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C------- TE ---C- Il~'
The Walker Bros. shipped tiOe silver
T )ri s t week, weighing reIpectively
1.SIS. 157. 1i,877 and 1,885 outic, while
Sill fine("s tIhey range from 985 tOS97, in sil
iv., an(d from S.9 to 9.9 gold.
The result of Mr. S. '1'. laucr's inter
view with the citizens of Butte, ii the sub
cjvt of cntritbuting towards tie construe
oinl of a line of tel(egraph to thiý toown, was
that the tan of 140( was im ndii:tely sub
.crilewd towi'rd 'this most Intu()ple purpose.
Blutte's pride, is her new scel'ol buildling,n
a(ciou.~ 0( 4legintl stiltur(', i lotUy,
w11-1lightedd and well-ventilla'ed roomns.
''The hugte smelter at G leithI - ill hc set
to v(rhk iis wtlek upnl 00 ii ofs of e now
ou hbind. This ::)mot will keep it busy
ahout six days.--Mbncr.
(lreel g'ras st,,rti'ng pleoity; spring vir
tnlly op(eed on the 1il ter l .oot valley.
Ilitter !thoot farnu(,rs nrec do)owing , prepar
atory 1() puliing in their s ri n .ls "ol.
The Sld news Ieat !i ha- :i( (,tere(1 tihe
I:mnily (Xf Cot(I'iih,½y Svgea.iut ll clew, 'at
Fort 1si-oula. was r c(eiV'ed 'Th'lursday.
lior"es have (ldiSl)peared fr.o l their ac
custoend rang)es for yC:u'r, and t ll disap
1)e:uance 1(hs been conve(niently 1(id to Iin
(iians. 'e ,('i1)(e t thalt this nlmuhl-abuted
)lop)le ohave s.ulffiered in our estimation for
things they have not donec.-,iissoulian.
West Gallatin f:trners are grain seeding,
a1d getting in their crops to good advan
It agrieulture keeps pace with mining,
Montana this year will be prosperedl greater
thuin Cvei.
We learn frlom Gallatin county that
Messrs. C. & II. Edwards' splendid herd of
merii~( shAop have wintered nicely, keeping
tlt and healthy, and Ma:(rch lambs, already
dropping, are strongi and vigorous. The
Me trs. Edwards send word that they will
cemidlly be on hand at our next Territorial
fair, when they will exhibit a band ot tine
woolled sheep and lumbs of which any
State or 'l'Trritory would be proud to claim
as its own.--Ierald.
The following is an address delivered by
O-res-tes at the public anniversary of
Itahlier Star Lodge No. 3.1. O. G. T., Feb
ruary 23, 1878, which we publish by request:
11aOT1lERSI ANDI) 5STERI:s---Nearly all na.
lions, orders and sects have their (gala days
or anniversaries ; days in whiich they assein
ble to celebrate, four instance, sonmc great
achievement in arms, .a declaration of liber
ty, the establishineI tof Ia creed, pr the foun
dation of a ret',ru--days of wor-hip, of
rest, recreation ant feasting. The custom
is not of modern invention, but seems to be
an ordinance transmitted from Jehovah
through Moses to the Israelites. "Six days
shalt thou work but on the seventh thou
rest in earing time, and in harvest thaltL
thou rest." Thrice in the year shit thou
observe the feast of weeks, and your men
chihlrea appear before the Lora." "The
litteeu.h day of this seventh Ml)mnth shall be
the fa4 of' Tabernacles for seven days unto
the Lord." "And. ye slhall keep it a feust
unto the Loi'd sevenldays in the year. It
shall be a statute forever in your generation;
ye shall celebrate it in the seventh mont::."
The cuatoum has prevailed through the long
vista of years down to'tle present day, so)
that all nations, sects, and social ordler, and.
even down to families have somle nille.r
able event that they are l:outd to celebrate
inl a inanuer peculiar to their organizations.
The custom appears to find favor with ne ur
ly every clhss of people, not to perpetuate it
tfr custom's sake, but to refresh tho nmemo
ries that cluster around the event. that they
celebrate ; to do honor to some noble lheo
whose valiant exph lts are worthy to be
t'ransmittecd to posterity ; to rejoice and reIn
der thanksgiving for a victory of libertly,
blood-bought and( achieved tllrougl, 1lie
clash of "aris in battle ; to celebrate inr)cort
ant events connected with the hi;tory-of* the
country. and to commemorate the advent of
beneticial orderts, eclesiastical rites and
moral reform. Hence we meet to celebrate
the anniversary of a temperance reform
commenced in this valley nine years ago.
a reform that should.renlist the sympath.es
of all good people.
Man has sought iout many.inventions,
'id the distillation of ardent spirits is one
''thlc. umnst.notorious# but tha:nost uwaefu
and appalling and dangerous one is the
medicating and corrupting liquors with
poisonous drugs. Not content with selling
to their fellow man that, even which in its
first state corrupts the life blood and under
mines the health and morals, but they must
adlulterate it withl sickening drugs and pois
onous compounds, so that one gallon of the
original fluid make several gallons of hot
.tled death that is ahlmost sure of its victim
at any distance, thus reaping large profits
from little investments, besides cheating
their cu-toner.s and h:Lsteniing the unfortun
ate soul that has become addicted to the use
of ardent spirits~ whose craving appetite,
growing, with every draught he takes, ob
tainu the mastery and drags him headlong
to utter wretchedness. This fact of itself is
sullicient to condemn the tralfic of liquor
dealing in the minds of the people of every
conmmunity. Hence the necessity of intro
ducin.l these reforms for strength of pur
pose and unity of action to check and de
teat if possible the sad inroads to health and
morals that this accursed trafflic is constant
ly making, and to create an asylum for the
oppressed, a protect jion for the weak whose
strain:ge and acquired appetite they are no
longer able to subdute.
The morning glory must needs have
something to twine upon. It will not twine
upon a shalow. Human nature must also
have sonmethmiig to twine upon-something
solid to rely upon. The convert to chris
tianity feels safer and stronger within the
pales of a church, bouyed up by pious min
istrations and the zealous solicitudes of his
pastor, lie has something solid to rely on
something; in which has a right to expect
encouragement, assistance and protection
on his way to Zionz. The army of a nation
would b)e but an ungovernable rabble but
for military (liscipline and a leader from
whom to look for commands and to rely on
for subsistence and directions in times of
peril. So it is with the unfortunate inebri
ate who has become too weak from his own
w,ll to resist the fatal cup by uniting with
thee temperance reforms, rely upon them
for consel, for strength, for temperance as
sociations and a hope of a complete reforma
tion around the altars of temperance.
TIlat i!temperance has a demoralizing ten
dency is beyond contradiction.. Those ot;:
who have tried the experiment can safeln
vouch for its corroding effects. rThere is
nothing truly ennobling: in the continued
use of malt beverages, even -if used in mod
eration. It does not augment our moral"
worth, prolong omur lives, or exalt our posi
tion in society, biut begets an appetite which
too otten becomes uncontrollable, and leads
to habits and indulgences which if well pur
sued may reach the dignity of crimes. The
time spent in senseless tolly over the flowing
bowl can be more profitably devoted to ac
qniring knowledge and understanding, and
the rxhaustion of physical force" at efich re
peated debauch when the nerves are un
:.naturally stimulated only tends to shorten
life. Evcr glass of liquor taken by habitual
dtrinkers only tends to hasten their decline
and, reindcr their reformation more uncer
tain, for when once the system is contami
nated wlith the noxious impurities ot alco
holic poisons it requires but little feeding to
.1keep alive and increase the flatme funtil it
Sbrings the victim to ruin. The mind also
partalkes of the disease of the body. ithe t
system is filled with irilamunable and destuc
time matter the mind cannot certainly be in
a hiualthy and prospl1ious condition, and if
.not in a Ih-:flthy cond(ition the mind can not
imlprove. and as the systeun becomes more
and mnore ilfrectted and dliseased, so does the
mind become weaker and. less active and
less able to discern the pitfalls of danger
and to restrain a feverish appetite.- When
the body is stimulated and overheated from
nnzrtutral causes the mind is d(iverted from
its legitihuate sphere and can not obtain that
perfection that results from the healthy co
operation of the physical and mental sys
tenms. The mind should reign predominant
and i ill, wethink, if properly cultivated,
but if weakened by a gaowinlg appetite for
eign to our natures and in opposition to the
nobler instincts of reason, the wreeir of man
is almost certarin tuless restrained by some
chastening agency.
The physical systeni requires proper care
and nourishment for its own development.
and can not in.part any healthy action to
the mental systoen to help govern a grow.
i. onniet ei-.ar the. sel-sill.to ,resist. terrm,
tation when it is surfeited and clogged with
malt fermentations. Every glass that the
confirmed inebriate takes only increases his
own demoralization. His mind becomes
impaired and refuses to control the appetite,
reason descends from her throne and loses 6
its power to point out the evils that beset
his pathway, or assist in repulsing habits
that will prove his inevitable destruction.
The final result is lie becomes less and less
mindful of his health and moral improve
mIent ; he loses his self-esteem and decision
of character ; he sinks lower and lower in
the vortex of vice and dissipation and is
comfortable only in the depths of misery,
with an' ill balanced brain and and an ill
regulated heart. And oh, how sad and
how frequent are the occurrences in this,
our Christian enlightened day, that so many
of these poor untortunates, goaded on by an
unquenchable thirst and irresitable remorse
of conscience, in a moment of seeminf; in
tolerable provocation, or in a paroxyism of
turious frenzy, commit an act that confines
them to a folon's cell or ushers them. unpre
pared into the presence of their God.
One of the most sublime features of this
order, the advent of which we are permitted
to-night to celebrate, is the admission of the
youth as soon as they are able to under
stand the nature of an obligation ; to teach
them lessons of temperance and sobriety
and prepare their minds for. future useful
nesswhile they are susceptible of good im
pressions. This order is designed to he ed
ucational and instructive, and the lessons of
practical knowledge taught in it are calcu
lated to be of lasting importance to them in
after years. Already our lodge has been
presided over by some of our young yet in
their teens, both mrale and female, and I am
proud tosay, with a firmness, a dignity and
grace that would reflect credit on older
heads and loliger experience. And 1 ap
peal to the fathers and mothers of the youth
in this community with all the earnestness
of an adVocate of temperance reform to pre
vail on your children to embrace temper
race priociples while in their youth before
they fall by the wayside, that they may be
a pride and ia prop to you in your declining
Tf'hanlgi you, friends, for your sympa
tn'ies iar.'r efforts in the past wealslk for a
continuation of the same until the foul.blot
ot intemperance may become a thifig of the
past, and the sparkling water that comes to
us clear as crystal from the snow capped
stlmmnits'in the hazy distance shall be our
clhos be everage.
.Join hands, then, dear comrades, around the temrn
perauce alter,
United we will swear by the souls of the brave
Not one from the strong resolutions shall filter,
To live independent, the inebriate to save.
Then, brothers, cheer up; lo! the proud banner is
flying ;
The bright bird of temperance screams through
the air;
Beneath hor intemperance and debauchery dying;
Success to the life of the bright Boulder Star.
g e
er -t,
3, 4, 5 .nd6 oz. cases, All watches fully war
r:nte'1 for one year.
All kiiuds. of VWalch repairing done in a work
manlike manner, and warrantued for one year.
Ladies' Sets iri Solid Roman Gold. Cameo,
Amethyst, Coral, Garnet and Pearl.
Sold 14 Karat Gold
g=Solid Silver and Plated Forks, Spoons, etc..
Of the best French manufacture.
SpecidVpains taken in fitting Spectacles and Eye
Glasss, to secure a ktiss suited to the eye.. Order,
from the country tilktd with care. Watches and
other goods sent e;4if* 1tion on receiving satisfac
tor," rekniedic.... W. G..AIL. E'V,
Manufacturer of and dealer in
And everything pertaining to the trade.
Always in stock.
Repairing Done at Shnrt Notioe,
And Prices lower than ever before charged
in the Territory.
Bought, for which the highest market price
will be paid.
(Nextdoor to Wells, Fargo & Co.)
(No. 575.)
Ileilna, Montanat, February 27, 1:78.
Notice is hereby published that John N aIno, Jos
eph V. Stafford, Samuel Iitchens, Theodure Muller
and John F. Grundman, whose post ottfice ad
dress is I)iamond City, Mlealc'er county, Montana
Territory, have this day tiled application for patent,
under the Mining laws of J'ongress, for a placer
mine situated in Confederate gulch (unorganized)
mining district; Meagher'county, Montana Terri
tory, designated as, Lot No. 37, in T 10 N R 2 E
from principal base anti meridian, imonrtana terri
tory, which claim is not recorded, and is described
in the olllcial plat and .1iold. notes. on tile in this
oflice as follows:
Beginning, at wa pine tree-"7 inchoesin. diameter
the established southwesterly corner of lot No. 40,
from which the corner to sections '2, 83,34 and 35.
townships ) and'I.0fN ra'nge 2 .i,,"boars N -0 2 deg 4(t
min E 51.11 chains distant, anid running thence S
28 deg 30 min W 31.06 chn ius; thente' 0i) ( deg 30
nuin E 5.80 chains; thence 'N 25-deg 30 minl E 8.08
chains; thence N 68 d(leg E 5.50 thains; thence N 23
dog 15 min E 20 chains: thence N 45 deg W 7.48 chains
to the place of beginning, embracing twenty-two
and lorty-tive hundredths (22 45-100) acres, uponp
which a notice of said application, together with a
plat of the premises clauned, were posted accord
Ina to law on the 18th day of February, 1878. The
adjling claimants to these premiseu are 8ant.ueT
Hitchens et .l., placer mine, designated as lot 40
on the northeast.
Any aod all persons claiming adversely the above
described lot 27, or any part thereofl, are hereby
notified that unless their adverse chines are duly
filed with the Register of the U. S. Laud Office, at
Helena, Milontana Territory, within the sixty days
period of publication of hereof, they will be forever
barred, by virtue of the provisions of tile Mining
Laws of Congress.
J. Hl, MOE, Register.
B. F. Liusiu, U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor.
Uni.ted StatesJland Oflice,
HIelena, Montlana:, March 7, 1878.
Aaron TTarter and Ia.id 'T'. Housntn, whose.
post,-olice address is ('eutrevill, Meagher county,
M. T., hits thi5s (lay filed his application to enter
as agricultural land, under the homestead laws,
the.N W quarter o S W quarter qf sect.ion 10, the
N half of S I quarter, the S ct quiarter of S i,
quarter of section ).' andi the S V quarter of S E
quarter, and lot No. . of section 4; the N W quarter
of N E quarter, and the N E qua:rter of N W quarter
of seetion No. 9, in township No. 5 north, range
No. 2 east, which land is suspended from entry.
Notice is hereby given that a heal'ing will be had
at this olffice on the 13th clay of April, A. D. 1878,
at 10 o'clock a. ht., to' dletermine as to the mineral
or non-mineral eheracter of said land, and testi
mony to.be used upon staid hearing will be taken,
before the ltei4ster trnd-Receiver on the 13th day of
April, A. D1. 1878, at-Jo.e'cloek a. m. It is alleged
there are no known. miners, nor mitining improve
ments upon said rihc .. iH. MOlE, Register.
United States Land Oillco,
ITelena, Miontauua, March 8, 1878. j
StewnrtM IKeaton, whose post oflice address
is Centreville, Meagher.county, Montana Territory,
has this day illed' his application to enter as agrical- .
tnral:.land, under the homestead laws, the S WV
quarter section No. 22, in township No. 8 north,
range No 2 east, which land is suspended - fronto
Notice Is hereby given that a hearing will be hadl
at this otlcee on-:.the 13th day of April,"A. ). 1878
at 10 o'clock a.; -.i, to dolterllino 'ls to the minertal
or non-minrtthl charact.-' of saiu li iod, and testi
mony to housed upon said hearing will be taken be
Ibre the lRetister and Receiver on the 13th (lay of'''
April, A. . 187,, at 10 o'clock a.':n. It iN aiiee.t
there are no known miners, nor mining improve
ments, upon said lind. .J. .i. TIOE, Register.
r ' E. COLLINS.'
pee-ial ,atte"tion given to Colleotions in all parts of I
hTe Tcrritory. Conreyan.iCg promptly antrened to.
Office at Cs,'(Lty 4erk's Office,
RFoot's Garden Manual
For 1878,
.Fll of Instruction on Gardening Topics; and price
list of (it(lbICE PSEDI)S, Pent for 10 cents, allofwed I
on that ordler for .euds. Address,
S. 4 .1OOT, Rock-forg ,l1..".

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