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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, November 22, 1894, Morning, Image 4

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R.omittaibeo at the risk of aubsortlbr ua.
.les ludo by tr'etere4 letter, heeko or
I r xpreps order, payable to The
dent abilehlng empay.
Perrson desiring the Indepeadent Mrved
at their bneom or place of b=ll0me can
order by postal eard or through teleph.ba
No. 10 Please report cases of Irregular
delivery promptly.
Advertisements, tto nsure prompt in
eartion, should be handed in before Ip. .
Rejected oommunatotions not raeuaras
bhe unless postage i- enclosed.
TMIIs of or lyicalPHllrlON.
11T MAll.
Dally (includlng Sunday) per year....110 00
Daily (including Sunday) aix months 5 00
Daily (including lundiay) three mos.. 1 50
itnnday only (In advance') per year.... 0.W
'eekly (in advance) per year........ t U
Daily by carrier, per week, seven is
sue, .......... ......................
Montanlane abroad will always find The
Dally Independent on file at their favorite
hotels: lifth Avenue and Metropolitan.
New York; West, Minneapolis; Baldwin
and Palace, Ban Francisco; McDermott.
Butte; Leland Hotel. IpragSeld. IlL
.. A. Campbell Is the only authorised
traveling agent of this ilpaper.
freported for The Tndfepndent by It.
MS. Crawford, United states observer.
it n.m. p.m.
Iaromflter .... . 2tI 7 113
T m rature .................. 3.
W'ind .. . . . . .. . -' w --13
Maximum lt.mplerrtaur'. 40.
Minimum temperaturet. M.
I.ocal foreast for Helen&: For Thurs
8ay, fair andt colelr.
Helena, Nov. 21. 1S.4.
The permanent capital of Montana
should have a first clasa opera house.
It Is high time something was done in
that direction.
They say that the dark horse from
Butte is getting Into fine condition for
the run and he Is likely to be an aston
isher to the bookmakers.
There should be a revival of the Hel
ena Board of Trade and the Commer
cial club. That failing, a live commer
cial organisation should be formed In
A great deal of small manufacturing
can be done here. But itf we do not
make organised effort to get our needs
and resources before the country, new
enterprises will pass us by.
Bob Smith made a pretty good run
of it, all things considered. He carried
three counties, Deer ldge by 6i votes
over Hartman, Lewis and Clarke by
a31 votes, and Flathead by 25 votes.
The wide awake citizens of Billings
are entertaining excursionists from
'Lincoln. That is the way to help their
town along. By the way. when do the
business men of Helena intend to visit
Omaha in a body?
If Jim Hill will extend his Butte,
Anaconda & Pacific line southwesterly
to Boise City, then on to San Fran
,cisco. he will have a railroad that will
•be worth while. That is a line that is
very much needed.
Ex-Gov. White is likely to develop a
following on the west side that will
sake him an important factor in the
senatorial fight. This is a point that
should not be lost sight of by those
who are figuring on the outcome.
The new folders of the Burlington
railway name Helena as one of the
(towns on their route, and give the
'rrival and departure of trains from this
city via Billings and the Burlington ex
tension to Omaha and the southeast.
Can't Gov. Rickards call an extra ses
sion of the legislature now, and have
the fun begin at once? What is the
use of having this terrible strain on
fourteen statesmen who have volun
teered to serve their country, and don't
know whether their services will be
accepted or nit?
Col. lradshaw's self-de~prclating
modesty, which prevents his acknowl
edging his leading part In the manage
ment of the Story canvass does not give
any omfort to Mr. Story's o)pponen.ltts.
They know that when the fight really
begins the gallant c ,lonl.l will be iii
the forc-front of the battle.
Thie (populsts just about dlIubl ,d th.ir
vote of two years ago, and (very Ilt
of the Incrlrase this ydar war Blt\rau%.n
ft lin the. d,.emocrats. Th(e r.epubllcans
held ti-fr t ual party str.enlgth anl
,.:Tinp Ital,. 'he,. dmn .tyr ru:.i
.-ghin Mntalit wthenever thely celase
to , a I l,.w ' t, t IItll; l :H,' li*..
ll i u s.t;a. ' " lr . *' tis. w t l I hIi ' .ii ii i * s
up waiting furaileaii 'p3i.tartly fIr
a ,Vl . I i ti er.1 i ti.ll" ti' .i. l t i.
t rllii 'll lnl th* e vl I 1 pi n*llll II, !,f fll+' w%'l llth
SIhI t- hatll "y w' shall a'' th ra iurlt
I t L ;, Ii ti erL s.
Yel ..l jig.d , , I iFtiraa ll . < l, ' w ul! n I,. -
l* nt i .1i rill-liii ti !i' I ,. iti,' : \ViIi i4
ni., aiL ' lity h ll h 'In i lan , lli ll 'in hlle
I. ," It f' 11i Ill ii , Ii' lIh , Ii I i
lilt. Il.n'" 11 h l b ehl *li i hI ; It' ori" thI,
unl "ir* t hlln l t, nu if n . ,ttll l 11,II1,h t .-"
Ili'elr s nIu i-a i'. a nr et' hI t.eill. -r ile i "ni H i
ion11itanliai shiuld nit LalIk Judgli KniMTnll
I i s fl i llal i ille .t I'lilt g,t,
rI l inin"t.l . tlion for rn fLlÁrnl (rmnlin s
iL' if turi' trathi that 1; h Iliest unllde
in 15'1i. If h." f llown it suhg" '.tliln .f
ehU Im'ilk' e'etnmissltin he wtrill Urge th.
Sr. ailon iof at alaaaanlililen with a 'lx'is,'ry
I.'.er, llith.ial with mtili le t aailth.ir'
11)' toi comlil,] the at 1te 1 .in t'. ilf Hit
ta.'4i- . This in substl ant. lly t illi lassna
chusetts law which has lepinl feou, lil
work welL No more Important piece
of legIslation will be before conugteu
In the comning seesion. Such a law ean
not be put upon the statute books too
The vote on the capital question in
dicates that Montana has grown rap
Idly in two years. In 185. a presidential
year, which naturally draws out all the
vote, 4.000 votes were polled in the
capital fight. This year the total vote
exceeded 3,000. It Is acurlous fact also
that nearly 4.000 more votes were cast
on the capital quertionl than for con
gressman or sulpreme court judge.
There Is no reason why we should not
see a conslderable revival in real estate
trlanei, tins illn 1leena Ini theo let rng.
ome11te of the' 'ltrl n flIttes are' exlperi
en'tcing qtuite a boom Ihn this dhirelIthnon
i'tv'tetors hal\e grown tired of ta.Iving
their moneey In the banks without ire
ccling iany return for it. If the' Mti
utintitdi dti scheme' is e'i a'nestly t itlken up
and pushed it will hellp bring 'on ac gen
eral movement in Iln ieinu reI'lty.
There Is need In Motntana of an or
ganization like thho go~'l go \ mernslllt
clubs of eastern cities to take up and
presa through the legislature a (or
rupt Practices Act., and to see that
bhrbe givers are prosecuted under the
act afterward. It should be a non-par
tisan organization, not necessarily very
large, composed of determined men,
some of them lawych, to conduct pros
ecutions. Such an assocIation could do
more to drive the corrupting money
power out of politics in this state than
any other agency. Let us profit by the
Statistics of all the countries agree
that agricultural pursuits tend to
prolong the life of man. The census of
Switzerland shows that in a total pop
ulation of 626,000, there are 2,353 per
sons eighty years old and, over, still,
engaged in active occupations. Out of
this number of octogenarians, 2,000 are
farmers. Next on the list comes print
ers, of whom there are fifty-five of the
age of eighty and upwards. Clergymen
come next, with fifty-one octogenarians.
The tailors outlive the butchers, about
three to one, and the bakers are an un
healthy lot. there being but six octo
genarians in a total of 10,000,persons en
gaged tb that occupation.
"9- - - -.
lince the last election our republican
friends of the press have been exult
ing In scare heads and double-leaded
brevier about the democratic party
"hearing from the people." The result
of the election they seem to take as
the calm and deliberate judgment of
the voters, and from the tone of our
friends one would be led to believe
that this was the first time the people
ever expressed a deliberate or em
phatic opinion on any subject what
ever. The conduct of thpee over-zeal
ous and under-thinking gentlemen Is an
offense to the intelligence of the great
mass of voters of the country, and,
furthermore. is not warranted by the ac
tual number of votes cast at the elec
tion. Did the republican party "hear
from the jeople" two years ago? If so,
do the republicans now claim that the
people who gave an overwhelming ma
jority for tariff reform then did not
know their own minds at that time, but
do know them now? Are voters fools
when they vote the democratic ticket
and wise men when they vote republi
can? That is just what the republican
press and orators have told the voters
through many a campaign, although
couching the sopinion In milder w·,rdis.
And this arrogance of intellect is what
has been the undoing of the republican
party in more than one election. The
holses of the republlican party have
made no secret of their belief that a
large shart of the 'vot et did not kn liw
what was good for them, and that the
gigantlt' intellect of the g. o, p. was
the pridr'ict of the lbra.ins of the couin
try of fini duality.
'rTw yiilrn ango the riput'llicul party
"hatd1 from the pIple 1,"1 and hIiardi]
fromT "all" the people. \t the .l.,thini
a few days ago the total vote cnst wasI
hundrteds (of thousands short of the vote
of 1N92, and our Ipopulatlon is eertalnly
grl ater to-day than then. The truth is
that only the rlpublican '\.ters wire
"hoard from" ait the election this y'.ar,
Inl the Ir cry was the Painn. as fir
yeare--fr anr piaternallh em, i1''" (i, n
i .li1lt aur Il,,r ilil ti ft, .,,'|t'l efuii' f.s,',',''i ll]
ti ni-in iW the ovr l 1"t ri. nim t,
a I ii l .e ' £if tn 11 , I I i ntii fI r illillid
I l . fflii rt it. l]:,i ig i Iti lll ,ir li
I ls iitnarily duh , t the I,. ,,sp t' ,in t ff, its
.tf tru.t., monopoll'.s, h' , ill.- pm t' ful
l,,. Ir of rnI' rerf tioný ih::t ha''" -1 1ann
I I Ii tune fit'lt l"llr iiet1 ull llI. 1,,[*llJl/ l .lit
nI b unn' 1ptyr in ical un' r ri ilh.ill'.
rull l, IIIIr who ",lll t to i Iet lltl I i r 'li
,.f tlhings i nl h r wh1 i' llrh ' .n' , ll li n.uri '
I rIi1I k )1'I'( h ll ,:i i l IIlnL: . \ , I l·ti
knlli I th Lat writh li t llior 1 e, It Il.
it l ha . I l " 'n . l' n t1 f e , t..ta 1 . *' *
,lanl ,r \i1t ll .l'l t . iln , h II*III ' th*. ,I
i' p rat, lot'l r i tl pt .f(r t aH it Ill.,
Li ,-t ,,I, t h"n,a.
If \%. th'l .*'., . h 1 , ,, r : i :l i**, I a n; I
c or ntnl , t llJId ;I1 that ,':, 1 w. , .1, fr, 11
n t"n, '" that r.'vl is ,t shui l* 'lr thlro'm h
,,,1) worl kinll unsinlill ln i In.I .li u I hn Il
I, li,,h ."lluntit . "iilhu lat i t' I ". fur Ihl
, lllltry that they' a e ti onv* . r inull'tim ,
if th lus hnds of ,itirs wth" refut al"I t,,
I,,"1 jo el i l thil \,,url h'I Ir i 11so h1111. ii
',f aspil:tl "ir tht. Unfaverm blhl -rl 1 Il
rf the tlin ."s. Th'"y are the e'rh
ive, c nsistnlllll, thlnkilln. lnetn; ,, I,
hail . 'lhl.l;h lt dln t .111 , ,.1 ... i,
inst I ' lh lan, :II t w refI lll I n ,,
virt rll . Iih ' l'" to'u ly It ., t,, 11.. ,Ii..
w h,'i n h, ilmt, for th"no nil .,~ , ,,,,,
.ltnl .trtln.l hi t ln s uIls ill ' ,u i , I ,'I."
f J r that party which thr~r t wh ;ill its
,lug hlist ry has l ",, ' l L -I In,,i, i II'i
frirhiit lhip for the it , p l ; lli I Its
lhi.lity il the .let nal ._rlil lh 1 . s ,1 f 0'"
111i t I 'y.
In those states where Ithere were only
I',lllhcal 'illnltloin ,it 188ll, tht, reliuh
e lican vote in but few Instances shows
any Icreas4e over that or two V]Ir
ago. Why democrats did not V* "s
eatlrely another matter, and thel i
no evidence that they will vote ap
other than the demoeratic ticket 111
The Tartaey framly are somewhat oloe4
in political life. There are three brothers
Adjutant Qeneral Tarsney, of Colorad4o,
who was recently tarred and feathered
('ongrtesuean Taraeny, of Missaeur, and
Tim Tarsntey, formerly a member from
Michigan. The Independent recalls an old
story of Tim, that when sent at one time
to a ('onelneetteut city for a campalgn
splc cih, he was introduced with even more
thant the usual flights of oratory. The.
chairman, after dwelling on his (reat
deetds for the nation, and telling how his
name had iecome a household word
throughout the land. leaned over and whis
pered, "H\ hat is your name, sir?" Upon
revelving the answer he continued, "I now
ha.,e the meot gratifying pleasure of in
ltroadicieng to you Congressman Larceny."
14eretary hlethert, during his recent
itclt to Meare Island, met J. Newcontb, Jr.,
a .M\lacei.ehuett \veteran who saved the
life' of 'Mir. II'erbere' t .luring the war, when
the Alueiableae nlen wats taken prisoner. Mr.
lHerlbert was taken prisoner by a picket
guard, but proved e'ontumntcious, and one
of his captors leveled a rifle at his head,
which Ne.wcomb struck up,. and thus saved
him from death. Mr. Herbert met New
comb for the first time since the war at
lMare Island last June, and he has since
given him work at the navy yard. The
other day an order came to remove Quar
terman c'alker J. Jamison, a republican,
anl his place' was given to Newcomb, who
is a d,"emotcrelt.
James Whitcomb Riley's fondness for
children la a well known characteristic of
the "Hoosier" poet, and his keen apprecla.
tlon of their quaint sayings is illustrated
in the following dialogue he claims to have
overheard: "1 don't like Willie 'tall." said
the first youngster, emphatically. "Why
not,." he was asked. "'Cause every night
he goes and blabs everything to God."
Chesholm Robertson, one of the fore
most leaders of the great Scottish coal
miners' strike, speaks French with an un
Impeachable accent, Li acquainted to
some extent with German, writes two sys
tems of shorthand, and reads Carlyle and
echopenhauer. He wears a velvet Jacket
cut a Ia Whistler, affects a stovepipe hat
of the style worn ten years ago and is
profuse In his display of Jewelry. He car
ries a cane which is said to weigh seven
Ex-Senator Warren's ranch in Wyom
Ing covers an area of seventy-five by 100
miles and is stocked with 1,000 horses. $,
000 cattle, and 180,000 sheep. The extreme
length of Rhode Island is fifty miles and
her extreme breadth is thirty-five miles,
her entire area being 1,350 square miles.
The area of Mr. Warren's ranch is ?7,O
square miles, and it is, therefore, just
six times as big as Rhode Island.
Thomas O. Boggd, who acted as guids
to Gen. Fremont, the "Pathfinder," and
rerved as a seout for Gen. Scott in the
Mlexican war, died last week in New Mex
to., where he went in 1845 with the first
party that traveled overland to ('allor
nia. "t'ncle Tom," as he was called, Was
a brother-in-law and for years the coin
pannon of the famous Kit ('arson.
The thin-faced man with a piercing eye
and an embryo mustache who takes tick
ets at the door of a St. Louls theater is
lr'ank James, the once noted bandit. tie
is very reserved and dignified in manner,
and quite unlike what a bad man is sup
posed to be. When he was offered his
present place he refused to begin work on
Bunday because of a superstitious feeling.
Kaiser Wilhelm carries with him a small
but serviceable revolver in his pocket
or his belt when he is in uniform. The
threats of the anarchists have caused him
to have recourse to this measure of se
curity. His majesty is extremely skl!lfuil
in the use of the weapon, and the chas
:ieur who accompanies him everywhere
has had orders to Inspect it every morn.
New York has 30,(M) barbers.
Ti. Ilphones employ 10,000 Americans.
An iron furnac'e was built in England in
TbI. right whale Is the largest species of
w'ho ..
A single hair will bear a weight of 1,150
I.nlr;ak{ Is thl' most marvelous ruin on
Ihl, Nil,.
i;,illy fournaes were sometimes blown
w ith I,.lloJ ,+ .
A \linu ,ii tIn ..11 has possKession of the Ha.
\anta tr. rktt.
'The ,angln,- of it first class man-of-war
'Th, woith is proll lton of gold in 1193
wai 7.(71.j.i3'2 oum )l :.
'i'h" bull s.I, n rm ihale i the must tll l'tis
light'*r 'f all w tua s.
TI'l. ,I ;nlillst :ll ii t' to Iuse Iron or', In
thil, roulllll 'was In I|Q '.
I\A-;iragu. I hii otlesi known plana that
IL. I i . 1 i , u f i food.
,l. )ti rI:,urtoW wnIltag, rni lronde :bor again
Il, It. .I Itl J';llw l dlnl l uri t Ir.:Hn.
I'lnli unl, iii , ha vI beenn forlI vt ry
*, , i , , : , I, ," o il h ~ -lo lt l l a uml n ll r ,. .
H'.l.., "* v in i'e. nl lvant toWnsi alino1
i Lan t It n 'h t . o'l' rl, oIf ' I:LII'.
'T'ha Int;llril l li ý , l g-iftl follC . I'h I" l
I n ll l 1'i :u , ltantgt o at $11, ,13 ,. .
h 11i . i i t h lltl n t ro I tIron o r,. .',i the
~I '\v ·I ' 1: 1P. , : 1 i " ope w e 1 1 us ·l III l, .
\vltlononli t ; Itlllnl that thbr. nlr ~ .r
7.' -,n p nla i In the solar i.istii l ' I
in t I' n ll* lotion p ilant grow'.. I, i ,.
I I Iiu nll, II . i 1 ii lrl r fitll I i lli, * I I I
S 'l t l" lie , ,ilv'i.snl'. t lhy ii Iti I o
i " t , htig In tthe intirni a
\' i , rn.III 1, l I ,;st r eInl III, ti ,L , I illl
A ll mWit Loutar lu-t to r'' ..,,e t
sar uahion Muralasily i? *
11: ' t la M If "f1 v
K in xtI lr ., h ' r :.nn I ' n n*' * I I :stl I I;,.
SIt,, X of I ;,-1. - r ln," tI.. IO .I 'Lt l t illI
I it K il ,ax
"lonve ''' I" n j t ' *' t poplll' , 0 a~. ' In
K"nnslylvul . 'r. r i , ty-on~ tw h .ninK1
It hi (hetr nlll8 ,'
A pig with .m , h,,u.., hr,.. ,;, , two
Ibodlles awlt t'llh I' has ba't bb it Lo li "e
in Jasper eOtrllty, Iowan.
Have you pro, ir "1 one of ilut [lutyve.
sal Fashion Mlonthlysr
Morgo's Place
S~pound pall Cotolen.e................. 10
l-pound package te................... so
8 bars soap ................... so
ardlnes. per can .......................
SI eak Amolso oap .................... No
3 pounds Amole, In wash powder........ So
I pakg,. Petwtiohn's beat breakfast..... Mo
6 Norway herrings ......... .............. O
I Fat mackerel ............ ........... Io
7 ounces baking powder .............. ISo
R. t'. butter, per pound ... ............. So
Best pastry flour, per sack .............. So
40-pound box apples ........................ 00
I Hoffman House Bouquet..............
Imi.prial l'erfecto only.......................
6 good smokes for ........... ...... tae
2 pounds Jelly beans ..................... 9No
3 pounds mixed candy ................... 7o
SIaclkaKes gum ....... ...... ........... So
Best We creams, per pound............. o
I pounds good apples .................... s'
Strtctty Montana Product
and equal to beet Dakota
Flour. Manufactured by
Kalispell Roller Mills.
Architect and Superintendent
French cleaning and dyeing, scouring by
French process. Plush, woolen, velvets
and silk dresses, gentlemen's garments,
kid gloves, feathers, furs, laces, curtains,
silk and woolen underwear and neckties.
Satisfaction guaranteed. 14 Grand street,
near Hotel Helena. Helena, Montana. Not
responsible for goods left over two
months. Orders called for at any part of
the city.
University Plase. Near Helent
Theslma e sled hesari oeorel in M Ue,
w- . suromoat mdoae, .p g
" P TOm fAll mcl trumt, 0t0
E, P, TOWEDR A. M,, 0 0.
Seen such good goods sold at
such low figures as we are now
selling all kinds of Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Boots and
Shoes and, in fact, our entire line
at lower than they can be manu
factured for, because we took ad
vantage of over-stocked manu
facturers that needed money.
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Jacket and Vest for $5.oo.
ncle Sam's Loan O ce
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Great Handkerchief Sale.
Ladies' Embroidered Htandker
chiefs, 5 cents, worth I5 cents.
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chiefs, Io cents, worth o2 cents.
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kerchiefs zoc, 3 for 25c-- great
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agesla br S*t e ide PtUnerm
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Night tEhool. eornee Male Bin" md huIb
Aveg RF #a t week for speeld low rame
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