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The House Committee Listens to the Argu.
ments Advanced in Favor of the
Baltimore Plan.
The Pooling Bill Is Passed by the House
After a Fight-Business In the
Wgashini ton, lDt. Il.--Tite hearing be -
foret the house hank ii aid cuai|re|'uo'.*
comminttee on fih , tiiioin if ' heI re'tl'
gaLnisatlion of the t urrelncy iI~ s was\V, Ir''.
sumed touday. Among those prel.'evnt
were Horace White, of the N,-w York
Eveningi PoLst; 0. . Honmer. of ltallit
tmor.'. c.hairman of commi tltc'e of itt*
tlonlll bulnkers to formulate the so.
cilld Italtimore plan, and i. K. Hop
bur n, f N.ew York. x-cL'omptroller of
the tIrrinc'y. The) reptresenlt the cur
reine.v Ideas ,em'ndI dl.1 in the Italtmll orne
pla:n. It wi: ta pettl ecdlSl s lal y Car
Il.ie would present his cu rrency bill
and .ontinle his tatrte.-lnt11 but as he
wais late. W\hite ,opened the h.',rinºg;. In
ianswl r to q outi" ns. heit stat ' he' had
drafthd a till o the Itni.; f lit', t I:illi
mool'. plan, and it wais .raitn'ged that
this bill shall b i pla.c h,'oore the com
mittee.r \Whit." statemnt wi.s road
from manusctrlipt antd was a carefully
prepared review ,If theI banking qlue''s
tlion. At the ice.' of Whi' es stat.l
ment he' submitted hls bill on the 1lal
tlmore plan.
Walker. of Massachu.setts, asked if
thel bill presented by White, would -u
cur' a safe anld unllllform curtrenc.
"It will have that t-ndency," said
"That is not It.' said Walker. 'We
do not want to provide a tendlrtny
toward a safe currency, but the actual
"I am not omniscient." suggested
White. He added that In his judgment
the bill would secure an plastic cur.
Johnson, of Ohio, asked White's opln.
ion of Secretary Carlisle's currency
plan. White answered he did not think
the secretary's plan would give the elas
tic currency it sought to secure. It
compelled the banks to put up 30 cents
every time they Issued 75 cents. Homer
stated that the committee of national
bankers had not yet formulated a bill.
Secretary Carlisle came in at this
point and was an interested listener to
White's answer to the questions as to
the want of elasticity in Carlisle's cur
rency bill. Warner, of New York,.
asked what restrictions should be im
posed on state banks. White said he
would subject the state banks to the
mame regulations as thosu Imposed on
national banks. Cox, of Tennessee,
asked if this ,would do away with
state banks.
White answered that It would. He
saw no objection to the repeal of the
10 per cent. tax on state bank notes.
provided state banks comply with all
the requirements of the national bank
ing law and provided the means of en
forcing these requiremnts are lodged
with the comptroller of the currency.
But the mere power of observation
without the power of enforcement, he
considered unwise, unsafe and sure to
cause embarrassment and to end in dis
aster. He considered as desirable that
the government shall continue as now,
responsible for the redemption of bank
notes. The Baltimore plan simply takes
the law as is finds It. It makes a
change in the manner of reimbursing
the government for the redemption of
the notes of failed banks. The only
question is whether the suggested
change puts the government to any
greater risk. This Is a question of mathe.
matics. It is to be answered by the
tables of bank mortality in the past
thirty-one years. Taking up another
branch of the question, White said:
"It has been said there is no more
reason why the government should
guarantee the notes of the bank than
those of the merchant, the ma.nufac
turer or the farmer. This would be
true if the notes of the merchant, the
manufacturer and the farmr r were al
lowed to clrculate as mIoney, but not
otherwise." White announced himself
i1 favor of the retrll'emnt of legal ten.
dcr notes notwithatianding the retire
ment Is tnot Iacludedi in the fltimllore
t'arlisl.. then re.un-,ld his statement
begun yett.lrday. I1 i pie.ntedrl the
bill hi had p.iepliuredl .nlmbidying his
pi ut ""f ,' ourr l . lr} .\laii n aniii: 1,a1,ul it
t , th '. e, ,llll tt' n., t'lllin 'tlllln g l i as I
Itlll !wing ilt wom .", .f the* f."ttultl" of
the bill r.-isent.i d i', thi- bainking iandI
currency euiinmitlte' lIy Hiaie %,' \Whl It'
It providen that no hankllin aes( latin
ithall be required to ,l.pisIt I'nlted
Iltil.es bli.ila for the se ullty ,of circu
latIng nr ties to iei hereafter Issled.
!'llThat In lieu "f dllep'.ts o'f bhonlds .aIh
niati' ttall i banik ishall rte.ivc' fr- the
I.oIptlllin:lI,'r i'r ui'tlitrig mn 't s t i ft.,
iamtuint if Ilthnkl por i', nt if its 1ild1
u111 u, uiiml I;lr ] s', illtal, Il-.n pIli) n llto
thi tlr ilMrer Ilawful ia no,*y t1 thu.
allnl unt 'f i .I"r I, it f i i-,i ,rl uiltI
Il ll. nIt h-r d lld th * nilt!', ' t tax . I i -r
i lit yl iirly iup 'VI n I,. itli- 1Iri t m iim u 1 ,1 ,I.
rIrul' tl , .1 . illT '1i ; ,- ' ,,s of th I + l ltatx to
I 'is tl tut i. t guI u ,nuttty fu 'lll f I thi r'e- I
t.iI. 'That i a h 1lanik ihi11ll ibe .n
I l " t l l i tl l l t " . ! l.t t l a t t i t" . " l' -
a m oul .i't _, ' - i.r nt' l lb, {tat, n1,
|a s'itil, i11 '.1u i l ;il c Iii 1 . l , ri ll
li. I' , , t .f -u I il u shi tli m,.il Ir, i l iub1t il
u 'ttlllll 1 I~i I ' , I , ll 11 f I It r i
I I I ' I l'tl ,Lii i-, l I .i I :I I I '1 'i l
(,lf l. t h . "I' . t II b t 1 t. *n - l -, tti-l
'Iti f a' , tih ' I t I . pall p ', Ih
is.F le' dl t'' nnh' 8,ýý< It - I'I I i". <,1 ,"
f l hi' tiw r'ei:t:' " t II n,' r l sl t" .., .
" l th , 1 , 1 . , n" l ,.tl.a n a .t t
trl'+t'tll1) II t. I,,i ,. ln,til i ~ ;"',.
-ent .f 1, , . . -,, <.. ..,I. \ I n , |i l
r :i.l I,.thl *. , . " . ' I ;Ibstl , i l i", . ;i .".I -
it.il: vi 1 . ,, - l m : ,-int i l ,4ti , ill, 1.
, l t | " ';Wlll ,t r, !"' t. i''' h \\ ! i ri ; .r1..
Oiseuss;in the Nicaragua Canal Bill and
Other Matters.
*'hii1111? hiIIii IIl hug IIIIE tiI IiI 1In· 'iriatir~1
e~vtid.4 mi thi It,,,i f ICRv,;. at i~l
'Itl"i .-n, l Iinr him I * I%, kag t i rh-I,
I I.i M·IfI(:.IP Dil. lecdi'd ti t11111n ( ciil1jii-
tad ln n tI I111(· I1. UI N 1'd", 1. .,I 1111111.( ·
i Illrll·lntolnc 'nl l ·llllraw yliiI it p11·1111.1.1
(!II *rnnt and ccudr uI to l· c lnrlrl n '
:tI .'l hii tha- NtIar&.guun, 1,11l. 1Ij. nat
hi.' ad.va, u.r Ih, whih u Ii. ciinl Wiiuo I.'
Ilr"" hl rkr rill. tai I. )tt III I,. '. µ "I'll, I,
S."log " to the Whulli' voltII trl Th. ~m rni..
I, llWfled and cozitrollid lv the lti'..-i
Bthte h would "te of grinak l ini u-in, hu
rinlcr of liar. He of il- hiall ciuld diii.hiur, h
tnoe to the Clay tor -3ulwer tau-ity a:..!
declared that that slutrumeat preeated
no ontaale to the construdom o the
oanal by the United Itates and to the
control of it. Ie id the tUnlted iltes
had adopted a Poliye, had declared a
principle which is approved by her and
well understood by the world, which
is Just, right and In the Interest of the
people of this hemisphere and will he
malntalnled at all hasards. In a brief
speech. Sherman pointed out that the
only provision of the Nicaraguan bill
that he was not entirely satlsied with,
was the amount to be paid to the Mtart
time company, which he thought was
entitled only to the amount or money
expended In the enterprise thus tar.
The presiding omoer laid before the
senate a letter from the president trans
mittttn the correspondence relative to
the Armenian massacre; also some cor
respondence regarding the Mora claim.
The senate then went into *-ecutive
session, and at 4;15 adjourned.
It Passes the Pooling Sill by a Vote of 166 to
110 After a Sig Fight.
S1Vashlngton, Dec. 11.-In the house,
after the transaction of some other bust
ness. the pooling hbll was taken up and
debltt.1 until 3 o'cluck by C'annon, of
Illinois. In opposition to, aid Springle,
of Illinois; Harter, of Ohio; Itley. of
Pennsylvani, n k,l ack of lllt!rola, in
support of the measure, when Pattel -
:ote moved the previous questio on othe
illx and pending amendments. Dinle).
of Maine. republican, and Hopklin., re.
putbllcan, of Illinols. protested that the
prevIous question would cut off all
armendmIents now pending, but Patter
son refused to yield. saying the house
would have an opportunity to 't',e ,in
the ('Cper substitute and two ame:._l
r~ents of the committee on a rliing l.,I
The previous question was ordererl
by ia tote of 174 to 100. The ItWo ,,m
fllittt'ee ame;ndnme.ntls wrle of a v'rl'bui
har;Larlte.r atnd were ngrxe-d tio withoutl
lilvistol. The vote recurred on Hliar l'
mmendmln lt to the substitute wh!tll
iave the illtelsltate tnllnler'e commis
slon absolute io£t"ol over ithe ,ain
condlitions of the pooling and full Ilwe.r
, i'rt oke pooling orders The Illalr
amendmrent restrl'rd the power to (,n
gross of ihrnging, r'xonihntlg or dis
solving pooling orders at alny time.
The llruir amendmenlt was agred4 'o
w.ithout dlvision and the voite wi.' then
taken by ayes and nays ion hll. c('.,l.er
substitute it was defeatedl ly I1I9 to
IS. The vote then rcecu rllig Io th*
engtorsnlient and third rending if th,
bill. Blair asked ,lianulnmous consent
tha. the amendm "r't .tloptled n t the
subistitute be 'voted uollxn as an an:t ihl
ment to the hill. The hill was ordered
pngrossed and read a third time by
70 to Ill.
Filibustering *actlts were then ilmut
Ienced by the severn! opponents of the
measure. Motions to adjourn were
made and voted down, and other mo
tions to recommit. Finally the vote on
the final passage of the bill resulted:
Ayes 156, nays 110. The house then ad
Remember, ladies, that shell combs are
just the thing and we have the only
stock of genuine shell in town.
Helena Jewelry Co.
Special sale of albums at the Bee
Hive this week.
Arrivals at The Helenw.
T. J. Porter, Miles City; Chas. E. Fair
child. Townsend; S. B. Calderhead, Wn.
McDermott, Butte; C. R. Burket, Pipe
stone Springs; 8. C. Rambey, Missoula;
X. A. Wallden, Omaha; Ben Minseshel
mer, Frank T. Barlow, Jack Hirse, B. J.
Ktaus, New York; A. Rosenblatt, A. L.
Sproule. Chicago: Harry E. Hollist-r.
Dubuque;: P. 0. Reynard, St. Louis: P R.
B hltcomb, Minneapolis; Emery Cobb,
Kankakee, Ill.; J. W. Puller, M. Lederer,
It. Warner, Jr., J. 8. Proctor, H. N. Cobb,
St. Paul; J. W. Bibbet, Cincinnati: F. C.
Story, Man Praac.Meo;: L. Burke, MOlga.
Notice to Oe Shippers,
Helena Sampling Works (Braden
Bros., proprietors), pay cash and the
highest market price for all classes of
smelting ores. Rates for smelting are
reduced from figures given eighteen
months ago from $5 to $10 per ton. Cus
tom assaylng will receive careful and
prompt attention at the lowest rates
consistent with good work. Omoce, or
ner Grand and Jackson streets.
Karl's Clover Root will purifly your
Blood, clear your Complexion, regulate
your bowels and make your head clear
as a bell. 25 cents, 50 cents and I$. For
sale by Parchen D'Acheul Drug C'o.
"Exoursionfiokets to California."
Take the short and by twenty-four
hours the quickest route to California.
Elegant Pullman palace and tourist
sleepers. The dining car route. The
Union Pacific has placed on sale daily
tickets from Helena to California points,
limted to sixty days going with privilege
of returning any time within six months,
good for stop-over, at following rates:
To San Francisco, going via Ogden and
returnng same route, $75.
To San Francisco, going via Ogden and
returning via Portland, and vice versa,
To Ban Francisco, going via Portland
and returning same route, $75.
To Los Angeles, going via Ogden and
.&a.ramento. and returning via Ban Fran
cisco and Ogden. or vice versa, 1.
To Los Angeles. going via Ogden and
San Francisco. returning via Ban Fran
clco and Ogder. $23.
To Los Angeles. going via Portland and
returning via Sacramento, or vice versa,
Through sleeping car reservations and
frlher information can be had by call
Ing on or addressing 3 North Mainstreet,.
Helena. H. O. Wilson.
Freight and Passenger Agent.
A Delightful Trip.
Via Salt Lake and Denver to Chlragro
and the east. A dip in the great Halt
Lake or a fry. dr)-' vlHst at Manltou
plllngt., Itutatepd at the foot of 'tke'ns
I'i:ak. .ia.hiuut Le (eqlule1, on this unt-l
Pullmaln illnine c1ar route. For tal.,
tcr.. all at the Utllon l'aflft: oflIhe. No.
.21 North Main street, ,Hle.,na.
11. . WIlsonn,
Paesenger Agent.
D)it is one of the h'blef e ll.'yanren of
n ftanw. ontinental t;i, but t!I Great
Northern lna ltirely free from it, the
roadway is stone ,allast.
Iluy the tniversal paper paterns. They
ere the best.
Union Pacific System.
Overland train lea..es lilena at :.30 a.
m datly for Halt Lake, Denver. Portland,
,an Frunrio, UOmaha. Kanlsas Cliv. Ht.
Iouts, Chl'ago andi all eastern points.
(.rlanl'd train ii rllve at Iielena at 63)
i m. dully; throullgh I'ullmnan Iand OiIsoI.
Ilt hltping :ars; elegant chair and din.
Ing aurs.
For further Information, maps, folderr,
rates, etc.. call on or address
H. O. Wilson. I'. & P A
I l/Helena. 91,):1.
Thp Ih," Hive· Is still hr~illl~lii illl
f~r I'ys at'I hnllday g. ris of "i in I.
two] p irI"s this y.ear ur' Iow-r lb".,.i.;
;ilv. turn" a call.
No Through Trains.
IlrI'nii to Mt. P'a''R, ?llnr ill.: Ileh~
to Miokanr, Taroma ar1 I'nr " ; i td, rx~tI
si.. the Northern al" I.' *I't i."t o)ffIC*
vurner Malin and (1 andI .!" ,".
The Iee hi1ve can milt yo 'u If y U want
hoirday presents.
Thre unl.'rmaI 1,,1 latlt~t-rI,u ti' he
r'"mher FFashir I NIrl hly I. w r''dy.
Fo comfort, for improvement of the corn
plewlon, use only Possonl' Powder; there *
New York. Vl). 1.-Liar saliw, l.
Lead 4tteady; brokers' prise 3
rhange price. e I114.
Copp.r-ltroni: brohiers' price. *Al ; i.
fhange pri'e, ..T&
lovernnienl bunds.-Firl.
Petroleumn- Strong; closed t I bd.
B1lw.culatlon on the stotk e*cU aga .
day was dull aid ulalnieresUtlag a
volumle ut buslnese shows a LheaIy .
hon that of the past lfew diape. i
I IIt. s rre, 119; U. .. . ea/n p01
I'. 8 a re.. 114%; IT. 8 4s eOUpelND
Pacific ts, 1Ws, Atebisop. 4%. Adin L.
presam. ; Amerl.cal I.zpre4 Mlt
_dlan Parclnt. t67; C.ltral otlpk, l
l trllngton, 72; (lrat Northern proftesd,
lo0y; Kansal i Texas preferred1 U%;
Lake Shore, 134%,: Lead Trust, 1%: ileh.
ilan (entral. Hit,; Missouri Pieole, l ;
United States ('ordagll , tor: United IStN e
Cordage preferred. IS; North Amerleoa 4;
Northern Paciflc. 4%; Northern Paoleo
preferred. 17't,; Northwestern. 6%:; North.
westertn ipreferred. 11; New York Central,
99, utreion Navigation. 10; Pacific MA
YI; Pullman, 158; Rock Island. 1111; .
Paul, 'its; St. Paul preferred. 11W; Oee.
rin Pacitlf. 19; tSugar, 91; Union Paic8c,
11%; 1'. l Express, 42; Welsin iFargo, 116:
.-V*atern Union, .t. l; enetal glectric.
-',;: .lnaseed, I9.
Monllev 'an"y'at I per v'ent; lstrliln e:x
..,,.., . n,, g $1591, for demand, anal
t1.8T7.7,.45 for sixty day bills.
1 4,. 1 .-- okis--Ilteelpts, 7.,
oif ttroanI; quality rather fair; market dull
uld wsak at t'tlko lower; sales
-at .T;114.5 for mixed and light; M
4.1\ for rouan packing;: $4.004.4 for
mixed. 14 ;t14.t0 for heavy parking and
.hipping lota, anI ,I k. O1i.)0 for pigs.
Cattle-- Ietec.ipts. 1,klt head; market dull
and weak with prospecuts of lower prices;
there was trade at prices ranging from
1.:3 for nfteriur cows to $i.35 for Chrtst
uisj steers; sales were prinmipally *at
S2'..t:2? for butchers' stuff, and RIM
.15I for eteert .
ih.ep--Iter'elpt1. 1.010 head; frott IVI5
T'. bough' most of the sheep and sales
of Ihmnhs were Isrgely at 11, 31.86.
('hitKgo, I))ce. 11 --'lotse. Wheat--May.
4 o'n --49(.
OautIs- ,r4e.
Pork-$1S 12tj.
I .a 1 47 )7l.
Philadelphia. I).e. 11. Wool It in better
r, tlquit and prll. siter ly. Ohio. [Vennsyl
v'nlia andl Wet Virginllia XXX anwl above
alt ti'j1h; XX and al.ov' 0. :l0 ; medium
'til21."; quarl't' blood 211s2 , tunmmon 18l'
"t., N-w York. Mll,'1~.an. . Il.nonheitl el..
XX I.il7c·. medium IS;.1., X .15.ts.
quarter blood )@.te21; eornlnion l18it*l;
ah".shed combing andl delable nle* 14'20r
n dihmtll n 2111t1l : coare. 1p"11,; low 2lf.'-':
utnwlashed medium l.GT7r; Ilo nmltlunm 1.7t
lg.t braid 1Frlt7r: unwashed light and
bright fine IlItlec; medium lerlOce; low
trediium 16(tB7c. eoarne 151c: unwashed
dark colored light fine tElio: heavy lnte
6;98e; medium 12..l..; ftle unwdium 12(
12e; coar'e 11t12c: territorial and north
western light fine StNlec: heavy Tt.k: fine
medium 10(011.; medium 11i1t.; quarter
blood 12t.l3c
nloston Dt-c. lI.-The demand for wpel
continues quiet, though the firm tone
abroad h a strenr,gthening influence on
the market. Only moderate lots are Wd.
with vailu. rulintg about the same. to
finb. fleee. XX and above are still quoted
at 18a.l19r.", with X and above at 17St0lle.
Ohio delaine fleece, are 19060. Territery
wools are steady at 21306 for fle medium
and fine grades; 20tt32c for more common
grades and 850I2e for medium. Calllfotua
wools continue quiet and the same is true
of the foreign articles, though some s"
tralian in greasy is being taken at I c.
Helena. Dec. 1l, 11N.
Granulated sugar, per 100 lbs.... 150
Pillabury's best flour, per 100...... 70
Dakota flour, Jamestown. per 100 $ 10
Montana flour, soft wheat, per 100 49I
Montara flour, hard wheat. per
100......... ........... .. ........
Arabellw Soar, per 100.............., ,
White Lily, per 100............... I1
Corn meal, white, per 100.......... 23
Corn Mea', yellow, per 100........ 110
Buckwheat flour, per 100.......... 1 T
Bacon, dry salt, per Ib............ 10
Bacon. smoked, per lb..............
Bacon, choice breakfast, per lb.... It
Hams, per Ib........................ 11011%'
Lard, prime leaf, per lb......... 100 11
Canned tomatoes. western, case..2 1502 40
Canned tomatoes. eastern, case..2 7560 60
Dried peaches, peeled, per lb...... 10l01
Dried peaches unpeeled........... M 1
Honey, white clover, per lb...... ..
Cider, sweet, per gal............... ..
Apples. Montana, per box..........I 261 5
Pears, per box....................... t00
Lemons, SBlily, per box............5 000k 50
Oranges, Florida. per box........ 0 GOI3 7T
Bananas, per bunch................2 0002 00
Cabbage. crated, per 100...........
Celery, per dos ..................... 40
Potatoes, per 100 lbs................ 500
Potatoes. sweet, per bbl............ 4 0
Iteets, per 100 lbs................... 1 00
Turnips, per 100 Ibs................ 75
Unions, per 100 lbs..... . .........1 4001 50
Creamery butter, tubs, fancy.... 290 M3
('reamery bricks..................... 0
Cooking butter ................... 150 11
Eggs, eastern, fresh, case........l 1504 75
Turkeys, petr lb ..................... 130 14
Dutl ks, per lb........................ 1Q 14
G(,se, per lbh....................... 140 15
Chickens, per lb..................... 100 11
Montan,t blue Joint, per ton....14 001tl4 50
lMontana timothy, per ton......14 00514 50
.lontara upland, per ton........12 00012 50
Oat-,, per 100 lis ................. 1 00
W h;eat, er 100 Ibs ........ ....... 90
84toi k salt. per 100 ................ 16
Block salt, per 10 Ibs............ T5
Change of cars and waiting at Junction
points for through trains constitute one
of the chl'f annoyances of passenger
travel, hence the popularity of the North
ern I'a.flic, which runs through cars, and
through trains, direct to Bt. Paul, Mlnne
upolls, Spokane, Tacolna and Portland,
vwithout change.
I h + I lIv r·II ; I.,, 1· rl " ,.t. I "., . 1. 1891.,
u _u "I~ I. I. ,ri, iu lIt) high' -t Ildiltir
iiI',th l of the p ir~r,ril adli real
I flynI~"v, 1,(k .t' jil. I ttow in my
I,..: L",Q ..401N e. o f t W Jull klonh
nntIi . "a1,, g lyti *.r t o ''in) of
.tIi, · so ,I'l116t II It 'I Ng"fotnll l
.,', I,: k upon .f lo", "i, l, "1. 1491 lonr
l'o ' forh.- 4n t of ar i ' I i'lt . rI o ur
h-Ittity f it ~ -. Or the
It~'* l tm~lll 5d ,i 'ii. t .~·, L t .' rit c l.pl
ii 1I I tt ;. hIi alth the
, Ititi, a ofiU.i \iC. lison f
\r('ii ii .r t Ot e',)KIIU.t lti *IMtlili
,i~l) I I i':t, I'·1, 11 11 1 4 shier.
*rlir," it h'+ by. gitan if \If r,iitlna. On
S1.th - : , Ikb' i Ihi· l f . hi. , I Nat'u nte
bunk of 11."Ir ,;9 Mon oro Ini Iv,, hgld t
to -n "h." 11th ,buy of ~IY.Ion .,.,% fur theIh~
1-m..or %C~ll on I, ",, ". t" ll·- IIUIprl
any p It.t" ' rit it muh 1,","1 ' 1,1,,1-a ank
,.I P~kl Ib l.·.., \l ntau· AI*" t ·il mentd
(~t-Mi I JoIho , iiIK;A t ther
t. . ~or Inhr, A t ,orny for l'Ptlion of
Vaiska OM&
Censumptlon Checked
ObstinatO Ca.. of Ctarrh
Local AgNM11 k aU-6n004u, 6
*C. 1. Uood a Co., Lowell, Nass.
"Oatlemen: --I ought ts make bum my
experlea with hood's Sauesprll. so thai
isther aaeId may Men where s .And a few}
edy lo that seliuw and obelnaiS isa,
oalWir. II tb'S5 me setesly. I had a dud
odd ý".r to t y sadtaduaf.
ýýýa Ma' /IW a 'ar
A enupewa Cberav ysL
ong sm I have isles abot In boMas at
Hood's Usnqadb. wIeb baym sem Din
oute . D~in~reeellai
local applbostlOowmsimd
Hood's'r' Cures
t-PISO eack the seate iKet dises. In heatI ptw
Ho tsr I ewe my coil' stao.
ppatL"ruaxi'.'ia UCsrv 0~tshl1Obo
Mood's PM cute ali Duer Ills, bilbouasa
uadlsee LadlseIsro, sick bemisee. 9p.
I£-rdwetdd at e
eiýRý N ' M Mý s~lrp
Helena }mployment Agency
W. 3. Cook. Rotr.
3 Rdwads Street. Telo IN
Waltress for Marysville; US.
Waitress for city; $5.
I Women cooks, 0O each.
Laundry girl for hotel In city.
ALDO, ring up McCall' oil wagon for
Elains by case or can; bulk oil and gaso.
lm In any qua.tity. All telephone calls
up to six p. m. promptly answered.
WANTED-Bituatlon by woman with
small child. WIU work for board. Ad
dress Box *, City P. O.
WANTED-Work by the day. Call at I11
Jollet street.
SITUATION WANTED-By girl to do sec
ond work or take care of children. Call
414 Park avenue.
posit~ n u housekeeper, city or coun
try. Address P. O. Box 11M.
SITUATION WANTED-By girl to do sen
eral housework. Address 4 Pine street.
SITUATION WANTED-By a first class
cook, to take charge of a kitchen. hotel
or restaurant. Address A. V., this ofice.
WORK WANTED-To go out from home;
wages moderate: no washing, but cook
ing or up-staitr work. A, Independent.
WANTED-To take care of a few rooms,
by a lady living home, or to assist with
housework or baking. A. Independent.
kitchen and learn cookery wages small;
Address L., this office.
COMPETENT COOK wishes to run a
boarding house In a camp, with her boy,
13 years old, will work for wages. Ad
dress 111 South Howle street.
WANTED-Situation by a colored wo
man to do housework. Address or call
t10 N. Ewing street.
WANTED-Situation by a young girl to
do llght housework or second work.
Wages from 15 to IS. Please call at 51
Pine street.
WANTED-A woman Just from the east
wants place as cook n first class fam
ily. Address H. V., this oice.
WANTED-Situation to do second work
or as chambermaid, city or country.
Please call 121 Jackson street.
WANTED-Sltuation by colored man and
wife In private family. Man as coach
man, had experience; woman, inrst-class
rook. Please call for or address Samuel
A. Lundy. at the Helena National bank.
WANTED-Colored man wants position
as coachman or any kind of work. Ex
perience and good references. 104. N.
Ewing street.
A MIDDEI.)l AGED MAN lately from the
east desires a situation In grocery store;
understands horses thoroughly; can write
and talk English, French and Spanish.
Inquire at Windsor hotel, Main street.,
WANTED-A position au salesman, or
would accept any position where the
se,-vices of a good rustler is needed. Am
willins to work on commission. T. B. D..
Independent odice.
FORl RENT-House; 7D6 South Beattle
street; six rooms, bath and furnace.
Price, including water, $1i.
FO)R RENT-Furnished house; modern
Improvements, for winter. Apply room
41, Montana Hank building.
bank, have the largest rent, sale and
trade list in Helena.
LOST-tmsll black morocco pocketbook
with sillver clasp. Finder please return
to Judge Hunt and receive reward.
I.OIT-WIII the person who found a sap
phire on the skating ice at Droadwat,r
gleane return it to Dr. Balvall's residence,
l 'Ifth avenue.
hay horses, one branded J. A. uombined
on left hip: one branded square R on left
shoulder and 71 on left hip; also one white
horse branded F. (i. on left hip; IN re
ward for their return to N. 11. Johabon,
Clancy, Monk
NIIbP I 4I. I. A .
WPe Rn F InT-rr NIr D StWIq
r"ol U1NT--Pursh&M reeom sultakb
tar buanaekeptas or roomers; IN Met
. aIt. - rl mo.
WANT1 D-All Inds of furaltrN aMt
*eueke* speedr Jana Twored North
WANTED-Pupils to PFreh. MIle. May.
ronne will meet her Mtrday morning
French class at the auditorlum every
Saturday at I1 o. m. A Igr =mOr pipli
can be aoeommdate . Ute. I - per
NOcULLAuD.ll 036.
pays. The Advertiser's Bargain ook
containing full Information on clrculation
and rates of all leadtung da4,e, weeklies,
magaslnees agrioultural sa relisioas pa
pers and many lanteresting combnations
and osuggestlos h.w to seooeed by ad.
ve'rtloing, sent to any adronss for lOc. The
m.ost valuable book of this kind. Address
international Newspaper Advertising
Agency. l19 Dearborn st., (Cblcago, Ill.
WANTD--Sheep preferred or oattle to
winter on shares. A good raptg and a
good shed and afty tens oft ay, oN acre
under fence; unllmited supply of water.
Address John McGlnne s. "soMde. Mont.
FOR BALE-One good ezproe wagon. Ad
dress Box SN, City.
value. James Twlford, North Main st.
celvo pupIls Is votes culture; Italllan
method. No. 1m3 Hemioek. west aide.
LIFP INSURANCB-.elloes looned on
or bought. F. O. Cheeses Kaeua City.
111 Broadway.
ditches; 1.000 acres good grain land; well
Improved and fully stooked with Cattle
and sheep: wilt sell all or partnrship.
cheap. Herbert B. Reed & Co., Mootana
Orris Employmeut Agency,
Ilts ll.e U IN m. tblahblM
tvo e eal miners.
Woans cook, MaryseLkb
Dining rom girl, city.
Woman house keeper, with child for
ranch; good home.
Will cash time checks.
One Harris plano for sale cheap.
Bedrem suilt for sale am a bargain.
mloant um ala mlth mlcar.
C A atm Law.e. * TeIshomsbou
Girl wanted for second work.
Is lots in original towmsite for sale s
1 lots in asterly addltios for sale
7-room modern house, on Third stree,
for sale for 1,000 less than cost.
Wood for sale at $.15 per cord.
leaing Hotelsof Helena
L A. Walker, Manager.
lWevator, steam Heat. BreetrioXIids.
Rates 8 per day and upwards.
A. R. Oates. Manager.
Centrally located. Fie sample room
for commeretal travelms. lectrie ear
to and from depot every lfteea malutes.
A date In the buildlng. Regular meal
In comneotUon with hotel It desired
Under the Orandon hotel.
Ertckson Cavaasugh. Props.
The best dining room nla the city. Home
cooking, home delicacies. Beard by the
day or month.
817 Broadway, Helena. Montana.
First Class Rooming House.
Has neatly furnished rooms at reason
able rates. Steam heat, electric lights,
all modern conveniences. American sad
European plan. Dining room In conneo
tion. First class tables. Board w per
week. Special rates to regular boarders.
P. A. Glnchereau, Proprietor.
A first-class hotel on the American and
European plans. Steam heat and exoel
lent accommodations. Rates i.E per day
and upwards.
STOCKWELL-ls the name of the new
hotel recently opened to the public. New.
ly furnished and fitted with steam heat.
electric light, electric call and return
bells; in fact all the modern Improve.
ments. Centrally located. Warren street
near Broadway. U. A. Stockwell, pro
DYER & DOUGHTY, Proprietors.
Fireproof building and one of the largest
in the city; all modern conveniences; cen
trally located on Main street; electrio oars
pass to all railroad depots; an excellent
table. Rates, S.ll to S1.W0 per day. Noe.
411, 41i, 4( Main street.
Finlay Urquhart. Prop.
Strictly first class, with gas, steam heat,
electric light, and elevator service. All
street cars pass the door. Corner Main
and State streets.
Mrs. C. M. Kellogg calls her boarding
house, at 0 North Menton avenue, Rest
Cottage. It I. appropriately named. Our
friends will find It a delightful place to
eat a meal or spend a few days. or to
make a permanent home. Her terms are
very reasonable. Steam heat.
J. O. D. Sullivan. Proprietor.
Centrally located, with modern con.
venlences. First class accommodations
for transients, at reasonable rates.
Headquarters for minlng men. Main
street. foot of Grand, Helena Moet.
Denver Block.
The most centrally located family res
taurant In the city. Easy of aorees sad
the table is the boat to be IeWad Vaa.
whore. Tierm very reaoaeP*
si l irr' IAu
virtue of an eeUtlen t a my hands,
ut of the distrtet eurt of the ,ir
distriot of the state of Mootan,
sad foe the seounty of Lewis ad
Carlie I the suit of adwla W. Toeol.
nt P rleep Jetnle Mintls Company.
a ttested the th day of November,
SD I hav levIed upon al the right,
ttle ol Inteest of the tsd Peermes Jen
s ~ empa O wr, in ad to the lew
Ss R pieperty, situated hl lws
a t r o Natri . esate Of Mon
tanr, ilsý 5h Little Jeate Lode
o. l Wers, be~ mimeal en.
t-y No. N, desalgated by the *ur
vter of Metasns as lot NWa I
"r-- I& U awe, M tows.lp S N.
RL I WIlb Ue Jente No. L.
W-.e the Na 6 1. t,
sa the Little J e o, 1. uest, mineral
8entry No. N, nd therei ddesgnated as
lets Wa S, Art n1 , A. and b., In town
e.hl, N. . 6 W I eln a certain tunnel
elim a r st, alS nolg at the Little
Je Whe I, Ne re m o s sad run
slag theLe southerly L.aw feet sa14 tun
-el olam btas full descrihed in location
not.ce Is Book D of 44dee in the county
recorder's oRo f Lewis and Clarke
county, Moatns; aleo the Quesubury
lode, designated by the surveyor goneral
of Montana as let No.a to township R,
N. R. 4 W., being the land embraced in
mineral entry No. 3 eontatlang nl .0
acres; the foregoing olaims are all re
corded in Book I of Deeds, pagee 8T and
3. In the office of the county clerk and
recorder of Lewis and Clarke county,
Meontaun, o whleh said records reference
I heroeby had for a mqre full and complete
deeariptlon of the salo premises.
Together with all and singular the ten
ements, horedlitalats nd appurteaaaoes
thereunto beleltang r ino ay wie apper
Notlee is hereby gives that on the 5th
day of December A. D. 3, between the
hours of e'oloek a. m. and t o'elock p.
m. of said day, to-wit, st the hour of 1
in., at the front door of the court hewse,
in the city of helea, sM county and
state, I will Nel l the right, title and in
terest of the said Peorlees Jente Mining
Company, in and to the said above de.
scribed property, to the highest bidder
for cash In hand.
Otven under my hand, this the 17th day
of November A. D. l1i.
B.l WED W. HOd, Under Sherinf.
--ole & Waldhse Plaitlse Attorneys.
By virtue of an execution ia my hand.,
lased out of the district court of the Prt
Judbleal district of the state of Montana.
In and for the county of Lewis and
Clarke, in the suit of Massena Bullard
aganast Peerless Jennie Mining Company,
dul atteted the Ith day of November,
A. D. 1t, I have levied upon all the right,
title and lateret of the said Peorus Jen
nie Mining Company. in and to the follow
lar decribed prperty. situated In Lewis
and Clarke county, state of Montana, via:
The Little Jennie Lode No. 3, West, be
ing mineral entry No. U?, designated by
the surveyor general of Montana as lot
No. U, containing M. sacres. in township
S. N. R. S. eW siee the Peerles Jennie
No. 1, West, the Peerless Jennie No. 1,
East, and the Little Jennie No. 1. East,
mineral entry No. SM. and therein de.$S
noted as lots Nos. li. 1 and 6t, A. and B.,
in township ., N. R. west; aleso a certain
tunnel claim or right commencing at the
Little Jennie No 1. Uet ore house, and
running thence aeutherly r fehet, said
tunnel claim being fully desoribed in lo
cation notice In Book D of Ledes in the
county recorder's ooe of Lewil sad
Clarke euaty, Montana; slab the Queens
bury lode, designated by the surveyor gee.
oral of Montana aa lot No. 2. in township
3, N. R. 4, west, being the land embraced
In mineral entry No. I., contalning SMN
sre. The foreroins elaim are all Ve
oorded n Book of Deed., pae m and U,
is the ole of the eeunty clerk and re
corder of Lewis and Clarke county. Mon
tana, to which said records reference Nt
hereby had for a more full and complete
dese.rption of the sald premises.
Together with all and singular the ten.
eeta.te hereditaments and appurtenaaoes
thereunto belonging or in any wise apper.
Notioe Is fven that s U· the day of
of 0 o'clock a. m. and I o'elock p. of
said day, to- i, ft the beor of 1 a., at
the Iet door of the court hous,. In the
lity of Mel se, saed eounty and
state, I will sell all the risht,
title and interest of the samid Peerless Je
nie Mining Company, in and to the above
described property, to the highest bidder
for cash In head.
iven under my band, this the 31th day
of Noveýber, A. D. 33
By PREID B. ROS, Under bherlfR.
Tod. W %llJa4. .tJllf Attorneys.
Jarvs-Conklin Mortgage Trust owm.
pany, platdnt, vs. Johnm Utenmets, Leas
teinmets, his wife, Henry L Frank. and
Reid, Murdock and Company, a corpera
tIon, defendants.
Uander and by virtue of an order of sale
and decree of foreclosure and sale issued
out of the district court of the First uadl
clal district of the state of Montana, in
and for the county of Lewis and Clarke.
on the 19th day of November. A. D. Ui
In the above entitled actios, wherein the
JarvLs-Conkltn Mortgage Trust company,
the above named plaintiff, obtained a
judgment and decree of foreolosure and
die agalast Joha Stelnmeta, et al., de
fondants, on the 19th day of April. A. D.
,M, for the sum of P.,TM.B. besides inteo.
set, costs and attorney's tees, which said
doeree was, on the 19th day of April. A. D.
it4, recorded in Judgment book No. J, of
said court, at page -, I am oommaaded
to sell all those certain lots, pieces or par.
eels of land, situate, lying and being la
the county of Lewis and Clarke, state of
Montana, and bounded and described as
follows, to-wit The south half of the
southwest quarto:, said tae southwest
quarter of the southeast quarter of section
number fourteen (14). in township number
eleven (11) north, range number four 44)
west of the Montana principal meridian.
containing one hundred and twenty (110)
acres, more or less, together with all ditch
and water rights thereunto belonging or
In anywise appertalning, whether repre
sented by shares of capital stock in any
ditch company or by private ditch or
ditches, or interest therein.
Public notice is hereby given that on
Wednesday. the 11th day of December, A.
D. 1tM, at 12 o'clock m. of said day, at the
front door of the court house. Helena.
Lewis and Clarke county, Montana, I will
in obedience to said order of sale and de
cree of foreclosure and sale, sell the above
deseribed property, or so much thereof
as may be necessary to satisfety said judg
ment, with Interest and costs, to the
highest and best bidder, for cash in hand.
Given under my hand this 10th day of
November, A. D. 184.
By PRED E. HOB08 Under 8herif.
_. Bullard, plaintirff attorney.
In the district court of the First Judi.
otal district of the state of Montana, in
and for the county of Lewis and Clarke.
In the matter of the estate of William
K. Cleveland, deceased.
Order to show cause why order of sale
of real estate should pot be made.
It appearalg to this court, by the petl.
tion this day presented and filed by Mae
Sena Bullard, the administrator of the
estate of William E. Cleveland, deceased,
that It Is necessary to sell the whole or
some portion of the real estate of said de
ccdent to pay the debts of decedent antI
the expenses and charges of administra
It Is therefore ordered by this court that
all persons Interested-in the estate of said
deceased appear before the said court on
Monday. the 7th day of January. A.D. lI8,
at the hour of ten o'clock a. m. of said
day, at the court room of D)epartment
No. I of said court, at the court house in
the ilty of HItelen, In the county of Iewis
and Clarke, state of Montana, to show
cause why an olrer should not be grant.
ed to said administrator to sell so much
of the said real estate as shall be necre
eary, and that a copy of this order be
published four successive weeks in the
eltena Daily Independent, a newspaper
printed and published In said county.
Dated December 4th. A. D. 254.
(laned) UORACE R. BUCK,
Dstrlot JudL

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