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24 and 26 94 •d 8l
South Main St Mouth Lin St.
TIEES WEI "..lllr L.'r.
With linings complete. The prices herewith given in.
clude eight yards of 30-inch Dress Goods and the following
findings: 750 PER SUIT,
6 yards best Kid Cambric. Ladies' Heavy Fleeced Jersey Ribbed Underwear in
2 yards good quality Silesia. ecru and silver grey, worth $z.5o,
z yard Linen Canvas.
I card Patent I looks and Eyes. ONLY 75o PER SUIT.
I set Ever Ready Dress Stays.
I pair Stockinet Dress Shields.
I piece Velvet Skirt Binding.
I spool Corticelli Silk. 81.GO PER I SU IT.
2 spools Button Iole Twist. Ladies' Natural Grey Wool Underwear. Always a
z spool Clark's O. N. T. Cotton. $2.50 leader. This week
Pattern complete plain Cashmere, all shades.......345 ONLY $1.60 PER BUIT.
Pattern complete Concord, changeable fancies, all thi week t Specil Sle
colors ............................... 3.85 We place on sale thia week at Special Sale;
Pattern complete All Wool Fancy :Mixtures ...... 65, 4I. Lot Ladies' Prince Albert Coats. A splendid value at $5.
Pattern complete All Wool Plaids, Stripes and Mi- $ .00 PE R SU IT.
tures ..................... .........'..6 ~.25 z Lot Ladies' Prinnce Albert Coats, much better, at $6.5o.
Ladies' Scarlet Medicated Flannel Underwear, all
Pattern complete in Tweed Mixtures ............. 5.45 Lot Ladies' Prince Albert Coats, excellent quality, at $7.50. wool, a ready seller at $3.oo, this week
Pattern complete in All Wool Duck Cloth, navy,
black, brown and myrtle.................... 6.85 Besides these three specials we offer a full line from $zo to $25. ONLY $2.00 PER SUIT.
Amoskeag Gingham........................... SC We are agents for the sale of the Universal Patterns,
Standard Calicoes .............................. 50 and carry the complete line always in stock. Patterns sent
Kid Cambric ................... Sc We carry a full lide of Infants' and Children's Cloaks, by mail on receipt of price. Send for the Universal Fashion
36-inch Butter Cloth ....................... Og which we are selling at very low prices. Call and see our line Monthly, mailed to any address free of charge.
Adriatic Bleached Canton Flannel ............... OC Album of Fashions, price 2oc, mailed free on receipt of
Comas Unbleached Canton Flannel .............. 1 OC price. This book contains 64 pages and has over z,ooo illus.
36-inch L. L. Sheeting ............... ........ 6C trations, comprising a completc assortmgnt of the leading
Extra Fine 36.inch Bleached Sheeting........... 8.C Godey's Ladies' Magazine on sale. Price zoc. styles, also of itandard garments.
24 and 26 South Main Street, Hele a. Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
Late News From Honolulu-A Mutiny at
San Franclso, Nov. 17.-The steamer
Australia, which arrived from Hono
lulu to-day, brings news of diplo
matic correspondence Indicating some
what strained relations between the
governments of Hawaii and Japan. It
is reported that Fiji, Japanese consul
general at Honolulu. sent a communi
cation to Foreign Minister Hatch com
plaining of a statement reported to
have been made by Thurston, Hawaiian
minister to the United States, in an in
terview published in an American news
paI;per. Thurston is charged with hav
Ing said it was the ien.ntion of his
gvernment to root out the Japa nes'.
and Chinese in Hawail. The Japanese
(consul g,.n,.r:li di.manled to know
wheth.lr the. iilnlwllal;n gov.lrnment en
dorsed th,' wrds of ldnist."r Thursto'n.
'n his r. ply l'rai. n MiIst.r ll:it'h p -
litcly d, li l t to r. c LnitZ. thI - aitil.lIn
tivity of thin rlIe*,I nl4. evwspip.r in
tlrvilw, lllil statlll. thl lt IIh liid nol t h,
Jieve Mitnist.tr Thint i n hIi tral di the
rs''rtionu attribut..l t.. him
be muchi Woi'le'i \ er Ith. larg, nmril('r
)f needy A.III'Ians who ar. floc'king
to Honllolulu In S."earh of remulrl.ritllv,
mlnploymn.nt, whailh Is not to Iie had,
Ind wahl thnrat'"n to L.ciOn., a publih
helr' 4 . " .r 2.(ill of this fhass are re
p-1r til to havlir nrri .1id during one week.
iurin, l ti ." r . nit trip of the steam
', in i ti:l r nI It\'v. ciol try to Ionolulu,
[11 .lt · Ill.l'. wl ' kl 'I Ib l II lr. 'unly
M ia th, r .I" tI* k li t k, , I', , " I o (' Ii,'
i) . · i , it· ( 11 i, I. ;11 l,.'1 11r1.1n!'1 Vila
i .<tt .\r 1.1 a rol r 1 "l u1. r u . I"
ta ll' ,'`; 1 \ l at h .\ 11l!1"' i"i" I"
i, rI I' I I i,. hl \ l I "} I I ;i.ill t i lr ' n I I"" * .
ll I. 1. I i i ml ii
I... 1 t - . ' 1 .I 1 . 1t II It I
i ', I II i I 1
I ' I I , I , i I
ii I' It ,III ' 111111
rlhi· Coat nn.1 lCIntIS V/ 11n.55, 5.
V' i, , .1 . .
1!.1 1 . " I
I'1. lE . .' 1 1 ' I ' I , 11. I " "I I I .
t II I E ., 1'E E...
I n ; I F- 1 i ' I In ' ' I,. l ,,
-Ilk -(11 W tj
I',, i\ E l m~n . I I I, .1'., .
I ll , 111 . i. I lb 1 11,1 ''. ,I I¶.
I'h," I7.. 111 '. 11~1 " ·I I, II.''' u + 1( ·l
F : ,"y w ' ·1 I I. 1 t'. 1' I $ . ; ··I ul
lukIJlA ' IlllE-4 J.er",'v- rl1lie(·,l tinir
wear, wily iM cents at lb.' 1:cu Ik li
So the Little Indians Set Finre to the School
House and Burned It.
The United States grand jury yes
terday handed into court an indictment
against Charles Burshla, Scott Top and
Leon Spotted Bull, full blooded Indian
boys, ranging from 14 years down to _
years of age. They are charged with
setting fire to and destroying the In
dian schoolhouse at Poplar River
agency, on the Fort Peck reservation,
on Sept. 23 last. The little fellows
didn't want to go to school. so they set
tire to the building. S. A. Balllet was
appointed to defend them. They will
plead to the Indictment Thursday next.
If convicted they will be sent to the
state reform school. Th . schoolhouse is
the third building burned by Indian
children at the agency.
Au inliictment was also returned
ngainst Whit hiight, a half-breed, for
th1, mur,,ur of l,'red J. Ilutler, a tele
graph operator. onPoplar River aKgency.
Itutltr gwas shirt Aug. 25 ;l.et, and died
aftrwarilds. The story if the shooting
hals i,,n t-il. Rnight will be arraigned,
on H ,Ire' dall ," y.
Another indictment was foutn
againnst IPatrik Ol'rien for selling
hliuer to Indlamrs. It takes the phi,,
,f the. ii. lunshe.l at the last termn.
'h I+ ()O|ltrn was foundl guilty on an
tllihr ildhtmnent, and afterwords
granted a new trial.
The State Cots its Scool Selections Away
From a Mineral Claimant.
Th ' I-".c II al ccfn-Ae is In receipt of
ttt w .."c js I cr ftnrn t Cc." Ic.,raI Inn.
I i "is tic. ci5'.-ic ýf lth." cctctc ci MccIi
t.;c r c nc . I'cticc ('i tý,- TiIl- Ictter flil-(
f-n cH'imlc. hi l I;; ccci crc s. I iccccou (cctinty
r VI. ecccic, cIt.airccnic it viancci Ui
ci i icl it c Ic V. icc 1cc .I 'lii' S." 1at.
c~r i "-I") " i L . % t ccs k';."f scixty cIaycc
Lý. sii c vh tcit ctrt.!4 cticuil
cl" I.." Ic.I I t r cc . Ilcia n II.. t..cck
.rc nrcc tic.n c'I, c*I cc cý;.. Icc ccrc.Iicc
ccc ci.. I Icc ccc. c - r it i .ac Il ti c
tic l * k . tic- '.'rticcrc
I'. icc I' icc \Vcxtcrcgci cc I. l l.. . ictrc. "1
I.t icc-k, i- ccl uicl1 t vtIch Owc tail
I i1 ccccc I'ii Ic\ c ~'c.T c i-." icc-i
IL I It.. c. ic c l vc cc. c t . c, Th..
nn i-c ..? tIc.- - Ill fili I.. cci cIII'
. I-. ItIrf)lJh:dlN l..1 'lION.
Rests With Legislators and not With Re.
ceivers or Directors.
I th . 1 \ \~ 7 I', . Int n I! II
I' I r , 'I h I l r l I' I. Ii ,, r Itul n,.'1 Ii,
, ,, . l ,I Irvin ,n, )1I rl1;+ "t, 'lll %%,i11t1 it,1
" h , , t I. ý.I , iln:. I L, h" + I h,nur + lllr I,
r I i ,lil. I n ,+ l, , 1 1,1 '' , In'tI I .i i, l q
, , 1 SI, , .Ii 1 , .i . , 1 1,I , Ih l' nll , Iii. l
I t IIrI, I,, I+ l- l u h i I "".. I l's ill .I r l ll il
I , e t i , i , l ti nvi I hl , th 11, , n
I , I .. "lu-' 1 li ill u r w.+. 11 1 It I,. ,l I. ,rnll
I I ' 1. 1i . I I II Ii '.' i i i i
Whln fll lh wne ul , we *.,r h.r rt'lnl.
N'Iliu Ali, WM ml 'II I li"'1 rr lnl fr 'asturi.
W.ir ll lil. s.eF I , +l ls e 'lung r s (St.orilt
Wh ash hil Cllrol,. si gave Lhe Call
W l,--- t o : a * il r
I h se f ~ i t d f t e a 1
New York, Nov. 17.-Bar slilver, e3%c.
Copper-Quiet; brokers' price, $2.50.
Lead steady; brokers' price, 1$.
The stock market was heavy during the
two hours of business to-day, and with
the exception of a slight rally around II
o'clock prices steadily declined. G(rangers
were among the weakest shares on the
Government bonds-Steady.
Ietroleum-Steady; December closed
8~%s bid.
IT. 8. 5s, reg., 117%; U. 5. 5., coupon, 117%;
1'. S. 4s, reg., 114; U. 8. 4s, cope·.p 114; Pa
clfic is, 101; Atchison, 5%; .6% a Express,
140; American Express, It! aelda Pa
rific, 0%.: Central Pacific, ,9 irlington,
73%:; Oreat Nor hern, pre .ttd, 101; Kan
sas & Texas, preferred, L.t Lke Bhore,
136; Lead Trust, 41%; N n ('entral,
99; Missouri Pacific. 2, .R 'i . ('ordage,
9T' I'. S. Cordage, preferred, 17s: North
American, 4%1; Northern ' P'aifl,. 44;
Northern Pacific, preferred, ITi; North
western. 100%; Northwesterp, prseferred,
145.; New York Central. 991; Pacific Mail,
2.2; Pullman, 157; Rock Island, ,0.s; St
Paul, 90%; St. Paul, preferred, 120; South
ern Pacific. 19; Bugar, 37%; U'nion Pacific,
12; 1'. S. Express, 42; Wells Fargo, 105;
Western Union, 87%; General Electric, 35%;
linseed, 20.
Money, easy at one per cent; sterling
exchange, quiet, at $4.7%4 for demand, and
$1.86t1 for sixty day bills.
('hicago, Nov. 17.-Hogs-Receipts, 32,000
head; quality only fair; market active and
strong under good demand from both
shippers and packers; price Sc hligher on
better grades. Sales range $1U44.50 for
light; 14.1r544.41) for rough packing; 4.154
4.75 for mixed; $4.4f544.90 for heavy pack
ing and shipping lots, and 12.401(4.25 for
('attle-Receilpts, 4,000 head; qulet and
firm st unchanged prices; $1.27',4 40 for In
ferior to extra natives; $1.75,'4.75 for west
erns, and $1.3Wa3.40 for Texans.
Mheep-Hecelpts, 7,1)1 head; there was a
quiet andI nominally ilnehandgel imarket ý
T7",uS$3 for Inferior to cholet, . ,h,.,. and
$1.:M943.slu for lambs. This week'a arrivals
fobt lup about 94,500 heat.
I'htnga. Nov. 17.-Wheat-Nov., 5f%c;
torn - Nov.., 51%r; Dle.. ,','.
lI~ ts Nov , 2 Vr hil; I,' s 9,,.
I',rk Nov . $12 55; J.an., $1f ., id.
I.ar Nov , $7 r 2, S c., $7 :',
I:t,.s Nov.. K4 35. Jan., 3$ 3.
Itarle. : ,.
VI.) n wo I $1 44 b, l.
Tios thly .$,5 .
Excursion Rates to California.
Tii" NT thrn Iilacif rmllrli. ''I ha
I, ('alrjif(r i i points, tan f,.tlu
11,Iait t.. San IFa ran II-. :InII rq'turn.
Rin',gK *.it Sjklfla. lTaitil-e: I.n I Port
'I' il JII 'raIIr('iIq(,. gIlir; vIt ' S kane.
'I' I. t.uai Anaaln, sIntl' ,., Nrlokanp,
'1'n. nsal stid I'urtlamn fit. t , g Han
l7d11' 1 is Iii slasti dlirectin ,il,. oI. ging
I at itti.ta;, $M9
'I', 1."x Anageles. gsuing vi', S;iskane,
''rurnaa I'mt Haitd wa ld Hti. I' Istm
atimI asi aranitrg via Haj"iaitil iti' ,id (1g.
'ir k.Is ailrlt IlniltaI is s -I' I.'lyn for
K"InK pavrrr~ng."l 9 011 in i- I,,, ,t tinyl n
tins, tvialai final lnamit ui *,: t jnisthag
ufita datii .r ia~sia."
'Ih'l, as'''nsry Vitt tin Nsrti,.9n l'neifla
I'Ie4tntu's1.'ii g. Ia tnIK"II ",t i..W of
i.iiaiiI Stiasiat frnuri 1"iS' I ..,t,,, ,arM.
FIor furtha'r Iniir lfltornsuii i I pno car
renervutlis, eltc.. call .u,"-r 9 lr ens
A. II t.nAt
(is.n"rrl Ageait. II. I ra ; Mont.
Bought War Ships.
Mexlts', ('Icy Noie. I; I:1l ITmO
wlatiH that III- gm'., I hI,, II has
tisiugttI a at a tt i..ItM mt Iii ; , . 1 1i t, :alsa) M
Mas''1ias'1i-5lta mi-olne"r. 'iii a ý'mn ntnnnt
will *as1n ('all. ('awt'ril IItII.I 'I a rthrad
ona itrllimia tin' nalslrqlsar. 1{.r1" inIt i con
nietla allrwill rii v h aivy saisti m view
of the thlaaatail ntid war' with u.al. malaj
Ors. Liebig& Co.,
The Worll Renoune 8pecialistL
Free consultation given to all persons
uffering from Chronic Diseases Disease
of the Eye, Ear. Nose, Throat. htomach
Kidneys, Urinary Organs. Nervous and
Private Aff.etions. The rapidly increas
Ing number of patients in Montana de
mand greater facilltes and accommoda
tions, to meet which Drs. Liebig & Co.
have established offices in this city. They
will be In charge of a duly authorised rep
resentatlve, who will report all compli
cated cases to the head office. where a
complete record is kept of all cases and
the treatment adopted. Etch branch hav
ing its specialists, no one physician, and
not less than five experienced specialists
have a consultation on every case pre
sented. Having thousands to refer to,
comparisons are radily made. No expert
menting-ilmply applying the treatment
that has times without number proved
successful. This is the secret of their
success and the reason such marvelous
cures as heretofore reported have been
made after the best local physicians pro
nounced them hopelessly incurable.
MI'N--'hronle affection.. whether frorp
early Indiscretion, Veneerial Excesses.
Seminal Weakness, .ess of Manhood.
Byphillls and other affections unfitting
them for enjoying any of the pleasures of
life, treated and cured after absolute
falulre by others. D)rs. LIeblg & Co.'s
reputation for their unparralelled success
in treating the Diseases of Men is world
wide, and they have patients in all parts
of It.
WOMEI N- Their speciallet for affecr
tionu of Womun has all the latent appli
allaces alnIl rClnlelis used in the' prinlipal
hospitals, and is without a superior on
the eoast.
I'ATAlItltH-And kindred affections of
the Ey., Eaur. Throat and Lunge success
fully Ire.ateld, alld tn a man.lcer so i|nliiy
as to be acceptable to the must delicate
IIra(.-s for Spinal l)eformitles. ('luh
IFet, etc'., manufactured. Batlefactlon
gui ranIee, I.
c'all e.arly eandi avoid beingll hurried by
the- large- inieir of lpatiets. Those who
rtnnn t Ilind it oenvnll ent to see the l ic -
ellEnt Ipe lrlliets 'irn statei their cases by
letter. (Careltful alttelntion given to cor.
respclondlle'c,'el acl llmedhicine and appliances
sent by expres-s.
At tirecat Ialls on the 15th and 16th.
At lls ciilit on the 2i.i h.
At Iltornlilan on the 25th.
At I.Ivinastoc ono the 29th.
Montana Diivislon-13 Main streetl, lelena.
Noert-hern Iilvsllon- JI East Blroadway,
Itutt ,.c 'ity, Mcitaina.
Honltilercl I Ivlsion 123 SRnith Main street,
lO. AIge'Iles, c'aliltoicla.
('entral I.vivlion--:M1l to 307? 'ent Ninth
IstrPi, Ki lrana clIly, Mllnsoulrl
ec',csth I tld ln 4r , i t! esary street, 1Han1
li ' lc I s ti , 'nltioernila.
Easltern r l I. Inl, - 104 Itandolph strepet,
4'hlh jigo. Jll clnIls.
tluuI of a fu oluuns ,rel, y pkynkIIwl, wilt lllukll~ll ru J I 0011No
\ uuwl or dlw"0. 1 h Ih," aenrrnulr* .rr"osl such a Inr( Yas wwd.
lns~mlA14duln " #."kvp~hwl CUJWmwNervou~s I/eblllyIt
YbPlnrrl r y Irllnee 1", Mrry, Lahrueuua lyrllus Vwrrwrrl. a~
((( oustU) n.. I t wopn aI I.*sM br 3 or mfL 9p. levt s qub·kk
u. ss n (,I dlwrhwlr. w bleb I f , n{ rberkelkI tLo Mpenrnstnrrlv. and
SEFoREc ASS AFTER eIIlhwh,,,trsflmqtIpr~teaf.?(M.E ffmmrnpI~aurgIb.UIh,rUs
k 'Pl a" r wh* nd the urlnmry ntgane eI a 0 Irll puna.
T)II IDr~l*I lrs lr Insl h 1I;. r I restores an uu aln0l w eak n rLd rfl
Thw."aun ~ul",e, we st rraAby ~w"11r I« '.~um. ninety per rent anr oghiad .41h
preatwtI1II. sI1'1TIKN k U tb. numIly known remudl to rurwlltmno ani oU..tlaa. Ue I sI.ýMII
0 L A ,rltt,,, tumrenl..eriven and mon.e relnrnrU Ir SI bel e i.... rnot .fwIet 0 per u t u
Ifabom,.Ix *r1.l Si ., byii .e,if,r ptrr ...It. .,re..I O 1,05..k
Mdrem DA VOL 2I*
-* Pope & O'Connor. Drugiaita, Ilelen, Montau"
William H. Ewing, plaintiff, vs. Ellef El
lefsen, Thea B. Eliefson, Cha. W. Can
non, John T. Murphy, trustee, defendants.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of foreclosure and sale Issued
out of the district court of the First Ju
dicial district of the state of Montana, in
and for the county of Lewis and Clarke,
on the 11th day of November, A. D. 1834,
In the above entitled action, wherein Wil
liam H. Ewing, the above named plain
tiff, obtalned a judgment and decree of
foreclosure and sale against ELlef Ellef
son, Thea S. Ellefson. Chas. W. Cannon.
and John T. Murphy, trustee, defendants,
on the 14th day of November, A. D. 184.
for the sum of $1,82. besides Interest, costs
and attorney's fees, which said decree
was, on the 14th day of November, A. D.
1184, recorded in judgment book No. J of
said court, at page - I am commanded
to sell all those certain lots, pieces or par
cels of land situate, lying and being in
the county of Lewis and Clarke. state of
Montana, and bounded and described as
follows, to-wit: lots numbered thirteen
(13), fourteen (14), and sixteen (18), in block
numbered five hundred and twenty-three
(523), as said lots and blocks are numbered,
designated and described on the plat of
the Easterly addition on file In the of.
flee of the county recorder of said county
of Lewis and Clarke. Together with all
and singular the tenements, heredita
ments and appurtenances thereunto be
longing or in any wise appertaining.
Public notice is hereby given that on Fri.
day, the 7th day of December, A. I). 18i4,
at 12 o'clock m. of that day, at the front
door of the court house, Helena, Lewis
and Clarke county. Montana, I will,.n obe
dience to said order of sale and decree
of foreclosure and sale, sell the above de
scribed property, or so much thereof as
may be necessary, to satisfy said judg
ment, with interest and costs, to the high
est and best bidder, for cash In hand.
(;iven under my hand, this 11th day of
November. A. D. 104.
CHAHIER 1t. CU'RTIS. Sheriff.
Ily FRED E. Il)OR, Under Sheriff.
F. E. Stranahan. plaintiff's attorney.
No. XIEa.
I'. H. Land Office, Helena, Mont.. Nov.
12, 1194.
Notice is hereby given that Charles II.
lHenton, Jacob Grob and Martin Hogan.
all of Clancy. Montana, have this day filed
sppllation for patent, under the mining
laws of congress for the Hloodo lode claim,
designated as survey No. 4,.34, situated In
--- iunnorgantlel mining district. Jefferson
colunty, Montana, in sections 32 and 3.1.
tolns ihipl 9 north, range 3 west, which
Ilaim is r.corded in the office of the re
. orler of Jefferson county, at Boulder.
11onlliil., and describted as follows: Bald
survey Ni 4,"M4 teginnirng ait corner No. I,
frIoml which south west corner of section
:., twllship 9 It notth, range 3 west, hearsl
routh i l t l..grees. 29 ani lll Utes' Wi ,qt 9(t.4 feet;
thene soulth 79 degrees, 57 minutell west
12 feet, thien..' north 6 dlegrees, 39 min
ute * east I ;i feet; thence north 34 .legIt,' N,
211 minutlnl ll eu 'st 3.i). feet; thener youthlt'
Mt d(IrI'I,. It minutes east 1,i.: feel;
I he,.l souuth it degrees. 39 tnoio
ult. W. %t 449 feet; thence north 09
dlegur*e. !.2 ntlnlllute West I.:9l feet; thence
Ilnorth I ldegrre. 2 lllinutel went 74 feet to
colincer Noi I. thle i lace of hbeinning. emnl
hreing, 17. . al'res, lupon weecch a notiJe
of Maid meel-' titlon was posted the 6th day
rof NIvuenlhier, IN94. Thrie only known ad
Joilnil.g eliim to these premises is the Hitl.
IIIn Suinlgitah extension lode, unsurveyedl,
on tle *,eItl IlWerst.
W. c. f'rX, Iv. lt l1s tr.
I hl.' of fIrst publication, Nov. 1, 16194.
Homeand Foreign Investment aid Ages.
cy company (limited), plaintiff, vs. George
H. Pew, Mary J. Pew, John Wilson and
Robert M. Leslle. defendants.
U'nder and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of foreclosure and sale Issu·.d
out of the district court of the First judi
clal district of the state of Montana, in
and for the county of LeWIs and'Clarke,
on the 14th day of November, A. 1D. 1894,
in the above entitled action, wherein the
Home and Foreign Investment and Agency
company (limited), the above named plain
tiff, obtained a judgment and decree of
foreclosure and sale against George H.
Pew, Mary J. Pew, et al., defendants, on
the 14th day of November, A. D. 1114, for
the sum of 1,10.79, besides Interest, costs
and attorneys' fees, which said decree
was, on the 14th day of November, A. I).
118, recorded in judgment book No. J. of
amid court, at page -, I am command.
ed to sell all those certain lots, pieces and
parcels of land, situate, lying and being in
the county of Lewis and Clarke, state of
Montana. and bounded and described as
follows, to-wit: The east ten (10) feet of
lot No. five (5), and the west twenty (~)
feet of lot number six (6), in block num
bered one hundred and eight (108). in
Northern Pacifle Second addition to the
city of Helena. Montana, the said tract of
land having a frontage of thirty (.n) f.'et,
and a depth of one hundred and forty (140)
feet according to and as described upon
the official plat of the said named addl.
tion which plat is now on file in the man.
ner provided by law in the office of the
county recorder of the said county of
Iewis and Clarke. Together with all andl
singular the tenements, hereditaments
and appurtenances thereunto belonging or
in anywise appertaining.
Public notice is hereby given that on
Thursday, the 6th day of December, A. )D.
1894, at 12 o'clock m. of that dlay, at the
front door of the court house, Helens.
Lewis and Clarke county. Montana. I will,
In obedience to said order of sale and de.
cree of foreclosure and sale, sell the above
dencribed property, or so much thereof an
may be necessary to satisfy said judg
ment, with interest and oests, to the high
est and best bidder, for cash in hand.
Given under my hand this 14th day of
November, A. D. 1894.
1y PRPID E. 11OB., Under Sheriff.
M.('onnell, Clayberg & 'lunn, plaintiff's
In the dlstrlct court of the Flrst Judicial
dlntrlit of the state of Montana, In and
for the county of L|ewis aindI Clarke.
IAnl)sa Illlanchalrd, plaintiff, vs. Shlne'y
8. Illanchard, defendant.
The state of Montana sends greetlnK to
the above' nallmed defendaint:
You are' hereby requlired to appear In
an action brought agailns t you by the.
ablove nalmedl plaintiff In the district court
of the Firset judlital dllNtrit of the eItal
of Montana, In and for the county of LewiH
al t'larke. anil to nllllwe'r the, c'omtpl)int
filed thcireln,withl n te'n tleya (exclhlsive' ef
the day of servIce') after the service on
you of thlns ummons. If Po'rvced within
this county; or, if served out of thin coun
ty. but tºlthtin this district, within Iwen'ty
clays; otherwise, within forty dlays. ,cr
lludgment by cdefa ult will be taken agtcnlltt
you acco'rditng to the' prayer of said coml.
plalin. The said actlon In brought to cI
ltain ai dlecree of thin court dleuolvinrg ith
hotlci of matrimony existing between lthe
pilnltlliff iand the defeIlndant,. upon thl.
grotundl of cdesertlon of thln plaintiff hy theI'
saIl defendlant ervr slnne tlth Ielt Iday of
Octobler. 1O91, and awardllng thei' citlcily iof
(Ihe three minor chlldr'en to Ihic plaintllff.
Anlt you eare hereby notifledi that If yo(t
fail to alppear eand ans'wer the slit iolli
Iplaint, as albove requilred, the stlll phillin
tiff will apply Io the couillrt fur the' relief
ldemanlded In the complalint.
ivellln ulndejr tniy hand and ithe eal of
hlle dllstril cIurt of tlhe il'lrst julldlcl citn
Irit of the state of Mollntala. in andI for
the county of Lewin and I'larke, ths ire th
lday of Nuvember, in the year of our
Ieordl, one thousand, eight hlundred and
JOHN Iti AN. I'lerk.
tty (I. (), FVIhIIEMAN. Deputy C'lerk.
Walsh & Newmann, attorneys for plala.

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