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Originators of Low Pr. A lerry Christmas Greeting to All!
LADIES-Sincerely speaking and uttering our words with unusual solemnity, we repeat that we all have good reasons this
year especially, to merrily greaset each other! Our arrangements for the celebration of the Christmas Ilolid.tys are therefore of
an exceptional nature. Never in the history of Dry (Goods merchandising in the Northwest have anch prodigious quantities of
Foreign and Domestic Holiday Goods of every nature, kind and description, been exhibited by any caterer to the public taste,
as are this week on the display and Bargain Counters of Sands Brothers.
See Our Show Windows. Again We Say, a Most Cordial Greeting to You All.
From the Inevitable and Immortal The variety of Dolls is unusually
TAILOR "Jack in the Box" to the m'" J "p- l and comprises every mus e LA D I E S:
anew, !'hlneso and Aftrean Trpeso and qnualiy. "fiby Doll|" at all prices
MADEDancer. some Inimitable inventions ant "Missy :olle" dressed In the most
in mechanical and funny, mirth provok- fashionabl nmanner. The French Doll
DRESSES. Ins Torys, In French, German and a Ia I)ormlr, or "Sleeping Doll" is a Thie isasuclal Chtst
Swiss goods. Observe; all are at novel attraction, ,as ofiring, the like
For genuine Holiday Gifts Sand. Bros.' Special Holiday price. - - -o- f which you may
there are none more appropri- LEAT H E R never again. Brief.
ate than a pretty costume of ly out iurthsr prdwtb
the newest style, both in cut, B O , GOODS. 24.inc FenOh Coney
material and finish, and here Cape, $10 reduoed
The assortment In Holiday alGts In- ,ate
they are: The latest conceptions for the liter- eludes all kinds of 'hrlistmas Pre- from
Black Cheviot Costume ex- ary entertainment of boys and girls. ents, and conspicuously stands forth 30-inch Eleotrio Beal
Specially written by the most dlstin- the immense collection of Toilet Nets Cape, 024.90 reduced
quisite styles, gulshed authors for Christmas and tI all shapes and In every detail of from *32.50.
$9.85 Reduced from $15. New Year.. All at our Special Holiday dsr h ma tin and luxurious appoint- 30-inch Canada Seal
Prices. lmit. Those soods are really of that Cape, $29.70, reduced
Grey Cheviot Costume, ex- style which is peculiar in Its Oriental- irom $37.50.
quisite style, lm, and yet adaptable to western
qutsite stylene and requirements. Sands Bros. 30-lnoh Astraohan
$9.85 Reduced from mIs. Aake an offerlng this week of those Cape, $2.70, reduosd
unique goods at Presentation Holiday from $37.0.,
Blue Diagonal, elegant dress, Prsee..
0 Redued fOur line of Fans n feather and gauze
.40o Reduced from 8. i deserving a special call. we have Ladles' Astrachan
Tan Covert Cloth Dress, them In misses' In every variety of SWISS
2.4s Reduced from $8 painted, eand In Is- BASKETS Jackets.
.4 Reduced from 8 lee. '. excel In our bo utlful re- B A SK E S quat tra
W COvert letCloth osl of feather, gause, hand painted qualty, x
Brown Cloth Dress, and real lace Fans. uplargeor in lavfull nd
n.4o Reduced from a18 - u]ade on our Indian RevaUoio u erior In finis atnd
from Swisu designs, are very beauti- olgaaos of entourage
Grey Drap D'Ete, extra finish, I.ful both in Si. deign ani ndian fin- a e an .*opot . . y
$197 Reduced frish Are made in all sises and Ino a beautiful lot of gar
$19.7 Reduced from $30 be h~i~~lyr vared as.ortment of ments
eloss. They are surpoigigly cheap., y are et . .
Black Drap D'Ete, extra finish, an for presentation perpn. w .ld I .eswa is. 6.
1 Reduced The inducements to make all pre- exactly fill the bill
$19-73 R co entation purchases of Silks at Sands
Tan Drip D'Ete, extra finish, :ro..' are many and important to In
tending purohhaers of Hollday Gifts. MIYOTA JAPANe-E
$19.75 Reduced from .3jo hos pcil pries e-tend to all kindst Origiators of Low Prices.
Blue Drarp D'Ete, extra finish, io silk, both black and colored, and
in those new French aney silks there 1*
$19.75 Reduced from 3o. is the advantage, not only of securlng
the very latest styles, but also of buy
Ins thoseo charming Silks at special Hol- Are of the lmperial standard of lux
U N D E REA Riday Sale Prices. All remnants of uriots foot matttlg; have taken the
Bilks are placed on the Bargain Coun- Royal Mikado prise, and are specially
ter and marked in plain figures at such designated the only toot mat of the
prices as must insure an early clear- Royal and Imperial Palace of Japan.
Sands Bros. are sole agents for Ypsilanti Underwear. ance. There are many desirable lengths Sands Bros. now have them, and In
among them, suitable for Ladles' all sises. These Russ are specially
Waists, and will be a handsome and adapted for Souvenir or Holiday Pree.
Mall Order Department receives and exeoutes orders daily. Inexpensive Holiday Present. eats.
A l, See Our Show Windows.
All Plerchandlise Throughout the Month of December Will be Sold at Holid , Sale Prices.
In the Case of the Murder of a Young Woman
Worth S10,000.
Minneapolis, Dec. 4.-The body of
Miss Catherine Ging, a well-known
drtesmaker, aged 29, and reputed to be
worth $10,000, was found last night In
the middle of the county road leading
Into the city, by William Erhardt, a
"Soo" baggageman. There was a bul
let hole directly through her head, her
nose was broken and there was a long,
Jagged cut in the upper lip.
Miss ling had made the Intimate ac.
quaintance of a St. Paul gambler. At
times she hired a livery rig in the even
Ing. and drove with him. The man was
accustomed to send notes to her, and
the A. D). T. boy who carried most ot
them hbaa been found. He sent one yes.
terday which she tore up on reading.
In the evennga she hired a rig as usual
and went out alone. Two hours later
the horse returned to the barn with the
empty buggy. The cushions were
soaked with blood and brains. The po
lice believe she went out driving with
the St. Paul man, that they quarreled
and he shot her. It is thought the shot
was not instantly fatal and he must
have beaten her face with the butt of
the revolver, taken her out of the car
riage and left her body on the road,
driven bock to town and fed. The
motive Is thought to have been robbery.
The police are still at sea as to the
identity of Mis s Oing's mysterious mur
derer. Two men who were knownl to
have been more or less initilnate with
her, have provedr alibis. The Nt. Paul
man was one of these.
Karl's Clover Root, the great Blood
purifier, gives freshness and clearness to
the complle'lon and cures eons.ipation,
Z:. cts., 60 cet. and $1. For sale by Par
t h.n-D)'Acheul Drug Co.
Iltuy yolr Chrlatmas prl'e nts at the
Bee lHive and si .' t,, pt r ( nt.
Ecourslon Rates to California.
The Northern Pacific railroad has
placed on sale daily round trip tickets
to California points. as follows:
helena to San Franc lacr and return.
going via Spokane, Tacoma and Port
land, and returning same way. $75.
To San Francisco, going via Spokane.
Tacoma and Portland, and returning
via Ogden and Butte, $90.
To Los Angeles, going via Spokane,
Tacoma and Portland, entering Nan
Francisco in one direction either going
or returning. $ 9.
To Los Angeles, going via Spokane.
Tacoma, Portland and Ban Francisco,
and returning via Sacramento and Og
den, $99.50.
Tickets are limited to sisty days for
going paalage. good to return at any
time within final limit of six months
from date of issue.
Tihe scenery via the Northern Pacifli
and Mount Shasta route is unequaled.
PHsseingers get a magniftiemnt view of
lMount Shasta from observation cars.
For further Information,. sleh(ping car
reservations, etc., call on or nddress
A. D. .I)UAR.
Oeneral Agent. Hellna. Mont.
Special blanket sale at tIl. ler( Illvr.
ein'st values ever ,ffered at 75e, $1.15,
$1.75 and $3.
For a stylish cloak for ladies, misses
or children, and eastern prires, call at
the Bee Hiv,.
A DelughtfulTrip.
VIa Halt Lake and Denver to Chicago
and the east. A dip at the great Sait
lake or a few days' visit at Manltou
Springs, situated at the foot of like's
Peak, cannot be equaled on this conti
Pullman dining ear route. For rates.
etc.. call at the Union Paolfle omice, No.
N North Main street. Helena.
H. O. Wilson,
' asen.ger A*eL
The Attemptto'Wreok a College With Dyna
Berea, Ky., Dec. 4.-Last night W. D.
Candee and Walter Lyman. white stu
dents at Berea college, when about to
retire, were called upon by masked
men, who overpowered them, tied Ly
man to a tree and threatened him with
death if he made an outcry. Taking
Candee around near the entrance of the
college they produced a dynamite
bomb, and ordered Candee to light and
throw it Into the entrance. He refused,
whereupon they tied his hands and
threw him on a pile of wood. They
then lighted the fuse In his presence,
threw the bomb into the entrance, and
ran. Candee, by a superhuman effort,
freed his hands, seized the bomb and
th'runt it Into a barrel of water. He
thnli released Lyman, and examined the
ipremirm. Another bomb was found
near a wood pile.
There has been some feeling because
rl ,pa rollege has admitted both black
and white students, but the general
feeling is that the attempt to blow up
the building In purely mallclous.
New's This
We offer One Hundred Dollars reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHIaNEY ! CO., Props.,
Toledo, O.
We. the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last fifteen years, and
believe him perfectly honorable In all
business transactions, and finanhcally
able to carry out any obligations made
by that firm.
West k Truax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O.
Walding, Klnnan & Marvin, Wholesale
fDruggi.ts. Toledo, O.
tall's ('atarrh Cure is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mu
cous rur faces of the system. Irlce. 7&e
per bottle. Bold by all druggists. Testl
monial. free.
New Judge Advocate General.
\W:,shlngton, I).. 4. - Thl announce.
m.rnt oif tIhe prersil.ntll t' 'Ilt.1ntntin to re
tlI-r( Judge Adve,'ate (*intrai iwain this
m1onth has . aiiue.d inti'h plW.'culaiitiln in
nlllitary e nlrnhe .i to succel.soll. Ve'ry
lproIiably the flcc wi.111 fall to ('oil.
I.lhber, of South t'nrlina. who has,
.:ince. (l. i. wiilun's aispni'.itoel, dis
ihaIrged thC dutIl of judgel adviiocate
IaesaeaI* Aralei Salve.
The best salve In the world for Cut.,
Btrusle,. Bores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fe
ver sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chll
Ihlnli., corln and all Skin Eruptions, and
positively curen piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to lgive perfect satlisfac
tion or money reflunldedl . 'rlre ' cents
por box. For sale by the Parchen
.'Aiheul Drug company.
Still Indicting Howgato.
Wuahinu.ton. llec. 4.--The district
girand jury present'd two Ic.w Indlct
ml'nis Ifr Inmllbezzlemellt Allllllnt (Ciait.
IIt nry W. ii wate I(ne' charge', that
Iliowt aI Iem .0L .zled $1tI.iN) on (lOt, ir,
1179; t11.' .tlher 1111 c'harl gn emln.wzzl.
miet of two sums aggregatinlg $20.7;t
In Aug. "l. 1571 Tile original charge
of forgery in iglored.
Hobbhy horses., sleds, doll buggies, etc.,
at the lier lilve.
WIbe Iaby was irk, we gave her eoseeth
Wha sbe wu a Child, she cried for Catoria.
Wh .. sb. became lies die clung to Caterid.
Wha she hall ChilWr, she gave tbm O trt
shlebmo.D'AledI Dri ,a, Mls,
Most., wholle ageonti
No. 3477.
U. . Land Office, Helena, Montana,
ept. 20o, 194.
Notice is hereby given that Jphn Cam
eron and Right L. Liles, of Rimani. Lewis
and Clarke county, Montana. and Ed.
ward Mlc.overn. whose postoffoe ad
dream Is Butte, Blver Bow county, Mon
tana,. and William Owley, of Twin
Bridges Madison county. Montana, and
Louis irileay, of lilver Bow county,
Montana., have this aly filed their appl.
cation for a patent for 1.fl linear rest
of the Ounley lode mine or vein bearing
Sold and sliver, with surface ground from
3415. feet to O10 feet in width situated in
no organised mining distreit, county of
Jefferson. nnd state of Montana. and dos.
imnated by the field notes and offiianl plat
on file in this office as survey No. 3#0.
iII township 8 north, range 5 we-t. of prin.
peliI base line and meridian of Mnniana,
sild surl'ey No. 3080 being as follows, to
Peginning at corner No. 1. a tree I ft in
diameter. marked tI-nO, for corner No.
I from which corner No. I of survey No.
th16 iears 11 24 dog, 48 min e 1.311.6 ft, and
the nic corner of see 2.. twip ni. r i w,
hIirsl n 3I dle 43 m e L.,9i.3 ft, and ruln.
ning from thence n 63 deg .02 mn w 1,521.4
ft, thence a 17 der and 20 min w I00 ft,
thence s 72 deg~ 40 mini I. ttl ft. thence n
I7 ieg 20 mnn , 34.:, ft to Raid corner No.
I and Ith place of beginning, mugnetlo
variation 20 deg 3 minl e, containing 16.23
The locntlon of this milnr It recorded in
Ith county rmcorder's offico of Jefferson
tounty, Montana. There are no adjoin.
Any lind all persons claiming adversely
any Iportion of said Ousley lode, mlne or
surface g'rou nid are reqtuired to file thir
adverse c'laims with the register of the
t'nlted Sta.te.l land office at Helena, In
time stlate of Auntana, dulring the lixty
itayv' pIerinll of i,ulltication hereof, or they
1til be burred by virtue of the provisions
of the statute.
1W. Pt COX. Rlegister.
Stlerllng & Muffly, attorne'ys for clalm
First publication Iept. 2., 1894.
A. L. Prescs
Marhle aid haeit
11... Qe.1..,
r en e t m M O S I S fb
..1 ti/.w..am t Igpns. A.
UuiM.. Dgtuaee.i
*@.. . = .N. 3 A .
OMOI OL 00 1tyIe
Charlotte R. Johnson, plalntiffs vs.
Thomas Quinn, defendant.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of foreclosure and sale Issued
out of the district court of the First ju
dicial district of the state of Montana. in
and for the county of lewis and Clarke,
on the let day of December, A. D. M14, in
the above entitled action, wherein Char
lotte R. Johnson, the above named plain
tiff, obtained a judgment and decree of
foreclosure and sale against Thomas
Quinn, defendant, on the ltth day of No
vember, A. D. 1Kt, for the sum of $111.41,
besides interest, costs and attorneys fees,
which said decree was, on the 15th day of
November, A. D. 1834. recorded in juds
ment book No. J, of said court, at page
-, I am commanded to sell all that cer
tain lot, piece or parcel of land, situate,
lying and being in the county of Lewis
and Clarke, state of Montana, and bound
ed and deecribed as follows to wit: The
north sixty-four (64) feet of lot number
fifteen (1). in block number forty-seven
(47), of the Northern Pacific addition to
the city of Helena, county of Lewis and
Clarke. state of Montana, according as
said lot and block are more particularly
described upon the official plat of the said
addition now on file in the office of the
county clerk and recorder of said Lewis
and Clarke county, together with all and
singular the tenements, heredltaments
and appurtenances thereunto belonging
or in anywise appertaining.
Public notice is hereby given that on
Monday, the 24th day of Dccmber, A. D.
1394, at 12 o'clock m. of that day, at the
front door of the court house, Helena,
Lewis and Clarke county. Montana, I will,
In obedience to sail order of sale and de
cree of foreclosure and sale, sell the above
described property, or so much thereof as
may be necessary to satisfy said judg.
ment. with interest and costs, to the
hlghest and best bidder, for cash In hand.
Given under my hand, this 3d day of
December, A. D. INt.
CHAItI.ER 1l. CI'RTIS. Sheriff.
By IFRitfD . 11014o . Under Sheriff.
('ullel & Tool,. i:lhintiff's attornyv.
81(-11P P'S 14A .I.:.
('Cit rit tt1 Jol tooitl, 0, lnl ittf, vu. H. C.
L. C. F. Ifot, iuilgii~c, and 1it·orgt. Y'r'
gy, Ide'fenIdants.
Under and by virtiae of an order of mble
and decree of fiiIorettii'r ltid Fabt tsso.il'
out of thie lIst It rIOIIt of Ilt. I'Ii ,t Jo
dicigl illntriit of the1 sutetI of .Mijiiaiiit. In
and for the waor nty of I 1wI ll (ondIt rio',
on thhe 1st day of I i,.rli* uit.i. A. I). I894.
C'ha rlotte Johnsqon. tIh hi' II;iIVIii:1 ilied iiiln -
till. oibtained, a JiIL'nou'l 01 11 an Vi.iP of
forelosure and toile ,lalgtllt thei ahoy.e
iiuiiied defendlants on lIt" 1b Vth day of No
lenmber. A. 1. 1914. fto Ithe orn of $:I ,1W1 .
Novemnber, A. 1). 1914, ec ordid In Joi Ig
nouti honk No. J. of s i'I ili t1 , 1 l. iii lnti
- 1 am commainadi.l Itoll all ili It cr
lyin and being In Ill,, h. u ity I o Ifwlt
aIItIl t'lnrke, stIle oIf !uolltahiu. tiid ibiotnll
elI an1. de1i'iIbe'l INfll' aiot , to ilt' it,ot
No. fourteen (141. In hhllk I.. of the' I tin It
addition to the city of Itrlonu, th.' sailt
lot havIng a fronitage on ltioadwis of
frds -Iwo (42) t feelaI i (eiti oi oel
hunIdre'uI (100) tee't. a iird ttau to. jill a sii
raid lot a nld hloln lt ni..1 mule 'll rtt·( llllry
di"rlbed upon lbh' off?, liii plIat ()IIIiid(,llt
if I lly. Paid adiit , i(1I. 15111nN .Ii il. I
ii.hlr of the coIlitlus h1111. itit I '1.0 1,1 or
t ounty of Ievei.ll mlil. slab,~ "i
di' i i IIIrIiul tlogeter ti l. i. mll llt '15 11, ou l
tieiIll. WiP th lrf s otllb , 01 , . 1 -it I, ;t it%
I'n II Vi' tiloler In)' h lI."., b lv.r tla o ill,
tlomlayy the "(:l t 11 .li .o I ·1·11\ b,"r. A. it.
10 1, at 1 3 o'clock tit ·lr~nl 'til .Il '. at all.
front door of the . ·. lil. ( house, I )11ena,
HtAnt L C ik II, C oInTIft, I rIt".
fly !Hi'RD p. 1 r01414. I'nder ihimlif.l
C(ive n UnIde , m ly nnthis Satorife &
MEN ,Lj:3 ; rm tIl·r
OR WONMEN. ut'3SL mouom.u. *.um udsu"K
Sale and Exchang&
Au Impceymd acb thl ! jS1~ 0 M' ""' e
mer.d dea. to dtdh. 1010301 m..ajr " el
'lteeal mine ds, Inse. used keawn m41 aec
tai siusw.t adh, barsn md claM corrl..
g~arn ei eteUtgI.saroL
ctlam w ·aler gl batl N Was oru 'i
A w. le Id of taceas ..latg t Sts
Root . trI. e.tw
Jto~ run~ shataoms WIrf
c ofetile Wreal tah.º.. le..
sea tur o 1wolua wth ml l.t mm
*t b ie(na l~ot~a fl1 rtwo hliplmg t ..
eheagi t.ot a nor rrr . ' ru., rrl*
A moa brik retrnre ci Bgge·lairo
lrof tloan. tbese 7 thesec1ýaw. WWte
o.. rogapt anda ol oa wort ilme at. allw em
LI;.luSLoe:r soiwod or Nooks ass
sprow raa ohof 1t SIN
. 1am otr tote agOed.ooe ps. r ratldom. .
o n e. t o rw t . s ode ,
e b.tnw - At tw{actwý imtasromdelng.l gao
loasee r lr. w ater hm. urn
meo n.am mteba
tram earr llaoy Prom S LOt mout
II.r E ro-nets g . ght atemam m
!seg roller, arsg $ o ~osi
elctricnd l 50.. rooo~m "ns .11 dow
ouafh Yana street, to. Lamp gr lcod worsae.
on ocut or west Skis.
SIt -tt-Motora sevgt-room s iwe llugr. atmd
trr thug. am t rotea ar, sl1f e et 3 .hNMer aek
ta.eo I4.. isads
frlomae liaroM dowll. wit tl at.
Th1rd tret. liar reatt eit aos Me
rlotrrt· pry Il r(n k flr d own.
Quats ropecs n Lmpglo fr elb
$1L-Yadrra ol~ht-room defiling bath sa
to N. bo ta0 tilrll
)((tl-tl·+·o roes ;riily with bath,
Third street, ser Poattis
boom, for ot. furnished sad naturniah
Civil and 'b
ROOMS 24 26,
madei " YIiiY S~La.?Y~?
Unalted tate. Land Oo., HoIsle, Moa.
tanas Nov. 1, 1W4.
Notieo Is hereby ,lea that seaeph P.
atach. Andrew Thompe ana ane
I. Mattle., of Hele. Mat., ha tb
day made apppliction for pateit, abder
the minig laws of coneer, ree the
Little Alma lode minl otllm, deeall
nated as survey Na 4Ar., situatel Ia
Lump gulch, unorgaled inalf die
tIrot. Jeferson county, Montana, In
townships No. $ and I north o. range 8
west, which clatim l recerded Ia the
ome. of the recorder eo Jsetrsm sesun
ty, at Boulder. Montana. and desrlbed
as fellows:
Beginning at corner No. I e salt
survey No. 4.4$? from which the eluo
ina section corner between ssotieos
and 4 township No. I north of range Na,
$ west. bears south W deg. O als. eas
.4113 feet and running then north 41
des. r mmin. west m13 feet to sorner
No. 3; thence south 44 deg. mnLs. west
1.410.6 ftrt to corner No. 3; thesek south
41 der. U min. east 431 feet to earner
No. 4; thence north t deg. 1 mls. east
I3 feet to corner No. 1. the place et be.
ginning, embracing as are pt IL.
acres of which 17 ancres is nl eOaloet
with survey No. 3I.67 and Is elaimed,
upon which a noticee of said appUcatleg
was posted on the 4 day of Oetober,
The only known adjolnlng elaim to
these premises Is the Virginia ode
unsurveycd, on the east.
W. e. COX. Register.
Date of first publication Nov. 3. 16. I
Langhorne & Reece. Attorneys. I
Room No. 211. Power blo'k. Poetolfog
Hog $11. Helena. Mont.
l'AIRK OBESITY PIII.t will roduoe
your weight PERtMANlENTI.Y from 13 to
15 pounds a month. NO ITARV IN(O.
slckneuu or Injury; NO I')IILIC'ITY. They
build up the heallth and heautify the com
plexion. leaving Nt)O WVRINKL'S or flab
binese. 'tl'Ol'T AtUO)MINd and dlflfiult
brrathlng suIrely relieved. N(t EXPF:ItI
MI NT, but a avientifle and positive relief.
adoptedl on~ly aftt yeurtt of taperitt-ce.
All utders euppled llrrert front our olfice.
fiesc.. $~ pit. k.g,, or t hre.' pac kages for
:.. by mall postpaIl. Testllmoulnii and
partleulars tseslem) 2
All n'tepqmd.u.' slrietly .onfldentlaL
PARIK REMEDt~lY CO.. Iluston, Mass.
N A .urn, ale
Lre a nd al 11lu.n
and iscrai 11v raMYjAtI~
dVlttnhbrneee Fet Snd 4.
stamp finr parr lll d"Cu
IIarit. ý' 1rw81t u 4
Rwfrn vr'· r. t~ U t
F.r gale by Pope £ O'Cosnnor, Nutg

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