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j0 ,- CITY LODGE No. 7, A. F. and A. M. i
DIAMStated Comm.unications held at their Hall, 3
. in State d C.ity, on the second aned fourth
~in Diaun of each month. Sojourning
rSturl ar cordially invited to attend.
LE O)brothera MARKS, W. M.
En ]c:F'R,El Secret:1rY'.
John riser anid WVin. Corkill,. of Smith ti
rifer, were in Diamond the past week. e
According to Greenhood, Bohm & Co.'s
nap of Montana, Helena is thie "hub."
m-- S
The cclebLrate Union Mill lloutr may be
ha1d in Diamonid, of W. F. IIaase.
?lose, Doggett's farm will yield about
,0, bulshclcs of grain this season.
Messr. rowley, Giriiwell & C:o., of Duck
creek, will have their new arastra cormplet
cd lnext we'i.
Gerl. Smith is l.Xinlg up his residence on
Birch . eck, and will move his tamiily over
Spencer Bros., ot \Vhite .ulphllur Springs,
have been replenishing their stock of mer
chandise this week.
Smith Bros. & McDonald, woul-growers
ot Sgmith river, lhave dissolved copartnership
andu divided their flocks.
Last week L. Marks received an elegant
watch chain worth $50 from his sons, David
and Mose, as a birthday present.
Ten Doy passed trom the Mu-scleshell to
the Judith this week with 90 lodges of Ban
;acks. They have an escort of two soldiers.
Rob't. E. Strahorn and wife were passen
gers on yesterday's coach to the White Sul
phur Springs. They will spend a day or
two in Diamnond on their return.
Cook Bros, IIussey and Lewis' wool
trlin passed Martitsdale on the 13th, on its
second trip to Carroll. It will arrive at Car
roll in auple time for the boats.
The Good '1euntplars are repairing men e
hall, preparatory to the meeting of the
Grand Lodge, which convenes at this place
October 9thi.
------------ 1
Confedertte.'s sucLcesstul farmer, Wv.. R. t
bM.r;;gaut. presen.ed us with some specinel:. t
of potatoes grown by him this year, which
are the 1i nest of the season.
The gallant Clillord was over Monday
last bidding adieu to his Diamond friends. I
We wish him prosperity and happiness t
wherever his soldier life may lead him.
Col. Gilbert, Capt. Clifford, Lieutenant
Young and Company E, wvth deep regret,
bid adieu to Camp Baker yesterday, and
took up their line of march for Fort Snell
ng, Mina. They take a steamer at Cow
lisland. Our best wishes attend them.
Henry McDonald, of Smith river, and
Wm, Martin, of the Muscleshell, have de
ci(ted to move their flocks to Arrow creek.
the place selected is 10 miles south of .the
Meagher county line, and 30 miles from
Chas. Seibrechlt met w\vitl a severe acci
dent a fetw days since while engaged in tak
ing down a whim back of town. One of
the poles which was being used as a derick
broke and struck hint on the head, knock
ing him inasensible for some minutes.
The denlm.llt for li1e in consequence [ . L
the large amount of building going on on i
Smith river, has induced John Piser to enter
into the business. The limetsone on Newlan I
creek, makes an excellent quality of limne,
Mr. wiser will have a kiln burned and ready ยบ
for market in a short time.
G. S. Lewis, the enterprising proprietor
of the Union Mills of Gallatin county, has
loaded a train with flour to supply the.
Smith river and Musclesheil valleys. This
flour will be stored at P. H. Clark's, near
the White Sulphur Springs, where the set
tlers can obtain it at the lowTst market
The road down the gulch has been comn
pleted from the mouth of boulder. The con
tract was let at $100. There is yet $25 to
raise to pay for the work. There is yet a
number of freighters and farmers who are
greatly interested' in the road who are be
hind with their donations. but it is hoped
they will come forward promptly, as the
road is of great value to all who have busi
ness in Diamond:.
Marks, Patterson & Co.'s steam thresher t,
is a complete success, and has a capacity of o
3,000 bushels per day. It requires only one u
cord of wood to 2,000 bushels. tl
We notice that Jonas Higgins of this place
is a member of the Montana Steam Naviga- (
tion Company, a company organized to op
crate on the Missouri river above the great
Geo. Patterson, late of Baltimore, who t
spent the lambing season with Cook Bros.,
has purchiased 3,000 head of sheep and
moved to Ilighwood, Meagher county.
The. following instance of canine intelli
gence is seldom excelled. One day last
week one of Len Lewis shepard dogs arriv
ed amt his homne direct from his flock, five or
six miles distant, with a note from the herd
er, requesting Mr. Lewis presence at once.
Farmers, stock growers and dairymen de
sirous of unproving their herds, are reterred
to the breeders' card of Sedman c& Mc
Gregor, of Madison county. These gentle
men are among the oldest and most exten
sive Short-horn breeders in Montana, and
their stock is first-class. They have given
the matter much attention ; have two dis
tinct fimuilies, one bred especially to milk,
the other to beef. Both of these families
stand unquestionably high among breeders
of this country. For pedigrees and partic
ulars, address them at Adobetown.
The good people of L)iannoni1 nave re- d
sponded nobly to the appeal for aid, to the
yellow fever sufferers of the South. T. E. F
Collins forwarded $182.50 yesterday, of this ,
$35.50 is from Smith river, and wa:s con
tributed as follows : Len Lewis, $10; Cook
Bros., $10 ; John Moore, $10 ; Morgan and
Saver, $5. The fifty cents was given by a
little orphan girl, whose name we do not
remember. The remainder was from D1ia
mond, and is more than $1.50 per capita-.to
every man, woman ,and1 chill in town. Oth
er portions of the county will yet respond.
The Melgher county l)emocratic Conven
tion met at the Court House on the after
noon of Tuesday the 12th, and nominated
the ticket which will be found elsewhere in
this iszisue. Ther'e was a good turnout, and
butt little voting by proxy. Every precinct
was represented except Martinsdale and
Chestnut. The meeting was harmonkius
throughout, and all delegates expressed
themselves entirely satisfied with the ticket.
A number of patriotic and enthusiastic
speeches were made. The following reso
lutions were unanimously adopted :
Resolved, By the Democracy of the Gounty
of Meagher in Delegate Convention Assent
b~ed :
swerving allegiance to the principles of the
Demnocratic party as promulgated by its
leaders in Congress and by its delegates in
national and. State conventions.
2d. That we intdorse and approve the
faithful and, etficient work of our Democrat- t
ic oflicers in the economical and good man
agement of our county afliairs.
3d That we are ilmuiuinIOusly opposed to t
granting Territorial, or other pecuniary aid i
trom the public treasury, or assistance to t
any railroad or othertorp.oration.
4th That we pledge our nominees for
members of the 'Tterritorial Legislature to 1
be in favor of economic:le legislation it the
interest of the Territory and of the several
counties, and that they are opposed in any
manlner or form, directly or indirectly, to
Territorial or county subsidies to aid rail
roads, navigation compan!ies or other cor
porations. And we pledge all our candi
dates to a strict etrforcement of all offticial
responsibilities that our laws way be en
forced and peace preserved.
5tlh. .That we heartily and unanimously
endorse and approve of the course of the
lion. Martin Maginnis, our present Dele
- gate in Congress; he has made a faithtul
and efficient Representative of the people
of the entire Territory, irrespective of party
or section, and deserves the earnest and
- unanimous endorsement, not only of the
> Democracy, but of the whole people of the
i Territory for the perseverance, energy and
e ability with which he has worked for and
- conducted their interests.
.l 6th. That we unanimously favor the re
e nomination of the U on. Martin Mapinnis
for Delegate to Congress at the approach
big Demnocrati' eerritorial Con'ention,, and.
to that end hereby instruct and autarize
our delegates to said convention, or so
many of them as may be present, to cast
the six votes of Meagher county for him n1
until he is nominated or his name with- H
drawn from before the convention. We also al
request the delegation present at said con- n
vention to vote as a unit on all questions it
before said convention, and we authorize C
the member present to cast the full vote of a
the county. a
T. E. Collins, R. D. Cotter, David Marks, s
Win. Parberry, J. F. Mc Clintock, James r
IIornbuckle were selected Delegates to the I
Territorial Convention. T. E. Collins, M.
Doggett, James IIorubuckle, James Mc Cor
mick, Wm. Parberry, John Moore, Jeff
Howell, C. L. HIarrington, P. J. Moore, B.
Johnson, J. F. Mc Clintock,'P. J. Winston,
Jesse Debord were chosen members of the
Democratic Central Committee.
At a regular communication of Diamond
City Lodge No 7, A. F & A. M., held at
their Hall in Diamond City, September 14th,
the following preamble and resolutions
were adopted.
WHEREAS, Our esteemed Bro. Luther
Briggs, having met his death Aug. 24 1S78.
thereby obeying the mandate of the Sutl
preme Architect of the universe, who its'
HIis infinite wisdom and mercy saw fit t<te
remove our Worthy Brother, from the care:s
and troubles of this life to a state of eternal
duration, theretore ne ti
Resolved,- That in the death of Brother a
Briggs, our Lodge has sustained an irrepar
able loss.
Resolved, That as the practice of charity a
is one of the cardinal principles of our or
der, we cast its broad mantle over his faults, t
and bury all his frailness in the cold and 1
cheerless tomb, with his mortal Bemains. r
Resolved, That though the warm heart c
that throbed for others woes, and the gener- t
ous hand that was always ready to contrib
ute, to alleviate distress, is stilled in death;
yet, his virtues and many good deeds will 1
ever he remembered, and cherished by us,
as Masons and Friends.
Resolved, That we tender to the relatives
and friends of our deceased Brother, our
heartfelt sympathies in their sad bereave
Resolved, That the Lodge be draped in,
and the members thereot wear the usual
badge of mourning for thirty days.
Resolved, That a further tribute of respect,
a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to
the relatives of the deceased, and also a
copy to he handed to the editor of the
D)AvID l1.UTT'ERr1ELd, Corn.
11. 11. BARNES.
IN R ,UAm. n
At a regular meeting of Diamond Lodge t
No. 1, I. O. G. T., September 15th, 1878, a
the following preamble and resolutions were -
unanimously adopted :
WisHERuAs, it has pleased ourgreat Crea
tor, in His mercy, to remove, by death, our I
beloved brother, Benjamin Franklin Bull,
from the cares aOd troubles of a transitory
existence, to a state of eternal duration, in
that house not made with hands eternal in
the heavens.
Resolved. That while we mortals view
with dimmed eye and sorrowful heart this
evidence of our mortality, and. the sudden
severance of earthly ties and, associations,
we rejoice that the same Almighty Being
will awaken our brother from. his death
sleep, and give unto him that blessed and
complete life that has no second death.
Resolved, That in the death of Bro. Bull,
society has lost an honest, upright and val
uak , member, and the Good 'T'emnpl~rs one
of their most zealous advocates.
Resolved, That as a token of our brother
ly love and respeet to the memory, of our
deceased brother, the Chanter of owr Lodge
be draped in mourning, and the members
wear the usual badge for thirty days.
Resolved, That the Secretary furnish a
copy of these r'solullons to the father,
brother, and sister of our deceased brother,
:and a copy to the Rociky MOUNTAIN H s
BANDMAN tor publication, and that this be
spread upon the records of our Lodge.
Jxo. B.Uc.usaxG1LL.
The Republicans of Mengher county will
meet in delegate convention at the Court
House, Diamond City, Saturday Sept. 21st,
at 1 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of nomi
nating candidates for county officers, choos
ing delegates to the Republican Territorial
Convention, to be held at Helena Sept. 24th,
and the transaction of such other business
as may come before the Convention. The
several voting precincts will be entitled to
representation in the Conventionas follows :
Diamond .............................. ...............
W hite s............................. ......... .....1
Canyon Ferry ...................................3
Confederate .... ..... ........... .................1
Duck Creek...........................................
Round Grove......................................1
Deep Creek................................. ..........2
B elt .................................... ........... 1
Chestnut ........................... ....1
Muscleshell............................. . ... I
New York ...........................................1
A primary meeting for the election oft del
egates will be held in the several precincts
at the usual places of voting, on Wednes
clay, the 1Sth day of September, between
the hours o G a. . m. and 8 o'clock p. m. A
general turnout is solicited.
W. F. HAAsE, Ch'n.
thir and treat her with familiar discour
' is a pinchbeck imitation of a gentleman.
tenuimne good manners and gentle breed
should begin at home. As a rule, the
1 Wh,.
At the.Sisters Hospital, in Helena, Sept. 11th,,
after a brief illness, B. F. Bull of Diamond City.
Aged about 39 years.
Deceased was born in Rockingham county Va',.
and removed to Champagne county, Ohio, in early
life, where his father, brother and sister, the only
surviving members of the family reside. He came'
to Montana in 1865, and to Confederate gulch in
1867, where he engaged in mining, and. has since
resided. He was an honest, upright man, a good
citizen, and was highly respected by the communil
ty in which he has so long resided. His death was
sudden and unexpected; but a lew weeks ago he
was full of life and health. Being taken with pneu
monia, was sick about three weeks, though con
fined.to his bed less than a week.
Sugar, Coffee; Tea, Lard, Bacon, Dried Fruits,
Canned Goods, Boots an Shoes, Clothlng---a Largeo
Variety of Staple Goods.
Thoroughbred Short Horn, Kentucky
Stock, for Sale.
The undevsigned has the following thoroughbred~
Short Horns that must be sold, and which he is
offering at a sacriflee: One thoroughbred Ardria
Bull, imported from Kentucky; red, five years old.
Three thoroughbred pedigreed and recorded cows,.
imported from Kentucky; two thoronghbred pedi
greed heifers; two thoroughbred pedigreed bull
calves; one thoroughbred heifer calft This stock
is all pure Durham, and as tine as any in the West.
S'tock men will do-well to examine this stock Im
mediately. They will be sold for much less than
the same btock eould be brought here for from (eni
tucyty. G. F. COPE, "
37 Meadow Creek, Madison county.
Hoot's tarden Manual
For 1878,
Full of luetruetion on Gardening Toples; and pri +e
list of CHOICE iEV.DS, sent for 10 elites aflowse
on first order for seeds. Address,
8 J. B. HOOT, Rockford, Illy
-OSEPH HORSKY, Proprietor
Accommodations for
Is prepared to
I have 620 acres of the best bay land in PIrIktc
Pear Valley, six miles hfro tn fromwhowi, thlom wlh
all my hay.
SAMUEL SocuwAn. EDwA1 -I. ZZ1xIWaEwA
Nos. 81 and 89 Maflh Street,
This Iloursels centrally located, and the onlyFr.t.h.
class brick and stone Hotel in the city.

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