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Those Who Fear the Safety of the Banks
Serete Their Wealth in Divers
Punllng Cases That Have Been Solved by
the Use of Braln-Detective Relates
When you see a man wearing a
thread-bare suit of clothes and looking
like a farmer or a poorer or more care
less person, as far as personal appear
knoe is concerned, you should not set
aim down for a poor man without fur
ther examination. He might, for all
you may know to the contrary, have a
belt around his waist, beneath his
mlothing. containing a fortune in bonds,
Itamonds or other pleaasng things to
have. This is one way oen have of
concealing their money for tear of be,
nsg robbed of it by the banks and the
wily confidence man.
"Once burned, twice shy," Is an old
saying which is characteristi of many
people, and as true as gospel. To many
men of means half the world is com
posed of people, both male and female,
who stand ready to get from him his
money by foul means, while the other
half are on the watch to get away with
It by what they call fair dealings, but it
may not always be characterised as
such. Your rich man never dresses in
the height of fashion, nor does he make
any loud display of his wealth. You,
will look lsa vain for a mal of wealth
who makes any exhibition of it upon his
person, for history fails to record any
such. ad if you will think thetm over
those whom yo.a have met and those
who lave been pointed to you-you
will agree that it is generally the fellow
with an empty purse who wears the
best raiment, displays the gaudiest col
ors and sports the loudept and most
costly Jewelry, says the Philadelphia
And why is this so? In most cases of
wealthy men it is because of a refined
taste to the wearer, but I have con
cluded that together with this praise
worthy refinement invariably goes a
tear of being taken advantage of or be
tag brought into notoriety. I state
what I know for a fact when I say that
the millionaire dry goods merchant,
Alexander T. Stewart. of New York, for
years before his death, was in constant
fear of being kidnaped and held for
ransom. I think he was not far away
from the facts. The stealing of his
body from the grave seemed to prove his
fear well founded, and there is no doubt
that he had been warned in time and
took the precaution of avoiding se
cluded places and never went out into
the street without an attending detec
tive at his heels. He seldom rode in his
carriage in town-his dress was of the
simplest character and he never wore
jewelry of any kind. Without excep
tion, it is the fear of being robbed or be
uing taken advantage of, in one way or
another, that causes people with money
to hide it in out-of-the-way places,
where they can have an eye upon the
hiding places and, if suspicious of In
terference with it, turn it over and as
certain, without delay, ift it is all there.
Your grandparents used to hide away
their money in an old teapot, which was
placed out of the way, on the top of the
china closet, you remember. You have
read in the newspapers times without
number of bank notes being found with
in the covers of the old family Bibles,
in the toes of old shoes, sewed up in the
linings of old clothes, buried in the cel
lar, hidden in the hollows of trees,
placed between the matresses of beds,
laid away under carpets, in secret com
partments of old desks and bureaus,
and In a thousand other unexpected
places where people are not supposed
. to suspect its hiding-place. Anywhere
will do, so long as it is an unfrequented
spot or an article not in use. The
broken teapot has always been a fav
orite savings bank for the farmer and
his wife, as well as for many others,
because it has lost its usefulness, ex
cepting as a reminder of the past and
for its fading beauty.
"Eccentric people." he styled them, a
detective who had been called upon a
thousand times to aid in the search for
hidden treasures supposed to have been
left by men and women who had de
parted this life without giving any sign
of the secret hiding-places of their pos
"Why eccentric?" I asked, not a little
surprised at his denomination of a pe
culiar people.
"Eccentric," he replied, "because they
lid not seek the aid of such an asylum
as a safety deposit vault or a good,
iolid savings bank, or ther lasting deeds
to real estat.e, fr the security of their
wealth. I have no itpatiencel' with such
people although they have\ made a for
tune for m" Iby their c lrentri'ittles.
Rome forty or fifty years age) there was
more of this secretinlg monity in strlage '
nooks anti corners than there nolw s,.
but It is still going on and it will always
go on as long as the world lasts among
Ignorant and timorods people who want
to have their wealth where they can
just get a look at it occasionally, only
to know that it s niall there and safe and
4ound. You would he surprlised if you
knew its much as you might about the
hiding of nmoney. It is right after the
banks break that the old stockings and
teaipts tl'' broulght into req uisi Jtion."
"have y'ou any met.hod in sar,'hing
for hiiIldlte wealth?" I asked of the lde
"You 1n11 not have any snt method."
he erelellld, "hut there' h:tl%' bieen many
eases that ca;nin uInder my elll'l'VIationt
slitilar in their il''llr linstancl's. s.,t
methodls are only halt to d fnt the,
end in vieew. 1ly nlanner of work must
d ,pe) odl wholly iIup. i1 thel ('lr ut'llllc i tilceslH
arlt the ,chara'cter, habits anl siurround
ugis of t!,e hildr of thc' wialth Isought
fr. \which have' lirt to he c' .tl,''i-Il.
l't cf human i:natutre'. ainl when I gt I
hold of ita iir'c:c II findcl It nI'ce'ss;ry tl .
lttln it oi.''i and ocl I' t'(" o hatu I i;Nll
trl ce tilup other Iill I liior' ItiIpcI antllt
facts, fr th,"s' :Ire guidle ilil't of th'
gree " it \:II '. to th, .s t r tht l. \ I I,
Ili- may a pp " to iet' " It l),r t in:-i;:
lnl',:l t , , s o ll , T" .l n l. is t ll ,, ul ni ,
vilthlhl i 1., point the way to su: cls.S in
Im y1 ..r ,h.'|
"('c)rlnpcl i:tted rn.-tho,-la ' liith r hir
sf.terisrtluc' t i,. mni, r. hlt youi mniist
not jltump at tiO ' c cc'li ,I li t :It hee l p"l -
pie w h% IIn) l :,u'r I n" fI" °s " . Ill
tinlued tih, de'i''tive. "T'' I'icl i .ii t
that the :lmples't rc1l\WN" point 1in It,-.
tlr ht d<ir. l ti , for tie' ettrc'hi.',r, 1 will
tetll you ,,f one .xperie'tl' in Ia sl luch
after ri'h eft'tects of ta Iclllt \ hit 1le
where he' hadl I1'lv, in that mne'h
hnhlls,'eI stat", ,f NW .i J' iN'y. I w'ie
collld it te t.e',, hi for the' l'eavings I'1
thlis man. w.l, Ieid llid e.iedli,,iv and
left no vi'celble tr.,.'c' oif his Ininl yv or
bonds. ic' hael I, ft it family who were'
aware of lis wielth, atli that h. always
had money :t his inerneietln , Ibut wherec
he kept It was a tiy tery thlen, as it
always has heen during his life. They
thld madel' :e care''ful se.'re'ch elluti iyii
eff"'cts blefore miy arrival nr.d ftll,. l tl
find ianiy hantk notes or othir tckenc'i
Ntot ', n at clue 'deet hr foundc, aiel it
looked like at hard rllci, to solve fir thc
decctltve. It was a frrlorn hope, they
thtur.h .
"'11hc",y .11d not know whot I tbarnd ait
the. heg$inning of my exprrI. nr'" nM it Id"
te'rtivr", tha~t t heI most dlflfrul It ipp'·.r
log caner gen..rally prnov.. I.. the'
Mtlmphrnt wh·n eommr n ons - -w hat ti
hwmely inngunge is eti rHll."d " lrur.Re sense".
-tIs brought Into requimsitlron. Tin I hi.
ItutmnlfcQ I hImern. Id that tit,- .1.......
'ait nt a mrls.'rly Yti, l a tnud licdI~
that his method or himding must huve
been a simple one. I took a look around
me and made a few inquiries. He was
a man of years and had peased much
of his life as a sailor upon the oeean.
The roomwhere he sat mostof the time
boreevidenceof his having lvedon ship
I board. HIls people said that they had
searched all over the house, torn up the
Ooorlng and done everything, even to
searching the house of friends whom he
Ihad visited when. as frequently hap
Ipened. he strayed from home on a visit.
All thIs was to no purpose."
"The fact of his wandering abroad
convinced me that his money was not
secreted anywhere about the house, but
that in some place about his person he
had hidden the property, and perhaps
hidden in his clothing I would And it.
I asked for his clothing and was in
formed that it was of the oldest pos
sible kind, and his wife remarked that
she could not get him to wear anything
new or decent. When I asked to see
his old clothing the family told me that
they had been all through it with knit
tlInt needles, torn out the linings, and
finding nothing after what they consid
ered 1i thorough search, they had given
tht, rags away. But I had formed my
theory of the case from two facts.
namely. that of his having been a sailor
and able to use needle and thread, and
that he clung so tenaciously to his old
clothing, not being a miser. I insisted
upon the clothes being brought back,
and to the astonishment of the family.
when I ripped off the wide bindings of
the coat anid veest I showed them the
wealth they had searched for in vain,
neatly folded and securely hidden.
There were four $10,000 bonds tightly
creased and wrapped around with oiled
"I would give more for a good guess
than for any systematic method or a
cut-and-dried plan to work on. It is a
practice with criminals to hide their
money and valuables as far away from
their homes and persons as possible,
and it often happens that young people
and middle-aged Countrymen do the
same-but when a man arrives at the
sere and yellow of age he always con
ceals his valuables near his abiding
place. I will tell you of another in
stance In proof of the latter assertion.
"More than thirty years ago I was
called to a house in Orange county, N.
Y., at the request of the heirs, to look
for the money of a deceased man. I
could not find any distinguishing char
acteristics about the man and, after
trying several clews for a week and
failing all through, I grew tired of the
sealrh and began to doubt his having
left after him any thing of value. We
had ripped open his saddle, split open
the soles and heels of his boots and
pulled all to pieces his clothing and the
upholstery of the furniture. We had
torn up the stones of the hearth and
ripped down the wainscoting and even
the backboards of all the picture frames
had been taken out by us. There was
not a tree on the plaoe which had not
suffered from digging completely round
its roots. There was a large reward
and Icould not afford to lose It,although
I was at my wits' end.
"In order to settle my mind at this
juncture I took a horse and wagon and,
as I started upon a drive, the brother
of the deceased samid to me that I would
find the place well laid out, for his dead
brother had surveyed it. This remark
opened my eyes and led me to believe
that, after all, the man had not secreted
his money In the house, nor in the barn,
to which he seldom had gone. I con
cluded that he would not have used
roots of trees or even stones for hiding
places if he knew how to survey. I de
ferred my drive and went into the house
and asked where the deceased had been
in the habit of sitting. I learned that.
like all old men, he had a favorite chair.
I learned also that this chair was always
placed by him at a certain window.
The brother remarked, as I approached
the window, that they had pulled it all
to pieces and found nothing there.
*I got the brotner to sit uown in tne
chair and look in the direction which
the deceased generally took, and found
that he had constantly kept in sight an
old, used-up pump. I learned that
when he walked out he went straight
to the pump and then made a bee line
for the pond. I had the pump taken
up and we dug down deep beside it, but
found nothing. I then returned to the
room and stood at the window. It was
a happy thought to search the window
sill carefully, for I found there a faint
and peculiar mark. It was a surveyor's
point. I lined it up to the pump and
meausued the exact center of the line.
At a depth of four feet we found a two
Inch steam pipe. Both ends were
plugged, and concealed within was the
fortune of that man in bonds and cer.
tificates of stocks and bills to a great
amount. For my services in that case
I carried away a $500 bill.
"This case was soon followed by a
search for $32,000, which a paralytic
had In his hand a few moments before
his death, which had occurred like a
stroke of lightning," continued the de
tective. "Before I was called in, the
family, as usual, had made a thorough
and exhaustive search, as they sup
posed, and left me only the house
turned upside down and all traces de
stroyed. In this dilemma I sought the
doctor, and told him of my trouble. He
suggested an examination of the body.
I did this and found a mark on his hip
vhich hadl been made by the metal
,le:e of somae household utensIl, an in
ldention from the edge being plainly
marked. There was also a bruise upon
his knee. I concluded that he had
fallen, clutching the money, over some
Inmtail ve.ssRel and expired, as he was
found dearl upon the floor.
"Itut there was no article fitting the
theory in the room. The people who
hadl preceded me in the search declared
that there was nothing of the kind in
the room at the time of death. Still,
I felt that I wais on the right track.
and after a look around the house I
found an old coal hod in the cellar,
and among the rubbish in it was the
prlz, I was In search of. This simple
Jt ne'tt'ed me $S,000.
"\\Wltr Itesanlt, the English novelist,
friequently says in his stories that it
is the, unexpected that halppns, and
this a pi,ll.s in d,.tLtivve work as well
as Ill the general matters of life. We
h,: , alews In I'the moll:t unexpected
pIh;t+,-. and oftentimo.s results are
gr.-at asurprl so( to us. I find that it is
tht- aa.sliest thing In the world to he
mis..lta:kn, land weI Ire neve.r r tlain of
anrythirng until we have it actually in
ha. nd."
llows. This
V.*. offer ýl II lmltod flollors reward
for any' ,.,i of I '.titrrh thast cannot be
1. Jl. uli1"NlEY & ((I P'ropi.,
Tro0rilo 0.
We', t i' snldersli ned, havI known F.
.I,1 inv f',r t he lust fitft eli yursi. sand
1. III-~ khIut rerf", tly luoraiul' in aill
In lu ý I rauvaetIn,r, anud itnanilally
tilt It' to arty out airy obligations mad".
liy thbt tlrml.
West k Truax, Wholesiale D)rugglnts,
Tosledlo. I.
V'laltrng. Klnnan & Madrvin, Wholerale
Ilualls I 'atrrh I lirp Is aiken Internally,
a, ;lug 'hr. Ily Iiupo te lbsllou' isnd sin
iuus itltlrll a oii f the system. is'l. 7,,5
erl bot I'. Hold by all drugi'i~s. Tentl
monials fri..
Disbelieves the Interview.
\Vn.hlntgto , Nov. 2O.--%1 I l.Ict lnIgs,
ili;.rge. luif~ulrcia of fthe I lottiIlii Ii.
gnrtl'n. ,i hliiv si the ll.Vilitl,.r Itlter
\·i--w arttributed (n ~~ M11n1:.c r Th')urston,,
r. Iu.':sditg the intirtlriu .'f lltni- hi to
hurtirli ITf Japluuiii. faI,'rerv, which
hai a ciauiarsedI 111-feel I it h, t w. itt the twi
vrnnrz I Nl, Wil i ri I i c tsr t quota
Are unit Ch~l~d,., %iiiJ.rs in f'rnmlp?
It Co, you nh'v.I ri never be wllout a
bottle of U'hnrt,·.ranlr T'ou1gh IRemedy.
It Is a suirs' urar fr ti,1, aol han never
beens known to s. ail. Ir giver; freely as
soon as Ih i"'rolpy r.ouuglh appeCars It WIll
Ipi ivent Ihe isltt ask. It in the nole rell
stu.e with thouurij I of mothers who
hise irotit'upyschilIren, and ilever dlnap.
tiuintst thiiii. Thorp ih nos dlinger In giv
I in;' t hIs It. it'd y In lIarig. and frequent
,loneriu' it I onln's nothing Injurious.
( U cent bottles for Male bry all druggists.
as used in the of
Silver , Churn , im
parts a deligh to the
product. Aways t, fra
grant and whole .. ,
Is approved by the most fas
tidious housekeeperL.' Mrs.
Rorer, the cooking expuit, pre
fers it to creamery butter for
all uses. For sale by the best
A .Sher C(W er- argu s.
Lose! Ageatt:
Schrelner'u Department Utor'h
Helena Meat CompaJr.
M. D. Peorad.
Pmvrhes.D'AeW. Drag ag.MsIaa.
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Isis of the old sisls S.C... M urnS
talte. Isl tho temgeet lWmssr a Ir Is
very powerful, bt hermirn. Sold bIU~Z.3
pokoagor a pckage wr 5.00 (plate
25. Wrltten gumaee given ao ore.It
you buy slz bozesaud are not gaUrejy owed.
Sinsore wio nt to you free of
laSud hr o aduler & ndU lmmlsL.t
Junction Stockton. Market and Ellis
Home and Foreign Investment and
Agency company (limited), plaintiff, vs.
George H. Pew, Mary J. Pew, John Wil
son, Robert M. Leslle, and ,5hn R. Wat
son, trustee, defendants. :,.
Under and by virtue o' 11{1wer of sale
and decree of foreclosu p/ale issued
out of the district cour First Ju
dicial district of the st tana, in
and for the county of l Clarke,
on the 14th day of Nove . 1894, in
the above entitled acti trein the
Home and Foreign Invest .,d Agency
company (limited), the ab med plain.
tiff, obtained a judgmi decree of
foreclosure and sale .Oeorge H.
P'ew. Mary J. Pew. et al.; el)ndants, on
the 14th day of November, A. D. 18W. for
the sum of $1,1U6.76, besides interest, costs
and attorneys' fees, which saki decree
was, on the 14th day of November, A. D.
11194, recorded In Judgment book No. J, of
sail court, at page -, I am commanded
to sell all thos .certain lots, pieces and
puarcelss of landJ'sluate, lying and being
in the county of Lewis anld Clarke, state
of Montana, and bounded and described
as follows, to-wit The a. ct forty (40) feet
of lot number five (5). In block numbered
one hundred and eight (10), of the North.
emrn I'aciti,' Hecond addlllon I, the city of
Helen.a state of Montana, raid tract of
land having a frontage of forty (40) feet
and a depth of one hundred nnd forty (140)
feet accorlding to and as ,,.. rlbed upon
the olffiinl plat of sail nalrnel addition,
which plat is now on tfle in the manner
provided by law In the ofi e, ,rf the county
r"'order of the county ,of lewis and
('lark., state of Montitlln.
i'tibiil, notice in hereby given that on
Thursday, the 1th day of Ii.'ember, A. D.
Im4. itt 1. o'tlock m. of sal lay, at the
flrunt door of the court ,ouse, Helenam,
lewis and t'larke county, .Montana, I will,
in orldhinre to the sail ord'r of sale and
deerr,.e of foreclolsure an I sale, sell the
above dlescrbeed proprjtl . or so much
thereof as may be necessau v to satisfy saih
jullgmenn nt. with Interest ansil costs, to the
highest and best bidder, for ,ash in hand.
(liven unde'r my hand this 1Ith day of
November, A. I). 18914.
('IIARLF.R TI. ('l'It'rl. Sheriff.
Ily FItElI M. IIO1HH. I'tilr Sheriff.
Met,'onnell, ClayberK & ;unn, plaintiff's
Civil and
ROOMS 24, 28,
l * W"~":
Good Weth.ew foe readlg.
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mael poiltgo poepai,'
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TM Curon ..d on. t thus esp.as
(N. 1) will etiti the hoLder t os soot
bees the 11.t fivem beew,
Numbs, of Dee wuask ...................
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a h lamed's aidw. U HeruIs
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The Iidependent Helena, toi
Jarvis-Conklin Mortgage Trust com
pany, plaintiff, vs. John Steinmets, Lena
Steinmets, his wife, Henry L. Frank. and
Reid, Murdock and Company, a corpora
tion, defendants.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of foreclosure and sale issued
out of the disttict c urt of the First judi
cial district of the state of Montana, In
and for the county of Lewis and Clarke,
on the 19th day of November, A. D. 1894,
in the above entitled action, wherein the
Jarvis-Conklin Mortgage Trust company,
the above named plaintiff, obtained a
judgment and decree of foreclosure and
sale against John Steinmets, et al., de
fendants, on the 19th day of April, A. D.
1894. for the sum of 52,728.39. besides inter
est, costs and attorney's fees, which said
decree was, on the 19th day of April, A. D.
1894, recorded in Judgment book No. J. of
said court, at page --, I am commanded
to sell all those certain lots, pieces or par
cels of land, situate, lying and being in
the county of Lewis and Clarke, state of
Montana, and bounded and described as
follows, to-wit: The south half of the
southwest quarter, and the southwest
quarter of the southeast quarter of section
number fourteen (14). In township number
eleven (11) north, range number four (4)
west of the Montana principal meridlan,
containing one hundred and twenty (la))
acres, more or less, together with all ditch
and water rights thereunto belonging or
In anywise appertalning, whether repre
sented by shares of capital stock in any
ditch company or by private ditch or
ditches, or interest therein.
I'bhlic notice is hereby given that on
Wednesday, the 12th lay of December. A.
II. 18J4, at 12 o'clock tn. of said dlay. at the
front door of the court house, Helena.
Lewis and Clarke county, Montana, I will
in obedience to said order of sale and de
cree of foreclosure and sale, sell the above
described property, or so much thereof
as may be necessary to satisfy said judg
ment, with Interest and costs, to the
hlghest and best bidder, for cash In hand.
liwven under my hand this 20th day of
November. A. D). 1894.
t'IIARLES I). (I'RTIR. herliff.
Bly FPREI) E. HOBR. U'nider Rheriff.
Ml. Ilullard, plaintiff's attorney.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Pony Gold Mining company will
be held at the ofIre of the Helena and
Livingston Smelting and Reduction com
pany, Helena. Montana, on Tuesday, Nov.
1), 104, at II o'clock a. m., for the pur
pose of ectJng a board of trustees for
the ensuing year, and the transaction of
such other business as may properly come
before it.
0. II. ALLEN, Secretary.
Helena, Mont., Nov. 10, IM4.
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Are Just ua old, old remedy
Ii this new shape.
Doctors have always given
this prescription-in waterl
We have themnin this shape
simply for their handiness.
Si A Tjs W = .1
'I.. aLr a - - -- --
James Mauldin, plaintiff, vs. Edgar C
Richards, Agnes V. Richards. his wife,
and B. E. Atkinson, assistant cashier, de
Under and by virtue of an order of
sale and decree of foreclosure and sale
issued out of the district court of the First
judicial district of the state of Montana,
in and for the county of Lewis and Clarke,
on the 2th day of October, A. D. 154, In
the above entitled action, wherein James
Mauldin, the above named plaintiff, ob
tained a Judgement and decree of fore
closure and sale against Edgar C. lUah
ards, Agnes V. Richards, bhis wife, and
S. E. Atkinson, assistant cashler, de
fendants, on the 20th day of October,
A. D. 184, for the sum of $1,720. besldes
Interest, costs and attorneys fees, which
said decree was. on the 2Mth day of Octo
ber. A. D. 184, recorded in Judgement
book No. J. of said court, at page -. I
am commanded to sell all those certain
lots, pieces or parcels of land, situate, ly
ing and being In the Mauldin addition
to the city of Helena., county of Lewis
and Clarke, state of Montana, and bound
ed and desMcrbed as follows, to-wit: lots
numbered seven (7), eight (8), and nine
(9), In block W. as said lots and block
are numbered, designated and described
on the plat of said Mauldin addition on
file in the office of the county recorder of
aitd rounty of Lewis and Clarke.
Together with all and singular the tene
ments, hereditaments and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or In anywise apper
Public notice Is hereby given, that on
Thursday, the 15th day of November, A.
D. 1194, at 12 o'clock M. of that day, at
the front door of the court house, Hel
ena, Lewis and Clarke county, Montana,
I will, in obedience to said order of
sale and decree of foreclosure and sale,
sell the above described property, or so
much thereof as may be necessary to
satisfy said Judgement, with interest and
costs, to the highest and best bidder, for
cash In hand.
Olven under my hand this 25th day of
October. A. D. 134.
ly Fred E. Hose, Under Sheriff.
Massena Bullard, Plaintff's Attorney.
your weight PERMANENTLY from 12 to
15 pounds a month. NO ITARVINO.
sickness or Injury; NO) PUIILICITY. They
build up the health and beautify the com
plexion, leaving NO WRINKLEE or flab
blnrue. WoTJTT ABDOM. NN anddifflcult
breathing surely relieved. NO I.XPEIRI
MENT, but a sclentflc and poeltlve relief,
adopted only after years of experience.
All orders supplied direct from our office.
Price. pI packae,. or three packages for
11, by mall postpaid. Testimonlals and
particulars (sealed) Sc.
All correspondence strictly confdeatal.
PARK RIMMDT CO., Boston. Ma.
aaeotru of nr o uf e *f 4
Sof the distri.t art rt the Pretnnt 3l
ltal dimtrtet of the lsat} 6t Montana, in
ad for the aount of Lwis. and ClaP.e.
on t 14th dayof Novembermb A. . t.S. ,
Sth abov entitled etten, wherein the
Seatn IPeLirn aveatmentand Aesony
°.la)uV (imitead). the sbotv kimnd plan-"
of Gwted as udsment and doore of
ads d Iale asealst Oeorsg H.
F Mary J. Pew, et at., defendants, on
the tIth day of November, A. D. 154, for
the mum of ,13.1., besides interest, costs
and attoroys' fees, which said decree
wa, on the 14th day of November. A. D.
13~ reeor4ed in judgment book No. J, of
sal court, at page -, I am command.
04 to senl all Uthee certain lots, pleoee and
prcele of ud, situate, lying and being In
the county of lwt and Clarke, state of
Montana, betoth.ed and descrlbed as
follows, to-wit, The east ten (10) test of
lot N dyve (), and the west twenty (10)
feet of lot numbert i ( ), in block num
bered one hundred and eight (16), In
Northera Paole eoond addition to the
city of Helena, Montana, the said traqt of
land huaving a frotage ot thirty (38) Net,
and £ depth e one hundred and forty (40)
feet aooordigT to and as 4escribed upon
the olRital plnt of the said named addl
tlon whiho plat ia new ea Ale la the man.
aer provided by law in the oflee of the
county reorder of the aid. county of
AIits and Clarke. Together with all and
singular the tenements, keredltamente
and appurteances thereuto belonging or
ln anywise appertaining.
Public notieo is hereby given that on
Thurnday, the 6th day of Decemoober, A. D.
t4, at It o'elock m. of that day, at the
treat doer of the court house. Helena,
Lewis and Clarke county, Montana. I will,
ln obediatee to said order of sale and de.
cre of foreclosure and male, sell the above
desuribed property, or so much thereof as
may be necessary to satisfy said Judg.
ment, with interest and costs, to the high
est and best bidder, for.cash in hand.
GOven under my hand this 14th day of
November, A. D. 114.
: .r Sl . a 8 gI , Under sherift.
fCoeoll, Claybe Lr O unn, plaintl'r
In the district coat of the First Judicial
district the state of Montana. In anad
or te oounty o Lewis and Clarke.
~u nBseharwd, plaUftl, vs. 1dney
. Bsanhar. 4etendant.
ST" state 6f Montana ends greeting to
the above named defendant:
You e hereby reqwred to appear In
as oUt i bhewt JwylsJt you by the
.bove naed p tlnti In the district eolrt
of the First judicial district of the state
of Montana, In and for the county ot Lewis
and Clarks. and to answer the complaint
fled theresn,withl n teI days (exclusive of
the day o service) after the service on
fo of this summnem, It served within
this countyl or. if served out of this eona.
ty but within this (dstrict, within twebty
days otherwise, within forty days, or
gedmentbt deault will be taken aginst
you aoording tothe payer of said ogg.
plaint. a ntL Is brout to
ala a 4acre oe this court dIssolving the
blnds of matrimonr xisting between the
plaiatl . and the defendant, upon the
ground of desertion of this plaintiff by the
said defendant ever since the Ist day of
Oeteber, 1N. and awarding the ustody
the throe ainoer children to this plain.
And you are hereby notitAed that If
fall to appear and answer the said comn
plaint, as above required, the said platn
tff will apply to the court tor the e n f
demanded in the complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal of
the district court of the First judiciall di
trht of the state of Montana. In and
the county at IAwls and Clarke, this
day of November. In the year of 0r
Lord. ohe'thbddad, eight hundred
Willlam H. wing, plaintiff, vs. Ellef B1
letfon, Thea U. IElefson. Chas. W. Can
non, John T. Murphy, trustee. deendants.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of foreclosure and sale lesued
out of the district court of the First Ju
dicial district of the state of Montana, in
and for the ootnty of Lewis and Clarke,
on the l8th day of November, A. D. 18-4,
In the above entitled action, wherein Wil
11am H. Ewing, the above named plain
tiff, obtalned a judgment and decree of
foreolosure ad. male against Ilt1f Eilef
son, The SL. Ellefson. Chas. W. Cannon.
and John T. Miarphy, truste, defendants.
on the 14th day of November, A. D. 154,
for the sum of 1,S.M besides Interest, coset
and attorney's fees, which said decree
was, on the 14th day of November, A. D.
414, recorded in judgment book No. J of
said court, at page - I am commanded
to sell all those certain lots, piecee or par
cels of land situate, lying and being In
the county of Lewis and Clarke, state of
Montana, and bounded and descrlbed as
follows, to-wit: Lots numbered thirteen
(1U), fourteen (14), and sixteen (16). In block
numbered five hundred and twenty-three
(.53), as said lots and blocks are numbered,
designated and deecribed on the plat of
the Easterly addition on file in the of.
Boe of the county recorder of maid county
of Lewis and Clarke. Together with all
and singular the tenements, heredita
ments and appurtenances thereunto be.
longing or In any wise appertaining.
Public notice to hereby given that on Frl.
day, the 7th day of December, A. D. 1994.
at 12 o'clock m. of that day, at the front
door of the court house, Helena, Lewis
and Clarke county, Montana. I will, in obe
dience to maid order of male and decree
of foreclosure and sale, sell the above de
scribed property, or so much thereof as
may be necessary, to satisfy said judg
ment. with interest and costs, to the high
est and best bidder, (pr cash in hand.
Given under my hand. this 15th day of
November, A. D. 114.
By FRED E. HORS, Under Sheriff.
F. E. Stranahan, plaintiff's attorney.
No. 3501.
U. 0. Land Office, Helena, Mont., Nov.
Ii, 1914.
Notice is hereby given that Charles H.
Henton, Jacob t(rob and Martin Hogan.
all of Clancy, Montana, have this day filed
application for patent, under the mining
laws of congress for the Hoodo lode claim,
designated as survey No. 4,534, situated In
- unorganised mining district, Jefferson
county, Montana, in sections 32 and 3,
township 9 north, range 3 west, which
claim is recorded in the office of the re
corder of Jefferson county, at Boulder,
Montana, and desrlibed as follows: Raid
survey No. 4,54 beginning at corner No. 1,
from which southwest corner of section
33, township ) north, range 3 west, bears
south 33 degrees, 29 minutes west 90.4 feet;
thence south 79 degrees, 57 minutes west
113 feet; thence north 6 degrees, 39 mtin
utr. cant 4t5i feet; thence north t4 .1erti s,
9) minutes east 230.6 feet: thence south
M4 degrees. II minutes east 1.1i f(ees;
thence south 6 degrees, 3 min.
utes west 449 feet; thence north hi!
degrees, 52 minutes west 1.391 feet; thence
north I degree, 25 minutes west 14 feet to
corner No. 1, the place of beginning, em
bracing 17.53 acres, upon wnmch a notic.e
of said application was posted the 5th day
of November, 1594. The only known ad
joining claim to these premises Is the Hid.
den sunlight extension lode, unsurveycd.
on the southwest.
W. E. ('OX. Register.
Date of first publication, Nov. 1, II.
Electric Blasting Apparatus
Malmrnlea~d nd W s by
Lalin & Rand Powder C(

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