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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, November 14, 1894, Morning, Image 2

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Recited by tho National Strike Corn.
mmielion Appointed by
the President.
Conoluslon of This High Authority
That Pullman Conditlons
Are Dangerous.
The Commleal.a 0f.I e*e With seme Ree
olummeadtlins 11.rthy of Meet
Carel at l t1d.
Chla'lgo, Nov. 1:l.-T:l.tng up the sub
jec't of tihe 1'ulliaa.nl i'auer ,Car e.t l :
lplny., the rep,' ai t of tlle 'trilke coa lla
slin appointed by Prehident Cleveland.
;t),: "This is a coruration rl'lganliae
hi 1'c.7 with u caplt:al of $1,000,000. It
h:a r.own a until its present pIald up
capl i. ,I ::t1;.000,00. Its prosperity has
'a ,id,, thi, company for over twenty
y(nrs It. Pa'l' two pr Cent 1lt.lrterly dlv
1.1 ndis, anl.l in :llliton to lay ulp a aur
ph:. ,a Ia', ly 26~o,00,0O0 of unldvlidled
pntits. "
~1:ll.!lg f the town of Pullman. of
whlli the Irp'lort ;layl the company is
owner a;elt , hlain1llant, the comnllsilotn
-ays: "-The prinl.hrah l Ichurch and its
pariaonaa at.' airlry illrttactivv. strut'Ct
Iures, but aoftan Ire not aoaC iupajlaiai Ito
causetl thie renta' l 'lrequire'd i higlther thal
ally halurIh aitWoty != willing'l to pay Ia.
obtain the lospel priv'lileges to i, Ithere
liv saeteied. In the nrlade la I a Instl'eul
li'brary of booksl carefully tselected anll
tareai' fr lby the etiinpa1n)y. Three dol
lars per ja year IR chaargaed afor Its use.
aind as many ans .5) personts i yetar out
of 4,000 to 5,000 (llpin.ve anld resallellts
have at times., as stuted by the llbrar'
lan In charge., tavailed thenmelve\' of
Its opplortunlthie.; Ii ia pIosaible that the
air of business is as strli'tly malntaltaedl
there as elsewhere and their exclusloal
from any part In Its management pre
vents maort universal and grateful at
ceptance of Its advantages by employea.
A. a rule even employea prefer Inde
pendence to paternalism I.; uch mat
"The company pays a physician and
surgeon by the year to furnish to In
jured enlployes necessary treatment
and drugs. It is, however, also part on
his employment to seculr from the in
jured party a written statement as to
the cause of injury.- and it is his cus
tom to urlge the acte.ptsnf.o of any of
fsred settlement. If a suit follows the
doctor is usually a witness or the com
many. We have no evldence( that the
doctor has ever abused his confidential
relalion toward Injured employes, but
the system is admirably conceived
from a business standpoint to secure as
speedily as possible the settlement of
the claims for damage done upon the
terms offered by the company and to
protect the company from litigation
and its results.
"As a result ~f the Pullman system
and its growth, when the depression of
1603 came, morally calling for mutual
concessions as to wages, rent, etc., we
And on one side a very wealthy and un
yielding corporation; on the other a
multitude of employes of comparative
excellent c(haracter an'. skill but with
out local attachments or any Interested
l.sponsibility in the town, its business,
tenements, or surroundings. The condi
tlions created at Pullman enable the
management at all times to assert
with great vigor its assumed right to
fix wages and rent absolutely, and to
repress that sort of independence which
leads to labor organisations and their
attempts at mediation, arbitration of
Strikes. etc.
S"On the other hand It ti an economic
principle generally recognized that the
IRuttlng down of such a plant and the
sasttering of Ita forces usually results
In greater loss than exhibited by the
continuances of business. The Pullman
company could hardly shut down for
qeven lind a half months at a cost and
loss of less than one per cent upon its
capital and surplusl. To continue run
ning was for its obvious and unfair ad.
Vantage so long as it could divide the
Ibases equally with its labor. The men
at Pullmnn claim the company during
1893 and 1x194 set their pay through ex
perts so that with their forced loss of
lime an average man could earn little
more than the rent of his house, owned
by the company. The otnmpany alleges
that it simply readjusted the prices of
Dp..'-e work to suit the necessities of the
"*Stnom wintnesse swear that tit
tintm., f.r work done in t wi W-h .
they received in cheeiiks from fiu.' -tt:
to $1 otIv, l"r arl.] ul ~1t , I , . T ;hl '
company hl]l In i it iii ,,I its 'heekt
In rebuttal I)ulF'IF fill thi redi.aetoln
and its ;,I, MIu. llr I 4 1 ii l t ,. 1 i1h
sahlui. ies , lilev i t . m I u;*i' , itor tpr
iJiteidtpt FrVitl *I r li . Re. ductions
in thlose woull not havit bIeen severrely
felt, w,-olu hU\," .hnlwn good faill,
would have itrlle\.Ie e the harshness of
the sltuatioln alit evince .d gtalluine syinn
pathy with the laIbrer lit the disasters
of Ith' ti es.
"Ii its statements to the public,
which are in e \lden'e,, the company
representa that its o!,Ject In all It did
Was to 'nltinlliu opieration-4 for the )hen
elit oif lits workinlgmin iand of the trades
pf.I I u..ou i iti illiut Pulilnt'n, and to
salP, tihe p. liil fron.i the annoyancte of
Inter rupt. 1 \tav.I The lnlmisenrlNi
thliktheetltidnell sh.ilow that It sought
to( k,,p " i ' if illn lllg uiinly for its o iwn
hlen,-tit .ts a ImGnufarliturr, tlhat its
phliit Fitght iFln t ilt , hilat iii urli.ltIl
t',i nl :I t n t.: ilntl.t ItsI I. lit, i t. l:t
it r lg h l h "1 it . : :i 1, ,-i I a I
wiii 1 I . f i r : i , l
, I 1 , , 111',i
l l I ll 11i iI
entirli t I iirF inr " rk
I m p ,i a i , n' I I F : t F'lll Ih 'r i : '
'I ' .' i . ' l i r~ i ll F liFto
tG Gi, wI r iiiG li . , I i r' I'.I ' ili"
t w Fl. 1 t F n F i nt thIG
f iii ' r , '",- : i , II I l! I ..h" i I hi+ n I II', I .
.III li , 'I ,
hull ''pi . nI^ 'r thu tlIju iiIV
uu111 1 Y. .'" 'n 1'U " ' ()1. , Ill I ... n rl; i~
k tut txi"n. : it 1' tl I ""I u nfl. -'julit
;utu I,, t¾, y. 1lii , ,,, ii, thu Inilxu" ui - ' f
ti. r1' t\.I. tutiM I? fi to tnh1t.i ~ :,o it, ~
Et 'thil iiu ,,i toi t..ru hi a v ~uui in u t ip"l
Cl ijt , ,t t i n a:, dnu ftiii t. ix*itu~i,,n l git l
t hi' 1i lid r! ,c: c.tt . :rilt' 1iltI
tit r.. r ani,1~.1 t,,1 1 .1n ` ' ;,v 1·, \.1::rl Ii .
ý nlir l Ii,; 11' 1I I', ·1111. 1".t l f v ; ,14J'" t n r 1 I : 1 t
III 'h' nait h 1"r n ~I Al~iiV, uto .Iiti
"i r 1r lt if J l , tI w'il itit oft' rh Iuui
fihir li le,,: 1 "URhfln ia . l uy. 1-'i , rull glutt i
3.y u WII g#'.i "I . iii,, . I f hti . T: i,. II
duetlon wa:s carrlu'd *t, Ilxl,+st. but t hu.
fimt-ny IIt hally more at faultn
therein than the etlployes in Insisting
upon the wages of June, 138. There
was a little atsouatMn e to reats, the
company manntatlag that reats had
nothing to, do with wages.
"The company had a legal right to
take thin position, hut as between man
aiIi nman the delmand for rent reduc
Ilth ; was fair and reasonabhle under all
cir'llcllltalnlCes. 'he strike cttcurred
Alay II, and from that time until the
soldiers went to Pullman, July 4. 300
strikers were placed about the com
panl's Iproperty. professedly to guard It
fromlll ldetrulltio or interfetence. It is
In evillence and uncontradlcted, that no
violence or destruclion of property by
strikers or sympathizers took place at
I'ullmani and that until July II, no ex
traordinary pro.leetion was had front
pollee or military against even antcil
pated disorder. Much dlgnlfied. manly
and conservative conduct In the midst
of excltement and threatened starva
tion in worthy of the highest American
,itilzenship and with like prudence in
all other dllrecltions rsult in due time
In lai lful ulnd orderly redress of labor
wrngs. To deny thin is to forswear
lpaltrtI smn and to declare this govern
il-menit aindl Its people a fuluure'.
Ii conllluslon, the report says: "lince
unations have grown to the w'is dorm of
nvoiding disputes by concilation and
settling: by arbitration, why should cap
ital and labor in their dependenllce upon
each other persist in cutting leach
other's throat cis a settlement of dffter
ence. Our railroads were constructted
upon the theory that their competition
would amply protect shippers as to
ra'tes. etc.. and employes as to wages.
Combination has largely destroyed this
theory and seriously disturbed the nat
[ural working of the laws of supply and
demand. As we have shown, there is
no longer any competitive demand
,among the twenty-four railroads
at C(hicago for nwitchnlel. TIhey
have erased innipeting with each other:
they are no longer twenty-four xsea
rate anld cenmpetin g employers; they are,
virtually one. however men may dif.
ftr about the propriety and legality of
labor unions, we must all recognise the
fact that we. have them with us to stay.
Is it not wise to fully recognise them
by law: to admit their necesslty a:i In
heor guldes and protectorl Increase
their responsibility and pfvent their
follies and aggressions by conferring
upon them the privileges enjoyed by
corporations with like proper restric
tions and regulations?
I "The growth of corporate power and
wealth has been the marvel of the past
five years. Corporations have undoubt
edly benefited the countrty and brought
its resources to our doors. It will not
be surprising if the marvel of the next
fifty years be the advancement of labor
to a position of like power and responil
bllity. We have heretofore encouraged
one and neglected the other. Does not
wisdom demand that each be encour
aged to prosper legitimately and to
grow into harmonious relations of equal
standing and responsibility before law?
This involves nothlar hostile to the
true Interests and rights of either. The
commission deems recommendations of
specific remedles premature. Should
continued combinations and oogsolida
tions result in halt a dosen or Ils own.
erships of our railroads within a few
years. as It is by no means unlikely,
the question of government ownership
would be forced to the front and we
need to be ready to dispose of It inatelll
gently. ..
"The commission rsecommenas .ar
there be a permanent United States
strike commission of three members,
with duties and power of Investigation
and recommendation as to disputes be
tween railways and their employes sim
ilar to those invested in the interstate
commerce commission as to rates, etc.
That as in the interstate commerce act.
power be given to the United States
courts to compel railways to obey the
decisions of the commission and that
no delays in obeying the decisions of
the commission be allowed pending ap
peals. That whenever the parties to a
controversy in a matter within the jur
Isdiction of the commission are one or
more railroads on one side and one or
more national trades unions Incorpo
rated under chapter 567 of the United
States statutes of 1885-6, or under state
statutes upon the other, each side shall
have the right to select a representa
tive, who shall be appointed by the
president to serve as a temporary mem
ber of the commission in the hearing.
adjusting and determining that partic
ular controversy. That during the pen
dency of a proceeding before the com
mission Inaugurated by a national trade
union, or by any incorporation of em
ployes, it shall not be lawful for the
railroads to discharge employee belong
ing thereto except for violation of law
or neglect of duty, or for such unions
during such pendency, to order, aid or
abet strikes or boycotts against rail
ways complained of., nor for a period of
six months after the decision for such
railroads to discharge any such em
ployes in whose places others shall be
employed, except for the causes afore
said: nor for any such employes dur
ing the like period written notice of in
tendtlon to d1o e. That the statutes of
to, -6 he atn nildd , s as to require na
tilati Ilol"es unions It provide in their
,rtlclea of incorporation that ,member
sha:1 t ,cane to Ie such and forfeit all
Iights and privileges conferred on them
by law as such, by participating in or
by Instigating force or violence.
"The comminsst4lon would suggest the
consdlraltion by states of the adoption
of s, me syste.m 4of onc(iliatlon and arbl
tration like that, for instunce, in Mas
;atchutlstts. ('ontracts requiring men
not to join labor organizations, or to
leave them as conditions of employ
ment, should be made illegal, as rl
re-ady done in some of our states. The
commission urges employers to recog
nize labor organizations, that such or
ganizations be dealt with through rep
i..esntatives, with spelcial reference, to
,loncillntion and arhitration when difit
4 ulties are Ihrcatened or arise."
HugkItma'" A rates Ma',."
Thle 1,'st Mnlve In lhe wornl for ('ita.
Ito ,, *m iouiy zrefundeir. P~rice 2:, 4.-not
I~pr box. F'or ,uI-e by the P'aruhen
14'A'heal D[rug colmpanlly.
(Cle-JnliM1.1 In trray 1hnr I the one thing
T'iat."1 I iv I he I; teat Northern
and 11 I Stal be ,-1."i1 No .lust on this
1111... lbo 1, Ihbllutemlc roaidbei.
Thie l!'. llt a o x11 onlltire their hnr
r-'lli ,.I.' no hl: k"I';l for this e". k only.
A refined complexion must u ie Pougnl's
Powder. i prloduirs a Solt & hr.lutifuiskin.
Thi., til tunlrnd iliInti of th. rtow k tw~l.'r'~
of II..l i'OlrY I,111 .IItIIIY . olm arn y will
p~Iy Ill"hnl, Mionismna on Tii"s'[a$, N .v.
I.I\II !'.± t . hoairt ofiil lv it r ".f ti.
I1. It. A LLIAN. K",r.- lly,
NO~TI''lN FORl ItltIt14.l 'Ji'IjN.
I' . K. 1* 111 I,
11.-lena, Mont . H. I I .-1. I iot.
Complaint having '.4ll."., 11. . 1 n, thi,.
ill, a by :1ary %. ItllMl4,II ir. iI,* .Mt N'4Il
Ioneilesue' entry Ni ..'.71, I 'I .l. 3f,
I4;11. Kupon theII.. ,jjt4lj1 a *, Mrau
n." I. se""t on In, towne lp 1, it, t ll(te G w,
ntr y ire .alal . rll* ar.- hereby nIim
11u1111·( ( it) 1pper at this oOtnl".· nnt lh"" 12th
dlaly of I """ InlIP,, lt.4, ill l9 'I *Ii04k a. m.,
In icapotil fiihi fuonish M t I ltnon' Coft.
cerning paidr ulleg*rl abnrlllotlm"nl.
Well and fapjy
ThalMnk to MeeH IS'Ie-re adAell4
.e.da has- That Tiell P.Iqi .
Mr. W. M. tilr
amn PIneleoo, CaL
* One of the greatest mistak people make St
to lock the dloor after the horse Is stolen, or .I
other words, to wait until they are suk Ito bed
before they do aniythi'ng for the poor body.
Neither my wife nor myself were real slIet I
attended to my business, ani my wife to her
household duties daily. Iut we had dull, heavy
headaches, and a little over-exertion would tM r
us Igreiy. atd .my apetlte ws. very poor.
we took t.Ire iJ.tttie of flooare't t.taItorln
ad the result was perfectly sattllS ,Iy.I.
heve Hood's a lrsaperill
Saved Us a Severs Seknesa.
And a big doctor's bilL It peopleo wel shli
remember that 'an ounco of lprevention Iswrt
Spoutnd of cure ' thenr would be less stM
Utho worldl. y advice to al who doe ao te
Hood's Cures
well Is to take Hood's arsapIpulla aeo ~.t
tlret.Elnns. ad oflt will be wel Lind Iir
W. I. Tobus, 1 IRt lt., San t l o,
H.ed's Pmll ceur all liver ills, eoastlp tma
bl4losness, jaundce. siek headaehe, Indlglll.
Helena nmployment Agency
W. 1. Cook, Proprietor.
14 Edwards Street. Telephone I,
Mlnlng camp hotel for sale for less tha
one-half it value.
Trunks to store at Me a month.
lear waitme for rt Val. atm es.
Srl fr hue rok fose e i
Shamber u watl, eýWef.
3 gWIl or boae eewes ip etIr
A GOOD UEAMSITRESS wants wort by
the day: children's clothing a specalty.
Address G. M., this office.
girl to do general housework. AdtOs
H. g., postofflce.
Please addres . K. K. B.. this omoo.
SEWING WANTED-Children's sewin
and plain sewing, at prices very low.
1.000 Ninth avenue, corner Idaho.
position to do general housework. Ad*
dress M. H., this office.
young girl, to do general housework in
small family, or second work (sesand
work preferred). Address W H4iegale
positton as chambermaid or to bake
care of baby. Address Mamloe er
son, this elRoe.
A GOOD colored woman wants a place
for housework, as cook. De Bestte
WANTED-Children's sewnll and plain
sewing. Very reasonable prices. Call
at 100l Bedford street.
WANTED-A position as salesman, or
would accept any position where the
services of a good rustler It needed. Am
willing to work on commission. T. B. D.,
Independent omfee.
MAN and wife, cooks, no children, want
work In country hotel or camp. Call or
address. Cooks, 12 Park avenue, Helena,
WANTED-One or two furnaces to at
tend, by a competent, reliable man. Ad
dress P. C., eare Independent office.
WANTED-Ladles to write at home; $N
weekly; enclose stamp. Louise Ranith,
Milwaukee, Win.
for teachers' certiicaltes will be held in
the high school building. Helena, begin
ning Nov. 0, at nine a. m., sharp. Minnia
A. Itetfenrath. county superintendent of
lOST-Child's gray fur muff. Please re
turn to this office.
LORT--lrown morocco came. containing
pair of sapphire ear drops. Filndcl please
return to I'. 8. marshal's office and rccive
Frol IEtIN'-VURNISH EI) ke())m,
Sable or hoaslkeeplag or roomers, IIt R1.
Uas areaure
F 'URn IrNr- *IHIatirIIT B lErl) .t co.
I arouni fthur Montean biat ivilldin . bher
the largest list ulf ie.uses an I toran si t te Oity
FORt HATlT:-Thr.ee sttamp c,,,.-rtz mill,
Aithl four h're,' power boll,.r ih engine;
w.irh oll f ctarly. ' I o nr lis ; 1f ., elnr.s, '
n1 uill. .1ll'I to W'n. ' Ntinle,'v, No.
:31 Notllh i, l itllt street. 11, le. , Molnt.
FOILR ALI:--or trade, stock of hardware,
at the N. I' l,.pot.J. A. Doughty.
eams. ete. chest. Addrtos Por.,e. 13
Breokeurldgse siet. Releso
', it TrIAD)--I|IIBElIT H. ItElD A CO.
.Montsan hank-Teams, harnes, wagoie
rei.; will trade for wool, real state ur onlrs,.
FORlt P.AI.3R--R.AL arATIr.
kul tsALH- HIiDL'RTr D. 1VEu & Co.
Montans bank. wll sell a now mouder 7
reom handsome hoas., $1.7t osarms.
1t ANrED-MIsO1<m.I.AN I:,Kt
Marono will n hoa her htulrdayr lera
tolr rench eolse at the aodlliteollil every Sul.
day at 10U901 m. A eow mmere pluIpe can he s.
coenomedatld. , ilteun. 11 per month.
1V.. 3416.
U. F. L "', Or$aa
ll lrrwe, Mont. tept( ýd IU
lIotIN Is WOW qtrs.. that ubert & Hla be
L day bled ayplleellun fo Patent usd K
miulut 1ek w u e ·ouw, for the 1nlnor lu
FLu. d.iniaMedJ a srre No 4t tn.ll(R
(umeeatapd) mining 415 riot. La. aig lIa ke
eo.uti. Mune. tornrhtp , ranee {pe w,
whirk celam is recorded II the.slia of r
otrder ,t IAWB liad Clarke countt. at lid em
Montane. and darlbed - lulluow.
Iat ati$11rvef No 44t1 torlnarna M garner ll..
1. from blhch fth ulatiI point In go IIi t 9 i r
4 w. berai1 i Jtt Iii min [email protected] w .4l SI,
thous ti AdeM amln 311, 91,. Othea. mud..
IIImineg tJ It, [thnces .8I1 d.~ IS uail w f1
ht.ee a 43 I i w Y.ft. lhoane s
der mn 71 It tO the pus of hbala
obsla fire agn,q "Po wtfhic a st~esila
V itid w psord the 11t dlf
t blrut br. 1411. et. 3 . 1334
Flint publication Sept. 33, 1so4
Orris Emny fft Agsno,
A HeUk, Mmumf NWbmdwM.
em avmr me Low TmISIok LIL
1k mm am hWesa rmad Mu
cto tl~ ~PW t tVU~rlr owlr
oetroona bilok bea a fl dee Nttmmt fee
he MI. In MbhWi AidWO., eboW
iaditl otels Of fleletl
LA. Wh M1ag
i .ilu oll i.--.Ulo -- Batik i
mi. tshe amsi 1 c ame
Under the Orandon bL"''
Erieksuon & Cavanaugh. P...
The best dintng room In the city. Ho>ne
cooking, home del.oacles. ouard by the
day or month.
A =a n. Aer s eb. eet
M.4 M~u r
ýý . s.-- - . a s- - w
J. O. D. lullivan. Propreter.
Centrally located, with modern ea.
venteaeas. First class accommodations
for transtents, at reasonable rates.
Headquarters for mining men. Main
street, foot of Grand. Helena. Mont.
Deaver Blook.
The most centrally located family rese
taurant in the city. Easy of access and
the table is the beet to be found any
where. Terms very reasonable.
In the district court of the First Ju
dicial district of the state of Montana
In and for the county of Lewis and
Samuel McConnell, plaintiff, vs. John
C. McCann, defendant.
The state of Montana sends greting to
the above named defendant.
You are hereby repuired to appear In
an action brought against you by the
above named plaintiff in the district
court of the First Judicial district of the
state of Montana. In and for the county
of Lewis and Clarke, and to answer the
complaint filed therein, within ten days
(exclusive of the day of serivlce) after
the service on you of this summons, if
served within this county; or it served
out of this county, but within this dis
trict, within twenty days; otherwise
within forty days, or Judgment by de
fault wil be taken against you accord
ing to the prayer of said complaint. The
said action is brought to recover the sum
of four hundred and elghty-six dollars
upon an account for labor and services
of plaintiff in transporting ores, concen
trates and merchandise in the counties
of Lewis and Clarke and Meagher, state
aforesaid, between the fourth day of
July, A. D. 184, and the twentieth day
of September. A. D. 1$4. performed at
the request of plaintiff; and costs of
suit .
And you are hereby notified that un
less you so appear and answer the said
complaint, as above repulired. the said
plaintiff will take Judgment against you
for the sum demanded in the complaint,
to-wit, the sum of tour and eighty-six
Given under my hand and the seal of
the district court of the First
(SEAL.) Judicial district of the state
of Montana, in and for the
county of Lewis and Clarke, this 15th
day of October, in the year of our Lord
one thousand and eight hundred and
G. W. FR'FEMAN, Deputy t'lerk,
lEndorsed: Blake & Ponwell, attor
neys for plaintiff.
On the district court of the First Jdllral
distrlt of the state of Montana. In and
for the county of ,Lwis and ('larke.
In the matter of the estate of Mathlas
Buckner, decas.ed.
James II. IAomli having presented to
this court and filed with the clerk thereof
on the 10th day of November, A. ID. 1t11M,
a petitiUon praying for an order requiring
the administrator, with the will annexed.
of the above named estate, to speciflcally
lperform a certain bond or obligation of
his decedent by executing to sail petition
er Ia onveyance of the following de(.irlhed
real property. to-wit: All that certatn lot,
piece or parcel of land, situate lying and
being In the city of Helena. county of
Iewis and Clarke, and state of Montana.
bounded and particllarly dencribed as fol.
lows, to-wit: Lot nine I(., and the west
six (6) inches of lot ten (10), in block one
(t). In Montana avenue addition to the
city of Helenl. Montana. Notice is here
by liven that the said coulrt has fixed tat
ulrdlty, the liilt day of December. A. ID.
It14. at the court room of department No.
2 of said district court, in the city of Inel
ena. Montana, as the time and plae', for
hearing said petition, at which time all
Iersons Interested therein may aplpear
and show cause, if any, why such order
should not be made.
Dated November 10, A. D. 1194.
'lerk of said Court.
By it. J. ('asedy, deputy clerk.
Room No. Se. Power block. Pouetolce
3oz ,l. Helena. Moat.
160. MW.
oa0 dson, Montalln .
rd p *e . we poeaoex -
fle.als le-D. ut Iher amowi count ,
iea. Madison county, ontana, and
ý.lous UII ey, of Irver 4ow eot.altt
Iontan Ahae this day filed their pp
oatin for a patent for 1,610 Ine.r .fee
of the Ousley lode mine or vein bearing
Iom ied sliver ith surf I gro una fo a
t104. feet to Mid feet In width, situated iq
o ortanised miningl dltrlot, county o_
efferson and state of Montant a fld dee
nted bhthe Ito notes and oola
ilfile this office as survey No.
itownshp north. rnage S west of
cal baee line and merdnian of Re ans,
sld survey No. 31 being as follows, to
lerlnnlng at corner No. 1, a tree 1 I s
diameter, marked 1-IG0, for corner V1.
1, from which corner No. I of survey N
1SI8 hears n 34 del, 48 In 4 1,Ine ., ft, a
the no corner of sec . twi I a, r 6 w.
hesars n 0 dell 41 m e 3IS, ft, ann run
ning from thence n dpr .ý0 min w 1.I1.4
ft. thence a 1T deg andal nan w00 ft.
thence a 72 der 40 min e 1.00 ft, thence n
I17 deg 20 miln a 46.5 ft to said corner No.
1 and the place of betgnning, mtagnetlo
variation 30 dog 10 min e, containing 14.
The location of thin mins is recorded in
the county recorder's nalo of Jefferson
county Montana. There are no adjoin.
ine latIsu.
Any and all persons claimtln advernely
any nortlon of nlid Omstey lode, mine oa
surf:ace ground are required to finle theit
adverse claims with the register of the
Vnit:II States land office it IHelena in
the state of -Montana, during the sixty
days' period of publication hereof, or they
all be bwarred .by virtue of the proviilons
of the statute.
W. I.. (OX, tegister.
Sterlting Mulfly, attorneys for elam
aFirst publleation Sept. 1. 104.
No. ,I5.
United States Land O *ce, Helen. Mon
tana, Nov. 1, 1384.
Notice I. hereby given that Joseph P.
Latsoh, Andrew Thompson and Jamp
I. Mattle, of Helena. Moat., have this
day made apppllcation for patent, under
the mining laws of congress, for the
Iittle Alma lode mining claim, desig
nated as survey No. 4.4T, situated to
Lump gulch, unorginised mining di,
trict Jefferson county, Montana to
townships No. 8 and I north of range I
west, which claim is recorded in the
omice of the recorder of Jefferson coua
ty, at Boulder, Montana, and described
as follows:
Beginning at corner No. 1 of sad
survey No. 4,411 from which the clue
ainr section corner between sections 5
and I, township No. I north of range No.
8 west, bears south U dig. M man. east
,INI. feet and running thence north a
deog. t ain. west ItI. feet to corner
No. 3; thence south 64 deg. U mta, west
1,43.. feet to corner No. 3 thence south
a deg. mlai. eat 1 ieet to eroer
No. 4; thence north U deg. U as. east
1,M3 feet to corner No. 1. the place of be
ginning, embracing a an area of fL
arem of which LIT ares is In conflct
with survey No. ,nM and Is ectamud,
upon which a notice of said uo.patiesn
was posted on the 34d dar ototser
The only known adjolninag ela to
these premise Is the .Vrlglnal lode.
umsurveyed, en the east
W. . COX. Register.
Date of first publication Nov. I3, S1
Langborne & Reee, Attorneys.
James Mauldin, plalat. vs. gar C
Richards. Agnes V. Ribards. his wife.
and 8. . Akinson, assistant cskeler, de
Under and by virtue of an order of
sale and decree of foreclosure and sael
issued out of the district court of the First
judicial district of the state of Montana,
in and for the county of Lewis and Clarke,
on the 10th day of October, A. D. 1U4 in
the above entitled actlon, wherein James
Mauldin, the above named plantlff, ob
tained a Judgement and decree of fore
closure and sale against Edgar C. Rich
ards. Agnes V. Richards, his wife, and
- E. Atkinson, assistant cashelor, de
fendants. on the 0th day of October,
A. D. 114, for the sum of 5,710.0 bes.des
Interest, costs and attorneys fees, which
said decree was, on the Mth day of Octo
ber, A. D. 114, recorded in Judgement
book No. J. of said.oourt, at page -. I
am commanded to sell all those certain
lots, pieces or parcels of land, situate, ly
inr and being in the Mauldln addition
to the city of Helena, county of Lewis
and Clarke, state of Montana, and bound.
ed and described as follows, to-wit: lots
numbered seven (7), eight (I), and nlne
(3), in block W. as said lots and block
are numbered, designated and described
on the plat of said Mauldin addition on
file in the ofce of the county recorder of
said county of Lewis and Clarke.
Together with all and singular the tene
ments, heredltaments and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or in anywise apper
Public notice Is hereby given, that on
Thursday, the 15th day of November, A.
D. 13I, at 11 o'clock M. of that day, at
the front door of the court house. Hel
ena, Lewis and Clarke county, Montana,
I will, in obedience to said order of
sale and decree of foreclosure and sale,
sell the above described property, or so
much thereof as may be necessary to
satisfy said Judgement, with interest and
costs, to the highest and best bidder, for
rcah in hand.
Given under my hand this 5th day of
October. A. D. 1M4.
By Fred E. Hoss, Under Sheriff.
blassena Bullard, Plaintiff's Attorney.
Sale and xchang
Aim lpe...! raao 4 iisa Mile
ILir des to1 tlaatvhli mi smith.
tlb. all adet tames ese1 adjaseta muiI
be... with karb, born haii tahm wnam swe
" sheds; eve ·r nhiog is god .14.; ra
e e raur risks of !W Inohee, lway I.er o
watt. A tbslucgbly eqmleped eak. FF
*. lU " wiil on u WI tMrs or iashags
A wall losing ranch at 310 ames Is the DBitte
lt..t valler. foun nwlll. from itmeevlla. t a
goity Mul: ronveniemt to scaoo. ma eherob;
asp 0 wa rt; 'ale feoet plenty of beAndlme
wii cure a. Will ezctoane fir Nelen raw
ua4ete. Will Ilcket,, iamtuia zuieaeeta.
urbh of 1t act.1. on liseutn river; thwed
lee bours. cabin, stable. liara, snd sorres;
build~ngý jamured foe M 0" mortgage an e.
Lma of 60 to run 5001hotN three ae.WilU take
Heelms mteat a ot rd 94CCo or .qmitt. or will
*Sobeonnor eordlw.lr et teek.
ImpruovlrMach of 15t acres ns. Rondea.
Missouorl: (rat. hoass of torIe roost; 900 bee,.
'nlg apple awl h ease Itr. 0re. tim~CrC oak
and waling no iaeambraare. .Lu o
ebaae for Helena rel estate.
A neaomio, roonm dwellng with small it sod
a bar tIn . lot with two ballogs am 1. teew
change for a ranch.
A unet brick . utlags of fie go.d-labed tesa,
large rellar, tartlet ploumbion. ag" teej},s
gatus. end a sesn-roomn dwellimg all en
Pouth Maim etrr.et to trade ler "a ged Iwtdeae
on .att or wasl aIds.
Il.5h,-Aattca.tiy, esref-rTuun 4wwelas. pam
try, three sloeeta,. geulr. city eat
West side. near tcatao aiasae eg
from car line. so" dows. !Ii pel meth.
Illl *t-p eat cottage on Eighth miemu. mli
.Lutrlc lie.: ZI Ilown
11l05 A 1r. -ruem dwelling with 00mW let
oS 'ma~tie street; Srol down.
Quarls preel. in Lump gulch (feal.
*l?-Malar~n eight-room dwelling, bath eed
uraee. No Mr rbhlar street. it b
Ifll-tevsn-ro m dwellla with bath, a
Tbirdl streetl Bear Iteetute
kuome faor tst. funased mad ml hrsshei
Freight and Tiansfer line
In .M ; ~r~er. I rwi
WWPOSAMI [email protected]
I. I n. adia .r ubblt A ttMo.
nMetam, IlWs OsCMat, Moo
.. Npes lr1 ,idmeliMh "Propeeals
fir ." and addr.mn to the . a.
dr.iagmd at Pieaos, Montna, will be
nolovlY at this agenocl until one o'loo:
p. of Istunday, November NI, 1M,
fr surlshin* the necessary materials
"sd labor e4 ereoting and completing
se the si1te seleted theref. at Uthe
*lackflet earsdig school, one) frame
s.,ce beim . MaMdli to . plan
and spelMotloe, wt ch may be m.
fpsd at the eols of the IdA Gsna4nt,
n el dIMeta, sad at this ageWno.
uteabt state the length ot Rtes
t4 be e ss ed in the oewtrie-ý
ran e ofpr tmLo I iattla tome
the speolcationse.
The attentlen of bidders I. Invited to
the act e r , appr.ed August 1.
8MN, entitled "As alt relating to the flm
itation of the hours of daily servies of
laboeers and mechanies employed upon
the publlo works of the United Ilates
and el the Distrlet of Columbia;" also
to the .ot.et o agrs approved August
11. 14 entltl "A* set fr the protee.
tion of persons furalphag materials and
labor for the coaructlos of publio
The right Is reserved to reject any or
all bide or say part e. any bid if demed
for the beet interests of the service.
Each bid must be accompanied by a
certified check or draft upon some United
States depository or solvent National
bank in the vicinity of the residence of
the bidder, made payable to the order of
the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for
at least five per cent of the amount of
the i)rposal, whloh cheek or draft will
be forfeited to the United StateoI n ease
any bidder or bidders reoelving as award
shall fall to promptly execute a contract
with good and sumfiolet Msultes other.
wise to be returned to the bidder.
Bids accompanied by cash In lieu of
certified checks will not be consdered.
For any further information apply to
CAPT. L. W. COOKE, U. S. A.,
Acting Indian Agent.
The Great Falls National beak, of
Great Fails. plalatla, vs. I. C. Ashby. et
al., defendants.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of forecleure and sale Isued
eat of the district court of the 1Mit ju
dicial district of the state of Montana,
In and for the county of Iewis and
Clarke. on the 11th day of October. A. D.
14,. In the above entitled action, where
In the Great Fall, National beak, of
Great Falls, the above named plantatiff,
obtained a Judgmaet sad decree of tore.
olosure and sale against S. C. Ashby et
a., defendants, on the 11th day of Octo.
ber, A. D. 134, ter the sum ot l3T.SP4
besides tnterest. costs and attorney'
tees, which said deree was, on the 17th
day of October. A. . 1 I, recorded in
Judgment Book No. "J" of said court,
at page -. I am commanded to sell all
those eertaia lets, pieces or par.els of
land, situate, lylag and bein nla the
county of Lewis and Clarke, state of
Moetana, sad bounded and described a
tellows, to-wit:
The followln parcels of realty in Hel
ena, Lewis d Clkw county, Mon
tans: The property knows as the "Broad.
water block," being desribed particular
ly as follows. to-wits Oemm eltag at an
Iron pin In the eant aide of Maim street,
at the southwest eorner of the property e
lormerly owned by Riehard Lakery, and
whic N been conveyed to the city of
Helen., as and for am extension of Sixth
avenue to Maim stmreet thene est along
the south hUn of said Ilath aveaue to
Jackson street; theae south along the
west line of Jaebse street twenty-nine
(H) feet: thence west and parallel with
the south line of said lath avenue to
Main street; thence nort thirty (I) feet
to the place of beginning, being thirty
feet treat eo Mla street, and rntag
bace to Jackson street; bounded as the
north by Sixth avenue, on the east by
Jackson street, on the south by the brick
building formerly owned by Charles Leh
man, and on the west by Maln street.
sad beang a part of lot twelve (11), block
thirty-seven (T), and a strp off the
south side of lot thirteen (11), In said
block thbrty-seven (3), also portions of
lots one (1), two (3), twenty (I), twenty.
one 11). and twenty-lve (f). In block
four hundred and eleven (411) of the origi
nal townsite of Helena, more prticu.
larly described as follows, to-wit: Be
giannin at a point on the west line of
Main stret, at the Interection of the
enter Mae the th the nth foudatio wall
of the three story brick buildlng known
aa the "Ashby block." whloh said point
is distant northerly from the Intersectio
of Sixth avenue and Main street at the
southeast corner of block four hundred
and eleven (411) forty-nine and four
tenths feet (0.4); running thence north
brly along the west lne of Main street
tity-one (1) teet, more or lees, to the
southerly edge of the south foundation
wall of what Is known as the "Ianford
& Evans block;" thence westerly along
the southerly Uline of the south founds.
ties wall of the "Sanlord & Evans blook"
to a point on the eastern line of lot
twenty (30), In said block four hundred
and eleven (411): thence westerly to a
point In the eastern line of Fuller street,
which said point is distant northerly
from the southwest corner of said block
four hundred and eleven (411), at Its in
tersection with Sixth avenue and Fuller
street. one hundred (100) feet; thence
southerly along the eastern line of said
Fuller street forty-one and one-tenth
(41) feet to the center line of the north
foundation wall of the three story brick
building known as the "Ashbh block,"
thence easterly along the center line of
the north foundatiQn wall of the said
"Ashby block" to the place of
beginning. Also all the right
heretofore vested in the estate of
Charles A. Broadwater, deceased, and
S. C. Ashby In the south party wall of
the old portion of the said 'Sanford &
Evans" building, declared In a certain
agreement heretofore recorded, and now
of record on page - book 18, of the
miscellaneous records of Lewis and
Clarke county. Montana, as well as all
the privileges and rtght of purchase as
to the south party wall of the new west
Srly portion of said "Sanford & Evans"
building, declared In a certain option
agreement, now of record on page 11..
book 10. of the miscellaneous records of
said Lewls and Clarke county, Montana.
Pubill notice is hereby given that on
Monday, the 1Th day of November, A.
DI . 1e(. at I o'clocik m. of that day, at
the front door of the court house, Helena,
Lewit and Clarke county, Montana. I
will. in obedience to said order of male
and decree of foreclosure and sale, sell
the above described property, or so much
thereof as may be neressary to satisfy
said Judgment, with interest and costs,
to the highest and best bidder, for cash
in hand.
Given under my hand this Mth day of
October. A. D. llf.
By Charles (lablech, Deputy Sheriff.
Toole & Wallace, l'laintlff's attorneys.
Mitate of Charles Nelson. deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the under
sighed, administrator of the estate of
Charles Nelson, deceased, to the credit
ore of and all persons having claims
against the said decrased, to exhibit
them with the necessary vouchers, with.
in four (4) months after the first publi
cation of this notice, tq the said admin.
istrator at his residence. No. 1117 Blroad.
way, city of Helena., the same being the
place for the transaction of the business
of said estate in the county of Lewis and
Administrator of Charles Nelson, de"
Dated October 3, 1I4.
, ,..g ,. ,,, - -..

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