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II! _.r'=l-.. ._t- ... . .
O-DAV, which is the anniver.
ry of the first Napoleon's co
pation as Emperor in :804,
his victory at Austerlits
er the Russians and Austrians
:805, the site of the Paris
piversal Exposition of 9goo
11 be dedicated.
It will be the greatest World's
fir ever held. Cardinal Arch
shop Richard will "bless the
bderjkling, and the Pope has
at his benediction.
"ASY to put off buying the
Winter Clothing for a few
ys now perhaps-the weather
thenomenally warm--but not
easy to find what you want in
broken stocks later in the
son-or to cure the colds and
es that come from unsuitable
ire now.
'here's perfect style, pfect
te in every line of the Poole
ercoat. No one but ourselves
- it in Helena-as has always
ppened before with really
od styles of Clothing. We
ye plenty now-but can't tell
w long they'll last.
In every other sort of Over
at that man can need the stock
absolutely complete. You
p't buy a poor coat from us at
y price-nobody could sell us
e-but you can buy a good
at-good in every way and in
ery detail-for less money than
ywhere else in Helena-and as
jle money as anywhere in the
the result of years of study by
man recognized as an authority
hygienic topics. There is no
her underwear like it in any
iy--none nearly so good. A
ile higher in price than the or
nary sort- but worth many
ies their cost in wearing quali -
.s and increased protection
ainst colds and disease.
Every little up-to-date detail
Men's Furnishing Goods is
rre at all times. Takes close
atching of styles and the mar
.ts to keep always in the lead
t we manage to do it.
fans &
Hohenlohe's Ability Seem to Justify All
That Has Been Claimed for
Momentous Question Over the Naming of
Boy Babies to Be Delded-.
Berlin Notes.
(Copyright, 114, by the Associated Press.)
Berlin, Dec. I.-Since his return
from visiting the south German states.
Prince Hohenlohe has famlilariled him
nelf with the dutles of his new office,
and with such rapidity and absence of
notse as to fully justdfy all the expecta
ttons built on him. One of hi first
duties was to listen to a number of re
ports made to him by the chlefs of the
various departments, and he showed a
surprising grasp of all questions of im
portance awaiting prompt solution.
Thus far the most radical difference
between von Hohenlohe and von Cap
rivl Is that the former doernot fight his
battles nor declare his intentions In
what Is known as the "official press."
Hohenjohe expects to see the anti
revolutionary measure adopted within
a few weeks after the opening of the
reichetag, but It It extremely probable
the bill will be momewhat modified in
committee. The leaders of the olpposi
tlon point out that In Its present shae
two paragraphs could easily be em
ployed against them instead of against
the destructilonists.
The war within the socialitat camp
continues to claim the attention of all
polticians. The apparent struggle for
supremacy between Rebel and Vollmer,
with their respective following, Is going
on with undiminished fervor.
Emperor William has ordered that 150
marks be given as a Christmas present,
out of his own private funds, to
each sailor's and fireman'i widow,
whose husband perished by the explo
sion of a steam pipe on board the Ger
man iron-clad Brandenburg early in the
The emperor has given Galus Groth,
the poet, a large gold medal of art and
On the return of Dowager Empress
Frederick to this city the emperor and
empress, accompanied by Prince WiI
ltam, the heir apparent, paid her a
long visit at her palace. The dowager
empress Is showing her accustomed In
terest in the affairs of art.
The agrarian sooletles continued send
Ing telegrams to the emperor during
the past week. expressing loyalty and
asking for his sympathy and aid In
their efforts to promote the Interests
of home husbandry.
The German papers are making
merry over a curious result of the em
p'ror's iproduction iof thq "Song of
Aegir." It is apparently causing the
registrar of births a deal of embar
rassment as it transpires that nearly
every father desires to have his baby,
if a boy, named Aegir. According to
law. however, children can not be reg
istered by pagan names, and the of
flcials are inquiring whether they are
to make an exception in this case. The
court chamberlain is now considering
this momentous auestlon.
A reaction against the unmeasured
claims advanced for the curative effects
of Prof. Behring's diphtheria serum is
setting in rather serlouuly. The most
slignificant utterance in this respect
was made at a meeting on Wednesday
last, of the Berlin Medical society, when
Dr. Hanseman, assistant in Prof. Vir
chow's pathological institute, a mouth
piece of Prof. Virchow himself, sharply
criticised, in detail, Prof. Behring's
serum therapeutics. He declared that
no sumicilent proof had been produced
respecting its curative properties.
The enormous revival of the export
business since Oct. 1 has been remarked
at the United States consul general's
ifimce in this city. This revival has
been especially remarkable in paper
ware, buttons, dress and ready-made
clothing. Some branches of the export
trade, which have recently been dor
mant, now show signs of revival.
Trichinae is reported to have been
found at Cologne and Elherfleld in
American pork which was examined
by German meat inspectors there.
All the trotting clubs of Berlin have
amalgamated .and arrangements are
making for a large, finely-equipped
track in the west end of Berlin. A
number of American trotting horses
have been entered for the events which
are to be decided next spring.
An opposition was got up privately
iy the radlcal prohlilitonlsts among
the American colony here with the re
sult that a great number of people
stayed nway from the Thanksgiving
day celebration at the Kailnerhoff on
Thursday last. The cause of this (,I)
posltion was that wine was not tia
booed at the ainqluet. Mrs. MarIy ,E.
WVllnrd, a siste'r-in-law of Miss Frances
Willard. was the leading spirit of this
Acclrding to ani eveninlg newspalpllr,
thel speeclh which the lnemperor will de
liver at the op.,niig of the reichstag oni.
1'ednlesdaiy inext will poiint out thIIe nees
ilty of coml atllll, ing I l r.volutlio, nary ngi
ltl~ tii by striLg'gllt Iegl.iHttioill iai .i x
prcesn id.illincle that that hie rch hstag will
ltndol aid to, v tlo us gov'rl'lllll nts In this
contlict with the revolutinary forces.
Cone to the Wall.
('hliago. ,)De. 1. -The (Irent West.rn
a.Iatr,.,fa'tlirlflg ."otnti wt, on or the
large.'st rui ftiiittriit 'orITHr or agrl
rultlt(I.(1 Implements, . Cnnlessed Judginel·I t
In the t'nted .t llles dru-tlt court to-iay
ol a not* ror S2,,IiIl. tpllyIbleI to hiIr J.
I.nn t i, who has loaned the c'orlora tolill
I"liy hats a nIpIjtital stoik of 11$l.A1),1klir 1r1'
ri's-nt i'd for lii. molnl 1w rt by pat en s ainil
franehts,'s. It'. Iithll lelcr are: 1dIt.l on anl Its
issets' I'.i. ilalrn,.' Ir to a ou ft to 31M1,tN5I.
l' -l-entloT (UM. y, of Dakota, Ia Iipreldent
or the compaI fy.
'ishtngtofl I le' I -l'ash lin the treas
isry at I ii' .lo.'' of ,iiMIIti.`sM t lii)n was
$11 1. M 7,11rll), gul ri' Il vI" 11S R I.24,rcI) W.
New York. Ire.-, I. El ports ir PIpe'
frno New" Yo'.rk ti' It,- week endnllgi to -
Ilay uniitlyd to $:!.IMi In glld snu
Iin silver.
Dhetrotl It.e'. I.--The' Jimy In the .'se
of Irsrrnk ia 11'it.rvk Nl-ai rt .',wbter of the
Third National hank, charged with Probea
atrm-nt, ,ilsa~red ad we're dia.'hnraed..
('hi. alro, I I'. I --The wii'e ant I hr.'.'
clhi ldr of H 011rv hiuliis a inlnrem.
wesri horne .d t o-.ha y, at ti7t Vant N 11a
it rest, Itite e-h~li was eadl whit n lt~akei
fIrom the ruiins: the others, wllt, their
mother, so badly burned that reovary
is Iapowab)
It is Now Causing Some Inoonvenlence to
keveral States.
Washington, Dec. 1.-An error has
been discovered In the enrolling of the
sundry civil appropriation bill for the
current year, which has seriously In
cmventeneed several states in securing
surveys. For several years past this
bill, in the appropriation for the survey
of public lands, contained a provision,
"That in the states of Montana, Wyom
Ing, C('lorado,. Utah, Washington, Idaho
and Oregon there may be allowed, with
the approval ,of the secretary of the In
teior, for the survey of lands heavily
tembered, mountainous or covered with
dense undergrowth, a rate not to exceed
$25 per lineal mile for standard and
meander lines, $23 per township alnd $20
for section lines."
This provition was incorporated in the
last bill and was accepted by the senate
without oippoltion. But it appears that
in enr.lllng the bill the provlsion was
omitted, and as It was signed by the
presiding .)ic.ers of both house clnd
senate, and the president, the hbill be
came a law without the pIrovlsion.
When the surveyors of states came to
let contracts it was found there were
no surveyors who would engage to sur
vey the lands described in the omitted
proviso at the regular rates. ('orm
plaints were made, and, upon inveeti
gation, It was found to be a purely cleri
cal error. It is understood that ste.l,s
will be taken to have the error cr-.
rected In the urgency deficiency bill,
which will pass probably before the'
holiday recess, and contracts can he,
made for surveys to the full amount of
the appropriation.
Will Very Likely Receive the Earnest Atten.
tion of Congress.
Washington, Dec. 1.-There Is a strong
undercurrent of belief ammng members
of congress that the Nicaragua canal
will receive very earnest consideration
during the session of congress which be
gins Monday. There is a feeling espe
dielly pronounced in the house and par
ticularly among southern members.
Even those who, like Bailey, of Texas,
oppose the bill on constitutional and
economio pounds, concede the question
will reeeive early attention, and most
of them are of the opinion that the
prospects of its success are good. Mr.
Cooper, of Florldp, says nothing could
so restore the popularity of the demo
cratic party as authorising the con
struction of the canal.
"The democratlc party is the party
which added the Mississippi valley and
Pacific ooast to the national map, and
it is the party which should provide for
this great enterprise. If it will do this
during the short session, and provide
for a more elastic currency and the ap
pointment of federal officers, I infer it
will not long be out of power."
Representative Livingston, of Geor
gia, says: "If the democrats do not act
on the bill, the republicans will surely
take It up when they come in and get all
the credit. It is evident foreigners
want to control the canal." He says
It was the tacit understanding during
the last session that the house bill
should come before the short session.
Senate Finanoe Committee.
Washington, Dec. l.--Senator Voor
heei. chairman of the senate finance
committee, has called a meeting of that
committee for next Tuesday. The ob
ject is a general conference onmatters
under the jurisdiction of the committee,
Including tariff and finance.
Coinage for November.
Washington, Dec. 1.-Reports to the
director of the mint shows the coinage
executed at the mints of the United
States during November to have been
as follows: Gold $2.040,000, silver $1,073.
000, minor coin $94,900, total for the
month $3,207,900.
Tuwo oa rders Nufforoted.
Philadelphia, Dec. 1.-Two persons
lost their lives in a fire this morning at
the fashionable boarding house of Mrs.
C. U. Reves, 818 South Broad street.
The dead are: Mrs. Ella Ray Smith and
Miss Cullenden, both boarders. A col
ored waiter, who discovered the flames
bursting from the shaft of the dumb
walter, attempted to extinguish the
blaze with a water bucket, losing valu
able time.
All boarders on the third floor were
gotten out safely, and the firemen
rushed to the fourth floor, where they
found the doors of Mrs. Smith and Miss
Cullenden locked. They were burst
open, and, lying on the floor of the front
room was the body of Mrs. Smith, partly
wrapped in a carpet, whch she hod
torn from the floor in her agony. She
was suffocuted. Rhe had made an effort
to raise a window, but was too weak.
Miss Cullenden was lying across the
bed In her room and was dead when
reached. There were many narrow c.
Must Broaden the Money Basis.
St. Paul, Dec. 1.-Senaltor flHahmuck,
of North Dakota. was In the rlty Inlast
night on the way to Washington. Iit
an Interview, he tmlid: "No fintln aln re
ieof cant comen from any pIlnn which doe
not hro.aden the tnsis of mo ntw'y of ltniI
redemptlilon. Whalt Is ineedeIl i bt
mttall..m, and thi way lto l uroe It In
by Internlational tagreement between
Iirmatny, 'it'rnce and the 'litold
Ittesi. leaving I:lngltlnd toutt of thli q -111
tilon. Thle Intt'r countrly will lln'\er
lagree to Ilinwfuhlllnit unlessl flor"l' Ito
do Set "lthe popullst arlty is the oult
grewlh of the tlitan'iitl tyr'mnny which
neetmlpanell the ad, ption or the gold
standlthird. lteentt dfeit of Ithe . lptu
IIlts itrunnot he conltrued aln defeat of
Hung Himself.
Slpeclnl to The Indepl ndent.
lenlllve, ele<. I.-Melvin 4. Wude
cointltted nuicit' hiasl etVeting by
sl'tngnlutlonl. \Wh,'hen lst seen, at 10 p..
to., he waits his usal s.if and tll the il
dienttlilts pIoint to sthllte. 1it, htlllg
htlnstelf to it rnfi,-r at Ih,* l.anly it. "I'.
oranch. Iitilr Il'uthr.tltil. tllplty t4he'r
Iff t'rutnuatiigh lef"t this e'vItIIK It 7 Ip.
111i. to Kge the ' l**:itlrv Jnllcth'l If the
plteIr to hold iI itl uest. W'ludt wa\t4
we'll kInown a'.I round-i , .Utl- IIt ok. which
IttitteitSs he ftll .w'd follt the past twtlv,
y'".p'K. lh**' 1ai ,s it whitnuw'ed Im hr lhtl'
1ind 1,1 tler il bleiter, t'ol., to mourn his
Found Nothing Immoral.
Ne'W Ylork, I'e. 1. tuttprilltenhltll t
lt.tnes admitted to-day that he had I.
elld thet rep'urtst of the' pottliertntlinwho
hld \viewel thle Ilvling pliltlure at the the I
titta. II.* ataid he Ihall tnot the illltll*lt I
initeiilit of living h ~e Ir'sllt t hit tIh, ill
ve*llllKalltn ito the publcel. Ill. itlluatt-l,.
howtver', that the offtit'cers hadl fultti notl hi.
Ing inmariniit in the pitures '. It i4 titihti
Kimlil Ie uIllperlnlldenlt hadllll I.IuttlrttdiI
with Ita ,uommiiit.ee of the W. t', T. 1
aittlI the'y exprssedl themsaelves aa astin
lied with the actlion taken by the policeu.
Alabama Enjoys the Distinction of Having
Two Governors, One Mr Than
is Needed.
The Latter not Allowed to Make a Speech
From the Steps of the State
Montgomery, Ala., Dec. 1.-The stae
.,r Alabama now has two governors
and two separate sets of state omcers.
Col. Oates and those elected on his
ticket preside at the state house. C'lot.
Kolb and his contingent have not an
nounced their official headquarters. The
political situation In Alabama to-day
has bee.n a most exciting one. This was
the day .st by law for the Inauguration
of a governor and state ticket. The re
turns of the August electIon have
shownl the election of the democratic
tickel., headed by Cot. William )Oate.,
Oy over 20,000 majority. Thelg Ieglea
ture hiI joint sioueSb| .had (regularly
counted and announced the result. Capt.
Kolb, ()ates' opponent, the nominee o1f
the popullsts , charged frauds and
claimed that he had received a major
ity of the votes and was the rightful
heir to the governor's omee. He de
termined, therefore, to be sworn in and
Wa ii.
At high noon, surrounded by the
members of the legislature, and with
the usual pomp of military display,
Col. Oates took the oath of office upon
the steps of the capitol, standing on the
very spot on which Jefferson Davis
stood when he was sworn in as presi
dent of the southern confederacy. Nu
merous threats had been made by mis
guided friends of Kolb, and to avoid
anything like violence more than
twenty companies of troops, with cart
ridges In their belts, were present and
participated In the inauguration cere
monies, which were without disorderly
At a caucus of Kolbites last night it
was decided to assemble at the state
house at 11 o'clock to-day, an hour In
advance of the inauguration of Oates,
and have Kolb sworn in. Difficulty was
experienced in getting an oicilal to ad
minister the oath. Two populist judges,
sympathizers with the cause, declined,
saying they would lose their offices by
being impeached for treason. At 11
o'clock a message was received at the
state house that Capt. Kolb had taken
the gubernatorial oath in a down-town
oficee, and was comliy to the state
house to make a speeeh. Gov. Jones is
sued orders to give free access to the
state house grounds as long as those
who entered behaved In an orderly
mauner. t
Kolb wars sw.s In James W.
.Powell, a Justice of the peace, In the
law office of Warren Reese, at the
same time the oath was administered
to the other populist claimants. Kolb
and his cabinet then marched to the
state house, through rahks of militia,
and took their places beside the iden
tical portico where Jefferson Davis was
declared president of the confederate
Gov. Jones refused to let Kolb make
a speech and he and his followers with
drew without any trouble.
New York Republicans Disgusted With
Platt's Conduct.
Washington, Dec. 1.-The republican
leaders in New York are becoming very
much disgusted over the attempt of
Boss Platt to manipulate to his own
Interest all appointments growing out
of the republican victory in that state
this fall. There is likely to be a revolt
that may result In his retirement as
republican boss In the Empire state.
(Iovernor-elect Morton. of course, Is
compelled to bow to the wishes of Platt
and on account of this fact there will
be an uprising which may loste to the
republicans. in the future, the advant
age they gained In the last election.
Platt is loked upon as a tricky poll
tician and his only desire seems to be
to promote his own interests. He is
looking ahead to the campaign of 18.4
with the Intention of naming the next
republican candidate for the presidency
with the view of having himself made
secretary of the treasury. If the revolt
that has Just been started in New York
amounts to anything, the prospects are
that he will le very much disappointed.
At the present time Platt is promoting
the interests of Ex-Hitpeker Iteed as
the a presidential candilate. At the
present tioe l'latt is not only likely to
be disappointed in securing any p',lntm
Ise from Reed, but his positioln Is not
strong enough to warrant the belief
that he can control the New York dele
gation lin the next natIonal republican
Hammond's Big Contract.
Astoria., (tire., Ie. .-The signat ire of
A II. Hammond, of Milssonlia. 1Mit., witq
llltiln hetl to II contrn et to b:ihli a rail
iroad from Astoria to Aconlne.t with the
Northern PI'ill fromt A.Itoria to a con -
ltil'ion with the Northertni i' ill"il at
thble, tire. Thi ti- ety-oie nilitiers of
th. sutlhl dty c.l tu. r il tit affix.edi their ala
tIilt els to ithe intllrnl , whlih g[ii's
Itlltl minOllt th1 e tl amnll.ttenl t nlit subsit ll')1t
Ihat has been gsabsrl'hei by Ith'" ,itlztln*,
anid which in vain"d at over a ItI11 Ilton ,i
lios. The ,o( trcit hitn s linntmll la to
ionti 'nene work niot Int(.r than April 1,
tl,1 Ilhlreeaftler It spl..i lomt If.~ th lan I 1 L).
oIl pir month tnlllI the work in lltnished,
Iyr a 'tobir, V16.
An Unequal Contest.
1it ita. J)es. 1 - Iii vI. - o f t he bet lcnosq
f1n I.It t1dI rs assa II I Illtl' rqtl l f..l and t.lt
nt. t il rs of t i. os t h tot tolsr Ititnt thlii
lll.,.tiii of.ii i i l iii. tlt It owe 0 t
~II t .odIts, 2h.ta tot'M It.tid r1i11 IOU l is il.M
London Wool Sales.
I~irii. I ha hoc. *'oth i t. it' ruunot pliii
2ltttw iiiii el" WihIn ~ I it. I horo. In oI. s h$,' of
p.1' .1. " ?,olol W I·la ran '11 1 1 tn )1)(.lit 11,11
tu1 o~l"IM o Itrt . Ani., Iilr rl 1'o'IItIii ti
pivll *hutltnpr ..ke t toomm I Itati IhI roa
SLnsdtional Divorce.
u , ha11 . l iti . fir o\ll it l rl,- At.o'oll I.
tillsI 2,t.II7I&I bahur.'i i1 ,,II I1 1 oIoei I4lt WIt
tIolol wertt Iwlt~hiii t mmi t iiiloi II tsa ho
i'oUtid b ri. Arwn toIt.iti Iii I0itriilt' fo
Iour to dausy ohittitid t r* baleesul aflL
ut tho .ouhtne bom s rhi rvlp.
The Cruiser Will not Be Sent Against a
Swift Liner.
Washinglitn, Die. l.-The proposllrn
of Admliral Meiade' for a speed te.et be'
twe'e'n ouur swift.est crulm'r and either
the Teputonic or Majestic, In order toI
prove the ability of our commerce' de
:tr,'yerN to bring to the best merchant
ste'amers, meets with the approval of
every engineellr officer in Washington,
but few lie est.ell.ers believe that the
reisults would show the value of shlp.
Ilke, thel c5olumbla In actual warfarre.
mland aurt that fleet auxill.ry crularne
would answer the same lpurfJpeOe', Ad
miral Meonde le nIt a nt spel Malmlorr
'of thie crulser type, f at II;il c 'sEin. 1.
Il of Ille oplnionl thllat thie l intln .y cx
pedned, on tfhe.n tould bte ete..d to, ltus hI
bette.r lv'nintI ge in the enelstr'jtlins oft
baltt i -ll ila s.
Tle' consletnsM of op'inllon among nr i
vasl ohlern iol dutty Iit thi, del tlientln.'
Is de-idedl y Ie.I s'" toI the" tent proposed
by Admiral M.Ia di.. The' main eeljectleon
IsH ill theI KI ccirtsull eft (xpel ,se. It In en.
Ilniulltlel ths t( theI ('dulnCllthi s 11 c roslln.
the Altllntl.e and bauck at her maxirnulll
spI)'eed w.,ul1l eeponsume eabouett 6,01$) t..ns
,of e';l., costingK labout I:0.100)., allt woUlel
then h haRve to, ulderK oi a thoel oJugh clce
Thl'er'e wouldl nece'ssarily be at gK'reat
etrain on c +the boll.rs and lliaehlntry.
with the' alwaysn preIsent ipniecltllhty ,of
an acicienti. Arnother estrong obje,'timi
toI the' rue's' In Ithat it would si.lerve nnIe
pePelul pIurpl'.se. An one prominllit of
fleer exprel,.red II:
"The Columnbia has been thorol-uughly
testeld, and her lowers are: well tkincw cn
without rewnr'tlng to the quentionlbll.
and expenelve' test ,of runnlng Ilre,,man
the Atlantl.s at full eleee.d merely to,
K.atify a whim, to may nothing of the'
Kreat dalnger that might remnult to the
merchant ship with her plecl.ou cargo,
,of pasMengern. The merchantman
would undoubtedly do his bett to .eat
the warship, and If pulehed might add
more steam than was prudent. In c(ase
of an accident to elther.ahlp the con
sequences would be dreadful, and even
should tino accident occur, what would
be proved? Why, merely that one ship
was faster than another in a long race
under certain conditions. The Maj.s.
tic might beat the Columbia across the
Atlantic. but that would not prove that
the Columbia could not get near enough
to destroy under different conditions."
Montana Commerelai Travelers Organize
for Profit and Pleasure.
A lodge of the Order of United Com
mercial Travelers was formed In Hel
ena last night by Grand Counsellor A.
J. Dowd, of Chicago. A meeting was
called yesterday afternoon in A. O. U.
W. hall, but organisation was not com
pleted until the evening session, which
lasted until midnight. Quite a number
of traveling men from various portions
of the state were present, as the lodge
formed last night is not to be a local
one in its character. There were thirty
charter members, and this membership
will be largely Increased very shortly.
There were many commercial travelers
in this state Who oQmj4 not be present
at the meeting yesterday and most of
these will join the order sooner or later.
The United Travelers' Is a secret bene
ficlary order. It is a strong organisa
tion, well managed and omcered, and it
exerts a wide social influence.
The omcers elected last night were:
Senior counsellor, E. J. Kirkham: Ju
nior counsellor, A. C. Marshman; post
counsellor, A. H. Adams; secretary.
F. E. Mayall; treasurer, C. C. Prahman;
conductor, J. M. Frye; pare,, C. T. Hull;
w.'ntlnel, E. R. Manning: trustees, 0. L.
Tracy. E. C. Atwater, C. F. Woodman,
E. S4. Johnson.
After organization had been effected
the travelers repaired to The Helena.
where Manager Walker had prepared
an elegant and elaborate spread
in compliment to the traveling men who
became members of the lodge. With
the fine things to eat and drink came
other good things, for Supreme Coun
sellor Dowd and Mayor Weed made
short addresses appropriate to the oc
Missouri River Packers Fighting an Advance
of Rates.
Omaha, Dec. 1.-The Missouri river
packers to-night, through the auoci
ation organized here recently to oppose
proposed increased rates east on pack
ing house products, announced a deter
mination to make the railroads feel
this power before the matter Is dis
posed of. The advance in packing
house uroduets and live hogs became
rffective to-day, notwithstanding the
combined protest that went up from
packers of Omaha, Kansas City, St.
Joseph and Sioux City. In fact, the
opposition to the advance was not even
accorded a respe, tfull hearing, so they
claim, amnd the packers now feel that
there are stronger powers at work toI
kill the industry of the Missouri valley
than have' ever h'f"ore ,shown their
hands. In consetquence, there Is a good'
deal of bitterness and all sorts of
threats are heard against the railroads
nsltrumental in thl matter. One of
the comnlittes of tihe' Packers' associ
Iltionl appointed to conduct the fight.
to-night said: "There Is nothing to
prevent lthe packers exporting their
produc't via Port IRoyal. Ilaliveston and
New ()lletas. from ~hlch port 'exi',l
lent lervice' for I:uropean ports ha\e
been provided.i.
Wil .)Iaike the .irt'iltlce.
Washington, li.e'. I.-- A.ldv''es flront
Idaho ntays thatt Sen'tir Shoup has ala
Intlllllu'edt hlnIII P it candidateL fotr re
e'l,'tihlln. 'This avev will Is of Imponlrtance.
II,.raue In the pI t e IghtI'el mollllths or
HO n yetl'a the elilltul"rM Ilti(lude hlits
ht'en unl erlt'laii. In 11,02 ihe wrote" ii i.n
tidnllni.l 1lettr Io a frienllld announll ing
11.lt he would not au gain enter the racle,
i here-pon Conlgl'tSfltean $Ws'et failed
i, rece'.eiv'e the Indors.melit of tlhe 11luih
lit11n state convention, whih caused
Itonnell and t W . II. liI yit rn. . a ,, w tall
lfrom the norlten .1rof the st. te, and
natul i lhey hurtllinK olle. t III., a tiihIs
hancet's ShIlOlup'is friendis think thel
opening Is itoo grood loi tlse.
Fredericks, Montana Outlaw.
Pa a I.'na ti I i-. I4icc. I.W 'eilliam 1'roa -
aLakie.k ltla va'lilif' lu aaalamaaa out law1% wIho
Ca,' lilly aaaaarr.l"'.I Itanik Casimleer liar
rl."(ck, fItis llalaaaly, toial aa w lam i tow LIn
S ta.'atia ja1 i rll 1. aaol.'r iletlh asala
I.ýli,. atll la'aajt.'l Ia kill hllaaa·.lt it-t~v
1his .1..114 1118 bia ' el.FtlhK ltI1a" It' I ha blea.
alitiM air his i'e'l il smlan li' i hoghlnll'11f toi
I- .alfeaaautt'al. A Caulat I Jl14. "1. ri IIa,
liI., aindtal ldmgg'a III, iaaaaa ,unaaaa`tl pa-las
an"rou. F'rweedrla' kits rat$ Ii'tItallit I
and ilsataetla' wbthtiat ta'iv painfural hrnsa.
The Bank Statemdnt.
N. ,%v Yaak. L)t'. 1.-The' w'c-kly btank
I ii cliii alt ashoaws the. rulli Wing slhutaga'at
I ata, il·a, dla.tri' e, $i Isi W,1OU; 1laelas. Iaa
at iilt'. $4,4M7.7100; peate, dalcr'uea'. $19,
1.nxl tendersIl*·1·~~· IJ.erea.r. : 2.l9cl
4a'i' a eh~l l. I 'ra'im"ue', 5,i.(a.6ll0iJ al rail
lit i. t l I'e'ata'. 9,604)1. The banks niw,
hldaaie S&2,'Z0,8OO rI eUs oL ruyjutre
Tle Evidesnw Aespportv Her CQvain
and the C(brt so Decide
the Case.
When the Lawyers Quit Talking He Imme.
diately Gave His Decision for the
Nor Was His Mind in Such State That He
Was Ignorant of What He Was
IFar go, I ,.'. I.-ThI. II,.rehf..ld caI
In ended anid t IhI." youg ilrid(l of the
MonranL mIlilloaiire hue bein de.,dlur.,d
iby court(" of *'quitily i bet Ii aKlil w¶fe.
Juldge bi.ri nll/ln' l gave hi1 d l,, touln,ll de
nying tih application of Auilii iIrnl.*
thi*ld for the annulnl.rt of th. marrlglK,
contru1,t, Inlnim ,diately at the cllonclull..l li
of tlhe algumeiinatt of coiuns.l. The de
(nllon waI given orallly, the court Htat
ing that he did not care t, point out
that testimoiny that wav unworthy eof
credence. The plalntift's claim, he said,
that two armed men forced him to ac
company the defendant to the omce of
a justioe of the peace, where they mar
ried under duress, must be substanti
ated so clearly that there was little
room for doubt, or it must be shown
that the plaintiff's mental condition was
such that he was incapable of making
a contract. The first position he did
not think war clearly sustained. He be
Ileved Aaron Hlershfeld was a changed
man, but not to the extent that he
could be ., Id irresponsible, ' He had
taken cariul notice of the eldence;
he had followed each witness closely,
and was confident he had lost no point
that would be of benefit to the plain
tiff, and he saw no other way in justice
than to hold the marriage contract
valid and deny the decree.
The judge had warned the spectators
that there was to be no aplause and
the crowd respected the demand, but
when he maid: "I deny the decree."
the iglh of relief that went up swelled
to murtnurs of aplause. but outside
the court house, where nothing could
prevent, the jubilation of the' crowd
went up. Women who had never seer
the defendant until she came to Pargo
pressed forward to grasp her hand be
fore leaving the room.
"I am a happy wtman again for tbe
fiest time Ita ryes .r",W a. she cou
Judge McConnell this morning struck
from the records all the evidence of Joe.
lWe relating to conversations with Jake
Holcberg. as it was not shown that the
Hlershfields authorized the hiring of
perjured testimony. Defense took all
exception, on the grounds that plain
tiff's own witnesses testified to having
been engaged by Holcberg, and thus the
agency was established. Bee is the
Helena gambler who came here as wit
ness for the plaintiff, but testifled for
the defense.
Judge McConnell also decided not to
admit in evidence telegrams to or from
Hershfield at Helena and Fargo, as It
was desired to close the cruse to-day.
and to secure these telegrmma would re
utre several days.
L. H. Hershfield. brother of plaintiff.
this morning was put on the stand, and
denied the testimony of Mrs. Hersh
field as to a conversatlon with him in
the bank on the day Aaron left her;
said Aaron had left in the morning, and
not In the afternoon, as defendant tes
Dr. E. M. Darrow, president of the
board of insanity commissioners, gave
expert testimony for the defense on
neure'thenla. Replying to hypothetical
questions, witness said persons so af
flicted with neurasthenia as to be In
the state Hershfield's testimony would
show him to be, would suffer cor
responding weakness in memory and be
unable to remember details so
as to tell them months afterward. He
said neuresthenia could be simulated
so as to deceive even a physician.
In the afternoon Mrs. L.. II. Iersrh
field, who appeared in court for the
first time, was put on the stand for
a few moments, denying parts of the
conversation with Mrs. Aaron Hersh
'losing arguments were made and
then the judge delivered his decision.
771rw l'dple Cmn Be Trumtcd."
St. Paul. Dec. 1.-Archbishop Ireland
is hunme aigain. tn an interview he de.
nied anost e.mphatically the story of
his having secured a large loan while
east for the payn!tLnt of the indebted
ness of the lt. Paul diocese. IHe refused
to talk about the attack on him by
llishop Mcquald. "The ' ectlion." he
ci-antiniued. "was a i hsplendidt thing fIor
the bultnieas men rof the. colulitry in
'' iery repelc t', i'c ntlilence has eI.,-t r'e
stor-'d. The' defeat of the Ipopull.sts is a
I.lessed thing fillr the northwest. lar
ictultar ly fot i t a h Iusi.nessa tatt.t oliolnt.
lIad the ppu ilttstI" suci'.ceede'd every
ipe'ily of outside msoney IIvested here
'woultl hite beenlta withdrtawn. The po
lltiiutl vli'tirv if the last monith Is the
iest Indl htiot we could have of popu-t
lar go vii nl' ut. The people cau be
Formed a New Trust.
New York. DoIw'. 1 -The World says an
.'le port . 1. 4 Intl a li t lnpo rters trust is ti e late st
thIIKn hoitrdl of in1 tii l W y uf in-reatltill
ronthintlti ni I'llh report of the cun' oll
Ihilhtll of hf i deatletl h-ling emir ntls
.in hlitll t for i llt h p trposi aintroltlling
. i iii'i'h o t hat linI of iui ' lo-s, I( toIltitK
th,. lo inl+ of %U iI *tll re t al a'l, till hill
r,, i Illh I lrlll t t et'I( h lts.o.n ts nlll 'llrr,,4 e I1
Stil 111" ulan it nt Itt ll llle nl 11 Illl lAlt l l'n -
I,'., thel |\lusi uilh un t ll. u'llilh and Me.
ir0 :ldi .1u'tll llill.
Wiinbs not Doing so Well.
'Vhie r-I.1t tlloo of I's2rlick Wlmh". who
was cut It ' Id yUtiiiilo)II', Thon ksyr
day. %%hil. no 1mce nueed 2t Kfattat resuee&tu
cii. unit lplie~tct. .2" W erh&' e'hzi¶..eM oc
they appseared1 2.. Ie' durlng the twruty
four hour" after the tabbclng.
I'IRftsoS.v .
(luv. fllekarda relcirnee yeuterdrly from
lHlllinga whlre h" went on beetnaer..
T. J. Lynde.. encamIwr of the. housee from
C)eallalhc c-,cneety, cuiee uvmer fronm Hor
mail yesterday.
ti. W. Jai kusoa hleel rerturnedl from a muc.
ceceaul buusinee. trie as far .eat as t11
langs. 1e reports busiseas g.oo.riUY pik.
A Cattle CoatpMeIl '
Denver, Dec. L-4
from Durango, 00e
i); y, of the oU
ham Young, fr.,
Young, of the
ianPAngsers on the -
night. I'revlouls tO
IDay mailed repolt.
Initaloner and a
A. Mel). Mc(lool
M ,intlht llo, tlith, th
ptied'l trulhesi, thit
the. repoirlt are the
fin itimpe.t#uruI onwbOVb
antIl th,* i'ah (1tea, Of
upon. tht. otiher. lie .lS.
I'ttlN, with t(he eixegItIO
inni, who Ia surly oant
ir'" wll wbhaved.
Young stated. howev4_
e.rvatlve .element of
right In Man Juan
doling ll In their powlle
I.lmen t a, bent upon l
hellevel they can hold
reports signed by reptti
the county In question M
lltiona existing can be
Washington. Mr. Youtrl
illuff City. Utah, to-molrrow,
'i,'lFrt will it forwarded t
I)Day, who will refer the SM .
Aside frcoml the Utee sad
I'tn, the latter being fuagtllve
tribe and Justice, quite a n
Nsavajm are across the lea 1.ri'
piunturlng their herds. DaVm
ar'. b.tween three and touT
I'te. in Utah, mostly A-mbet8
We.minuche tribe, althoug -
naIeio II with them. Th tribe
ihoslit 2,000 head of posaes, the
numher of sheep, nd oatJ
twenty head of cattle, ad
tut.s the stock beloneghL to the
dlane that are now ranltal In
section. It is becoilnag more
every day that t8 ttab
company, which has persI.mt _
the removal of the Utes to
brck of the present agitation.
kob Iwm Stabs Robyet el I Mst
The Rase.
aun lVneacsoo, Des, L
Isom. the crack Rht-wliS
jockey, furnished the eAlAmAAt
day at the race by sIabbhl
Combs, another Jockey, to d
Infitetng sertous If st fiWiA
In the third raM. UIbs war a
favorite, and Isma sds Isa Ia
Coming into the usr . IUS
Combs, and the latetr,
dlmounted and loes
room. threatened to
talked back, and
carr his threat late elogh
another olored Jockey
knife, and the hoa
Combs' back. Coa i
there had'been a qvuaei
It was over Isla direO smI
up behind Mnm. Msbbedt 1A Is
luom was arretd
The raes. we erelui
tfing weat the b -ss
gent ws. the epy
tsu the da.g
shot, won tes Iet osee
with Pat Murphy and
war another aisle
Stevens and Aleals
the Judges thought
but the judges gave iM t
live and a halt
Pat Murphy. Mafstay,
Stevens, IUttle
Theater stakes,
GHlead. Thornhill,
uteeplec ae. mile a
Ingot. Vulsan, 3:
EmpreM of
Richlelieu, 1:153.
General Ofmeer as
Chicago. Dec. 1.-? i.
of the national W. C. 9:U,
In session here stage
M. Stevens, the vice 3giggg
presiding, Miss W.lt.lsavt
to Boston upon adjotlIggeat eg
tiunal convention. It l bees
to make an especial htbet
ganlzatlin for the s~eai
Katherine Lente Lmee,
corresponding secaet t
made superintendeslt e Ie
Strong resolutions age
eirning the work mal
pie, and patriottlo
schools. It has bees
gates to the world's W.
don In June, 1, shall be
del.*egates to the 0ae
W. 4. A. The nationl
be represented at the
Ing of the National
in Washington, Feb. I
in Washington, eb. b
(. Hoffman. Lady
will attend.
The general OAseefb
allusion to Mrs. Ci
christening the Stea
with champanue was
Willard In her annaal
action was taken by the
The independent's
Washington. Dec. L-Tbe
Ilt es leased wires have
to Rtichmond. Petersburg
The full night report of the
Press begins to-aight to the
Index-Appeal, which has
the Southern Assoeiated PriLe
report also goes to the Nedell)
full day report begin to the
State, the leading atteerae
Virginia, on Monday.
The Associated Press bl.
news service so s to si ijr
in the south.
'Indioted Monpg
Washington, Dec.
In the Indletmeata of
meyer and Secretary
Iran sugar Refinery
ker Seymour, for
fore the senate I..tui
rommlttee, were aeI
coulrt to-day. They
Initletments do oet
queats for the l·t
In the JurtldicUetll
s nate.
Sil ver
Careon, Nev.,,
fron) all counUle IN
th slilver pa.ty
the state ti ket
senate and alme tS
inrt time In years
clean sweep ot the
ver party of this
the people'
Rt. Louis,
atturney of
pny, of this
dard. the
go to
court at

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