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Thanksgiving is near at hand
and will undoubtedly be more
generally observed by everybody
in Helena than ever before: We
have a great many things to be
thankful for, but perhaps noth
ing that will demand such gen
eral observance as our recent
victory in the capital light. In
order to justly celebrate nothing
should be overlooked in the way
of table delicacies. Certainly the
turkey will play an important
part with you and your friends
gathered round the festive board.
But another thing that we wish
to remind you of and that you
should not forget to provide for
is the proper supply of Wines
which will be needed to properly
celebrate and whch will also add
to the tone and increase the ap.
preciation of everybody's hospi.
tality. By giving us your order
we can make this prt a most
inexpensive addition. Prices
speak for themselves, and highest
grade of quality of goods every
body acknowledges.
At 7sc a gallon and upwards.
At $t.So a gallon and upwards,
according to brand and vintage.
Domestiac and imported
All brands and sizes of pack
ages. A trial order especially
Wine House.
AUGUST FACO, Proprietor.
Telephone lo. 291 46 8.ll 8ISt
NEW YORK--~1 Sixth KA.
NELENA-S1xth and Main.
Four thousand square feet of
floor space in the new store will
be devoted to Dolls, Toys and
Holiday Goods. No such quan
tity of these goods has ever been
displayed in Montana before.
The stock is absolutely complete
n every line-- was especially
elected with reference to the
eeds of Montana people-was
ought direct from European and
merican factories-and will he
old at lower prices than even we
ave ever named before for sim
'ar goods.
The Dry Goods department
cupying the remaining 2,ooo
quare feet of the store-will be
n the future one of the leading
eatures of our business. We
ill have at all times the newest
oods to be obtained in the mar
et-anticipating any other con
era in styles--and the prices
ill be our sort of prices.
The Last Messae of Robert Coulter Before
He Made His ilit From This
When Tired of It Hi Went to Another Cabin
and Killed Himself With a
Robert Coulter, who had been living
the lift of a recluse for the past fiftern
or Ilxtefn years on the head waters of
Sun river, in l1wis and Clarke county,
committed suicide the latter part of
last week i)y sending a bullet from his
own rifle through his body.
Coulter wrote two notes, one stating
that he would be back in a few days
and not to worry about him; and the
other asking some kind person to take
the money in his pocketbook and take
care of his cat. These he left in his
cabin. Rolling up him bedding, he car
ried it to another cabin about a quarter
of a mile distant. There he made his
bed on the floor, and perfected the ar
rangements for his exit from this world.
Driving a wire nail Into the end of a
stick about three and a half feet long
was part of the arrangement. He
loaded hie rifle, lay down on his bed
ding, and Imbedded the stock of the
weapon, already cocked, in the ground.
He placed the nail against the trigler,
gave a slight push and ended his life.
Coulter was an ex-union soldier, but
what state he hailed from or what regi
ment he served in is not known, as he
kept very much to himself and rarely
talked with any one.
Justice T. 0. Woods, of Augusta, held
an inquest. The jury brought In a ver
dict of sulclde while temporarily In
Those of the Tenth Cavalry Changed From
Custer to Aainabolne.
Col. J. K. Mincer, accompanied by his
regimental staff and band, will arrive
here this morning from Fort Custer. on
the west bound Northern Placific ex
press, and take the Great Northern train
for' Fort Assiniboine. Col. Minser is
the commanding oficer of the Tenth
cavalry, and his headquarters have
been at Fort Custer. They have now
been transferred to Assinlboine, where
three troops of the Tenth are already
stationed. Col. Minser will hale with
him the regimental adjutant and quar
termuaster and some non-commissioned
ollffers. If the members of the band
have not packed their instruments away
in order to transport them, It is possible
that the people of Helena may be fa
v6red with a fine oncert sometime be
tween the arrival et the Northern Pa
cific train and the departure of the
Great Northern.
The Eleventh SemI.Anaawl Caivewnton to
egin To-day.
The eleventh semi-annual session of the
Lewis and Clarke county lunday school
convention will be held in the Congrega
tIonal church to-day and to-morrow, af
ternoon and evening. The programme
for to-day will be as follows:
1:0 p. m.-Devotional meeting led by
Mrs. Nettle Phillips.
1i6 p. m.--''hbq agiih Bible, Its Vor
sone. John W. Wade.
!A6 p. m.-How to Read and Study the
Bible, 3. Sharpe.
136 p. m.-Graded Sunday School, Peter
Open discussion.
4a0 p. m.-Adjournment.
7:0 p. m.-Devotional meeting led by
Rev. Thomas Cooper, LL. D.
7:46 p. m.-Normal Iessons on the Ufe
of Christ, Rev. W. S. Bell.
:o p. m.--Adjournment.
Normal Leeson-"Bible Perspective."
Dress patterns at the Bee Hive cheaper
than ever.
Change of ears and waiting at junction
points for through trains constitute one
of the chief annoyanese of paseener
travel, hence the popularity of the North
ern Paciic, which runs through care, and
through trains, direct to St. Paul, Minse
apolls. Spokaneg Tacoma and Portland,
without change.
Union Palfht $yltem.
Overland train leaves Helen at T: a.
nm. daily for Ialt Lake, Denver, Portland,
San Francisco, Omaha, Kansas City, it.
Louis Chicago and all eastern polnts.
Overland train arrives at Helena at 6:10
p. m. daily; through Pullman and colon
ist sleeping cars; elegant chair and din
Ing cars.
For further information, maps, folders,
rates, etc., call on or address
H. O. Wilson, F. & P. A.
Helena, Mont.
Do not overlook the opportunity of en.
curing a fine suit or overcoat while the
cutter from the M. J. Connell company,
of Butte, is remaining at The Helena
The Bee Hive leads In low prices Give
them a call.
Only Two Days More.
Please call Monday and Tuesday at The
Helena to select your suit and overcoat
from samples and stock of the Ni. J. Con
nell Co.. Butte. Henry Nelson, the cutter.
Is here to take your orlers. • We live you
a try on and guarantee satisfaction at
less than eastern prices for same class of
The Bee Hlve will continue their bar
gain sale on blankets for this week only.
Call and see them.
Buy the Universal paper paterns. They
are the best.
A Delightful Trip.
Via Salt Lake and Denver to Chicago
and the east. A dip In the great Salt
Lake or a few days' visit at Manitou
Springs, situated at the foot of 'ike's
I',iak, cannot be equaled on this conti
'Pullman dining car route. For rates,
etc.. call at the Union Pacific office, No.
3 North Main street, Helena.
H. O. Wilson,
Passenger Agent.
You can buy a dress pattern at the Bee
Hive with linings Included as cheap as
the price of cloth.
aMr. Henry Nelson, cutter of the tailor
Ing department from the Mi. J. Connell
company, of Butte. is now at The Helena
hotel with a full line of samples of Import
ed cloths and will show the finest line of
goods for men's suits and overcoats In the
west for the nest few days.
Ilaby carriages at closing prices at the
Bee Hive.
Vestibule Trains.
Winter blasts of rain and sleet have no
terrors for travelers using the transcon.
tinental trains of the Northern Pacifl,.
Their passenger, sleeping and dining cars
are vestibuled.
Dust is one of the chief annoyances of
a transcontinental trip, but the Great
Northern is entirely free from It; the
roadway is stone ballast.
The discomfort of dust in a railway
Journey makes It to be dreaded, but it
you travel via the Great Northern you
save this annoyance. Its roadbed is rook
ballast, and It has no sand deserts along
its line. It Is free from dust.
Subje PtiIg ~l m it to C oissuwed
at St. Leis.
St. Louis, Nov. 1t.-Arrangements
have been practleSlly oompleted for the
Tranmamasisslppl congres, which will
meet here on the 1th Instant, to dis
use all questions which may affect the
Interest of the people la the territory
lying west of the Mllssisippl river, and
which may Ie the subject of legislation
by United Mtates congrees and to ex
press It through resolution and sentl
nlu.nt ,of the western people. It will
also endeavor to take such steps for
the, prsentetioln of these questlions to,
that body an will command Its atten
lton end actieln.
While any such question may prop
erly by brought forward for discussion,
amonllg thlose' prominent are: The re
mlnetlnitilon of slilver, Irrigation of arid
uand othe·r lands, the disposition of In
dian and publlr lands, Nicaragua canal,
additional bankrulpt'y law, improv
Imeont of weste'rn rivers and harbolrs,
anti-option legilation, mlning laws,
and the admission of territories to
Three evening sessions have already
been arranged for and the subjects will
he: Monday, "Irrigation," speaker,
H~,. Elwood Mead, president orf the,
National Irrigation congress and state
engineer of Wyoming; Hon. Wm. M.
Hmythe, chairman of the executive
committee of the National Irrigation
congress, and editor of the Irrigation
Age; Hon. J. R. Merry, of lawrence,
Kan., and F. H. Newell, of the United
Htates geological survey. Tuesday,
"Nicaraguan Canal," Prof. Courtney
De Kalb, of the school of mines of the
University of 'Missouri, and Capt. W.
W. Merry, of Ban Francisco; "Recipro
city of Trade," Ex-Gov. Stanard, of
Missourl; "Our Relations With Ha
wall," Hugh Craig, of 1an Francisco.
Wednesday, "Remonetluatlon of Sl1
ver," Ex-Gov. Prince, of New Mexico;
Col. George E. Ieighton, of St. Louis;
Hon. Thomas M. Patterson, of Col
orado, and editor of the Rocky Moun
taln News; and Ex-Gov. George T. An
thony, of Kansas.
Made in the Little Alma Mine in the Lump
Guloh Distriot.
Another rich ore body has Just been
discovered In the Little Alma mine, in
Lump Gulch. It was found on the 106
foot level, about ninety feet west of the
shaft. It is fifteen Inches wide, solid
ore, and has an assay value of over 500
ounces of sliver to the ton. The Little
Alma Is one of the claims belonging to
the Alma and Virginia oonsoldated com
pany, of which Dr. T. H. Pleasants Is
president and Dr. Wm. Treecy, secre
tary and treasurer.
All the claims in Lump Oulch which
showed at all promising neat the sur
face, and on which any considerable
development has been done, have turned
out handsomely, and there is scarcely
any doubt but what the district will de
velop some wonderfully rich mines in
the near future.
The Little Alma is certainly testined
to become one of the record breakers,
from present indications.
The executive committee of the Wo
men's Helena for the Capital club will
Mbeet on Tuesday, the 30th, at 10:30, at the
rooms of Mrs. W. G. Bailey, Bailey block.
Mrs. R. iU Fslk. eeretary.
The A. 0. H. P. to Entbrtan.
At a joint meeting of Washington and
Monroe councils of the A. O. H. P., held
last Thursday evening, it was voted to
give tour free literary and sociable en
tertainments, on four successive Friday
evenings: Nov. 20, Dec. 7, 14, and I1, at
Hanford & Evans .hall. At each enter
tainment vocal and instrumental music
and recitations, accompanied by ad
dresses by prominent members of the
order, will be presented, and each will
conclude with dancing. Admission will
be by tickets only, and they may be ob
tained of members of either council after
Thursday, Nov. 32. It Is the intention
of the managers of this local order to
push its claims for recognition vigor
ously, and as it is the only fraternal
beneficiary society having its national
headquarters in this city or state, the
people manifest a disposition to foster
and encourage it. The A. O. H. P. is
now over sixteen months old, and has
had but two deaths among its female
members, and none of its male members
have died during its existence; a re
arkable record for that lensth of time,
asd showing the care eterolsed in the
a0isslon of members.
go to the Bee Hive for hoeley and us
Popular priced cloaks at the .ee Hive.
O. G. Cooper, of Great Falls, is in town.
M. Silverman, of Butte, is in the city.
J I). Leys. a well known business man
of Ilutte. Is at The Helena.
It is reported around town that Hon. Con
Kohrs, the leading west side candidate
for the senate, will soon open headquarters
In this city.
The government weather prophet at
Washington made a very bad guess at
Montana's weather for yesterday. In.
stead of a fall of twenty degrees as pre.
dicted, the day started in fairly warm and
the thermometer kept rising as the day
A New Line
Of white china, for decorating, Just re
delved. New goods and qnw prices.
F. J. Edwards, 8 and 10 Park avenue.
Arrivals at the Grand Central.
M. M. Wheeler, St. Paul; T. E. Brad
bury, Billings; W. E. Tripp, Missoula;
Mrs. M. Altner. Helena; Frank Staplln,
Sun River; W. Pyeatt, Sun River; C. L..
Johnson, Cascade; Robt. ('oburn. White
Sulphur; O. G. Cooper, Great Palls; W'. E.
McCormick, Spokane; Daniel Dickens,
Ro'k Springs. Wyo.; R. C. Pennington,
Butte; Jack Sale, Butte; Hal liergh,
Helena; J. A. McIntosh, New York.
Arrivals at The Helens.
F. V. Hurley, St. Paul; J. II. Waite,
Miss Bishop. James I). I.eys, A. HI. M,'
Anuity. hi. Sllverman. lttte;: (). A. Tlh
hilts. Winnstor; Jno, J. Itoggen. Tacomna;
Roy E. Smith, San Francisco; K. L.. Itasi
win. San l nnt lts., N. T. lioter, tireint
Falls: tllfo. Mlllrphy, 11ilm .1. MchwnI,. I'.
W. I'itts ind wife. Helena; It. S. Murray.
Sal It.akc C'It.: A. N. tiray, Salt Lake
City; I. C. Sutphen*. St. I'Paul.
l'ark's Ten tlear, the complexion. Mrs.
N. Meyette. of Le Itoy. N. Y., says: "I
have usedl I'Lrk's Tle and find it the best
retpiy I have ever tried." Sold by Par
clhin D'Acheul Drug 'o.
Only Two Days Moro.
I'leane aill Monday and Tuesldary t The
Helena to seleet your Blll and nl erg.n.it
from samplem an d stock of the M I. .1 I' I
nell I'o., lButte. Henry Nelaun, the ullltter,
ls here to take youl orlders. We give you
a try on and gKuIaniilll' attaIfaction at
less than eastern price for anime clais of
The hbet dollar underwear in the clty
for ladies at the len Itllv*.
eo to the lee Illve for bargains In dry
In a transcontinental journey nothing
can keep ollt of the 'ars the voh'anlo tsh
or alkll dulst talsedl by the whirl of the
plasing traitl lut the lieat Northern Ia
entirely free from this annuyance; it
runs through no sand deserts and Its
roadbed is rock ballasted.
The Ite live will selll ladles' natural
grey wool underwear at $1.0 ipr suit
this week, worth 3.10.
Ladles' fleered Jersey ribbed under.
wear, only SO cent at the Bee Mlve.
Is all right when it is
made right. In order
to please our trade we
make our pork sausage
of pork. We don't
mix in bytf scraps, fill
ing the casings with
water and wind to make
them weigh, and call
them Pork Sausage.
Our Sausage or any of
our meats is to eat the
finest in this market.
You get your meats
served in better shape
of us than anybody else
in the city.
('. II. AUTIIIER & ('0.
Telephone 116.
6- -6f
YourBaby's llea1
Is often chaued to illan. by as aeolena
l ai n op late at 1eah end ois st l
* *ee it hs no ora"rto I hn tood.
a 0olls [email protected], WITHn atEL.
Parche-D'Achel Dra Co.
Oppenheimer & Asch.
Anlrad ALL Klhde u,
Friltaro, lolseiohl I Good,
Usrae.. 1 inonq 'nd oud. of eMI d£erlptlops
piylag tIe hieut carh pre for thesm M La
eaire at Twulfed. Tent Us tery.
Bookkee Shorthand,
'riting, Etc.
F.oin~a l MIemdeL. November J.
;:. . M . 'May , Ploek. (I)ll on or
alddesm. MATt 'I KMAN. PrlncipalmI.
(On TZr Monjny. July % th(
WtLL ahag Sr achidnls an I rug
Daily 4-Horse Coaches
(Ireat Falls nal Lewistown i
alaking the Trip in On. Day
i Via 13e1t, Armluton, Corn. O yuor,
Grafton, :tanturd Utica
and Philbroolc
Cioen tonnection at Lewt'tnvn for
the Great Mtniuicni C.unp+ of
G~ill Alga Spolte Ilom ad Maiden.
rom!nrtable Four-Iior.r, C..ncord
I'" of Bftock, F'as Tonle-, Carzhnh
(Jiu... meats eaia t ac :o:tiiiLod ".
1-roiipt atteAtuon to 1'iiL:tongnr:3
and uxprguu.
sI J. DAVIS, 8uperi tten t!? it'
Architect and Superintendent
fI NAW·lti xouaiter
W U 5 ·U rlun a -
To Reduce Our Stock We Offer
Faills City I)oub'e-llit Axes at 75ce la'-h.
Wood Choppers' Mauls, Wcdgcw, Etc., at Low Prices.
Lumber, Sash, Doors, Etc
Mill Work of1' All Kinds.
Sole Agents For Rocky Fork Coal.
t(IT OVFICEi fEIts\1 I, C l'NT AL (IItAlt INttr IK. I.I, I I;ION/, NO. 10o
ECO:.TUMES 1,,aned and ,n.do, to order.
Musnquo fdc.. I.)Ar ta, well9, e'0 Orders
1rom anry pal of th, r; cuntry pronp'.ly filled.
Kleln1 .hnrl'lu t hIock. Wirrvl r;troet and Sixth
__ . avenu,. 2AH k L. lUME.
Still Takes the Lead.
It Is the Capital Flour
Great Falls, Montana
Q UAIL that makes your
mouth water to look at, to
say nothing of having some fixed
up on toast
Our Dressed Poultry is the finest
on the market
Fresh fish received every day.
Stevens Bros, Props.
Broadway, next to Postoffice
Telephone, 118.
And have themrn boun.d.
Pri.es from $1.50 to $5.00
per met.
General Bookbinding and Ruling.
eenn4 i1ool I 1em rali Imhldinl.
lirmaber new cla.oe toia this week in
German. thorthaud. I'oekkeepal Penmianhip
and ordlnary k alabsh braaolue, at the
Night eclhoul. cornet Main Street and S6lth
Avenus. I. iin this erek for pseiill low rates
of tuition to all who take the winter courIe
The Old International,
,al, -IItt'KI. 111.1.N!
The id aTnd popular Internatiollh5t Ioelt 1.
open for buanlll.as, both the Aluerilrau and
h.ropunu plAI under th mLtuaLemoat f Mar
Iliae fron S1. 44 a flay 'p. RMngle Mels
u 5 Lent..
llnInt runm under the mnalmement of ('hril
'1l retlbralt I Ltimuer't Mineral Water used
in all dptert a tlllu'
Elegant Mineral Baths in Connection
In.t18O Irtll Mdonlen,Ia ill oi;otrnlion se
outed for ono wek;: £l1limIn. oaload can
eentreles dall1. 11,e1 pulrob·ao In WO
Ilald Hatt.-1,000 end Zbd) inhre.
(ombluntlom. Pbll(ipburg.
tournrra Uvoag at low agUri
26 and 27 Bailey Block.
*ni \t'RX'. OlgOib FARM LA4ND-1esM
water rl4t11. 1OG uam. nmdee M.. I-.er stre w
bw~rrler cme house t asI L lava tg a ur ub
Ilblo fr'.ma raet lIteltu Yes mule. rom henleno.
4iI ll.11 fhr whoLe ur palt us ouflcr afur
atiu. enquire o ld. t. .
awl Melem..
reaeb .lsals a-nd direna, rsntliagy
Inaeb esse... im.l. w..io. nly.ues a
.lhk dress...e gontl enes. WaIrrnt, k!t i.veN.
esth.r.. Ism. 1.r..e. ortals., m ilk msat w.l1s
maotd.rw r at aoeekt,. idtl.satioa suarea
tuo.. l.o Ur .a s ,etrn, mea 1 Il.s te
1e.lss Motso. Not tespusttie for a m m
ef oe, two estlthe, Ordre alle f astee Mar
Ficight and Transfer Line
All klab e merehu.dle nd oaeLr sei me%
ldhoee ·n on.mvl tMifeUSd hlm the
O Jsrr . 1iNfm' thse Iwo, n
Music House.
Will continue for one week
longer at
40 Per Cent. Discount.
And now comes the greatest
slaughter in prices of PIANOSever
inaugurated in the northwest. We
offer you first the world renowned
One of the best and most durable
Instruments In tho market. These
mnstruments have teen belore the
nusical world for nearly 55 years,
and rank among the best asa llyt.
cluas PIANO in every respect.

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