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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, November 19, 1894, Morning, Image 6

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Madison Valley.
Our-ranchnmen are busy straightening
up their fall work and getting wood for
A number of our stockmen have sold
a large share of their st.wk and some
of the sheepmen have shipped their
sheep to the Chileano manrket.
The Ennln wshool opened with Mins
Mclughllin us toucher. This is MiNl
tMclaughlln's second term in the val
Icy. and she is an active, energetic
Homer Hutton returned from lone
man last week. lhe took his fatmiIly
over to lioreinan, where they will at
tend school during the onminlg winter
Mr. Enlni has g.ae toe Iltutte. where
he will remain for some tinm. I11i will
also visit Helena before re'tturni'n.
A number of of our people did .i good
deal of betting on the capital Note
The Anaconda people gave largae odds
and now they are kicking thellselvet
for their folly.
RIev. Mr. Holmes, of Virginia City,
preached In the hall at lEnnis both
morning and evening of last Sunday.
Clyde l'ickney, the eloquent young
preacher from Meadow Creek, deliv
ered ,an interesting discourse, in the
ltaynard schootlhouse, on Sunday after
Jas. Oliver, who lives near Ennis. has
the contract for supplying butter to the
Orphanu' Home in Twin Bridgles
Amos Davidson In now the happiest
Inau in in ear Creek. The cause of the
rejolcing is that his wife presented him
with a bouncing baby girl.
Martin Peel. Jr.. went to Bozeman
last week. where he will attend the
agricultural college during the coming
winter. Martin is a good student and
will do good work in the scnool.
A Catholic priest of Helena will hold
divine service at the residence of M.
O'Donnell on Wednesday, Nov. 28, at
nine a. m.
The side track of the Great Northern
is fast being completed. Although there
Is a force of twenty men employed it
will take some time to finish the work.
The contract for building the new
hall for Messrs. Leary and Sullivan has
been let to L. Vogel and states that the
building must be ready for occupancy
inside of four weeks.
Delmas Pierre has refitted and refur
nished his tonsorial parlors in a very
handsome manner. He has rented them
and is now working as a miner in the
depths of the Katie.
The citizens of Bernice have for some
time been dependent on the Basin post
office for their mail. The government
has upon investigation established an
office there, much to the relief of Post
master Brien. of this place.
A number of prospectors are yet work
ing on their prospects in the Little
Boulder country. Among them are Ear
ly and Collins, who expect to put in the
winter there. Boutherland and Fee are
sinking In a fine body of concentrating
ore. John McDermott has closed his
works partially, but it is thought he
will put in the winter at the mines and
work them in a small way. Robert Gib
bons has shut his property down and
has returned to Basin.
Riverside lodge No. 20, Degree of
Honor, has made all arrangements for
a grand ball on Thanksgiving evening,
at Connick's hall. Mell Miller, the danc
ing master, will furnish the music,
which will be the best obtainable. A
choice programme has been prepared
for the event, and a most enjoyable
time is assured for all those who attend.
Delegations are expected from Boulder,
Wickes, Elkhorn and other places. The
Union restaurant will serve an excel
lent supper at midnight for $1 a couple.
Miss Nona McBtay arrived from Iowa
Monday and is the guest of Mrs. Albert
Dr. Plckman, P. E. Poindexter and G.
F. Philips returned from a week's hunt
In the Centennial valley.
The Lima lodge of the A. O. U. W. is
arranging for a grand ball in Galla
gher's opera house Thanksgiving night.
G. W. Murray, of Bennington, Vt.,
arrived Tuesday morning for a visit
with his brother T. J., county clerk.
The members of Company E are mak
ing great preparations for a full dress
military ball on Thanksgiving evening.
The Union Pacific painter has been at
work in town. repainting the targets,
switches, etc. The new sand house was
also painted.
At a spci;al meeting of the city coun
c11 Wednesday night permission to build
a woodet n structure was given the M.
E. church liuople.
A marriag.' license was Issued to A.
Carl I ndil and Miss Anna Wilson. both
of lillon. Also one to Edward Hlirt, of
Fox. Manit.. and Marguerite 4 attolait,
of Fwt.ei land The latter cou ple were
mnarriel in the clerk's oiflc, bly J. It.
it is trillned thaIt a ten mil railroad
Itir , ill ,. 1, It ll " n 1M.t Il. to lh "
c .p p e r l . p .t i. - .I , f t h *i A n\ l - t i+, : t , r -
pa';yl" (';lt rn I cr k. At lastt th...... i -
n, -se .1.1 .,,-itý IrI' t', I," %% ,rk*d.l tunt
pr',hta ly tuptn a ;Igi "g l.
The oli ,'s o.f St. ,.Ja its j arlih ari .
pr.,parilg for an -iterltainn, nt for th,,
,benefi.t of tihe churh, w"hi, h I ill Ie
given ini the operu house so.l ti eill, h -
fore Tlaktgl rig. I 1, of tlihe fe,;tures
of thi"' nllter'liltlllin t awill h.e wmile liv
111. pictures which are attracting so
ti Ill attlttionlll 11 tie" ' alls t Ipresent.
rTale Taylr enlnae in fro.n ltsrtkllllll
Ithi repert'I .ut a, eilient that ha l.en
,I at th, lhI ul" aithful mine on Tuesday.
.\ i ft of n, r igi T\rn a ,i- lIt1t in a rellt..'
,. it +plae I ,,, Il ' Io1 1; fiir. tI hlat.l
T'h." fil-* was toI illt Is .* ru n th." r"tlort
expl"eded. 1a.11 nag".r .\,I tII ;,t d .riry'
tl . i , .l , r u s h " l i n I ,. ý .to , + t h e g , ,le t .
w hl, h w'ts s.i lt' i,'l . ,r ite 1l s r, ;.nl
i I:h. a tle [ !.0 n ',III l f th ' I"un t, r. "i.. r
J lhi.y, ..tf ,rr .shnh ,t. , .1i" " f Lnin
lt.r I l t w.'. k II' \\I .t h Il I I' irni
St'tth',lic ' h e'r h Suvlay.,
B utte.
n 'r of Ih,. ''i'l.,) .\'.·e tI4 ' thb 11,.. k
ai i' I l ti urihl'" "I .J-I 1I.'"I V ,'hiii g' I
,I M- i ...iiir l .rn '.,. II,,r-t n I " )'.unl· , r
da i 'i: lih'l" ,f 1'. :i a l i~ if II 11t " 1 I
1' Nuotl, I I L I ;l it Il .1r I ' 11 l hr-t
'I "'' i'' l ii' i \. 11,,i - 1p iii' l ' , I . ii'
i " ' 1 I ' y :i I:i I " I l '11 1 1 1 ',! I' ' : ' :Ii
l i'.f li i' i ; .11 1, , Ii" , ' '', ;iin -' *i t ', iu i -
i Id , x1 ii I 1i- 1 1,e 1, 111 i , ',I1 1ib,- I -
Nilll'l '
I,-' ' "' ii x·lii '- , N I'- l\. i 1 iii' , '
t' i i lIx:'-. I N - xii
f 1* to +l "p 1 i . i " 1 '.1 .1
'iill'll , I'l lih l I1 1; 'il l.' l i 'itll,
I'u t I " i. h , , - . 4 .,I1 I. 1 i il% -\I. ' r ,)1. 11`1
I Ii' , I \,II \" Il..I. \I 'I , \ii ii l t I
I," l ix'- i " ' h , l II' 4 II, '- lLh1".
il , 1' i. . i i i lll I I1 ,1 ' 1 , I I .
1t 1 . ,I " I _ , .1.1 . I. " 1 '. I
II: r " il' gIn 4 I ' I' ' 1 l. 1' ' 1i , 1 -
l t Ix , l I u ii I. ( ' i '.u I, 1. l1
I ' ll i ' inTli i.' i, , I , 1 1 . I I II . I. i l
im1'i " rrll Ill . 1 1. glus \ 1-il - \l .I ,.
i ,x l M i'y,. \'.ii ' . N h i , q Ill I' I} :i 1 v " I xx
Intll -, i x ii, 1;. .I M l. L,. r i l
\. I . ' ,I" 1',1... t 1' . I n . o h .- 111l., 1
1 , m: n ".il lf 1 lhl" m , "i11 l!" f1,1 l .111
Ill nlll y' , 11il h ." It] "i +lI r . l" " 1 tl ,, l t "I
u .I tsl illl Hl t L l '"'1.', 1 hI I. i h I[I I,,
.l ll, wll ill beplh Iii' it .t'. I ., * I ..
I i n l. 1 I: I `i t1
li n t " 1x , i ll 42,1 I , I a . I
" r all\, L ,I I I1 i..',
fr inil I and it 1 \i\lil4 ". , ;: . : i if
wi, Klv'nII in hilnlr of lh, 1h I. -.
Am oT ng| the Kgui ti I ,r.' liI :,lil , I ,
t ,h y-l iand, r. li% l .an 11 I;il i. ti t , .11r
ind Mirs. /,l,.ghr, .\r mol .\Mr- N. w1
berry. MiIs. Pairti'ldg*', M\,,i. s I r''al5,,
Fagin, C'allahan. Duvety, Kelley, Do
hIrty anid Lelst, and Mesar. Hyrol
'.,k, Nagle, iaymnude, ('ohn, Talibott
t'hevljgey, Plenniitn .gand Itockefelder
\. N. Yoelr In spendintg ai few days
nt tallt Lake.
Attortney John I.Indsay lhs gone ti
New TYok. lie \..ill It" abtent about
Ifoulr 'weeks.
tino. Itickairds came over from Hel
tlna Ilst Thursday and spent a day of
two in the city.
Mrs. Marini alnd daughter have iarn
to .nslls ct't., where they wilt spe.ui
a frew weeks with relatlves and friends
l'The l:nltr, NoUw will dance next Fri
day .eventing at RIenshaw hall.
MiSr..Inm.t'i ,etway and daughter. of
ibtllint, wcete the gtuests of Mr. and Mrs,
MIen. .th several dlays during the week.
Miss l*tru.u liamilton, of IBrooklyn. N.
YV. who has been visiting her brother,
\1. IH. IIimilton, in this city, has left
for huom,
Miss I.. It litiker, an eastern lady.
has taken charge of the voeal depart
mtent of the' 'iservatl\ltr)' of muIsic at
th c'oll g'" of M, ltttna. Ian ieer Lodg'.
I11 Th0. t'ioiich and t'. II. Palmer, gen
Iral managersll firi' the Ioston i& Mon
thtltaa tund Ituttl' & h.stion Mtling com
pnuies respc..tively, left last Tuesday
for t'nitfornii.
M1iss olily \1alker, of ualt lake, who
haus t.,in visiting in Itutte, halls returned
home, icet"n;Ianied by M'rs. Harry
ItIchards., who will be Miss Walker's
guest for several weeks in .-alt Lake.
J.I:. Mccl'ormick, the energetic sau\e
and lightning ticket agent for the
Northern Partlic. returned Monday
from the salubrlous climate of Michi
gan and Illinois. in which he spent
about two months for the benefit of his
Misst Attle tllrdseye, who has been
teaching in the schools in Anaconda
during the last two years, has accepted
a positlon in the schools of this city,
iand will enter upon the discharge of
her duties at once.
Thousands of severe cases of rheuma
ttsm have been cured by Hood's Sarsa
parilla. Try it.
Catalogue of R.eords.
Louisville. Nov. 18.-Yesterday at the
new asphalt track at Fountain lerry
park, John S. Johnson broke the lve.
four, three and two mile standing start
wheel record, and the two mile flying
start record. He made five miles in
10..! 3-5., tour miles in 8:15%. three milee
in 6i:00, and two miles in 4:05. lie made,
flying start, two miles, in 4:09 4-5. The fly
ing and standing start two mile records
were formerly held by Harry C. Tyler;
all other records broken were Johnson's
own. The previous world's records were:
Two mile 4:04, three miles Y6:S 2-5. four
miles 8:35 3-5. five miles 10:48 2-5.
Fears ug sessesem.
Having the needed merit to more than
make good all the advertising claims for
them, the following four temedles have
reached a phenomenal sale. Dr. King's
New Discovery for ConapmtiUon. Coughs
and Colds, each bottle guaranteed. Elec.
tric Bitters, the great remedy for Liver,
Stomach and Kidneys. ucoklen's Ar
nica Salve the best in the .world. and Dr.
King's New Lie Plls, wlohb are a per
fect pilL All these remedied are guaran
teed to do just what is claimed for them
and the dealer whose name is attached
herwlth will be glad to tell you more of
them. Sold at Parchen-D'Acheul Drug
Dismissed by Mutual Consent.
Walla Walla, Wash., Nov. 18.-In the
United States court yesterday the case of
the Farmers Loan and Trust company
versus the Central Washington railroad,
the Northern Pacific railroad, Thomas F.
Oakes, st al.. was called up. By mutual
consent the case was dismissed. Judge
Hanford signed an order accepting the
resignation of Samuel C. Hyde as re
ceiver of the Spokane & Palouse railway.
Are Tear Childrea MslbJet to Cresp ?
If so, you should never be without a
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It ois a sure cure for croup and has never
been known to fall. If given freely as
soon as the croupy cough appears it will
prevent the attack. It Is the sole rell
ance with thousands of mothers who
have croupy chhldren, and never disap
points them. There Is no danger in giv
Ing this Remedy in large and frequent
doses, as it contains nothing injurious.
60 cent bottles for sale by all druggists.
Rained on the Gridiron.
Philadelphia. Nov. 18.-Yesterday's
match betwatn Pennaylvania and Cornell
was won by the former by a single touch
down and a goal to nothing. A worse day
for foot ball could not have been found.
All the morning rain came down in tor
rents and the field before play was cov
ered In spots with water.
The American Beauty owes her pres
tige more to a clear complexion than to
any other attribute. A cup of Park's Tea
will enable any one to possess this. It
clears the skin and removes pimples and
that sallow, muddy look. Park's Tea Is
used by thousands of ladies for the com
plexlon. Without being a cathartic It
SaIrcs constipation. Sold by Parchen
)'Achcul Drug Co.
An Unpleasantness Recalled.
J. ff.Tru.n ('ity, . o. Nov Ix.--The oftl
,i;I voii' ,'ln h.te shows that th.e le'gil -a.
"tIe will t.st;tnI follows: S".nalt,. 1Y
, 11vt H:lH, 1 republl ans. hiouse., wt re
pulittl ( ash :.y ýlth nousr lits, aIl, . populll sts.
''hij, g -I thh r.*'iIllli-aitt ai majority of
l'. ul joint bi llot.
l',rk'- S! m- I'. 1." Is it ,osltlve speest' h
in all ,i.,saus's of Iht. l 'iver anl kidneys.
Ity remnovlig Ih,. arl atil in theilt blood it
'ilr's Ithl lle n tllim. . It. ItBa ford, of
('rttlhaKtg . N. I1., says: "I bell,,,*v. Park's
Sur,- ' Curs- excels all other medl'lnes for
Ithn.olmatlim andi urinary diisorders."
; yl ) I's ar'hsn-lD'Ach',ul Drug Co.
SR-arl.-t msdstiated flannel underwear
for Ilils, all woo l, for $S per suitl this
...k al the li.,e Illv.-, a regular 13 value.
mmmmu m m amuIm aI i
i ; , , r , I I I I -. , . I , v .1 I'' w . J o h n W h'I
., I'.,,,..tt .1 I I. .. h' ..inl. John Itl11 . .at
"",I ril ht ..*t , i'i'V " v ia 1'
in t r uI llI by virlull-- of ,sir ,or", r" of lo.l.
,,,l l1 th, dik tr'i, r , llou t of t h'" I'In t Ju.
,II I3l ,hi1yh. t orf" Ih,, au,- .f , rontr ,i . In
ill I for i i, i .uly" oif I.,Wl" nult lairk,..
I It Ih i lt i lIv i t Novt.ml~l r, A. I). Ik.9. In
h rl , * l. IlI, el'I a tl , nhoi r in lllllh .
I I 'n ' , I', I V •or I., Inv, ,i \nw.rit Alll .] K.hnh-y
" uirr l x:11'" uri j* I n alijt '' rt i1.
S * 'I. 1 1ii .1 i ', w%. *i I al . *Iif .lr j ijtlS. on
,h . I Irh it oif .N 't ier hrr'', A . I il! . f'lur
ib :l h, l \.' 1, l' i l Inlt rest . nPlo
' I il I h 111 dliy o'f N. 'mllbplr, A. I".
I''1, r nrl.' I i j IKin' A lt bootk No. .1. of
I 'l'i%2t.'I am0 l'i rnl, n.rnand
t r i ..II t a.. ~-rt..in lotI thu' .- ' ' a u t
.nle I .f Llh l, "itlIuI.I ', lvtte andtl b."in
ir, II . i "nlll i 'f Lwif aI l 4"lark'' , ; r*
1 . rl 'r: I; rit I i',' *,I ' Iri l I* , 11 hit I
;I - I , ;. 1 I s l1 T h' e ' 'I f s l ty' I I " ; , '
a ,,' I h h I . I i . . pI I r l 1. ,, i,.i j N t 11 ll
rI I,. r .. ., , i * l ,tf
iI . I -r , p1 o .i ltali , ; 'li f1.1' I ofl
l; I ' ' .ii i ,tltnj it, n f It \ , 4 ,*t
S tlh , r ,s Ih linl"ll 'I .,I, I r" l+ ( I III
S I '. i I nII.. t., al t ir I ' .I ril t,, I up: on
u+, plal .f r.r'.I ,,ar . Illlth)I ,
\\1 1 1:0 1 n IIIoW sin Il1 I. "I,.. 111al111n'"r
b,.I i I l the lllr1 ll I.' ntyII IIIIa
r sta 1 fI th," " on1 rt ,, u I nI1 and
I .,.I<". oht r }f X11.,,l .1,
l'I l ' s .t 1 I I ', ,I . h t rlt on
II ' -dliy. th . 'th I ,rh. r, A . I,.
",I, It i. " . I ' I All " 1 .1y. At I lhl
tI fIr . 1"nr ,.f g' , , , , lllfll,
L I. , , i, n , , ii , , , i l II,
Ih .I , ' I . I I thi
, ' '"l inly Oh
"11 1' o1 · . I t
N l n II ll..,. I. 4'l'ItTI'A, HherlIff.
Ity V it ;II: I': I1II IN , I'r, l r Hh,.rlff.
.11 I n nlll I. ('It.yb' rg & l1{ ll, plaºintlffs'
£ iu na
Platn Talk.
(From the Olueletd tbSi4m 3
' "There are hundreds aMd tii~S ad
of ploplo inl the large cities sad toown
who cannot afford to pay the ap do.
mandled for the best da.iw i '
eiry butters. rOlecari4 h erery
respect better and more tha
'country atoe butter. iw.dho lke
clIas, and every class, for I4Etter.
chance to place on thk tbles an
artificial butter that looks like butter,
that tastra better than fmol oigt but
ter taistes. and Is absolately iutriUtou
and healthful. Let there befariesm In
this matter, and a repeal o0il prohib
itive laws that work 1ju3ry sad in
justice to a large number of people."
Silver Churn Ilutterine is the latest
and most Improved butter substltute.
It is prepared by superior tthodts
under careful scientitic supervslion. It
is advertised and sold largely through
out the United States, and ftidhlious
housekeepers proclaim it the best table
article obtainable.
Armour Packing Co.,
Lortl Agents:
lchrelner's Department Stoer.
Helena Meat Company.
M. D. Pearall.
lebem*D'AIehe Dry Ca. HelAsa,
Keos., whkeisale UtS
eadoseed byimbr
Ia Udays.,
3sorst LOST Afsl
Costpation. alling Senatlons,
Nervous Twitchtg of e and ocbr pat.
tregtens. invygota d at tonea the tire
Jrstem. dlame cures blit, Nervnoume,
Imloo ad develop and retores weak
aqee.PIain the back, Lous by day on
fht ·r soppe qutckly. Over Up uivato
P =ematuren esas I tapotenry t 1th Ient
tage. It Is a mptm of setlnl welkars sad
barn..eas. It can be Mepped La 20 days by the
e of Hudyan.
The new aovesr was made by the p l.
late of the old f rnao da ds el iSti.
tate. It is the atrongest vttallr d It sl
wry powerfulbut barmlmk a Bold $1.00 a
e:i:e or pacge.l r o .O (plaIa sealed
. Writtenuaratee given or a.re. If
you but s. boxeaud are not enti eured,
do moe will beo tito yea fre of aUoBw
ead Sbr crculate and tehUmtaia. Addres
Junction Stockton. Market and Ellis
It ABSOLUTELY prevents slipping,
and Inlsures perfect safety and comorto
horse and driver.
hbnd with the 6 Neerslip" ar horns's
feet are always In eooHI cnditfol- kept o
ly not having to coistaaly ai the
sloes for shtar spag.
Steel-Centered and SELF-SHARPIPEIIG
When worn oat new Calk. can be easly in.
sirted without ornuovin . 'I:..., saving mas
immense amno t of timne usually lot at the
blac'kpmiith shop.
On receiptof postal will manl free our do.
srilptive cfreularcontalning ,raes ofClked
Mhoes. ready to be nailed on, fr trial, ~elert
this winter at very low price s.
N, ols & Dean, St. Ptl. Mlnn.. and
Mirnne.apolin Iron Store ('o,. Minneapolls,
Minn., General Agents fIr the North
University PIa'.,. Nar Helena
'be beterulp..il I oe'.I r~y ., hel in Mo-n
tan and Irma. tI.o.t mi.,.,. Me ad ea
Iullnat In .in Lel.r. I'ran. h e,,, om '4to 16
e, hool ar aseordl al iu.. laesS p 'ese
bla fo salrnoaue toe Mfs pre det.
F, P. TOWER, Ak M., a o.
Thomas P. Oak... iiry C. Paine.
Henry C. Rose, Recelvr,..
Runs Through Cars
Pullman Sleeping Cars,
Elegant Dining Oars.
Tourist Sleeping Can
t 1...lutkeaL J w e u bemi...... . ..
-- . w al.. . wend......... 63M mm
No. R W m salmk 0 16 gi .
eooemmedate (Waur eseeps ta.
,' 103, RtmLd udmd. .Moa;hp
1). .......................... ... . a
No. . Teilo Mail. wat boanl........ kS. a
a. Atlaatio Mail, at buoad .... Nus1 m
aeoummoduir on (dil, escept ban
•da e............ .I1154m.
Na. 1. Ial mMi. Needs.
I l).. ........................... ...... . m
- lafItamU. tim mada sad te lts
o ort write
A 2. M.
CHA a8. FEE, G. P. & T. A,
Good Wather for RNeadng.
Good Reading tor Thi Weathr.
Best Authors
To any one who will sed as ONE of the
No. 1 eoupone seompenled by TEN
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Number of Hook Wanted....................
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No. 9-The House on the Musk. By Floroee
No,. e--A&emesiv. ly J. MeLaren Cobbe .
No. $7-(iUty or Not Unilty. By Amandae B.
No. 43- Ralph armoand's Uist. By Horate
Alasr. Jr.
eo. 45--The Hell of Glenville. By Fianole
No. .nDerrie Vaughau. Noveni~ B Edna
Ns l-w-Thbe tory of Elisabeth. By Mis
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No......Street.......s.... Sta ..............
Each book i, well bound In neot and'at
treetive ',,eor cover and CONTAIN FR¥OM
PRICE I~ CEN I . You are thus eonble.
to obtain them at one-third their vatue.
The above coupons will be published in
every issue of l I a maND3m1ar3 until for.
ther notle. By usving the coupons from
tay to day you ean lre r th entire Ilist of
books at one-third the prio yeou would
bave to pay if purohusing tn any other
f make this liberal offer, whereby some
of the bees works of ction In the Eaglith
language may be secured by our readene for
the mereor trlri of apense, in order to in
crease our elroulltion. Our p *ent re id.
ee will greatly oblige as by oellilg the at
tention of their friends to the trat that by
bouying THE INDEPENDENT they can
eooure the advaulages of our great book
offer, Address
The Indlependet, Helena, Mont
fCorpulency y
esad seme treatment Lorne " a b
."...a+**. redlsed pereaentllr. We
_rnes*' a * ' er reflu d year leew. e
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T h Wt t,
To the West,
To the Town
That You ).lke Best:
- BUT \
W be w. we pd Goe. *.g.
eas eeu .bat rFew m Ue m Jeel s
The Greai Trarotinenhtal Rode.
Passemager Tickeotd to
Bt. Paul C£kIy5
M eaPtles
Tacomew S Prahdslco
•e a 1ee mS me I eel.
Al Mf AT V.8 A
?w Itwihee auln. eee.. eules
er um rise at a eu
el . . Ptf Tubes A1reab
Doctors have always given
this prescription-in water!
We have them in this shape
simply for their handiness.
A i ToL Telb es.
IttrýNI mtc&.CoIt osNyewIor
James Mauldin, plaintiff, vs. Edgar C
Richards, Agnes V. Richards, his wife,
and S. E. Atkinson, assistant cashier, de
Under and by virtue of an order of
sale and decree of foreclosure and sale
issued out of the district court of the First
Judicial district of the state of Montana,
in and for the county of Lewis and Clarke.,
on the 20th day of (.tober, A. 1). 191. In
the above entitled action, wherein James
Mauldin, the above named plaintiff, ob
tained a judgement and decree of fore
closure and sale against Edgar C. Rich
ards, Agnes V. Richards, his wife, and
S. 92. Atkinson, assistant cashier, de
fendants, on the 20th day of October,
A. 1). 1l4, for the sum of $2,700.50 besides
interest, costs and attorneys fees, which
said decree ans, on the 20th day of Octo
ber, A. I). 19,4. recorded In Judgement
book No. J. of sld court, at page -. I
nm commanded to se.ll all those certain
lots. pieces or parcels of land, situate, ly
Ing and being in the Mauldln addition
to the city of Helena, county of Lewis
anid Clark., state of Montana, and bound
ed and described, as follows, to-wit: lots
numbered seven (7), eight (8), and nine
(9). in block W. as said lots and block
are numbered, designated and described
on the iplat of said Maullin addition on
Ifil In the office of the county recorder of
sult county of Lewis and Clarke.
Together with all and singular the tene
m.ents, hereditaments and appurtenances
thereulnto belonging or in anywise apper
I'llulc' notice Is hereby given, that on
Thursday, the 15th day of November, A.
D. 1t.4, at 12 o'clock M. of that day, at
the front (lor of the court house. Hel
e.nu. Lewis and Clarke county, Montana.
I will, in obedience to said order of
sale and de'ree of foreclosure and sale,
seili the above described property, or so
much thereof as may be necessary to
satisfy said Judgement, with Interest and
,.cost, to the highest and best bidder, for
castIh n hand.
Oclven under my hand this 2th day of
Oc¢tober, A. 94. III.
('llARltES D. CUIRTIS, Sheriff.
Hy Fred E. Hors. UInder Sheriff.
Massena iullard. Plaintiffs' Attorney.
Ne. 0411.
Httmi4 Mot., PPS.OcrN.111
Notic. b hereby gives. thea Robert S. 9a1. ass
tbi day tled aPielk"ateaeSe ateat. aduer
siring Ilees' .1a, ses. fsr the Tbreimell
site. doelameta as sene. he. 41. elletowed I
(Iu.,pass di wisig die r sl. Lewis and CLdrh
.otats. Wionses towa+hi I ný reuse 4 w.
whioh .1.1. is reewrded In the " s vsh.p
snyd. f Lewis mid C(jerk seanty. et slime.
Moatae.s tied du Ates as fellow.
P .W ur . No 45.1 beglay stroraw N.
1. fns wbbb t Initil gpr( t . l a I
4 w. boesfl s adg la 0a 0 wetow Li4J.I
IhomeesIs dos mla s 4 . 8 IIt. thsaS deg
*msaeins 1h U hoae. a N4 d ml. NI.4
ft. U.eee7? dig 4 1 1 #6 w I$ hJ (heesfl
deg 1mlsawl w M to the ,mla.e berusalag
embraslag Av soesv, pis whicW Etle
raid arpltl... was piu the o1th ff
tept mbsr. IW5L W. I. 40 1.
FirsL publication Sept. 3. 154.
Homenid Poreign lanvetment and Agesn
o. eopam y (limited), plal.atI , vs. George
i. Pew Mary J. Pew. John Wilson as.
Robert 1. Les.ie. defendants.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of forselosure and sale issued
out of the district court of the Piret judl
oldi district of the slate of Montana. In
and for the county of Lewis and ('larke.
Sthe 14th day of November, A. I). IO4.
It the above entitled action, wherein the
Hoem and Foreign InvestmentandAgency
company (lmited), the above named plain
tiff. obtained a Judgment and decree of
fOreloosure and sale against Oeorge H.
PW, Mary J,. Pew, et at., defendants, on
te 14Uth day of November. A, D. 11114, for
the sutw of 1.106.7., besides interest, cou*t
and attorneys' fees, which slid decree
was, on the 14th day of November. A. 1).
184, recorded in Judgment book No. J, of
said court, at page -. I amn command.
ed to sell ill those certain lots. Ipieces a-nd
parcels of land, situate, lying and being in
the county of lwleW and clarke, state of
Montana, and bounded and desrribed as
follows, to-wit: The east ten (10) feet of
lot No. five (4), and the west twenty (tS)
feet of lot number gis (0), in block num
bered one hundred and eight (1l), In
Northern Pacific Second addition to the
city of Helena, Montana. the said tract of
land having a frontage of thirty (1) feet,
and a depth of one hundred and fofty (140)
teet according to and as cesertbed upon
the official plat of the said named addt.
tion which plat is now on file la the map.
nor provided by law In the office of the
county recorder of the saild county of
Lewis and Clarke. Together With all and
singular the tnements, bertttaments
and appurtenamees thereunto belonging or
in anywise appertaining.
Public notice Is hereby given that on
Thurdayr, the 0th day of December. A. D).
184. at 11 o'oelek m. of that d1y, at the
front door of the court house. Helena.
Lewis and Clarke county, Montana, I will.
in obedienoe to said order of sale and de.
cree of Ibroelaoure and sale, eIll the above
described property, or so much thereof as
may be eoessary to satisfy said Judg.
ment, with Interest and costs, to the high
est and best bidder, for cash in hand.'
Given under Umr hand this 14th day of
November. A. D. 1/.
By FRED E. HOBS, Under Sheriff.
McConnell, Clayberg & Ounn, plaintifrs
In the district oourt of the First Judicial
district of the state of Mgntana, in and
for the qounty of lawis and Clarke.
Louisa Blanchard. plaintiff vs. Bldney
I. Blenohard, defeamdnt.
The s t$ of Montana sends greeting to
the above named delendant:
You are hereby required to appear in
an action brought against you by the
above named piatntli In the district court
of the First $dicial district of the state
of Montana, in and for the county of Lewis
and Clarke, and to answer the complaint
filed thereln,withl n ten days (exclusive St
the day of service) after the service on
you of this sy.amon, it served within
this county; or, it served out of this coun
ty, but within this district, within twenty
days; otherwise, within forty days, or
Judgment by default will be taken agaiast
you .coerdi.a to 1th prayer of said cob,
pylat. The sid action is brought to o
tla it decree of this court dissolving the
,-df- of matrimony existing between t
taitiff and the defendant, upon tin
fround of desertlen of this plaintlff by the
said defendant ever since the lit day at
October, 16I and awarding the custody at
the three mimer children to this plaintiff.
And you are hereby notified that if yot
tail to appear and answer the said co.s
plaint, as above required, the said plai .
tiff will apply to the court for the relief
demanded In the complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal of
the district court of the Pirst judicial dis
trict of the state of Montana, in and fer
the .ounty of Lewis and Clarke, this 16th
day of November. in the year of our
Lord. one thousand, elght hundred and
By . . FR PREMAN. Deputy Clerk.
Waiqh ,Newmali atr.eyo for plats.
William H. Ewing, plaintiff.'vs. Ellef Il
lefson, Thea U. Elletson, Chas. W. Can
non. John T. Murphy, trustee, defendants.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of foreclosure and sale issu4
out of the district court of the First Ju
dielal district of the state of Montana. In
and for the county of Lewis and Clarke,
on the 15th day of November, A. D. 184,
in the above.entitled action, wherein Wit
liam H. Ewing. the above named plain
tiff, obtained a judgment and decree of
foreclosure and sale against Ellef Ellef
son, Thea U. Elletson, Chas. W. Cannon,
and John T. Murphy, trustee, defendants,
on the 14th day of November, A. D. 11-4,
for the sum of $1,65, besides interest, costa
and attorney's fees, which said decree
was, on the 14th day of November. A., I.
18N, recorded in judgment book No. J of
said court, at page - I am commanded
to sell all those certain lots, pieces or par
cels of land situate, lying and being in
the county of Lewis and Clarke, state of
Montana, and bounded and described as
follows, to-wit: Iots numbered thirteen
(13), fourteen (14), and sixteen (16), In block
numbered five hundred and twenty-three
(I21), as said lots and blocks are numbered,
designated and descrlbed on the plat of
the Easterly addition on file in the of.
lice of the county recorder of said county
of Lewis and Clarke. Together with all
andl singular the tenements, heredita
ments and appurtenances thereunto be
longing or In any wlse appertaining.
Public ngtice Is hereby given that on Pri.
day, the 7th day of )ecember. A. DI. iMI,
at 12 o'clock in. of that day, at the front
door of the court house. Helena, Lewis
and Clarke county, Montana, I will, In obe
dience to said order of sale and decree
of foreclosure and sale, sell the above de
scrihbed property, or so much thereof as
may be necessary, to satisfy said Juilg
ment., with interest and r'osts, to the high
est andl best hitlder, for cash In hand.
liven under my hand, this 15th day of
November. A. D. 18M4.
t'HARI48 DI. ('UItTIB. 8herlff.
BIy PIRED E. IOS. l'nder Sheriff.
F. I. ltrasnahan, plaintiff's attorney.
No. 3501.
I'. It. Land Office, Helena. Mont., Nov.
12, 1384.
Notice In hereby given that C'harles If.
Henton, Jacob Urob and Martin Hogan.
all of Clancy. Montana. have this day filed
application for patent, under the mining
laws of congress for the Hoodso lode claim.
designated as survey No. 4.r.34, situated In
-- unorganlsed mining district. Jefferson
county. Montana. In sections 32 and 31.
township 9 north, range 3 west, which
claim Is recorded In the office of the re
corder of Jefferson county, at ltouldler.
M.ontana, anld described an follows: Paidl
survey No. 4,4 twbeginning at corner No. I.
from which southwest corner of section
33, township 9 north, range 3 west, bears
south 33 degrees. 29 minutes west 90.4 fet;;
thence south 79 degrees, 57 minutes west
112 fret; then-ce' north dlgrr.es, 31 mnl
utra east 44( feet; thence north z4 de...is,.
Si minutes east 31W,6 feet; thence -outllh
3M degrees, II minutes east 1,i3' fet11;
thence south 6 degrees, 39 l.ui
utes west 449 feet; thence north !9
degrees, 51 minutes west 1.391 feet: thence
north I degree, 25 minutes went 74 feet to
corner No. 1, the place of beginning, em
bracing 1753 aren, upon wa..ch a notice
of said application was posted the 5th day
of November, 1194. The only known ald.
Joining claim to these premises in the HIh.
den Hunllght extension lode, unmurveyed,
on the southwest.
W. E. (OX, Register.
Date of first publication. Nov. 15. 11194.
Elecric Blasting Apparatus
MLnufaourd a ud cr sale6 bI
Lafin & Rand Powder

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