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The Hope continues to work but halt
its force under ground.
George Platt visited the Lockhart
namp the first of the week.
A new building for office purposes has
been built at the Bullion mtnn.
Piatmaster ltrlen has received soame
finet furniture additions for the post
Jerry Mahoney and Tom Nevins hatv
gone to work at the Bullion, on Jack
T*)h at Northern has commenced
to in a on the Int\\ .Aidlng )ppalosit
the ,I.
Th, a,flhre has hbron moved into its
More , ortaible quartera in the new
B l'k*l 1, ,,k.
H. 1i. Iiarire. of liutte, i friend of J.
M. Montgomery, has *hectided to per
maIently make this city his homr.
1. P. Bartlett. one ot the genrtlemaen
who drafted the plans and built the
works for the Katie company, has re
Mrs. D. A MctDonald and Miss Stella
Andrews went to Helena to select a
sto'k of toys and holiday goods.
Hugh tlannlvun has gone to Granite
whore he will aeelpt a positon at the
Bi-Metallic lls wife andti family witll
follow him shortly.
1'd t'ardtne, proprietor of the Hlu't
hot, I. has left on an extended trip to
the tas. annd more pariticularlyv to the
sew camp of Flrrenloe, in ''ol a to.
A bouncinug baby girl was born to the
wife of Lou HIll n t Saturdiay. Mrs.
Hill and the baby are doinlg wll.
The lar.g hall in 'onetruct tion for
Leary & ,Sutllivanla is heing piushed to
completion with rapidity. It will be
lathed and plaastered, itand when corm
pleted will be the chief resort for amuse
ment in the city.
The little 5-year-oldi duIaghter of
Davil Ithlel had a narrow i'escape'l frlom
a terrible ieatlh IHat Satlurdlta aifter
noon. Mir lthlii was moving int the
new houllse near the IMontanaia Central
depot and lMrs. lthlel left a bhottle of
ammonia, with which she was cletaning
things. on the nflor. The littleh girl
found the bottle and. after pulling the
bork with her teeth, swallowed aone oft
It. Her mouth and thrqnlt were blis
tered In a horrible manner. Dr. Sheer
an was called and used the usual rem
edies and the child was soon running
aInlrld a -.ul
iverlside lndge.. No. ,20. T)nrree 01
Honor w~v.e a most enjoyable dance
at Conmceks hall last Friday evening.
Th' hrall wes cretovded with members
and thl h f"hindl,. who trinped the fan
tastl until ,arly Saturday morning.
There wre .'elcvatlons present from
Wick-s. I+tl,.er ",nd other towns in the
county. The lnalo'., assisted by A. O.
U. W. hoys, matl,, every one feel at
home. An elerant 'upper was served
by Sponheim & 1enning, of the Union
aestaurant. The music was furnished
by the Basin orchestra.
Born, at Collins. on Friday, Dec. 7,
to John Strong and wife. a Son.
John Jackson is fitting up a real es
tate oftice in the building lately occu
pied as a saloon.
Born, on Saturday, Dec. 1, at Du
puyer, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dean,
a daughter.
Born, on Monday of last week, to J.
W. McKnight and wife, of Dupuyer, a
Ed L. Bishop returned from attending
gourt at Benton, where he had several
8. H. Brown has moved his family
in from Dupuyer. and is now domiciled
on the Burd estate.
John Mlcntosh died of consumption
at the Choteau house, Nov. 26, and was
baried on Tuesday.
Sheriff-elect Zimmerman has brought
his family In from Pondera, and is now
at home In Choteau.
Mlss Minnie Foss returned to Cho
teau yesterday from Wheaton. Minn.,
and will remain with her sister, Mrs.
McLeod, for the winter.
J. W. McKnight has disposed of his
trading post on the Blackfoot reser
vation to Joe Kipp. Tomni Magee has
been placed In charge.
W. R. Ralston has bought the house
and lots known as the "Crutcher prop
erty," of Jacob Schmidt, and will
shortly move his family into town.
The county commlssione'rs began
their regular December session on Mon
day. Present, C. W. Gray and C. W.
Taylor, Cmrnmissioner Clark being ab
sent in Missoula.
Angus Rose, who has been conflinedll
to his bed at the C(hoteau hous. ftp a
couple of weeks with inflammation of
the bowi lIs is slowly re'ove.ring, and
will sooun be about again.
('. II. j'i'rkliis wan in town this week
froti ljuuye.r, purchasing supplies. lie
i, ports the diffierene(.. engendered dur
ing the iate c(ampaign betwei n II gtlh
hor': as being .:iut list sight of, and
that an "era if gold l~".ituil" lhas be
John Mrl..rtt i il,'d ' at the (Chiteau
house 'n lliul il.*l. -ll. 4, and was
burild ,i i Wh'li'dnesd. "Jack," as hi'
w'as fantlharily e nltt t was I giut.-r}
agnt at the l"'.o*wr,"" l*iei,'ll, t this fill.
lie was sick but a fe'w howurs before, he
On Friday, Nov. '30. 1,94. at the horn'
Ot her son-In-law, Rlichar'd Quinn, at
J'Pondera C(Pule', e urred the death ot
lprobably the ii.et i lite i. Inhabitant
tof northern Miontanai. Nu.ni. ! i.ier
tlnlllte.y. rs. Sttilt"l, wits duilt' chlld
is*t for the past s'ix ,ir lIg. ht yI r's :and
for the lpast fw l;. Ln.mth w i,t, **mtl, ly
helples. . D-.:4lh ,' im, 1, It, r tlli,.1l) rlIIr
fain ths ald , 0..1,- 'l'.,. r, m t llsu
w ere bri-i'ht t,' b'l'. ,iil ,iii, blylht ,
a ind .tII Tu' "u y tiei.v l-, l , 1 l i I'Ii',
ce et'ery. lI 'n, i : ,, , . h," I ,t
aLt jth I.e. l l ,. 1' ' J a,. , .boob, I,' .
G 'iorg'e I. :, . n, ti . Na . mli,"
ht N ,r h t' : i m'i ti li 1... Im u' . 'W heni
at hll,l L.r- il ut* I, I. i t, 'l l' T . n
see; l. m10 11t,!1 . r," but i t L :hi'"t limlle,
th*'y il" u i ,, - "I I l l l:; I, i: . II, * " r il
tanu siln 1k' :,
('harI'H 1 Ii.. ., ti i bl:.l rtn
ril . F Ii, . ,1'r. 1 .' 1 'I I'NlhI i . . 1, r
It1. u ll +, th + : ,i- , ,i I,. L, ll
. hik s, lh, th ' ,i. I 1 ' b II 1< o' 41.' r- -
i L,? 1 I ,I I ' . 't 1,i,. ' 1 ', I t 1
i' utl [I , lii' ' ' ,. I I ,' rll'' i fI ii 1ii i "
It'· 1 I *'I 11 1 i, l v ' , ''. ' t a r iI
i t i-, 5 lt l ',,l , , . . I . h il, , ,5,
th l iti ti ? l' l'ils I l, I' 'I , 1'1. :I Ill V I hI
l'la I, 1. 'I i h ,ii. i ttI L, i' 4 I 1t, I i
I,' \ Il l ,..'-( 4 "S. 'I t I t ', )I' Ii sl.. j \l f1 )I
i ll y i hi '- t' I I , I , I ' f l''4
i twill s h D I i. 1shi ut)' h"l " -
th I , 11it I 11, t , , 1 ,t I wll~ l
1111'.n t 1 l . .w u, .i m II t., .a
it f; I",%% . 'lKt** >+ h I hI:s s ulIt , Str -
thinK th1 1 t 1 t:, , il ,1 ,,?.- . l. ' h'i , lit.
In f i I l i tti I ' sI th :1 th ,' w ,t, !inA t
y ,.. 1' | t\, i f t| + \,1il , w I nhll· '; 1 i1r1
t1h ' .m i,, i': Dit~ I.lr i It 'r'lI , y, Sli' I .lls -
vi\f hlmost .11+'11th11;;l wht1n theh €r n
ItlIlon i t -mlh :It it mb mtW.
J I. 1Iti 1 ii Ili . , l r. ri ll rn:l'nlg.r
(Imd l C. rle l, i.i : ll d1it ' tlh iul l n ey'n
1 IInterl' t" in .:l|II I tl 1, l,+ft I'Ia rn I ol
In,'t ;,tttur ,l y fJ.l ,I , L, 'I t .\1r. lhar
l' I - +n h 1 l ,1 .a n g u i l h t I I I t, , I , ' I ,' , 1 :, t
t , * , t h; , . L 1 p h' , ', , r I l 0lu ' s ' , 1 1 1 1 , , !
t h e l ,' ' ) lin t n l I
In r <S (1,'i l.'r , -,1 b ai
oiv1 th[ t I t ,,I I ts~
' hl r,- i tfl l t, l, ' '
i > ," I f u ll y tils . I t\ , .
A u nlif, rm r n ti : ", * l -'ll . ,,f
I '" th htt w'as n rt;IUtIl: ,+ I; h la t h mlhl. y.
nIll h t ,11th th irl .y l, l hI ':" . It Xt .;.
named Charles 1':. !lull dJlulu: . 'UTh.
rollowing olioer were eleoted: Ca_
tain, . K Detlys; ileuteMtt, A. -
Hoyt: herald,. P. Herbold; re0orde.
Charles 1. Hall; treasurer. J. Cahill;
guard. 1. D. Coleman; sentinel Prank
lemmer. Unthtml( will be ordered at
once, and the rank installed as sooa
as they arrive.
The llome Land ad Cattle com
pany's ranch on Rook creek was com.
pletely destroyed by fire lunday moran.
nlg about II o'clock. Lo Blackmon,
who Is in ctharge, was out walking with
his wife, and but about I00 yards of the
house the flames had spread all over
the bulldllng and all attempts to save
any of the household goods were with
out avail. Two young ladles visiting
Airs. Blackmnn were In the house. and
for some reason one struck a match
which caught In a lace ourtain. The
flames shot to the oelling, and the
young ladies in terror rushed out to get
water, leaving the doors open. The
draught was all that was needed to
make the fire spread with rapidity.
Although several efforts were made.
nothtng was saved from the flame..
All kinds of dlothing. Jewelry, etc..
were burned. The loss without the
building to Mr. and Mrs. Blackmore
is estimat,'d at $1,600. The outbuildings.
sutble and hay were saved, so the com
painy'e loss was only the building.
which was of hut small value.
George Tighe. manager of the Cop
per City Cuomnnmercial comlpany, tendered
his resignation.
Mrs. C. R. Holmes arrived home Tues
day from a three months' visit in Chi
cago and other eastern points.
Mrs. Murray Miles arrived from Mis
soula Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Miles will
be at the Montana for the winter.
o.ln Thursday evening next at the
Montana the ladies of the Episcopal
church will hold their annual bazaar
and social hop.
A new time card, by which Anaconda
pIople can make the round trip to Deer
l.oige in one day, is promised to be put
intot effect very sOOn.
John Fisher has selected George John
son, of the Higgins grocery house, in
I)eer Lodge as one of his deputies in the
clerk and recorder's office.
The losenlithid boys, with the excep
tion of one, have returned from Johan
nesburg. Africa. where they have been
sojourning for the past year.
miess Coleman, of Deer Lodge, left for
homen' Wednesday after a week's visit.
Miss Etite Beebe, daughter of S. D.
lteebe, arrived from Salt Lake Satur
W. H. Rodgers, of Deer Lodge, joint
representatlve, was in the city Thurs
Frank Stebbins has a numerously
signed petition to be appointed game
H. Kemna has moved into the house
lately occupied by E. P. Triol, on Park
Miss Allce McAhdrews, of Butte, has
been visiting Miss O'Donnell during the
The good people of Race Track-about
sixty-nine families of them-have some
complaint to make about the treatment
they receive from Anaconda. They
claim they cannot sell anything hebre
unless at a great sacriflce.-Recorder.
George W. Lyman has accepted a port
tion as bookkeeper with the Copper City
('ommercial company. Mr. Lyman was
for several years secretary of the
D'Acheul Drug company, of Butte.
"Two Old Chums" are booked at the
Evans for De.c. 29. also "The County
Fair" for Dec. 31 and Jan. 1. "The
Tirates of Penzance" will not appear
here until the middle of January.
Prof. Kern went to Deer Lodge yes
terday to give a temperance lecture
under the auspices of the grand lodge
1. O. G. T. Prof. Kern is a special or
ganizer of the C..od Templars in Mon
tana and has lectured on the cause for
more than twenty years.
The pretty Scandinavian church is
rRapdly approaching completion. It
would have bet n finished some time ago
had It not been for the delay In the
arrival of material for the Bitter Root
mills. In the course of ten days the
church will be ready for holding ser
James nlelias sIarieg v euIuncu( y
morning on a visit to his birthplace in
Ireland. He goes to Altmore Pomeroy,
county Tyrone. Mr. Shields has long
been contemplating this journey. It is
thirty-four years since he left his home
and he proposes making an extended
visit-five or six months.
The reois. d ordinances of Anatin'!a,
now in press, will make a volume of
500 pages. It will contain the constitu
tions of the United States and of Mon
tana, the state municipal incorporation
act and many new ordinances. The
work has been carefully prepared by
C(ol. T. O'Leary. The city council will
pass upon it from week to week. as the
proofs are furnished, until it is com
The K. of L. had a large meeting at
the opera house Wednesday evening,
the occasion being the anniversary cele
bration of the order. Charles Lane, of
Butte: State Senator-Elect Ramsdell,
of Flathead county, and T. P. Purcell.,
of ('arrill, were the speakers. D. H.
llamiltin, master workman. presided.
Hamilton is to have a new banking
h,ou,. intl nW. W. McCrackin. of Butte,
is t, hbe its president. Mr. M'Crackin
i.,.upl.s thih same po.stln at present
ithI Ithe iliver How National hank, of
Itltt,*. .1r M.Crack n will reside in
Hamniton with his fainily and has taken
up his residence in the Walter Mackay
From a letter written by Rev. J. Gun
derman, of Dlmondale, Mich.. we are per
mitted to miake thils extra-,t: "I have no
hesitation in reconmrnond~ng Dr. King's
New Dleeovcry, as the results were al
nmo.t marve.lolus in the cns.- of my wife.
Wtiltc I w.Ia Ipastor of the Itaptlst church
at JEives Jun. tion sho gna brought down
. ith pneumonia u"u'rco'ib:t Ia grippe.
Trrible paroxysmn of courchng would
last for huIur with little interruption, and
It seemd its If whoe oild not survive
thmn. A friend rptomm.enldedi Dr. King's
N-,w lis.,'cvery; It was itui'| In Its work
andl higthly eatitfa. tory in rcitits." Trial
ibtits fti.' at I';ari hn-l' Actheul Drug
Cu. RItg.'l.r ,ize ~." and IL
Sutro Suit Settled.
N."',v Voi k, I lt'. I 11-Th.,,,c i 'e,, Hutro,
nl l'" 1 , , 1 !i n :i . lll ' ilU ll"l' I )lR ti t , R
'Jt t11 t, , . ii tl , lioi ilt l li ii ' t it a
S:tti )I , ni t, s Il rn S ff, 'al, In the stitt
v-iw, huri- Titr.t " hap:it h MOnlas, t Hll
t up ori Iit .Iy i'rl ,ko It n I . lllt.
i oi rl , t.y rl rI t it ll, ut.. , i'rlce , h. tnlan.
;ctr ol . I-hr elt- by the fI- arrn.
DAchi lu b..n ti' tip thuith y.t
t;{. hl i* r.t..- i. e ". Iast sprl ing.
n I ok i .i 'e A rliei "a' Ve.
The test ,aive In the world for runts,
Itruiils, Huors, IlI-rt., Halt Rlhem, Fe
vei Soren, Totter, I'happed Hands, Chll
bllMas, C'oImn and all Skin Eruption., and
positively ' lr.en piles, or ni pay r quilr,.0.
It It, guaranteed to give perfect antltis,
tIon or mooney rfu nded. Price '.. rantm
pi'r box. For tale by the P'archen.
D'Acheul Drug romripany.
He Was a Lion in War.
1).rnv r, I IIE. . l .--('onrrn-'I.r"" in
13 uI I jifu I ,rk &i t da oI, f Iu I rln n ut ,
f,.- I*r:,c, r y I n gt II1-l %%.u I I L." r..
t I, nI .f t h. .r 1"· \ : 1 1111 J,." Ity
rt."rlb ,"lt of the I'nijlm .I.-1 r, nI than city.
: id it, pr'ml11lIt Il II.
Wham S b. wel Cldsm . Rove ,or I'mut ctam
a1* hn waU n , 1,,, ,, ·;,* cer I fort " r;&
W bee she bc.'. , Namu, she C.1110 9 W (·Juh
Whoa as had -71t1dna, m pry tea um ulf
iEt~Loc~orn u
uss., A LL' .agoY CISAS(S
Ma,.. whealeu mss
Drs. Liebig & Co.,
The Worll RBeowml Secialists.
Free consultation given to all aersons
suffering from Chronic D)iseases Diseae
of the Eye. Ear. Nose. Throat. ktomach.
Kidneys, Urinary Orrans Nervous and
Private Affections. The rapidly Increas.
Ing number of patients In Montana de
mend grester facllltes anad ocommoda
alons, to meet which Dr., LUebtl Co.
have established offices hi thsi oty. They
will be in charge of a duly authorlaed re.
Iresentatlve, who will report all compilp
cated cases to the head office. where a
complete record is kept of all eases and
the treatment adopted. Each branch hav
ing Its specialists, no one physician, and
not less than lve ezperlenced specialists
have a consultation on e case pre
sented. Having thousatl to refer to,
comparisons are radily ma No experl
menting-elmply appling the treatmnent
that has times without nuter proved
successful. This Is the moret of their
success and the reason such marvelous
cures as heretofore reportedl sve been
made after the best local ohystlnsu pro
nounced theo hopealesly incurable.
MEN-Chronelo afeetion, whether from
early Indlscreti,. Venerlal E xcesses.
Seminal Weakgl. ,as of Maahood.
Syphillis and ther affections unfitting
them for enjoyln any of the pleasures of
life, treated afd cured gttery a.olute
failure by otb . Dr. ole C. a
reputation for r u le eces
in treating the panef Men I orld.
wide, and they have patients in all parts
of it.
WOMEN-Their specialist for affee.
tions of Women has all the latest appli.
ances and remedles used In the principal
hospitals, and is without 'a superor on
the coast.
CATARRH--AJ kindred arffeetions of
the Eyye, ar. Threat and Lungs udaeee.
fully treated, and I a manner s . mildly
as to be aooptable to the most delicate
Brace for Iplgal Deformltieg. Club
Feet. etc. manufactured. Satisfaction
Call early and avoid being hrried by
the large number of patients. Those who
cannot find it convenient to see the Emi.
nent Specialists can state their cases by
letter. Careful attention given-t cor.
respondenee and medicine and appliances
sent by ezpres.
At Great Falls on the th and 8)b.
At Missoula on th. th.
At Boseman on the 2ath.
At L.vig.lon on Y IMth.
Montana Division--L1 Mail str et, elena.
Northern Divislon-- East B .bday.
Butte City, Montana.
Bouthern Dlvlslon-122 South Ma.Il street.
Los Angeles, California.
Central Dlvislon-~1 to 3S West Ninth
street, Kansas City, Missourl.
Western Division-400 Geary street, San
Francisco. California.
Eastern Division-1-O Randolph. street,
Chicago, Illinois.
Helena, Montana.
All kinds of merchandise and other
freight., including ores, promptly trans
ferred from ...e depot. Orders will re
celve prompt attention. Offices at J. Feld.
berg's store and at the depot
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Masonic Temple, - Helena, Montana.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Will practice in all the courts of record
iI the state. Office in G(old block. Helena
TOYAL r O .. P AL0
ELMIES' L I A^,. ,,f
I L I cue for sup.
presuc .ild aifllll menstruation,
a. a d. ertmu PlIVEIAIVy for
7ll fiallme- l lulrutilaes r. Id with
aum p for part '. Irn and "1Giulde for
I he.." In +t., ,n h.1virs Tbe !or
easyrntel Tabletal ~*t Cross enrsd)
idr as\ l.II.IA .a LU. 4'0. fe.
F,· i qrO sl ' *d I , .. i . .' '-Ii
For sale by Pole & O''onnor, Helena,
Are just an old, old remedy
In this new shape.
Doctors have always given
this prescription--in water I
We I veC them inl this shipe
im;, fir their h.andiness.
9 T.Al J.LF9 .. lie all
'l'r l'hi -l ry Iii l i.
f.il hiI .ry 41.11gi a
'- .Irul partl; It
I .:;a a this for
.ldn, Dit, 4
iI*, ,n n ll rl eas
Rirst National Bank
Financial Agent of the United States
Capital and Undivided ProAta
Ueneral banking butaneM transacted.
Interest paid on time deposits.
Safety deposit boxes.
S. T. HAUSIER...................President
E. D. EDOERTON...Vice-Pres. and M'r
Oico. P. C(OP .....................C.mbler
OEO. HILL...................Asst. Cashier
. T. H. auser, . D. Edgerton,
(leo. P. Cope, A. J. Davis.
J. R. Sanford, Wm. It. Cullen.
Henry Klein. John C. Curtin,
C. K. C(ole, James A. Talbott,
W. W. Beattle.
meric_ J' ational
CAPITAL 0200,00O
T. C. POWR .. .......... idm~ t
A. J. B5 LIG110 V ................ ......rli
A. J............. Vlosrft idant
A. C. JoithuOZ ............ * a
T. V. Pow.,. A. J. UlsUuaam.
A. C. Johbaos. )IHohard Late,.
2at.,t allowed no time depaLt szokeng
lron principal cities of tie Unlitd btauie
Canada sad hmp. 'rransrf, of moas md.
bg tlkrrph. (ullrUiaa PuOmp~M ea·Lwde
tu. csit(, county lad state incurs boka
Mrchants Nationai
Paid in Capital 8 " $350,000
Surplus and Undwvidsd Profits 170,000
tiweta hfe'sieas dseseeW.tss forn IW qSi.
w rw º · t at (Si
Hoseaar et at ewh.oolah. rase in oa Ge
J ontana Jatior al
IMJR ...T.IwId
I tI f.I~. L LJT. C~aahIe v
iaras 1WU ... ..igi. mirb~g
am~.. A.(k~E~
KOU~e ff. C.fIIIW
Kt u. lard.
ý..weA lUskim, ihi )l.r. ,sts..t.L
Nw 440a
The J~elna Jational
CAPITAL "600.000O
Transeots a General Bankinig Busi.
. D. VD RTON ..................... Psl d
C. K. UJL. ............... lPmIa r.t
6KVU. 9. COPE ..............vp. *caa1.t
JNO. W. LUKE .......... ..Laatoa$ Cahiw
ColtlAtISI Sp a lal t. olflt fd k a, e
tt a., j a cd lao d d~da .llci r
Ka·torn (irreapuudeaa.
Komat u. Nationul Bank ............· wYgek
ft. Deahbo., Nfag.o aak.... . ...a ebl..
C~aatma*ul National r' ask.........loa
t. ko~c· ft l 'ý k k ~.......... f. Louis
.nban p Ný .............. tlt Loots
lit. I MI Mti.Oa tan ............... .. dt. 1'a
Inoorporeted under the Laws of
PAID IN CAPITAL, $100,000.
Wa ........ ..............r.e.. der
t. fi,( u~l~q ......Aa V Tr ie sa Soon.ºr
M .. B rll.Y -Y... ................. Trruu~r
Vs--r Crw, lmak ff Crn~
Co. kM.WaJ wra
Joke leags.
AU.w {,r3 cnt Inteesr .t .u brlm.. Dpepots
rwppoa sJanua, and .Ini
Sreaaasiea sIsmei bsuauki Lbe.a.. Driw.
"eobansog 511pelactpljaltels. of the United
btusmr · · and p . ~ LI
LN~~a V .ati $4 Itybonds, sad make.
lean oa seal " se e mortgage.
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tor the enatV or lawis sad Clarke.
WilUam M. aruaum, plataII, vs. Jaes
T. C. Ferrs and Caro4 Ferris, 'deoea
ants. A
The state et aNn smeads reetl
to the above nated detendants
You are hereby required to appeat ln
an action brought against you by the
above named plaintiff in the district court
of the Piret Judicial district of the state
of Montana, In and for the county of
lewis and Clarke, and to answer the com*
plaint flied therein within ten days. (ex
elusive of the day of service), after the
service on you of this summons, it served
within this county; or If served out of
this county but in this district, within
twenty days; otherwise within forty days,
or judgment by default will be takeh
against you according to the prayer of
said complaint. The said action is brought
to obtain a decree of this court for the
foreclosmre of a certain mortgage upon
the following described property, to-witt
ieginning at the southeast corner of lot
numbered seven, in block numbered one,
of the Joseph Cox addition and running
thence westerly along the lines between
lots numbered six and seve in said block
N feet. more or less, to the egst side of
an alley running north6rly and southerly
through a portion of said blook; thence
northerly along the east side of an alley
i0 feet, more or less, to a point in the
north side of lot seven; thence easterly
along the line between Jots seven and
eight in said block N feet, more or less,
to the place of beginning according to
and as said lot, piece or parcel of land Is
more particularly described upon the of
tidal plat of the said named addition now
on file in the manner provided by law in
the office of the county clerk and recorder
or the said county of Lewis and Clarke;
maid mortgage being described in the said
complaint uand executed by the said do.
fcndants on the 15th day of October. A. U.
18t1. to secure the payment of a certain
note for four hundred and fifty dollars.
($4&t.0o), and interest thereon; that the
prcmises conveyed by said mortgage may
be sold and the proceeds applied to the
payment of said note and interest; also
twenty-four and l.-100 dollars and interest.
being the taxes paid by plaintlff upon said
property; also for fifty dollars attorney's
fee provided in said mortgage; and for
costs of suit.
And in case such proceeds are not su.
fclent to pay the same, then to obtl ta a
execution against said defendant, James
T. C: Ferris, for the balance remaining
due and also that the said deftndabt,
James T. C. Ferrol, and all persons claim
ing by, through, or under him may be
baired and foreclosed of all ight, title,
claim. lieh, equity of redemption and in
terest in and to said mortgaged premises
and for such other and further relief as
plaintiff may be entitled; reference being
hereby made to the complaint on file
herein for more definite information rela
tive to said cause of action.
And you are hereby notified, that if you
fall to appear and answer the said com
plaint, as above required, the said plain.
tiff will apply to the court for the relief
demanded in the complaint.
Given under my hand and seal of the dis
trict court of the First Judicial district
of the state of Montana. In and for the
county of 4wls and Clarke, this the 11th
day of April. AD. IH.
0. O. FREEMAN. Deputy Clerk.
McConnell, Clayberg A Gunn, Attorneys
for Plaintiff.
Date of first publication Dec. 1, 18il.
By virtue of an execution In my hands,
Issued out of the district court of the First
Judicial district of the state of Montana,
in and for the county of Lewidsnd Clarke,
in the suit of First National DInk ofie
ena. against Peerless Jennie
pany, duly attested the 24 I o -
vember, A. D. 164, I have levied upon
all the right, title and interest of
the said Peerless Jennie Mining
Company, in and to the follow
ing described property, situated in
Lewis and Clarke county, state of
Monalna, via: The Little Jenale Lot No.
2, west, beang mineral entry No. SW, des
ignated by the surveyor general of Mon
tana as Lot No. 54 containingK0.ac res,
in township 8, N. R. 5 weel L the
Peerless Jennie No. 1. West, the Peerless
Jennie No. 1, East, and the Little Jennie
No. 1, kEat, mineral entry N9, 20, and
therein designated as lots Ntos .,. 61 and
532 A. and B., in township 8, N. R. 5. west;
also a certain tunnel claim or right, com
mencing at the Little Jennie No. 1. east,
ore house, and running thence southerly
3,000 feet, said tunnel claim being fully
described in location notice in Book D
of Lodes in the county recorder's office
of Lewis and Clarke county, Montana;
also the Queensbury lode, designated by
the surveyor general of Montana as Lot
No. 6, In township 8, N. R. 4, west, be
ing the land embraced in mineral entry
No. 238, containing 20.6 acrer; the fore
going claims are all recorded in Book 7
of Deeds, pages 37 and 19. In the office of
the county clerk and recorder of lewis
and Clarke county, Montana, to which
said records reference Is hereby )tad for
a more full and complete description of
the said premises.
Together with all and singular the ten
ements, heredltaments and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or in any wise apper
Notice is hereby given that on the 25th
day of December, A. D. IN4, between the
hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and , o'clock p.
m. of said day, to-wit, at the hour of 12 m.
at the front door of the court house, in
the city of Helena, said county and state,
I will sell all the right, title and interest
of the said Peerless Jennie Mining Com
pany, In and to the said above described
prpperty, to the highest bidder for cash
in hand.
Given under my hand this 27th day of
November. A. D. 1.4.
CHARLES. D. C'RTIR., Sheriff,.
By FRED E. HOBS, U'nder Sheriff.
Toole & Wallace, Plaintiffs Attorneys.
No. 3,600.
United States Land Ofmce, Helena, Mona
tana, Nov. 1, 189.
Notice is hereby given that Joseph P.
Latsch. Andrew Thompson and Jane
1. Mattlece, of Helena, Mont., have this
day made appplhkatlon for patent, under
the mining laws of congress, for the
Little Alma lode mining claim, desig
nated as survey No. 4,487, situated in
Lump gulch, unorganised mining dis
trict. Jefferson county, Montana. in
townships No. 8 and 9 north of range 3
west, which claim Is recorded in the
office of the recorder of Jefferson coun.
ty, at iBoulder. Montana, and described
as follows:
Beginning at corner No. I of said
survey No. 4,487 from which the clos
ing section corner between sections -
1anI 6. township No. S north of range No.
2 west, bears south 89 degr. 49 mln. east
3,476.3 feet and running thence nortn 41
deg. '52 mln. west flK.2 feet to corner
No. 2; thence youth 64 dr. 39 min. west
1,410.6 foet to corner No. 3; thence south
41 dg. 1.2 min. east 437 feet to corner
No. 4; thence north 62 degl. '0 mln. east
1.396 f.'eet to corner No. 1, the place of be
ginning, embracing an area of 12.65
acres of which 2.17 acres Is in conflict
with survey No. 2,679 and In claimed,
upon which a notlice of said ap.liRcation
was posted on the 23d day of October.
The only known adjoining claim to
three premises is the Virginia lode,
unsurveyed, on the east.
W. E. ('OX, Regrister.
Date of first publication Nov. 2, I1L9
Langhorne & Reece, Attorneys.
I'AI(K O)lltHITY PILLS will reduce
your weight I'I.:IMANiN'I'I.Y from 12 to
15 pounds a month. N) SITAlVINV(,
sli'kness or injury; NO I''UII1('ITY. They
build uip the healtlh and In..l.ttify the .com
plexion, leaving NI) WRlINI(MIIM or flab
binrae. M't .:T ' A' iIi'M i iNH andul dlffi'cult
hbr.nthing surely reli.vedl. Ni, I': XI'EHI
i i.NNT., but a sientitle and lip onitlv.e relief,.
adopted only after years of e.xp.rience.
All ord'rs supplied direct from our office.
I''1c. 37 packag., or three paikagen for
S., by maill pintpaid. Testimonials and
particulars (sealed) 2r.
All corrrrpondence strictly confldential.
PARK REMEDY CO., Boston, Mass.
Leads sam Cl s stated o etans.
, aleitt, lUmlatR, vse ark
S Wadlo Ma , Wnllroe Oe. li,
S WlhteiMav t Woc ' I,. g .. Lot1.
ae DeveO( ivweatment ena
ee.itAny, lted, Robert C. lIIo
linge. Male A. Parish, American Na.
tional Jbak of Helena, Montana, J. C.
Weeks, Priolea D. Campbell, the Matuae
eneolt Life lnsurance company of New
Je q, W. MoMillan. the Montana Mev
lage Malt, . IH. W. Poster, and Oeo. H.
Hoplkis, attorney in fact, defendants.
T.e state of Montana sends greeting to
the above nmaod defendants.
YVou are hereby required to appear in an
atios brought against you by the above
_amed plaintifR In the district court of
the first ludtoal district of the state of
Montana an sd for the county of Lewis
and Clars .and to answer the complaint
Sled theretl, within ten days (exclusive
of the day of ervioe) after the service on
you of this summeam, if served within
this couaty; or it served out of this county,
but within this diti t, within twenty
days; otherwise wal a forty days. 0o
Judgment by default it be taken agaIns
you, aooording to the prayer of said come
plaint. The add s ston is brought to obe
tan judgment of this court agalnst thL'
defendants for the sum of IM0e, with !-.
terest thereon at the rate of eight pe;
oebt per annum from February t, IMS;
for interest at the rate of ten per cent
per annum on 100 trom August , 18Ml
for Interest at the rate of ten per cent per
annum on 81I from February 10, 1N3 a
Sprovided in a certain note and coupons at
tached, made, executed and delivered by
the defendant, P. i. Wallace, to this
plaintiff on the 2eth day Of February, 1-,
which note and coupons are secured by a
mortgage on lot No. 4. In block No. 62. of
the original townslte of the. city of Hel
ena, county of Iewis and Clarke. Mon.
tans: for the sum of $0.14, being the
amount expended for redeeming said
premises for taxes and interest thereon a
the rate of ten per cent per annum from
July 54 114. Also for a reasonable attor.
ney's fee for foreoloslng this mortgage
and for plaintiff's cost In this behalf ex
pende4; also that a decree of foreclosure
.tay be made for the sale of said premises
so mortgaged, and that the defendants and
I ll persons claiming under them subse
Qtaunt to the execution ofiaid mortgage
upoa said premises. either as linors, pur.
omters. Incumbranoers. or otherwise,
mal be barred and forever foreclosed of
$i1 right, claim or equity of redemption In
the did premises and every part thereof.
bAd .tat the said plantlff may have judg.
mah~ and ezecution against the said de.
fendant, Franklll R. Wallace, for any do
eilency which may remain after applying
all the proceeds of the sale of the said
premises properly applicable to the satis
faction of said judgment, and that the
plaintiff may have such other or further
relief in the premises as to this court may
seem meet and equitable, reference being
had to the plaintiff's complaint ea file Lt
the office of the clerk of this court.
And you are hereby notified that if you
fall to appear and answer the said com
plaint, as bove required, the said plain.
tiff will apply to the court for the reolet
demanded in said complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal of
the district court of the First Judicial dis.
trict of the state of Montana, in and for
the county of Lewis and Clarke. this first
day of August, In the year of our Lord
one thousand, eight hundred and ninety.
(peal) JOHN BEAN, Clerk.
By O. O. FREEMAN, Deputy Clerk.
J. W. Kinsley, attorney for plainUtl
First publleation Nov. 1. 1101.
In the distriot court of the First judi
ial distriot of the state of Montana, in
and for the county of Lewis and Clarke.
.Chrles R Ralett, plaintiff, vs. Frank.
Ln R. Wallice. May Wallace, Oeo. B.
Wopkins, attorney n tact, L. F. C. Lots,
assignee, the Denver Investment and
Banking company, limited, B. W. Knight,
cashier, and the First National Bank of
Helena, Montana. Robert C. Billings, Min
nie A. Parish, American National Bank
of Helena, Montana, J. C. Weeks, Pricella
D. Campbell, the Mutual Benefit Life Ia
sertat es kpi*v Wt New Jersey, W. Mc
Millan, the Montana avings Bank. and
C. H. W. Fester, defendants.
The state of Montna sends gettng to
the above named defendants.
You are hereby required to appear In
ai action brought against you by the
above named plaintiff, in the district court
of the First judicial dlstrict of the state
of Montana, in and for the county of
Lewis and Clarke, and to answer the
complaint filed therein within ten days
(exclusive of the day of service) after the
service on you of this summons, if served
within this county; or it served out of this
county, but within this district,
within twenty days; otherwise within
forty days, or Judgment by default will be
taken against you, aooording to the prayer
of said complaint. The said action is
brought to obtain a judgment of this
court against the defendants for the sum
of $1.100, with Interest thereon at the rate
of eight per cent per annum from May
20, 1M1; for interest at the rate of twelve
per cent per annum on S1 from November
20, 813; for nlaterest at twelve per cent per
annum on MO from May 10, 1134, as provided
in a certain note and coupons attached,
made, executed and delivered by the de
fendant, F. R. Wallace. to this plaintiff
on the 20th day of May. 1t11, which note
and coupons are secured by a mortgage
on lot No. 11, in block No. S. of the Beattie
addition to the city of Helena, county of
l.ewin and Clarke. Montana; also for the
sum of $15.0 and interest thereon at the
rate of twelve per cent per annum from
July ,0. 184. being the amount of money
expended for redeeming said mortgaged
premises from tax sale; also for a reason
able attorney's fee for foreclosing this
mortgage, and for plaintiff's costs in this
behalf expended: also that a decree of fore.
closure may be made for the sale of said
premises no mortgaged, and that the de
fendants and all persons claiming under
them subsequent to the execution of said
mortgage upon Pala premiases, eiter as
llenors, purchasers. Incumbrancers, of
otherwise, may be barred and forever fore.
closed of all right, claim or equity of re
demption in the said premisea and every
part thereof, and that the said plaintiff
may have judgment and execution against
the said defendant. Franklin R. Wallace,
for any deficiency which may remain after
applying all the proceeds of the sale of the
said premises properly applicable to the
satisfaction of said judgment. and that
the plaintiff may have such other or fur,
ther relief in the premises as to this court
may seem meet and equitable, reference
being had to the plaintiff' complaint on
tile in the e ffie of the clerk of this court.
And you are hereby notified that if you
fall to appear and answer the maid crm
plaint, as above required. th, sadll plain
tiff will apply to the court for the relief
demanded in ald complalnt.
Sliven under my halld and the seal of the
district court of the First Judicial district
of the state of Montana, In and for the
county of Lewis anId t('lrke. this first day
of Augutll in the year of our Lord one
thousand, eight hundhredl and ninery-four.
(.eal) J)lHN I,:AN. rl.ck.
Ily (. O. VRnlEMAN. rDeputy 'lerk
J. W. Kinsley. attorney for plaillnzi
First publication Nov. 21, 18I1.
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