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In Transfeºrlng i Aeoount From One lank
to Another GClas Sprelkie Took
Out I,500,000.
Ipeculation u to the Causes That Led to
the Transfer-Fair's Check for One
Ilan Francineo, De(. 7.---in last Frli
day ('laus Hlreckles, the sugar king,
transferred his ,ev,,unt, or a iortllon of
it, from the Nevada hbnk to the Bink
of California. To do thi Mr. Spreckles
drew his check fir II,500,000 on the Ne
v'ada bank. The, bit of paIper was cashed
in the afternoolln andI thle money, IIn
goldt coin, was clurtell over toi the flank
olr ('lifornia. Therit. was nothing mys
ti'rious int the matter of the transfl r of
the nmtllllonire's account from one hank
to anotherl, ut a mornling paIer ham
Ieen worrying itself to death over the
change, and worset than that, has beent
trying to worry its reaud--r Into ,prema
ture grave, by giving them a couple of
suggestioun of what might be done with
The name paper says that the check
has cauned wild speculation. Possibly
i.,, but It has been all in the mind of
the writer of the article. Not it word
has been heard in the way of comment
oni the transaction in financial circles.
About two year. ago James 0(. Fair
drew his check for $1,000,000 and tran.
ferred his account from the Nevada
blank to the lIank of California, and
there wan little or no cm,nlent made
on the action of the millil ngmagnate.
Now Mr. Hlpreckles, the sugar king,
hlas done the same thing, only he has
gone the mining man $00.000 better.
The difference between the transfers
of the men was that Fair turned over
his check and Spreckles turned over
the cash. The $1,500.000 was received by
Walter Davidson, the oldest receiving
teller in the Bank of California. The
old gentleman had a corps of assist
ants to help him count the money, and
it took them from 4:30 o'clock in the
afternoon until 7:30 at night. The
weight of the coin was 6,000 pounds. A
gentleman whose name is not unknown
to 'the finannclal world, I.i speaking
of the matter yesterday, said:
"I do not see anything remarkable
in the transfer. It is not an unusual
thing fo a man to change his bank
without p-ejudice to the institution he
leaves. I Jo not know what reason
Mr. Hpreckles had for transferrlng his
account, but presume it was on account
of his friend. Mr. Bishop. The latter
was made vice president of the Bank
of California a few meetings ago, and a
roan, no matter how high his standing
Is, always likes to control business and
be able to bring that business to the
house of which he is a member. Mr.
]isuhop and Mr. Hpreckles have close
business relations in the islands, where
the former has the largest banking
,house In Honolulu. The sugar king
-oes all his banking business through
the house, and possibly the friendship
of the two men was the cause of Fri
day's transfer."
"Is not $1.M.0,00 a large amount of
nmoney for one man to have lying idle
in a bank where it does not draw any
Interet ?"
"Not for a man like Mr. Spreckles,
24 and 26 24 and 26
South Main St. BEE HIVE 1a St
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n nt..lh ii,,, Ioug ht at a I :t raltlu. t. pTot, Tine of I 'hoto.rn ph Atlbhtns. Au
Ftyles of Plain and Fancy IDres Patterns, ('nolhi ................................... . as Rocking Chairs, Etc. Toy Tea Sets, worth t . for..... 5line of Photographl g (tn, an
IIininge ind flndlnlgs nctluded, at .. I L.( t ht h ,v Iollts. 13I It'h ty 1. IncesA tT t.oit it ty 's .re , worth i$.. aor ...... an
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24 and 26 South Main Street, Helena. Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
who turns over large sums o1t money
every few days. There are several mil.
lions lying idle in the. lank of ('all
tornla in Just the amnle way. Mr.
-preckles might check out halt that
amloull ) tll-day or I,-nmorrorw for that
matter and the tact would not eres.te
the slightest cnmment, He nmieht, too,ee
turn overr anth 1,r500,000t. to thIe lank
of California to-nlorrrow aned the nollhey
might be drawn out ,of thlle Ne.vadle
bank. No on., p)erhaps, but himnlself lnd
the ofclelals ot the latte.r house kinow
how much money the . ugar king has
left In the Montllglcinlry street instltu*.
At llhe learing house conhldellrahle.
surprise weas ncngifectedl at the wild
theeori.. which th*. drawing of the
check had ,reIlted The IaeelIKg of Ihn,
check through the. housee, hadt unot
ibrought Ithe busllnes of the day there
over hligh-waliter nisirk, an had been
ltited. The cI'hek hloald Ipu, n'd through
with many Itcheer uellnoll*eil. tin It wan
in a caled pceckkge It was stated,
howeover, that the husiness of, thalt dtlly
wasI not the Iargest ever donllce in thee
cl'aring house bIcy aboult Ia rcole j of mil
14c the sensation vase ted Into thin
eIlr--wheai dee alis, I nitd StateH l I,, lllls,
wildl eepe'ulatlicons. "lhl.elrll and ruiI IU rel
thlieker than Ig" c acndl thee inan lethc.al
wlcild einmlnine a IllUnmved a Mr.
Slt'ieckles Iplaying l checekere ct hoiinlee.
Itheumatlimn I , enuredl by iaidillty of the
hbloo,. loud'is $araulaprill purilt.ta the
blood. Try It.
Skirmish on the Frontier.
Mex~lel, city, D[)ee. 7.-The lntent re
perts| from the ltuatemrnlat frontier lsta te
that a YMejexileIain 'ileel,, memiber eof the
taft tf o(f (et. Iulllane, hasi beenI aentas
ailated by the (Iutemalans,. and firomn
uneltlet'lal sourml''cen It in lea'rned thmat a
companilly of 171) Mexicans hald a csklr
nlllah with 4,000 clluatenuililllan gueri'llas,
Inl whlich Iwol Mexlcenl .llll.telr wire
killh d. Thin partliulbr tedy of netuil.e
Iluatlemailan . rI reprteli still Ive'rnglll
about the vlinllty ofI the Mexliclanl
treioope , but it in el.ehved after nanking
the attack they retired teo the (luate
mtalan aide of tlhe. Inlternational line.
Should lthlli.l Ilnformation ceonlirm
tlihesel repollrts It It highly Ijprobale the
Me-xal'l govern.ment will at olnce de
mand reparaition lin a satisfactory man
ner for the ocutal'ge.
MertvW.an rta nItm.
From a letter written by Rev. J. Guna
derman, of Dimondale, Mich., we are per
mitted to make this extract: "I have no
hesitation in recommending Dr. King's
New Discovery, as the results were al
most marvelous In the case of my wife.
While I was pastor of the Uaptist church
at Rives Junction she was brought down
with pneumonia succeeding Ia grippe.
Terrible paroxysms of coughing would
last for hours with little Interruption, and
it seemed as If she could not survive
them. A friend recommended Dr. King's
New Discovery: It was quick in its work
and highly satisfactory in results." Trial
bottles free at Parchen-D' Acheul Drug
Co. Regular sine me and IL
The Curf Tolerant.
Posen, Germany, Dec. 7.-A dispatch
from Warsaw, in Russian Poland, says
Gen. Gourko, governor of Warsaw, on
Tuesday received a telegram from the
Russian minister of the Interior, con
veying to him an order from the czar
not to Interfere with the Catholic clergy,
and not to impose any orders upon
them. L(en. Gourko tendered his resig
nation Dec. 1, and the governor gen
eral of Odessa, Puschkin, has been des
ignated to succeed him.
A Cure for Croup.
When on a visit to lowa, Mr. K. Dal
ton, of Luray, Russell county. Kansas,
called at the laboratory of Chamber
lain & Co., Des Molnes. to show them
his six-year-old boy, whose life had
been saved by Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, It having cured him of a very
severe attack of croup. Mr. Dalton Is
certain that it saved his boy's life and
is enthusiastic In his praise of the rem
edy. For sale by all druggists.
He's a Man Who Oughtn't to Find Trouble
Getting a Job.
The Inldepenlent ham rveeilvcc from l'Font
c'uctee unelder dlate or IIiw. 4. wIeit h Ia
eure t thaI It be plubllhed, Ihe fulluo ic
"We have In this poet a man Ihat will I,.'
ellae'hUrgen thee bth of JIl1y, htim, H41 nerct
Ice Johnl W. Brown, opt Truooip (I. if IIce
lenth Unlistedl MIt..w cavalry. iIlie a maln
ol about Ave feet, ftour Inehe.. indca half,
dark brown akin, iInvlllaenrL lbrown eye.*
full roundPlc ve acnmd heuel Hert hle'. y
eeee-u haIr; will nheeised nhecuc, Mhee il.',
wrII eleecpIel body, weecr, a icermle"r
mh1o,.; uigcrlahLt and uollderly; we"Iabl, lo
pcoundsle. Hilc arenae eeree Iw rWee " fe id eicc I,;, Iit
IceecK. IIe I very sllrleen. lie. Wae leeic tee
Alfr--ii a ln e lhamebe lie Ih. lecllccHI lIctec
eyclee' a whil~c.le. Ilee as eit lghe of hanicc icc
feereucar, a ecnuneqIer eol a iecleienllfle eeia ec
T'here'. re . many otheelr erleks, aniel eelell.ir
lit.. hr -tiit play Io peerfeleluee. IIe. Ie iii,,
ci hoeelle~r anl a geecee elde"r, Ile' Is a lsec a
ece.I of ccIcectir ecrec ii pm,ci wenlce. Ilie Ice
a leeteimly neen ftie r ythlog. Ie.. Ileu 'ech
CIo eelccd ccl 1c,., eel four yeeiri lei the. w-i,ic
whe l he lea eevece I ike- ii cy* Pii I iirieenmnee Ic
thIs lijee lll.'cun, l'ror. Jeleei W. llreiwie. cit
U troiep, 'leeuh I'. 1it. I'., le ccyne' who
iceecle n nue ii cit( his sc iort Yuc n r Iruy.
Placed Forged Bonds.
l , indn1in, De).. 7.--A tli'hgrant from
IitIflitt iyi' E:O0,OO in A ne lll itn 10i1-,l
a,,andul havel beenll phluidl n Iirr"I alllt iii.
i$9lt,00i iin lailndon durhig the lunt i. n
y'aiIrs. A lii7." imi unt .-r th.-lll 4 1, , dl I
ties art'e bli r..vedi to havei, l.eenil fl~ ,rI d.
The'li work itf plahilg thhe lilh,14.I I rg.td
isecurtllies Is iald to have ie'.i delan. by
a miembiir ef aln Aminadiran blauialg
Ulatuse. I rm*111 ..' bi~l plnerL 1 i1 repoirted
to have itila l dllll l'ed.
"Excursion Tickets to California."
Take the short and by twenty-four
hours the quickaest routu to Calilornia.
Elelgant P'ullmian palace and tourist
sleepers. 'The dining catr route. 'I'he
Ulnloil Pacille has placed on eale, daily
tickets from Helena to Ct'ullifrnla pointll
limted to sixty days going with prlvlllge
of returning any time within six months.
good for stop-over, at following rates:
To Ban Francisco. going via Ogdlen and
returnng same route, 1t6.
To Ban Francisco, going via Ogden and
returning via Portland. and vice versa,
To Ban Francisco, going via Portland
and returning same route, M75.
To Los Angeles, golng via Ogden and
Sacramento. and returning via Han Fran
cisco and Ogden. or vice versa, l$s.
To Los Angeles. going via Ogden and
Ban Francisco, returning via San Fran
clsco and Ogden. $$2.
To Los Angeles, gloln via Portland and
returning via Sacramento. or vice versa.
Through sleeping car reservations and
further Information can be had by call
ing on or addresslnag North Main street,
Helena. H. O. Wilson.
Freight and Passenger Agent.
Change of cars and waiting at junction
polnts for through trains constitute one
of the chief annoyances of passenger
travel, hence the popularity of the North
ern Pacific, which runs through cars, and
through trains, direct to St. Paul, Minne.
apolls, Spokane, Tacoma and Portland,
without change.
Union Pomaifi System.
Overland train leaves Helena at ?:~O a.
m. daily for Balt Lake, Denver. Portland,
Dan Francisco. Omaha. Kansas City, t.
Lous., Chicago and all eastern points.
Overland train arrives at Helena at 6:9
p. m. daily; through Pullman and colon.
ist sleeping cars; elegant chair and din.
ins cars. S
For further Information, maps, folders,
rates, etc., call on or address
H. O. Wilson. F. & P. A.
Helena, Mont.
Cleanliness in traveling is the one thing
desired. Travel by the Great Northern
and you will be clean. No dust on this
line. Itock ballasted roadbed.
for Infants and Children.
"('matoral fmw.wljladard a todnhIarh n Lk thaL (.s4.,,I.,arn.'a VI tIpatIVn.
I r.w,,o..,amd It ag uperior toany I.Frerlptl(.u 8,ur 4t,nuFw Ir , Is, lIarrhaoa, F.nWtatkm,
aluuu I, in.." If. A A.t nir, 'I Ii, kIllkr Worm,,., givr. sk'ep, an4 pr.zno,teu G
II flu. Ujxta'J lit, IlruiLlip,, N. Y.
With',ut Injurious; mnistiestoun,
iTlr ie of '('.,rio Is In tinIvrrsal an4 "I',r Ae,.rv I y'rlr I hay., risemnmend,.
11 , ( I .. W ·III huIIr,.,RII O 114t. It me,. a work your ' ('L.zir an,.I always e.utI. on In
.d s.,..r."r,,atin to edolrm It. he."w an. tim do uis a It has. InvrrlahyI prnwlluue.I Ii."rfLc
1n1, IU.terL faoIre Wlleu Jh od noL his (sor'anurL r..dlwl."
wahil o uwa rvaah.' Piwiw Ir. PIDaanu, M. )..
Caw. 3Iarr, 1). D., Zlbh Thr.at and Ma Ave., Now York C'Ity
Now York (itt,.
Tits IE'tTAIB ('iINPAW', 77 IMtw3LA II4hUV, 11gw YoRE ('miT.
uuruuuuuu IILUIURED "C hI. gra V "la
i"" Ib of a Ia or Yrnr ljj 3 lki* will qiii. '~ V ritaiiI i oth all isri..
\ / ,U' uu or diw rn. of floe gt-l"Mthv "W".. aw It a .I( 111 ahW* I
I anmo 1a I Lnn rb b ?rn* rr ..oel . Nrrv..ot l)IIlliv
{' I mly^ I1anm In w, a N Y h ~aiaumc litalia, Vark*,,.*,Lo .;d
\ 7 unriprrUnu. 1 t ·eq'. all I(o, byt lay a. itiah. trivr.,t, (iii. k"
a" .1 of dtw"Irxr R, w I f a il rhiElm ad hu.a Upr manliorrlu. a and
*EFORE A.o AFTER I iIrU lho'"' INI'"'·"'''· Y. 10 VIInD1a v I'"ag..*awiativer. t
klduls I and El lb. rlinar gri··l f all mapurltl.a.
a Or/tb Nu. atrnantbenea ad ru.aori motal hiak m lnn
'II.. I u.uw.o ruirriuft rn ar , not r l by -lou.Ire I. bir.iu.o nityl, pip .'t.rt ar troublr. with
Pveat ll/la. 'I IIPI ll', N 11i a,. (1 Mfly , i I im.y wI, li ll l,,,l o rathin. U!er,.lflJll
dai A wrilt a Ju'tattb"*.Ivv U an.d lu.ry rr,*itrt In It 81l.. ta Ii r lit a h1 marrueutc',ia.
a hi... *lt tit r9't, . by mail. M+nnl Ior Fiir III"''I" r aId I 1 iii ii,..
Addr:.. D.tVII.:
Pope ! O'Connor. DrtglaIex, fl4ona. Montana. -
name nina,..
w uL I.ItOIW 7iaý weabamn. IDanOoaa Ist.U
.+ rhtly Ainhek'a, ('AwemptwonImamaty, kahag dish,. slo lea unt iwof L.,
r/aa ata" haar eat. wofborgaadh, bealear a d manila3. la qUklycaItred by
Dr. erý
*i t1·eagmt~b
ue a t fý Q ý Tbrrd oa {! is i is
bilek lke l+ Rtat ·tL llt aa Lb.1 ft kn to to
P ut atIT. l ."1"r umr S fur ST uali ie'v 1"t te .
llwal4 of traaii op. r &rrd O'C . {lon nrm. Drugln hew. oelen. Moatl r a a.I New
Pope & O'Connor. Drutlrllat, Hlelena, MoUtaUU.
Are just s eld, eld remedy
In this new shape.
Doctors have always given
this prescription-in water!
We have them in this shape
simply for their: handiness.
Rip.s. TldoeD.
At W aer, oe Ma bhet h ro SilN te i ..
ft ARSILUTULT peeuts
and l..rss pedsct uMity Mad
hrse and duirer.
Shetod w ith the " Xever sllp borh e 'seg"4 a h~ la~eoo e a~
Yob ltl~ k*omsaeatl - the
Steel-eaturred sad SBLF6KAfPIUIpN
Wbe wrae out Uw Ca. ema barely b..
meted withou mqlm Ise. smar
[email protected] ree ptol VstIwID iafl fe for de.
hboss, ready tobe aIed otlcm,
tois winter at Yinlow pelses .
Nicola & Dean, It. Paul, Uina.. and
Minneapolis Iron Store Co.. Minneapolis,
Minn.. General Agents for the North.
Thomas F. Oakoe, Henry C. P.yhv
Henry C. iouse. R.ealve.v.r
Runs Through Cars
Pullman Sleeping Carn,
Elegant Dining Cars,
Tourist Sleeping Cars
No I, )'Melbn Mal. west boomd...... : mt
No.) AUan* tIMll, awl bound........ 2 11 a.
No. M. MarisvllJ ecromPmudatln...... Yta Ma
No. V. Wpoliao l(lder and 91kbaxe
eoo..immudti.b (daily .zmpet fai
40)51.... . 110 o
Mu. W!, lunalal mied Monaspi
Dolt) ......... 210rlp. v
No. 1. libo Mall. west boued ........ Iii a
Au, L Atuattlo Mal. seat bused. .... VHsa a
No. I M UaraUle aao'ommodation .s 11 we
N..Wc Mouldar sod Mlkhbor
aeoummwulum (doll, *zcejt Sun.
· ) ..... ..7:1 m
No. 101 l imla mixed, (Moadast
OWT) .................. ..............10 016o~
Fev ImformsoM. time wed. aM MtIawta
wall oo or writs
A. a. Zc A. B.
CHRA. S. FEE, G. P. &T. A.,
ST PAUL 313.1
I 1
196~r~ or Caberra

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