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Rocky Mountain husbandman. [volume] (Diamond City, Mont.) 1875-1943, August 16, 1877, Image 1

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AJ, A. .il .Devotedto grIcutt.re, L.ves to-, iome Reading, and G ner.al ews. *, PE. s i.C. O1.
VoL.2. DIAMOND CITY, M. T, AUGUST 16 1877. NO 8.ý.
•~ ~ ~~~~ ~ un n a . u m u . n n p.n : • m m" ' " _,"' ' ,
-I-- ·----I
I;ýýLISIII:U W1~:rL' + K1 B1..- :
1Iltc Bo)rhr M01T`'I"AIIN IILT`SUAND)IA de"i 1egned
rll Id, :as the n:evl lllliuliteµ; ii tl1 llnmml n iLeery
rl'U tf termlll e1I'illg In its 11.'jtflljis every
4wretlfltcft o)1 Awrictlture, Mto(;k-rit;n. , Htoi-.
cu urs Socilrl allil Ionmestic: Econonmr .-
A1) EIt'LtISiNG ItTEN. -_
11'etk $ 21 $ 3I1 5 =,~ is $ 20 if v1 ( 1O
4wcN 3 81 a ( I~I
weceks I 4 7 10 1"_ 15 28 4(r
mlmnlt1s 12 15 1'I 21i 40 (60
ynrlt 10 to I 24 :30 1t 40
bflitlI is 25 4a 519.
re :1 4060 7 1o 1' 6:5 1'__
'I'rni1Icflt ml le tisemtiCfts paItnlH in adlvancee.
$eIj'c'ir il ve'rtise lneklt4; p;EyII1de I ýltllterlY " I
¶ ii C-t3. e 1X ent. ,,1d(1 ed for cp(A,.1 a idvertise
V'ImERm is considerable, spieculation among
thet farilers of the States iul rgrv1i tfl the,
wheat market. 'T'he 'early liytrvst; ftidls
priCes Vary active and'ailvano hin ) :Ib tNow
York andiL San Fran iceo. p1ifce nttdvttnwedC Ids
cent, per bushIel in the }pact'month. lltattt
1uesiiof with the f lrmers l., shaIt 'they seci1
nog or wait for a St41I greaiter h"aItnl o.' ':It `
iý it hard one to deei de, r a atd Atl dpeidls irpii
40I the fortunies of the Eaastetin'Wuar. Bit'
with the Montrana firurte'the m1iatter ls'tilto
getlirr dileellet. The fluctuaion s of the1
Eulropean ujarkuts nai lit. no wi1, affect
Moti;titna prices, since It is nuiot. at=:idlt~prol
able that it will advInceU to figure tl&,at will
jutiaII shilippuiag froni Iherd, c 0t ;th1e; p!rsnlt'
high rates of triiuspor8tgtior101D.: r it pri .e1
have alw;iys averaged. b(. htt·r lege, thaw iin
oulr Stbatlioald e it:'res,_ ,arlcl to-!llty·S-1):tý)()tHlit
iiaiidiiig the advance, the ,pd.ktt* ape lhetA>t;
h But the Miontana farmer is nQt Wivth+r
oout his perplexilacx4. "t it. quite :a I4erJ~q ry<
0r him to study biy lllarliolo~y; ttlu irrsaer'f
the States. lie whto iufor ajs .lti nhimsf .wýiýh·
regard to the, produetio; ;i P ill8su4tlpti4Qf
is best capable of forilnuijg ai Qori~tt., eQiiQI
liob, It is evident at. presetutý thilt tlte tiistt
flour in market will receiv: ,tltlaest iprfr4ewsi
htut there is great .dajigpr Qt'i a&ruSfri la j*t t
iialde.WhjLl1 will croWdl. tivro Ule priCe Jor:
low whatt it. is really, wortil. ;. We woukitiU1I
vise our farmners-to 'et their iwhoat roci;yl;
for the mihls.aIs eat)y; ns pous ible," ;dscld ]l 4i
long~as the present.. $ig(les qi48 ubýe-.r li ed,4
bntu4iy should, . catrefil.;'notn o eoi t lt
stivieile by forcinagthie deionotAq. · ln c- tPP+i
pers' have daniage4jl whletatj itq t;h1rei l 1eO
tenit, but there will he ,gtl, Iº }Agl#ºniala
Ilarvcstpd., a simvrteensy tqo; Iytr la he 'Xerr
tory, yet if the v ]osqu " L] and pldiatl).
COttriluds, nmid the NorW', 1Alf44rW~t lbel lip*
piieq frpnt our graniarles: itla0$ r$frould be, .
wC dpubt, if - therea is a, slBpiM". r Qin0 44histg1
lhat . will tend to.,, sI4ia1ttle1, t t ,*ýir,
let is the large tJephoit.ot' sp_ pp rgggs_
iu tjl prin cipal whelit-gprow4i hg s j4 sl lea6tr
of thisý ruitd ranger Our gltparie aawb1ils,
beipg empty, it ..nill . requJki·ta R9!; lnm iO
ertip~to tjl Ihelit,;(nd! .1 fi 1 r E lla ·raspe a i
01 lihniltel crops next 'pyeIW wy1, IaInce alk
who aire abie. 1(?dI9 tar lrernunarlt4Ave0pr
atleast. ,.If our f uraers wo~trh5 s 1,tlrgpti.*ly.
syst!tU in . liiaal" >11I al rail 41iteyjl~trl ll l -IyQ
for ejrei other' , lt res(4 LiW tLIeI! i4DWA>4 It
they 'is911 ilfrl$.A thk 8 T1es .t4O*1t fthl5
sUhjee4$ad amctgstuul Ysi ~lgýýbf dý dcl ireai
lze. hfl1U d4Wnep rot Q4-~ rn tI~ll~e~iryexw~tiiI.
1111% it t4¶ey. wil no1 1 Ii (a~l~ 1)t*calt~ voicsrf·
rea~on they' maty IIPvePSCita~t~f Ufq~ pa4IC~
Iegitiinately tiieIUSAi iaw. Ihei FbnnI$ ~of! W: flee,
RF' 5o~g peer~lerrtoim 4 l~lc'~ H~oa~ttt'Aiqt1 Is
The Sixthl fii .
OijTue We1)i( iir id.
~Pteut4~~; 2 j9p
ral l)epIarthtnets, Agricultural Colleges, Ag- t
rlcultutral Periodicals, Granges, Farmers' I
Clubs and other 6rganilzitions whose object .
is the promotion of Agriculture in thi United
Statt s ahdldniBfitish America, are requested
to send delegates"; and' all persons deslting °
to li't'rlote-the objectw'of the Congress, arc I
cordildly iiivited to attend and participate in
its deliberations.
$pe dtienset of Agricultural Products-stdrh
as tflie Small `Itrains, C'crn li tihe Eirt, Friiits. I
Nuts, Seeds, Grasses and other Forage`
Plantsj' Tobacco, fops, Cotton, HIemp, Flat,
Sugar, Wool, Dairy Products, et., are so.li
cited for exhibitipp ahld for tie comparison
of ti1e simi lr products of different parts of
the country.
Papsers and addresses on a great vqriety I
of topics of interest to the fi.m'mer, will bl
PI pcented by persons eminently knowi aover
the country. The Grand Pacific ,l ot e wi
be ie Iedfiquriersi~of,4 the Associa.ioo, a*d
th sessio will de esi l elde theae., I the iitr
imm he Sceretaary, Ior aee J.mllllth, may be
addressed for inf'rnm:'tion, at PLhiladelplbl a.,
Weextratit the following with referetice
)t6) this~'ai un t froni correspofidlned 6f the
·)' object if wriltTh~ this was not so nudhti'
to -iform LJT.L. htw, t ttake care 6f h:is
wheit as:tbo s:iy thlmt he need not"give linm.
S.l. L.. c. a.). ..Rl... iu:;;- ..ý.. 4
,self aiy Itetline~hls abbut' his wheats.w'ivt
ing, 'fcd. clOe obserkviation fory Iars tias:con
vinced inme that wheat never sweats. • If
whelt i'..tani4ed: dry iit will remaiiiisd,' mi
less it is badly ,stackekd 'nd gets'. wt from
the rain. , ilhavt i. beeid i'hring nabott ..ltit
swveatihg dll "t nlir. .Fitteeti years tiib, a:li
most' everydb6dy was~4'helbelief that wheat
`wvould go terotigh iiIs it, iviw tel'med,' the
setwe,*t It wasbelieved tharifs threshed be,
ýforeit Went thiough ithe sw~iith ig plroiies
,a.ntd pastint6'ý grkanryt triit` i we b4ll stpoit;
or if made into flour, that the lo'oti Wtiiiou
go thi ogthe Rfaetia svwentlth pi oe..s, ah.n
of eoit set be diat1ed.el Barley, it wais said,
,.ouh;lltntle tised fOr sritithig 'pur~poses thi
Bless lt had been stacked a su;ittllent length
pi timueto"comliplete the swehting it wa
th.4glt ileedssa3ty ior all gvahi td go throigb
' I thi'd the groumd that these'are erroneou
tieas ;'.ion' that should' ,have gone bout
hi1tei iehars.ago. ý ,But;i strange as' it mky a
petitt6 those who have thtouglit of the liia "
ter; it is~entertheless :tiue, thatminost peiop
.Still 'hightgto: the old fogy notion. Whle
alletd uponli to prove their dootrlne they a4
it as ktiurl loss to do sobs some are to pro
thiatt"wheat ~ill turnlitB ch teeAO.'
I I have part of my wheat stacked, the b`
ance. thi l$eied iut bf thebuihoek aud ut'ii
grainhridi:"': Now,. 1 'willl give any of :t
aweltl t pie bMnitu of $50 if t hey will .ld'
,ry .tili hi'i ~itti sweat, ei.her it' the -stk.'
or itiltiegrony. 'ar F mberts intvbLe be.n
pouiiddieneedan any ttitHes by'their beli.ft
this old, fg ri6teonl' it is to be hoped 'titt
tleladtarotes of this: doctrine` will iWtUL
gatetb~ tinhatter, especially those who hb*i
:ieen' Wktiltg'ff'r the paper, advishing fairnts
'what todo' withsweatlng'gran. '
t'' Farmers are n w.tryliig mixed hl sba
,ins ,ear Of rlsking their whole crop iia ."p~r
`wo staples. "it matters not hov suswmlmei
fArm mnyb t if -he works right ur h a
ife 0'cvs, .lent3 offsheep, a few hogs,f ,
:id be-s, a few horses, san orchard, a- ºd
ard.i , with .ipill f~elds of grain, inet. s
and varliedt vegetables, ioltlhirg is, sU "Ui
the future than that ,he will not onl ir,
'a good, ,coiftrtfi le' l ving, for lis A"y,
":utt; wl:I soon. be surrounded ; ;ýýal
needed d waeorts and luxuries of.life %9
blf o,: t i, i te9 face o 'hundreds.. wh ..e.
ShI"" ani t' while thatt fWihac ,' .and
iehilly ,ni xe t P9int won't pay. '.Jlt
vy o etitg, for use and for ple.1 .
wee elit--wt :.eatr, ajultng comfort .u- m1p a
o th tquiSt"e, q a1l, eminloy ~ng il !: R',p
f uitrir, in such a home, begins to feel that ti
1te can find nothing to do, lie may be fully c
atisfied he is on his down grade. j4
If, instead of this varied plan, he desires t
tO' make a .specialty of sheep husbandry, e
-nlirying,' fruit-growing, stock-raising or a
marketing, he will find it will take more f
capital, in both cash and brains, for such es- a
peciai hraiichi, tliiin iil mixed husbandry, a
and his failure will be all"the more signal e
and disastrous. In niixed cropping one or t
peveral branche.s 'may fail, and still lie can t
tall back upon others, and tlhs have dnough I
to mneet all needs.
One important point iii th~ixedt farming is
no ote each year what articles sticceed beat
and are best suited to your, soil, And thus
tlve enough to meet all needs.
One itportant point in mixed farnmhi is
to itote:each year what articles-succeed best
ind kre best sutited to yotrt soil, and thus
ciltance .your chances of I n Akig stituessful
c(rops. This: iuplIs adopting hnd priltelieing
the bet systemr of dultivation', and tfhe ise of
,till necessary i:i pltnients of the most tm-n
oved style, all 'napi ired Mnd pushed for
ard by readinig i tnel agitfiltdui ll plpers as.
will throw light upon all departinents of the
fanlill)ieresat; -rlhraPt/ Sun.- ;, i
Rearing chicks is a very plea.'sant bUsiness'
when circumstances are favorable 'ind t'he
broods : m'eaitliy tiid i.hely. Orie edmiot
:help b~hig amused at the firnny lit i'tricks
u.id attionis bf thetiny creatu.'es. ''it eai-'
erone c ui'jýdl& thernm min ei5ttistni s ir4
semnbling those of nature, the surer hria'suc
ce~S: 'ihe 'flst reti*dlite is a gooxd, by
wdrrinm. ' ntiti'ru, Wiifi 'uflibett trees to
protec i th'th frti t st o .iril r ayi s osf al'
instdlr -. u ' .... " : .ua bi ti'h ;si: e u~s.i of
; 'iihi ddtubally, it'frirostllib' rý ' ` r
hi ' M1=J16d')4 ' tile' cod$ . i& ' xJo tttg
ovt ~ti' rot1ind three#ei' #bti~ a f te
a 'od itsubstititetote ihit& tf i i B d
fro tii t un, int;' l i, lr''bt yettfi it, #
Do At4 i6Wd too maity cVu6 __ oi v & ny
ravel ftiaither tUitr'c rtri'lli e' bslt'
ýt plitle t i o of the chi ikfie thi a +'f<
}ther Oedtile fo thleir'blN6', WY ile et ota
rodm, a-Y iI rFi..r . "'A!:e rikai' i
ber of cýia'thl ke s ¬e"t 3tii of ''ttti th''i
mrigisebeidita'&i 416% '
Ia titieOIgIOMiIM1 cuskothirai) 61i# e'x-'
ar W ;'6ft . t.., Ciud sre i aiit
A. be tw 4*d14 fl 1obble c,
gUieyo n nd viSl e pLdn4YMv ,oPes m .hi .
M iantise xkdai eefliSwi ist r. st " 1p
Dposy ithey"Woar 'bý1Wad5eee Ins a as i
naturia .food4 bIaOeywttiFM* st Mfil s
bunidm watdtha. t -.RyV4ve i
.., 1 : pourblete ee,
ahealthI CgVodditiWSla e , t *hid ibe
with afeaeotne t rl 'il t etai sti
Aftorgs; tih age dh ebtA ax a gy'wke
4hJ·I& ' i bl t h gr q4 -Wqlt, ad!WWrip
W96 989ySphydA "9 'tg I i
peod<eas p4cl0, aly
;46~4~~t~PP ·PI tbi tBP i
tile liens are quiet and know ho'wvtto, take
care of them . some mothers arie so anxfouc,
jealous And tier` et y, that they' drag; their' litt
tie ones to dAirth, through wet glass,' i
ers, and all' kind of bad Weather. . rn'
again, are so pntgnaeious, that $hey ii tw
fight to everything t2hey meet, trot k t'O
a horse, often killing their chicks acidlent-`
ally-e' Others.' aI 4re chil6 to all `cdgirls,
except their own. tdLhI' i n lviii siii
times kill a number before' siie'ri it`i j ii'
the act or found' out. lHens o 'if l knji''d
miust bje ~odped'ip. :ei~ilr'"~ ~ i ·.jiff!C.
sn eh anmial detufils, A i4 t properfeed fiigfA't
a large ntiuriber of 'hh~keiis ciatn beo'ire'ed t$
gratify theier" #*mit als lt-i ,lW.& e F44rr.
The was fir'&rnihs,-:w hh"'rW ' i e
make' coot iii Hnl1ierrehiv 'd # k'b
ing.; Forthe kidoft'6u r te1de' sý ' t:
fe* recpe fro;*i ý n
L e i i w n a d c . -Aofidw 3'mit 4 ' It oh 4;`'.ccotd r;
lag to their 'Size ancA' jMcht·' A2:'rto o; " u
of datii nd bu 2 toator d6dalibku
gar' to' hies rch enio . ' 1ttii1 Mjh rotil th
mix all wrli tbbtetkreý psItsingl'/
to'e trtict° tire alu e a id 'i t2 ,tt*
·ii It DR and let' ýtanel fort exnfy`'iirlfniiv :' M~;U~a~'
retiialnder o'f` ýthie water';`' stfih Th
,and pour out. Orannes sul t4tuteq I"
'vor'Jii'n tistt 1s i th qufiitl giyor. ýýý'ruy · 1
strtiivbeerrie lfflntil' t t'eeciafre ' h!'ajtii I i'e C
add to' thi ii)'ths 5 j ilc,6 dietii aij'b iA
rte'Itplitndt 8 d 'ti rots
In ;fht lI V
''t tt Hf " elf"l st s ` a V
sp ci t#d pii no
k II
'Itnrt:·g;' t'~tt'qr i tiiS tl 2jF·r,
cllt' of Yesf {yllt $ ti e( [:r1}iý ds e ?'g;
}'+ t r 3 si, t A e Ci' t~lsrtCde''t;dl ·
d'd t t: a iie, Yt
tha I t x4# t U't ý It tý +t
itl rry¢ ýzli , y n. u,
iibitdi!t r41 i
'Iktit ·a
r I rY ý
il'4 9FR'
~lthe sd thn i
3 rl ý#1'iswrn eltlla l
fit; I a tr~ iIB&ý'lilit! Si ;
2jgieRll.t~ · ALjbei, QiwM~rlsr a~t~tid.
~~d~P*W~~DI r-s1: ,r:ii;:Ot d a~·

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