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Evidence That the pellee Chloago Ar
Muoh Like Those of New York
An Election Day Murder Has Roused the
People and They Call for an
Chicago, Nov. 13.--The murder of
Gus ('olllnder,. the young Swede, who
was killed by a gang of toughs while
watching the .ounting ,of ballots In the
ninth precinct of the Twenty-third ward
last Tuesday, ir~,lnaes to devi.lelp into
a celebrated caset. Indignation mnuet
Ings have been held In nearly every
wtrd on the north side to protest
against the election outrages and to
pledge united action in avenging the
death of brave GOu Coltandetr, who
died in the defense of the ballot In
each meeting resolutions condemning
the brutal murder and assaults and
the men in omfe who are responsible
for them was adopted. Fervld speeches
demanding retribution both in the
courts and at the polls were made and
applauded by democrats and republi
cans alike regardless of past party strife
or amliation.
The facts brought to light by the po
lice drag-net Indicate more conclusively
than ever that the Market street gang
otherwise known as the "O'Malley
gang," had formed a deliberate plot.
not only to seize the ballot boxes of
several precincts by main force, but to
kill the Judges and clerks if necessary.
It is known that the members of the
gang, all of whom have more or less
unsavory records, held a number of
meetings In the rear of a Market street
saloon and that their pans were only
less perfect than those of the Cronin
The Itecord. Independent, says:
"There are ndications that men of in
fluence and city offce holders were in
communoiation, if not in direct collusion
with the gang; that they had promised
Its members immunity from police In
terference and that they had paid the
livery bills for the carriages that were
used both before and after the murder
of CollandeJ. If the facts which were
hinted at can be proved the case will
furnish most sensational developments
and the names of persons high In office
will be dragged Into it.
"It is also evident that the bravado
of the gang is not yet broken. Its mem
bers who are still at large and relying
on the promised protection have shewn
their hands several times by appearing
to threaten the lives of men who are
posed to have Inside information as
to their doings.
"0. M. Dickson, the republican chal
lenger at the polling place, 113 Illinois
street, who was beaten almost to death
was approached by two men on Thurs
day as he lay In his room. 11 Clark
street, and was ordered to keep silent
as to his knowledge of the gang under
pain of death. Shortly afterward he
was taken away by his friends and the
report that he was dead was subse
quently published to throw his perse
cutore oR the track. He lives at the
home of his physician, where he is be
InS watched closely. Fears are enter
tained that the bruises which he re
ceived will ultimately cause his death.
"With this in view the civic federa
tion visited Mr. Dickson and took a
full statement as to his knowledge of
the gang and the facts which led to the
attack on the polling place where he
was stationed.
"The men captured Thursday. with
the exception of Jack Dougherty, whose
connection with the case could not be
established, are still lacked up at the
station. So far they have refused to
say a word which will show that they
were concerned In the gang's raid.
The men the polUce most want are
John Santry, 'Major' Sampson, 'Uncle'
Lynch and Frank Conley. Inspector
Schaack is certain that Santry was the
man who was shot through the body
and that he must be in very bad condli
tion, If he Is still living at all, but the
police thus far do not seem to have lo
cated him."
Eddie O'Brien, who Is asserted to have
fired the fatal shot, was arrested.
The civic federation has already gone
vigorously into the work of prosecuting
the gang. It began to collect its evi
dence yesterday and no effort will be
spared to convict those who are guilty.
No warrants will be sworn out, how
ever, until the police have done what
they can toward finding the men
wanted. Inspector Bchaack says he is
perfectly willing to catch such men as
he can and turn them over for prosecu
tion. He thinks the great difficulty will
be in getting the necessary identifica
tion of the men who were Implicated in
the murder of Collander, although It
will be a comparatively easy matter to
pick out the ones who were concerned
in the riots at the other polling places.
"They are all slippery criminals," he
said. "They have been all over the
country and served thelr time in a numn
ber of penitentiaries, and it is corre
spondingly difficult to locate them."
The Inter-Ocean contains grave
charges of connivance at the election
day outrages by Inspector Schaa'k and
Police Captain Gibbons. The following
occupies a prominent place under the
caption "Sohaack Is Accused:""Charles
Shepherd, the boy cabman who was
cruelty shot by the thug senator, John
F. O'Mailey, was reported as somewhat
better, but his recovery will only mean
the miserable life of a permanent crip
"Nicholas Varalos yesterday swore
out a warrant for the arrest of O'Mal
Icy, charging him with making thr.ats
to kill. Wednesday night O'Malley is
alleged to have called at Varalos' home
and threatened him.
" 'He told me that if I prosecuted him
for shooting me in the arm he would
shoot me in the head,' said Va'ralou.
"The warrant was given to c('ostable
Lauer, but has not beenl served.
"Inspector S3ehaack stated tha:t he
had a warrant for the arrest of H.llat,r
John F. O('Mally for shootii V\'r;al,s
and that he had sent an ollie r to r, ,.
it. Just the same. ,'Malliy wa.s It
arrested up to 4 o'elork.
'Capt. (lIhhonn, who was In enmmnn:,l
of thr- VtH t1 'hl.-;ig,, av,"nn," t li111)c( P(:
Ilion undor~ Inrlip-, t .r S(-ha;, k. Is a c-u-·
In of John IF. (AtMiil''y, ani I4 1had1,1
gloves with th.a tII;'"M ,1. '1 mv'
nw~ll,"h L is 1Hf llniv ' nml p "-l if~l 'III.II1 I 1.
of tihr. HItT. Ioot ir:,'h ro i.' ih ,o
third wardri : dir..rri" iio ('hiro. ('aiit.
(2lhhnrtI,4 it4 + hI-' It hor No. 7 or k In , I i
No. 20 of the. ('lan-on-I i1;,', ani it I , nri
lik,"ly that (11·· 1(n1l1 t , , 1.111 1 :ill I.."
iritlEdt to II til'"n thi e cptain will
to" *itttr't Igtiorne1 hy him."
Th.. I;v. nl'rr i' w.t say- thait 'v(i to
1te'n ln.Alo. hack-'I icy tic- II r f-'taut
ti'· ai vdfll; m,, -imt *.f on i t t' . ti..1ir,'
an IIci%--,tli:,eil r'.cIn I o h( I It tti:,t f I ii
T,-,"." Iv. 'oiiinii I- h~ ',f " Nw h, ."r ,
i-In 1f",' n fl I nr flnnnm"i with 'hnm.
S" IIý r.! I In b i Ir themc, tiny
.,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ , r. a-nl .ti n h h u~l tl
uthrt nu th1 11· !·'1 k. Li.·lci(.(· n lhr" svhuulltrIr
That I ii" akl thln t .., I fae a Iutlfl
an k r a i a ;: in ¾t..r la.!. A -'a,, tharaaat
all za';Iiaa a f~at,tht.I 'ee tiaIn,, te' anaaahne
!,\v nlgl~yinin it 1nnnerll h nnhlltU"' (lanilpenle
with 'ate 11tlm. Z.J trlt btttles fur sale
by all druguistu.
Patltlaer Tartesl a Iges a oels.,
The reason Miss Dogert, of Wet Peer
te.pth street. gave for refulmg to aesep
the blomers she had ordered tram bhe
tailor was that she "objected to being
made to appear lie a contemporary of
Hendrick Hudson Ilntead of a modern
American womant" The better the bloom
re are mta4e the truer lthey re to thet.
object a.bleemevm, the more h4ldous they
must be. Htavlng diseoveres this at an
early stage of her attemapt. to be an ad
vsaneed woman, Mies Harqeft eu lded on
her tailor the disgust she felt With the
essential and unavoidable hideousness of
what she saw to the looking glasE when
she looked at the part of herself she had
subjected to the Indignity and scandal of
bloomers. It Is well she repented before
making her appearance astride i bicycle
In a eostume that would have made her
a grotesque travesty of herself, but no
amount of repentance tought to be allowed
to save her from paying for the breeches.
The full amount sad damages Is the least
any jury ought to give in such a case.
Didn't Like the Change.
Nashville. Tenn., Nov. 13.--Chancellor
Andrew Allison, of this city, was shot
and Instantly killed this afternoon in
the corridr of the court house by
teotrge K. Whitworth, six years past
clerk and master of the court. Whit
worth then shot and fatally wounded
himself. Chanoellor Allison's son,
ranvitle, was appolinted a few days
ago to succeed Whitworth as clerk.
A Peavee a .eatme.t.
Mr. W. M. Terry. who has been in the
drug business at Elkton. Ky.. for the
past twelve years, says: "Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy gives better satlsfaction
than any other Cough .edilcne I have
ever sold." There is good reason for
this. No other will oure a cold so quick
ly; no other is so certain a preventive for
croup; no other affords so much relief in
cases of whooping cough. For sale by all
Prince Andreas Ponlatowskt. who was
married three times in Parts to Miss 8per.
ry. of San Franolero-ftrl t by the mayor
and then alternately In ltomi~ Cathollc
and Protestant Episcopal church-has an
elder brother. Prince Carlos,. who also
found an American wifte some years ago
in the person of Miss Goddard.
Park's lure Cure is a positive specific
in all diseases of the liver and kidneys.
By removing the uric acid in the blood it
cures Rheumatism. I. B. Basford. of
Carthage, B. D., says: "I believe Park's
Bure Cure excels all other medicines for
Rheumatism and urinary disorders."
Sold b) Parchen-D'Acheul Drug Co.
Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir pre.
sumptive to the crown of Austria-Hun
gary, has placed the articles and curios
which he gathered on his recent world
tour on exhibition n Vlenna. Hundreds
of people have visited the exhibition, pay
lng an admission fee.
The American Beauty owes her pres
tige more to a clear complexion than to
any other attribute. A cup of Park's Tea
will enable any one to possess this. It
clears the skin and,remesne pimples afd
that sallow, muddy look. Park's Tea is
used by thousands of ladles for the com
plexion. Without being a cathartle it
cures constlpation. Sold by Parchen
D'Acheul Drug Co.
An impure plaster may be
a source of serious danger
from infection. To guard
against this there should
be a guaranty of asepticity.
Porous Plaster
is strictly aseptic, and thus
can be used freely for all
sprains, bruises, or conges.
tion of -the chest or throat.
Aveld neeler who by to pm)r ianftrie,
pl.aters as edltes amr AIucocKa',."
Ailcock's Core Shlelds,
Ailcock's Bulon Shields.,
Have a equal - a elif ad Me for orm
and baemils.
Brandreth's Pills
are invaluable for impure blood, tor.
pid liver sad weak stomach.
rospecting Mineral Veins
and Deposits
Boring vertically, horizontally
or at any angle to any desired
depth, taking out a cylindrical
section or core the entire dis
tance, showing exact character
and giving a perfect section of the
strata penetrated. Also for bor
ing artesian wells. Machines
for channeling, gadding and
other kinds of quarry work, shaft
sinking, tunneling, mining, rail.
road and all classes of rock boring.
TheI Amcrican Diamond
Rock ourin g ompany.
isL Coa.i.Imj Si..., - . a.. bib
IHere's .
Bcono I
Owilig to the of
its nutritive two
ounces f Sliver But
terine will perdrm of
three ounces of ut
ter. Our Cook D*lMe on
application, explatis Miy.
is lower in first coat than
Creamery Butter. Here is a
double saving-In prde and in
quantity. For ae by first
class grocers.
Olr weAh adrriEOre .ill
A Sik r tww-sr gur. w se.
KANSAS 0o61. U. A.
Local Aentu:
Schrelner's Departmunt IUWe
Helena Meat Compnyl.
M. D. P.araUl.
lh s* ezesM lam) Ms th -t~
woos ftL OS r
smdezw by tyhe
It ý Iays. - -
BoroWs. iti th
yam corn.
luncttoc Utooktom.' Market t* Uille
In the distr0it court of the PINt judicial
district of the state of Menta In and
for the county of Lewis and CIEke.
The Commonwealth Title Insurance and
Trust company, trustee, plaintiff, vs. Ell
abeth Vawter, Cortellus L. Vawter, An
nle E. Barnes, Fraaer and Chalmers (a
corporation), Burley and Co. (a corpora
tlon), the Geneva National bank (a corpo
ration), the Northwest Thommon-Houston
Electric company (a. corporation), the
Northwest (Gneral AMectric company a
corporation), 3. C. Johnson. George 8.
Knapp, George B. Stoddard and Charles
D. McLure, defendants.
The state of Montana sends gWesting to
the above named defendants:
You are hereby required t9 apju In an
action brought agaInst you by te above
named plaintiff in the district court of
the First Judicial district of the state ot
Montana, in and for the county of Lewis
and Clarke, and to answer the complaint
filed therein within ten days (exclusive
of the day of service) after the service
on you of this summons, if served within
this county; or it served out of this coun.
ty, but in this district, within twenty
days; otherwise within forty days, or
judgment by default will be takd) against
you according to the prayer of maiG com
The said action is brought to foreclose
a certain mortgage bearing date the 30th
day of August, IR8, and recorded in the
office of the county recorder of the coun.
ty of Lewis and Clarke, In the state of
Montana, in Book 1 of Mortgages, on
page ,77, executed by Elisabet Vawter
to Northwestern Guaranty Loan com
pany, to secure the payment of her
promissory note therein relited, for the
sum of $16s..i; said Elisabeth Vawter hay.
ing acted by and thronugh Cornellus L.
Vawter, her duly authorized attorney-in.
fat,. in the execution of said note and
mortgage; which said mortgage and the
note and obligation thereby secured, have
been duly assigned to the plainti, and it
is now the legal owner and holder thereof.
The real estate descrlbed in and con
veyed by said mortgae is all those tracts,
pl'ces and parcels of land, lying and be.
Ing in the county of lewis and Clarke,
andCerrltory (now state) of Montana, de
scribed as lots number eleven (Il) and
twelve (12), in block nutber thirty
three (331) In the towneite of Helena
county of Lewis and Clarke, Montana. as
said lots and block are dlsl~nated and
dsacribed upon the official plat of said
townsite of Helena. filed in the office of
the county recorder of said county of
Lewis and Clarke, each of said lots be.
Ing thirty (CO) feet front on th,* north side
of Itroadway, and one hundred feet deep,
Ikil icing the premises upon which is sit.
mit..,l that c.ertain brick building known
us the. lo,.r.hants' hotel.
Tlhl I 'rny'r 01 tfle riotyplaoiut 10 this ar
tl",n it oly of whl''h ha.- I u"n Nled with
tII.. I. rk if Ihls'Atirt for liti' 'Jefendmnt1,
axke Ihii Ilse gt .lntli hay.' Judgment
a gill nx I 1111 t1tlndant. i.:1ta,,b""th Vawter,
for s*;:a.t,. with Intermitut I h i* 'in from the
allh liy or AItKtIuI. MU11, ot the rate of
,ix u.-I, r, Ir. per Kitl111uir. r.. tI,11 (M
it tuuruuu P'"u-." for anuu, ar. ul Tot.
K, ,+i for al it, th o 'if thin null:
thu1 tt,' u'uiai tI-u ru'u- Iiuuuy nI,,. inmite for
,huitu"b" by liii- nhti'tt 1, iA~wlli turd
,I.l: u '' u, wly. of t hi' tiru1i u." deseuritui-u
iii11 1-t uIII v yuI·(' by t ub h ,III guugi'; that
t11' !r1,. eo...Is of Iiaui t111u ' iet pululIIe
In piuvrnu'it of the :niIuIt 'tle to the
II:tr.IIII, €,r Ihi' nt t' ' ti-u. ialowed by
t I Ii itt, iti and o al 'uuuuuutof thin Hull;
ii t Ille 1 tuenuhant '(Elh;.i t h \'awter,
uout itt tur rons tulmni. ! rough or
iui Lu, r uutiiiuir i ly I' I t I . e,'Ulton
ut u't al-l ortguutn-, I," fuut ur hairred anil
i ii''" ii'o'ut oII tallit'11'11, t11 iur equity of
,"ihutuy.1u Iuiyi n-ill I.re"1,1 " r,. :d that tthe
1crl. h~h lrf m ay hart' l. 'l.:)l lit land ·Q ru
fir aIly ti:tn. iit . I mI,,,v rmain tin.
milu afi.r yujitii,- the. 1. ru.. 01 little
U-u iito ri'uul li.
Al y' iii H ) o iereby l',I that if you
tfuil to ii ttioir and ult iihi' hi- Baid c'lui.
tifT vultt ntitiy to ili'ui t we t fo the relle4
uituluat'iedl ii ihi. oumid t~uiiitLi
lilvei iunder m' linit out the neal of
t he tlUi'it i rl (lut t o ih I'trnl Judicial
iltutri' 1 if( tiie hhtatu' (i \itu~iita~, In ant
fr.~ the, i-uijitt of L~e'wt utt la~rk.', thin
Hii'""t"1 '1 3 it Hefe 1,4 iI. i h-" year of our
I .in.r 1,n'. hiuuimuuit i1, ii hunidured andi
nlinut y -four.
tity ti .11.11' 1ti:ANf. Clerik.
I lyI ti.u t r. 'rl~ee tlu ".111u v c 'lark.
fiut orw tuui i.it I';rk.. ý' ",R, attorney
M u111BCU*N- LN IE
rs, Libig & Co.,
Th lull Da aIuletil
l3RM&M OFF-la 13 MAIN S
Free consultatlon gin to all persoes
suferin from Chronle D i.mn
of the ICy., ]ar. Nose, rot, i tomenu.th
Kidneys, Uriary Oransp , Nervous and
Private Affections. The rapidly aueg.
ing number of patients la Montana d.
mand grester facllite and ooomoda -
tions, to meut whloh Dre. LIebig "
have established ofmeo In this oity. They
will be in charge of a duly antho re -p
resentative, who will repot all compll
cated cases to the head . where a
complete record to kept o asI and.
the treatment adopted. Each braanh hayv
Ing its specialists, no one physician, and
not less than five experienced specialists
have a consultation on every cuase pr,
sented. Having thousands to refer to.
comparisons are radlly made. No expert
menting-simply applying the treatment
that has tImes without number proved
successful. This is the secret of their
success and the reason such marvelous
cures as heretofore reported have been
made after the best local physicians pro
nounced them hopelessuly ncurable.
MEN-Chroale alections, whether from
early Indiscretion. Venertal Excesses,
Seminal WLaknees, Loeo of Manhood,
Syphlllis and other affections unfitting
them for enjoying any of the pleasures of
life, treated and cured after absolute
failure by others. Drs. Liebig & Co.'s
reputation for their unparralelled success
in treating the Diseases of Men Is world
wide, and they have patients In all parts
of it.
WOMEN-Their specialist for affec
tions of Women has all the latest appli.
ances and remedies used in the principal
hospitals, and is without a superior on
the coast.
CATARRH-And kindred affections of
the Eye. Ear, Throat and Lungs success
fully treated, and in a manner so mildly
as to be acceptable to the most delicate
Braces for Spinal Deformities. Club
Feet, etc. manufactured. Satisfaction
Call early and avoid being hurried by
the large number of patients. Those who
cannot find it convenient to see the Eml
nent Specialists can state their cases by
letter. Careful attention given to corn
respondence and medicine and appliances
sent by express.
At Great salls on the 15th and 15th.
At Missoula on the Nth.
At Boseman on the Mth.
At Livingston on the ith.
Montana Division-1- Manl street. Helena.
Northern Division--8 ast Broadway,
Butte City. Montans.
Bouthern Division-13e South Main street.
Los An ele California.
Central Divlslon-30l to I0 West Ninth
street. Kansas City, Missouri.
Western Division- Geary street, San
Francisco California.
Eastern Divislon--10 Randolph street,
Chicago. illinois.
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e.d. &A........ Ca..s asww d .
I wM.l .... ...................... sm".e N
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I.ssiew 1kb »......... . en"IWs .
a. 4e.0:....................I. nS t IsS
LJ. asrbse ..................... esIM .. Iee
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s.w aseea C ..............1u arer.we
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an. Bis. .........................·... ···· Cull.
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W. B. Ana.i & Cs................ AL4rlyragt
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V. W. Wroboe..........o... ........ apelI
La. Walk's a...... .......Columbla FIl.
4. SL N~l~..IJ .....a..............W..oWolfC Cs
W. 1. Borir........... g ..i *Gm.... a..lt Vaitl
t ( akiae.........................Gnat plai
1. G. lBeddtg.................. ......Gnat Paw
Map.. & blJMas..... .... Ones Vral.e
tortml 3 ...........................Great Fallb
W. 3. Chamsbula ................. ..mt lUll
M.. lim .................. ..........m Wis
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do..up f prticularmaid "it.iidt (
lad m" l nu nn haviavlnr ?h 3baJ
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j4'or sale b)y 'Pops & O'Connor, Heslens,
blrpulnV "n c'
C ~ N1Ntt. tartrs ,, A H
a aus.M msde emd poesoe
ghsn I Caw.. lrd CO.. Ue ýw.
fUagu.'a sri~lMA/ Cu." ~s" I"
GO "laloo the own
That You LIk9 q ti
==UT- - BUT
Whe ei e wa ea gr Sae s o
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Tie Gria. TI.musiuetl loita
Pas.eiam Tiketed tb
New Tu. ' P"lUad.e1
L tal.al
AUM, Y AT mllNA.
o . litq w . " :Ub, p
DIPAisr r an ULISe..
P. IL ! tm !tea wrum m - hU mis *
.. m, smi wMtt, .ome..s M p".
e- "m an alCoe .. U t mf66Z
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No. 1 esepon aseeompanld by TEN,
CENTS. In sellr or r osege stamps we
wil sed A NY ONE DOOK to bo elesete
by voWelf from the Is priated below, by
mail postage irepal
IllimnlS t Bolk Cop 0io 1.
Tar Ca( s aid ome of these eoupeos
(go. 1) will entitle the hoMer to ox oos
from the list dives below.
Namber of Book W asted....................
ouar N me................... .................
Pol.tes. ........ ....... ..................
MNe.... Staest............ State................
N..Te orse a the Mashn. r lorese,
Nd. r-ArlrNmest. Ily .1. Mt asea Cobbea.
hao7-G-ulty or Net Glltr. By Amuada M.
e. - ph l fmoead's Hear. lp HoreMt
Ai Bef of Gleaville. By lrael4s
rg bu DrrloV Vausha . Noyeale, 8p Lus
.. -s--The Stort B o llCaeslt. Sr Miss
To say one who will send n TlHREl of
the No. 2 'oouwm0 naso'npanied by
TWENTY-FIVE CENTS In oliver or oelti
age stams we wall send any T'IRR
BOOKN to be selected by yourself from the
list printled above, by asat prostae prepad:
Indepicendt Boo00 Conpon No 2
Tw.wv.-Fivs 'n.t and iaass of thes
No. 2 coupoms will entitle the bolLer to
ram.s sooas from the list gives above.
Nos, of the These Melke W tel.............
Your Nam ....................................
PoteIm o. ........................ .........
No...... Street............ State ..............
Each book is well bound in mest ad at-I
treetive narer sever and CONTAIN. YROOM
PRICE 2. CEN I't You are thes eambleJ
to obtain them at one-third thair value.
The above eoupoms will he publabed In
every Irn6 of I a IeaDan DIas until fru
ther notice. By saving the copong from
cay to day yon cam soure the entire list of
books at une-tbirJ the prise you wosll
have to pay it purohainu ma say other
We make this liberal oer. whereby some
of the best works of eitton in the agllsha
language mar be seured by our seders for
the merses trife of espenu ; Ito orIJr to in
erease oor Osrcwamiton. Our p osent treo
er will greatly oblige Is by oitling the atr
teotion of their friends to the last that b
buoing THE INDEPENDENT Obthey a
rsereo the advataages of oar great book
der. Addner
Te Indopuedeat Hlenl , In.
Gat NortHiuu
' T.' PA MIt4M
I% bmuL i r Vssagm O~Ss d tha t"
" Mdp mso l hoI..4ObOUW s ~
urnsa . sash. It sb" d be iadswt
tsN the baba, eaps sad sam phlet wise pso
usee U sstissa sos. ad are wafth l
ushoas. 1 to Mme ,.sags. Thai wilt
pIro of qysh Istw~s. Is perses who msen
phase s W C Maft e the assthwsst, as Who
daswothe lbusmat.los alt fIaslwgt magle
shMll poses ..q6 aIt
Iapsuthint mwgwInVI pa ts tsta
Sols. sseal of thmou .abltsslattw hos" taue
rns.MIlsg am~tttha to pabls astool at the
egosapl1 of se mstisade al) b Iouwaso .s"
amp rf 1.IWM1. ad to Is rr tiw
for postng.
hbi uMlotlss Yoatalso ssmplts tine
oasi.,s saiss . te*ae fulset ma a ss asp
slof" seoakgabLs ioslak e (l t od 5500
elam mut-ser m., sits. bslerL tanitemssat
ti' aseds baro mst Paul to all plats esthe
live; a table uhowla thmktsq paltat wali
by steaum sq stwsp theubd ae itVes ad
sdmaaetlue LupostamI heinos sad tloh4
ssulatlssa sad' sh Iatssel daseslptlyg
malts. Is shaft. it iala hadsh .sl of dsaip
tsfsseaa Is. prnuow 5lw leals" theroyh
unlos onthtOsm orthosa to all plt of tad
mosthwst sad I sluit resel.
MAP FOLDER.-Sent free.
Thbe4al1seuthe regar U.im. bedl a
-lo map ut the country west of C(lego sab.
be. Les'* bemage sad tlket rseattlos. a
ethbe lawmatls of value to travelers
WEST.--ad 15 cents for
po.6- -.
(.estaem emplete maps . the Unltrd Btets,
Mlaseets, thle we Dakotas M.ansg t.- .wo
sad Weshiltom. shbowig p.llwei •ss Ja* I.L
1i. with ovegr Importat arrephlsr l sea
tepog·phiaedl fetoe ts eusht lewa to dat
ad pritad Is the highest style f the
map uesrAe art. LUturedtlag dsmrlptl~
hlLte!od ad stattl.iea laformatios appesm
with mho map
9Ooents for postage
Ti lamep the seatry west et Chia.go
and AU. Loeb. meuastel oea ellM er Ma I-shee
-em-lete im owe) p"rtlerue f.rom latest so.
sIal geose met detdl of the Ne.rwet,. both
sove and blow the telteroaSlatl bosadip
I"e fsom the Gsat Likes to lugit tlouaA;
eslegstl prials I sad used In *serp *ee mad
ihsek hae bess ehed for by beseoes to a1
pene of the setthwet. a I oples f, aew
hea.-ts Is the poeb.le seheesl of man tows
ad eldem
From Midland Lakes to
Western Oan.-Soend 10
cents for postage.
This attre. puabetblit es eas a
tS Netthweseue views elasip and ih a.eoy,
ebled from pdet.gea. b, .rsamstali mb.
leled. and ueemmsaled by drw Iptive matter
and .seerblette lentistL boestlmlIg pnted Is
colen. aItegtlethe rmlag e of the most ..s
ent tbeeks of the imdl ew udnedu. It I.s . al
to s bbee whleh sU fer a dellas or more sad
ematsla roW mask lem easear l laferuetes sad
sad beau.
oents postage bor ecoh.
A series ot Uhast. 4 gelet.l.am em 1la
st(s . tuh Dketas. I aam uad Wshlaon.*.
Tnete of the legos, blekey. slmau emri-I
-elturl, steel, ameds sad tIsbeesl ro
seorese ad peedets of mh of these lupapeor
-as teom I
BULLETINS-Send 4 oents_
postage fr the two.
Thus paMntmloas eutsal the pams and fek
laswet the wethwetema giates. nad vey mo a
lteretstls latermates labot setous kiads of
gems sa ish. ar 4 lealtick where feuad, with
YON- Send 60 oents eaoh.
These beautiful art releodootoless ot stullag
seeam In theLmomatians t Moatsaa agse W5
labe ,a si.s4 ad east Is large qsalttles 1.00
each. but re sed at half pries to latnades
them. rall e s.ekh will be sold to m eao
addreea lhe will also be shid Ia a chale
frme with ieasL at l.O eor ball psire, A
ornamemt to either . oe or parter sad do me
oeatala m advert eisa.
-Eend 2 cents for postag.
This pretty s lr eouta·ls tweatt-elx
views of Waehltaton ehibits at the World's
lai It eeeteY snt a cow to pist.
COUNTRY.-Sent fee.
This ematsme a large varlety of fart of later
eat to .ew cNlio. Inelu diaumme d shewl
the oImplhdty of lead esrve~s. a brief stateme
at sad lwas. Mi ma ap f thel Usited sa
TRY."-Send $1.6 ).
The Ouas tisNotbrar hi. sopeelip .res
with a lisg pmllshla heem for s a ditba o
jteddaed's rettleo of Aesrleam Views.
pearl is etesa prt. esash pat eeetcit
sisteem views at .tallas for l1e eats oer $1.
for the silsee parte blalte photographu o
these views easetL bed lfr moc 1! the
S.S usob. but he this pertfelle M0 magalien
attumi sad reeted seemes l* all parts of LAe
le ae to bhad har a mere ast miam t ss. p ad
pat will oata mtter and illustration
epeolelly added to give innered value t
m.rthwester5 sbroribsre or those interested i
the amrthwest. The parts will bo frnish
elarli or in whole oembers by ameat of t
ce . palnslay polat.
for ear .o the above publiostlons or laform
tion about rates or routes to the ..rthwest
l'aiS, C.at. add.sl
F. I. WHITNEY, G. P. & T. A..
at. Paul. Mien.
(Watlo this paper )
Electric Blasting Apparatu
ManuIatlred sad for aes by
Laftin & Rand Powder C
b oe5e4 OMm. Xe other
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