garments and Fancy Furs
Largest Stock in the West.
Lastern Prices Ouar:ante'cd.
We Invite Your IluspectlOn.
Tc, prepare w1 ' nter Iwfirs it rollg ore. Tle.
srt wry) in to gt reedy right nUw. How about
your heating iLaut?

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