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The Helena independent. (Helena, Mont.) 1875-1943, December 31, 1894, Morning, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Gans &
To.DAY the bullion in the U.
S. mints is counted, and Uncle
Sam determines the amount of
his uncoined wealth.
A special investigation will
be made of the Philadelphia
mint, against which there are
charges of gross irregularities.
Highly sensational revolationt
are looked for as the result of
the inquiry, which will doubt
less be conducted vigorously
and effectively by the authorities.
To believe that Ulsters are
cheaper than doctor bills has
been bothering us. We give it
up. Common sense ought to do
the job.
Costs $I5 or $20. We have
them at $7, $xo, $12 and $25.
For the toiling man, the busi
ness man, the clerk, in fact any
man, be he busy or not, there
are some splendid
Sack Suits
Here for you. The materials
are strong, and genteel in effect
-nice, unobtrusive garments.
They are now sold for $I5, $18
and $2o. We could get more
for them, but the tariff bill has
run prices dowvn. Come in be
fore they go up. These are not
the only priced Suits we have.
You may want one for
-$7.50 or $io
We don't advertise them, but
you can find them in our stock.
L)on't make a regular business
of them. It is the better goods
we want to acquaint you with
we want to make a customer of
)ou and keep you as a customer.
Supply yourself with one of
our Ulsters and Suits.
Gans &
The Reason Christian Newspapers in Con.
stantinople Denied the Reports of
Armenian Outrages.
Turkish Officials Examine All the Letter
Mail Going in and Out of the
\'ashIngt in, IDec. ~i- -The following
ltatlllllnt wlh rll e Irlence to the oIu
dlition of affair. In eight dlistrlits x of
Armenia, In which ('hllt intn misstll-i
arien are etation md, WitsI tio-day itsuI dl
by the Arm'niian hlmard if iot'iunixuloan
ers for foreign mlinslions: lcflihil, let
tersH sint recei'ntly fr.o the morns of tlih
Amer.l' i ho rd oii f i illtom hsiiitI'iM fir
forolKn mllnsellllut, contt'tiilitil4 accounts4
retting (o E'ur'opetl-Tuirkey minillons.
welre olpelned by the Turklsh ottlitais.
The IeitPrs were rsuIseIIueutly d(ll\'
ered, hbut with the Turkinh word "eox
amined" written on the envelope. This
indicated that the Turkish government
is attempting to assume all authority
over the mail of forellners.
When reports of the massacre of
Christians in the Hasnoun district of
eastern Turkey became publlic, after
more than two months of ruppresslon
on the part of the Turkish omclala, the
Ottoman government was alarmed at
the widespread publications in the
American-English preb.i. Under pres
sure from foreign powers the sultan
agreed to send a commissioner to In.
vestigate and report upon the outrages.
In view of this promise of the govern
ment, representatives of the European
powers at Constantinople decided to
wait for the report before taking any
positive action. But after this decision
by the powers, and while they were
waiting for the departure of the sultan's
commiesion, which had been appointed,
and which was to make full and impar
tial investigation of all affairs reported
by the English consul, as well as by
many individuals from the Lassoun dis
trict, the Turkish government gave out
the following omclal statement of the
case, which statement was printed in
the papers of Constantinople. All pa
pers printed in Turkey are under close
censorship, and no paper could refuse
to print the statement under penalty
of immediate suspension. Hence, Chris
tian periodicals were compelled to print
what they knew to be false. The state
ment is as follows:
"Home of the European powers have
stated, contrary to the truth, that a
few Armenian villages have been de
stroyed and In the meantime persons
have been massacred by Turkish sol
diers In the district of Bassoun. Others,
In order to magnify these reports, have
asserted that the news of the outrage
was prevented from leaking out by ob
stacles the government put in the way
of travelers from that district. The
subjects of the empire of Sassoun are
quietly engaged with their business and
people travel wherever they wish in
perfect safety. Some Armenian ban
dits, being induced by agitators, began
lately in and about Sassoun to disturb
the peace and comfort of the people by
murdering, plundering and blocking
highways. In order to put an end to
such disasters the government em
ployed the necessary means, and r.n.
:, qutently ordered out a sutclient body
,f imperial soldiers of the Fourth army
I"'hus the exteonsion ,f the revolt
,igll checked, troops were withdrawn
It their headquarters. There was no
interference by Kurds, but, as stated
above, some Armenian bandits ,having
ventured to disobey, the Fourth imper
lil army corps, and also the governor
of Ilitlis, undertook to investigate as
to the facts, and subsequently a com
mis.lon of inquiry, composed of Abdol
Ila Pasha, Emer ley, Medjid Effendi
andt liafez Tevflk l'z ha. who will start
by this we,-k's steamer o t te scene of
the trouble.
"In general, the sublime porte will
never allow such outrages to be per
petrated as published In foreign papers
upon her subjects."
Congress Will on That Day Again Take up
Affairs of State.
Washlngton, e)c. 30.-Hoth houses of
congress will resume their scissilons on
Thursday next, and it is expected there
will be a more deitermined effort to
prei.s forward the work of the session
for the inxt two months than has char
atll ;i..d the pro.cedhings durinhg the
IonIth 1' huih ihas alreiady eltlpsed.
'T'he i. s.o ry Wiok otf Ihll- ssilon Is
the passage ll of lwpror atl l NIlua lls, Iof
%1114.h th rle ate f'urt en. N.o l havet
Il ,sed ithe sent te. alld d ly livtl hll U
rteivell Ith satlntii . oI f the i house. It
Ihs i l orlr f ilor tli ntlllnale to take i lp
ally r uplo'ted aIrprinhttlon bill at any
'liei, llnli whetherll tHlre Ni .ra ua clalcii
ill., which lstands. oI til lhel c lendlar as
unlil ished huslness,. shll! nrtinue it
huhl Its place ,f 'astage will Ie d, 'd
nil ipulpii wh ther tihe apprpr11 . r1111iis
.ini. lnite shall desire to sutllplinlt it
vilth the pe stiuns '01 l forti tlatonls bills.
hills. at -r the, olther ills sh ll e rITe
ported I'ran the rlalunitt.,
r.igui ,;an l 111Ill will not h"' ldisph ,er d
Ifr the IRes.'h ll. Senator itl'gutl has
tuatton of n replly t.. Neal1|r Turp"i es
nlltlk upon hit- entant hill. anid his
frl'.llvi expect him t., make nt \igulous
and 'xha1i vei' diefeItse of th1e nllesur'.
Ib. will Ilr'hnbl. speak an eotir i dlly.
nndl possibly two , r thr'e days.
AM IlceuIIl ITY_
Penalty for Counterfeiting Foreign Stamps
Greater Than for Home Ones.
No itulletllllll. -tier..il ofi. illiggngie en
(iII'Hol&'ilol tor (h.' Igrtllle l to tu1 trimc
tIa 11t Is ujiiolltlawfu foill, hu liti pill..
111;(1 g1 MIIIIIIIWII I ') )11l\tu 1 i n 1114)140
uIIll v lll i. foIgn l "1'llfor the tout will-l
vitro luiiK' t.ni,r e11 lrlu~ltll~tlluc i', ulttd
14111l'~ III . I tie tt'tMI t y \~·'114 1 1 111 Ituit I iti
atwol neor flit thtiitn elitIiplt
No more r (.-lu'll.".1 Mtxnlp ooh unt1* c41n
ilinint. Ile fir Iii rlrN kItlltIl will lhl
IlltiltIl tll ' teniiiurlnl..leluti i
ftII Lt g or rot"."Ign M (1ht( 111lI I 111) 1'"' Mc
n I. 'it" I t lh n fl t l" co itr 11 1)1t Ith ll ltnl 1
forT IiLoLatloasII lM. I r Ill,- cie o coim
*(11111)1(. the penaltyIl 114 nu IICMM thanl
twit nor mutt' than to-i* i years Iut nls-tl\~
unntnt . tl ll fell- fit(- or'L untll~ rfcltllrlcl
for vio~lations 4)t our law and come
within lthe Inw, whlle' the* nmlrll lllnui
I,. nutlty its to f'irei.gn la lhlIlI is twe
No Pay for the Two Years That Have not
Been Served.
W hsnKhilglon, U.,, :1), The three nI,'W
en.i i ira ti l who . wi l e. li-d it fill va
earL'ies in hIIIa Wile" of VWyoming,
Wnahlnlgtion Hiii a~tlllllllilt will Iprolbably
not he. i htl i III, hli'k ralvirlien whilh
Ithave hel et.ofiIre. i),'lnl Juil L .i I nHellnlltlM
elected or ppl.1ilni., t 111 vtl itanel 'M.1
rThe thWre ut 1 ellr le, tllte txpeln Itrt
vhlon tin the tl, t s .I l, llllIt- i rl bllt'tliun
hill ofr Ihew l Met .ti ni, ii, whitrh, 11 I IvNh -
11iv Id, wiltl put ill, gtii l Il ti 'it ls r ll0.
for the fulture.
ndethatr the yIt.* n whic h hit 1 prIevall ediI
heretofore eacll h lon. chlllnl wou.l h've
rc'teiv t he tepay fo" thi e h llnl, I term i.
2ix. 2y , ntwlice.ii thehirslihu n n that t ol
year'n of the t-me hlla i already elapsed.
The new loill'rion will. thrlfore,. work
leavin a ltn tol th. 1th. rnolltn nth oif t $30l,
1 ,0 In thin lstlh lel , allll of Iatlo'aetr 1f
rnceipt n l ,o far this , onlth amount to $l1I,
122, Re2, and the disbursements 7,82,73,
leavinK a defilit for the month of $f5,f.,,
1421, rnd for the fl.cal year to date of $2W,
Panama and Colon Ports to Exact a
New York, Dec. 30.-In reference to
the Colon dispatch received Friday
night, stating that after the Ist of Jan
uary Panama and Colon would cease
to be free ports, and that duty would
be collected of 10 per cent. ad valorem
on all imports. Officials of the Panama
Railroad company say that while they
as yet have received no official hotifl
cation of the proposed action by the
Colombian government, they have been
advised unomcially that such tax was
proposed. Of course they said they
would protest against such tax, which,
owing to local conditions, would be a
very heavy one, on the principle that
it would tend to restrict trade.
The opinion was expressed that If
work were actively resumed on the
Panama canal, as proposed, It would be
absolutely necessary to import sup
plies at any cost. But, unless this work
were resumed, it was very likely that
the trade of the country would be killed.
The impression in the office of the Pan
ama Railroad company was that Co
lombia has every means in its power
to increase its revenue in anticipation
of the resumption of work on the canal,
development of internal resources, such
as mines, etc., and to have increased re
sources as precautionary measures in
the event of possible changes In the
The published statement that $80,000
had been appropriated for the trans
mission of troops was regarded as very
significant of the government's' efforts
toward preventing any possible trouble.
One proposition, made not long ago, was
to impose an export tax on bananas,
but this plan was wisely given up, as
it would have killed the industry, which
is the principal one of the country. It
goes to show that efforts have been
made to increase the company's reve
nue. At the offce of the Panama Ca
nal company a man arrived who is thie
representative of the Panama company,
said he knew nothing of the proposed
tax or protest of this country. He said.
however, that it was possible in the
event of such tax being Imposed that
a protest would be issuc'1 from the of
fice of the new Panama Canal company
in Paris.
He is Making Preparations to Leave His
New York, Dec. 32.-It was applarent at
police headquarters in the city to-day
that a change in affairs there is speedily
I approaching, and gloom pervaded the en
tire building. No one doubts that hyrmns
intends to retire as soon as his successor
I is appointed. Ile was in his offlce an early
an eight o'clock in the morning, but he
dented himself to visitors. There was no
concealment among those posted that the
I superinteldlent was engaged in making
ipreparations to move. lie was closeted
I during the day with his confidante, Ner
geant ]F'rank Alangin, and was clearing
out all his private papler and effects
which have gathered dturing the years of
his sojourn in the building. They wetre
packed up and sent to his home on West
l'Fifty-eighth street.
Nobody ea''red to talk muctih about the
matter, but those who did speak, spoke in
terms of astonishment and regret at their
ehief's coming retirementt.
Formation of a Stalactite.
The length of time necessa.iry for the
formation of a tlt laclrtite has long hbt'n
a moot quet'lonll. Itt 'ent re'sillts seem to
intdi te t lhat it varies grleatly with the
colldit ions. iPLo. Il'ra tz Adiul l writes
from li'nyrlthi, Itlnva ria,. to Toi, A merliani
Naturalist, lI)te. ntbe. thllt in 1I.73 the aiI
thorlties of tihat city built it roe" v\oilr for
the town water supply. wihht i 'otItatnuL
t'atIl' of nlio '. Ili the root of an t itrih
underneath this rl eset l oir l tal iltes le ian
tiO ftorii, hilt in. the present .,iir htol
groi ln to i length of thdly -t'tII llt llrs
tlhlllla t I ifol t This Is at lasl ly I qluilker
e tll.ihtl inl, Ti.' N turalli'l I 1r, marks
that It ihaid biI n tIIholllgh t tlll LIt \i '.N lndnt
1,1m , iIas ti i'aittln a thiknies.s i ll' I
ilc es.: ol l rtays ihit PIof .'aml, s stfat
lit, it ti. .ne of th mli t oft altabiti obsr,
vnilthot It hhih It'l slaakil fillh 111 theI
w illh of all iage-t, rhst Ihei ll on tiil ne
mnillo l1 all lil l I. ,."
Gales ard Snow.
by siiiv.w 1pi.'1?ilI ili nit hw5I ,111(ii
Ju1tice in-Female Fhigure.
1-1\'e 1-:11e 11 19 If, III· J ýI I( 1 l ow'Ih I\Il:Ilg
par14 r '.%'IuiN fk iil jIllu NIb. )'uI"ao
( 1).411 "4 ha 1· l ai'n 1,d1h1`d ) 110 1)) In llllk
Ivt s'r 1711... l ". Il. l' 111115 fl j,'AiI i· f l 11iii
Play.d Wall Stnret.
11,111." along the North N. a eu Its. NI it I I.%'
.Il.. I~ookrk,'.'gir fisiI Iii' Nutfiullial If lid:iifl)
veagellla, Illdl almlg,, w ar l hwn
1.i"li Into I s'1 ihui: s if"rh( s nli llug $1tIIIt`lIl
hl Lordg Churc.il Better.A te .
lat. Io. awill iIb iilli.*l.. i i. hiltlinIrt. h,.u -
Lny havef it i~f twh. liut *iIl 11 of th'
harM I .o I . s I IUi0r , or ly i'4'iiii'sl I i'li i ilu
mnwir In his. tronltfuit I sw mithf Iue
11 non nl e 11"r h,1ebund, bt by tnillllk.
He Joins Foroes With Neptune and They
Spread Eight on Land and
on Sea,
Way Below the Freezing Point in Florida,
and Half the Orange Crop Hope.
leely Ruined.
I.Lando., Doe.. OI.--Hevere w-eather )ian
prevail.ed throughout Greaut Ititlain
shI,' Haturdll'ayl, the heavy glle bingll
w."ilianlrn Id I,y hall aind sotllw, IIIrener
fiIi tavigKHation alon the c'onsts' b)oth
dittlhult Itand dangeroius. All vteneli
that c,,luld do ,o. madei for havenlls of
shlt r. iomel of themnl, Ihowever, did
not suotvee.d in ranchi nlg Ip)rt. but w.lere
wrecked when almost In nlght of saifely.
This was the case of the British hark
IJmcn,, ('apt. IBoggK , which sailed from
Taltal, Aug. IG, for Ardriossan. Hhe
made the long voytage safely until this
morning, when she was wrecked on
the Hlolyhead breakwater, and every
soul on board of her, twenty-four in
all, were drowned.
How the R:cldent occurred Is not ex
actly known, but is surmised that an
-xtraordlnary high sea lifted her when
she was quite close to the breakwater
and dashed her upon it. She struck
amidships, and immediately began to
break up, the sea pounding at her fur
iously the moment she became sta
The coast guardsmen were the first
to reach the scene and were followed
soon after by the lifeboatmen. Above
the howling of the gale could be heard
the cries of the men on the bark for as
sitance. The coast guards got a line
aboard the wreck and it was caught by
one of the crew. Before he could make
it fast the fore and missen masts were
whipped off close to the deck, and
everybody in the rigging fell with them
into the sea and were drowned. The
sailor who had caught the line was
crushed to death under one of the fall
Ing masts. After the masts were gone
all was silent on the wreck. and those
on the breakwater knew that all hands
on the bark had perished. In a short
time nothing was visible seaward but
broken spar. and a raffle of rigging
attached to them.
During the day nine bodies were re
covered. The identity of the bark war
learned from some of her papers that
were washed ashore. The Oeseo was a
steel vessel of 1,38W tone, and was built
in 1889 at Londonderry, from which
port she mailed.
The storm pon lei has done serious
damage. Traina have been blocked and
In many places in Scotland telegraph
wires are down.
The Tail f a Blizard Spolls Half th
Orange Crop.
Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 30.-Yesterday
will be long remembered, for the blis
zard swept down on Florida and sent
the thermometers to freezing point.
Reports by wire from fifty-one cor
respondents in the orange districts of
the state indicate that at least 1.810,000
boxes of unpacked oranges are spolled,
and more than 300,000 boxes of oranges
in warehouses, or lying In bulk prepara
ory to packing, are frozen. Tomatoes,
cabbages, beans, peas and all vege
tables in the northern half of the state
are ruined, except the pineapple plan
tations, which are not much injured.
Day before yesterday half of this sea
son's great orange crop of 5,000,000
boxes was still on the trees. The tail
of the northern blizzard switched
around through the Florida peninsula,
and within the space of a few houra
Florida had sustilned a loss that, esti
mated in cash, would reach into the
millions. The destruction will he felt
for many years, indirectly or directly.,
by all the people of the state. Previous
to this time the coldest weather known
was in 185., but there is no record to
sllhow just how cold it was then.
Reports from the interior of the state
show that he cold weather has been
gent'elral and has extendI d from one
side of the peninsula to the other. The
lowest temperature reported was at
Tampa, 18 above. The cold weather
play-d havoc with th he plumbing and
water supply li Jacksonville. Many
Iju pie found their water pipes frozen.
'rhe occurrence was so unusual that It
was some time' before, the residents
could realize' that the water had actu
ally frozen in tIhe pipl.-.. The weatherl
has mutode'ted ain't the cohl spell Is n1ow
hbroken. At 10 'clck Ito-niight the tell
ler'atllre- waIs 40.
IIhrtiighanm. Ali. lie. :!0. - The
worll'st e itst ehlri est nii kinown ti thisi
section is lrevailing. "Foulr inchll es if
snow f.ell to-day dill to-night the' fall
wI. Irenewed furl'iisly. Tihe' weatiher sl
tIry stVere uiand much sutferi'.g exiests
anong Ii.the poorii. Many cattle rell l
.turitgi. in this city tie t'eelet c ri
'ieii llni.is rain th ir icarsi all night ti
keep liet track ii'. Tr , snow strli
extl.'ndts all ivi" Ie ' It orll'therni ise tlion
ofI th li.i'st ti'.
Milemphlis. T'rel ie. . 30o "- l.rm six
ito .tgh114111 Iliehis oI' slii'w IN repi'ltil to
rlight i nthhltle i .'test ' i'enneiss., .Ar
kiln.;tes, ilo t'h Mlis'sisippile ll c ne 'lstein
,lah antuiil , was aii "ltnly hop iII teIni
l i ll ii l'i.
Atlantic Steamers Encounter Cold Weather
and a Gale.
,Nv VwYk, D-- 3l0. - All IiIIataag
NIl-.lly 111I'14 1'*1N Hl't YolI'y 1I`III11 N-.)'thI)'
/1h UI' the ..81$t. : 1tII' dlz"1n 'I'(I Europe
I .a.t' rl havtng oxrrxtrurt d ltl te ttt'etst ot
Ilse 'g Mule th t tlt t. Wt: apitr brh
Lug the Iiei9ue tIteiksa antI NuIiitutRkt.
Lthe witd s4et it, frota thet oUt..t dltt,
lit- atvcvy its lll Iulellsely t~tlhl wenlhrl
I'l.r. \"eNII. V(RIs" docks atui dulls welt.I
I11'N o1 Nev.-rll Illt'h ' . 'r ." t 1'twa Nllt
ttt'. re Lugr tupt ngau, Ih' r,.iindnutl ('d tas
'i'h V.4,14' iek i a nI·I Il·t it~, 1 ) 11·(·114 Vt'
~t g.ttuing abiout lth' d.,kit plittu it~l
tullnlrul t one. lU 1YU IWY ·
s t' m s itM r tn t --' .rt1I ii ii i cnt ni t o
L'Ihtiatid wt'nLhatr ttpon nvtu~htut Ilit I
tirn,. whe~rt the wind. rnidtititly ,hitt.'.
with it vt'ry he'avy sata. N.'vet'rai ~ant
W111 i rt ittttlp~anttl~t by hltaiivY t'talt anal
lit' ii ituhfinI it a Lug a nHit h4111e ui'tht't fnt'
I'. rt'.'. iaUla IShg a t'rtil. it t.mnd u stei a'h 'li
,til'lt'i,'tl it I~r.tat .L.11 f'tt I t tan Ihe itoli. Nat
dttuget' uL a ieltius nature was re
-.K'I'?ERI I.WR HXll, /.:,.',ITK.L
Major Alderion Thinks There Will Be Im.
provernent Before Long.
"| IaillclIp tf an much Krmrattr d.ni.icil
f'r r'al aeflahi. Iii 'cur icwli cltinlgs I00,
than w" ha'I h\,' thdis y) iti," MIdii, M;iaJ.
W. W. Aliei,'lol, of it'izern'rii., cihic hts
I1'ii In Iha nily oI,okling ulc ciuictcrll
ci I thi ft inm ih i III he inl thi'i ap~ita
rpr e~'s.'nt|inl f|inlatin enunty 14 Illn t'rl'sl
In lth 'lllogning elv4iAl hf thc li itlal*ti .
Miil. Ahlircscotl hin s Ia rg.. l .&al citatc* iIi
t'rI' cs Icc Is ern i .n hc I i' ll pn , ', sc.(I'
inl llcd ilulcf *i, c icily maIf thiu i.
"lThtl1* Ilha Ie,,ll itSnmh, reaul pJro,,·ltv
sold Fils will,|*.." contm inuedl~i the . ntlo,l ,,
'crii it Ilciughil \,Iry otcl plice' , IoI,
I )| li ltf , lic.t.', hbaI tbc i' M nli,' iflnquil y
fir .st"ic. ccn *., tJii I linik in a t'w
lsinlhl th-lr. will be. a very h-alihy d*
rnitiiU fir tpim pt''t ropl.l,c'rt y. I Ir
(Icillr,. I du1n 'L Ihck for ally tbom,. lfl ich
aS W" c) Ital fIiW yoes l aLg,, hut I thillk
Ihiitl cIic.fc.rth ihi grlwnli f ithi clity
will te itacady Y Ucl .11c1r.
ali'qt wct'k ia Wa al w Sle c,*dl will.
Icy Jtiai'rnlanl i to get thi Iiiig.iqt Iui 'W
ligK c't cihl hmenl ih thI etaf.. 'rha,
Hit'' fur the bhl'rwy'iry lItdl mult hulic',
iihas le'.,n 1c-lc'ctcid antill lurha edii, alndl
sull,. of', fhl brick allid ibuldllin ma
terial culnlac't(.d folr. ''hic will Un
dlubtedly I, I,?f verly mnatrtil ,llbenefit to,
the. city iind will of itself asslit lin
maintalinhim g rial estatc \in hii. andl in
increaslllK the demand for liozemmrl
plrol.'rty. I believe, tii,, that the agK
I'lUItural coillc'ge 'will IInfluence real
estate \'alues In the right direction, as
much as any othier thhing. FIarm
Pra who want to educate their
chlldren are coming to torwn, buying
or building homes, and nettling down
in order to send their boys and girls
to 5cthool.
"There was but little building done
last year. but probably as much as in
any Monta-al town of its size. It has
been retarded somnewhat by a certain
element who Inalat upon running
the town upon a hauls only
allowable to cities of several times its
sie, but the people already realle that
this is not progre~slveness, but ti rather
poor business pol cy. Bozeman, how
ever, is the best town in the state, and
will continue to grow in prosperity and I
Many Notices to Avoid Forfeiture A
This Is the last day on which claim
owners can take advantage of the law
allowing them to file notices to avoid
forfeiture. The following were among
the notices filed Saturday: One hun
dred and twenty acres, placer, by Miles
York and others; Spectacle and Fun
nel Gulch placer, by William W.
Woodcock and others; Crown Point and
Comstock, Skelly gulch district, by
James H. Gilmore and others; placer,
Wano district, by A. Livingston and
others; Grey Eagle, Wood Chuck,
Badger, Orphan Boyand Lucky Boy,
Stemple district, by J. W. Luke and
James ,3ourley; Mountain View and
Silver ill, BScratoh Gravel district, by
Daniel Mullen; Oceldent and Occlden*
tal, by E. W. Knight and others; Co
lumblan and Northwest lode, Walker
Creek distript, by Noah A. Mattice;
and others; Earthquake and Gen. Girant.
Stemple district, by Theo. Shed and
others; Big Four, Topeka, Gem, Hid
den Treasure and Mountain Chief,
Stemple district, by John Dugan. Jr.,
and William Dugan; Combination. Ot
tawa district, by Theo. Shed and J. A.
B. Corbis; Queen of the Valley and
Surprise, by Samuel C. Hudson; Frame
and Bull and Bear, Ottawa district,
by Theo. Shed and others; Rose and
Cleveland, Ottawa district, by Alex. C.
Botkin and Theo. Shed; Liberty, Con
cert, Intimidation, Marguerite S., Sum
mit, Sergeant Jasper and Gen. Shori
dan, by Alex. C. Botkin and others:;
Louisiana, May and Pittsburg. Ottawa
district, by P. J. Horrigan; Hidden
Rest, Pearl, Evaline, Ann and Ethel.
Spring Gulch district, by L. L. Lush and
Frank Wilton; Rainbow, Spring Gulch
district, by L. L. Lush and others;
Badger and Champion. Stemple dis
trict, by A. M. Waldref and others:
Bull and Bear, and Jurgins, by J. B.
Porter and others; placer, by Mary
Hammand; Rattler, by Mark Harney
and P. B. McKowen; Big Cow, by Phil
Brass and others; Helena, in Dry gulch.
Luke Lust: Virginia and Blue Ridge,
by Samuel C. Hudson and others; Red
Cap, by William Swan and others.
Murdered by Indians.
Tucson. Arizts., Dec. 30.-F'rank Debs,
formerly a resident of Tucson, was mur
dered by Yaqui Indians in the state of
Sonora, Mexico. Debs established an In
dinan village at the San Francisco Mid
S*Inter fair last summer, but left San
F'rancisco before the exposition close,l
falling to pay the Indians he had broight
from Arisona and Mexico, and ltaving
th.em to return as best they might. Two
of thle Indians were with Debs at the time
he was killed, and the opinion pr'·vatl
that they killed him out of spit.e 'or hii
having failed to pay thenw what was dite..
Something Entirety New.
St I.oliis, Dlek.. :l.--Aboltt thirty-flh e adl
ag;tta' to lihe NatioiaIa l'.popp ,II of Ihr tl l
pla' paily hura urgupll ed a Naptonal
IItIti\iv\ ai d II l'tr'iln hllo WiaguaIe. Joam
II. I.atlhrop, of Topeka. Kanc. was el'ct,'adl
pii..denlt, anld aa 'X'[email protected] a ominaltt'p
ainld itatiilal and Plate ol'ga.aixers were
tha tn. II s dchtided to at onlltp plush the'
ortallll;ll i lo.ll throughout the country, t11
I.nl~lntde lhi -,ahr t l' the at wlia 'N , I. Iln
ol ilitiiahtll tal ai d It'ferl', ndtilli . T''hlh't.e
ptite \\'s H'. r lIrepIt lapi d ai the' or .alliai.
ti, .11.
John A. Gordon Dead.
sp,''id to The Itdhplentllt.
Ulitth , It-', ::0t John ,%. aint l ll. ;n
clhl \.Int'L( thlati' r tunitl t tii' w' .est,
di'ed her. 't-l' I ,t y of on llllsainptI ll. Ip"
hIad at \'arll i history iin thfe Illlak Mill,.
rl 'tutii,", l.a ' I lw ns, li. hlern :tI d 1l: titt'.
II hthIt ,If variety thruter In lhlhman,
lland muai d the | 'mit)lh e Inl tills Ity
fid'll t p.' 111111\ ),'l l'".
Will not Allow It.
Ml d ll ll, Iec'. 1t. in4rlll' Ill sa'4l. nttaltpil * r
of tli lnt'il l'hP p*, has m l It ed 'll lormial dapp.i
ofl thI1"' Psitu'Ienti wht'h entn atti' froitm
\at'tshlialton to the effet l that a p tl hast
uil othaliaPs tof lc(' la to ip makP ll i tihp liil
getI of ta.rllf litt s, afiiPii flpW lal iaat.ti. g
it to tid lOhefitti'lhl '.l " thlroVtl.
Allegations Crc un iless.
1' lulhdellptl i., lI, '' 3 - Invetll galttaIt I
i P,'i,'ar'selntal·r of' the Ih' Aociatehld lpress
oi tp,. rt, of it' telI lntent anll Ki piorl floo l
Itaidlt M.PPltKi |tr)n t lilt aP( I l por " t ah p l iOtlll
wllk. llt tlaralnlltl oin neuIUnt o 141111nll
p.\, palls thefla nlletgallll to hbe aIsuolut
1) ir'ollndlal.P,
Work of the Charitable.
Italilgh. N. t'., I)'. 30.--A call wan
slsuaetd to-day for m moan meeting of the
i'lltei't's ofa thls ptla e for the purlpose lof
e'pll aitng firntp and uplpllen tao hae ntit
to tlhe detltutte dltllrelt.s il Nebraski.
A Short Honeymoon.
an FI nl'a lli It'o., Iler. :).--,1ohl lnmlth anI I
hiM brhih of a week wer' fotundl lead lit
IetI thlls l ornllgl, ialhylittated bl y la.. It
tr I pr'eantlme they fallsl to taLIr e1 the gas
prvlperly upon tettriln.
The Delavan House, of Albany, New York,
Burned to the Ground Early in
the Night.
Full of Politicians at the Time It Caught
Fire..Thought That not Many
Lives Were Lost.
Albany, N Y , I., all. -'rh' f)elavan
hli.unt., thei nl'((;l i of polifthhlnrl aind thi
'. utlr of all big state y lild al ev,.It 4
for forty y,'rLi i1a, t, wIua dilsti i ,d by
fier t"-ligKhl. It w :. L4:30 whe'n Ite pI
lithial heaullquartruq o'f bIthi Mr. Ie'lsh
andl Mr. Malthy wer, fllhd wish poll
I|.ilulls krl l i,.'wepll)per rllel , thait , 11.8
houise caused 'II 'uternatil Ii 'unK Iho
Kuivslt. The. outburslt (if flami's, be'orerir
,in alurm coull be KgIvell, wtas appallng.
Ilp the elevatoir shaft *h.t a solid col
urnn of flames, which spread ullickly
to eveh of the flve floors. 1'ortunat,,ly
the guest list was not very large and
the majority of those registered were
politlctans and were down on the sec.
and floor.
There was a rush for the stairs in the
front and the servants' stairs in the
back, where the flames had not yet
reached, and in a few minutes there
was a tumbling mass of humanity
coming down these two means of egress.
Those on the upper foorn could not
avail themseives of these exits, for the
flames were rushing along the corridors,
and people in the streets who had not
yet seen the flames heard the crash of
glass and saw figures come tumbling
out of the windows.
our or Ire winnow. c
Within ten minutes after the first a
note of alarm several persons were
dangling on the Insuficient rope Itre
escapes or hanging to the window sills. c
The department arrived quickly, but j
it took some time to get the ladders b
up, and in the meantime some of the
people had dropped to the street. N
On the right side of the building there a
appeared at a window, surrounded by v
smoke, a man and woman. The man a
had hold of the woman trying to per.- I
suade her to wait for help, but she a
broke away and sprang out. She c
struck a balcony and rebounded to the ,
street. The man waited for a ladder 1i
and was taken down In safety. His t
name Is Foakes. and he represents a c
cash register company in Dayton, O. a
The woman was his wife and she will *
probably die.
In Ex-Speaker Maltby's room, which e
was to the rear of the elevator shaft
where the fire first appeared, there was
the grvateat exctemelnt. About twenty
politicians were there, Including Con
Kressmen Weaver and Curtis, $enator
Kilbourn and Mr. Maltby. A rush was
made for the stairs and when the party I
landed in the street the only injured
one was found to be Assemblyman Rlob
bins, whose hair and face sere badly n
Although five stories high, there wnas
Altthough five stories high, there w:a
no outtlde fire escapes. and the only
means left for the people in the cut off
rooms was the use of the rope fire es
capes. H. F. Hielman, of Brooklyn,
was In the third story. He opened his
r.om door as soon as he heard the cry
of fire. A burst of flame made him look
to the window as the means of escape.
He had but two alternatives-a fiery
death or a Jump. He chose the latter.
When picked up from the sidewalk he
was dying. His wife. who was in the
room with him. tried a rope fire escape,
but it either broke or else she failed to
hold it, for she fell to the pavement.
Her right limb was broken .her I*ft
ankle dislocated and she was badly
burned about the face and head.
In less than fifteen minutes after the
fire alarm was turned in the entire
bullding was wrapped in flames, re
sembling a huge crater, and all hopes of
saving the famous structure were given
up. The hotel takes in the entire block.
about 110x140 feet, and this was in an
other fifteen minutes a seething caul
dron, only bound by the four walls.
At 10:310 the east wall fell In. ilndl
some of the firemen nsr.,owy eserlate
'icing huried. At 11:30 the i'coaldway
wall fell out and tiitle In nun Has
lurlled in the dlehbrs. lie wvas taken 'out
alnd is not thugllt to, be i'atngrous.i
it is rumored at this late hour that
there ure bodies in the ruins., an that
quite a numnhIr if p'ople' did not es
Cape'. The clerk says to-noiht th'tt he
s posit\'iv all thl glilst.u I.,tl.d, blut
dlles ll1 I ll'l si.:ur about tKhe helpl, of
'Iwhom i. Ihllee was a KrII-lh at nI tilll her.
'Thii.* is nu way to-night of finding out
p Msitiv'ly whV ,h.,r Ihe' ru1inrs are'
trIl or ot, :andl It will lake ii day or 1O
t,* dei I li 1i' Ii 1, 0 h, lr ii e 1 1e
g. t..t 4 it it, " st, 0 Im F', Ihlal th.
I.lll t"Hs h ly n '.
'lih' l( iii \,oll H II.l 't* 'a% fifty y ,ars
olt. iii cl ltoe of ithr nIIt f=t ,lolt4 hoteis
n Ihe 'ounitry It !s a pallt of the es
tlth of tdwitrl I' I ,'ltvan Hurley &
i.Moore. the pr''prilet)rl, pllt $40,0 ,0 a
year rental andi i lately hlild mlade vast
IUl 'prov t.lnela in e pectathll n of it big
w- liter a.li in. The tot.ll ls,5 s esti
niUated at $ait5.0o 11i, with in Inaiuanlice of
$:tlQ, I KHI
-4 ti iiif. g:h'un. d It..or .i the Itri.adw.a.
s.no.t " the Ihotel INok two ml'nlu I hin
Sitr.. )1.th. wS Ilhit of Fl.I s.r. Muhl
ihlelr & Co.. de'alers in knit K'nds, anto
lhe hother tIht oI'f tPu.1h & ('o.. dealrntil
hts chal1lwl0,. Bot)h *41ock,4 w..€re* ruIn111l.
TII :l lsI t.I e ht'i wi% i F u't l G nl 0 ,e,
11n atly ncver ...I by IIy InsuIu rance,
i'h.* wi'es of the elcttl .i ghtt trill
plann were. 1.1 ir.oed tno d setl.tin of
Ilthe city is ihl dalrkness. The Iii'. raged
ii.t.rely for I\'v hloull's, andl was nlt en
tIrely queno~,led until mornlitiK.
Inventor of Bloomers Dead.
t'ounll'i lltillffs, Iowa. DeI)C. ) -.M' s.
A nell Ii loometor, fro.nt whom the IIanI.I.,
'I..st.elnl., one of the tlrtt efforts towards.
ltbss Ileforl was nan.l'l diedl at her honml.'
InI hishla it to-dilay. lie a.as, IIn her )iuini
1' l'II. l y 1rs noted Irleturer o l trntllllltpl'
and woman suffrige. She esabltished at
in.en.H F'all", N. Y., itn 149, a papeI r 'altId
the lillly, the tir e . paper itl tis countlry
oi nd and editeid hy a woman.
Seriously Inured.
S ln |'irun isr., Ii. I" -l ttIhlhl .elloux
SI.M |'0lll'i It ll Iiii,'oitIs ,net M Iln Iiti st e .I't
thils we.llllu wilth his fu.,e ,verell with
Ihlod and with u fracturled skull. It Is
notl known whelther his .onllition ist he rle
Isul of ain attlck t by footlpads or of a tall,
eluitliei blby tllt use of morphine, papers at
which wvre, found In his pockets. Zelloux
had been emlployed as a drulgist in Port
Passed the Upper House.
I,. Juhns, N. '., .Dec. %.-The presl
d,.,t's casting vote only carried the gov
ernment's bank note bill through the tlp
per house. The debate continued until
two o'clock this morning. Anmednments
were adopted which will neeessetate the
bill being agaln seat to the lower hbeoe.
How to Enforce the Papal $I
Seret seb*e '
Wasmlington, Dec. 7.-*The
ex,.cutlngK the c'attol.U eolreb
nlnlint membership In the
P'ythias, Odd Fellows mald other
Li s I. now receiving ealeful
atliin of the church sI.theifie.
taatiolll hla transmitted his elogig
the heads of all dloceseu tilre
ausntry, and It rema.ns for
eamve'y it to parish priests, Sand
latter to give it practical
und ex.cltion, each having
uhi lhtltidel. ea to how he
N, time In sct within whett
'tllno.eeee. may aet. Home alre.d
nItlilf.e thler parish priests to
prllhlllitlon to congregatloia to.
with tho anno,unce'ments
measls. Other blshope have
qtulired ptlble announcements
algKrelga ti o, an eomtmuli
freom Rome and from Mar. kto
not dilrect formal publlcallon, sad
mllake, it effectlve largely through
confl.eslinall. It, therefore, may
some' timno for the papal decree N0
,,omn effe~hctlie and to reach thos
nrslnM who contlnue their memb
Se"'eret seoleties after the order
church hecomel known.
Communion In not taken n
more than once a year. Other
however', are at hand for speed
Ing the papal decree Into p
feat. There. are jubllshed Ifets
members of the Knights of Py
other societies so that Catholt.
hers are readily ascertalnable,
these members remain away free
feasion beyond a year, they
thereby cut themselves off f e
church. If they attended
they would voluntarily abandoe
soclety connections and reserve
lutlon, or else be examined os the
ject, and It refusing to abeejss
connections absolution wou ha
held. This would operate to A
church members from commusls
therefore from meniberehip Is
church. It Is pointed Ost that
church decillon will be more I.
In keeping Catholics from oo
hlbited societIes in the future.
respect, church authorities as
clslon should not be conshul
against the Knights of PyUsas,
Fellows, etc., but only as a
conduct enjoined on members
church, whereby the church
control of the conscience of Its
bers, Instead of letting them be
by secret oaths.
Nashville, Tenn., Dec. N.-Dr. 1_d
White, supreme keeper of
seals. Knights of Pythias, la M
view concerning the order and
oent papal edict, says: "It semes
It Is a matter which each
must settle for himself. The mwae
considers himself his own master
worldly affairs will remain in the
if he Is devoted to its prinoples. I
talked with several Catholo
concerning this question, and
say they intend to remain in the
The supreme lodge had decided
each member must be loyal to the
ernment under which be lives. TYe
see where that would fail to leae,
A Crocer and His Wife Meet a Awn
8scramento, Cal., Dec. 0.-This ee..
munity is highly excited over the
murder of H. L. Webber and his wme
their home, which was subsequet.ly. .
dered by the murderers. Webber was
elderly grocer, reputed to be
*lngularly, he had no account at any ,
but is supposed to have kept a
able sum of money about his hose.
and his wife lived alone above his stere,
Yesterday was railroad pay day i la:i
city, and among Webber's customere . :
many railroad employes. Just hew I
money he had secreted about his
is not known, but the store da
shows that his receipts yesterday W
$1-M. This Is gone and not a oent
found to-day In the rooms occupied b
grocer and his wife, although the
down stairs was not molested.
thing upstairs, however, was overuli
by time murderers.
The dead bodies of Webber and his
were discovered this morning by the
cer's son, who went down to the sho
found blood dripping through a hole
the ceiling. Hte found both pareats
dead in the kitchen, their clotbhing
from their bodies In places, andU I
heads gashed and crushed by blows .u
an axe. Mrs. Webber's head waseI
open by the blade of the axe. WebbeeWr
face was cut into strile. The kltbAi
looked like a slaughtel pen. The muI l*:
er. were evidently familiar with W
Ir's methods of business, but thus
there is no clue to the perpetrators.
The independent Doesn't.
New York. Dec. 3.-Rev. Dr.
pcashed a sermon tinl morning in wsl
h ' made Indirect and incidental reI
to the work of the past year. The u
had learned, he said, that the poiuig
was a man of expediency and that i
mnight arrange things in such meaner
only a mighty uprising of the people ,X
undo. In looking over' the field of the l.
iir' he hsaid the people should look be'
improvement in newspapers. The
h,- said, that daily serve up a maof O '
digested matter, without dlscrmlllI
to their readers, were rapidly beooala
public nuisances.
A Cas Explosion.
Fremont., Ohio. Dec. 30.-While nrepa.M
Ins the Iegulator at the Northwslag
tihio Natural tas works to-day, as sey
Iplsion occurred, wrecking the regulit)
anld lseriously injuring C. I.. Stevens,
'frable and J. It. ILoveland. The fuel
s:pply to the city had to be shut of,
thousands of homes were left wt.
fuel, making it a very serious thlltng ft r
people. In view of the cold weather.
gas cannot be turned on for several bg .
The Idea Is Spreadn g.
Memphis, Tenn.. Dec. 30.-The Coeln ,
clal Appealt has placed its plant at the
postal of the women of Memphis whe
edit the peaper fr one issue and
the revenue accruing therefrolm fe
purpose of starting a fund to build bI
ntut's temple in this city. The edtleIe
appeitur on St. Valentine's day.
Another Vietim.
SIlamath Fails, Ore.. Dec. 0.-The la
news of the flre which occurred at
La.ke on t'hrlitmas eve cOUis
a stage driver, who says that a
ports ,oncerningl he holaeaust se
rect, and that one more body wal Ie Mi
the ruins. j
ret, and that one more bor body w . MI '
the ruins.
Knows All About It.
ih)ontgomery. Ala , 1),1. .--I1.,
who has Just returnel frol W
siaI in an interview that the C
ren, y plan will be defeated. the
canal bill will fell to peai, ai4
will do but little this Megle.
Made Fut T.nm.
iallfta,. Dec. I.-The stlmYYm
dor, which arrived from IvA
evening, made the peaMagO ism
rive hours, whi loN te fanKI
made to te.l pert frm
nA Cer /mal Old 0
feddford, M Des.,
Ing here wa
S~U bp £

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