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A. A. Campbell Is the only autherloed
traveling agent of this paper.
One of the most sweeping and effect
lye corrupt practle' s acts that has yet
been placed upon the statute books of
Lny state is thalt i.lcted in 1.03 by the
lRgislature of ('allfornin. It comprises
sixteen printed pages In the compila
tion of the election laws of the state.
It was framed after thorough inquiry
into the laws of other states and those
of England and It should have the care
ful study of our own lawmakers in pre
paring a law for Montana.
The California statute starts out with
a provision similar to our own as to
the manner of filing nominations. To
this is added, however, a very impor
tant feature which reads as follows:
And at the time of filing such certificate
of nomination the person signing such cer
tificates of nomination shall also file with
the officer authorised by law to receive
and Ale such certificate, the names of five
persons who have accepted in writing and
consented to act, selected to receive, ex
pend, audit and disburse all moneys con
tributed. donated, subscribed or in any
wise furnished or raised for the purpose of
aidaln or promoting the election of the
candidates for officers or electors named
in the said certificate of nomination, or
in any manner to be used in respect of the
conduct and management of the election
at which such candidates are to be voted
for. The certificate of nomination must
not be received or filed unless accompanied
by the names of five persons, citisens and
electors of this state, to compose such
committee, together with their written
acceptance and consent to act as such
committee, as required by this act. The
said committee shall have the exclusive
custody of all moneys contributed, donat
ed, subscribed, or in any way furnished
or raised for or on behalf of the political
party, organised assemblage or body, or
candidates represented by said committee,
and shall disburse the same on proper
vouchers, under the llrectlons of the body
or superior authority to which It Is sub
Ject, If there be any.
The next section of the act provides
for the filing, within twenty-one days
after ai official canvass, by the above
committee of an itemized sworn state
ment showing in detail all moneys re
ceived and disbursed by it. such state
ment giving the names of persons to
whom moneys were paid and the speci
fic service rendered by such persons.
Candidates are also required to file sim
ilar statements. Vouchers must be
filed In all eases except for sums under
five dollars. Forfeiture of office is the
penalty for failure of any candidate to
comply with the provisions of the act.
The fifth section of the California
law defines what are legitimate ex
penses in the following language:
Hlolding and conducting public meetings
for the discussion of public questions,
printing anI c.irculating slpeclmen ballots,
handbills, is, i rds and othr papers previous
to such c, tlion, al lv.rtlsliin pji taOlp , \
Ipressaget. tl.grahing anlI eh' phoning,
;;super'I.Ing I *gls ,t l.ton of tri attndi
Wll, hil.g h 1t h pollihng r i 'ia n.log if toites,
tun' salarir. of {I. I t'tn , al i , 4. I I trn ,s
unting hlr.ll y sat rO t I! * r u :lll ydnU i|trs,
same, and for rent oif 'rootns r i.',' iuy for
the transaction of the business of the
canddllate or comlnmittee, and for Iertes
sar'y incltintal exp,.ns... which shall not
ex'edl th,' sum of one l;iundrei dollars if
exp.)iInded y Ii , ailldate, 1it, one1 thousand
doll:,rs If xpl..lnl..I bhy ia commith, . and,
no ii n shatll I' Ip l i, wtu no ) xp list n-111
( urr- d, til i tiv or inill r i ly, by i~r on
1, .h1lf of ;I ,:tailhi tl,, w i, th,'h before,,
i 1- tl' l " t ., :t i Ii' II, al ti ell, " n h|1 * Il | o f
of In rl ,'r. f l th, miotnl .' ,ill I lt l , -.
I'7 , lt I l i i.. t in aI l hi Ii h, is a in.11
lalh in x,. -s of tll tl ~xitntlmn ;,i tuit
finili,,iu . that is I, :t\ if th ". t i1 n i f
lh- (oft, f,, hl h in l, I .. I.- tl Ia i i i a ll
el i ~" I, t ' ki )'.t' I bI ,v . in 1 -1* - tll
O f :llt, , t ri ll] t f a' ,ll .t ; l': :- ll ry '" lth
O l' t ,,. It I ,t 1 i n I I in 1, ' 1 ' 1 il'
y .l t aid lt I , '.1 th: I i ' 1 , n I -
I 11h in 't,. t 1' ,, o, I) I . I , t II I' ll" , r
07' I - 17.17' I i I I r I 1;I 13' ill.I I e I
it1- 'l I X I-,t II-t ll r 7 11 ,,IIs N II
t7' i''7771 .7771 ''I, i'.i t-. 1,7 1 11)
A: 1 call o tl ,r' rfj, ar I,1 '71t .,II II .* l 7. -
de':"'1 r,.1 t' 77 III 11174I M I:in 111, 1 77
Vf tl IlIIm 1u, 1 7.%'III I . l 4 L 1, It . :l *I ,i,"
Ill.1,, W I. It- I, inn l 1 II,,II I. 111.·1sl1
tI tiLnl ulll · .I t alt nF,,,, c: Ii~ l
f'r I' brlhey (7. I' l'ual 71 . h' , o II'V VI,
ordln ar%- ."'(I, IIN. . ..f p , l nc il tIii , t,"
All Ihr Ih' nn` .· nH~· 11111 In Ill . :I, t. :o'.".
dwwlarnl 1 t~ I ~ i.1lllillui '.1111 . ..II1
(7Lct77 Is w' 7 II t7t f kl ft W l It',l4 . 1(.7.a111 .4
be ," pelz.idttl1, attnl &ln. right I.tf U)hnl1
'1'h,, ),rlhrc~y e,', clan of th.h~ IIIK" (Over·l
Ions Is a Ir -rnlfn·tent wllnn·rI ci against
be compelllld to attend and v city uponl
any trial. haring. proesemllg 'or lawr
fttl Ina Otigstlon or Judicial plroeeding,
in the amse manner as any other per.
son. But the testimony so given shall
not be nsed In any prosecution or pro.
ceeding, eivlU or criminal, against the
person o) testifying. A person so tee
tifying shall not thereafter be liable
to indictment or presentment by infor
tlation, nor to prosecution or punish
ment for the offens- with reference to
which his testimony was given, and
n)ay. plead to prove the giving of testih
mony accordingly In bar of such itn
dietment. Information or prosecution."
This protection to the informer is the
feature of every corrupt practices law.
alid is the chief Instrument in breaking
up the business of the bribe-giver.
The California law it the most se
vire. and complete act for the purifying
of elections that has been set In oper
Its main provisions should be Incor
porated in the Montana statutes. The
question of securing honest elections,
of elimllnulting the money power from
our politics i. the great issue imltndl-I.
ately before us.
Let constituencies see to it that every
member of the legislature comes to Hel
ena in January prepared to vote right
on this question.
New York's committee of seventy.
which led the nmovement for Tam
many's overthrow, propose to have a
hand In running municipal affairs under
Mayor Strong, and already there are
diisenslons and murmurs about oli
garchies and close corporations. The
rule of the seventy will be brief, stormy
and unprofitable. That has been the
history of all such movements.
The Mills of Deer Lodge grlnds
slowly, but he grinds exceeding small;
though with patience he stands wait
Ing, with exactness grinds he all; he'll
grind up Kohrs and Mantle, as sure as
you're alive; and he'll wear the west
side toga in 1895.
The Anaconda Standard wants to
know what Commodore Power's
thoughts are. They are the same as
Murphy's-"Are ye wid us or agin us?"
The dark horse is all right. The rare
air of Butte is expanding his lungs an
inch a day. He is going to win the
Montana sweepstakes with ease.
They say that the author of the "so
cial supremacy" pamphlet is about to
go on a starring tour as a "living ple
Mr. Tongue wants to be United States
senator from Oregon. He would be an
unruly member.
We would like to know which senator
ial pair the Inter Mountain intends to
draw to.
That in these days of colored electric
Ulhting there is little difficulty in mak
Ing a ballroom bright and festive with
out many flowers.
That a small dance is not such a diff(
cult affair to manage in these days o,
hardwood floors and rugs-remove the
latter and go to dancing.
That for a small dance two musicians
or one at the piano, answer all purpose..
That piano and violin, or cornet or harp
-cne of the three to accompany the piano,
is quite common II faut.
That It is very easy to give a moderate
ly good supper at very little expense, fail
ing a supper, light refreshments of course
are the thing.
That, apropos of light refreshments, the
menu Includes sandwiches, jellies, smart
locking sweets, Ices, cakes, tea, coffee,
and claret cup.
That even for a small dance invitations
are issued form thee weeks to a fort.
night In advance.
That the usual hour for the average
dnnce Is 10 p. m. It is supposed to break
up about two In the morning.
That from eighty to one hundred people
is t good number to Invite to a dance, p)ro
v i.,11 ylour rooms are suitable. Iir'st
mrnaure your rooms and then Invite ac
irdlngly--N,.w York lRecorlder.
It will h,"' well to effH.e arraliA I rn
fur.:,rtore Icy ri" trig rt scuin l lues. ,l oil,
rcrcl then following wit i a 1itl shcllta
tllcsolc ('' In al2 I(hi'l.
It will the we'll to mancc eXcc'l('It( KCill
iC) coverinrcg pieces-~ ofr e~liet,+ It c'out,., Iic
thr dry tcstc'IH with vinegar; k..1, In i
watrmn plcr'' mid shiake cc' t, lriiliv tutul
cil,-crlvc'l. lc,r o ricInln cfla', thin It t1ih Itt mc
vni t;' ii
It wihll 1, ,% hII to titlli it ctahlc4'c,c, l ii r of
lc(wcirrI tccl~Lx to th' o hi, ;I. I wilhl
softeni th.' wacter aend priom.. .. 'v tIIic cn'i
It w ilt h' e 'h %%, I , . ' c*. it In t," '* iC,?
a ;t uck, It rni~rt . " cif t'.p rotj, ani
ceuJ" ,,.n n ll .ui-I crl,'cnitt, cci a c
i: ', h ll i;It~ ,fa., .I }', a !nn
Ict I nlfl t ,,nnnll I1 I I,.. .,u ';.r ,",I'
I., .I, I ni Sc lc nticcictii: I ;i t . w
'I,. ucuicn I s'ilk yocue viv lte ikhtcg Icc
"-Ilt, 'If.
Tlll ItO l .s nE EI'II.
\10selay, IIe ". lo,. I 1 *.
'h "1l falin. I' 1II.- ia' h . l a1"Ir- ui. r ni
Ii ri l r ha ,l. A -It , 'I 1. . I Lng fe, '., ;v16
1i.. r1I i i. SL
IIItlI:AKVA'I"T -FoIl, I N rit% W'arInrm*,
I' t, I t' i s I t Ir ' 1 I I l ;I I:11. X ie " I l ,
l'IN II I;treL . I ll .m. i .1I, A hlI pu,,t
i no'. I' ha lk ; . Silnw'. ("1r11 fir..t
I' tlT, I ,ll, I'u,,lIIItg. A ppll ". ;
1 1'1' .I ! lre :; ..and itutt r..1\pp- i.i,'
S.1 l 11 '.. u i,' u r s. .1II 11. T. ,
Ah ,aii thii i l1evl.z n reeib Ir, '
. tfi l, r .111 hll : . 1' . i l, l t ie I I eeal
hi lls Ilnhlr gh y . nl ! In t1,. 1 ! .,I th.1
. hllblb"l n I' I ion , u The I'h ,'
Ii,%I 1 I aN.i ' ilnlln II .. . fll niea 'y
th at 'ht s: h ..l a.. h, I . lr,.l l.
T'he, . nir t- I, I ,. ', I i L. i. ,.
I- l':.+ e tl- e ' ll p' I l I I ' I. Ill i l" t I I :, .
a Ifigii.-nt ..f Iii e r .
A *rrtI ofe iilaIln, Ir pr f i1i, h.rlue-ihb r-iiy
err guripf j e.sh , *':l he - -i i 'I t i ll fla h ior
ii Fi.ilnihlire, - frl a . Irfe h sIn h. n I,,well-i
Int. III. rip.e I..'Irn. teil i a tt l-n. eM Just the
gIlt to ,n1 ii ini ll1 m:uie
For The IndepWeadlt.
HllllardIs i one of the few neat aaG u-.
fatiuling iports Is whh'h ladles a ia.
dalae to their heat' coulntole Wtthout
(much wear and ear to dreas . eiatea
or constitution. It sl not halft s rough a
arme as lawt tennti, ant decidedly more
.blenttlll anll etertalning.
Although the ladlen suffer trom otalina
pbhystlotiral dllsadvantages whlh Inca
pa.ltate them altogether froa Iaking
some ,liTl.ivllt shots, and though ktng
skirts and stays are sometlrime isl the
way, yet there are more expert female
bilitardlist in the world than is generally
slapposedl. There are not a few profeeaion
als, and there are hundreds of ladies in
nil the large litlese n Elurope, and a few
in Anmerlia, who play billiards at i)me
as it parlor galme.
Frnall'in Jenyn Hsl-Nlelmann writes in
n'orm els surn Meer. ftom which the ac
comtpanyling illutratli.ns are reproduced,
that even in ;German), where women
would not even venture to think of such
a thing a decade or .o ago, young gIrls
A Draw Shot.
and also married women are now compet
ing with the stronger sex for the mastery
in many of the erstwhile ilnfeminlne
spot s,. and have attained a high devel
opment in billiarding. Twenty-five years
ago a woman who could skillfully ma
nipulate the billiard cue was looked upon
in Germany as a dime museum curtosity.
Since the,: billiards for ladies in their
parlors would bob up occasionally as a
soIw tty fad, and fond husbands would
tquip rooms in their residenees and pro
cure tables to relieve the ennui of their
wives and daughters, but It is only of
late that ladies are met with who can
challenge old and accomplished players
of the opposite sex.
In I.'rance the game has been popular
among the ladies for a long time. In
England also royalty set the example
many years ago, and since it has not been
frowned down by the court etiquette of
the severe Queen Victoria, many ladies
of the other courts of Europe have be
come sealous advocates and players of
billiards. The caarina is said to be aa ex
pert and enthusiastic player when In good
health. Queen Margherita, of Italy, re
gards billiards not only as an excelent
pastime, but also as a means to obtain a
physical exercise especially salutary for
ladies. Princess Leopold, of iavaria, a
A Side Draw.
daughter of the imperial couple of Aun.
tlla. In also a charming billllrdlat. The
queen regent, 1Marie s aristlne, of Spain,
was a tine player in her maiden days.
' he ladles suffer from several draw
backs. Their toilet and physiological con
struttlon prevent that ion harlulie anil
unrelstraint of movement so natural to the
gentlemen. Many of the gymlnsti ., half
reiulmbtat and litnb-swaying oI atllona are
iiiffhinlt, If not altogether Iml ossiblh for
thetm, they are further hampeted by their
short arms when the balls are In a distant
position, and their physlial weakness
often leaves them In the lurch In mo
nientous stages of the game when the
Iilngth of the run means to win or lose.
Not withstanlling theseo dlsailvantages
there are many onod ladiy lilllardlsts, and
In dliffltult comllbinatlons they show re
markable skill and patient blellteratilon.
Most lialli s Illth'kly ac(qilir the trl k of
corno'ring the balls, through whl'h the
ri'ratly dcst'i' "long rung " ,ar, obt'litil,,
: ll r ll l"y arl not hrtu "'l't) ir."' lt fit;
ia Iul v'e'ry lpoor "draws' They' fnd
II hail,, ais , to pilv w'lih |h, 11.1It h .nl,
iand every go.i Illlhiart i .t l , titist ll e
alhl," to h rntll., the cue wr wilth ilh, lif ha.l
an wu ll1 as tit' ight hlat.lll I:\* lls aIlso
, Inil 1 that the la] di,. i k l h, ftI~,t c.. luI
rI'i st 1anll .t lfroll r11 o n. - ;ily l many ' a
sit l tilt n .
:,tiitnt N Ill tlin t l intlllut,i th.lt Il
I oI' ,I wit m" ' I . to lt 11 Il ..I. the
l s 111111 (1.: , ' 111 ,II 1 1 .' - '
iu'n I i'it , ll .p of', 'l ' in ,I 1 .u ld
S ~ li lig is notic ' a l un I e it
th h. 11 1; \11 .1 ta ll.'. T hey s". ,,1 I1 1 a t11I
sn i I i, , iif ' uti l,' in the I. i that
I' t. t Li I.H f . tis l t'lIiI h I . tw r ui
a t11 i ti tl 11t I * 11t V I . l il ' I u ' , I '. er
ful ,I ' hats, till oh ugh 111 1 11 i )rons
a1ll ' ,t " :1111 11· 11 h )tl.|l 'It l 1( 11~N lilt)If|
Ii r io it li ati utv h t 01 ' 1' l'
t' h it' II Ii I.i ll w. i. ,I iI . r't.l''i f
'i lrhw Ito fu'lll' bill ,in d t Ill' ,' ' .r
k, p ;one Dl fi ,In the ilntm ,,, I f r'
'l h, bi (0 I I, II It )" r. .lan h , 1, A put
11lh1 ,n in I t' oahne as 1, ,1 1.t1 ', 1 l ho
h titw l l t hn -ihIn har tk-lh l, , , at I
saint filr. fuO, l . on "l shl'hl, t .' I l
F,-rit tIi.Ii junitk f~r
em umildr. n. mi-il east rn It .II lit
Vestibule Trains.
W'inmter bimiimtam of raifln m an '*mv, n
i Irrors fur ltimP hors ulntyn lit, m n
tlnrtidl mtrenr,, of the Notml, ii r" i il ·in
Their pmassum'lmmi mleoping end lmmm..i mars
are vemtibuled.
Prof. F. D. KDeey Masne Two WSI Knows
Melatntlns in Ohie.
A letter topt Oberlln 0., to The In.
dependent lS.s:
"A Montana wedding In Ohio is a not*
able event, but such was the happtoo
casiIn at Oberlin, Doc. I, when the o.n,
Uco. D. GOrnen of Boulder Most. war
married to Miss Mae B. urg e Ober
Iln, who receetly was a tenober at Twin
Bridges. The bride sl an Oberitn frad
uate of the elas of I11, muob beloved
and honored for her Mqutrements and
personal attraotlvIeOs.L The wedding
ceremony wasperforned by Prof. F. D.
Kelsey, ce. D., formerly pastor of the
First Congregational cbureh, of Helena.
"The room where the ceremony was
performed was finely decorated with
palms and greenhouse plants, in a
bower of which the ceremony was pro.
nounced. The bride was attired In an
Ivory satin gown heavily trimmed with
beautiful lace, and she carried a large
bouquet of bride roses. Mendelseohn's
wedding march ushered in the bridal
pally: the wedding ring was carried ot
a *lvber tray by a little girl. After con
gratulations, a sumptuous feast was
served. The next morning the bride
and broom started fbr Montana. and
they were sent on their way with a
hearty cheer from the Montana reel
dents of Oberlin who went to the de
pot to see them off. Montana is the
richer for the formation of this lovely
new home. Mr. and Mrs. Greene will
spend the winter at Helena during the
meeting of the legislature, of which Mr.
Greene is a member."
A Wife Poisoner Indk.ted.
Williamport. Ind., Dec. 9.-Several
months ago Mrs. M. Dollinger. living
near Covington. died very suddenly, and
there were suspicions that she had met
with foul play. Some time in July the
corone,r ordered a poet mortem, and Dr.
W. W. Peters, of Lafayette, was em
pliyed to make an analysis of the
contents of the stomach. As a result,
arsenic was found in sumcient quanti
ties to produce death, and during the
past week there was a session of the
grand jury, and Dollinger was indicted
for wife mturder. The accused Is a well
to-do former. Heveral years ago Dol
linger's first wife died under suspicious
circumstances, it is alleged, and there
is talk of exhuming her remains to dis
cover if arsenic caused her death.
Argentine Bribery Charges.
Buenos Ayres, Dec. 9.-The talk of the
hour here is in the changes made by
El Tlempo that a syndicate has bribed
certain members of congress' in order
to get the railroad guaranty bills
passed. El Tiempo says it stands ready
to give names if congress makes an
investigation, and asserts that men
high in political circles as well as rail
road men are Implicated In the plc).
The chamber of deputies has appointed
a committee, which will summon the
editor of El Tiempo and will ask him
to name the accused members. This
was done on motion of the author of
the bill, .enor Elmad, and carried by
a majority of one. Public opinion is on
the side of El Tlempo.
Epert Acquitted.
Little Rock, Ark., Dec. 3.-The jury
in the case of J. L. Bay, charged with
the larceny of $10,000 worth of state
scrip, returned a verdict of acquittal
Bay was the expert accountant em
ployed by the bondsmen of Ex-Treas
urer Woodruff, when that state offclal's
affairs became the object of public scru
tiny, to look after their interests. It
was charged that $10,000 worth of scrip
which disappeared at that time was
taken by Bay. Bay swore on the stand
that Woodruff said that it was his
(Woodruff's) and that Woodruff gave
him 25 per cent. for selling it.
A Double Wedding.
Yesterday B. F. Woodman, justioe of
the peace, officiated at a double wed
ding. The justice ties a great many
nuptial knots, but It is not very often
that he has the pleasure of uniting two
happy couples.with one ceremony. The
young people he united in bonds matri
monial yesterday all came from the
vicinity of Baxendale, where they are
well known. The brides are sisters.
The personel of the contracting parties
were Stephen D. O'Neal and Miss Lucy
Carman, and John E. Dier and Miss
Polly E. Carman.
Morgan's Place
Morgan Pays the Freight.
You know Just how much your Candy
will cost you before you order.
You can order any amount and get It In
from one to two days.
You can save the long delays of getting
goods from the eaust.
You can get your goods cheaper, and
g. i the amount you need.
You do not need to overstock, for Mor
gnu pays the freight.
A Part of the Immrense Stock of
Of Chicago, consisting of
$77 ( ,,- Inventorned value brnol hl tn o ll
tui, I Il will be mold for less thaln l, Irents
lon h. " ýilnllr
AlM, a I:..,t)l mlo,'k of Meyer & c'n ' Rub
,r (,l.el,, :nouitling )Uversho.s· , Nandal...
Aluskan. Knee and Hip Bootgs in all esies.
Alal :Sl) pair of Tailor Mlrle Pants from
I i'llISngo tnllring e ltabllahn ieni, all lgo
for $39 worth Iouile.
'nll .,Jw aul I t first thoice.
lncle Sam's Loan Ofce
C.....er·.Wel d Al. heg*a*.
We'v Dd to Do It
- AND ,
Do What ?
You just read this announcement and learn a FEW
of the things we will do. We only mention a few
come to the store and see for yourself.
We'll Start
In with the largest and finest line of Suits ever shown
in this or any other city. Think of a whole suit for
$5, $6, $7, $8 and $9.
We'll Keep
Going with the snap of this or any other season. A
fine all wool Suit, that can't be duplicated In this city.
We can't say too much in favor of these Suits. They
are worth twice the money we ask for them.
Yours for $ 10.00.
We'll Call
Again and let you know where we stand on the quew
tion of pants. Men's Pants all the way up the scale
starting at $ 1.00.
We'll Fix
You out in an Overcoat if we have half a chance.
The mild weather we have had this fall has made
Overcoats move very slow. We'll sell Overcoats
cheaper than they have ever been sold in this city
beforte Call while stock is fulL
We'll Share
Your troubles if you'll allow us to show-only show
remember-one of our Derby Ribbed Suits of Under
wear for $ 1.25.
We'll Help
You still further by selling you a suit of natural grey
Underwear for 75c.
We'll Be
In line as long as there's anything left. We're' just
like Japan. We're on top and all competitors are
howling-all the same Celestial--but to return to the
Japs-that is our Japanese silk handkerchiefs, beautiful
goods for 25c each.
We'll Let
You be the judge as to our Men's Wool Sox at I Oc
a pair.
We'll Fill
Mail orders the same day they are received. Cash
must accompany order.
Clothing House.
S ..... . BOOKS.
If you cannot attend college for a ourset
you can lbuy our IneW Pratial Text
Inokm on nookkeeping, Commercial lAw,
Blusine.ln Arlthmetlic. Itulinella Spelling
and c'orreltponweInce, Shorthand (any
standlard sytem), Typewriting (for any
mas.hine., also belt works on Me,'haninal
andi Arhhlitetlural l Drawing and Music and.
I,angullage'. I'rompt ttlention to aJM or
ders. Arldres I'rof. H. T. lCngelboeria
Principal and Proprietor
Engelhorn Helena Business Collge,
l'renlh .'leaning and dyeing, scouring by
French Irocess. Plush, woolen, velvets
and silk dresses. gentlemen's garments.
kid gloves, feathers, forn, urlaces,curtins,
silk anl woolen underw, ar and neckties.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Itu) Orand street,
near Hotel IIHelena, IHelena, Montana. Not
responsible for goods left over two
months. Orders called for at any oart of
the otty.
OCa d alter Meab,. Jult 9. the
Wel lmAuP their eaedoal am I rue
Dally 4-Horse Coaches
Great Falls and Lewistown
Mlakin the Trip in One Day.
Via Bett, Armington. Cora, Geyser,
Gratton, Stanford Utioe
and Phllbrook.
Close connection at LWwistown for
the Great Maininig Camps of
Gilt Edl Spotedl osen ad aidi.
Comlortable rFour-lorse Conord
Best of Stook. Fast Time, Caretfl
Good meals and acoommoda.
Psompt attention to Passengoes
and express.
J. J. DAVIS. Suapenraendes

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