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Wa oheerfhlly invite members of our Order to
mtribute to this department. Short, pointed arti
efor the good of he ot der, news of its progress,
e-.operative business plans, edlcatiopal interests,
etC., especial9 solicited.
[asTER--JOHN T. JONES, Arkansas.
SBETARY-O. IL KELLY Louisville, Ky.
MASTEr--JOIIN JONES, Helena, Lewis
and Clarke County.
OVERSEER--A. W. SWITZER, Virginia City
Madison County.
Gallatin County.
S+j1w . a o.B. COPE, Bozeman, Gallatin
Virginia (City, Madison Co.
''a City, Madison County.
As TRER-J. C. McFADDEN, Center
iUe, Meagher County .
s0JTiAieRY-P. B. MILLS, Boulder, Jeffere
son County.
,*ATh KEEPER--W. B. McADOW, Boze
itian, Gallatin County.
UOa u.MRS. JOHN JONES, Helena,
ewis and Clarke County.
Fp Aq - Rs . E. A. MAYNARD, Vir
tI". City, Madison County.
,FwaA- M . W. B. McADOW, Bozeman,
A Mi1n :Couuty.
1".FAD1)E{, Ceitevillle, Meagher Co.
Ji ([ JONES, Helena, Lewis and Clarke
1A. W. Si IZER, Virginia City, Madison
BIRT, New Chicago, Deer Lodge
p' L S Boulder Valley, Jefferson, Co.
A'. DURNA, Helena, Lewis and Clark Co.
G. WIs Sheridan, MadEion County.
. COlE, Bozeman, Gallatin County.
MiR AoiaT-- . A. MAYNARD, Vir
Qid Qtty, Madisoh County.
4 Distriot-l-P. B. MILLs.
f` bstr lct-A. W,. SwITER.
District'-A. L. CounLy.
of TheWet Yo. iiete trt and third Sat
' of each month. G. C. McFarden,
6. a. etsseonaadtbfhone
. No. 7--Meotsecond and fourth
,tt . amonth ttl. past o ene o'clock,
ra n o, 19. t -alM n p aas.
i mWoLthM . 11H. oFarne, ec'y.
,: .Oto fut nd irt fourth Tuea
xtb. G. T,.Lewis, Maeterj
, tbwe ae~d lind fourth Sat
inof pucotb. 9ohn B3. CatUn, ass-'
ndid tod fourth Sat
., Baess, Mater;
.:t, : n 9 "Cg up pr t'he last
aa oat i. DavitS J tMastor; J.
M1 a
;r ,".tf;o e thatt the b.etrh of
Sa, a'cl o eP. a.
14 TO4ePOfdetf t Of OAg r #P' Rural World
Sstr tait eaQlently systepnatized
,ar bItntes toaeots n thei true co-opera
Rtt suamming up part at least of
elt.ctas, t. state that the number of
a em. t;. 'ustidance at this session Ws
y 4 ia f. Of those, Ilfty-nine were
I b , there beting nine honorary
Mm.e ag i *'were thirty-nine
maae tti yi als ladles. This, yotz see,
aeikbsa jý felowR the seventy, bwhich has
bn Aout the .. atendanoe at-the
utps ule tetyk proeasi. This
$xlbgteineam In tah number of delegates
sail fronst tha 4 that saiclkness
a4eMr upps bepg their control
1bntve e ted rpnepyy of the
Kansaslo Qrn 8ta$a, Os ko a.
~.* ~ IL~~i~, jla~~Q ~dl~t~dipa; ne
Important acts are as follows: .I1
1. A complete system of co-operation, lo- 1
cal, State, inter-State and international.
Permit me to say, in spite of what some may.
think, they have done this well, particularly I
when we consider what uncertainty hand
want of information there were among the
members at the opening of the session.
Very soon a pamphlet will be issued from 1
headquarters, containing in full Worty Mas-.
ter Jones' circular of July last, the detailed o
report of the commissioner to Europe, and
the reports of the committee on co-opera
tion made at.this session. These will con
tain some information not previously given
our members.
2. Petition to Congress to establish a bu
reau of agriculture, with a cabinet minister
at its head.
3. Resolutions appealing ,to Congress to
remove taxes on tobacco.
4. Action on our much needed digest,
which has been so long in preparation, so
that we may hope to have it printed at last
some time within twelve months.
5. Reports of committee on foreign rela
tions, which will be likely to restore the
most desirable fraternal relation between
the National and Dominion granges.
,. .Proposed amentment to constitution,
reducing executive committee from five to
three, to be elected for two years, and mak
ing the master a member ex-officio.
7. Another amendment, providing for bi
ennial sessions after the session of 1877.
8. Doing away with the requirement that
an applicant must join the nearest grange.
This is now to be left to each State.
9. Proposed amendment to open all the
higher degrees to all 'fourth degree mem
10. Resolutions recommending a set of
uniform State agents jn each Stat'e, to meet
the Wants of our 6members as regards trade,
until our co-operative system can be put in
11. The committee on education made a
very good report, and on their recommenda
tion, resolutions were passed looking to
more efficiency in the management of our
colleges of agriculture and mechanic arts.
These are but the more important acts of
this session. The journal of proceedings,
giving even fuller details than usuil; will
soon be distributedin the usual manner to
subordinate granges.
A correspondent to the Farmers' Advo
cate gles us the following encouraging ac
count of what the Grange is doing in Can
At the last meeting of the Executive Com
mittee ofthe Dominion Grange, held in Tor
onto, commencing Nov. 15th, some impor
tant buslness was transacted. which will be
looked upon with interest by many, and ie
tult,~wgll meet with the approval and hear
ty support of all our members everywhere.
The secretary was instructed to advsrtise
theiappllatiqn for incorporatiou of the Do- i
ntiufon Grange,, Whith aplcation will be
made atrthe next :session f.f:the Dominion
Parliament, .._ie advertisemeut was made
a year ago, bust the'matter was not then
proc eded with, in -consequetnce .of it not be
ing eonsidered at the time prudentA;o do so,
for reasons that will be unlerstoos by our
Patrons. It will, however, now be for
warded, and we have no hesitation n be
lieving it will meet with success ; beings so
clety of farmers assool ted together for the
purpose of advancing the cause of agricul
ture, to dignify the calling, to elevate and
improve the standing and condition of the
farming coammunity, and place their pro
fession among the first, in a social and m
tellectual, as well as finanial standing.
There can certainly be no-objeotio4to grant
ing the Act ot Incorporation, which will
place as in a better position before the
world, besides giving us the legal right to
transact the business affairs of the Order,
which will be of much advantage to Us,
The Committee on Insurance appointed at
the last annuL meeting having completed
thelrsoheame for conducting a fire ii.urance
company under the auspices of the Domin
ion Grange, presented their reporte which,
after some slight revisions, wa~ aopted,
and the ýcommittee Instltited to proceed
with the organization` of the cormpay, in
the manner, and asoerding to the Act gov
gernPa tual anaane companies in On
trikt: biPtbisi WM s r, Ponlyi give us
the privilege of doing business in Ontario,
further steps will be taken upon the comple
tion of the organization:to extend it to the
other Provinces; thus placing before our
members a means of protection against loss
by fire, which will be safe, reliable and cheap,
securing protectioni at its true value.
The association will only insure property
belonging to " Patrons of husbandry," and
.confined to buildings and property situated
on farming lands ; which will secure a class
of property the least liable to fires. The
plan adopted, while being purely mutual,
kill require a small cash deposit with the
application, i- proportion to the amount in
sured, which deposit will be placed in some
chartered bank on interest, to be used only
(or such portions of it) as required for actu
al losses, tihe balance remaining on interest
to thecredit of the insurer, and be payable
to him atthe close of his term of insurance.
This plan will give the association control
of cash to meet losses as they occurr, and
save the vast expense of labor, postage, etc.,
connected with collecting so many small
amounts by the usual mode of assessment.
By adapting our present organized condi
tion to the situation, thus doing away with
some of the heaviest expenses generally con
nected with insurance companies, and pay
ing for the risk in cash, enabling sufferers
to be paid promptly on adjustment of elaims,
we believe will be placing before our mem
bers a means for insurance that will meet
with their hearty approval, as offering the
best possible protection at its true value. It
is therefore hoped that every member (in a
position to do so) will take hold of the mat
ter and help to make the association a strong
one, and to reach a grand result in this di
Dom. Secretary.
THE Patrons' Commercial Agency of
Kansas, comptising fourteen counties, viz:
Linn, Anderson, Coffey, Woodson, Allen,
Bourbon, Crawtord, Neosho, Wilson, Elk,
Chautaqua, Montgomery, Labette and
Cherokee, after nine months' preparation,
has at last commenced operation by appoint
ing Wm. H. Barnes, their secretary, as
agent. Mr. Barnes has been livitig at In
dependence for four years, and has been
identified with this movement from its in
ception. lie will immediately .rewuove and
locate in Humboldt. This agency will
handle the greater portion of the graihl
shipped from the district, and will hold com
munication with the consumers on both
sides of the Atlantic. It intends to supply
the agriculturists of the district with all
needful mandfactured articles and supplies,
not raised or manufactured at home.
The master of the Virginia State Grange
has addressed a call to all growers ,of to
bacco in the State of Virginia, and the pa
trons of tobacco growers of sister States in
terested.in their State laws regulating the
inspection and sale of bobacco, to meet
with the members,of the order.. in conven
tion at Burkville, or the 14th day; of Decen-.
ber, 1876, to consult together, and take such
action as may be deemed best in regard to
the tobacco inspection la*w of the State.
At the last meeting of the Oregon State
Grange, corporators were selected and full
arrangements made for incorporating a
company on the co-operative plan, which
is designed to be a division of the Anglo
American organization or association, with'
a capital of $50,000, which no doubt will be
increasd afte, organization is completed, to
suit the wants of Oregon Patrons. Shares
are $5 each, and of this stock several thou
sand dollars were sub scribed at the meeting.
Office County Clerk, Meagher county, M. T.,
January 9, 1877.
Notice is hereby given that the Board of County
Comrnbissioners of said county will meet. at the ot
flee .of the County clerk, on Monday, Jan. 8th,
1877, isnpecial aession to levy the tax ibr the cur-`
tred year, and to truanag; general business. By or
"der,ofi E Board. T. IE. COLLI5s,
County lerk.
S Y, Is nowrestored to its natural eon
-R .- , dltiou by the use of
FA ®E The I EPrOVED AcR isL l.
now taklng .tbelelad over ria othb.
HA I re .t
AND 1 eving thede PP
FalDing for i 17-6m
Special Inducements to the Trade.
Everywhere for the
F ity ad EMfane idg
etail Price, $78.000. THEY ARE TlE
Simplest, Lightest Raunning, Best Male and Most
Reliable Sewing Machines in the world.
(Cut this out and remember it.)
Address Vlc: riaz l ; e Co.,
208 & 205 Wabash Ave., Chicago,
Fon SALE rv
Forwarders for
Mark goods
May 4, 1876-24-6m.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in, and
Manufacturer of Saddles and Bridles
Riding Saddles, Riding Bridles, Horse Collars, iy,..
ness Oil, Pistol 1toletcrs, Linen Sheets, Gig
Saddles, Spanish Bits, Mexican Spurs,
Ivory and ]lorn .Fartingale Rings,
Stage Lashes, Barggy Whips, Ankle Boots, Slippet
Stirrups,Hill's Concorid l .arnes,Buc kskins,
California Saddle Trees, Side Saddles
Curry Combs, Brushes, etc.
All $ales made at Lowest CasAh .atees
January 20, 187i6-ly
SCKWAB & ZIMMERMANm, Proprietors,
Having fitted up this elegant fire-pryaf,.rick
biilding, Nos. 37 and 39 lain street, IHelena, mon
tana, will open the same on or before the 25th of
September, 1878. We will retain the St. Louis.ieo
tel, using the same for lodging only, while the ta
bles will be spread in the Cosmopolitan. With this
new mode of arranggement we can oftfer ampleac
commodation to all the traveling public.
The rooms will be kept first-class in every respect,
and the tables supplied, as hetetofore, with the very
best themarketaffordA. In fact, it shall be our en
deavor to make the consolidated
The Best' lotel in Montana,
and charges reasonable.
N. B.-Visitors desiring to stop at our hotel, will
please call frst at the Cosmopolitan, Nos. 37 and a3
Main street.
No. 489.
United States Land Otilce
Helena, Montana, December 18, 1876.
Notice is hereby published that David A. COP
lyle, Walter Blackw2vll and Weey Basye, whose
post-office address is Canyon Ferry, Meahercou
fy, Montana Territory, have this ay fleU aphc
4on for patept, under the mining laws of' ongtn
to a pilacer mining claim stiuated in Avnltb
gulch mining district, .eagher colnt, Moutana
.territory, designated as lot No. 40, ihnLownship 11,
N range 2 east, principal me ridlan, whichlais
recorded in the oflice of the County 'ecordet
Diamond City, in said county, ad described lii
offlicial plat and feld notes on ile in this oflic8
follow.: Beginning at the established north-~Pt
erly cornor No. 19, of lot No. 88, in T. i, NB9l
and running thence S 77 deg W 8.38 chaans; t110D
NO deg 80 min C 4.86 chains; thence N '
ain W 10 chains'; thence N 31 dog W.25 o2h6DIe
thence N 41 deg 15 min W 15.64 chains; thence N 1
deg and 30 min W 5 chains; thence N 16 de8 ,44
chains; thence North. 42 degrees West 10 olfi
thence North 86 degrees East 5 chains; thence B
,.deg 80 min E 15.63 chains; thence S 17 deg g •
chains; thence S 65 deg 45 min E 7 chains; theSe
37 deg E 9 chains; thence 8 68 deg 30 min E25 chaib
thence 8 42 deg E 14 chains- thence 817 deg e801i
E I0.70 chains; thence 828 AegJ'E7.50 chains; thence
8 18 deg E 4.50 chains} thence 8 25 deg 15 ehMUe'
thence 815 deg 15 min E 4.70 chaius to the p
beginnin , embracing sixty-dne and nine-hUn
dredths (6I 9-I00) acres, upon which a noticof aid
application was posted the 9th day of Dece
1876. The adjoiiln. claliants to .these
are Andrew Dusold and others, on ta.uesg4 , _P
claim; no others krnown.
Any and all pe1.sns claiming .advorstly *u.y
,tion of saia lot No, 40 above described, isrO
notified that unless their adverse claim -n 4
according to law, with the Belete- f thies t
States Lnd Office,at Helena ontn T i
within the sixty days period pofbi1 _'i Z"
theywillbe orred by virtue f eovs
the statute. J. . h.8 I, r eUIO
D.ec. 28-ow.
VALTER W. D . 4lCY, '

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