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' C. T. U. SERMON1
A kdller apeopsis of ten VeAy Abe Address
by Dr. I. hferd kqser the
The Ohief One is at in Mhe Kun. dom
mof leven on Earth-. ew t
Do It.
To The Independent:
c'leveland. Nov. 20.-One of the moat in
terestingi meetings ever held in MuAei
Hall, In this city, took place last Sunday
AfterIoon, it being the occasion of the an
nual sermon to the W. ('. T, U.. then in
convention assembled In this city. The
meeting was presided over by Miss F1ran
cor Willard, World's president, and the
sermon preached by Dr. J. W. BaHhford.
president of the Ohio Wesleyan Univer
sity. He took as his subject, "Problems
of the Twentieth Oentury;" text, "Thy
kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth
as It is In heaven." Matt. $.10.
Itating that the object of the W. C. T.
U. was to bring In this kingdom of heaven
on earth, he then divided his discourse
into two parts.
1. The problems to be solved in bring
ing in the kingdom.
I. The best solution pf the problems
which confront our civllistton.
"The problemas that confrot our ctvillma
tion are. first, the growth of cities. In
l0, twenty-nine per cent of our popula
tion was found in cities. The question of
municipal government is a national prob
lem. It the corruption of our chief cities
.rows with their growth during the next
half century, and if our urban populatlon
becomes larger than the rural population
the republic It doomed."
He presented as the second great prob
lem, the unequal distribution of wealth.
"We believe in each man reaping what he
sows. But we cannot believe that 200.000
men do 70 per cent of the physical and
mental and moral work upon which the
wealth of the nation depends, and that
the other 4,a..000 of us create only 10
per cent of this wealth. Yet, while New
York has 1,100 millionaires, 60 per cent of
her people do not own the roots which
shelter them.
"Our epuble is approaching the daq
ger liae of the accumulation of great
wealth In the hands of a few. Individual
freedom is a great boon. But We have
carried Individualism too far. Our ma
terlalletic philosophy has crystallsed in
the Iatale motto 'every man for him
self and the devil take the hindmost.' But
even that heartless motto is not true.
Whben every man s for himself latan gets
all of us. Do we not need to pray earnest
ly Thy kinLgdom come. thy will be done
on earth as it Is in heaven' "
Our world wide relations was the third
poblem eonsdered. I regard to this.
Dr. Basahfrd sJa4: "Christianity is now
it contact with the world. The Chris
tilsatsln of the world is necessamu to our
safety. Itlty.-Lv mIllipo people I the
Utlted Utatee hold seven-tWelfths of the
cultivatable soil of the globe. lour hun
dred million people In China are starving
upon three-twelfths of the cultivatabtl
sell of the globe. Inmmigraton is the law
of nations. Does any one think that with
the increse of the means of transporta
tion and with the awakening of these
4.0,UMO people from the lethargy of
.gee and their mastery of our material
scienoes, they will still continue to starve
w.hile we roll In wealth? America in the
twentleth century must say to all men,
'We are brethren,' and lift them up to
angelbood or the lagos, Gleans. Loben
gulae and Calibeas will his tn out nears
*We be brethren,' and drag us down to
IIo t it problem preI UMlD lor. IH
erd wasr that ef latemperasee. He said:
"Our sudden a1 d violent politilerst Oaags
at least Indicate the strange unrest of the
. ple. Bei re wsA, 4 elet for our m an
twl dstreme In the tariff or currency Is
sues we must faee another financial prob
lem. The drink bill of the nation is $150,
1W,0M0 a year. Taking Into account the
actual results of this drinking the ablest
statistlclans in Europe and America de
clare that for every $100 spent in drink the
inannoal loss alone amounts to another
$10-. Then our drink bill Is more than the
average annual nest of the civil war, and
these losses have extended from 1865 to
in4, and are now heavier than ever be
fore. Abraham IUncoln declared that the
republcl could not live half slave and half
free. But when we think of the drain
_Uon our resources, of the undermining
of health and loss of manhood on the part
of the rulers of the repubUle, may we not
seriously exclaim. 'The republic can not
last half drunk and half sober."
Dr. Bashford then found the remedies
for these evils In the following: Chris
tianity, municitpal purity, the Christianls
Ing of business, the principle of justice
and love, and prohibition.
In regard to the latter, he said, In part:
"I do not anticipate and easy victory for
prohibition. Before we shall win the vic
tory the Christian voters of America must
call out the reserves. I predict that not
simply in the Interest of justice and loyal
ty to the tiolden Rtule, but because of the
crisis that is upon us, the twentleth ren
tury will witness the summoning of wo
men to the aid of men In the struggle for
our higher civlllsatlon. With the granting
of equal suffrage will come the outlawry
of the saloon."
In c·loeing his remarks Dr. Bashford
said: "The day Is not far distant when
law shall be swallowed up in love: when
the kingduom of this world shall become
the kingdoms of our lordl and of his
The ORtpel suffrage mePting followed
the antnual lsrmnon andi was condueted by
Rev. Anna Hhaw The maeetlng was first
addreesld by 3iro. (lara lloffmtn and hisn,
Yat'.*, both enthulshtstia' yellow ribbon
workers, the latter fresh from her caln
palan in Kansas. The allm;ax of 'nthu
Ilapm was reachedl when it was annnall<tn ed
that .Mit Wih'llard. chieftain orf the whilte
ribbon hantidl, ~nti ,lI now intioa I 'ta .1wu in
ttHnn It. Anthon). ,thleftain of the v.llow
tItonll Ili. Jta::I. (l a)l Ia'o r,'unl if Itp
pl.atse a i',"ttl thest, two loitte wan'u .,
bouilh Kron grula In IIhI' sarvaic' of their
(Htia ' u tIs they ti riV l(t'*I to tihe front of
the stage. The holy of the house be
canlme a se of wavin'lg white as the ati
dience arose and gauve the .'hautaqlla sa
!l1.s Anthonoy's a 'marks were made In
her own lrnet't·al wa')'. and carried great
fo,re, with thnl, llndl we.re receitve with
great PIerlt ihtIianm. "A" long las women
belong to the l*.enfranehls.dl (lass It does
oIlt nma ltItr a hul th.y or tIeitr frihais 1111ua.
talrtak, to . S that if t il' w~ollleln hIt'e
niio, mlray th IIlamaelt.sea, If the.y do not
atiil. f )or th i.1r ow . t light to rte.aItt.t iatltl
t, ognltiott h Ill. "v ouglKht t, tlak pltt. on n the
Ithood Ititi.m who .4I," am+.."aatt with theta
ait miak' their t lt mu I tIa faa' woman,'t lu
frana"iJaram lit. lhirt 1i4 no other ,an"inl
fill the attlant lt tlak of raaet..et for wo
iman'a opln n li n this , u ntly. We lha
ha-an t·,lr iaal with iliolt,. latiiHiti al nd
atliinlll ia l. lla .ng enlli h, i a we . are still in
thie ,stIIIIatloui of ilgaIota ttt mitn attill small
bouy . I ibeliea that Int,'llitltt atnll ellt
itre ll taeit ava'-'l'wtl-ar Icre' r1'.aty to work
toge'ther with th, moat inthittl.eat atna
cultulredl wonln. to work tO Ir imov e from
woman'us trow this htalC oif dlatrtlatill n,.
antd aIre r'entd to reaaollniz, that It ia a
rllt. of hartrlarilt biut t1he Imnott igur.ant
naitat who walks to the atllt box w.hlte
or hlanck, dirunk or ohber -knows andl feels
from thlle cr,. n ,tof his heal to the wlalt' of
his fool, I-rlasiP he is :allaaowed to vote, that
he is slallrlio' to thla hest womanl that
walks th. b nhlnatinnt."
Th," me, tnlg wits rinsed by It,' "·\. ,lur*rill
L'ook, who sijuggested n na Iw Wglhw"ord fnr
the tw. nIl·li c entuJry these worIs 1.t
iiinjketorO.. no shirks, no sex In iutfraio.
1t3y no 'slimple ons,' " . h . conoltnii .e
mean the rending test tot Whtth mniales aln
femnalre. Bly no shirks' I in, an 'orhtiii
.wry voting. live me these two strati."µl,
autfegu:er(tde and then, and not tint lI thet,
I will uay 'no cex In eifrage.' "
UIt. Look's remark. wiute graciously re
celved, as had been thoue ot the other
speakera, anl after the benedlction tlhi
audience, composed of Atnerica'. buest and
moblet women and Cleveland's most In.
t.u wt . elasea d mmer tha half
palmtel i e thst g a ie*misty ,t eu
prlaolOl s eeasoed.
The convenat eeeatimued wIth
atoten *0*o M tl hallas. oa . Itfe
to p re t that. t o eM_ ee. l
to the Mvork thro ug t the wor
petus never before felt.
That this good work may go on Iamree
Ing In resources and result Io the pr.avm
and hope of everyoae latoereted t1 the
cause of h numauty ea the mualtema.oe
of our own dear lead of thefee.
ftwos;e anw Fesud faeaeVs.
T oc ma. Wash, Nov. 16 -Clty Attor
ney Wiekersham hi. IA a u pre.
pared by Attorney General Jones, of
the state, asking that the leaetlea of
the harbor lines tor Taoom harbor be
set aside on the ground that they had
been fixed through oollueson and fraud
on the part of the state land commis
alon with the Tacoma Land company,
and the Northern Pacila Rallroad com
pany. An order was granted by Judge
Btilleup temporarily restralning the lo
cal board of tide land appraisers from
adopting the state and commlssion's
harbor line locations. The suit is the
result of the failure of the city to come
to an agreement with the two corpora
tions named respecting outlets for city
streete to deep water. The suit attacks
the constitutionality of the law oreating
the state land commission. 1f the law
is declared invalid, the harbor line loca
tions of over a dosen cities and towns
on Puget Bound. Gray's Harbor, and
Willapa Harbor, must be set aside.
B.eIeelm Bleets JO..
Tacoma, Wash., Nov. M.-Clouds
lifted this afternoon. leaving Mount Ta
coma in eight. A thick cap, presum
ably of vapor, appeared over the moun
tain for a time. but at 4:30 had entirely
disappeared. No break in the crater
rim was visible from here. Dr. ('ulvir.
local weather observer, thinks the cap
was of vapor and mist, such as fre
quently collects about the mountain,
and not of smoke or steam. Many peo
pile v ed the mountain with glasses
whlll| aIyipibte. There is no doubt.,
as rWhed theLee dispatches, that a
number of people believed they saw
smoke ojnlin from the crater Wednes
day mdtillant' they are now of the
opinion that what they witnessed was
vapor blown about by heavy winds In a
manner to resemlie smoke or steam.
The heavy cap which hung over the
mountain early in the week Indicated
to careful observers the heavy rain
storm which prevailed Friday and Sat
urday. -
Turned on the Gu Aain.
San Francisco. Nov. 26.-When an at
tendant at the parish house of St. Fran
cise called Rev. Father O'Connor for
early mass this mornwng, he found the
priest dead in bed with the room tilled
with eooaplng gas. In turning off the
gas last night, by a mechanical devieo,
It Is presumed he unconsclously turned
it on again. Father O'Connor was 41
years old and a native of Cloynse Ire
land. ie bad only recently been at
tached to St. Francis, having traveled
over the continent on a roving conamie
sion on account of lUl-health.
Dan They CoMntt.
LUnebln, Web., Nov. 3t--The twenty
day limit In which contest papers in the
gubernatorial muddle can be filed ex
plIres tomorrow nlsht. Leading repub
losans openly declare Holoomb was tahl
ly elected and refuse to encourage a
contest. A small faction, commonly
denominated "railroad republlcans,"
declare they have lawyers ready to file
contest papers tomorrow.
Iearoet medleated flanei underwar
for ladles, all wool, for W per suit this
weak at the Bee Hive, a regular P value.
I&t the 95 stile S be tari ns dry
tieuwlon ale to Cllternila.
The Northern Pac1io railroad has
placed on sale daily round trip tlokets
to California points, as follows:
Helena to San Frano sco and return,
going via Spokane. Tacoma and Port.
land, and returning same way , 75.
To Ban Frannisco, going via Spokane,
Tacoma and Portland. and returning
via Ogden and Butte, N0.
To Los Angeles, golng via Spokane.
TacomS and Portland, entering man
Franoisoo in one direction either going
or returning, UU.
To Los Angeles. going via Spokane,
Tacoma. Portland and San Franoleco,
and returning via Sacramento and Og
den, $1.50.
Tickets are limited to sixty days for
going passage, good to return at any
time within final limit of six months
from date of issue.
The scenery via the Northern Pacific
and Mount Shasta route Is unequaled.
Passengers get a magnificent view of
Mount Shasta from observation cars.
For further information, sleeping car
reservations,. etac., call on or address
General Agent. Helena, Mont.
The best dollar underwear in the city
for ladies at the Bee Hive.
The Bee Hive leads in low prices. Give
them a calL
Buy the 'ntversal paper paterns. They
are the beet.
The Bee Hive will continue their bar
gain sale on blankets for this week only.
Call and see them.
A redned ompl.:ion must use Pezai's
Pewder. It produces a soft & beautif ul skin.
Any Ian all persons Indlebtedl to me. as
uanlgnee of the Helena Steamln Heating
anit stupply company, are hereby notified
that all accounts milst hIe ettled before
Iec. i. I1I. My address is Jackson MSlunie
Co., Helena.
Assignee of Helena Steam Heating and
supply company.
I hereby offer for nale on Nov. 27, 1S.94
to the highest bidder for ctish In hand,
tht following dlnerlbed property, vl.:
Forty arres of land. being the nev of mw 1i
In s., tlon 14, township II niorth. rungR .
weHt. Thirty acres of land, h*'lng the
w ', of 1 of nw 4, of nw ', nnnd the w Iy
of nw ri of section 2:. township II north,
rangte 3 West. ::ll shares Whitlath I'nlon
stork. Sale lpoetiv'. No reserve Alddress
,:algid bild to le. I). DOLIV Ilt,
Assignee Of Holena Steam lieating and
Stuipply company.
There will e n nleeting of the stockholdl
eri of the lHelena IHook and Itatlone.ry
company ht.l at their offtl., No. 11I M .inl
itr.eet, on Monday, Nov\ember 2~, II1J, r
the election of it prc.i.e'nt, vh a Isrob
dent, secretary anl treasurer, andt for the
tl'aJtctioin of ny other uItTni.e alich
may omlni e Ifle the meetingi
I:. N. WOOD)l), HI- I utry.
} l 'l i a, Not. 15. 11894.
tU. S Lual tnt i,
Helena, Mont., S*pt ". Iat4.
Complaint having been ente.rced at this
ofMfe by Mary \V. Hll*,,ll Ingtinst Will
lam K. Hartman, for .'J.-iulonling his
homestead entry No !~ 4, dale.1 Otct. 31,
1hrb , upon the l'14 e1.. , - e'4. and 1t14
tI,4 s*ertlon ill, townfhJi, I. n, rangeo . w,
In. L.wis and clat ke , ounty, Montana,
with a View to the cinnv,.Ilatlon of said
entry; the said partlha are hereby sum
moned to appear at thlr oilnce on the Ilth
day of Dec.mber, 1894. at 10 ou'lock a. m.,
to respond and furnisth testimony con.
cerninl aid allegedl abandonment.
Well and Happy
thenbs t Need's 8sSB9*
M. I . I. to Ibl
ha Framet CO.
"One of the greatest mltakes )plee arh B
toleek the door ~the hse Ne MseleN. O I
other words, to wayt until Iey sre lek Is bed
before they do anything for the poor bdy.
Neither my wife nor myself we real . ilks I
attended to my buslness and my wilt M ber
hosehold duties dailly. But we had dull, eay
headaches, alnd little over.leorton weit e
we eek three lotlles of Hae.' M.
ndt result was perfeetly aelUl etory.;
rvei nood' arsaLparillla
Saved Us a svre Slekmne
aid a big doetor' bill. It people seaw t es
Hood's' Curss
well s toOt . wil l -a U oSerdh_
fltlvst.a tU I w ,eR
msgd pi sure all liver llls, oassltte gs
Nlesm.s, Jsundle. slek headbshe, ladig~5et
11-room new reeldence: cost 8,0;: ealy
,1:0; m0 down., balance five yers.
Hardwood flnsh, mantle, range, bah.
ete. A beautiful mansion.
T.room handsome now west slde ime:
bath, sewer, barn, etc.: cost $3,10. Price
61,16, at SD per month.
$0 per month buys a now six-room dwello
nla near N. P. depot: 00 less than eost.
$.1S0, only 00 down, buys a pretty home
on Peosta avenue; nice yard.
SN buys an acre of choice garden offend
near Fort Harrison.
5M buys tour-room house and two 1046 It
P$ per month buys seven-reom dwellig,
Elghth avenue, near Rodney. i
Helena Employment AgeoY
w. 3 Coek Proprietor.
* I wards treet. Telephone It&
Minfng camp hotel ter sale for is than
one-haltf it value.
Trunks to store at Oeo a month.
Boy to work for board and go to ooL
Four waitresses for Great Palls at shoe.
Ranchman; all winter work.
Man waiter for hotel: 1S.
2 girls for housework in olty; $0.
Carpenter to work in the city; $.S $ay.
IN u I
A GERMAN GIRL would like a o
as eook. waslmhi or ironing. C. 71Jgi
psneer ste tn .
middle aged lady, with one child, would
like a position as housekeeper. Address
Mrs. M. Masters, Helena.
WANTED-A position as cook in famlty
In Helena or Miles City, Montana. by a
good faithful girl; experienced. Address
Miss Militam, 45 West Tenth street, st.
Paul, Minn.
SITUATION WANTED-By a girl to work
by the day. Call at basement 18 N. Rod
ney street.
A LADY wishes to get embroidery to do:
terms reasonable. Address M. B., this
dressmaker would like to sew in dress
making shop. Call or address "Dress
maker", over Broadway Grocery. Corner
Broadway and Davis streets.
any kind of work by day at home.
Washing and Ironing done good and
cheap. Please call. 10o8 Breckenridge.
A IOOD REAMBTRESB wants work by
the day: children's clothing a specialty.
Address O. M.. this office.
wife as cooks in boarding house, hotel
or restaurant; can give best of refer
etces and are qualified to work anywhere.
Address 201 Spencer street, or call.
wants any kind of work or old jobs.
Address W. A., City P. O.
writer and accountant, seeks position of
any kind at moderate salary; references.
(I.. this office.
WANTED-A position as salesman, or
would accept any position where the
services of a good rustler is needed. Am
willing to work on commission. T. B. D.,
Independent oflte.
(llRI, WANTI:I-312 North Ewing.
for teachers' certificates will be held in
th, high school building, Hleihna, begin
ning Nov. in, at nine a. m.. sharp. Minnie
A. itelfenrath. county superintendent of
a( hoois.
I.E ,it iti:NT- FoPltr nlcely furnished rooma
for h,.luc4k-.".pinK. No. F~i. root inlt State
anrid Ititke stre.tN.
F(OR ItENT--lurnished room- uitable
for houllsekeeping or roomer.; tcl Hol.
Ilin uvenuie.
I"' 'Ii I(tNT-Furnished house. inquire
W*l lienton avenue.
IIEitiIl:ItT Ii. RItED & (*Oi Montana
l.nllk. have the largest rent, sale and
tra'I*, Ist In in Hl nl.
ui ll IiRENT-Five room furrnslihl house.
I:lnuire 210 state street.
WA NTEI )-('ompllete holtinKr plant. with
pumnlp, twenty-five to flfty ho, e,.-iower
engine ani i, oiller; nmusl b, In /',,,I con
dltlon, with pipe and all littinu.s ,ady to
nst Iup; bive lowest price allnl i ll tartleu
las. Adldress A. DI). C('hurehill o Angus
MQu,lUeen, Iletna, Mont.
WANTI:I)--I'upIls In French %MII,. May.
ronnel will inept her Rallie elci morninm
French (lass iat the n.elllte,rliinl every
atlurday at II a. m. A flw nIimi puplla
can be accommodated. Tuillltl., $1 per
$2.750 buys 7t15O-foot cornrr nII Dlrnton
alehuf. flijir IAwrenli. withl AI%.room
brick. Herbvet Ii. ued & Cu., Muntsan
aWlaut M 1sU . AA11
YVR /A5- a I eh vel,
for P1. rNltebglU A UeI a Uean b,
Main stret.
FORadn N.W e t t the
iANTD-. asrIl. it.Nm t iNr*
oe eus Itlwjlsi nl r.
method. S IW N lotk. .t Mellt .
or bought. P. O. Ck.hnry, Iruhe Citt
rMs. IPANOPP, the Russia paluist
and life trner. will remlola easthto
week. Room . Woods block.
111 roadwtay.
FOR tALE-Or trade, steak of hardware,
at the N. P. depot. J. A. Dogllbt.
horses; one branded A on left hblp; the
other branded 1I.1. on left shoulder
and 71 on left hip; will pay reward of Il
for their return to my place In Lump
Ouleb. N. H. Johnaon.
Orris nmployment AgIMoy,
its llesh Min sD Jsbahe L21
A coal miners.
I quarryman. $I.1 and beard.
I laborers, $.I1; free fate.
I dinlng room girlr for Great Palls.
Woman cook.
(Irls for housework.
Piano for sale or re.t.
Oedroom suit for sale cheap.
no I l H D --- "
EgiJus at ail kIts. £1l0.
Cos aa Ind L.VNSrc * Teleshes
*N h e t hs bs eteesom
iek s aw laltt sweet. fee
leading Hotelsof Hlelena
L A. Wpiker. Esnsr.
-..lator, stem Heat. Eetrie Lihts.
RIates per 4ay and upwards.
Centrat. L.cated with n Ndemte Coa.
nak e t eaqdeu tea for
Commerotel, MLLg saU luise. ae e.
A. R. Gats, Manager.
Centrally ieasted. Pae ample rooeem
for oommercalt travelers.k etrie cars
to and from depot every ftees mlnutee.
A cat Ls the bstdlag. Regular mear
In omaeotlon with htel It denred.
ntder th Ge aMds beteL
riee D Oav mraugh, reps.
The best dinlng room In the ewl. Roum
eooking, home delloais. u b Uthe
day or month.
P. A. Olncherem u Proprietor.
A Afrst-cla hotel on the Amerlan oand
European plane. Steam beat and exel
lent accommodations. Rates 65 per day
and upwards.
UTOCKWELL-Ie the name of the new
hotel recently opened to the public. New
ly furnished sad fitted with steam heat,
electric light. lectric call and return
bells; in fact all the modern Improve
ments. Centrally located. Warren street
near Broadway. G. A. Stockwell. pro
DYER & DOUGHTY, Proprietors.
Fireproof building and one of the largest
In the city: all modern conveniences; cen
trally located on Maln street; electric care
pass to all railroad depots; an excellent
table. Rates, $1.31 to 81.3 per day. No..
411, 418, 416 Main street.
Finlay Urquhart, Prop.
Strictly first class, with gas, steam heat,
electric light, and elevator service. All
street cars pass the door. Corner Main
and State streets.
birs. C. M. Kellogg calls her boarding
house, at 3 North Benton avenue. Rest
Cottage. It is appropriately named. Our
friends will find it a delightful place to
eat a meal or spend a few days, or to
make a permanent home. Her terms are
very reasonable.
J. O. D. Sullivan, Proprietor.
Centrally located, with modern con
veniences. First class accommodations
for transilents at reasonable rates.
Headquarters for mining men. Main
street, toot of Grand, Helena. Mont.
Denver Block.
The most centrally located family ree
taurant in the city. Easy of aceess and
the table is the beet to be found any.
nhere. Terms very reasonable.
No. 3o1.
U. S. Land Office, Helena, Mont.. Nov.
12. lw.
Notice It hereby given that Charles H.
Henton, Jacob t(rob and Martin Hogan.
a11 of Clancy. Montana, have this day flied
application for patent, under the mining
laws of congress for the Hoodo lode claim.
designated as survey No. 4,134, situated in
- unorganised mining district, Jefferson
county. Montana. In sections M3 and 33,
township 9 north, range 3 west. which
claim is recorded In the office of the re
corder of Jefferson county, at Boulder,
Montana. and described as follows: Said
survey No. 4,614 beginning at corner No. I,
from which southwest corner of section
3. township 9 north, range 3 west, bear
o uth 33 ,tegreese 26 minutes west M.4 feet;
enl.e south 79 degrees, 17 minutes west
112 feet; thence north 6 derees. M man
utca east 418 feet; thence north U der·ces,
O0 minutes east 310.6 feet; thence south
K degrees. I minutes east 1,12 feet;
thence south ( degrees, main
utes west 449 feet; thence north 19
degrees. 83 minutes west 1.31 feet; thence
north I degree, 5 minutes west 74 feet to
corner No. 1, the place of beginning, em
bracilg 17.61 arres, upon watch a notice
of said application was posted the 6th day
of November, 13M. The only known ad
Joining claim to these premises Is the Hid.
den Sunlight extension lode, unsurveyed,
on the southwest.
W. B. COX, Register.
Date of Brst publication, Nov. i, M.A
L Charles e A. ter, oh.e af e .
- y. N ~ tr Le L 3 ba i e t s a d
L.U..rai Dralt ilre f n ah I
ane dee f ro ereolesre
t e the i eatet to M Ln . WS a*
SdZirtet oi the tae o saris
day of Oober, l n ts e 1i
day of November, A. D 13t. Ar the sum
of 3I413 besides interest, sets sad attor
.rs tfees, whib a " degr was, em the
Sd of November, A. . 1 roetded
In Judgment book NA, aof sald oourt, at
page -. I sat emmanded to sn all
the. certaln iota, plecas or paresi ot
land, situate. lying and biLag Ia the eusty
*f Lewis sad Clarke, state of Mentama,
sad bounded sad daserled as ftOles, to
wit: Lots numbered sixtyeove (U),
xlty*-oIght (W). siaty-ale (0) and seventy
(1). In blook numbered twenty (i); also
let numbered seveaty-one (, in meld
block numbered twaety (), with
the exception of nileteen and eie
halt feet In the rear of the eastern end
of the same; also lot numbered one hun
dred and twelve il). , n said black num.
bered twenty (10). referene being bad to
the olfielal plat of the townalte of the city
of Helena, on tle In the otleo of the oeun.
ty leork and recorder of Lewim and Clarke
county, state of Montana, the whole et
said lot having a frontage of about one
hundred teet on Clo4r street, and belan
the same lots that are desecrbed in the
following deed to the saod defendant.,
John A. kleler, Benjamin Dailey to John
A. Zeigler, dated March 34th,. 11, re
eeded In book V of deeds, page 11; James
Kieg to John A. ZelglIr. ated October 4,
134, recorded In book 4 of deeds, pge I;
also FPrst National bank of Helena to John
A. Zeialer. dated February 114 110, record
ed in book 1 of dreds, page 3. Torether
with all and singular the tenements, her
ditanmnts and appurtenances thereunto
belonginl or in anywise appertaninLg.
Public notice is hereby given that o.
Monday the 10th day of December, A. D.
114, at I2 o'clock m. of said day, at the
treat door of the court euse, kelena,
Lewis and Clarke county, Montana, I win
in obedience to said order of sale and deo
em of foreclosure and ale, sell the above
described property, or a much thereof a
may be necessary to satisfy said udg.
meat, with Interest and costs, to the high
est and best bidder fr cash on hand.
(live under my hand this 13th day of
November. A, D. 13.
By PTRD A. HOI, Under Shero .
H. L reper. plalatInI attorney.
In the district court of the First judelalt
district of the state of Montana. In and
for the county of Lewis and Clarke.
In the matter of the estate ot Mathlue
Buckner, deceased.
James . Leooms having presented to
this ourt and lied with the clerk thereoo
on the 10th day of November. A. D. I.I,
a petition praying for an order requring
the administrator, with the will annexed.
of the above namd etate, to specfcally
perform oertatn boal or obllgatlo ot
hisa deedent b eneeutlg to asld ttion
er a conveyance of the oluowing d bed
real property, to-wit; All that certain let,
plee or parcel of land, situate lying and
being In tkel city of Hela, county of
Lewis and Clarke. and state of Montana,
bounded and particularly described as til.
lows, to-wit: Let nine (9). and the west
sax () Inches of lot ten (O), In blook one
(1), In Montana avenue addition to the
city of Helena, Montana. Notice is here
by given that the said court has fzed latl
urday, the 15th day of December. A. D.
1M1, at the court room of department No.
I of said district court, In the city of Hel
en. Montana. as the time and place for
hearing said petition, at whleh time all
personp Interested therein may appear
and show cause, it any, why such order
should not be made.
Dated November Y1 A. D. 1M.
Clerk of said Court
By H. J. Casedy. deputy olrk.
*I T,
No. 1?T.
Uý U. Land OfAoe,. Helena, Montana,
ice M raby lven t it John Cam
eron and Right L. Lies, of Rmini, Lewis
and Clrke county. Montna nd B4
ward McGovern, whose poetomoe da.
ed liUnm Owselr et wln
(rdie. Madison county, 2ataaa,
i say. of 8ilver Bow county,
Montana, have this cay filed their applk
cat n for a patent for 1,500 linear eet
of the Ousley lode mine or vein bearing
1*Old ? IVeItrz&ud fro
i feet o shf t in wths , atu d a.
no organised mlingr 4Istrici, county of
JeReron. and state o1 Montana and des
lasted by the Seld notes and o1loial .lat
on file In this oice as survey No. DU1.
In township 8 north, rang west, of prln
elpal base line and meridian of Montana,
said survey No. D10 being as follows, to.
eginning at corner No. I. a tree I ft In
diameter, marked 1-D-3. for corner No.
1 from which corner No. I of survey No.
Sbear n 14 des, 48 rain 1.9N.4 ft. and
the n corner of gec M, tw 8 n, r 5 w,
hears n 0 dlsg 4 m e LUD .- ft, and run.
Jnli from thence n I8 deo .03 min w 1,31.4
ft. thence I17 dog and 0 mn w 400 ft.
thence a 72 del 40 min m 1,e00 ft. thence n
11 de mrin e 34.5 ft to said corner No.
1 and the place of beginnin, mnagnetio
variation 10 dg 0 rain e. contelainng 1.
The location of this mine is recorded in
the county recorder's office of Jefferson
county Montana. There are no adjoin
Ins clnms.
Any and all persons clamingr adversely
any portion of said Ousley lode, mine or
surface ground are reuired to file their
adverse claims with tie register of the
Unlted States land offce at Helena, In
the state of Montana durini the siaty
days' period of publication hereof, or they
will be barred by virtue of the provlilona
of the statute.
W. l. COX. Register.
Sterling & Muftly, attorneys for elaim
First publication Sept. I. 13I.
Sale and Exchange.
As Improel rnach three a.il fre Whll.e
ial lur Mpriaue; I ores atbet lxLy I ereu
rd ows to tImoehp. ase ider ii ltlv
tle., all .uder fee; o rMase adjaeotl Ied
ho... with barh, bora and "tsblab . auts, tw
ole, watr rlt of 3M laobk alwaysI9 plesr oe
a. * w l o1 on Geta
water. A thereashy eqali ptd . l.
LS, e,; wil a eeru ter r Ir
elones real estaote.
A well loctes raneh ot 170 soene I the itter
Hout allrf. foear mill fr:O 1elMya Irt
aos.t mat: ronvmeatt to eao 1 eohuh
imp a w M t eae fe o .huaM
estate. Will Inclnde farmisa lmplemo
Raunh of 100 so re Dierbors rive
ruildlrn1 outso afor as po eI
Is of S to reun bt osthre anee. Wm . W
efas rest ea ate worth 9100 for eqaity. or wil
subaL e for cordwoi or stoeek.
Improver rma.h of 100 aerm tm De1ao
Misouri: fraume house of three Mrso $0
in apiple lat posob t.rees 1 Smtls ta eim eel
a sod walnu: no Ilamoass . I a
eha. tee Helena rr.el e.tato.
lot four room dw.llan with small lot said
a ss lot with two bejidleag a 1. tos
cbange for a ranch.
A Anst bricek rottaig of 1e ieed.sied reelms
laeqe crllar. artalts plamblal : NegaL est
seise aad a evn- room dwei l a
teeth Masa treot to trade far a oed ace
t' eS or we"t aids.
lSAu-Altrastive er*aa-waod pan
t, thbre el set, tellar. oil wat r o,
eo1)e 11* dows
.std lair. ru l "I IS sad e I
.0 A -room dweslag with erer let
a ca ettle etee: quo dowa.
Qeuts pro pectas lap gl l f terms.
Il--Modera t-roe dwelrls, bath sad
freaa.No 1' sie a ab a
11-Mtea-roo wl with bath, on
se t sear lFeettle
for f ney»4 fan"s d .ad salarateh.
Pa sh. Amls -
MIIIdIhItet eo the state at
i .et ose i thI
t wtthI .t wilMth trenty
"-.5 feetl d y dwe bov
juge aeeaUlt ditrict aouet of
u. aofem t the ptr oa4 oom
plant. Thme oalb IN.hge to
this taudgm a ea ot theu
de.edaatem e sle um et a with In
tweMat thereon at the rate of .ght per
fe-t per manum frm February I Mu
er linterest at tl rate of to per cent
per annum on 11 tom August 3, 11;M
or Iterest at the rSte of te per oast pet
a.nm~ ema SIO from February i# 1., as
provtded n a certaan note and cupons t
tacbed, made. exeeated rad delverd by
the defedant,. F. IL Walloe to this
plaintff on the lth day of obruary,
which note and oeupoMs ae eured by a
mortgage on leot No. 4, In blook No.a of
the original towuaLt of the city to Hel
en·, county of Lewi and Clarke. Mon
tana; for the sem of 15.l, benag the
amount expemnded for redeeming sid
reomise for tasoe and latrest thoreen at
the rate of ten per oeAt per annum from
Jualr 0, IMt. A4se for a reasonable atetr*
ney's fee for fdrooloolna this mortgage,
and for plaintirs cost In this behalf ex
pended: also that a deree of foreolosure
may be made for the ale of Laid premnde
no mortgaged, and that the defendants and
all persons claming under them subse
quent to the execution of laid mortgage
upon said premise, elther as ienorm, pur
chasers. Inoumbranoers. or otherwtse,
may Ie barred ead teover foreclosed of
all right, elatl or equity o redemption In
the sald premss sad every part theref,
.ad that the 8aid pliattW may have judg
ment and exeoutlemon agait the said de
fendant. Franklin . Waltee, for an do
aoleasy whieb may re.ana aftor a
all the prooeds et the sale of the ld
Nmises properly appliable to the eatls
ftale eof said judgment, and that the
plaintll nay have such other or further
reief In the pemises as to this court may
seem met and ultable, refeorme being
had to tlhe plate i ponpleat oe tle In
the ofla do the lt t s eourt.
And yee are hereby anoed that If yer
fall to appear and aowor the said oeom
plaint, as above requied, the said plain
tif will apply to the court for the reliet
demaandd nseaid emplabt.
Gives under my hod and tle seal ef
the distrlit court of tpe 1Itret jadielal dis
trict of the state of Montana, In and for
the county oft ewis and Clarke, this drst
day of August, n the year of our Lard
one thousand, eight buadred ad lisety
(Sea) WORN 3BAN Clert.
By o. o. FrUMAN., Deputy Serk.
J, y. W. yer, attory for plat tll.
First publlcatlo Nov. S1, 1N{.
In the district court of the First Judi.
ceal district of the state of Montana, to
and for the county of Lewis and Clarke.
Charles 3. Ranlett, ialantIt, vs. Trank
in R. Wallac, May L. Wallace, O.e. B.
Hopkins, attorney In fact. L. I. C. Lots.
assignee, the Denver Investment and
Bankling company, limited. 3. W. Knight.
cashier, and the First National Bank of
Helena, Montana, Robert C. Billinga, Min
ate A. Parish, American National Bank
of Helena. Montana, J. C. Weekst Pricells
3. ,caeae4, teMwL n sssl e In-o.
sauine opa of New Jeieey, w.i.
Millan, the Montana avings Bank, and
C. H. W. oster, deondants.
The statd of oeantna sends sHeettng to
the above named defendants.
You are hereby required to appear la
an action brought against you by tbhe
above named plaintiff In the district court
of the First Judicial district of the state
of Montana, In and for the county of
Lewis and Clarke, and to answer the
complaint flled therein within ten days
(exclusive of the day of service) after the
service on you of this summons, if served
within this county; or it served out of this
county, but within this dist~jlt
within twenty days; otherwise wal t
forty days, or Judgment by default will be
taon aea mt awo , seaording to the pr.pe_
o si onapiit. Yhe sid a i
brwught to obtain a judgment of this
court kaltnst the Gefedancts for the suw
of 1,60, with nlaterest thereon at the nels
of eight pet cent per annum fromn UMa
3, 1i3; for Interest at the rate of twelve
per cent per annum on OM from November
3. 118; for Interest lt twelve per cent e
annum on f trom May 10, 104. as provided
in a certain note and coupons attached,
made, executed and delivered by the de
fendant. F. R. Wallace, to this plaintiff
on the 10th day Of May, I103, which note
and coupons are sesred by a mortgage
on lot No. M, In block No. 5. of the Beattle
addition to the city of Helena. county of
Lewis and Clarke. Montana; also for the
sum of U56.O and interest thereon at the
rate of twelve per cent per annum tram
July 10. 1184, being the amount of money
eupended for redeeming said mortgaged
premises from tax sale; also for a reason
able attorney's fee for foreclosing this
mortgage, and for plaintif's costs In this
behalfexpended;also that a decree of fore
closure may be made for the sale of said
premises so mortgaged, and that the de
fendeats and aUll persons claiming under
them subsequent to the execution of sald
mortgage upon said premises, either as
Ihonors, purchasers, tncumbraneers, *o
otherwise, may be barred and forever fore
closed of all right, claim or equity of re
demption lag the said premises and every
part thereof, and that the said plaintiff
may have Judgment and execution against
the said defendant, Franklin R. Wallae.,
for any deficiency which may remain after
applying all the proceeds of the sale of the
said premises properly applicable to the
satisfaction of said Judgment, and that
the plaintiff may have such other or fur
ther relief In the premises as to this court
may seem meet and equitable, reference
beinI had to the plaintiff's complaint on
file in the ofitee of the clerk of this court.
And you are hereby notified that if you
fall to appear and answer the said com
plaint, as above required, the said plain
tif' will apply to the court for the relloef
demanded in said complaint.
iOven under my hand and the seal of the
district court of the First Judicial district
of the state of Montana, in and for the
county of Lewis and Clarlp, this first day
of August, in the year of our Lord one
thousand, eight hundred and ninety-four.
Feall JOHN BEAN. Clerk.
0. O. PRFEEMAN, Deputy Clerk.
W. Kinsley, attorney for plaintiff.
rst publication Nov, 21, 13M.
No. 146.
1U. B. Land Offce.
Helena. Mont., bept. M. 114.
Notice Is hereby oven that Robert I.
Hale has this day filed application for
patent, under the mining laws of con
grIes, for the Treloar mill site, desig
nated ab survey No. 4481, situated in
(unorganised) mining district, Lewis sad
Clarke county, Montana, township 1 n,
range 4 w, which claim In recorded In the
omce of the recorder of Lewis and Clarke
county, at Helena. Montana, and de
scribed as follows:
Maid survey No. 4411 beginning at :r.
ner No. 1. from which the initial point
in sec IS, tp 9 n, r 4 w. bears s T7 des 1i
min 0 sec w ,41 2.6 ft, thence as 1 deg
M min e 34.$ ft, thence n 8 degl 1 mil e
Ms ft, thence n 4 'deg I1 min w 114.4 ft,
thence s 17 deg 4 min w 7ll ft, thence
a I deg 8 min w 116.2 ft to the place of
beginning, embracing ave acres, upon
which a notice of said application was
posted the 11th day of Sptember. 1,
W. a. co .se
NM ptMesm hsuL a/ Uk

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