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Terms of the Agreement Between
Willie K. and His Wife
Who Quit
8Sb Gets $8,000,000 in Good
Oash and He Gets Hti
She Betemlg to a amily That l OlG.ves
the Dive·ore OCrrs Quite Plenty ot
New York, Nov. 13.-Within the last
fortnight the final ariallgentntts have
been made between Mr. atld |Mrs W. K.
Vanderbilt. Col. William Jay. w ho has
been acting as the relpresentattile of
Mrs. Vanderbilt since the quarrel was
made public auomte months ago, and who
went abroad late last spring with Mrs.
Jay, has no doubt accomplished all that
is possilble in the interests of his client.
He is a trusted friend of William K.
Vanderbilt. and therefore well fitted
for the task.
C'ol. Jay arrived int the city last week
and .Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt came
from Newport to meet him. In a brief
interview the terms agreed to by Mr.
Vanderbilt were mallld knowni, *land ('ol.
Jay returned to Newport with Mrs.
Vnderbllt. The sum offered by Mr. Van
derbilt was computed after long and
careful conlidera ti ,n by the family law
yers. It is understood to be $3,t,00,th.
As the wife of a multi-nillinualre
Mrs. Vanderbilt has naturally a right
to a very large sunt as dower. ?ht. is
not, howe er,. colsidlered to be the in
jured party in the case, and her hus
band's generosity to her and her iela
tives has been in the past unstinted.
It is therefore held that she is very
fairly treated in receiving anit amount of
money somewhat larger than the law
would possibly require. She will take
the sum mentioned in place of alimony
and of her right of dower.
The splendid establishment in which
she Is now living, known as Marble
House. on Bellevue avenue, Newport,
was a gift to her in former years from
Mr. Vanderbilt, land this represents
nearly, If not quite, $:,000.000. The
dwelling cost about $1.000.000, and the
interior has been tilled with the most
expensive furniture, hangings and dec
orations. There has also been a vast
outlay of money on the grounds. Mar
ble House was finally completed dur
Ing the summer of 692. and Mrs. Van
deritlt and her children lived In it for
three or four month at that time.
It was late In the season that the
yacht Alva, with Mr. Vanderbilt on
board, was wrecked near Boston. The
following winter Mrs. W. K. Vanderbilt
and her family lived In the residence on
the corner of Fifth avenue and Fifty
Second street. They returned to the
Marble House at Newport for the sum
mer of 1893. Mr. Vanderbilt was than
in England watching the construction
of his new steam yacht, the Valiant.
Two months later the Valiant sailed
with a party on board that included
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt.
Oliver Hazard, Perry Belmont, Louis
WebbFrederick O. lieach, and Dr. E.
L. Keyes.
It is now a moittt sin' Mrs. Will
lam K. Vanderbilt rtturn.ed from Eu
rope and went to Newport. The di
vorce laws of Rhode Island are not
difficult. Mrs. Vanderbilt has lived
there for the necessal) time to enable
her to bring suit, as Marble House is
really her hom,. 1Her sister. Miss Ar
mida Smith, who has resided here in a
house not far from the Vanderbilt res
idence, Joined Mrs. Vanderbilt in Paris
and came over with her on the Lucanln.
Miss Smith has since been her guest at
Marble lHouse.
1'. K. Vanderhlilt's relatlves are
thoroughly in accord with him, and
they have manifested no sympathetic
interest in Mrs. Vanderbilt since her
return. This was plainly shown on
her arrival in New York. She was, it
is said, highly Incensed at the fact that
only one-half of Mar Ie Hlous.. had b.en
opened, alitd thought it showed all ill
tention to slight her. The windows and
dios tlhad bI . b artled up in usual
'Newport fashion. Sine i 1 h-r a rrival in
New York Mrs.. \'anderlllt hals seclu l0,
herself. IShe driv,.s out llaiy fr a
couple of hurs, Iandt is InvarnIly alone
in her phaentonl. She* dlrl\i two spl'ritdllt
black horses, which are thei hlghi.hst
st l.lpprs onl the Ocian lrive. Alt hough
she is fnind of horses, si.he will lIroibaly
Iut ie s.m.n at the col'ing lhorse shv.
W1hile Mrs. Vanderbillt will hav. the
l pl- a l . u t . I, " o f h . 'r c h il hne n . It iv h , .
lived ti.* tIa. ,.ilst, who are :Hiii'nt
grown I , o t ll b I.' aoltowed to tak,., tl. is
ch,,i',, aml i liv," Pith t|oIr falth Jt ..t his
f.it lly if tih y w. ii t.
N ,t ftor y.', r has na .i ,n slit ilnf li ity
as that of Mr. aint M1rs. \a',trioll.
(inly thi ( 'Oin,1 -1 Ira- VI I ai I. .n I..
c ot ap, u ',rl ' , t h i t f ,o I ht . r is t ; l t h a t
w as of it c. +nl sh;l rl' ,lt y dliffer.'tl t 'ha lut .
iVhat Mr. \;tl ,e.rl,)lt wi*ll I, aft.-r the
case' wht'h is new ax' Itiag g''si-lp. Ile
Is grail l'-king. atmiatbl and tinl of s.
(11Ity. .hnrn ait nia rrlage-aithle- IIll )co-Ii
thnlne thelse.l' iualti sl with t vast fetr
tunu., fti rre mutt st ,. a larg. Iiilll' I of
blie tq , .arningii te, e'oni. *. him. Ti ItI.
Is -"vi a mi.l iilt'a4Ily oef thel pri ' l...p -
til\ eigat ei i ot f .ti. \'anret rI- lt te
the II i4'i%4(rt I I'II h i s of M i11 nI. hli rle,
eh\,' .,,4i f fin 3rly Miss ti \'iala, ofl N.,w
",I k, ail l w ho Is a \ '.ry ' llahl r -l .-u w
N. I, i Il
.'ilih iin K(si arn V er\ i irItllt, w1ie,'-e
leoitie-U ll t'll llhu tl s Jile " ll ,f t 'ti le it l ll
p1.tlilha t' in iii'I" t tI thI wh ,,ii A ri ,n -
41'lledm II. .11 il, Crt ll I, iI i s I noI 41
iti i te- ls ,,I I i i. ,l ',e I at\. ;1 YIi
at'. abt '.ia , iiii thii4 it. 1 'II , t1,, h ,lltily
of hit: .4 n p tff- hil , l ie ',':rnIIil -I'I, \,i -
o, .ii ' T h,' rm\ ni\ , It l 'fl (1111i:1 ~ 1, , I
OIn T'ht I ie \\ llh ln 11 \LndI t hl!t
1,. tU, h,' nI t '." , h1 .,f h ; 1 hil, ,* n $t ',
lI mI I,, t 'I'I" , t-t t -
n I'"I t $i ll. 1onw a "1 \\v,1 : .tII', tft I ,l U, 1lly
lin e I ',ldl ,il 1 ,.It ,I ,- ll, l Ini, l . liii
F.h t, .s 11.i r b ,it III is ,- I : l t "r,.l ,'
K At a in !,i ltilt I i t*t 'i,,I t 'i t ,' ut ' ,f th,.
clix h- . e tn Iii t1,k" tt . i., lt
ll '4 112 tu lel it'
.\t lar ti n" i t. 1.i1 I hie ] t aIf a l.ie \t, -
II l ie il - i l f lt\I. Iti . ht is i i. ' ' i ii
f,.1.1 to ,I,, III hr,,uh."I r',,nr 1,h w nh
il r1i fiit l l i i4 i. it : 1 I 11 ri 1- t1 I -'ul'..e i -l
'l'neil' ''1.-i . 'l' 4I , 'i' , I 1,i tII t ei Ii41,.1 11'
hiIn,"ý fli t 1, I l ' 'I .u "i 11 , 1 I 1,c.1 hl n,
'111 l. 1I 'r I te t t' i \a It Iil l N' srrI'ter
''laIu T ' :'.nitki l hi l,,eIhe t * \y Nrt-s.
In" "t p1.1 " ll" is t" l . , h " I. 1 . I k 1 . Il:1nt hr
Prltlt. etiatill ''reef ilit ii' iti~tu I , tef
ll, .l l t le ',1.1 1. l i ha . lla l rs t,.n , "al
l,' I1qIInt t 1 y 1 117 1 of hl t f rnall.llV
A m--ria g t1,." nullti-lmnillJ, iilth, . of this
II y :ii I u N "'N I ,r I 1~lr .
1 i1 ter.v y t, *,1..1,r].
MI', , . le41 i s 1,. I l ,,r .xtr.,tlll l ;in 'l,
of l th't |,Il tl .t ;, t It}:." u1t, x IIII ib . MIr
hih'" I n "+,ltt" of oms l . t t I| I h l .11. -
t ,l,. n .i '.f-, fur t f,'tv \ l,*,k, arI I hle
th,.nl r,."flrnlllh,,l In th-. m eat ,."x1,.I11 mi
m ..lll r' V. ihl' h 1'l ri li n It' b illI r l n
th1, I"" . t "-ifn1 w ihi" lh hlk"" th,." ,' o , i"
1,'n k i 'f M. r V:*urinhl, llt'": l, ttl,.lo, ' h,,'n
h'" t -I, . I., ,'\hllltl :; libre.,ll Iphu bb ly
with N 'lll- N' istr'"tt."r.
"Irll .. r.nlmlrknhly oxhitis.hly M .s.
mr ith, (liughth.r ,tf %11u':.7" ýnlth, of
Monbile, Ala. lle was a ler ,,min, "a
provislon merchant." or somethlitl oft
that sort, with a number of turtty
daughters. whilom he leducatted w.'|t.
Mr. Vahnderbtilt met her ai t a recepIlln
given by his siater. Mrs. I'llot F. Shep
ard. He was then !l )ear ttlt and shel
had just b'eent Introlt'ltl to New Yorkll
lot'lety, with her twio platers, hy tisome
prominent outherners here. The. mar
I',ýr a tootk place shortly "ifterwardl
M'it. VandeIteiill beltongs to a faintly
w hbht ha pivens'. tin extrordtlnaryi
ltamounlt iof employment to the i thor'ee
,t lln Her l'tert. A llN Jennie Sl llllh,
imarlrlFd I.ernlando Yatg. Shelir
rani.uedt an uInI lit' oldlI rt' Withl hiln.
and married Mr. lTifflany. Mr. Ygllltua
then, marrtled Mits Mat,.el Wright. Ant
iother sitter, MI.s Minniet Snmith, matr
irt.I a French nobhlnleman lnaled DIe Fion
hilll.lt, from whomt phe Is now "ta
rira'tt. e Ite Fonhilliot made a brave at
tempt to live at Mr. Vanderhbllt'. ex
penset', but I(i now said to be working.
The reillatintling sister Is the only one
who has had no matrimonial unpleas
tntneit. She Ia unmarried altnd the de
vo.te. friMend of Mrs. W. K. Vanderbilt.
New York, Nov. 13.- Itar sliver, 63%r.
Lead -teady; brokers' price. $3; ex
change prie, 53.15
Coplper- Iull; hrokers' price, $.b5; ex
change prics., p 50 asked.
Ctomtpared with yesterday's final sales,.
prices at theIl close to-day were about even*
ly divhidtd between gains and losses, active
shares being In the main lower on the
da.., the advance heing chiefly In the
specialties and in actlve stocks.
tlovernment bonds--Weak and lower.
on confirmation of the report that a new
'ive per cent loan is to be Issued.
Petroleum-Steady; D)ecmber cloaed
92'o bid.
1'. 8. 5s, reg.. 11; I'. I. Sa. coupon. 11;
1'. 8. 4s. reg., 114; 1'. 8. 4s, coupon. 114:
l'ac'itlc t. I01 bid; Atchison. 5%; Adams
Express. 143; American Exapress, 113; Ca
nada l'actic, 634%; Central Pacifi,e. 15i;
IBurlington, 75's; Great Northern, pre.
fe.ried. 10034: Kansas A Texas, preferred.
;.'3: Lake Shore, 136%; .1ead Trust. 41%;
Michigan Central, S%; Missouri Pacific,
9%; I'. 8. Cordage, 113t; I'. 8. Cordage.
preferred, 19t%; North American, 4'1;
Northern Pacific, 4%; Northern Pacific,
pireferred, I6r,: Northwestern, 10204; North
western, preferred. 146 bid; New York
Central, 100; Pacific Mall. 933,; Pullman.
IZ4; Rock Island, tI4; St. Paul, 63%; St.
Paul. preferred, 1IX,; Southern Pacific,
19%; Sugar, 9t1%; Union Pacific. 13%; Unit
ed States Expreas, 4;: Wells Fargo, 106
bidl; Western Union, I8t; Electric, 364;
Linseed. 302.
Money, easy at one per cent; sterling ex
change, dull at $4.14%74.874 for demand,
and 4.2tlit.4.t6% for sixty-day bills.
Chicago. Nov. 13.-Hogs-Receipts, 38.000
head: quality rather better; the most of
them heavy grades: market active and
early sales were at 6.10c higher, but eased
off a trifle. Sales range at $4.25ft4.b0 for
light; $4.35644.45 for rough packing; [email protected]
4.90 for mixed;: 4.16O.0O for heavy packing
and shipping lots, and 12.O64.56 for pigs.
Cattle-Receipts, 9,500 head; natives sold
principally at 11.7662.65 for cows. heifers
and hulls, and at 12.7506( for steers; extra
quality 1.400 to 1,.00 pound steers were
quoted at 361.40: sales of westerns were
on a basis of $1.7604.6 and Texas cattle
were quoted at $1.40443.90.
Sheep-Receipts. 19,000 head; quotations
were: Poor to extra, 616.3I5; lambs, $1.75
13.90; sales of sheep were largely below,
$3. and from [email protected] bought the bulk of
the lambs.
Chicago, Nov. 13.-Wheat-Nov., 54%c;
Dec., M54ic.
Corn-Nov., SPie bid: Dec.. , 5te.
Oats-Nov.. 2t6c: Dec.. 28's bhld.
Pork--Nov., $12.22'.; Jan., $1.I221.
Lard-Nov. and Dec., g7.071:; Jan..,7.12'4.
Ribs-Nov. and Jan., $6.15; May, $6.32!x.
In a transcontinental Journey nothing
can keep out of the cars the volcanic ash
or alkali dust raised by the whirl of the
pas.ing train. Tlut the Great Northern is
entirely free from this annoyance; it
runs through no sand deserts and its
roadbed is rock ballasted.
You can buy a dress pattern at the Bee
Hive with Ilnings included as cheap as
the price of cloth.
Baby carriages at actual cost this week
at the Bee Hive.
Jatcbhe-D'Agbrolut Drol CO. kL.Lmm,
Most., uhnoreale agemts
y - y A
t.' rrtr' _ yy r
Oppenlheimer & Acsch.
Attests esd ( 'aeIlor at I...
uE miA. !LPDlh lena MeaeTA .
Attorney and o nnaeIlor at I mu.
f w 41 n all ..ov.. .1 m..d to the
It sls L D bl We¢ lr-ý1 actsa
First atior .Bannk
Peltd Up CapLtal .......... 9600,000
,urplua and [email protected] 000.000
L c iUiX·tS4 D.poattory Of the
United Stater.
I utmst *allow" as te dope "emeJ
bsaklsg busLnee teasmws Ws(",
sAlrum& huag he uya
L. T. ItAI'ATQ..................
W, l NI~tIIN.. .. Yº:::;:;i;.;·r ·
ar. Nr. KLOU111LLYI... .....Iln.1.1.1 .i'o.;ilw
Uau H1. H L4 ................Aatdrlaa ý'aaWr
P. T Roomu H..
A. J. La,. L W. sort.
Wear. C. IWsitte. K L ay sloa
J.E.. tnurtta. Dr
First a u lJd.
ILna MUssel Iaah.Um1s.
Merchants National
Ps~d is Capital . $350,000
Surplus and Undlvldsd Profits 170,000
L. FdNE /IINLD.... J'v.Id..
T. O Y iI ..............MIL (Ask"
larem llwed m depi ytms hI a re*
soaaoa d lu gylVo o
Led wIatr sad Karop
Haifueem Nt at rv . "r VI. rate55$o5l
sad bsughr ptrof lfa . i IM
Montara J ational
1 tot OP 321,31 , am.
~t ~~~..z......Wr
l1. Gale.
i~fCý Oh. IL . Walece,
..weal 3m bhela 5..a~. Tscm 1r..cd.
N0. 4400.
T!oTh~lna aationaI
CAPITAL $600,000.
Transacts a Generl Banking Busl.
3. D. lD @UATON. ............P.m eat
C. K. COX .. $...$Pi i41a
C.VAt.,.. J t. INO' W. U
tim deresta Arl. sNaaM.Cegpe
tae.. itr. and iadhfldaala a~lkila
Sa··,.,· r'.ºr..Nndl··a
Pt. D srb t Ner. Eerv.....p...m..aiew.. er
. DUor arttlluato BUmu.......U. wý{eg
('ommeroul N teaakfl............(b eary
H.r.Laut............. ............C.ic.ao
Merebaate Natgeal ik...........S.B Loua
hi. 1aAl £4MonuuAAk .................ti. Pan
U"VON BA14X 01 IN01A.
Incorporaetd under the Laws o:
WtLJ (( i1:L..... :t Foa
a CMUW MW rult. I m..
. l.. T au.au
Wa J.. CN~e EW~snr.
John. Fgatk.
Allows - coat iaterest on Manlsg D.to.i
oeopoaduQ Jsauarr, sad JurL.
Irsaw.ta " caral booking iatoa. U)rnw
*zekanson a I priaoipat oitis of no L n.t'i
cutat. sad Esrope.
It~sta in ail Geeat sod eitl bond., and male,
loans o0 Vg a UaLe mortga.e
t ffias hea. trom 10a m to p. M A lp""
lat irdaj ad Mwada, evenlaig from 7 t.
Americar Jnational
CAPITAL $200,003.
T. r. l.OWlR.... ............... ...Prroude
A. J BkL:.YOMAN .............. icl.Pre.iden
A. C. JUMWtlON............... ....... tino
T. C. Powe. A. J. elolgiha.
A. C. Johnson. Itiohard Loeqg.
Jameo taigtyas.
Inteeset allowd as time depoeets. Buohan
I*us.i us prinlipal ctioe of tb. United blat..
('anada ad I.aop. Transfer of moms made
bilt4orarspº (ollsottns prompt1 a&Iead~
td. s it, comay anI state .ecuritUa boughl
On aud after Meade. Jul1 9, the
Will rh.~eg thei lohedulo am I ise
Daily 4-Horse Coaches
Great Falls anl Lewistown
Making the Trip in On', Day.
Vla Belt, Armington. c(r), Geyser,
Grafton, Stanf,rd Utica
and Philbr' ,.t
Close connection at :,ewt,;town for
the CGrat Minltuin cL.Lrnmps of
Gilt Ege, SpotY INorse anl Maiden.
Comfortable Four-Hli.r, COC.ord
1ecH, of Stock, I'ast T'1,n*, Careful
(Cioul ,eals and ar'-omrnmoda
Prompt attention to IassDegers
and explrorsa.
'. DJ AVIS, iupyrLtoenden_
Drs. Liebig & Co.,
The Woli Reloneal Sleclalist
Free consultation given to all persons
suffering from Chronie Diseasbs Ditease
of the Eye, Ear. Nose. Throat, stomacbh
Kidneys, UIrinary Organs. Nervous and
Private Affections. The rapidly increas
Ins number of patients in Montana de
mand greater fatillee and aecomemoda
tions, to meet which Drs. Llebli Co.
have established offices in this city. They
will be in charge of a duly authorised rep
resentative, who will report all compli
cated case'. to the head office, where a
'onUmpl,.hl record is kept of all cases and
the treatment adopted. Each branch hav
Ing its specialists, no one physician, and
not less than five experienced specialists
have a consultation on every case pre
sented. Having thousands to refer to,
comparisons are radlly made. No expert.
nulnting-simply applying the treatment
that has times without number proved
successful. This is the secret of their
sullrer and the reason such marvelous
cures as heretofore reported have been
made after the best local physicians pro
nounced them hopelessly Incurable.
MIEN-Chronlo affections, whether from
early indiscretion, Venerlal Excesses,
Seminal Weakness, uoss of Manhood.
Syphillis and other affections unlittinL
them for enjoying any of the pleasures of
Itfe, treated and cured after absolute
failure by others. Drs. Lieblg & Co.'s
reputation for their unparralelled success
in treating the Diseases of Men is world
wide, and they have patlenta In all parts
of It.
WOMEN-Their spedatidt,'' for affee
tions of Women has JI the.lateet appli
ances and remedies ured. in the principal
hospitals, and is withdut a supeotor on
the coast. ., s
CATARRH-And4 I e4 Yhone of
the Eye, Ear, Throat and LutlI succeus.
fully treated, and In a manner so mildly
as to be acceptable to the most deUlcate
Braces for Spinal Deformitles, Club
Peet, etc. manufactured 8atleectUon
Call early and avoid being hurried by
the large number of patients. Those who
cannot And It convenient to see the Em.l
nent Specialists can state their cases by
letter. Careful attention given to cor
respondence and medicine and applances
sent by express.
At Great Falls on the 15th and I1th.
At Missoula on the 1Sth.
At Boseman on the 15th.
At vlngston on the Wth.
Montana Divslon--l1 Main street, Helena.
Northern Dlvilson- East Broadway.
Butte City, Montana.
Southern Division-l-n South Main street,
Los Angeles. California.
Central Division-t to 0WI West Ninth
street. Kansas City. Missouri.
Western Division--0 Geary street. Ian
Franclsco, California.
Eastern Divlalon--lO Randolph street.
Chicago, Illinois.
GO To the East,
To the West,
To the Town
That You Like Best;
Whtehever way yeo deelde to go
Be ease Stha yea-r ethees reaei se e-.
The Great Transcontinental Route,
Passengers Ticketed to
St. Paul Chca
New Yorlr Philadelphia
Spokane, PortUad,
San Francisco.
('1e. conoastelon at Mlonepolls uad Lt. Peal
for all poinlt East and Mouth.
('omfortable rseelae coasbe sad Pala.e
sleoping ears. telrst bullet. mokiag. library
snd diala ear.. We ar. agent. oe all At
clea : tmanehip Line. and Wla tiekoh y to all
UrLeatsl and uLoodaal peintat Propas e
me arranged.
Nao I. Alentise anrem, aea boui. 1:3 p a
Na 28. Paolie apsn.. westbound... 1:t1 pm
N.. . tatteLcal.daly ........... .p" .
No, I Atlantic apr.e. , aastbod.. IS3 p.o
No. L kseite h wveatbemed... alp I.
Dio. L sots Le" dal ............. Us. m
For further partlnlarn, maps, folders. rats
St*. ell at or write to oer oaff,.
(:. W. Pl'rdt',. t ityr TLeket AesL
.: E DUTION. GOeerl Aeia.
Hele.a. Moat.
IWfared Mafet,.
f rpulency 'l i.ulli-.
.oa sailestile traetaet Lar e A b·
*..*u,r.. eende permanently. We
gIara . *me ol ; er lreflad year ileap. N.
al*uL s. me.| L CO.. esestaI . Im
No. 3601.
T'. 8. Land Office, Helena, Mont., Nov.
12, 1994.
Notllie I hereby given that C'harles It.
ilenton, Jacob d(rob and Martin Hoglan.
all of t'laney, Montana, have this day fli,'d
appllcautlon for patent, under the mining
laws of congress for the Iloodo lode claim,
dentgnlated as survey No. 4.534. situated in
-- unorganlled mining district, Jefferson
county. Montana, In ectlons 32 and 33.,
township 9 north, range 3 went, which
claim In recorded In the offl'e of the re
corder of Jefferson county, at lOtilder.,
Montana, and descrlbed an follows: Said
survey No. 4f34 hbeginning at corner No. I,
from which soutlhwest corner of sectlion
33. township 9 north, range 3 west. bears
south 13 degrees, 23 mlnllutes wet 90.4 feet;
thence sollth 79 degrees, 57 minutes went
112 feet: thence north 6 uIPgrees, 9 Inln
utre eant 44 feet; thencre south 6 degrees.
MJ minutes weal 449 feet; thence north 15
de.grees, F52 minutes went 1,391 feet; thence
north 1 dlegree, 35 mintutes West 74 feet to
I corner No. I, the place of beginnlnr, erm
brac'lng 17.1 t. 'I'Nes, upon witch la not l(ee
of ahil appdlilntin Wan posted the 6th day
of Noverlber, t194. The only known ad
Jolillnllg ('lnIi to these. premises Is the Hid.
den Sunlight extenslln lode, unsurveyed,
on the southw'stl.
W. H. ('(OX. Register.
Date of first publicationl. Nov. 13, 1.10.
Best Authors
To ay .s we till mad Is 0 It the
No. I epo.e uompsald Ib TIN
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wi sd ANY ONS O I00.o ieeMNst
by ,pessut team thi Uli pstid ew,
UaSl poseag piepSIAt
Illo0imut Beoot hMs a 1
TuW Cate mad o0i of thes sopss
No. 1) will sattle the helder to an aoom
team othe lit blow.
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-:~e- Hem ea tie Marsh. u._-Resuas
Ah! u Wiit r set 3lAt ~ .e
N.. 4-l u a Ue amed'. el. Ne Rdln
Aims, Ht% O M dl 3 b M l.
To sy one who will sed as THIE1 of
the No. esupmes aeaupsdald by
TWENTY-FIVE CENTS is eilveor oe..
ge suampS we will smd any TRul
OK to be selseod by yourafl from the
list printed above by mail postge prepaid
Itie ale t Boot 0 uolp INo 2
Twmsrv-.rv Caus Mad TnR of thee.
No. amupe. will moWi the holder to
Tenas soon from the U.S gives above.
Ne., of the Thl eks Wased.............
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Poatea a ....................................
No.......tret. .......tat. .............
Zeak book is well baud is nest and at
treetivn napor amer ad OONTAIN ; YROY
PRICEB CENT'. You are thus enabled
to obtals them at eos-third their value.
Th shabove soupeu will e published is
every lal of '[n IEDonUDrr uStil fnur
theU, sete By Uting the soupous from
eay to day yeou an osare the satire lisr of
books at ae-Shied the prie ses would
have to pay it purobetahg is say othe
We make this liberal der, whereby some
of the bost works of lotion ia the English
language may be mared by osr re.ders for
the meresor trile of espease, in order to Ln
ares our eiroulation. Our p satS re.d
ore will greatly oblige s by ealliag the at
tSetion of their friends to the fat that by
hlying THE INDEPENDENT thor .sa
e*eore the adveasages of our grust book
ofwe. Address
The Idepedenlt, Helena, Iot
Thomas F. Oakes, Henry C. Payne,
Henry C. Rouse, Receivers.
Runs Through Cars
19 South Main.
Pullman 8leeping Cars,
Elegant Dining Cars.
Tourist Sleeping Cars
YIIasAINS£317 AT 33L3A4.
No. 1. PaceIU WeAL wwt beend.
No' I. lantis MaiL man bund....... ia.
JI.. . MerpsUhs aeuLLo~ SI a~·· * WJU tL 3
H.1,WiibhS, Buoulder ad XuLkea
dya y . ..... Mop.
No 1M, MI Id as4 Kooadaus
ga11... .. ..... 2:..2 p. a
N 1I, Twigs Mail. wag boaaJ........ 11.31s m
Ho.!. fil. i a d IL waul bua .. i . in
No. i, oalr· e od a lkbwo tl WLe Kik
ecar~niuwIUath (dimly ".1,0.4 bob
Ho tut,. lilm mi·am. tiundays
aslly ....................... . ..loJe m
Tar Inforlatlo. time oarde, maps sad toekat
mall on at write
.i n. =C* ILR.
CHA& 8. FEE, G. P.&d T.A.,
UIT. PAIJL minx.
Great Northern Railway,
Tbse eaenl Parmser O(ee at the Osm
NIethera RI.lr. will Ie pleaasd ito forwr I.
appdoants Bar or all of the .ubliatleas sasm
haleow, oa reiet s the amnsaw t ao psit
MaImJ after mash. It eb- d be ouaDeItei
that these book. maepe ed pamphletm wrm .ee
pual at esialerab e yoat snd ae worth ia
uach eas mae Untm tbhe pstege. They will
prove of mash tnteriJt to pDrsmas who ousena
plate a trip to sa part of the ourthwamt. or wiho
desire the Iaturmatlo• aIt lat lige~t people
oheald esels eoaurawlng a vast. rewurarfal.
Imlurtaat and greowlg part of tl.e Ualtsi
Stars. Boveral at thee oublientola, have beat
sRDplkd Is qantitee pbio public schols at the
requtt of aesperiateadents and teahesw on ae
reast of the itaestrlive and umeful Ltafrsato
thes oeatal..
BOOK FOLDER.-Bend 2 oants
tor postage.
This pabllatiUo entalas eomplete time
cud., a erres of train route maps a large maL
of the eonatrl. a tabl gaiving l rit and seolid
elase pessager Eatel sad frelgL ta(lR ea set
Ut,.' gaeds from bt. Peal to all potate oa the
Ime; a table ahowlag tributary pulte reacdst
bh steamer er taes through ear esvies aMd
onetaotlostt imprtat bagage sid tlket
segulatleas, aud me lattreetlag descriptive
matet. sheret it Is a hasdr volume of ready
rtreseMe for paseegers abou, lesalsad thro.g
eie us the U ieat Ne.th.a. to all pars of the
aoethwest and JIsetlSe ose
MAP FOLDER-.-ent free.
This evtala the regolr time sebedulsee a
lasge map of the eametry weat of Chibgo sad
Lt. L4;ek bbggage sad ticket roalet.lue. alt
other latfermallo t valus t travelers.
WEST.-Send 15 cents fr
po.*- -*.
Costaie aemplee map eo the Ualtid Sstes.
Mlaseetia, the Itwo )aket.s. Moatane .t.r
sad Wasbiaga. shewlus pestelees , Jas L.
IuM with evey Impeetat geogrtpLlal ad
topagrphieal feature bresuht doew to date.
and periad In the higbhet style at the
map Ieeo art. Interestlig descriptive
hLeteeeal ad setatttles larermatlon appeat
with eba masp.
2S oents for portago.
Thl i a mop o the r attmn west oe Chieage
iad St. Leahl meeated em rollers; OhR" LASeot
mapleten aever partielar from latest sir.
vre; dveesmeetdetail at the Ner.hwest, beth
above and belew the Iaternatloal boondary
line tha the OGeat taL to Paget Ilom;
elegastl~ prisate I ead ste l *" elliues and
seheal hms bees aked for by teaesra in all
pirs of the alMthwest, n coples ase new
beagluag the pabti wheels of mana tows
si elti
From Midlmnd Lakes to
Western Ooean.-Send 10
oents for postage.
This attnretiv pobliestlca eastains am
10 NHrtktkst views snlatul and ti geoep
sated from photogeaph4 ornamUetally emb.a
iashed , sad aooemuaied by do as. Iptive matter
and j uruoteritle initial blentiftll/ printed is
eolers, altogesher fermiag one of the meat .le
tet beoke of the kibd oear lenmd., It oqial
to ur books whlkh oill for dollar or more sad
setala ver n mbh less gemeral imfermatioa ad
and besat.
oents ostage for eaoh.
A ertis of ilaltra 4 poblLetlon. on Min
ets the Dakotak. ] atma sad Washlngtou.
Tret of the letleO , htory.b elimat. "gri
lt1.ral pastoral, minersl and itmberal ro
soures aued pedueted o ech of theose mport.
eat stater
BULLETINS-Send 4 oents
postage for the two.
Them pubUlietiea eatain the game sad fish
laws.et the Northwestera .tates. sand very much
Iutmretlasa ILformatlos ah ait variuous kad of
same sad las. abd loastics where foo.d. with
-map dse llastrationa.
YON- Send 50 cents eaoh.
These beautiful art reproduetions of striklag
soaes in the mountains of Mon.a s are 20153
l".ehe a sle. and east in large qsattitle 1.00
-eah. but are sold at iltf prioe to latredoes
them. erly ne of oc h will be sold to any ene
addreos '.hey wll also be sold ia a choke
frame with lass at $2.00 or half price. An
ornameat to either ottio or parlor and do not
cstainL any advertilaig.
-Send 2 cents for postage.
Ibis pretty souvenir contains twentylsi
views of Washingto( exhibits at the World's
aiDr. It cots 12 eeant acopy to print.
COUNTRY.--eont free.
This contalas large variety of fasts of Inter
e-t to ..ew setlers. inoluiluD diagrams showing
the iemplielty of land eurvey.. a brief statement
of land laws. and a map of the United btates.
TRY."-Bend $1 6).
The Oreat Nerthern has speoDc li r s.nagd
with a lage publishing house for as edition of
Stoddarll's Iutfoli. of Amercalos Viws. ap.
puoiag tI sistea pasrt each part eeatalalog
lateen views and retallias for 10 seat. ort 1.00
for the siteoa parts Ptlagl. photographs of
tles viws rcasnot be had for much less then
11.00 esoa but La this portfolio 200 magilloent
repred o:leas of striklog photographs of
ntural sd ereated oneso in all parts of Ame-.
lasiNetob hd for a moe neminal som. Ych
part will cuntsal matter and tllustrtionl s
speelall added to give Ioereasd value to
scrthwesoern oeabsebrrs or these interested in
the northwest The parts will be furnished
.lstly or . whole numbers by a.sets of the
eimn ray as say point
I or ar of the sbove publlcestons or nlforms.
ties about ratse or routes to the Northwest a
Pacife C.aet. adruess
F. I. WHITNEY, G. P.& T. A..
ht. Patl. MIIes.
(W ntions this pp "r
.Y IOIT I T 711
Montana Press Clipping Burauu
3.1mm.................Krn 3BI
FOR WHOMa h bund
bois p,.tsoml mI mybu wh o l . mw..
g..wht bI Mh4 e. them. or ipal. Doble
En3 ,IV hewum that west *Weellasmwl o
wb M wllrt ·tm _
UOb. ' NLY I A utr,
n` cu~rer tn tp.
prrT..d anti ,lnf l mdn.trugag.i ,
LAId arr 0taln FeLVINTATrl lH
allrmalr Irrr.gs ,tas le.., wip
a lgttln vemw N In eal adak
stamp lo' rpat ula,.aod "(4 hWde Ibe
Rohr.,· IndJft n haen ýTt *t
mt Lnt' 1r. V.0. 1... -a U. 1411
For mat.e by Polio & O'connor. UeI.ne

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