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Stated Communications held attheir Hall,
in Diamond City, on the second and fourth
Saturdays of each month. Sojourning
brothers are cordially invited to attend.
H1. H. BARNES, W. M.
G. A. HAxPTON, Secretary.
I will hold services at the following places dur
ing this conference year:
1st Sabbath, Deep creek, morning and evening.
'2d ' Radersburg, ' "
3d " St Louis, '" Bedford, eve.
4th " Duck creek, " Beaver cr'k "
Hours for services-11 o'clok, a. m., and 7 p. m.
Appointments will not be changed during this con
ference year. R. M. CRAVEN,
Centerville, Meagher Co. Montana.
THE blackleg seems to be abating.
L.MARKS leaves for Hele1na to-day.
JOHN KELLEY and Mrs. Stairing, of
White's gulch, were in town this week.
SEVERAL ot the old settlers of the Mus
selshel are talking of moving their herds to
Flat Willow.
HAVING located his family comfortably in
Helena, A. McGregor returned Tuesday to
his Musselshell ranch.
THE round-up on the Musselshell, now
in progress, is composed of a larger mem
bership than ever before.
THERE are no less than a dozen ponies
now in training for the races at White Sul
phur Springs, Friday, October 10.
MR. AND MRs. G. A. HAMPToN, and Mr.
and Mrs. D. J. Winters started out Monday
last on a hunting and fishing excursion.
SEIBEN BROS., of lower Smith river, have
recently added 5,000 sheep to their flock.
I'he recent purchase was driven this season
from Red Bluffs, California.
A PERSON returning from the new mines,
reports that he saw one man clean up $9.00
as the result of one day's work. We failed
to learn the name of the man.
A PARTY from White Sulphur Springs will
look out the proposed road from that place
to Centerville, by way of Cook's ranch and
Norton & Sterling's mill, this week.
WE acknowledge the receipt of an invi
tation to attend the ball to be given at Fort
Logan, Friday evening next, but a tempo
rary change in our office force we fear will
prevent our accepting it.
WE ARE indebted to J. W. Walters, of
Camas creek, Smith river valley, tor a fine
lot of vegetables of good quality. There
were three varieties of onions-two from
the seed and one from setts-Hubbard and
summer squash, three varieties of potatoes,
beans, caulliflower, rootabagas, turnips,
cabbage,. parsnips, carrots, cucumbers,
tomatoes and corn, all of which are of ex
cellent quality, and demonstrates beyond a
doubt that vegetables can be grown success
fully on Smith river valley. Mr. Walters
has a large garden, and having recently met
with the misfortune of having his house
burned, has put the price down low, being
determined to undersell all competitors.
He respectfully invites the people of S.nith
river to examine his vegetables and learn
his prices before purchasing elsewhere.
THE members of Co. K., 3d infantry an
nounce a grand, ball at Fort Logan, on Fri
day, September 26. A cordial invitation is
extended to the public generally. ,Tickets,
including supper, $2.00. Gentlemen accom
panied by ladies, free. This inducement
should secure a large attendance of ladies.
"' The boys in blue" are noted for their hos
pitality, and the balls given under their
auspices are generally brilliant in the ex
treme. Those who would have a merry
time should be on hand Friday night next.
For further particulars see advertisement in
another column.
DETERMINED not to be out-stripped by
the rest of Montana, the Spencer Bros., of
White Sulphur Springs, offer a pony purse
which equals tihe average given for such
races by any fair association; and as
Meagher county is decidedly a stock county,
and gives little attention to flyers, a purse
for the fleetest cow pony is in good taste.
In addition to this tthey propose a grand
opening of the carnival season with a ball,
with Profs. Hewins and Yeager, Montana's
favorite musicians, to furnish solae-stirring
strains to tempt the reluctant and watt
them away and away in the mystic mazes
of the giddy dance. Don'tforget the event..
T. E. COLLINS, having accomplished the
object of his visit to Benton, returned Frl
day last.
HARVESTING, except in a few isolated
cases, is now over, and threshing is progres
sing rapidly.
ONE of our young Nimrods finds excllent
gunning up the valley. Those birds, how
ever, do not fly.
Jos. HIORSKY, of the Hay Market Stables,
Helena, is a good feed and livery man, and
attends to business carefully.
REMEMBER the races at White Sulphur
Springs are to come off Friday, October 10,
and there is to be.a ball on Friday evening.
A brilliant affair is anticipated.
HORSE-GROWERS and farmers should not
forget the auction sale of Percheron-Nor
man horses advertised by Jas. Mauldin, to
come offat Helena next week.
WE acknowledge ourselves indebted to
the Montana Agricultural, Mineral & Me
chanical association for a family season tick
et. Our reporter will be on hand.
PERSONS wishing to buy tomatoes can
get them at four cents per pound, by call
ing at John G. Pickering's ranch, on Duck
creek. He has a large quantity of them.
LN ouv issue of August 28, a cure for
spavin was credited to J. B. Smith, Boulder'
valley. It should have read Ruby valley.
Mr. Smith is an experienced veterinarian,
and his remedy is worth preserving.
THE attention of those visiting the fair
next week is respectfully invited to the ad
vertisement of Smiley & Barnes, of the
Farmers' Feed & Livery Stables, Helena,
Montana. These gentlemen are obliging
and attentive to their business, and take
good care of stock left in their charge.
THE differences between Meagher and
Choteau counties, in regard to the assess
ment of stock, we are glad to learn, have
been amicably settled, and the people of
these two great local sub-divisions of terri
tory will continue to dwell together in peace
and harmony.
THE trustees of White Sulphur Springs
school district have, we believe, about de
cided to order patent seats and desks for
the new school-house now in course of ere'
tion. The building will also be furnished
with all modern charts and aparatus now
in use in our standard schools.
J, J. DONNELLY, County Clerk and Pro
bate Judge of Choteau county, intends sur
veying the line between Choteau and
Meagher counties, and will commence the
work about the 15th of October. He will
also survey and locate the new wagon road
from Benton to Fort Logan about the same
SOME of the citizens of Smith river advoa
cate a law preventing fishing for the mar
kets from the trout streams in Meagher
county. They hold that the continual fish
ing by persons who ship thousands of
pounds to market will destroy the source of
supply, and that in a few years there will
be no fish for the citizens, and nothing to
attract sportsmen into our midst.
THE suit instituted by Mr. T. O. Miles
against Beecher & Co., owners of the dis
eased sheep, was compromised by Mr.
Beecher paying the costs and a portion of
the expense which Mr. Miles must incur
in kee ing his flocks remote from the
pasture ground upon which the diseased
sheep were allowed to remain for some days.
THE trail by the head of Sheep creek to
the new mines is nearest, but the moun
tain is rough and precipitous, and when
snow falls it will have to be abandoned for
the one via Copperopolls to the Judith ba
sin. This trail is broad and lies over a
country that can be traversed in mid win
J. C. KERLEY, late of Lhe Helena Tnde
pendent, is now in Meagher county looking
out a location for a sheep ranch. He has
been prospecting the country between Bea
ver fiat and lower Smith river and will prob
ably locate on Hound creek. He will em
bark in the sheep business this fall with
about 2,000 head. We are pleased to wel
come Mr. Kerley into the ranks of husband
ry, and to a home in Meagher county.
A LARGE party of Bozemanites returned
to the new mines last week.
REV. R. M. CRAVEN will preach at Duck
creek on the 4th Sunday, as usual.
W. F. HAASE, who has been in Helena
some days, returned Tuesday.
Wiu. LEONHARDI, stock-grower of the
Missouri valley, was in town last week.
SHARP & KANOUSE have commenced de
livering grain at Fort Logan, on contract.
AN installment of furniture for the new
hotel at White Sulphur Springs, arrived
last week.
R. M. HANSON is geting out timber for
the erection of a meat market and dwelling
at White Sulphur Springs.
THE dispatches relating to the reception
of Gen. Grant at San Francisco are too vo
luminous, and in consequence are emitted.
THE indications are that the Judith mines
will develop into a permanent camp. Sev
eral houses have been erected, and exten
sive arrangements for testing the mines are
being made.
IN addition to its daily edition, the Fron
tier Index'has entered upon the publication
of a weekly. This is better adapted to the
wants of those who live off the line of daily
mail, and will we trust share a liberal pa
WE learn from the Madisonian that a new
paper will be started at Sheridan about the
first of December. This looks like crowd
ing things a little, but Madison county once
supported two papers handsomely and is
in better condition to-day than then, and
we hope the people are no less patriotic.
J. A. GOODHUE, representative of the re
nowned Geneva nursery, of New York, has
met with excellent success ip Montana. A
letter from the firm he represents assures
us that he is a gentleman of integrity, is
their regular authorized agent and designs
building up a prominent business in Mon
tana. See card in this issue.
MoNDAY, Will Sutherlin was making his
rounds in the East Gallatin settlement. Af
ter passing through a pair of bars he lett
hisiberse standing while he put up the bars
and the horse taking advantage of the occa
sion started off with the blck-board to
which it was hitched, and after scattering
things promiscuously around the ranch,
wound up with one wheel broken into
smithers. Will made enough out of the
pieces and other things to bring the wagon
to town where he had damages repaired and
again sallied forth, with great zeal for cash
subscribers, a wiser, if not a better man.-
Godey's Lady's Book for October will be
received with pleasure by its subscribers,
being an unusually beautiful number of
this ever popular magazine. The steel
plate, by Darley, represents a merry-mak
ing at tLe time-honored festival of All-Hal
lowe'en. The autumn fashions are shown
in a mammoth colored steel plate, and nu
merous pages of additional illustrations,
which have full descriptions in the fashion
department. Godey's fashions have been
unsurpassed for nearly half a century. The
literary matter is of the best, comprising
the continuation of "The Rosebud Garden
of Girls, which increases in interest with ev
ery number; the conclusion of "A Gentle
Belle," one of the best novels of the day;
and short stories and poems by popular au
thors, The usual pages of music, amuse
ment, household matter, architecture, home
adornment, and fancy work are given, and
the entire number is a proof that the edit
ors keep t elr promise, in offering to the
public the best tashion magazine in the
country. The publishers will send to anyr
address, .post-paid, on receipt of 50 cents,
the remaining three numbers of the
present year, or for $1 will send the ftull
current volume, Address Godey's Lady's
Book, Philadelphia.
V1 .A. t I E D
At Helena, September 2s, Thomas J, bheehy aui
Misse Rose Aloysius Gillogly.
LOST.-Between Duck creek and Diamond, on
Monday, Sept. 8, a parcel containing hat, cost and
other clothese, r#or, etc. The finder will confer a
speclal tavor by returnihg the same to Antene Un
sult, better known as "Oxen-Tony," at Diamond
City, Montana.
Racing and Dancing
OCTOBER 14th, 1879.
There will be a quarter-mile pony race, best
three in five, open to all horses 14 1-8 hand high
and under, for a purse of $75; $50 to the first and
$95 to the second horse Four horses to enter and
four to go. Entrance fee, 10 per cent. All entries
to be made by 4 o'clock of the day previous.
will be given
September 10, 1879-48-5
A Ball and Supper!
will be given by the members of
on the evening of
September 36th, 1879.
at the Post of
F'ort Lbg aa.,
to which the citizens of Meagher and adjoining
counties are respectfully invited.
Gentlemen accompanied by a lady or ladles will
be admitted tree. Gentlemen unaccompanied by
ladies will be charged an entrance fee of $9.00.
Dancing will commence at 8:80 o'clock.
Committee of Arrangements :
Private, E. C. BUSH.
Private, M. M. SMITH, Private, A. A. McELWAIN,
Private, T. CALLAGHAN.
Fort Logan. Montana, Sept. 24-45-i
Being desirous of assisting the people of Smith
river and Musselshell in obtaining their winter sup
ply of flour at reasonable rates, I will purchase for
all who will send in their orders before October 10,
without commission, or in other words, will fttr
nish them at cost and carriage. By sending their
orders to me they will have all the advantage that
can be obtained by purchasing and freighting in
large quantities. Orders will be taken for any
number of bags, but must be in by October 10th.
I intend purchasing 800 sacks for my own use, and
will add to this amount whatever is ordered, and
give the people whatever benefit may be derived
from purchasing in this way.
I also beg leave to state that 1 have just received'
a large stock of general merchan(ise, which I will
sell as low as it can possibly be sold in this market.
White Sulphur Springs, Sept. 18, 1879.44-tf.
A lady who has a diploma, having graduated in
the highest branches of the English language at one
of the best colleges in the United States woe .
like a sitnuation as teacher. Address, . A.
Care HUssAND Nx. 44-tf,
Diamond City Hotel,
ED, BRASSEY, - - Lessee.
This wtdely known and popular hotel is well
provided with modern convenlenciesi is neat and
comfortably ftrnlshed, and the tables are always
supplied with the best of everything to be obtained
in the market.
The public are respeotfully invited to call and ex
amine ior themselves:
ly 10
Call and Settle.
Having closed out my business in Diamond City,
I have placed my books, accounts, notes, etc., In
-the hands of T, E. Collins for settlement Persens
interested will settle at ence and save costs.
Watch and Chronometer making and repairing he
a3l its most difoult parts, a specialty.
Executed in the best style.
Gold sad silver work made to order.
I? EGo. RY R 1V3 .

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