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Rocky Mountain husbandman. (Diamond City, Mont.) 1875-1943, July 12, 1877, Image 5

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Study it eCrcfully,
Think of it prayerfnlly,
, thy hart let t Ic! it' l)ure precepts 'iiveii
llight not itt history,
'ondcr its mynistcry,
Ni," tan e'er luiize it too fondly or well.
Ac"cept the glad tidings,:
'The warnings and chidings,
ll lrl in this vplulme of: heavenly lore;
Wt'ith fiitli that's unfuliiag,
Ari log`&iti iai (3 Aiti ,
'rru-t in its promise of love evermore.
W ; ith f s ent·(erotioi,
Andi thankful emotion,
ilear thie ilest iveloinme, respond to the cal;
Lii'S purest obittio,
The heart's adoration,
Give to the Savior, who'dieqt for us all.
"May this nme1sag4'o~t ve,
VFrom the Tribune uhory,
trbt ll natioss and kihdreds be given;:
Till the ransomed shall raise
Joyous anthanfl of plaise
delujai f 'on ~nitti anld in ieaven.
[Written for trh i'ky Vdountan-iltif Iushtindrnan.]
A Series of Papers for the Uome Circle.
By JrC E. PA BoR.
; Ne. r>TV.-4,VAOAfTON't!ll.m. :!fi r
'The books ,a;l 1slates were timibled iii a
heap on the iloor when the boys camne home,
fronm school this afternoon.
With tfle'iI: it W\is, '~thi-rahl ! atht'i~h
time! No mo.q sch.oQl; no more hard les
,ns to.i!,· , -oWi LfStok 9 .',,
F'loraele sighed-. sh1 heard Uthi nobt ;
she knew what it ni~a.int--r~' her. Itming(ant
so mal :mor hours t fbe day hi whi l
turbo l bo loajd oiuld $111 tlgili ie ith
,oaf ; tile irrepre ib1 ent'el etn tLh1
constlnt \.rrys p uhnsed by child . iglees
over1tiflel:al;te ae and pore, lpziag t-e
,umni d ,ys stil longer andI K f
Curiou"y.esuriigh, iour thoughti. iidi 'been
concentrated on tlhe'story,'of .John Pounds,
the cobbler, :ind the leson his IMfe left be
hind him for humnan study, . .v1ii1. e
showed how one e;i$s rnutqit.p, lId, though
wdkippiq the1hui4 est rank of lite, leave
betin a name fionoir for .altilt; ;
Do yer etJer. 1i .tonyYn,;iý r
He was a cobbler in an Englih .toewnrwo
at first arm;tt.h1s M Cel;bP y :domrn~itatttiP g
birds an€gip f " 8p osita ainta a4f
shouldee. d.caui~ , bird YDl tz 4~ ~at g.
Bi en4uAtbye he gre ,tl.e4 of t4eiohiU g
ddiý $tnals an.t o a fttered afe bo.s
oliiiam; ;tbe more degra& ign1re
they el oejetir lcil g1hreni, ?ibd he
used to 'go out of his way inr-order to rjpm
a boy said to more vicious thl his pon ahn
ions. After a little time qdrte a sodibvi,
bler, ln hipmpring away at his '~gryet
all the time teaching spellin-gand rendingto
the diý rlý' qroýoIlrd.rpId1iw.v .
StiS 't dd thatan efte ars,'si -41
from before the Mast and soldiers from far
off fields of battle, anid men in cni omen in
different stations of society, looked back
tory when they went to the ragged school
in St rW stegt, ýrtnmotth. They would
call'on tPeir eir sehblu n
time:remembered them not, but was always
glad toptQ' Thht they had been b.fntitted
by his teachings. Proud moments were
theated i49g qol olcd;eg tl rý -hey orn-ofR
aged him to persevere in the good work;
and he did, keeping it.ui uniil the close of
life; all through 'lobng 'daby of labor and
nights devoid of ease," he toiled, doing his
Sititý helaai'iv iapier( GjdiR d~pliftet
him in, yet exerting an influence whose
w aP.ea t dhe the -sh ores iof 4he; tlterual
for he who shapes 'tlie'iitr'ifls greater than
he who founds an empire; and lie who lays
one or all of those mighty kings of ancient
tim, builked the lyr ids. d died,
and were drgottena
The world of John Pounds the cobbler
his style may have been rude and simple,
and wiafl tti t bn b&d Bitt'd'A B, C of
human knowledge, yet ea ty. years. tve
passed away :pmd hils 'nPmre is known and
hIonored by thousands, while his intluence,
extendiiig from those he taught to those
he camne in cotact wvith, will increase with
the years. To him there never came a night
when', teviewinag the day just passed, he was
comnpelled to say, as did once a Roman Em
peror, "Perdidi die"''-"I have lost a day."
There were no blank days in the cenlendar
of his life. .in his worksiop he taught by
his example ajol by his words, tLie lessons
that led othiers onward aid upward. Some
there were who well nigh ftainted by the
way, to whom a word of encouragement
was as ranlnan1 il the wilderness. Some
there were who had gf', y disheartened,
who ,;er'e alnost ready t4 yiVt tl tofemipta
tion, presenting itself as it often does in the
guise of plea.r~l' t~Iit in the garmeiits of de
light, to whom his earnest endeavors were
as a light shining in a dark place, bidding
them struggle on ai little longerfor "yonder
the morning breaks," and the toil. and the
trial will be over when it'dawns.
Vacation time.
Happy, happy time for thle boys and the
Rlut there comes atilue i len it'ends, and
school begins once more; and bye and bye,
when thme boys and -girls, now grown into
men and women, are in the world, they be
gin to ienlize that i:it~Mhie f6ro riition has
gone. by-forever. 'F. b early mern until
jde'y eve, all through the star-lit night, the
bodks ale open. s the .drld of nature is
never in repose; bird and bee, bud and
bee, bud auidl blossomn, lake a;l,. stream
each- bear testimony 'to' the ntceasing round
of action ; as the current that sweeps over
the Niagara Falls never pauses at the brink
before it .j,,lt int5'.:thl sceety,'uz, mist
shirouded gulf beloWrg ts spring time
icever waits foi the comniu.l f the summer
ere it' ~atters. ittsviolets ad,~!Yta.,les over
piain aid vallyi; so in the school house of
the mind there comes no pause to the' hum
of voices that utter the lessons they are daily
The whlli.*e ings t f Ifto areiiAver flut
terino' in the- are'of the present,, for some.
Tlhesable shadows of Sorirow ever,'le upon
some threshold. The itrow of Dl.idppoiut
ment'is constantly on the wing ,to pierce
some heart, hitherto buoyed up'by3iirliibn es
that illumine the sky of the future. Life is
so real, life is so earnest in its motions, that
only, ayien, the puls, ses to s.;t , bo..S
the vacation time of the heart.
. ftie'brtef rb1fe we havrd only .its , trs'
lonug stili;a.or.ie:o r t ,t ;re t ,w hope to
TIhe workman toils 4l tbhe,.',ek qarl oopks
forward to Saturday night with glad antici'
pations; hQy wptoIldyhl feel were ,[email protected]
aries of tllh~wcek plJitorgcgd from )ile hori
;onu of .iis..,world of Work? Suppose the
lo.i e toilng h4- itbof:TliSisy ere
not succeeded by the qugae4 tthe rest, the re
pose rit. the nightl?. Le ul suapposeSaturday
iightp b1qtteP 9et,oftime. Can you tlhink
of t.,S,ithout, sludderig ? .,
teti; in tlie8chool of the mind thisrespite"
it not known. ThIe'stoiie rills on;, aind lie'
rdlSW1481Z if ithobal yteiýitiEete4 ýit
,he'fei utlttl e time foLleisurei::stillless
to t; gig lgi, On!..]Alit 'o,094 , r ielte nure
4hipk. J d'riftedi, struck and suink than any
ither hidden iihtnsb Offiti ed. - Tihev, a'ae
0o many who, like Peter (oodiiltent in the
dtory, pg 'tuyl.Y itend do. il tthey
4ever succee in accomplihing, thrat, when
e t ink or hear of them, we are reminded
teensnk .. ;, n . ;, ý .
4f Fran iin's estimate of t.ic maii wh6, ike
icture ofSt G~orgeon the sign-board,
Actit ; th Y; = eerie 'to' ýe ti bsbb +'f tb' ur
existence, even as it is to preserve the purity
pf the alt e :-bre atlpo'tr .a1r i , ta gnaes
wtf turns foul -we-die.--- If the §ea, sholild
&ease its motion, how long wotdldit .i.thip
pure So with man's nature, physical anud
magg) 1' htit:i n fd t idlid~ oii;6 o A#ih
him there. solitaly,and acnd lqp ,r a term of
years, at he bcowes a perffcp wr.ck in
body and inll ind ; he sinks ihfo hioneless
£irtY-', i -ansforimed itlto a` gibbdripn
arlnit.. T at a ma.n.n:a deiert island, iso
te hiii f'roti the ' orld, ineiyc a (ve &
niM,Yike adversity, have its uses,' b'ut' tlt re
are fel- :hi, .f1,' PI l. a~dr~kl g i ient
f Bayard, Taylor, "While I inhabit this
earts, h.et e be borne on it:. mnmoj .crlywel
stream, and feel tho pulses of its deepest aud
most earnest liHfe."
Action! yes ; systematized and patient or
spontaneous and eccentric, all the great re
sults of lifi have evolved therefrom. Col
tunbus crowned long years of active life with
a newly discove\red ontlloent. Think, hid
he stopped at the little cpuvinit wlen lhe
placed his son there, ,that success would
hIave sought himi out in his idlncies? Blut
few there are who realize :the poet's "birth
to greatness ;" it must be sought fur long
and patiently. Thle ore in the mine co:nes
not forth at t.he.touch of the divining rod
it may be it is therc. but patient toil only
will charm it from its rcpose. The ship of
commerce is born in thne brain of the navi
gator, but while the wood that is to make
its frame is still in its forest home, of wh:it
avail is it? And even after the practical la
bor of meli has put the shlip on the stocks
and made it reaidy for the sea, something
more remains ; the water waits to greet it,
but idleness would allow it to rot within
sight ot its home, did not busy hands knock
away tl.e blocks and let it slip into the arms
th:at wait to welcome it.
Sometimncs, what a dreamy, far-away pic
ture of the beautiful Ilad-lBeie it calls up
in. your memory, wi:hen you have loved
a fair young girl with all the fervor and pals
sionaie ardor of a 'manly tnature, wlhcn o6ur
very soul hins caught the inspiration of. her
presetce, and her face has been for you the
realization of all that was tender aiild' fair
ind pure, and when the loss of this prize
h-is,swept over yourheart like a sirocce of
agony, and left it dry and bitter and, hard
-ten years after, to look oyer an alley fence
when hiintihng for your runaway boy, ani1
see her in thl , back yard of a corner groceax-y
-with a draggled calico dress pimned up. over
a red Ilanniel petticoat, a u;m's hart perched
on her. head, aind stretching a flapping shirt
over the line, whlileh she holds two clothes
pins betyweeo hei teetlh.-Hewokeye.
Oh, the. gift of nemoory.; what a store
house of bygone yeairs ; how we" open its
portals and t.kk poi t casketis that were lock:
ed withiln its walls years a ani years ago; vwe
steal away into quiet iretreats and rumni age
arniong its s:tcrecd contents and live again a
life long gone by and buried in the histories
of the years that have. follo~: ed. To some,x
retrospection and retur>ri tob the long ago
will bring pain 'ahd sadn0ss; it opens a
grave in which. was buried hope; wounds'
long sifice l ade well, as far as.,the. outward
show goes, are torn open afresh and made
.to bleed errors of youth and lost opportU
niities cob.eIn spectral tiormn, to remind us
of,our follies iud maike us mouhn. The
.songs we sang, the games we played, the
p aths we trod, quiet nooks and hidden walks
:ll coniie up fresh anid' banviih the p)resent.
Lpellipg schools atnd lhsli.ig bees aro bright
spots that glow with t leir brief histories.
T'ie brigcAt eyes and tosy cheeks qf ttb,;hgirl
.we choiishcd so tenderly in the days.of, bo
hliood ar before us, and we 'forget that: we,
dire men and women now, full of cares] with
out ofipesj ýi dloves 'that; are ripening tIb
the yCers that .·qiay remain,. The old log.
cabin where in childhoiod .we,mere gathe.d
about the old hlrai'titstone, and watiched tli
fire dh.r.ce in the dusky. twilighlt,is portrnye4
in ,yioyloiitu .d w, see the .he ir,,w,wh4u '
motheir sat and sewed or knit, where fathe.t
ea.sl its ool: adtt Ibe Palipd' 't itsli.n It
rare miterva.sF :. l"tl sop Oh. ~ :oie
orickt.elrip;ilnlgliisa vai;ng l y, ,wh}ile t t
f1" s Fibrt athe d'cholattrnudt thrill witsh
thfi dep biisýsi't l Witrdf' olintoily. We
forget tie. t,0f t. pb, Wo Yc. "i' :u.'j
years.;hr slipped ly and .hese, s5CeIs *,t.t
gone, save to memory. how ae .foolbowl
fatl~er to hiis flis l'ftet, and felf that onu "svi.
Qf ig9 .,4ýh . ot; .pt;. 4d, w!picnm ngther i"is
numbered zanongl the people of';;theL great
eifg'atl.6y,'oj the otlier:ide, we almost'
reug 1 t' e 4etrce th at ,bnk lo
frQl. 94riiPd. yo*tthe yearIrolled op, ý.T1
nahew4hnb kei.t amity of th6 deadoWkn-a
<lp# in ah' ' :h tae fli fiat'; litahs!
wa'sTeft yeawilng forye's, ;.hii*
gaounm.ttaTt carest;:ttt now-( t "these. .r
left only e, t jro y, Ati 4 Fumit J ie past
and courier of our mind that journeys to
the 1at Of.yg:nd itdB brio btgsis'it.{t ý
from the treastre.,honte to whieb it ;holds
I the l.y W, "W eaini eiip oily tthe good.
-Meniory holds all alike. and we :tni t thae
the shadow as well as the Msnsh iTne. Siver
may sprinkle our locks, but the past i.s iresh,
and nothing will expunge it from the 1my1
terious hidting placeof long ago.
Thile worl is ilndebted for Mine-t;t ult l.
its valuable knowledge, its improvements
and progresses generally, to men and \wo
men who have trained(l themselves to. think
in a systuematid fi( consecutived nianluer. No
man has even become eminent hi so'ience,
art literature or farlinlg, who was not a
plrolflld thiliker-who did nor, well ex
amine and compare all tho itcmtis pettailithg
to the subject, to know whether in their var
ions relations they sustain 4,ho prineiple
which public opinion upholdd as btdii;e rthii
It is not a very allcomnn on'thin. thats hº:in.t '
ciple has been enunciated by mec \ \ho hl:ive
pet theories to. support.-and where it is plain
to a thinking,,uilbiased mind .that somu of
the important items of tle. theory are. in, di
rect, antago9nism to the principle, and ttere
fore false-or otherwise the principle itaeli
nios no foundation in truth.
What a cerekdniciiu affair we tri~nke of
elntCrtaining company ! T'oo many olf 'uis
lose'al1 sense'of being at home the! nutncult
a stranger Erosaeb our tlueshold; and he. iuxl
stnutly feels *lgnuself to be, a-nire visitor-+
notlhiing inore--rand acts.- aocordiUagi -. 'lobo "
man who knows lmowtO "I'rop : iW?',ott an;
evening, draw ujphis.chaiis to our hearths o,
if it wre l~isiowvn, " and, fall into the usual
evetmin- routine of the householid.' tis-Aifj ,
were a menmben~'I it-rrhow, welbttweiu*m at -
ways is! fhinnami who ;epe0 1T8 utn4r+ tr
roof for a seasontnd wIqp , WiitQilt bWiag"'
intrusive oi'fziitiliax n:mti4i yYea feel t ;d t aA,
tis "titlionje?;' with you, find isteontent ii 4. a1.
Usual fashion of ocupatitat-4how t1 1i ghrtfnI
al guestLid ist ri m I And ft>ýl atises-4zy 1
`few of tthe! L . o, i1 4e)O,ýýLlone. can g1,4;y *
(1: ot a week rpu.S p ± that; the f:,11441_
routic iSe iw ,J1'g4eye~1t to fft}1ly 4 OW~
fort in no wuis e, 4§seueutli but, on tlwC CQiltrary, ,
mncreiaseciby pme-'s p" elce-e-whitt joy "it is
tb. trgjjs, t1 i}4 tl ,eaky)1s; , 1, I V but, t bo j,
ref~Lge they. ire-,o «c~f, we)Uceg!C rwtý,t t X'Iat
stye, treIojxuiscepees they, blrhmgp tp thi 10 ply
,and lYonieless! r,
Tin. 1i rriN rad 'le `1WMi nt narreof'
every tiahbtion lffisii's~j b ýharareterlit6s' of1'
itts'peljilc. EVery hhnimiah face iiD hicda:e ' a
. rno'r ttrtfi;aintii ' as c31 '116 th - "diftib njd a :
aditli t mffr traits Of its 6wh'dr, $ itst tt& mifcti
as every` hnniiptlm'fl tnc mideat'r$:;thid xjtui1Wy
aid a'i ronut of t& §i1hlctsictil-l erc1Ae. 'this.'
is provenY 'b t(hie +'.irtct·t of hiuimah 'fnirc./ l ý
erywlhere visible. Those whose fly' i&g'itr
bieoti givenl to pIhyVThmtl labor,; r irbri igtenei
by ant eduaati~ h of:ixi3: 'hale aay~irr atsto t
lid;, stupid exptrelsson, e'n#1 while their
litnb' 'u dnius'es ý'e' ý 3tndPtllj+ 't ib' a l'
The more savage the eople; thir n~ or tglier
,ar~e its (a ial dpvelppypargt, ,'iy' s.,pury :S fcitý
,tures of theiie fuses areo ' flgurod aysi ,vio ut
and ungoqiiriiLk papsltuiolA. 4 eupl E e dp
inijihyinenr itreý t tell` ttlý{i l ý 1tf rfiiju
-ttll ,ilt jge ollT 8t44 g f , " ' i 1ffr:8;fI g
expression, atllflfroh ita 1' tatSw AIl'd fig i £hd.,
in g';7txngbla vihog .a. , #ilult~tolr n~flne r et' Adp1.
zk4~iCn~i and a''' d(eý sms It iectint'tit 'Pji:
pr~eitcd of,'i tel ~iS ij' 'pII
piieti(3.Ofriu`',I~g'ýt ''P it~? ;` t º
·feittrr ;taktt, rq l X1.ý)r i9
SbtUityy;= = 'eiii r pJaintlneir +,fe'ehu yaieý
Says have movements of absoluteb iitz: 9!f
-11 4"0 , 4: 1
li that t t' a 6imt te 1! av 6VYA;'t
' :,:tiý^Cc`#Jý11itfit'bloc3ýo 01ýý{oYtih;itsl h ttr
t ""1 Ligh4UpMtM K14}itphrlirrt lti ri -gltoi nltl m tc,;,·t `
. ý ., ,. ,ýi(ý'fiý ýltain ftdl4Nj t[1i'rr: t ' , ., .' ;·ºt ,
-s+-St!nd b3tQygIf-sgotdl nt,=· frvcr1 Ie e :1(t4 9
` e.T ibt l5i 4 cýov r0 lcli, U1I'f~tt tro; ,'I
` dLv*nCsi ý ýle npthtt9 onitwýbai iAd'.
o-abl.t' ;
t ·t t, it is ati lpo- a obf 4i") I'tt tttl iti tt.
t V6Nrrt it S' ii ti ' t'trrtr
t. · J:. ýhý, s t' "jl J iýZ ..., ý.º .9" C-'V
Jll !4 Iv, tfrok e c -ý tfotlcýrtlifr~l.lc; H
fjerBllrl p·tppegtt }}ietQI r ·It P l ý r ýt `ii}.4fig;' i..
t r F~dltiair~ald l rr taaocrrtttlr~i1ý rag tlsu:2Worror ''ºr; ,
,I rn's ,n tt~lre; late r8otlhlftg: goal, w1 atltl i : r
I, (liailetwstý le$>it,')ýI ktjlt ýUtit/r1Yýtdb: L{:ýý't'pbz t+ :
s r inti love ·atilk~lllbut ý+º)ft 3; jjitna~Q · cat

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