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_ IO.ff t. T__
j~dW9 t~l ho L Isl! though rih aund bright
Iý 1ijbiC' fl.L.h upon the light,
Affadder coils its depths ljeneoith,
ý,-hoee lure is WOC, Wcho~e sting is d ath.
jjja E_ C 'J7 0 IC Y.
iv'. C. ^ln ý J.W .I.S'2ILAN, t a
(;C rNSLht wJAý L. OW'INGS, Deer
'.V* T.-M-.1I: . AnýN E. BUDDS, Fort
lu.MAS11 NA BU LLARD. Iteledfa.
'1'j gAS.-.iTi I;3EA'IEI ORR. Helena.
OA. I)OUGL AS, Boulder
ilex.-971,' CARRIE N. GIL;ILE" ITTIE,
I). M.-XWM. Ii. IJ181(, St. Toiuis.
1 .1 IMYLR, Ceiitrevile.
G. Ii>. ,MA1.iY A. S'WIT'ZLERR,
,.- I I..N i:A'i' INDALE, Park City.
*' It ~)gpr'rY.-RiClIARD LOCKEY,
COUNTY 1 )l: I'tT'rI1.S.
"r Lodqr.-I) A9NIEL S'I'kP'IIENS, Deer
ersora.--l'" A. O()OK. Io(lder Valley.
alatit.A-J. C. SW'P"1ZLE. Bozeuman.
issoula._TIiOM[AS W. FLOWERS, Mis
ýk u her".-IT. T. f'ONNER, Centreville.
rv l; and Clark/a.-.J. C. B3UDDS, Fort
The lumeiili of r on of tmhe Montiin
edge, which it w8\s nmy 1l;"st'.ui' to visit oni
e evenilg of the 10th inst.., was a very
easnut one. 'h.Cre WR'( a tllllll'r of vis
rs present from (difilerelt plrts of the Ter
ory, which ailed ilmiuch to the interest of
e mee:ing. A1mong the number were
os.D. A. Stevens, WV. C. T., of Centennl
Lodge No. ,5, Notre tein, Secretary of
i'k City Lodge No. 38; J. F. F. Forbis, of
tte City Lodge No. 51. and David Marks,
Diamond Lodge No. 5. After initiating
i new mecmber' and passing through the
veral orders of Iu)sitte-s, the good of the
der was reachdc(, :Id the visitors, one by
le were called upon, each respondinlg with
good account ol the progress of his Lodge.
Bro. Marks gave a good account of the
mdition of i.Aunond Lodge, claiminng it to
the banner Lodge of the Territory, while
ro. Stevens gave a graphic account of the
rogress of Centennial Lodge, and the lun
ralleledprogress of the.order on the \Vest
ide, and was foilowed by Bro. Forbis.
hose acconnt'ot Butte Lodge was appre
ated, and showed that; that Lodge was
locing forward and doing great. service in
e TeOr.perance cause. The Park City rep
oientltive. Bro. Jamles Notestein, gave a
rief, but interesting account of their pro
ress, and collcluldetd i y reading two poeti
td essays, composed by menIill)elrs of his
Sodge. The poems were written upon the
me subhject by different authors. They
vere humtorous, entertalining and well ire
I find that a number of new namrne of sub
tantial citizens hatve been added, to the roll
t Gem of the Mountain Lodge within the
ast two months, and while this Lodge nmay
ot show any increase in mcmbership in the
resent quarter, it will have grown in in
lueneQ-some important tem perance meas
resdiscissed and entered into, which, if
tarried into effe-t, will be appreciated, not
my by the Good Te¶mptzrs . of the eoutmtry,
ut by :ll well-wishers of a good govern
enmt. A committee was app4inted to car
y out the plan of reform hit upon, of which
the several lodges of time Territory will be
noe fully ad(lvied at an early date.
Itwas late in the evening when the meeting
losed, amid the brothers and sisters disp)ersed
4 their homfles, pleased to have formed new
and pleasant :a'qu intances, and encouraged
4y the good news and flattering prospects of
ihe adVtiance ot the temperanoeereform.
lHelena, J:an. 11, 1877. WILL.
T.HE Temperance cat sc inMontana is in tii
More prosperous condition, and on. a. surer
and" better footing than it has ever beetn
"the movememnt was first. inaugurated.
.eWork has been slow, but it hmhs been
steadily advancing. Its good influence up
Okaocizety has won fi)r'lit a strong hold in
-Ada of the intellient portion of the con-.
7y lb.ctan yever beuprooted.mI
Louismana has two governors, huit neither
has yet been recognized by the President.
- A large and enthusiastic D)emocratic
mass convention took place at Washington
on the St.h inst. Distiaguiseed gentlemen
trom Louisville and St. Louis addressed the
meeting.- Mrs. Charlotte DeForest Eg
bert diedt at her residence on Staten Island,
on the Gth inst.- Ex-Governor Ishlam S.
Harris has been elected U. S. Senator from
'Tennessee.- Conumodlore Vanuderbilt's wvill
has been filed. The Conmnodore leaves all
his property to his son, Win. H. Vander
hilt, who is to pay the following bequests:
.To four of his daughters, $500,000 each, and
$300.000 each to to the other four daulugters;
to Cornelius Vanderbilt, his son, the inter
est on $2,000.000; to Cornelius J. Vander
bilt, son of Win. II. Vanderbilt, $2,0090,000
to his wife, $250,000 in addition to $500.000
settled on her at marriage, together with his
mansion, furniture, plate, horses, etc. In
addition to this he leaves $1,000,000 to be di
vided among a list of nantes wlich he left
with Win. II. Vanderbilt. There is talk
that the will will be contested.-Delegate
Cannon states that he is confident of secur
ing favorable action on the bill, admitting
Utah into the Union. - The steamer Semi
nole collided with the steamer Montgomery
on the 7th inst., forty miles o, Cape May,
cutting the latter down to the water's edge,
singing her in a few minutes. 'Thle second
oniicer, eight of the crew, and four Spanish
p)aseng~ers nWenlt down.-- The steamer
Amerique ranl ashore, oft Long Branch on
the 7th inst. Three of the crew were lost.
- Le Pays hs lpublished an article signed t
Cassa:gn:,tc insolently attacking the Govern
ment, and p)rolphesying the return of the
Prince Imperial to France ii) three years.
- It is rumonred that the Russian army in
Turkistan, forty thousand men, has been
destroyed by'an uprising of th'e inhabitants.
'ru-Thepanish, German and English dit
fcretnces concerning the traffic with the coo
lie islands are represented as purely com
tuercial, and not of diplomatic gravity, an
early and dlefinite settlement is expected.
There is no truth in the probable departurtt
of Brt'sh and German men-of war to the
Philippine islands.- Gen. Diaz is advanc
ing victoriously in Mexico. and many of lg
lesias' troo)ps arejoininghimn .- Fity thou
saud pounds of bullion was withdrawn from
the Bank of England on the 10th inst.
Thie House Confilittee considering the ques
tion of counting the electoral votes, decides
that the Presidient of the Senate has not the
power to count, and that the House has
equal power withi tihe Senate in the agency
of counting.-- The House Committee on
Pacific Railroads has aecepted the report of
the sub-committee on the hill known as the
" Compromise Texas Pacific Railroad
Line," and made a few athendmemnts, but a
meeting of the House prevented a vote on
the report as. amended.-Gen. Crook
has gone to the Red Cloud Agency, where
he will remain some time. Major Mason,
commandant at Camp Robinson, has gone in
pursuit of Crazy IIorse.- There are a numn
ber of statements in regard to the Bennett
May duel. One says that they fought, and
Benlnett was wounded; another says that
May w.ts wounded, and that Bennett and
Miss May are Married, and have sailed for
Europe ;another says hle is not married, but
has gone into- seclusion; and another de
clares the whole thing to be a farce, that no
shots were fired and no blood spilt; that the
whole affair is an advertising dodge for the
Hlerald.- Trouble eontinues it New Or
leans. T'1'ire seems to be no certainty as to
which government will be recognized. It.
is stated that it Casey is elected Senator by
the Democratic Legislature, the Presideunt
will recognize the Nicholls government.
T----h'rt World's New Orleans special says :
Tie names of Warlnouth. Piuchlback, Casey,
f Judge Willey an other Hayes meni are men
tioned as among those who declare that
Nicholts is elected Uand recogn:ize his govern
ia eut.- Two prisoners, while "en route to
rthe penitenitiary at Laramie, in charge of a
adeputy sheriff'. j tmped fromn the train whilst.
it was in motion. They were pursued.:by
a the sh eiff,-aicd one ta tptured after.a.chase,
- of twelve miles. The weather was :ver' se,
w verei amn the.sheriffand the ca tured lman.
t-_ were frostbitten.. T'. otl.r,.it . iafeared,
perished, .
It pays every manufacturer, merchant, mechanic,
inveitour, farmer, or professional uman to keep in
formed on all the improvements and discoveries of
the age.
It pays the head of every family to introduce into
his household a newspaper that is instructive, one
that fosters a taste for investigation, and promotes
thought and encourages discussion monllg tile mteln
Which has been published weekly for the last thir- n
ty-one years, does this, to anl extent beyond that ,,f
any other publicatiou; in tiect it is the only weekly
paIer published in the United States, di\voied to r
inanntalcitires, lnecha:lnics, inventions and new dia- t
cov\erie in thme arts and cielnces.
Every number is profu..ely illustrate, and its con
tents embrace the lateAt and most interesting infor
nmation pertaining to the industrial, mechanical and t
scientifiu progress of the woild; deocriptions, with
beantiflt engravings of new inventions, new iln
plements, new proce.sses, and improved industries 1
of all kinds ; un.eful notes, recipes, suggestions and
advice by practical writers, for workmen and enm
ployers, in all the various arts, forming a complete
reportory of new inventions and discoveries; con
taining a weekly record, not only of the progress
of the industrial arts in our own country, but also
of all new discoveries and inventions in every
branch of engineering, mechanics and science
The Aceentiic American has been the foremost of
all ilcdu.trial publications for the past thirty-one
years. It is the oldest, largest, cheapest, and the
best weekly iltustrated paper devoted to engineer
ing, mechanics, chemistry, new inventions, science
and industrial progress, publio.hed in the world.
The practical recipes are well worth ten times the
subscription price, and for tile shop and houoe will
save mally times the cost of ,ubc:,ription.
Merchants, lartimers, Mechanics, Engineers, In
ventors, manuftl turers, chemists, lovers of science;
and people of all professions, will find the Scieu
title American ueft'ul to them. It should have a
place in every fmuily, library, study, (11ice anti
counting rooml; in every reading room, college and
school. A new volume commences Jan. 1, 1877.
A year's numbers contain 83A pages and several
hundred engraivin6. 'ihousands of volumes atre
preserved for bindmg and referenlce. Terms, $3.20
a year by mail, including postage. I)iscount to
clubs. Special circubirs, giving club rates, sent
free. Single copies mailed on leceipt of 10 cents.
May be h:l of all news dealers.
PATENTS.--In comnection with the Scientilic
American. Messrs. Munn & Co. are Solicitors of
American and Foreign Patents, and have the larg
est establishment in the world. More than fifty
thousand applications have been made for patents
through their agency.
Patents are obtailned on the best terms, models of
new iuventiv.ts amnd sketches examined, anid advice
free. A special notice is madte in the Scientific
American of aill inventions patented through this
Agency, with the name and re.sidence of the pat
eltee. Patents tire ofill sold in part or whole, to
persons attracted to the invention by such notice.
A pamphlet, containining full directions for obtain
ing palents sent f'ee. 'The Scientatiic American Rtef
erence look, a volume bound in cloth and gilt, con
t:uing the patent laws, census of the U. S., and
142 engravings of nmechuanical movements. Price
25 cents.
Address for the paper, or concerning patents,
M~yuni & Co., 37 'Park LLow, New York. Branch
ot.eie, Cor. F & 7th Sts.., Washington, I) C.
Magee & Co.,
Michael Ryan,
'to be sold at the front door of the- Court House,
in )innmoud City, Meagheur county, M. T., on Sat
rlrday, .January 27, 177, all the right, title, and
inlerest of the defendant, Michael Ryan, in and to
seventy-four and seventy-one one hundredth acres
(74 and 71-1)0) of placer mining ground, situated
in Boulder Bar mining district, Meagher county,
H. T., and designated qs lot 37 in 1'. 10 N. . 2
East; also all the right, title, interest and claim of
staid defendant in and to 800 feet more or less of
miuting ground situated in BIoulder Bar mining dis
trict, between the above descrihed placer miining
pa;eut and the rim of Boulder gulch, pil Mlegher
county, M. T., known as the Lloyd, Blaine &
Co's. ground; together with the boxes, hose, pipe,.
tools, tenements, franchikes and appurtenances
belonging to all the above described property.
T. J.:FL.EMIG, Sheriff.
Jan. 2. 1877.
These Springs are situated on the Helena and. Car
roll road, 40 miles east of Diamond. The beautiful
l{,cation tand wonderful curative qualities of the
Springs hive already induced hundreds of invalids
ancsd.le:aure seekers to visit them.
'Viitors will find good, comfortably ftrnished
rooms, andt 4htable supplied with the best the coun
tiy allords.
June 29. 1876-32-6m:
]YM. M. PRIu c & CO.
Com iniission Meorehants
Special attention givefi to thaesale of
And to the purchase of
Forwarder-. for,
COIIrNNE, - - -. . UAH,.
!Mrk goods.
The Testimony of the whoel WaIl.
' I had no appetite; Hollowaysa P.Fse gave mea
hearty one.'"
' Your Pills are marvelous.''
" esend for another box, and keep them in the
house. "
" Dr. FTolloway has cured my headache that wak
'' 1 ave one of your Pills to my babe:for cholera
morbus. The dear little thing got well in a clay.
' My nausea of a morning 1s now cured.'.
'' Your box of l1olloway's Ointment cured me of"
noi.es in the head. I rubbed some of your ointltr M
behinde e the Irs, a the noine has letft."
' Send nle two boxes; I want one for a poor Sutr
SI enclose a dollar; your price is 25 cents, but
the medicine to me is worth i dollar.''
" Setd me live boxes of your Oinltment.'~
" Let me have three boxes of your Pills b.iagtrp
mail, for chills and fever. "
I have over 200 stuch testimonials as these; buat
want of space compels me to conclude.
And all eruptions of the skin, this ointment Is m
invaluablle. It does not heal externally alun
per etrates with the moat searching cllects to ti~e v
root of the evil.
IIol.loway's 1Pill ,
Invariably cure the following diseases
In all diseases affecting these organs, whetheribey
secrete too much or too little water, or whether the
be aillicted with stone or gravel, or with aches antl
pains settled in tile loins over the regions of tko
kidneys, these pills should be taken accordieng asto
printed direetious and the ointment ihould to we«.
rubbed into the small of the back at bedtinme :::lt
treatment will give almost ummnediate relief *wbi
nil other rneans have failed.
For Stomnachs out of Order.
No medicine will so effectually improve the tonetof
the stomalch as these pills; they remove all acidity
occasioned either by intemnperaice or improper dAit.
They reach the liver and reduce itto a healthy aCtja; .
1 they are a wonderfuely elieacious in ease pof spasm
--in thct they never fill in etriing all disordit#'of
L the liver and stomach,
liolloway's Pills are thellaest known in i.e world.
for the following diseases.: Ague, astbtmtt. billfous
Scomplhtints, blotches on the skin, bowels, eQsu .w.
f tion, debility, dropsy, dysentery, eryibielas, *
male irregularities, l1avers of all kinds,; tte, grrt,
hetradache. indigestion, inlltmation, "aundice, liven'
s complaints, lumbago, piles, rhehtmatlsm, relentiol
of urine, scrofula orking's evil, sote thromt, gtone
f and gravel, tic-douloureux, tumors, uleeis, wvorime
e of all kind,, weakness from any cause, etc.
None are genuine unlesA the signature of J.'tasyl
dock, as agent for the United ttm es, su rroundseaech
box of pills and ointment. A handsorme reward WillI
be given to any one rendering such infortmatlo as
nmay lead to the detection of any "party os yr attlt:
counterfeiting the medicines or'veuting these ale,
li knowini then[ to be spurious.
e %* Sol at the manufactory of P1'rfesso s tOr folaa
& Co., New York, trd by all respectable drutggstC
and dealers in nuditiure tlrouigbhout the jviWze4,.
ii world, in boxes at 25 cents, i 2'tents and $1 ee..
. lThere is conlsiesabla, avig: by.4,-kf g !4b
Slarer sizes,
N. B --Dtireettoihs f6r the* tittcedrd o-.imStlaeai
every disorder are afsxtied to each box.
Otfice, 112 Libierty straeet, New York. " 9I~ .
P..B.. .CLARK,. Proprietor:.
Coaches leave flelona Mondny, Wednesiday, sn
Friday, at 7 o'clock a. m.
Lease Diamond City Tnesday,* Thursday,' aa4,
Saturday, at 7 o'clock, a. ni.
Coaches leave ~elena every morning, (Sn;aq.
exeeptodel zat 4 o'clock, a. in.
Leave ilozeinan every morning, -(Sundays q .-ept
ed,).tut4 o'lock a .. in.
1'aessougeri aaii b i'oit Cwrleda*ka ti *ate*,.
HzLitNA--Davis 4% Wallace's, Isla , ~W .ý
ItozaEMAw--Wiiox & RLich's, w ýMý: =M t k.#r "
nrnu Stmeets.
130ZE1IAN ANUD )V.f1l "
Loaves Virginia City. every Monday:,1} W v'tdio.4a'
anid Eridny, at 4 o'clOck, ,. in.
Le:ives ]loi.cnlau Tueacl y,,.Th-1mdacly an4 Sati.
day, utit4 o'ciock, a. . .
OFrlt a--II Virgitia,}at Raymond Diva..
Cwrriiurx of
Welk, .Fargo O's Ekprep
Run a Line of DALILY Passenger Coa$heº wo,
Vlrgiuia Cltj,
Degfr' IOt
tli1 TflTWJ~r L 'YbO
Mlsaool& tnd Fort I3ento1.,
~br Passetnger an4 el eight Rate. suir."w 4m

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