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L.coal News.
"I was glad when they said unto me, let us
go into the house of the Lord."
Preaching at White Sulphur Springs the 1st and
2d Sundays of' the month at 11:30 a. m. and 7 p. m.,
social meeting same Sundays; prayer meeting
Thursday evening 7 p. m. at the school house;
Sunday school every Sunday at10:30 a. m., the reg
ular bible reading on the 3d 4th and 5th Sunday.
Preaching at Deep creek 3d Sunday of each month
at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. Duck creek 4th Sunday of
each month at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m.
At. J. HALL, Resident Pastor.
-Read R. S. Prices new ad. He means
-Miss Ida Pound is teaching a winter
school at J. E. Hall's, near old Fort Howie.
-The late fall of snow is too badly drift
ed for sleighing, there being too much bare
-The business of White Sulphur Springs
hotel is double this winter what it has ever
been before.
-Spencer's teams are on a trip to the Gal
latin for flour. The consumption this win
ter is proving very large.
-A fast freight line and general express
would do a good business if put on between
this place and Livingston.
-A. Reinhardt has contracted with Price,
Holmes & Price to deliver 350,000 feet of
lumber from their upper mill.
-Alex Gibson and Irvin Smith have just
completed a splendid four-horse sleigh for
Jacob Powers' stage line.
-Messrs. Powell & Camp sold their team
of four mules, harness and wagon, week be
fore last, to August Reinhardt for $1,200,
-Judge Gaddis, of Fort Logan, was
among these who enjoyed the festivities et
the ball last week. He appears to be grow
ing younger.
-The restoration of John Reegan, of
Barker, is the latest radical cure achieved
through the agency of the waters of White
Sulphur Springs.
-E. A. Keys has retired from the saloon
business. He will spend the winter in col
lecting accounts, and expects to locate next
summer at Neihart.
-The people of the river metropolis have
been engaged in booming their town for
some time, and have now turned their at
tention towards booming the river.
-A great many are beginning to advo
cate Livingston as the railroad point for the
4prings instead of Townsend, although
Townsend is the nearest by 30 miles.
-M. J. Morgan, T. J. Fleming, Mrs.
Mtattie Kelly and Miss Trump, of Fort Lo
gan, Jeff. Howell, Miss Sanderson, Joe
Emhofi and wife, of Diamond, were in at
tendance at the dance last Friday evening.
-Kleber Tipton. who came up from Liv
ingston with Arthur Sias' piano a few days
since, reports that a good wagon road can
be made to that point at a slight expense.
He had no trouble in coming right along
with his load.
-In our review of the school exercises
last week, Edna Johnson, a bright and
promising little girl, was missed. This was
unintentior.al, as she recited very nicely in
deed and was very deserving of mention.
She is improving rapidly, and gives prom
ise of becoming a bright scholar. '
--Arthur Sias set a force of men with
three or four teams to work Tuesday filling
up the large ice house belonging to the ho
tel property with ice. The ice is gathered
from Smith river instead of from the lake
in which the hotel sewer empties, and is
consequently very clear and clean.
-We call attention to the advertisement
of Charles Richards, carpenter and joiner,
contracter and draughtsman. Mr. Richards
has built a number of houses in town last
season and every job has given satisfaction.
He has the reputation of doing work with
dispatch and according to contract.
-Fort Logan, owned by Judge Gaddis,
has recently been sold to Eastern parties
for $45,000. The property consists of four
square miles of land and the military and
sutlerbuildings. It is, we understand, to
be used for a horse ranch, a purpose to
which it is well adapted. Judge Gaddis
purchased it about two years ago from the
government for $4,500.
-Attention is direct to the advertisement
of Clark, Conrad & Curtin in another col
umn. This is the oldest haadware firm in
Montana, has ample capital, and carries an
immensely large stock. Our readers can
get any article in the hardware lie that
they may need. The proprietors are polite
atnd obliging, and have a wide notoriety for
being upright in their dealings.
-The ad vertisement of the Riverside Stock
Farm appears in our columns this week.
Messrs. Huntley & Clarke, the proprietors
of this farm, are probably Montana's most
extensive stock raisers, and possess one of
the best improved farms and finest bred
herd of horses. Persons needing young
stallions, filleys, mares or horses will do
well to make a visit to their farm on Crew
Creek valley. They will find a proprietors
excellent gentlemen to deal with and a
splendid opportunity to select good stock.
-A gentleman writing from eastern Mea
gher county adds the following postscript :
"There are some buffalo here, but they are
poor, having been run too much. Horse
thieves are plentiful. The halt-breeds re
port several hundred horses cached in a
canyon of a small stream near the mouth of
the Musselshell. There is no danger of tak
ing any of the thieves to the Springs if
caught. It won't pay, as we can make
shorter work of them. The Half-breeds are
still killing a few of our stock. The In.
dians are all north of the Missouri."
-We call attention to the advertisement
in another column of D. M. Ferry & Co.,
Detroit, Mich., the celebrated seedsmen
whose mammoth establishment is one of
the sights of the chief city of Michigan.
The house is entirely reliable, and it you
wish to get exactly what you order, send to
them for your seeds, ald you may depend
upon it you will get the best that the mar
ket supply. Their seeds have become
known over the entire civilized world for
purity and fertility, and have gained for
them an enviable reputation. Their Annu
al Seed Catalogue just issued for 1883, re
plete with information and beautifully illus
trated, will be sent free on application.
-At a meeting of the citizens of White
Sulphur Springs, Tuesday evening last, for
the purpose of considering the school ques
tion, it was ascertained there is only mon
ey enough in the treasury to continue the
present school until June. But as the pres
ent school was inadequate, there not being
room in the house, one and teacher not
being able to give them the proper atten
tion, after due deliberation the trustees con
cluded that it would be best to levy a spe
cial tax for the purpose of renting another
building and employing another teacher,
which will be submitted to the people. The
Good Templars' hall can be had at $15 per
month, and a teacher can be had at $70. In
order to have ample funds it is expedient to
levy about a 3-mill tax. Owing to the ur
gent demand for increased school facilities
we presume there is no doubt but the tax
will be voted.
-Every one we have met who was In at
tendance at the ball last Friday evening
pronounced it the most enjoyable affair ever
held at White Sulphur Springs. The large
hall, which was provided with seats all
around, afforded ample room for all, was
brilliantly lighted and well arranged for the
comfort and pleasure of those who did not
dance, as well as those who did. Thirty-six
couples on the floor at one time, all in a
jolly, rolicking mood, stepping to the ex
cellent time and music of the Neff Bros.,
was indeed a scene of rich enjoyment. The
large attendance of ladies and their elegant
attire was the occasion of many remarks.
The supper, a gift by Dr. Parberry, of the
White Sulphur Springs Hotel, was a most
excellent midnight repast, and added much
to the enjoyment of the occasion. There
were between fifty and sixty tickets sold,
the total netting about $100 to the Good
STOC KED FOR $80,000.
White Sulphur Springs Bought By a Company
and to Be.Made the Leeding Health
Resort of the West.
A company composed of Helena, Benton
and White Sulphur Springs capita!, has
purchased of Dr. Parberry, the White Sul
phur Springs, in Meagher county, together
with all improvements thereon, and all that
portion of White Sulphur Springs not deed
ed to osher parties. The purchase includes
nine acres of ground surrounding the
Spring, seven acres of ground on which the
Springs hotel is situated, and 1,000 town
The incorporators of the company are
Messrs. T. E. Collins, Aaron Hershfleld,
and Henry Sieben. The board of trustees
is composed of the three gentlemen named,
and Dr. Parberry, A. W. Sias, Robert Co
burn and Louis Heitman.
The property has been stocked for $80,
000, which is a ver reasonable figure, con
sidering its actual value. All the capital
stock has been already taken.
It is the purpose of the company to begin
making improvements at -3e. Next
spring a large hotel, containing at least
eighty rooms, will be built, and also a com
modious bathing establishment with all
modern improvements and conveniences.
We understand also that a strong eflort
will be made to Induce the Northern Pacific
to build a branch road to the Springs from
Livingston, which would only require about
sixty-five miles of road. A road might be
built across from Townsend, but a branch
from Livingston would be preferable on ac
count of that being the point to which all
tourists who travel to the National Park
will have to come. After visiting the great
Wonderland of America, there is no doubt
but nearly all tourists would naturally head
for the great health resort of the northwest,
especially when it could be reached by only
sixty-five miles of railroad travel.
The gentlemen who are interested in this
matter are among the best and most enter
prising of the citizens of Montana, and it
may be relied on that in the next few
months White Sulphur Springs will be one
of the liveliest towns in the Territory.-In
dependent. Dec. 27th.
This is gratifying news to us. We were
aware that the project was on foot, but did
not expect to see it consumated for some
time yet, Dr. Parberry as we have for some
time been aware preferred selling the prop
erty to undertaking its improvement single
handed. The sale associates with him some
of Montana's wealthiest and most enter
pri'ing citizens, and we may expect to see
them take hold of the property in earnest.
I'he time has arrived when its improvement
becomes a necessity. The town and coun
ty has far outstripred the present accom
modations and the place was bound to lose
favor with the public, notwithstanding its
superior health and pleasure advantages,
unless fixed up in prolper shape, which we
are glad to know is at length to be done.
The new corporation represents a capital
of $80,000, one-halt of which is to be invest
ed in improvements, the remainder going
for the purchase of the property. The
shares are valued at $100 each, and were
taken as tollows : T. E. Collins, 50; C. E.
Duer, 25; John Lepley, 100; Aaron Hersh
feld, 50; Henry Sieben, 100; T. J. Lowrey,
25; Robert Coburn, 100; Spencer, :Mavan &
Heitman, 100; Dunham & Maloney, 50;
A. W. Sins, 100. The rapid increase in the
value ot the Springs since the location of
the HUSBANDMAN here, ;is a :matter which
cannot pass unnoticed. The entire proper
ty was then offered at $10,000 without a
taker, and an increase at the rate of $10,000
a year does us proud, although none of the
profits are placed to our credit, and we feel
assured if the new company pushes Im
provement as proposed, the place will soon
become the Saratoga and healing asylum of
the West. Town property here has already
become active and commenced to increase
in value, and as much as two thousand dol
lars premium has been offered for 100 shares
in the company. A good feeling pervades
the entire community. The continued pros
perity of the place is assured, and a city of
5,000 inhabitants will spring into existence
in a few years.
- --.-*- --- -
- - ,-.---- C I-- -
A regular communication of the above
named lodge will be held at their hall, at
White Sulphur Springs, M. T., Saturday
evening Jan. 13, 1883, at 7 o'clock p. m.
All members are expected to be prompt in
attendance, and sojourning brethren are
cordially invited.
Miss A. M. Darcy &Co. have just open
ed a new and complete stock of Millinery
and dry goods, at Canton, Montana. They
have also a full stock of notions and Christ
mas goods which they are prepared to sell
at low figures, as their entire stock has
been purchased East, for cash. The pub
lic generally are invited to give them a call.
]E O I N.
In Helena, Christmas Eve, 1882, to Mr. and Mrs
F. L. King, a son.
In upper Ruby valley, Madison county, Montana.
on k.riday, December 15th, 1882, to the wife of
Capt. Jas. Will ams, a daughter.
In Butte, December 25, 1882, by Rev. Father
Dois, Jose;.h Daft and Miss Emma F. Moyes, all
of Butte*
Spencer, Mayn & Heitman's
Nail the Slad Tidings.
Just received a fine assortment of Christ
mas presents for young ladies and gentle.
men, together with a large assortment of
Toys, etc. for children.
The finest assortment of pure candies
just received from New York ever opened
in Montana.
Just received a large shipment of fresh
Gum boots and Arctic overshoes of every
variety and size, for men, women and chil
dren, for sale at very reasonable figures.
A complete line of blankets, quilts, mens'
Merino underwear and socks, at very low
A fine line of clothing, gents' furnishing
goods, gloves and wits.
A large assortment of meerschaum pipes,
cigar holders, pocket-knives, etc.
The imported Benry Clay cigar and choice
brands of domestic cigars.
Fresh oysters, direct from the States.
An endless variety of lamps and glass
We sell everything low and invite the
general public to give us a call and exam
ine our goods and prices.
White Sulphur Springs, Dec. 14.
Our last installment of Winter Goods will arrive from the rail
road this week. This will make our stockof merchandisecomplete
Worth of Merchandise
In order to give my entire attention to the lumber busines. I will
Sell my entire stock, At Cost, from this date until all is closed out
For Cash or Approved Notes.
Now is the time to buy.
WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGs, M. T., January 1st, 1883.
Harness and Saddles,
Saddlery HIeLrdware,
Montana, Texas, Cheyenne and California Saddles,
Always on Hand.
Whip-sticks, Stage lashes, Spanish bits, Buggy whips, Saddle cloths, Horse blan
kets, Cartridge Delts, Stirrups, Horse and Mule collars, Fancy bridles,
Cinches, Quirts, TRace, Driving, 8tock, California and Mexican
Bits, Chaps, Curry Combs, Brushes, &c., &c., &c.
(Old Poet Of1ce Building) WHITE SULPIHUR SPRINGS. M. 2'.
Carpcs.ter, Joiner
Plans, Specifications and Estimates
Furnisked on Application.
Saw-Filing Always in Order.
l-rAll work warranted satisfactory or no
charges made.
Wh:teSulphar Springs, M. T. 8
Notice is hereby given that the co-partnership
heretolore existing between the undersigned, un
der the firm name of Spencer & Co., is this day
dissolved by mutual consent.
T. C. POWER & B.O.
White Sulphur Spring -, November 30, 1882.
Spencer & Co have sold their entire stock to
Spencer, Ilayn & Heitman. who intends to carry
a large stock of assorted merchandise, and by
buying goods from first hanis will , eable to com
pete with any market in Montana. While thank
ing the community for the liberal patronage they
have received, the old firm of Spencer & Co. cheer
hrlly recommend the new tirm of Spencer, Mayn
& Iieitman. 4
THIS PAPER r.ve founda on tihle at e
P. Rowell & Co's Newspalepwr
' ! eer . aing Bureatu . 1 Spruce St. h where advertislig
stracts m..' be lmade for i9 IN WE.V VO(II.
Notice is hereby given that the copartnershio
heretofore existing between Thomas Kinney and
Cyrus Nelso.., is this day dissolved by mutual
Nov. 80, 1882.
N. B.-All petsons knowing themselves indebt
ed to the late frm will please call and settle.
Will practice in all the courts of the Territory.
Will buy and sell real estate, mining and town
Collections of all kinds promptly at
tended to. 40
KINNEfY & . UIRTIO, Proprieters.
Good accomodations for man and beast, and
Charges Reasonable.
"-IDon't fail to give them a call. 4-6m
Cheapest Bibles , _ 1
Fmba]GrYEt~t Vm ~ m Ilew . t A II"fl.
cu I~~rnlr/$i

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