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The Helena independent. [volume] (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, December 10, 1894, Morning, Image 8

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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There you have it In a nutshell.
That describes our mammoth stock ex
You can also rest assured that any ar
ticle bought of us to the very latest thing
out, as our stock Is entirely new.
It would take the eight pages of this
paper to give you an Idea of our stock.
All we t<n say is come and see. Whethe:
you look *lIsewhere or come here frst.
you will be more than satisfied that we
are below 'em In price.
A few specials for Monday:
I-Inch Olass Berry Bowl.
6-Inch Imitation Cut Rose Bowl,
Eiglht styles very pretty Toothpick
Celery Dish, cable pattern.
S-inch Piano Duster.
10 c.
Substantial. well-braced Clipper Sled.
4-inch Japanese Wall Pocket,
500 Orange Wood Toothpicks4
Brass LAmp, complet%
Take a look at our new Dinner Sets.
Department Store
IN .-
We put on the market this
morning a complete line of
artists' materials at half what they
cost. They must be sold:
12-Inch Porrelain Placques, always sold
for $1; our price, 40e.
{-inch l'apler lMache I'lacques, always sold
for O,'; our prico, 29..
1G-Inch P'alp Mala'he Plaeques, always
Hold for $1; our price, :.,.
20-inch l',Ip.hr Ih'ih- I'l;acques, alwa)ys
Holdl for $ o . Il; on , ]r,''. Jh.
Itlcl I,:l hony Squar&r Il'a,'lug.s, always soal
for ?I, nur ,rh ,", ",,.
8s,12 I;olii Sluaro. I'l:'lqu.s, always soll
for T7 , our prin,, 2.
ixlJ A.l ll llllrn I..'11n ', always sold for
In ;outr I, rio", 1. .
Exlo (/')round (IluS, ]"'\v. , d <l '1tE 1] Panr"i,
always .uld for $1; nitr prie, : i
11x12 E' ' ny I'an l, alla0 ., :,,aI lIr $1.2-.
our on' I t .
12,.: E,,y lauil, alway: :.uol for $?.-o,
o r r b i., , .
lx:" l:,ony.v l'n.~,, ailIway oldI for 75,': our
lxl2 Lu.ny Pall 1, tl,'ways toil fo 7).; out
,.:. 12':. ,' ]l'ul,'. ,l ,, c Iold for f '; o r
7x11r P hit," l i'.: l, 'lxab; :,ll fu r "',I " o r
l l,., 1:'.
Sv;.i, l I ''" If I ' '.n p ,F rd .
our Iii our , Ik .'.
Windsor i. - n's
.. Pai;,
Tube P ilnt- i,. i h.i at ........ ' r ,h
Tulbe Pnlnts. 1, Ill at ............ 1 I U h
Tube Paints, {I." tub, s at ..........,.we ieah
Tub.e lallnts, h., tu.t. at .......... :: a'h
Windsor & Newton's
Water Colors.
All klndls-your own price.
La Crolx's P'ants, Btrushes, Oill, Var.
nlwlrshes. Btamps, eta ., etc.
They must all go.
Mit;hell & Schonborn, Druggists.
Successors to PAYNTER DRUG CO.
Telephone 8S
State Assoeation of Civil Engines of Me.h
tana Convene n Regular Mnthtly
Assolation Proposes to Prsent Several
Matters for the Consideration of the
The regular monthly meeting of the
Montana Society of Civil Engineers was
held Dec. R. at 7:30 p, m., at the omfce
of fszer & Keer. There were present
Menber~ Haven. Keerl, Herron. F. J.
Smith, Wlickes, Wheeler, rlfltlth., IRel,
Cumlming and .lovey, and one vieltor.
Prlesdent H'avesn In the chair. A. C.
Rellf was appointed secretary of the
The minutes of the last meeting hay
ing beclu printdl in The Independent,
and a copy sent to each Ilnmber, were
approved without being again read.
Appllcations for admission as members
were read from the following named
',rsons, via: C. M. Thorpe, city en
,.et.r, of Boseman; P. W. Blackford,
ity engineer, of Butte; Paul d. A.
li ckel. county surveyor-elect, of Lewis
and Clarke county, Helena; A. A. Mor
ri., county surveyor-eleot of Yellow
stone county, itillings; C. A. Dewar.
civil enginer, , Billings; and Jan~te
tOwen, metallurgist, mining engineer,.
Ballots were taken and the following
named persons were declared unani
mously elected as members of the so
clety: Eugene Carroll, chief engineer
and superintendent of the Butte city
water works. Butte; James Henry
Henley, director of the American De
veloping and Mining company, Helena;
Malcolm M. Macdonald. United Statee
deputy mineral surveyor, Butte; Walter
W. Pennington, surveyor, Butte; Rob
ert A. McArthur, engineer of minet,
By consent of the meeting the order of
proceedings was changed and the preet
dent made an explanation of the cir
cumstances by which, during the last
two months, he has attended to the
duties of secretary, Mr. Foss being ab
sent in Arizona, and no acting secretary
having been appointed. Whe meeting
approved of the president's action. A
letter from James McFarlane, member
of the Montana Society or Engineers
was read, suggesting that the society
discuss and take action upon some
practical matters, such as the free and
unlimited coinage of silver; also a let
ter from Roy Stone, special agent of the
"road engineering" department of agri
culture. Washington, D. C., offering his
aid in any efforts of our society in the
nature of good roads, and stating that
nearly all the state legislature would
take hold of the subject this winter.
The president stated that Prof. A. M.
Ryon, having been in New York for
three weeks, was unable to present to
the meeting his corrected and printed
report on the water movement. As
soon as it is received it will be sent to
the members, and it will come up for
final action at the annual meeting.
W. A. Haven then read the proposed
amendments to the by laws, and ex
plained why it would be desirable to
adopt them. Therefore it was voted
that they be printed and sent to the
members for ballot ,to be counted at
the annual meeting.
The committee on annual meeting re
ported progress. The committee on
county surveyor and road laws not
being ready to report, their chairman,
E. R. McNeill, sent a letter and the
draft of the amendments to the pres
ent statutes of Montana, which were
partially agreed upon by them. This
communication was read by the secre
tray, and the subject was discussed in
a lively manner for an hour by all
the members present, and it was then
voted "that when the full report of the
committee is received by the president,
he is autjorized to have 150 copies of
it printed, and a copy sent to each
member, with a request that they sub
mit, in writing, as early as practicable,
their opinions, and such suggestions
and alterations as may seem to them
advisable, and that the suggestions be
transmitted without delay to the com
mittee, who are instructed to prepare a
revised bill for presentation to the leg
Islature, after final action thereon by
the society at the annual meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 10:15 p. m.
The Modern Mother
Has found that her little ones are Im
proved more by the pleasant laxative,
Syrup of Figs. when in need of the
laative effect of a gentle remedy than
by any other, and that It is more ac
ceptable to them. The true remedy,
Syrup of Figs, is manufactured by the
California Fig Syrup Co. only.
"Excursion Tickets to California."
Take the short and by twenty-four
hours the quickest route to California.
Elegant Pullman palace and tourist
sleepers. The dining car route. The
Union Pacific has placed on sale daily
tickets from Hehlna to California points,
lmted to sixty days going with privilege
of returning any time within six months,
good for stop-over, at following rates:
To Ban Francisco, going via Ogden and
returnng same route, $15.
To San Francisco, going via Ogden and
returning via Portland, and vice versa,
To Ban Fr:anelsco, going via Portland
anol returning satne route, $75.
To LIos Angeles, going via Ogden and
Sai ranm.nto, and returning via San Fran.
SI.o anrd (gt"I*n, or vice versa, $89.
'rT I,o- Angtles, going via Ogden and
S:,n FIran',i o, returning via San Fran
,'I'o andI ()wh e0n, $:13.
'rT Ilo Angeles., golnt via Portland and
returning via tacramentilo, or vice versa,
fhlOugh sl'lplng car reerar.tions and
furthr informill, cinn I" hall by call
Ing in or adldre'srin 36 Nor h Main street,
llnIa. ii. O. Wilson,
.'rnflght nal l'asinger Agent.
CJcurhion naios 1o '..aiornla.
The NSnrthlllrn I'acitllo Iallrnaa lns
jisir d i, sais dally inuisi triipj ticketts
'uralifriias poiiitM, iN tfiirov::
liii, ira to San F lran - Is' anl rrturn,
goi ig vi a S pok a n, Tacouma' an d 'ort
aiarl, a ni rturning Naum.' way, $75.
Sa, 'IttF an'is'. going v.iai Sp.,kann
i''oiunL Wili l',ri land, and retuirinig
'To L's Ai'i"'lais Ruing via Spokane.
l.rarncl:. in , 1 '"' lr*ctlon adthor gouing
osr rot i I I.
Ti At, . going via Spokane.
T.rr~,oll. a, l'"; "'i". and Ran Franclcncc:u,
au sIit ui niuii via Vii] acramfnlflu andi fig
I't. · i tal.e IinnItral to lixty da ys for
4~ jil~.IP,~ g* c''d. to i'tu rn ;, flny
vithil lntil limit of nlx iiiuittl
"II, diltt. or Iasse.
'rIe ,svlniry via the Northern l'aefrln
anil Mou'suit tHIsast roilute Is ln-Ii' talarul.
l'alMaigsns g,-"t a mnagnlllii tit '1%w of
~.1notnt iSsianta from fblieriti In varic.
I'ur further Infoinuati'n, HI.. sin tg car
resurvatiotts. etc.. call ain, ''iu"jlraSS
General Agent, 11~il'rsa. Mont.
T 1.. 11... . 111.,.. 1.. .1. " .._. i. . _
out thir toys aii , tIy h .,.di. K nthr,.
frl' have miade nix trIll.nly w prices.
The disromfort of dust in a railway
journey mak.9 It, hbe dreaded, but if
you travel viht lIhe OrU'at Northern you
save this alnoynmly . Its. roa lh.*.l li roick
ballast, andt II htr no .and dfrerts along
its line. It is fr,,. fromt dust.
Buy your (:hristman n presents at the
Bee Hive and save YG per cent.
I:-- r
Alg~ of afl is _N lower.- LaItut U.S &Oov't Repor
The officers of the board to Iade for the
ensuing year are to be eleotea this even
Rev. Robert Idvinglton, of Livingston.
is a candidate for chaplain of the lower
1r. A. D. Raleigh held servicee in the
Methodist Episcopal church pt Phillips
burg yesterday.
The Del Monte club will meet on next
Friday evening, Dec. 14 and not on Tues
day, as was announced yesterday.
blerchants report a very good holiday
trade, notwithstanding the earliness of the
season. The Helena dealers have laid in
a large stock of holiday goods, expecting
a larger business this year than last.
W. A. Clark left ltutte Baturday for his
mines in Artsons6 from whence it is said
he expects to go to tan Franoisco and
from there to Paris, to be abeent from
Montana until the last of next March.
There seems to be considerable sickness
In Helena, although most of it is not of a
serious nature. There is something of
an epidemic of bad colds, a very large
number of people being afflicted with
The Citizens' Committee of One Hundred
will meet to-night at the board of trade
rooms, In the Granite block, at 7:0 o'clock.
As matters of importance are to he con
sidered, the officers hope that all mem
bers will be present.
Trhe funeral of the little son of Mr. and
Mrs. Herbert 1. Reed took place from
the Reed home yesterday afternoon. The
body will be placed in the receiving vault
at the cemetery until a pYrmanent rest
ing place is made ready for It.
A farmers' Institute will be held in Illt.
lings the present month, and it is expect.
ed that PIrofs. Emery, Foster, Traphagen
and Williams, of the agricultural college,
will be in attendance. Papers will be
read by representative farmers and dairy.
Patrick Wimbs, the man who wa
stabbed In the right breast by Edward
Connelly on the evening of Nov. , is still
at St. Peter's hospital, but is out of dan
ger and is getting along very well now.
If he continues to improve he will be dis
charged from the hospital in a few days.
Great Northern engine No. 410, which
was derailed Thursday night through an
open switch on the tracks in the out
skirts of the city, was raised and put on
the tracks without much difficulty by the
wrecking crew. The engine is in the Hel.
ena roundhouse at the present time. It
was not badly damaged.
The dolls to be offered for sale at the
auditorium on the afternoons and even.
Ings of the 14th and 16th, have been dress
ed by some of the principal ladles of Hel
ena. The little ones who will receive
these as gifts from Santa Claus will find
to their delight that they can dress and
undress them.
The public library was crowded with
people yesterday afternoon. On Sundays
the library has more visitors than on any
other day. The Sunday patrons of the
library seem to pay particular attention
to the reading of periodicals, the papers,
and magazines being in much greater de
mand upon that day than the others.
oe..u y c.5 pa..; " .ý
called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Burkc
ner. 5 South Ewing street, and spent a
very enjoyable evening. Cards were in
order until midnight, when an elegant
lunch was served, after which dancing
to the music of Prof. Cole's dsEhestra
commenced and was kept up unil about
three a. m.
Morning Star lodge A. F. and A. Y. con.
ferret the master Mason degree upon
three candidates at Masonic hall Satur,
day evening. The ceremonies were con
cluded about midnight, after which the
lodge sat down to an elegant banquet in
honor of the occasion. ' number of ad
dresses were made and the festivities last.
ed until a late hour.
The ladies of the Central Presbyterian
church will hold a bazaar and have a
New England dinner in the church on
Helena ave., Tuesday. Dec. 11. Dinner
served from 5 until 10 p. m. Pumpkin
and mince pies, brown bread, baked
beans and all the toothsome delicacies
that go to make up a New England din
ner, all for 25 cents.
E. P. Buydam writes the Butte Report
er from Midway and Boundary Creek, B.
C., that a number of sales have recently
been made there in which two different
Butte, Helena and Salt Lake parties are
interested. The prospects of a boom in
that section next season are very encour
aging and Midway has fine prospects of
becoming a mining center of importance
tributary to that country.
The usual Sunday exodus of Helena peo
ple to Lump Gulch took place yesterday.
Scores of people who are engaed in regu
lar business during week days take advan
tage of the day of rest to visit their prop.
erties In the great new district, which to
them is the promised land. Many take the
Montana Central train to Clancy, while
still more go over to the rushing little
camp by means of private conveyance.
The Rocky Mountain Hlusbandman says
that the Cumberland mine has been sold
at the receiver's sale by an order of court,
and the mine has become the property of
J. Kensedy Todd, of New York. The
Cu'mberland Is probably the rlchest car
bonate mine ever discovered In Montana.
Its sale may mean that it Is to be worked
by its new owner, and In that case Castle
and the Castle district will become promi
nent once again.
There Ir a movemnent on font for the
establishment of a bureau for honi-,1e4
children of Montana. An agent of the na
tional anssociation gave an address upon
this siblhj,.t at the Presbhyterlan chur.h
yesterdlay morning. This gentlemanl Ih
from North IDakota, where the bureau has
performed a great work In slaving desti
tute chilr.en. It is proposed to have the
hrlea 'l over the entire ftlate, having its
headquarters in lel.na.
Hkating spems to 1e. en more popuallp
this winter Ihan last. ThII splendid wea.
tihr anit vlaerb I. free fromn lsnow ino
IIubt aneo(uInt for tiIhe pulllirity of thin
fi.est oif whiter port:.. \ I.iarge rowd
w. nt iot to the ltrnonwatatr paorli yiist.,r
day, riindl hnity v'isit I that raesl t in the
evaning to) n ljoy skalting t I. , tIrlr I ht.
' he pnl, hi.searn el, hrac . r'n, ugh to it
er mmndtllll the por"rs of \IaisugI men anlld
women who, enjoy KllIIu; uiv I its smooth
sul rface.
For a 103-piece dPeorated dluner set.
Si.:A for a 12-ple'el delgur atedh chamber
set. 1". J. Edwards, 9 Park avenue.
ighest Honors-World's PFair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulteran.
G. . . MAT. .R&
Those Not Entitled to the Honor Must Not
Wear the Button.
Department Commander P. R. Dol
man, of Butte, recently sent out an cr
der to all U. A. it. posts in Montana
asking them to co.-optlate with the de
partnment ofiloere in preventing the un
lawful wearing of the Ui. A. It. badge.
No one is entitled to wear the Grand
Army badge or button who is not a
member of the order In goodt standing.
'he Montana statutes make such of
fenses mnisdemeanors punishable by
fine or Imps isonmtnt, or both.
In another and later order the depart
ment commander calls the attention of
the various pests to the annual inspec
tions. Many of the posts have had
their inspections and those,who have
not will be required to have them by
Dec. 20.
Arrivals at The Helena.
Herman ltothhert, Winston; R. 8. Ford,
Geo. Hi. lIotchklis, (Ireat Falls; C. A.
Molion, Elkhorn; Sam Schwab, Helena;
J. F. Tibbetts, ('. C. (ians, Minneapolis; P.
V. Hurley, St. Paul; II. J. Smith, L. II. lEd
wards, Wm. Monroe, San Francisco; M.
J. Maloney. John Lillis, St. Joseph; Chas.
,. Carter. Boston;
Notice to Ore Shippers.
Helena Samplling Works (Braden
Bros.. proprietors), pay cash and the
highest market price for all classes of
smelting ores. Rates for smelting are
reduced from figures given eighteen
months ago from 85 to $10 per ton. Cus
Lom assaying will receive careful and
prompt attention at the lowest rates
consistent with good work. Office, cor
er Grand and Jackson streets.
Don't buy holiday presents until you
sea the new goods at the
Helena Jewelry Co.
Special sale of albums at the Bee
Hive this week.
The Bee Hive cad suit you if you want
holiday presents.
Go to the Bee Hive for Xmas presents.
Gloves and Socks.
H rr
And Suspenders
107 N. MAIN ST.
A onfidence Game
That's all It in-a "Public Confidence"
game. Win "Public Confidence" and trade
treads on its heels. We gained the con
fidence of buyern years ago, and we have
It yet, and guard It closely. When we call
a thing a bargain, people know that's its
proper name, and when we assert
Over Our Own Signature
That the following offers are the
Greatest Bargains of Their
Kinds In the City
You can take it for granted that they
Fancy iDr.ss r(inghams. 8 1-3c; from I2t•c.
F'an'y l.ller Ilowns, fk; from 85'.
lF'lny Hilks. a7',.; from t9{5 to $1.25.
BIla,'k Hlair Muffs at 4,e.
Mlsnnes' Angora He'ts. 13.35; from $t and $4.51.
Two Wheel ('arts, only In".
Four Wheel ('arts, marle of Iron, can't
brolk them, 3.5..
('hlna I)lshes, per set, from 5c up,
lIrums, from ,1'. to $1.
ledIls, from . to $2.
Iarge 'hilt Animals, M.oves, etc., only 15S.
aIar oks, only I5.'
Mutst.al Watches. Inc'.
IIIsl. ne. Io,lli, jointed and Ilr'ss'l, 3.':.
HttandI Mirrors. .'T,.
t'annon prlfrnime, 15c.
Pnrtles hollint the' following tlcktta will
ples.-a -sl for boukre:
loAt 2 - N"rie~ A. No. 3:1, Colunllan (lsI.
l."ry. Hirlep V, No. 3. HhumR. Series V.
No. X3, lloysq of the l3lt,!.. Hodesre9 11, No.
78, I(oys of the' Illble. Seriegs IC, No. G.
Ti t1yKot4 1 'o*01 . k'rl., 1.. No. M,
Wt'opld'rli(r",.t Natolli9. HI"rioN N. No. 93.
1i llIll.94 of I he' World. 14.rl4 0. No. 'p.
Con-ia-le'ey.lIop,.dla. MPIrI.s It. No. 9(. I'll
grlm's Progress. Merle. M. No. U, boys of
the lible.
--*-.JOBA oE.-
Hay, Orin, Flour, Feed, Boiled Ot, emrn Meal and Potatoes
wI.UALe A ISOIW 1e s eaiSNUS
TbIsheme No. 5--Tlb se l N,*g Veslr le is l t .--UI sBemsm s.
The Ploeer Fruit House of Montana. Establisehed 18l
Wholesale Fruits, Produce and Seeds
We are now reeiving regular carload shipnent. of Oranberries,
Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Cider, Bananas, Grapes, Apples. Florida Or.
anges, Sicily Lemons, eto Our stock of Cand.es. Nuts and Chewing
Gums is the most complete to be found at any point between St. Paul
and Portland. Just recetvel a car of Alfalfa seed and a oar of Mon.
Lana Timothy Seed. Will make low prioee to parties wishing
round lots of either.
We Are Now In Receipt of the Finest Stock e
Wood and Goal Jleaters
For Wood or CoaL
SoltRLP -
House Furnishing Goods
m0' Of ALL 1IMi&
ý~t. 42-44 S. MAIN STRET 1. ... A =,,
LDumber, Sash, Doors, Etc
Mtil1 WoCrk of A.ll indr..
Sole Agents For Rocky Fork Coal.
The Old International.
The old and pops! IaterntaLo.al Hotel is
opes tot besiese. hath as the Ameelesa sad
arosn pl the mUsaemeot of MaYe
enu L.aloner.
.Rae from $1. 3s s Day Up. Bltagole Mes
uM Cent..
Dialng room ander the manuaement of Chrls
Ihoe elemhee d Iuner'e Mineal Watee aued
in all departmets.
Elegant Mineral Baths in Connection
Oppenheimer & Asch.
And have them bound.
Frices from $1.50 to $5.* 0
per setL
General Bookbinding and Ruling.
Vrennd Foier Herald MIlIdiha.
4 ) l SALE.
$0 1 441 SIP 4..uII(,,I VAW I.A~WI-INsS
valor r lI . 310 err.e undrn ha... -.--erg straw.
Irrrfls. trame hojurs I2a. lav. lea bars. uas
Loll Irfm salt HaL.a, free rile, f viiim lilama.
Will s.11 the whole of pa ult. for ather pufa.
inatioanqulireo J. r. 4CL MM,
ag.. Mel~eb
Thom"a F. Oakes, Henry C. Payne,
Henry C. Rouse. Receivers.
Runs Through Cars
Pullman Sleeping Cars,
Elegant Dining Cars.
Tourist Sleeping Cars
T.lAI4 A.VIit Ar lA I.LL..
No 1. PTahio MaUL wea.t boundl...... a00 a
Nu.2, A tlanto Mail. ti t bound........ 9:15a. m
ao.. MaryvUill aecomrno4.tin...... t.a. a
No. q. Wickes. oulder and Klkkoer
ace.mni'datlLo daIlly lmept run
d ............. 6:0
Ho. .W, iLmLnl mLid, .Mondaga
onlyj... ..... ...... ....... ...... 2:O0p . is
No, I. aceho nall. weat bounm........ 9:Sa to
%L 3. tIlaniio dsltl, Nat botund .... 9:151. in
:Na I M vil. aeoommodaton ... as1p.
NM . iekIc lilolda and Elkhora
mccmmalatl na (dat4 exacpt bOa
d) ... 7:15 am.
Na 101, Blminl ased. lMondayo
oulyl .................................. 10 0 a
Per Ireorvetion, time erds, maps al tickets
all on or write
.A. n. E OR .,
)HAS. 8. FEE, G. P. & T. A.,
I PAuIL K .l

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