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LO~CAL~ Nf~W -
- no. 14 South Conmcrcial
,v t ,;t'. l'l e -'11' & UtlhriU 't agents to tran
et1'cLL11 hrtnCue coltrlti'act lr udvertisinf,, and to
CITY LODGE No. 7, A. F. and A. M
.tqtel l()11hifjti.ttOfS held atstheiV Inr,
`bohr ijvited to at.end.
01 L 1.1 i·C'l(1l 1**Y t~f-i
- - GnUI 11"-L b-etL quite unwell
the u,,ist week- --
0.1 13tlitUil gulch, was
ovecr thisb \CC'1'1\ -
: j.M1'C14t;N rluoxO(- 111-S flta1fy to the
bunli llast V; (
P2Al)vn tihettic ata on Oil ) e1 disa king on the
C',\ ·i I.ah Of (I11 1I 1!",'o he- aY faruers
ore toutgu - \Vt lg
'1'imi; 1M(tdsl' ;a says f l)flan("sS Is i~llrellS
i1LA, 1 '111(:1 l I i) cli ugs1ito ei g.
CAN'fO:N'; ,IHPCIt. la oie-i i'eedli, Ja
cob I'OWel' V..'" ini townI Monday.
s FIR1' tenti"i' is suthi tumoflhg j urrors
for thec A pril ter II I the I )i4 ii't Court.
'XM. I )AM1ILhI, I ,lo-ial Sii arIId Of C'amp
hat.er 11 ___10 _____________--l M nda
nIli to prospect the bar back at their dig
& &- ________________
J. E. SlrEvEN, ortLmnl of this ofice, who
has been on a brief visit to his sister, inl
Blacldo'rt. ret urned 'l'uesda y.
I . C. GIAV hs as goll Ito u3annaek. ieC
will engage in freighting 'ftrom the railroad
into the 'lerritory this suminer.
I'UrrrEIr was nlever scatler il Mce:gher
county than It,\'-. 'Ihere is not a pound to
be had in )iaino(l for love or money.
31as. G. A. IIA-MI'TON, who has been
spendling several weeks at the Springs, on
account of little Alice's health, has returnled.
31s-Er:s. Ilousen & Andrew Cooper, of
D)eep creek, who have been spending the
winter in leltic|a, have retiurned to their
fa 'trm .
\ViI!rE on a trip to Ileiciti l.st week, C.
:W. Cook purchased a fine span to horses
and baggy. lie now sports the finest turn
out in the county.
'T'lIE frel(licnt dashles of Snow which have
occurred siflte the 1st of March are very
beneficial. They will give the grotund suf
licient moisture to start vegetation.
JoNASs lr1(itnurs, who has elenll undergo
ilug treatmentet at the White Sulphur Spri'ings
for the :past two months, returned a few
days ago much improved hi health.
Hluon r Mdqumun, of the Independenht, hav
ing spen,,t several weeks ill out door sports,
fishing. gunning, etc., at the WhIite Sulphur
Springs, returned to tie urduous duties of
the olhice by l'Tuesday's coach.
'1'Hi; fact that butter cannot be had at 50
cents per pollnd, while cows are only worth
from ;13 to ,.5, reveals a wonderful searci
ty of labor. Any one who is willing to
w orik Vatn m:ake money ill Mountana.
T'iE young people of town intend having
a St. Patrick's dance Friday evening March
15th. The young ladies ot the valley are to
be in attendance, and a merry, mnlerry time
is expected. An oyster supper will be
WVE are indebted to W. F. lIaase for a
COpy ot the Tribune almanac for 1878. It
contains a large amount of valuable statis
tical information. Mr. II. has a good sup
ply for distribution on very reasonable
ONE of Meagher ounty's most progres
sive stock-growers, P. J. Moore, having se
lected a new home on the Muselesheli val
ley, passed over to the Capitol this week
and filed his intentions in the U. S. Land
Ollice. Lie selected a place on Little Elk
about S miles southeast of Martinsdale, a lo
catlln which for soil, water privileges, con
venience to timber and advantageous pasto
rml surroundings, cannot be excelled any
TilE fact that the beautiful and fertile val
ley of the Museleshell lays within the rail
road belt, was not discovered until a few
days ago. This, we fear, will greatly re
tard its settlement, though it will be of no
detriment to the stock interests.
MONDAY last, T. E. Collins sold his hay
ranch to Jacob Powers for $450. This
place is knovwn as the old Mason ranch and
was about the tirst ranch located on the
Missouri valley. It comprises 3(2 acres, to
which there is a good government title.
R:. LOCKEY, the steam cracker man, has
decided to dispose of all his stock in his
Bozeman house at cost, and afterwards will
keep no goods but groceries, of which his
stock \vill be full and complete. Mr. L. is a
lair dealer and is deserving a good patron.
1i lHlE ,Cucityv and lhigh prices of potatoes
in Gallatin county was (caused by the large
iapplies furniished the Tongue river posts
last fall. As farming will be pretty exten
sively carried on in that section this season,
the demand will probably not be so great
next year.
MESSi.S. Sherwood and T'utber who breve
been putting in the winter at Copperol)olis,
developing the mines of Kellogg, Couily,
Holter & Co., returned to Helena this week.
The company talk of putting on a large
force of men in a short timel and will proba
bly erect reduction works some time dur
ing tile summer.
ViWE neglected to mention last week that
WV. II. Satherlin had been appointed Conn
ty Comumissioner by P'robate Judge HIamp
ton to till tle v'aeancy made by the change
of residence of the previous incumbent, II.
T. (Connor, and was present at the last
meeting of the Board.
ElrsEwhex'E will be foundl tihe notice of
the Librarian of Good Templlars, Diamond
librarye All persons. whether members or
not, are urgently requested to return all
books in their possession belonging to said
library. It is the desire of the Lodge to get
adl the books in, in order to make new reg
ulaltions ;.nl(1 ope ,new accounts.
GEo. LYoss went over to Helena last
week, purchased a wagon and other essen
tials necessary to the improving of a ranch,
and goes in a few days to the Mutscleshell
where he will erect his pioneer home. He
bids his minies-in which he has been very
successful-adieu perhaps forever. We
wish him success in the calling of husband
ry. May he soon add the only remaining
element necessat'y to his happiness, and be
a husband-n.an.
Pitor. T. A. Emtsox, of Malone, N. J.,
has invented a speaking phonograph. It
consists of a small machine that can be car
ried under the arm, and has a lmouth-piece
in whtich a person can speak, singk or
whistle, and when a snmall crank is turned
the machine speaks the words, whistles the
tunes and sings the songs distinctly anti in
the same tone as spoken in the mouth-piece.
It is indeed a wonderful invention. With
this machine a traveler may, instead of
writing a letter, speak his message
into the machine and send it by mail to his
home where his friends may turn the crank
and receive the message. An excellent
thing it will be for lovers, as the fellow will
only have to get a phonograph and furnish
his swecetheart with the key.
THE " Bourbon" is the name ot the lead
recently located by Sam Auderson in the vi
cinity of Thompson's gulch. Titis lead
was formerly known as the Sultan. Sever
al years ago samples from it were sent to
Nevada which assayed so very rich as to in
duce some capitalists there to oiler to bond
it at $18,000, to be paid at the end of six
months, or forfeit $300 per month dur
ing that time, which was to be expended in
developing the lead. This proposition,
however, was not accepted by the owners,
- who imagined they had a fortune and want
- ed a large sum. Inspired by the hope to
- get a more favorable proposition they sunk
I a shaft 50 feet deep, and then abandoned it.
I The Mein as developed at the bottom only
k shows about 23 inches, but the assays oh,
- tamied run from $50 to $900. It is the inten
- tion of Mr. Anderson and Mr. Walwark-
>- one of the original owners-to give the
property a more thorough development the
coming summer.
W..L.IAM MARTIN moved his flock of
sheep to the Muscleshell a few weeks ago I
andis keeping them at Sayre's ranch while t
he .uts up improvements at his new loca
tiou. This is situated in a beautiful little
basi at the foot of the mountains a few
milns south of Gordan's ranch. There is a
line spring at this place and the surround
ings are most excellent.
Srrls are being taken by some of our
lmost influcUtial citizens to organize a joint
st.o.k company for the purpose of develop
inF some of the rich quartz leads on Monta
nahill. There is a lively interest beginning
tobe manifested in this work, and we be
liee all the shares will be taken as soon as
arcies of incorporation are filed and the
bo)ks opened. This immense reservoir of
walthi which has in ages past supplied the
trbutaries of Confederate, is no longer to
renain locked up in its granite walls, if
there is capital enough in Diamond to un
eat;h it.
T'IHE first telephone operated in Montana,
wis of the kind known as the " Lover's T'el
gnalph," was introduced by a couple of en
terprising youths of this place. This, how
e'er, was soon followed by the oyster can
tdephone, which operated successfully a
ditance of over 500 feet, and over a line
tl at made a number of angles. This prima
tlwe contriviance having had its run
tlrougliout the principal towns of the Ter
ritory, the Capitol became aristocratic and
ijtroduced Prof. Bell's telephone. Finding
this to operate with perfect satisfaction be
t-een different parts of the city, the experi
nient was then tried to parts beyond the
e'ty limits, and now the IHelenaites have
(ral communication with the Queen City
(Deer Lodge) beyond the Rockies.
IPULIC wveighers, and proprietors of
Lusiness and ware-houses have found a
great saving, besides a great convenience,
i: adopting the scales and beams manutac
tared by the Chicago Scale Compaliy. Their
4 ton scale is so nicely adjusted that a wag
on load of hay in bulk can be weighcec in,
in a feWv seconds as accurately as on the old
fashioned beam, where it must be weighed
a few pounds at a time, and this scale is fur
nished for $00, about one-third former
prices. And for weighing bales, their Cot
ton Beam and Frame is the most perfect of
aniything ever made for the purpose-a nice
brass beam with sliding poise, doing away
with the heavy poise which is all that a man
can Fitt. No public weigher or ware house
shonld be without one of these beams,
which the Chicago Scale Company turnish
at $45. all complete with frame.
AT the regular meeting of the County
Commissioners who was in session three
days of last week, bills amounting to the
following sums were allowed on the several
funds :
County Fund.. ..................... .....$314 70
Continelleut Fund ............... .......... 37 30
P'oor Fund ........................... 50 00
Road Fund ......... ..................... 7 50
Thle Treasurer presented the report of his
office for the quarter, which was found cor
rect, and settlement thereon was made.
The petition of the citizens of Muscleshell
for county road from the White Sulphur
Springs to the Forkls of the Muscleshell was
received, and Frank Gaugler, Geo. (lcln
(lenning and \ .11, Gordon were appoiltrcht
road viewer , to report at the next session
ofof the Board.
The annial report of the County Clerl1
was carefil.ly examined, approved and or
dered printed.
The following supervisors for the severall
road districts were appoillted : No. 1, J. E.
Murray ; No. 2, A. Sharp ; No. 3, Michael
The building of a bridge over Smith river
was postponed to await a more pressing de
mand on the part of the citizens of tile val
Icy, and the location by them of a more fea
sible point for the crossing.
A somewhat spirited discussion arose up
on the subject of opening a more direct road
to the Lower Smith River valley and Ben
ton, in which a wide dilference of opinion
was manitested. After the reading of a let
ter by the Clerk from some of the citizens of
the northeast part of the country-which
did not appear to express any particular de
sire for a better road-the subject was drop
ped, a majority of the Board disapproving
any action in that direction until demanded
by the citizens of that section.
CHARLIE DUNNING, of Smith river, passed
here on his way over to the Capital yes
that " Congress will annull the act if the
Montana Legislature passes a subsidy Bill."
The principal point in the above is the in
ference that Major Bagg still lives.-New
DUEY & Co., wool-dealers of Boston, sent
wor.l to C. W. Cook & Bro., by L. N. God
frey, who called upon them a few days be
fore his departure for the Territory, that
they should not expect to realize a much
for wool by about 5 cents per pound as last
F. S. {REED and J. J. :Fant,:Prickl:y Pear
farmers, went over to the White Sulphur
Springs last week. Mr. Fant has just re
turned from an eighteen month visit to the
States. IIc spent the principal part of the
time in Kentucky and Texas, but greatly
prefers Montana to either of these States.
Ill A .t LI I E D
At the residence of the'briile's parents. W iscon
sin Creek, M. T., February 28, 1878 by Rev. Hugh
Duncan, Mr. Sargent Hall and Miss Sarah E
At the residence of Sim Estes, Watson, M. T.,
by Sinr Ester, J. P., Mr. Win. Hermison and Miss
11anna Boline, both of Ileaverhead valley.
13 1 1 N.
In'tht Prickly Pear valley, March 9, 1878 to the
wife of J. 1). Farro, a son.
Near Clancv, M. T., March 6, 1878, to the wife of
Emanuel Redding, a son.
On Ruby valley, Mari'h 1st, 1878, of scarlet fever,
Angella, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Conrey,
aged I) month:s.
In Stevrnsville, February 25, 1878, of consump
tion, I)empster Lockwood, tiged 98 years, 1 month
and 8 days.
All p'trsous having books or magazines belonging
to the Good Templar's library are hereby requeste~rt
to return the same to the undersigned at once. T'he
books must be returned soon or other aid than that
herein invoked will be resorted to.
11. II. BARnEs, Librarian.
The undersigned would respectfully notify the
public that he keeps his stable in good shape and
attends to the business promptly. When horses or
other property are left in his charge he is respon'si
ble for the same, but when taken away without his
knowledge or consent, as in the case of Mr. Fret
Miller's saddle, which was taken by - Fletcher
on the 23id inst., he is not responsible. Two buffalo
robes and two horse blankets dibsappeared about
the same that the saddle did. IIe now proposes to
put a stop t, this practice, and heretfter personi s
taking saddles or other property from his stable
without leave will be held responsible fo' the dani
ages and treated as thieves. J. LANEY.
Watch 'lnd Chronometer manking end repairing in
ill ita most dillicult parts, a specialty.
Executed in the best style.
Gold and silver work nmade to order.
3-1y & GEO. P. IiEEVES
The Southern Hotel,
Diamond City, MHontana.
Tabhle furnished in the good old substantial style,
and with the best the market affords.
No Chinese Cooks.
The culinary department is presided over by Mrs.
Noln in persun, a sulkicient guarantee thºik every
thing is neat and skillfully prepared.
The Traveling Public Especially Invited to Call.
BOAIRDP IER WEEK ............... ............... ...$6
SING(LEl MIEALS ..... ............ ............... *0
Unexcelled cuisine, unobtrusive provision for the
gratitiettion of its patrons, convenient, spaclous
and airy rooms, and kept scrupuloulsly clean, are
some of the chief characteristics of this justly poJ1
ular hotel.

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