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tunate in being cajoled Into an allianeo
against his w4ll, and by clrcumstances
inexplioable, beyond his ontrol.
"In regard to Witness Anderson, he
Is a man of 30 years of age at least,
and held the respmnstble position of
parcel clerk at the Palmer house, and
yet they style him 'a bell boy.,' seeking
to discredit him.
"In regard to the defendant's age.
which she testifies Is 21 years, while
the marriage certifleate given her age
at 25. and she I. older than that.
"In regard to the registering at the
Palmer, she swore she wrote her namA
herself, but when the Palmer house
register appeared, slilt asked plermls~mion
to corrcot herself and corrotxlrated the
clerk's testimony that she diI not write
As the Argnu said on l4tunday: Aaron
Il1shflield has bt'1 n aI realduent of Wargo'
since May. lte has twen a cour'teous
gentlonhnan Iit evr\y relation and not a
few who rejol'te that he is defeatel, Ibe
cause of Ihtidr sympathy for the woml
an. still rt'espect hint for the peltionltl
worth they ha:t seen in him.
It is true th ii. . mptthy tof theilt genern
pubhUc wan with the woman, but it In
il' true that the iltrshtleliChts a pre
pile of character. lnd the gutId nltame of
theLr fntlly has been attacked, andl It
Is said to be their Intention to appeal
the" care and to gain a new tral if pIo
ibleh In u.der that they may be vindl
.attiei from the false position they have
ti p u Int by the lun.lir statelnents
iade b'y lit' IinewspapIers which have
Inot done thotg ttastli'e.
The case. is the first to go to the au
premle court lunder thel Newman act of
1I93, which re'qtitres the supretme court
to review the questionl of filet as well
as Of law, Ias plit's.ntetl In the reicord
where the trial Is before the ciourt.
The app*eal tnot tte complentetd until
the traiinscri pt of thie record Is prelpared,
which may caultse a delay of two weeks.
Atttrney St rrill will Ibok after that
fe.iturte. Mr. andtl Ms. L.. II llersh
fteld, servants and chilhldn left for liel
enld last eve'ning. They wgfn manyl
ftriends while in F'erg, amongr those
who became acquaintedtt with thettm.
STAT.lI %4 Mui. Fd I1 T.
Colorado Will Resist Utah's Eviction of the
(]rand Junction. Col.. Dec .--li
patches received here to-.day announce
that eleven boxes of arms and ammu
nition have been recived itt Thoml.ons,
U'tah. sixty miles west of here, shipped
by Gov. West. of Utah. Rettlers are
arriving and propose to move against
the Indians in San Juan county and
drive them back over the colorado line.
Denver. Dec. 7.--There is a feeling at
military headquarters In this city that
if the governor of Utah intends to arm
settlers and cowpunchers in southeast
err U1tah to drive out Ute Indians who
are pasturing ponies and cattle in San
Juan county there will lie a tirst class
rumpus. The military authorities here
hold that the Indians have a right in
that country, and it is likely, should
trouble arise, troops will be sent down
from Fort Logan to protect Indians.
Officers are looking for orders quite
soon if the report telegraphed last night
from Salt Lake is true. Col. Ward. ad
jutant general of the department of
Colorado, said to-day that the Indians
have instructions from Washington to
occupy the country now being used by
them. and settlers and cowboys have no
right there whatever. The government
will, it is thought, support the Indians
in the position they have assumed.
Waseldnton, Dec. 7.-The secretary of
the interior has directed Agent Day, of
the Southern Ute agency in Colorado,
to proceed to the section of Utah in
vaded by Colorado t'tes and endeavor
It persuade them to return to their
re..ervation. He will to-morrow leale
for the scene of trotuble. There are se\ -
tral hundred of the. dissatisfied Indians
in Utah, and the effort to induce them
to go back to their Coloado home is ex
peoted to prove a difficult matter.
Salt Lake, Dec. 7.-- ov. West to-day
received the following dispatch from
Gen. McCook at Denver: "I have or
dered Iieut. Col. Iarston. inspector
general of this department, to proceed
at once to Monticello and Blue Moun
tains, 'tah, to investigate and report
upon the condition of Indian affairs
(1tv. West left to-night for Monti
cello, for a conference with Larston.
The Winter Meeting is not a Bonanza for
.an Franclsco, I). 7.--It is stated
that the Ilpresent race meetink at lBtay
Dlistrict track has not pr'oved i bonanza
to the twenty-three bookmrnnker who
apllpectedi in the ring at the beginning
of the season. File of them have b-ee'
.'ompl..llhd to leave the ring, and It is
stated that their combiined losses will
Rnamount to S;dt.(om.
1'.1 r',,'rianH's gelding Watt, rs.n
drol i d In l in the s,,1 nl l rI;'e to-da;i .
'rh.er' woer l'y tihr e horses in thIl
r'e, mlt after gl g hilt it mil. aIt 'top,
t.u . , tit ll ,-I 1'.*.'l hurst in \ att-r
,,o' h,,nd amn h- dropped Hits J,,+k-y,
11111. feill In th, unft mul a .ti s: unin
jtur d, le''rt r;ian pl i $'. ,. f a tr \\ att . r
s. ,. As usual, ti. br tt' rs pii k, I ti,
W nllllle ll th ' fiIrst I ,, ltI . u l a Id alt r
Rix fuill,,. ,is rniriitd, -Paltrhi, Miaj
Jian, Head Flowcr r, ."', 1 . '.n (itl nais
-- ('rndun. Inthuslast, \1'att rso.n,1
drollgn'l *,'ad, nI oth,"rs utn, no lmto;
fiv' furlongs- r'lqur. field Pug. Nor
lo, 1 '174. 4 'it furlongs , Thr'' Forks,
llan¢ford, 'i', Itogtnnli, 1 "tP,.: m l-te-H -
ulizatin, IRrt-w M ,t, Hy Iry, 1.Y.2
The Kinetoscope.
Th, stem, room at No. ;; Nwrth Main
sul'' i:: L, lug 1it"11 I |1 r, exlhillblt n of
lh., ].in r,, ,. , , arIl it i4 inte,-n , lhv
tll' i tnl h .+' ; ',\" \\'alt"lr , to iI"tll It
tU it, lp hl b ., :t't'+ lllull l.
Su~ibVnlfIs . IaIihveln, t.
it, , Iii 4, 1 ' thl I, l tu i; ll l* . tit1
th . I I ''IH I h tl ill . " \ Ih i' N\\
1, k . . :l 'llin l "1.' ..^ `. -Illl bull y: ' *th
Stilt il' t l l ; l ' -'ll"'i 'f tI.. h itt) i rut '
1 t i I 1 ju ltfy th1 It" t l
I; . t I.Ij. i,. , I.l., lxi. .1,, . I ,I .r f txhx .
i ,1( I. ii I i I ' I. ,i Iii i I . I ' ,i 'I Ii I
"i " irm ;'I.. . t, .barn. ,i" n týI. l1 I., " l
11l "1 )1 ,1 I - !'II:, .. .' I," .. " ."1. 1, ' 1i;, ll,
a.tl I. i
.n E 1I . I , 'tii lhI tII\II ii 11.h 5 .'
a: li,',It , ; I I l. [., i. 111 NI,' ai t ' r i ., i` :+iu
t , il" ,I,
i lim I ill, I Iii i. jl iitui (,it .1 i t
Ilci 4 Iih'i i uttll ' iI h 'II : t/' ii llnhl llI
II nh II. ' . 1- , Y i." . 't. l1" - r i., In
th." ImL " il I l "Il"'I I\ii I I , ii11l
'I " x, l ii" \ . ". n I i , Ii"liii lII I, ji.ul
Fl t 1 I I I lih tlr, l i' ri. is ni".ti i .I II . hil
Ilw.h IilIn, I I i 1 i .Iiu, , Pi l11 it .. i
nihllti' ti Jnie. lih, I, r atnt I i tisi I,I
a'i:in" In , r rtnt 1ii It . 4,11 nil ,l r mihiII.
fill S .t y h ', , .,r (I',iit 5tl -cent bot i i
t s l'r s llt' Ty ll idru.r. is n thi
te lr thall it itsll.I lti ll., i!.i+ tl Il
with l'hanles lnn I. al b alm. i It will
in ll thr oflfer ll ,.aft.it II u1 . m hiri l
night's tl me. 'Thln I* Ia. in In i b. It
pavhit- ' fulr rhli lu timin n.iiwl 1ili11 aei
many verytrninp - iss h.+ I SO-cent but
in e l lif le by ill d' lut la,
Condition of Buaeww in the Leadling Com.
New Yerik, lo. . T.-LBradtreet'. RR
view of Trade to-morrow will say: "At
the larger eastern clties the retl trade
hu ameumed the charactertltic of the
hoiday season. The demand from job
bers ts mainly to fill out depleted stooks
and activity la mainly among retailers.
At the south there it a reasonable ao
tivity In staple goods. Among central
western titles. Cleveland and Cincin
nati are exceptional in reporting gains
in demand in a few lines, and at the
firat named from manufactures. North
tof Kansas City and west of Chicago.
trade reports are less favorable because
of unseasonable open weather, and
throughout Nebraska and adjacent
regions, ow u4r to need of rain. At Lon
don, wool salew, closed t5 pwr cent higher
than the opening, for good varieties.
That staple il regarded as having ad
vanced, although quotatlions for terrl
tories are nominally only ste~sy. Amer
I'ani purchases at london amount to
r,i.ti,.OItN bales.
"hlMrehants and manufacturers are
reported alt itlpationg thlat busi ness will
remain well withitn c.nserativet lines
during the winter, with nmoderate in
cranse in the spring."
New York, Dec. 7.---It. l. lDunn &
('o.'s Review of Trade will to-morrow
may: "It Is difficult to detect any change
In current business, Prospects for bust
ness after Jan. 1 are quite generally con
sidered more hopeful. The meeting of
congress andl the announcement of a
ne-w tturrency plan, andl various bills
proposed, have not affected the situ
ation pterceptibly. On th' whole, agri
cultural products are scarcely strong
and tht wages of labol' do not advance,
but there is reason to expect the em
plolyment of a somewhat larger work
Ing ftt'ce after' the holidays. Wool
maniufitetturers have been doing 3 pter
cent. more thahn last week, bilt 92 per
cent. letsl than in 1892, and the aver
tae of 114 qualities of wool quoted by
t'ates liBros. is 14.79 cents, the lowest
ever known. Failures this week have
been ,3., against 385 last year."
Process of Sorting Them Out About Comrn.
E. C. Russell, of Helena, attorney
for Milllcent IHandmann. filed a copy of
settlement between Daniel Edward
Handmann and Millicent Bandmann
made in 1879. when a divorce was
granted to the latter in the distrlct
court yesterday afternoon, says the
Western Democrat, of Missoula. of
Wednesday. Mr. Bandmann settled
upon Mrs. Handnann the house and
premiserof No. 36 Oloucester road. Kew
surrey and the furniture, etc.. therein.
There was also filed the appointment
of trustees of the property for Mrs.
Rnndmann gad children. The attorney
for Mrs. Randmann petitioned the court
to order Mr. Bandmann to execute a
new deed to this property. The pe
tition was granted and the order issued.
Mr. Bandmann, however, acting under
the advice of his attorney, refused to
sign the new deed, as he claimed It
differed from the former one In that
it conferra upon Mrs. Millicent all his
personal effects. Including a valuable
private library and many testimonials
presented to him during his tour of the
world In Shakesperean characters. This
morning Judge Woody struck out those
two provisions of the decree, after
which Mr. Bandmann signed the docu
Fought Several Rounds With Two Broken
Denver, Dec. 7.- Paddy Purtell, the
"Saginaw Kid," and Billy Mahan, of
California, welter-weights, met at the
Central theater to-night for a finish
fight. The purse was $500 a side. Up
to the tenth round very little effective
work was done. In the tenth round
the Kid landed on Hilly's chin and fol
lowed with a neck and mouth blow.
Mahan got in a good left on l'urtell's
mouth and the Kid hit him on the nose.
In the eleventh they exchanged hard
body blows. Mahan got In a swift left
on Purtell's chin. The twelfth round
resulted in a clinch, and time was
called. Several fouls were made in the
thirteenth round and the men clinched
and fell. Time was called amid con
fusion. The fourteenth round was in
Mahan's favor. In the twenty-first
round the Kid threw up the sponae. In
the third round he broke his right hand
and two rounds later broke his left. He
continued to fight agu:nst these' odds,
when It was useless to continue.
Report of the Business Done at the Principal
Money Centers.
N."w York. I)ec. 7.-The following tabtle,
'itntpilid by Itralstreect's. ,ows total il."r
at r a"t prinrlpnal 'itlte, with per , KintagM
of in, rnli.e r elcrea.e, as inmparred with
Ihe vorr.l.initalll week l;a..t ial:
Ni w Yo)tk ..............,7(1 Inc. :,l1
( hi Iago . ............... lii, t6 i n( l In '. ;: I
liost., n ................. 1 1.~;7%i
II')htlhllhlla ............... 7;,iI;t41 Inc. Ii
St. I mIts ............... .. :l'.31 ,41'-; Itl . 2 2
Haln Ilranllt.o ........ 17,.177,.0t Itin. to I
Iol l hii, I, ()re........... 1.11'1. 17., In,. :,,,
Stil .................. 92 In. 9
'I'a om .a ................. :,' i,11:1 Dle'. 2 9
llSpoktl . .............. :l39;.21. Inc. 2 n(
Nlt I.ake '............... 2.19,10t Inc. ;1 2
lile,.ina ................. 97I,110
Tot ale, $lli6.2.),ti48; incriase', 7.0 per ient.
,1Mrs. T. S. Ilawkins, Chattanooan,
Terin, uays: "Hhlloh's Vitalizer savedl
nIy liif. I .ons.tler it the bhost re.numdy
f"r ii lt,litiatI iyit, to I ever isd',"
I'.r ti tpv ti:i. Liver or KilIy trouble'
it i' .' I I. I'rt. 7T 'rut . For sale by
'Parchti-lA., hout lu)i g Co.
Melissa Corbin, Duchess.
I lsnl. I 5 7 'l'ii. silst d"ad? Is
ih. *.stl ..I1 \fI. VStr ann..II ""1'Si i I fit. Hsill
I~ ým ý, " n 4. I s I III, s I t.` I I I..
a \\ i Ill ol. , w h.. In)1.( 14q fi 1 1 11. 1 \I, ;+1
\t.il .I. , I', tn. ~f Nss. w sk 1k ni
vs - . Ist . I . s it sf 1.1 ,?i , It sq t
1ii [i'.+ VI..'"' , W.* S Ih.st rt i isssl Mo
I~ II. K1, ,vt ft etqhti-siiti ],1;it 'u ns 4, to
it. ,. tiilhl(x HIi awsil ' ' ' i iN ii.tiIs,5
It. *, : . I' 114.1 S11. For Hale by hI't
lsWss-L Ask. i It Drug Cos.
Calm, but Pale.
I:I~,AlIn~, Vi ,C I"""" 7 Ii aiii I wr ilsisI
is h; rIIK, 1 is l' sI.-4nt ft Ilis it l 1 Is
.f ith rls's I I'srts I Iit itt 5 ,55 I .:I, ýI , 5:5
ft 5? (;I t. , S s Uit-I %% V ii ,i t m tt t .-lIt,
Is 5;L 5' It tsssI . ii s'.i. I nn ' dI to 11 II
1I k iwi'." I to''. )Il 555 .555 li it. ylJ.ll.
N'. Iw "Is k Is..- 7 11,"1 11sklt I'
z~-,, tusttlis 'iU.s1 In A sisiittsn I.:
N. I1." on i rI u 911. 11i4I II ft -111 1II
Iss.Ist it I t.. ," I'..,1 Its Iii uII ,
a Rud"nlt :, , I ý.I ,NS..t' of I I;I 141 1
11 ,IP II i i, . i, d Wsj to1;ti I.
I tar't i:..s, r " ill' 14t isi , INt- isi, ..; s u
T'h-e lt.. ssmnfort of dstr't It i Ii .s:Iwa
3" "it n"", 1 111k" I 11 to L," rI I ".. I I. y lr i
).s . trI, , I iu thle r, ti o
rib. IIli. l ii Is .1,' I Isik
lntLllti, eini II hass no inail Is s"iti aloni~
It., lills. It Is ft ve ftnr 41:.1'is
trv"vsn y-flve' s'.tst wis IIIhiy a sito
lssli.x'r undesrwear sof tsrsfy Ilb" iih-i fltecses
taibriggan, worth $I fii ia suit, ait thiltsItis
hive this wee-k.
There ar rno pisti as~erts iitontg thi'
line of list. (irs-at Northern. It irs , is~apnie
of t"oni tiss.n is et ti is oelt Ilroft the greatt
lukesa to i'ug.'t sound.
Buisy the I niversal papser puterns. They
ale thu beszt.
The Authorities Have not Found feo Carl
Who Murdsv Mss Oin.
Minneapolis. ec. ', - AltheOih the
Hayward brothers are in cells charged
with murder in the first degree. It Ia
frankly admitted by the county au
thoritles that they have not let laid
hands on the man who fied the shot
that ktlled ('athertie (ling. White they
have made great progress, they are
really along way away from solving
the mystery as to the identity of the
actual imurderer. The alibis of the
Hayward brothers were perfict so fhr
as the time of the actual murder is
concerned. An important admission
made by Hayward to the authorities
while in the sweat box yesterday, which
has just leaked out. It that Mi Oing
was his mistress. He admitted the Ila
son and In the next breath denied em
phatically that he desired her death.
It Is known, too, t that ayward was
very much smitten by the young lady,
whom he took to the theater on the
night of the tragedy, and that he was,
in fIa.u. engaged to marry her and the
day set. The authorities believe that
this may furnish the additional motive
deemed necessary to explain the crime.
T'here is $10,000 Insurance money
which would he obtained, and which he
wou·ld have to share with others who
w, in in the c.'onspilracy. Two thousand
dollars woutid Ithe no inenttlive to a man
of Ilnyward's stamp,. who often had
mo're thantt that in his pocket, and who
was knowln to stake thousands on the
turn of a card. His approaching mar
riage anin the necessity of ending the
llason with Miss Otng may have fur
nished the other motive.
The Hayward brothers were formally
arraigned in the municipal court this
morning aitd the examination was con
tinued until Thursday.
Got i'robablyl ,$40h00.
Fort Worth, Dec. 7.--The local man
agemenlet of the Paciftc Express cotn
panly say it is Impossible to say just
how much the robbers got away with.
as all the way bills atre lissing. It Is
believed they .got 'very little booty.
however, as it was mostly local express
matter. The contents of the iron
through package box arrived here In
A sheritffs posse of nf teen men, led
by Dleputy William ltea and Police
Chief Maddox. ha\'ve been out with a
luack of bloodhounds since last noght
f.ollowing the robbers, who are well
mounted and armed and traveling
,so thwest wardly.
The safe which the robbers looted
was the 'ame one ,petted in the Gor
don robbery a short time go. The best
Information obtainable warrants plac
Ing the amount of booty secured by the
robbers at $40,000. The olflcers ate con
ildent the desperadoes are members of
the Cook ganir, and are making for
the Indian territory. A detachment of
state rangers has started from Quanah
to cut off the retreat.
(Jt Do Un to ,*riecus Work.
St. Louls. Dec. 7.-Delegates to the an
nual convention of the National Live
Stock exchange got down to serious work
to-day. A strong measure looking to the
raising of the embargo on meats, and con
taining convincing evidence to show for
elgners that our meats are not diseased,
was recommended. Improvement of the
consular service and curtailment of the
free daily market reports were touched
on, but without recommendation. The
question of uniform governmental Inspec
tlon was also urged. Abolition of live
stock solicitors was suggested.
It was decided to memorallse congress
to improve the consular system by mak
ing the tenure of office more certain, re
quiring consuls to furnish statistics and
otherwise aid in the establishment of
commerce with foreign nations.
May) Be Tried a Se oul tilt.
New Haven, Conn., Dec. 7.-The text
,of the Connecticut supreme court opin
Lon ordering the retrial of Dr. J. E. Lee,
after acquittal by a jury for murder,
the first record of the kind In the state,
is given out to-dgy. Its main argument
is the point that the old English com
mon law was so cruel that Judges then
wisely held that an accusedafter a jury
acquittal, could not he put in jeopardy
a second time for the same offense; hut
now that the old law has been relaxed
at criminal ought not to benefit by a for
mer practice and justice he thwarted
by errors of judicial ruling. The court
of five judges was unanimous in the
opinion. The opinion was written by
Judge Hammereley.
The Armenian Commission.
Constnntlnlple, Dec. 7.-President
CIleveland hets Pent a cahle message
he're saying he has reconside.red his
leIls.Piln not to send an American dele
gate with the Turkish rummion sslnli nap
Iolnted to, Ilqulre lnto, th- Arml.nlan
,utl a,,r . and will ullIw the Amer
lean Ileatio I)l here to nominate ai dele
Rate. The. Turkish governm."nt is man
if,.lsting gr.'at desire to show the pow
iors that the United States was first
ialked to -senld ia delegat, with the Ar
mnniln ,nmmisslionr, , hilt d,.clined. The
raril of Kiminhrly. l ritish secretary of
statei for fore'ign flflirs. was all.o re
lunested t, nnminate a delegatte, and
,mnlm.dately ass,.nted.
Must Identify Themselves.
Washingt),n. Dec. 7.-Ambassador
Rttit.y in has infio rmed the department
of stat., undelr date of Nov. :t3. that
iall pIrronsi 5 , ,j,.urning Lil (;'rlimally not
stoppilg at hotels atre' riquird to ex
hibit some iertifleate of tati.onality (in
cise of anll AmIrican a pa spotrt t, is a
ondlitiln of continuing their stay, land
this Is sometln.es done l ftr ita ery
shirt sojourt.
A. R. U. Man Acquitted.
1\\'nwl" a vIn l, (' ,l h \ l~,rll. 1 l i . :.
11.1th, of Sa ,am.nl t m.o,,,t,'i ,' , of th,"
h rol,, of mediatiolln f t. .\. I t 1'.. was
.1, litit',d this aftern i,,n if the * harge
,f lnndr prtf t'freiI aglKii.t hit as a
-Iult of th,. traitl s wreek. ul %hhllti LEn
Iin.",1" ('lark auli four 'ilt* ,1 Sl at s ol ,
i "11""I w% .r.. killed.
The Boiler Exploded.
f'Pip., Sainrl.kv, 'i . I .' At ('a
'"y, twelve' null, north of ti I, a hboiler
il i oit, drt lln. 4 , titl ,iel :,I t. -
,I.\ ln i.', uitl. killln N I h 1 . , , hh .y,
{.'(' ,lht'a " frlft: llx' wi llis'+
A Delightful Trip.
Yi n Salt Lak.' and thwi," 'I tn r'hlCago
and1 11:" runt. A 4lila In lh, lrnnt Sail
l..ul. :" r a. few dlay's visit If :datnltou
SljIlaK.. ,.itarttaal at lii. ba,?~ or I'ikar'i
Itala ut be rajua~da on a hi. onti
I' .ltnnn dinraing car rn'tan 1i'-n rat'',
I, I. :II Man a1 rth I'nlon l'n , ,hrltI e. No.
11. II \t'il ran,
caltr w I .\Aient.
11, at Iln":r !."f2 and! 7,11 ki , 'iv clo1lK
Intat " (-.It) catn Itat' tunI ait !, I, - 1IIt',
*Pouenl's Complexion Powder fr·,her
*chnrmu~tutii old renewed y th. Try I.
raraall IrI., ;rt: a! Ithe -I . 1 .r a11'.
I.liairu Imata Ink .an ('natal - , ll!
b" h .il ai l ir al?!·'- nl 1!,. II. ar 1"t d11,1
I,iVIlaKa taIn 1t,,atit,1K ii! L. In n"i a, a ,jr
j rvI" I 0, ara, 2atIII Ia tII m .,f. 1 aa, ~,I , m.11
-Ia.'.Ilrg a, trardra of traipl..., I,,,. aamags1
ItiK y'.ar. awnl faa, the t lairnat' 'ar ,r ltua Is
Iotlrar Iaaatlr.., ast play Iat7,"l lal ,rii u 'ala
fore It.
11,l ena. Maoata Nov. a3. l1'al.
Invalid 3 Years,
Cured by Hood's
'C. 1. Iood & Co., Lowell, Mans.:
"tlentlemen:-I am glad to tell you that I
have been given good health by Rood's
1arsaparalls. For three )ears I was as I
valid, sufering terribly from
Nervousn.es and Lamen*es.
"I was so nervolustl could not bear the leant
lodse, and I had to walk lith cru'ltches for
all months, a+ I could not put one of 1:y feel
to the floor. Physicians did not do me any
good, so a friend told me to get food's ear.
sparllla, but
I said There Was No Use.
flowever, after thinking the matter ever, I de.
clded to give It a trial, and have taken all
bottles of Ilood's Saresparllla, and the ra
silt Is that I am well as any one could wish
to be, and can do any kind of work. I ad
vise all my friends to take Ilood's 'arsapa,
rllla for I believe it will do them good."
Miss a et u Donox, Colton, Californha.
HOOd's Pllig cure liver Ills, constlptsUa,
_bliousness, Jaundice, sick headache, Indgellt.l I
Ii-raem new resid.ee eat $hMS ell
L$s00 $100 dows. balamee I
.zadwoo.l Ansh, mt'es.
7.room adms newo waes
bah, sewre.r, * esl t.
Pric ,91 pr me
$10 per moath bar new e sepm -
l10 nbar N. P. pet:sm! n
$2N per mo mr r ea
igtU avesuea.. sear Boda.
Helena Employment Agenoy
W. B. Cook, Proprietor.
I3 Edwards Street Telephone 38.
Woman cook for boarding house, in
city; $30.
Waitress for city; $25. board and room.
Man and wife, with no children, for min
Ing camp. $30.
Trunks to store at Meo a month.
ALSO, ring up McCall's oil wagon for
Elaine, by case or can; bulk oil and gaso
line in any quantity. All telephone calls
up to six p. m. promptly answered.
position as housekeeper, city or coun
try. Address P. O. Box 110.
SITI'ATION WANTED-By girl to do gen
eral housework. Address 49 Pine street.
S1TI'ATION WANTED--ly a first class
cook, to take charge of a kitchen, hotel
or restaurant. Address A. V.. this office.
WORK WANTED-To go out from home;
wages moderate; no washing, but cook
ing or up-stairs work. A, Independent.
WANTED-To take care of a few rooms.
by a lady living home, or to assist with
housework or baking. A. Independent.
kitchen and learn cookery; wages small;
Address L.. this office.
COMPETENT COOK wishes to run a
boarding house In a camp, with her boy,
18 years old, will work for wages. Ad
dress 118 South Howie street.
WANTEI)-Situation by a colored wo
man to do housework. Address or call
101 N. Ewing street.
WANTED-Sltuatlon by a young girl to
do light housework or second work.
Wages from $15 to $20. Please call at 51
Pine street.
WANTED-A woman Just from the east
wants place as cook In first class fam
ily. Address II. V., this ofmee.
iANTED-Situation to do second work
o0 as chambermaid, city or country.
Please call 121 Jackson street.
WANTED-Situatlon by colored man and
wife in private family. Man as coach
man, had experience; woman, first-class
cook. Please iall for or addres Hamuel
A. Lundy, at the lielena National bank.
WANTEDI-Colored man wants position
as o'achman or any kind of work. Ex
p.rience antl good referencesl . 104 N.
EwitIn siret.
A 1MIIlII.E A'Ii,) MAN lately from th..
enlla diteslr. a situ t tion In in ro'Pry slort,.
urtlllrstlnlllits horses thorolughly; can writel
and talk English, French and Spanish.
InquirIe at Windsor hotel, Main street,
WANTED-A position as salesman, or
would accept any position where the
services of a good rustler .1s n..eeded. Am
willing to work on commission. T. B. D.,
Independent ofice.
lEttl Ii N'rT-Iloutii'; 36 South IWattle
etrerrt; six rooilta. bath and furnace.
t'rh'r, IncluInI g water, $15,
IE alt ItINT -I!.arnlah'.I hous.. nmodern
Irnprovernente, f. or wintelr. App~ly toum
41, Moiuttana fank building.
titIlitl.t'I' it. ltl'E:Ia & Cr1. Montana
huak. have tita' largePst rent, sale and
I MIII.l Ilst III IC I R.I..I&
V.ANTIED (tlrl to rdo gan.anl houer'.
wortk no unklng; gaooi wage'. to nIo.
pr-tent girl. Apply Mrs.. Ii. E.,anr, 411i N.
It I.P tb-d-K-0-M-t-K.--_---
V.' A NTEZi la'ehtng c'anvas.Ker rat gool aa
It.,." it.. tfI ..la I arv gn.! rPnt fle's I Auld.
M e,.klyv p ra.enr'n nuu I oit i ot. Brown lros.
'ar'orvrn.1,. Pottland, OItreon.
t4A .i.I4t MIFN Malay or rommtsslnn Ito In
oawwert taoods~ tn the Oti ; r¶~rma
tirti I I~ itiion *.laIn lritne, fas.t elrti
iip 111 ., alreavsnt work Alldresr with
Plitt ~t~l.3--MUAL X3SWATU
IIANI'il, 3,211 acres, fnenarrl; fifteen miil~e
lIt, hasml,,1) area good graina lana; well
imparvvel and ta Ily stocakeoi wIth rattle
aiual sherelp will 3r.11 all or iaartneruhlp,
trbap. p lerbert 3. Reed k Co., Montana
Lra ni.
ertll, NN?-relNIMRl N|lrIWu-
1OR 3NnT--Puralnak roems suitableh
tlr housekeeplnl or eomersa st HoMe
WANTED-Young married eodple dealre
three room furnished house on east side.
Address N. I. T., this office.
WANTED--.O00b for ive years at elbht
per cent interest; will give IN0M worth
of real estate au security. Address sot
10., Helena.
WANTED-All kinds of furniture sad
household goods. James Twlord, North
Main street.
WANTED-Pupils in French. Mile. May
ronne will meet her Saturday morning
French clas at the auditortum every
Saturday at 11 a. m. A few more pupils
can be accommodated. Tuition, I1 per
FOR SAL0 CHEAP-Three burner Quok*.
meal gasoline stove, nearly new; oven
attached. Address K., Independent.
MI88 RAY RHOt'KMAN will take pupils
in physiral culture, speaking voice tech
nique. 703 Fifth avenue.
Ft'IiNIT.URE FOR 'SALE at half its
value. James Twltord. North Main st.
celve pupils in voice culture; Italian
method. No. 013 Hemlock, west side.
LIFE INSURANCO--Polilies loaned on
or bought. F. O. Chesney, Kansas City.
111 Broadway.
Orris Employment Agenoy,
11t 1erth a MIL TI. ephoeSSW
Five coal miners.
Woman cook, Marysville.
I)ining rum girl, city.
Woman house keeper, with child, for
ranch; good home.
Will cash time checks.
One Harris piano for sale cheap.
Bedroom suit for sale at a bargain.
Eaployla t al Real Etateo Aocy.
Aset Ieky MNo.stal Husadma.
Can Muam sad Lswamees - Tiegee lit
j st I b oy I-roe bos, betwMsn es adw
S sad 7-rooem h r oest
7-teem hane. with lath. fumses s..,
Id brisk hosn te IIllalte Nae fr
By virtue of an execution in my hands,
issued out of the district court of the Fslet
Judlcial district of the state of Montana.
In and for the county of Lewis and
Clarke, In the suit of Edwin W. Toole,
against Peerless Jennie Mining Company,
duly attested the 14th day of November,
A. D. 1184 I have levied upon all the right,
title and Interest of the said Peerless Jon
nie Mining Company, in and to the follow
Ins described property, situated In Lewis
and Clarke county, state of Mon
tana, via: The Little Jennie lade
No. 2, West, being mineral en
try No. 217, designated by the sur
veyor general of Montana as lot No. 6,
containing 3.37 acres, in township 8, N.
R. S W; also the Peerless Jennie No. 1.
West, the Peerless Jennie No. 1, East,
and the Little Jennie No. 1. East, mineral
entry No. 23W. and therein designated as
lots Nos. 50, 61 and 62, A. and B., In town
ship 8, N. R. 6 W; also a certain tunnel
claim or right, commencing at the Little
Jennie No. I, East, ore house, and run
ning thence southerly 2,00 feet, said tun
nel claim being fully described in location
notice In Book D of Lodes In the county
recorder's office of Lewis and Clarke
county, Montana; also the Queensbury
lode, designated by the surveyor general
of Montana as lot No. 53, in township 2,
N. R. 4 W., being the land embraced In
mineral entry No. 288, containing 20.8
acres; the foregoing claims are all re
corded In Book 7 of Deeds, pages 87 and
8, In the office of the county clerk and
recorder of Lewis and Clarke county,
Montana, to which said records reference
to hereby had for a more full and complete
description of the said premises.
Together with all and singular the ten
ements, hereditaments and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or In any wise apper
Notice is hereby given that on the 0th
day of December, A. D. 1M0, between the
hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 6 o'clock p.
m. of said day, to-wit, at the hour of 12
m., at the front door of the court house,
in the city of Helena, said county and
state. I will sell all the right, title and in
terest of the said Peerless Jennie Mining
Company, in and to the said above de
scribed property, to the highest bidder
for cash In hand.
(lven under my hand, this the 27th day
of November. A. D. 184.
(HARLEB D. CI'RTIS, Sheriff.
By FRED E. HO88, I'nder Sheriff.
Toole & Wallace, Plaintiff's Attorneys.
U. S. Land Omee,
Helena, Mont., Sept. 0, Il4.
Complaint having been entered at this
office by Mary W. Russell against Will.
lam K. Hartman, for abandoning his
homestead entry No. 71t., dated Oct. 0,
1i91, upon the n' se'%, se% se%, and sel
nest section 10, township 16 n, range 6 w,
in Lewis and Clarke county, Montana,
with a view to the cancellation of said
entry; the said parties are hereby mum
mound to appear at this ouMee on the 12th
day of December, 1894. at 10 o'clock a. m.,
to respond and furnish testimony con
cerning said alleged abandonment.
Notle I,.' hotr.hy lv' ollf the m,'lting of
the sitorkholiern of the "irst National
bhunk of IIelIen. Montana, to he held at
the hinking oflT.r of mlid instlittlion be
tw'.'n the hours of to a. m. and four p,.
m., on the Mth iay of Janutary, 1Wt, for the
pulpoe. of voting on inlreastnl the 'al
atat stork fronlll rrlW) to $ 'l.*,lf, and son
.olillating with the itelena National hank
of II.'lena., onthna. Also amrnelments
of lhb. by-ln we propl.eel and filed with the
w' retary of the hoard, the elletion of
le"hv.tn dllrectrn Io set for the ensuing
y','lr. and ilcbh othter businesslll ad may Ie
sally ,'ome beforo' the meetinn.
(E(). F. 'COPE, ('ashler.
No. 3501.
U1. H. Illnd Office,, Hlelena. Mont., Nov.
12. 1891.
NotieP In hereby given that Charles H.
:linton. JiLcob tirob and Martin Hogan,
all of f(iIn, y, Montana, have thin day flied
applicition for :spatent, under the mining
lawn of congr.ess for the liondIo lode claim.
designatllel.I s snurv.ey No. 45.34, ittuated in
-- unoriianls.d mining deisrict, Jefferson
county, Montauna, in sections 33 and 3i.
townsthlp 9 north, range 3 west, which
claim i recordled in the office of the re
rorder of Jefferson rounlty, at lioulder.
SMontana. iand described as follows: Maid
sslrvey No. 4.rIt4 bleginning at corner No. 1,
from which ,'otlthwest corner of se'ction
1ow, township 9 north, range I went. bears
south t degrees,. 29 lllnlltel west 9.4 feet;
thl.llrce south 7I dleKrre,. 57 mlnutesn west
m11 feet; thence north .f degrees, 39 min
uti, 4 *eat t8 fetl; thense north 4 .lei'i,,¢,
1) minutes east 3l0.6) feet; thence roilth
4M degrees, 11 Ifllnutis east 1,1i:3 fit;
thence south I degrees, 31 Illn
Iuts w'ent 449 feet; then.' north 69
dgllre e. 1:, minutes went 1,3I1 ftet; thenre
north I ule:r,', 2. minutes went 74 feet to
corner No. I. the piirei of beginning, em
bracinl 17.53 nar.s, upon wnalh a notlre
of aid ap.ltratlon was postedi the 5th day
of November, 1itr. The only known ad
Joining claim to these premises Is the Hid.
den Sunlllght extension lode, unsurveyed.
on the southwest.
W. E. ('OX, Register.
Date of lest publkeaUon, Nov. 15, 1NS.
leadllg Hotels of Helena
L A. Walker. Manager.
Elevater, Steam Heat. kectrle Lights.
Rathe per day and upwards.
A. t. Gaten. Manager.
Onataltr a ted. tne sample Item
for u ti telere. Ieetule ease
to and dept every lfteen mlautee.
A oafe la the buildltg. Regular meals
in ooanetloon with hotel it desired.
THU oRAinooq CA.m
Uner the Oraeu hetel.
Erlokeesn Cavanau h, Preps.
The best dialr room in the elty. Home
eookinr, home deLoaeles. Deard by the
day or month.
817 Broadway. Helena. Montana.
First Class Rooming House.
Has neatly furnished rooms at reason
able rates. Steam heat, electric lights,
all modern conveniences. American and
European plan. Dining room in connec
tion. First class tables. Board I per
week. Special rates to regular boarders.
P. A. Olnchereau, Proprietor.
A first-class hotel on the American aan
European plans. steam heat and oxcel
lent accommodations Raites $1.2 per day
and upwards.
STOCKWELL-Is the name of the new
hotel recently opened to the publlc. New
ly furnished ead ftted with steam heat.
electric light. electril call and return
belit; In fact all the modern Improve.
ments. Centrally located. Warren street
near Broadway. O. A. Stockwell, pro.
DYER & DOUGHTY, Proprietors.
Fireproof building and one of the largest
In the city; all modern conveniences; cen
trally located on Main street; electrio care
pass to all railroad depots; an excellent
table. Rates, 1.16 to SIt. per day. Noe.
411, 41, 415 Main street.
Flnlay Urquhart, Prop.
Strictly first lass, with gas, steam bent,
electric light, and elevator service. All
street oars paee the door. Corner Mala
and State streets.
Mrs. C. M. Kellogg calls her boarding
house, at E North Boeton avenue, Rest
Cottage. It is appropriately named. Our
friends will And it a delightful place to
eot a meal or spend a few days, or to
make a permanent home. Her term are
very.reasonable. Steam heat.
J. D. S. allive, Proprietor`
Centrally located, with moderm ea..
venlenees. First class ao.ommodaties
for transients, at reasonable rates.
Headquarters for mining dea. Mal
street, toot of Grand. Helena, Mont.
Denver Blook.
The mest etraell blorted fmlly rw
taurant In the alty. Easy of access nad
the table I- the buest to be foud any.
whore. term very reasonable.
By virtue of an execution in my hand.s,
Issued out of the district court of the IPst
Judicial district of the state of Montana,
in sad for the county of Lewis and
Clarke, in the suit of Measent Bullard
against Peerless Jennie Mining Company.
duly attested the Nth day of November.
A. D. 18N, I have levied upon all the right
title and Interest of the said Peerless Jenu
nie Mining Company, in and to the follow.
Inm described property, situated In Lewis
and Clarke county, state of Montana, visi
The Little Jennie Lode No. 2, West, be
ing mineral entry No. 2W7, des.gnated by
the surveyor general of Montana as lot
No. s, containing 39.27 acres, in township
-, N. R. 5. W; also the Peerless Jennie
No. I, West, the Peerless Jennie No. 1,
East, and the Little Jennie No. I, East,
mineral entry No. 29, and therein desl
nated as lots Nos. 50, 5t and 53, A. and B.,
in township 8, N. R. 5 west; also a certala
tunnel claim or right commencing at the
Little Jennie No. 1, East, ore house, and
running thence southerly 7,000 feet, said
tunnel claim being fully described In lo
cation noticee In Book D of Lodes in the
county recorder's office of eIwis and
Clarke county. Montana; also the Queens.
bury lode, designated by the surveyor gen
eral of Montana as lot No. t,. In township
-, N. R. 4, west, being the land embraced
in mineral entry No. 2.,, containing 50.ii(i
acres. The foregoing claims are all re
corded in Book 7 of Deeds, pages 17 and 3,
in the office of the county 'lerk and re
corder of Iewis and Clarke county. Mon.
tana. to which said records reference It
hereby had for a more full and complete
description of the said premises.
Together with all and singular the ten.
ements, heredltaments and appurtenancc';
thereunto belonging or in any wise apper
Nottce la given that on the 20th day or
Di.'eenmher. A. I.. 1891, betw(een the houlrs
of i o'clock s. m. and 5 ,'clock p. m. of
sail dlay, to-wit, at th,' hour of 12 m. nt
the front door of the court house, iit the
city of iHelen. said ,counly ano,
state, I will sell all the right,
title and Interest of the said Peerless Jen.
nie Mining ('ompany. In and to the abcrl,
described property, to the hlghert hiddl r
for uash int hand.
(liven under my hand, this the :7th ý,.y
of November. A. D. 1194.
("iAIltLR D. ('1'ltTIH, Rheriff.
By PREBD E. fOBR. l'nder Rheriff.
Toole & Wallace, Plaintirfs Attorneys.
In the distrlct court of the First J!L1 '1.11a
dictrict of Ihe state of Montanal, in and
for the county of awles andl ('lar-ko.
In the matter of the estate of Mathias
Juckner, deceased.
Janmes i. l.somls having presentell In
his colurt and filed with the clerk tll re.f
on ihe 10th Iday of NovembIIer, A. II. m(.
a petition praying for ani order retPqlrinil
the administrator, wllh the will nntrllsl.*,
of the above named estate, to sipl.iInlll ly
perform a certain bond or orhllligaltio of
hisl deredin t by executing to suid pitlttioln
or a ionveyan'e of the followinlg 1., rilted
real property, to-wit: All Ihat certain lot,
plier or Ipateel of Ilad, pltitnt. lyin iandl
being In the city of le.nnnm, enounit, of
Lewis and Clarkle, and state of M.otalllltl,
hboundedl andi pitrlle.lllrly dim. llrt.l its n'I.
lows, to-wit. Lot nine lt),l Ian th ie rrt
six () inches of lot iten (ls. In ble Ik on,
(I), in Montana avenute ioilllol to l Il.
:ity of Helena, Montllllns. Ntice Is hl,-.
by given that the said courl t lir s lli.l fint
Iurday, the 15th hay of lie, tnmh.r, ' I,.
Ia., at the court room of ill'p.alrtmenl.lt N.
2 of said disutr(it court, iti tih.. .1itS of HIel
one, Montana, as the time ainl pinea for
hearing said petition. at whhih tlmo sill
persons interestedl therrlll may aplllpent
and show lause, if any, why much urder
should not be made.
Dated Noviember tO, A. D. nn4.
Clerk of Said CouWt
IB H. J. Casedy, dlputy .rl.

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