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Montana's Schoo Fund is Invested in State
Warrants and County and Shool
District Sond.
By It the Fund is Inreased and th Value
of State Warrants Is
Kept Up.
In yesterday's Independent appeared
a timely article upon the revision of the
Mnntana school law. In it was the
following paragraph:
"Thousands of dollars are now lying
idle in this fund for the reason that
there is no provision in law for getting
them out of the hands of the state
By "this fund" was meant the state
school fund. It seems that the intent
of this item has been misanderstood
by some. What was meant was that
there are thousands of dollars in the
school fund not in use that can be and
should be made available for apportion
ment among the school districts of the
state. In fact, there is now in the
hands of the treasurer, according to
his report for the fiscal year 'nded
Dec. 1 last, 131.206.22 in the inter-st ac
count of the state school fund. The
principal of the school fund cannot be
used, but the constitution provides that
the Interest accruing shall be appor
tioned to the several school districts of
the state for their use. However, there
is no provision in the statutes by which
this apportionment can be made, and
that accrued interest fund, while draw
ing Interest upon itself. is not perform
ing the part the constitution evidently
intends it should. It is In the hands of
the state treasurer, and it will stay
there until a law is enacted permitting
Its apportionment and distribution to
the school districts.
The state land commissioners. G(ov.
Itickards, Attorney General Haskell,
Stecretary of State Rotwitt and Superin
tendent of Public Instruction Steere
have not allowed the school fund to lie
idle, for at present of the total fund of
$117,45.02. there is $116.480.60 invested in
state warrants and county and school
district bonds, all bearing interest. Ac
cording to the state treasurer's report
for the fiscal year just ended there is
only $1.374.42 of the school fund not
drawing Interest, and this amount will
be invested as fast as the opportunity
presents itself.
The investment of the school fund
was made possible by an act of the
legislature during the session of 18~.
Stnce that time the money has been in
vested as fast as possible. By the in
vestment of the fund the state Is saved
many dollars every year. By this ar
rangement the state pays interest to
Itself. This, too, largely accounts for
the value of Montana's warrants. Even
at the beginning of the year state
warrants commanded 98 cents, which
is a much better figure than the paper
of other states bring. At the present
time state warrants are worth nearly
or quite par.
There was on Dec. 1 $238,120.44 in out
standing warrants. Of this fund 303.
860.40 is held by the school fund. Of
the university fund there is in state
warrants $10,268.64; of the remainder the
contractors for the care of the insant
hold about $80,000, leaving only about
$f5,000 of state warrants in the hands
of the public.
And the Legllatuw WIll Meet in the Mer
There is no longer any doubt about
the legislature having for its quarters
during the coming session and the Mer
chants' hotel building. Matters were
adjusted between Chu. D. McClure and
Cornelius Vawter yesterday afternoon.
and last evening Gov. Rickards closed
the contract between the state and Mr.
Vawter for the building. The state gets
the use of the building from now until
the end of the session for a rental of
$500. For this amount the state gets
the use of the heating plant and closets
i the basement, and the first, second
a third floors. The state Is to pay
for all the necessary alterations and
subsequent repairs. ufficient time to
remove furniture and make repairs will
be allowed the state after the session of
the legislature without extra c(ost.
Yesterday it appearing to Judge Buck
that the plaintiff, in the injunction suit
of McClure versus Vawter. would not
be damaged by the proposed alterations
in the building. under certain condi
tions, the judge dissolved the restrain
ing order upon the filing of a bond to
the plaintiff in the sum of $750 for the
replacement of all partitions that may
be remo,.ed within forty days after the
adjournment of the legislature. if so re
quested by M.cClure within ten lays
after the se.qsin. The hond also se
cures Mr. McClure from all damage.
that may result from the making of the
proposed alterations to the hulldlig.
Tie bond was promptly filed by Mr
Vawter. and after that the contract he
tween himself. as one party, and the
state as the other, was soon made.
Sure Case Against Robbers.
Fort Worth, Tex.. Dec. 10.-Four men
implicated in the Iten lirooks train rob
bery, by conf.essiln of Sam Evans.
nephew of ('apt. Sam Evans, of this
city, are now in jail here and the oil
cials claim they haveu a sure ear4s
against them all. ThI. four prinirs
at.: Sam Evans. of this city, who is
highly connlteld; John Word, Walt.r
Sullivan and WValter Gardnier. all young
f: rmrs., who liv, within a mile of
• phere the, ri clry was ',mmltttedl
:1.;tls claims his sPhlre in the' plunder
i| large etough to fix him ill right after
he gets through with the trouble.
I'I:It"11l ý.I L.
Frank IH. N.,w.1i, of (ould., I1 it the
II,.-, ii.
AII.rt 1.I...i i mali. a l·uMrn.*q trip t~
Irt Ii. i1.i ri isv. L IIs .o
5111,,4 (It}, ;i ^ at th," 11, l i iar
Dr. ThptnasiH " I~ r bift -I'," triay. fiw
day from a h. hilt ti fi ink Ii ," I r ·t
ltliiharl L...key I. inv,"s this tu~ni'.oig
*n a iu- ii I!.'S ilti, t.. I ..."m ul rId
fi r. . 11.S Ilimbn ii. ',)w., I.- kn 0i~"
it.tt ov.v fir or I i. k Ili iii. mniiw
J. S. iS!iopsihl ,, nimtnt,.r of th.u hous.'
e;-- fruim 511."' ur 1w, why, ii"fu-sat..
Ths.Klgtlil o te tgllau",i
in 1k,"ty
%ii'a. A ('. Sandb-iu.itr who ~hular hii-, i
vslu ing Nitrs. S. elo.n for ih.. pout
t;. w,.*.ks, .Iturnr'u w her hums-, ii
I iurt...I4. lurdtay
A.4'. Logaim. toirmerly Milliirilflul~nilt
o'f ipuhl. tiirtrimiiiuii, is v it~:ing it, th.u
city. Nihi*. LoKuug'ii inaliti Is iiui'*i bi"t
tri thiani It thas 1)"'i. fotb r s"%-ta te~at:,
t.iie.1r niutice if w~hir.. inarrtug.' w;a Iii
uietierIayi' tntpeniihnt, an lv i lviii
Oberlin, 11., yert4'rdIay. Mr. itul NI!
;rt'ene will irsiiuh Ini Ilielen ihrlnrh Ill
Hu"ihtuuii of tihr" Ieg'islatime Nil. M tý n,". ii
I., Iiug :'etatir-lctiit from J.Mt ,It
floro Menthol will cure yiomr catiarrh. At
$11 drugiuttui.
Inside Mistey o the Bi Whet Dea of
Ran Fraaaolo, Dec. 10.-The man who
spent eleven mlllons of other people's
money, nearly wrecked a bank, con
cluded a finanioal operation . that
startled the world. Is sow indicted for
making a fails report of the condition
of ani inlsurance 'company. George L,.
IBrander conducted the great wheat deal
of 187. using the money, seouritles and
credit of the Nevada bank, of which he
was cashler. He confessed his loot of
millions. and now for the first time ia
made public a strtement of that confes
slan and the relation of other facts
about the wheat deal, and the manner
ilt which a financial panic wits averted.
_lander used more dan Franotico
money that did not belong to him, with
out being charged with theft, than any
other mnon who ever figured in the his
tory of this state as a Napoleon of
The act for which he was Indicted
that of swearing that 63- shares of
stock of the State investment and In
surancle company was $41,840 cash on
hand--was a trifle ae compared with
his grand operatmn in 188i . The losers
by the collapse of the State Investment
and Insurance company do not seem to
be particularly venlgeful though some
of them have held on to their stock all
the months since the institution was
wound up in the hope that Brander
would make good his promise to Interest
sumelent foregan capital to revive the
Some one was interested, however,
for Detective Coffey did not return a
warrant for Brander's arrest on Satur*
day until he had satiafied his superiors
beyond question that tirander was not
within jurisdiction of the state court.
The insilde history of the big wheat
deal, published here for the first time,
shows that Brander put the Nevnda
bank in such 'a way that it stood to
lose $17,000,000 on the deal. The day
this state of affairs was discovered
there was only about $300 left in the
bank with which to commence business
next day. The late.James Flood, then
head of the Nevada bank, teuld see no
way out, and decided to have a receiver
appointed. The necessary papers were
drawn up, when the California bank
came to the rescue with a million dol
lars. Ex-Senator Fair had a million
and a half to spare, and with that the
bank was enabled to tide over the crisis.
The wheat bought by Brander was
gradually disposed of, and when the
bank finally closed up the deal it was
found that Brander's enterprise had
coat Just $11,000,000. None of this enor
mous amount of money stuck to Bran
der's hands, and he was penniless when
discharged from the bank.
He engineered the deal merely for the
glory he thought he would obtain as a
financier. Flood wanted to get rid of
him and gave him 815,000 to leave the
country. Brander did so. but came
back and became head of the State In
vestment company. He is believed to
be in Bootland at present.
Chairman Wilson Writs a Manly Ltter to a
Seattle, Wash., Dec. 10.-The follow
ing letter from Chairman W. L. Wilson,
of the ways and mean committee, ad
dressed to Hon. Oborge Hausard, of
Tacoma, is to-day made public. Wil
son, by referring to his former visit
to this state, recalls the fact that in
1891 he came from his home in West
Virginia through Tacoma where, on
April 30, he delivered an address:
Washington. Dec. 1, 1l94.-Dear Has
zard: I am grateful for the kind words
which you send me in the name of my
democratic friends in Washington. I
appreciate their personal and political
friendship, and shalt try as earnestly
to deserve it in public life as in the pub
lic service. I do not allow myself to
repine over my reverses, and as to the
general disaster, I am confident the
people will soon learn that the demo
cratic party did not deserve any such
chastisement at their hands, and will
come back to us as passionately as they
seem to have left us. This copntry does
not belong to the trusts and the mo
nopolies and no single battle can give
it to them. An army may be defeated,
but our cause, as the old Roman, Allen
(t. Thurman, said on his recent birth
day, is the cause of free institutions
and is therefore invincible. (Signed)
Desperation of the G. O. P.
San Francisco. Dec. 10.-The republi
cans have definitely decided to contest
the eleotion of James H. Budd for gov
ernor. The supreme court has been asked
to grant a writ of mandate compelling
the election commissioners to ignore
contested returns, without considering
these disputed figures, upon which
Budd's plurality depends, and in con.
nection with which the republican state
central committee alleges fraud. This
is the first time in the history of Cali
fornia that even preliminary steps have
been taken for an attack upon offclal
returns In a gubernatorial race.
The supreme court refused to issue the
restraining order asked for. The court
advlised attorneys for Cornwall to apply
for an alternative writ, returnable at
some future time, and have the matter
come up in regular order.
In Jail for Contempt.
Ralt Lake. Dec. W0.-Chief Pratt and
Detectives Sheets and Ferguson, who
were placed In custody of United States
marshal last week for refusing to an
swer certain questions propounded by
the grain jury in a case of adultery,
w,,re released on Saturday on account
of Irregularity in the proceedings. They
were called before the grand jury again
to-day and the original questions sub
mitted to them. They positively re
fused to answer the lustilons, and the
cnurt, by du,- pro'ess of law, hay selit
them to prison for contempt.
The Captain's Fault.
Aucikland. N. Z., I)DP. 10i -The court
of inquiry has found that the Hst.amlMhllp
\ar:tipa, hound from Hydney, N. S. W.,
to this l jrt, which was wrickg'ld oni th,
right of tat. '2 ili (nirat lHlarrles Island,
with ;ia I.M .f oveIr rItglhty liv.,., wail
tI t lhrough the fault ,If I''alt. .!IlIi
th. w'ho w.+ riuongr the (lrowThl'd
TI'h,. e',c rt1 fournl th at he. l,,a I ',lIll 'on,
':IIrd thie st'.*ini hip wasI a far l, Mand
t I rx fall'd to do all whIch IngIKlt
hit,, b'.,,ni cxpeoted of ,earrnt in suchi
Arrivals at The Helena,
Franlk I. Now,.l (ull. ld; J. F. Light.
M i s ('It y; I' II. L.und, Mi.lr ' City; I+.
II. Johns,,, .111, s ('ity, L:. I'. (.adwll,
(Io.z lin l; Jas. i uCatson, Itul tti; J. II
ll:tn ,onial, M . I , ;uttr.; '.1. . h ,p
Mshlii , lI tt,' l Parkr \'- ze y, i; ,",it
P'lIls; .1 A, )t urlc., I(.Itt F'alls; l':rn ,I
;'utc'hur, ;r'-at i.I" lu.l; II. IL. Mn tins .
\\'ike, WV. S. "titt, Wilkes: p M.
S.'tt, \V., I'll, I:) . AuuIttin. Jami.s
lutown, N 11 , J. Ilirtty. Jr. I'hhctngo;
F. '. Smith, I'hhclago; A..I. Mlin:ru, (hl
:,,; S t~S'hwettze.r, ('hica:r,. Iuhhard
'Hilz. ' I'uilrinati; W. A. Sh'*r woo, ('lin
cItrllt I. '. M. Avery. Farn l'ranl c I-rco; J.
I. lPoll'r. Han Franrie.,,. '"'h.,. ('. Mar
thii ll, .\l luliculla.
Notice to Ore Shippers.
Illena Sampling . '.orks (Braden
Bro.., prfplrleta.jl). lay ruash and the
highest market r'll'. fir all cklses of
smi-lting ores. it,. for sinmelting are
ridIuced frio 1)l-, ii in given I-Ightee'n
months agc from S5 to $11 per ton. Cus
tom nssaytilKg will receive careful and
lprompt att.nt ', i at the lowest rates
,onsistin.t nwiIth r0ood1 work. (Iffice, cor
m,. (irandnl .ci ackk on streets.
The universal paper patterns are the
best. For sale. at the Hee live. De
cember Fashuion Monthly is now ready.
Annual ltwe" and PrSSsm .. lee a
Prrqapes Yea.
The anntIa electlon ) MIh .Of
tr'la last ýStI reaulted oi la
of the followr olt.eur t t.re. a ng
I'realdent-L. A. Walker,
\'ice presldent--Peter WmIae.
Treasurer-.A. C. Johnson.
Sct.retary-C. D. treeUneld.
Executive oommlitte*O- D, idger
ton, H. U. Parehen, W. U. ol, T. H.
Kleinchmldt. T. A. Marlmw.
There was but one ticket 14 the aeld,
ozcept the mecretary, for Which omce
there were two ondldstee-C. . Green*
field winning by an overwhelming ma
It is the Intention of the board of
trade to make it an active and progres
lyve body for the advanoement of the
good of the city during the coming
year. For several yearn past the board
has been hampered by numerous things,
including the panto and the capital elec
tion. The litter engroesed a grat deal
of the time of the members Frosm now
on the board will be In poetlam to take
hold of the many big projects that have
been lying dormant, and push them to
a successful issue.
Reolutions of Rmeet.
The followlng resolutioas were prs
pared and adopted at the meeting of Cap
itol lodge No. 2. A. O. U. W., Monday
evtenln, Dec. 10. 18N:
The officers and members of this lodge
have learned with sincere regret of the
death of our brother, H. H. Inow.
We lament the ss of a faithful Work
man, who In his daily life illustrated the
beneficent principles of our ord , One
who did his part as opportunity offered
In lightening the burdens of the oppress
ed. alleviating the suffering of the unfor
tunate, and speaking words of cheer to
the despondent.
We tender our warmest sympathles to
the family of the deceased brother in
their bereavement, and while mingling
our tears with theirs In our common Bor
row, we commend them to the watchful
care of the Almighty Father and pledge
to them I fraternal interest in their fu
ture welfare.
Comfort in Traveling Is Everything.
Everybody knows that the Northern Pa
cifc is the most comfortable and best
equipped line between Helena and all
points east and west. It is the only lii..:
running through dining cars, through
Pullman standard and tourist sleeping
cars, and through coaches between Helena
and St. Paul. No waiting by this line at
junction points for connectlag trains,
which are subject to material delays.
Having the short line, and slightly slower
time, passengers are sure of making east
ern connections.
Take the Northern Pacific and avoid a
change of cars and vexatious lay-overs.
Received by the Kaiser.
Berlin, Dec. 3I.-Emperor William
yesterday received Count Von Bohou
valhoff, the Russian ambassador to
ernmany, who formally announled to
his majesty the accession of Cant Nich
olas to the throne of Russia. The am
bassador was Invited to take lunch at
the palace. At noon the emperor te
celved Herr Yon Levrtsow. president of
the re4chstag, and the vice presidents
of that body. and made the customary
speech, expressing his satlsfactlon at
their re-election.
Don't Waste Your Tino by Traveling on
Slow Trains.
The Great Northern railway leaves
Helena three hours later an& arrlves
in St. Paul ten minutes earlier than all
other lines. Close conneotio at St.
Paul for all points south ani Wait, and
only two nights out Helena to Chicago.
City ticket ofece, No. $ Nof S Main
Gen'l Agrt. City Ticket A't.
For a stylish oloak for ladles, misses
or children, and eastern prices, call at
the Bee Hive.
Bant Claus headquarters at the Bee
Vestibule Trains.
Winter blasts of rain and sleet have no
terrors for travelers using the transcon.
tinental trains of the Northern Pacific.
Their pasenger, sleeping and dining cars
are vesbuled.
Best line of 26 and 50c kid body dolls
In the city can be found at tle see Hive.
Parebes.D'Aeeal- Drau C.. Me.lea
Moat., wholesale ageast
Helena, Montana.
All kln4c of m'.rc.hnll1e an4 other
frrIghts. Inclulding ores, pr, mptly trans
ferredr from . de,,,,t. ()'rers will re
relve prompt attention. Offlhes at J. Feld
bergr's tore and lit the de.iot.
PARlK OBESITY P11.1,..1 will reduce
your weight P'I·:I'.ANIN'I'LtY from IZ to
15I pounds a muonth. Nit ITAIRVIN1.,
sit mneun or Injury; Ni 1 II 'i NII.ITY. They
build upi b." health jul l1 ..iiuity the com
plexion, Ieaving Nt WftINKI{I, or lah
biness. STOU~T A14I,(,11.NNlWad difficult
breathing surely roll '.rI. NO EXi'EI.t!
U ENT. itt a sicleti I III' and pe'utlvei relief,
asirptedl oily aftier y'*Ei rN if 4pctlerie-.
All ordlers suppliedl Ilirset *f'vm.r r offke.
I'rb'. S I)IakHPge. ii thn(e p.so1cages for
$5., by msll pr'tpnl i T',int gonalis and
pariisieialr i (eenlelj) 2
All -orreepoudencw rbrl.tly Qpnfllentlal.
PARIK tltMI:br ('(, , ibejjI~n.Maes.,
Ai4AlUNPKr.'M A1.1:,_
I hrer-I, offer for salI ret :e. 24, 11194,
at I? ., '- k noon, iIth h eat bidder
for .'ecu. aii oif tii,.r 'orvnnsl and real
property, book as.u sonic ,..q.., now In my
poisPNqls,1 i, 1 54 tas~ign, nI 1. W. Ja'kson.
lttsi* 11111i 1w searIel aItm sent to my of
flue. Nloiid ns& ('liii) Illldiug. before 12
ouiot k flo'in of [tessm mr 'L, 104.
For fuIth,.r partlriulurI, 01,1ply to
i** It IUL Lt)irVEfl.
Assignee of (I. W. Jackion.
treatment of ten prevents
the necesbty for hospital
treatment. Every wise
housekeeper keeps an
Porous Plaster
on hand for immediate use
for congestion arising from
taking cold, for lame back,
sore muscles, sprains and all
sorts of pains and aches.
Thera are lal.temlem h the wMea l
ware - thems. Get the gaenmie A&Se's.
AlIock's Corn Shields,
Alcock's Bunion Shields,
H n equal s a h atn d eue Ia sema
Brandreth's Pills
roof great benul n east of torpi
ar, blliousnau, and rheamatima.
Thomas F. Oakes. Henry C. Payne.
Henry C. Rouse. Receivers.
Runs Through Cars
Pullman Sleeping Cars,
Elegant Dining Cars.
Tourist Sleeping Cars
l I. Paemo Mall. weat boend...... 1a am
w &daaI eMail, eat basd........ l a. a
w. I! Mtihe soeomuod.tin...... ts a.
H.. Wi, .en balder sed 3skb.r.
aeoommiudMM.l t (tae , eld pt ..mlt
o. MS..R.m . . in .. . . t m .
. ............................. 2t9. a
N. . Isoilo Mail. west bound........ 9n. t
h o. lamtie Ma.t eat boud ....... SYIa. 1
e.eummoe.uan (auilr sacet baau
deem .... .. ...ý.. ,, m.
eaj) .................................. mlh. •
r.w taeaeloW, tin u.ed map ad seMas
call on or write
AL. D. ED= I.R,
CHAB. 8. FEE, G. P. & T. &,
The First of Amerlean Newspapers.
The American Constitution, the Ameri.
can idea, the American spirit. These first,
last, and all the time, forever.
Daily, by mall.... .................. a year
Daily and Sunday, by mail........ I a year
The Weekly........................1 a year
The Sunday Sun
Is the Greatest Bunday Newspaper In the
Price 5c a Copy. By Mail $2 a Year
Address THE SUN, New York.
By virtue of an execution In my hands,
issued out of the district court of the iLrst
Judicial district of the state of Montlta,
in and for the county of Lewis and Clarke.
in the suit of First National Bank of Hel
ena, against Peerless Jennie Mining Com
pany. duly attested the 24th day of No
vember, A. 1). 1594, I have levied upon
all the right, title and Interest of
the said Peerless Jennie Mining
Company, In and to the follow
ing described property, situated In
Lewis and Clarke county, state of
Montana, vis: The Little Jennie Lot No.
2, west, being mineral entry No. 237, des
Ignated by the surveyor general of Mon
tana as Lot No. If, containing 39.37 acres,
in township 8, N. It. 5 west; aliso the
'eerless Jennie No. I, West. the Peerless
.Vennie No. 1, East, and the Little Jennie
No. 1, East, mineral entry No. 239, anl
therein designated as lots No., b0. 51 and
C.' A. and It., In township 8, N. It. 5, west;
also a cl.rtaln tunnel claim or right, com
rlencing at Itl. LiTttle Jennie No. 1. East,
ore housel, anl running thence southerly
38.01) feet, sail tunnel claim being fully
dlescribed, In locution notice in Book D
of Lodes in the county recorder's office
of Lewis and ('larkE county, Montana;
almso the trlueenshury lodle., designated by
th"e surveyor general of Montanal as Lot
No. G2. It townslhip R. N. It. 4. west, be
ing the' Iani enbraced In mineral entry
No. 2.11, containing 2n.ill n .-. ; the fore'
otnrg 'slnims nare all reo',rded in Hook 7
of Ied.rls. pagres 7 andl 84. in the officie of
thlie ountiy tle'rk and recrder of Lewis
tndl Cl'irke county, Monltanll. to which
said records reference Is hereby had for
a more full anld romplete dlescription of
the s.id pr omises.
'I' llCher with all and simnguilar the ten
eieniit. hlerdit.llutientls and alullrtenainfes
Itll*rluntu) 'belougininK or li any W'ise' apliper
N.lttl . Is hieebly given that on the 2)th
dliay of Ihi,.l.ietl.r, A. I). 18194, hotween the
hour. r f 9i ilo' ulo.k s. m. andl 5 o'clock p.
m. of sail d.ay, to-wit, at the hour of 12 m.
at the front door of the court house, in
the ,city of Iit'l.inn, sall county and state,
I will sill sill the righl, title and Interest
of the .luil P'a.',rli-s Jennie Mining ('onm
puny. i alllnd to the shil abovye described
lprol.rty, lt the. illglh't bidder for cash
in hantl.
(liven under my hand this 27th day of
Novitiember. A. i. Ik1.
'llA IIlItlf. II. ('1'tTIS, Sheriff.
Ity FItt'IEi E. l10R41, I'nlder Sheriff.
Tools & Wallace, Plaintiffs Attorneys.
UAiW J$Oft91UIJ ,
w.w CsmLI........... .eooo
SUrp&uU -o hwoE~ts..... . WO~hOO
Destga$Ld D posltoe7 9g i
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No. NI.
U. . La Ind ORice, Helena, Mont. Nov.
l, 1l4.
Notice is ahe ' given that Charles IL
Henton, Jacob Orab fed Martin Hosa,
all of Clancy, Moanta, have this day Aied
application for patent. unde the minay
laws of cougrea tar the oodo lode claim
dees/nated as urvey Na 4,8. situated tn
- ursnlnsed mtoal district Jeffrerseo
conaty, Montana, ln seetless 0 and If,
towsbhip 3 north, ranoge 3 est, which
claim is recoMed I the office of the r".
corder of Jelmara county, at Boulder,
Montana. ad i*mdas follows: laid
survey No. 1,O1 b segU at corner No. 1.
from which southwest esrner of section
1, township 9 north, range I west, bears
south U degrees, N minutes west 90.4 feet;
thence south 73 degrees, 17 minutes west
lU feet; thence north 6 degrees, U min.
utr east M4 feet; thence north 84 degr.ee.,
D minutes east N0.6 test; thence south
8I degreeI m1 altWS east 1,1 feet;
thence south I degrees, N min
north 1 degree, minutes west 74 feet to
corner No. 1, the place of belinning, em
bracintag 1.11 aores, pon wich a notice
ol smld applelation was posted the 5th day
of November, 114. The only known ad
Jolning claim to these premises Is the Hid.
den Sunlight eztension lode, unsurveyed
on the southwest.
W. B. COX, Register.
Date of Srst pubUlation. Nov. 11. 1L4.
Charlotte Johnson, plaintiff, vs. 8. C.
Baldwin, Lulle B. Baldwin, F. R. Wallace,
SC. . Lots, aslsgneooe, and George Yer
gy, defendants.
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of foreeoloeure and sale issued
out of the district court of the First ju
dicial distrlet of the.state df Montana, in
and for the oounty of Lewis and Clarke,
on the 1st day of December, A. D. 134,.
In the above entitled action, wherein
Charlotte Johnson, the above named plain
tiff, obtained a judgment and decree of
forecloeure and sale against the above
named defe4an. on the 15th day of No
vember, A. D. 110., for the sum oft 8L,.M4.
besides Interest, costs and attorneys fees,
which said decree was,u. on the 16th day of
November. A. D. 134, recorded in Judg
ment book No. J, of said court, at page
-, I am oommandea to sell all that cer
tain lot, piece or parcel of land, situate,
lying and being in the county of Lewis
and Clarke, state of Montana, and bound
ed and described as follows, to wit: Lot
No. fourteen (14), t bolock L, of the Blake
addition to the city of Helena, the said
lot having a froIJtge on Broadway of
forty-two (4) feet, and a depth of one
hundred (100)te, aooording to and as
said lot and block are more particularly
deserlbed upoWI the oilclal plat (amended)
of the said dditdlUon, now on file in the
omffce of the county shlrk an4 recorder of
the county of ;e.wi t4nd Clarke, state of
Montana, together a. oh and singular
the tenegpltts herod tatents and appur
tenances thetwunto longing or in any
wise appertig.S..
Public notice Is ieby given that on
Monday,. the 34th day of December, A. D.
1894, at 12 o'clock m. of that day, at the
front door of the court house, Helena,
Lewis and Clarke county. Montana, I will,
in obedilnce to said order of sale and de
rree of foreclosure and sale, sell the above
described property, or so much thereof as
may be necessary to satisfy said judg
ment, with interest and corts, to the high
eat and best bidder, for ca.ch In hand.
(Olvn under my hand this 3d day of Deo
cember. A. I). 1894.
c'IIARLtES )D. CI'ItTIS. Sheriff.
fy FRIfD . 11HO8. Inder Sheriff.
Cullen & Toole, plaintiff's attorneys.
No. 2.00.
United States Land Omce, Helena, Mon.
tana, Nov. 1, 184.
Notice is hereby given that Joseph P.
Lat'ch. Andrew Thompson and Jane
I. Mattlce, of Helena, Mont.. have this
day made apppllcatlon for patent, under
the mining laws of congress, for the
Little Alma lode mining claim, desig
tnated as survey No. 4,487, situated In
Lump gulch, unorganised mining dis
trict, Jefferson county. Montana, in
townships No. 8 ahd 0 north of range 3
west, which claim Is recorded in the
omce of the recorder of Jefferson coun
ty, at Iloulder. Montana, and described
as follows:
lteginning at corner No. I of said
survey No. 4,497 from which the clos
ing section corner between sections I
andl 6. township No. 8 north of range No.
3 west, bears south 3i deg. 49 min. east
5,476.8 feet and running thene north 41
deg. 62 min, west 37n.2 feet to corner
No. 3; thence south 64 deg. 39 min. west
1,410.6 feet to corner No. 3; thence south
41 deg. 5[ min. east 487 feet to corner
No. 4; thence north 62 de',. 20 min. east
1,96s feet to corner No. 1, the place of be.
ginning, emnracing an area of 12.ta
acres of which 3.17 acres is in conttlrt
with survey No. 2,607 and Is claimed,
upon which a notice of said application
was posted on the $3d day of October.
The only known adjoining clalm to
these premises is the Virginia lode,
unsurveyed, on the east.
W. R. (OX. Regrister.
Date of first publication Nov. 2, ItL
Lansh0ors & Reece. Attornoy,

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