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J.ocal News.
"I was glad when they said unto me. let us
go into the house of the Lord."
Preaching at White Sulphur Springs the let
and ld Sundays of the month, 10:30 a. m. and
7:30 p. m. Sunday school every Sunday at 11:30
a, m, Prayer meeting Thursday evenings at
7:30 p Im. M.J. HALt,
Resident Pastor.
Preachin . 'a Id, 4th and 5th Sundays at 10:80
8. ,, . . M r. Catlin .
-J. T. Anderson has gone on a trip to
-Al. Robertson is taking a view of the
Judlith colntry.
-Read the advertisement ofl'. C. Pvower
in another column.
-The snow is so deep that travel on the
road to Neihart is much impeded.
-Philip Gehrett's brick residence will be
completed and ready for occupancy in about
a month.
-Judge Gaddis, of Fort Logan, has
bought J. S. Kelly's interest in the Elk
creek mines.
-Messrs. Kent & Curnutt. who have the
contract of excavating Anderson Bj os.' cel
lar, have it half completed.
-Irvin Smith, who opened his new black
smith shop about a week ago, is having a
good run of business.
-The Tranchant says that Mr. Barnes
thinks the cost of the Townsend road has
been greatly overestimated.
-The assignee of Reed & Co.'s goods at
Clendenin is moving into Neihart to open
business and sell out the stock.
-The owners of the Queen of the Hills at
Neihart have a large supply of groceries en
route from Benton.
-When completed, Joseph Blessing will
have the most stylish house in town. The
foundation is now ready for the frame work.
-Dr. A. A. Bearup, dentist, will be here
for a few days longer yet this week, and will
make regular trips alternate months during
the summer.
-Mrs. Dirking has a class of young ladies
who will take painting lessons, and has also
flattering prospects of getting up a good
music class.
--Wm. Harris. of Smith River valley, has
recently bought 20 head of mi!lch cows from
D. D. Carpenter, of Deep creek. We did
not learn the price paid.
-In the court docket last week it appear
ed that there was an action by Susan A. B.
Allen against John T. Allen. It should
have been James T. Allen Instead.
-Read notice of ball at Reedsfort, May
1st, to be given by Mrs. Frank Da.3 It will
be a grand success, as she never fails to get
up a flrstdlass entertainment.
-Miss Mina Robertson had the mistor
tune to be thrown from a horse recently,
the horn of the saddle giving way. She was
considerably bruised by the fall.
-Read Mrs. barter's advertisement of
"horses for sale." She is prepared to sell
on reasonable terms a number of draft, and
saddle horses, all well broken.
-Our old-time f.iend John Harsion, paid
the Springs a visit this week. He, in com
pany with Judge Gaddis, will work the bar
diggings on Elk creek this season.
-Mrs..J. G. Sarter paid the Springs a vis
it this week. She has several men at work
breaking horses, which she offers to sell in
numbers to suit the purchaser.
-Homer Thomas, of Gallatin county,
made the Springs a visit last week. While
here he recorded three leads in Murray dis
trict. The young town In this camp is boom
-Jonas Higgins did not let the contract
for the erection of his brick building. Ru
mor has it that he will change the plans to
that of a hotel, with three stories and nian
sard roof.
-Mrs. J. L. McKey. recently of Elmira,
N. Y., arrived a few days since at the health
resort and will spend a few weeks here.
She is on her way to her new home on the
Judith valley.
-Bozeman voted a one-mill tax recently
to continue its schools up to the usual time.
The deficiency was caused by the use of
funds for the purchase of furniture for
school rooms.
-A. J. Goodhue, of the Geneva nursery,
wirl be delivering trees and shrubs to those
who ordered them in a few days, and de
sires all to be prepared to make cash pay
ments for the same.
-John Burke, of American Fork, was
thrown from a horse a few days ago and got
his ankle dislocated. He arrived here by
Monday's coach and Drs. Kumpe & Kumpe
set the dislocated joint and he is now doing
-Our friend H. ii. Barnes has gone to
Emigrant gulch, Gallatin county, to take
charge of a large placer mine belonging to
an Eastern company. Mr. Barnes has had
much experience and knows how to take
every advantage in placer mining.
-Anderson Bros. & Co.'s new store build
ing on the corner of Main and First streets,
is to be 24x100 feet, with a stone basement
24x60. If finished according to the plans,
it will be quite handsome. The front will
be heavy plate glass.
-Jack Wilson and N. B. Smith made a
visit to the mines of the Birch Creek syndi
cate during the past week, taking with
them a load of provisions, powder, etc., for
the workmen engaged in the mines in which
Messrs. Wilson & Atwood of this place are
-C. W. Fletcher came in from Maiden
this week with a man named Oathwait. who
is charged with stealing a wagon and team.
and has been committed to jail to await the
action of the grand jury.
-We understand that Mr. Kingsbury's
bond on the Queen of the Hills, Homestake
and O'Brien leads, at Neihart, is for the An
aconda Mining Co. now operating so exten
sively in Silver Bow county.
-Sam'l Snider returned this week from
his annual visit to the Buckeye State, look
inm quite as corpulent as a fourth-ward al
dertman, and cheeks as rosy as a blushet'-.
Sam. evidently wintered well.
-J. H. Dawes, a typo from the Chronicle
ofiee, Bozeman, is spending a few weeks'
vacation at the health resort. He is a gen
ial young fellow-like most printers-and is
having a pleasant sojourn.
-Carl Kleinschmidt returned from a visit
to his flock of sheep on the head of the Ju
dith valley during the past week. He found
them doing as well as could be expected un
der the circumstances, although his loss has
been quite heavy.
-Being crowded for space last week, we
omitted to mention the concert given by the
Ladies' Christian Aid Society, April 3d. It
was quite a pleasant affair, and did credit to
the ladies engaged in it. The attendance
was also good.
-It is now generally conceded that the
Springs would support a dry goods store
handsomely. Our houses here could be
bought out in that line, and by controlling
the trade, one house with a good stock
could build up a splendid business.
-The price of shaving at Bozeman is 15
cents; hair cutting, 25 cents. At White
Sulphur Springs-shaving, 25 cents; hair
cutting. 50 cents; and even at this figure
customers are sometimes bluntly turned
away by the beauish tonsor.
-Dan. Hoagland and Mr. Flakes, who
have been running a drain in Bear gulch, a
tributary of Magpie gulch, have found en
couraging prospects and will spend the
summer in further developing their placer
-A recent letter from J. G. Sarter states
that he is very busy assisting his brother in
arranging the Eden Musee, tile grand open
ing of which is to take place in New York
at an early date. He will not return to Mon
tana until late in the summer.
-White Sulphur Springs Syndicate has
been in session since Monday last. The
property is now in most excellent shape
and is doing a fine business, and before an
other six months has rolled: round will be
paying handsomely on the investment.
-Dan. Hird, Burt (rosby, Sam. Berry
and Arthur Fowler. all returned from their
winter's visit 'away down in Maine' during
t ,e past week. 'These gentlemen are all
looking as if they had tared well during
their sojourn in the Pine 'Tree State.
-H.H. Barnes who went over the route of
the 'Townsend road recently, only found
two snow drifts in the way, around which
he set stakes to guide the builders of the
road so that the track may be made where
there will be no obstacle in the way of trav
el in winter.
-D. J. Matterson, of Helena, and W. W.
Weins, of Butte, left Monday last for Nei
hart accompanied by Prof. Mortson. These
gentlemen go to the new camp for the pur
pose of purchasing ore for shipment. They
are prepared to pay cash on rie dump for
highgrade ores.
-Dr. Parberry returned from his visit to
California a few days ago. Mrs. Parberry
also returned as far as Helena, where she
will spend a few weeks. The Doctor is
looking remarkably healthy and robust, and
one would naturally conclude that they
feed well down in the land of tog and
-Sam Berry brought with him from
Maine a dozen or more pilgrims. They are
all stout, able-bodied young men, chock
full of days work and come to Montana
to make their pile and will, we
predict, succeed. They got off the train at
Billings and went into the Musselshell
-P. F. Linton writing from the Lower
Musselshell under date of April 6th, says
that stock of all kinds are doing well in that
section, except old cows that are weak oc
casionally get mired around the lakes. He
suggests that owners make a mistake in not
having more men on the range to give them
-The young ladies of the health resort
are getting up quite a mania for horse-back
riding. This is indeed healthy exercise, and
a woman never looked more beautiful under
any circumstances than when mounted on
the back of a high spirited horse. We
would be glad to see the interest increase
until every lady in `Montana was the owner
of a fine saddle horse.
-The San Franciscan is the name of one
of the bright,,t papers that comes to us
from the Pacific coast. It is a 16-page paper,
neat in appearance, anti-monopoly in poli
tics, well edited and filled with original hu
morous and literary matter. It is publish
ed by three veteran editors, Messrs. Good
man & McEwen, San Francisco, at $4,00
per annum.
-A short time since Sam. Elwell killed a
very large buck elk, and, being delighted
with his size and splendid pair of antlers,
(which were almost perfect) he decided at
once to preserve him as a specimen of his
race. So he took great pains in skinning
him, leaving on the hoofs and skinning out
the head, which was preserved, the flesh be
ing taken off. This hide and head has been
presented to our friend L. Rotwitt, who
will have it mounted by a taxidermist for
his collection of Rocky Mountain curiosities.
John Perkins, of Canton, will probably be
entrusted with the work.
-W\e tender thanks to Hon. Cornelius
Hedges for a volume of the report of the
Territorial School Superintendent. It con
tains much valuable information in regard
to Territorial schools. In treating upon the
school statistics of our Terr.tory, the Super
intendent recommends that the school age,
which now extends from tour years to twen
ty-one, be confined within narrower limits.
"Very few," he says, "under 5 or over 15 at
tend our schools, and it makes our average
attendance appear less than it should, com
pared with other States."
-Never did the prospect of the Springs as
a health and pleasure resort look more flat
tering than now. Pleasure seekers have
already begun to arrive, and we notice a
material increase of patients within the
past few weeks. Several radical cures have
already been affected this spring, and there
are a number of cripples here now that are
beginning to step lively and will soon lay
their crutches aside, and as soon as the sea
son advances h little more our town will be
literally thronged with these people. They
stop with us, however, but a month or so,
and go away with a new lease of life and
make room for others.
LAvINA, March 25, 1884.
Editor Husbandman:
Stock are doing well in this section.
G. W. Thompson has recently sold his
ranch to the Horse Shoe Bar outfit.
Mr. A. M. Woolfolk, our enterprising
sheep man, has gone to Butte and will be
absent a couple of weeks.
W. J. Mendenhall recently startedjfor the
States for a two months' visit, and if all re
ports are true will be accompanie4 on his
return by a rosy-cheeked Iowa girl. His
many friends will be :pleased to congratu
late him on his arrival to this valley.
Mr. Henry Bierman arrived from Maiden
a few days ago. and reports everything dull
in that quarter.
Norman Bros. are building a new house,
and contemplate making other improve
ments on their ranch. DUDE.
A Republican County Convention for
SMeagher county is hereby called to meet at
Price's hall, White Sulphur Springs, on
s Wednesday, April 23, 1884. at 12 o'clock m.
e to select delegates to the Republican Terri
e torial Convention at Bozeman on May 2nd.
- The basis of representation will be the vote
a polled for Delegate at the last general elec
tion, allowing one representative for every
50 votes, and one for each fraction less than
r 50. The several precincts will be entitled
to representation as follows :
1 White Sul. Springs 4 Oka, 1
Maiden, 2 Philbrook, 1
Reedstort, 2 Ubtt, 1
Stuart's ranch, 2 Brassey, 1
f Townsend, 2 Flat Willow, 1
Gold Run, 2 Utica, 1
Jimtown, 1 Kibbey, 1
Diamond, 1 Big Elk, 1
e Canyon Ferry, 1 Wegner, 1
White's, 1 Stanford, 1
Duck creek. 1 Pittsburg, 1
Round Grove, 1 Neihart, 1
Chestnut, 1 Merino, 1
Belt. 1 Toston. 1
M:.rtinsdale. 1 Lavina, 1
The primary meetings to selelect dele
gates in the several precincts as above des
ignated will be held on Thursday, April 17,
1884. Owing to the great distance of many
of the precincts from the county seat, it is
recommended to accept proxies. The chair
man of the County C,'mmittee being about
to leave the county, it will also devolve up
on the Convention to elect a chairman to
serve until the expiration of the present
term. H. H. BARNES,
-I am now prepared to open my classes
in Music, Painting and Drawing. Music
per quarter, $20; painting per lesson, $1.00;
drawing, in classes, 50 cents.
-Houses for either business or residence
for sale or rent by R. S. Price.
-Be sure and take out a policy of insur
ance with R. S. Price if you want to be safe
from fire.
-Cash paid for hides and peltries of all
kinds by R. S. Price.
Fresh garden seeds, flower seeds, onion
sets timothy seeds, and White Russian seed
oats at Spencer, Mayn & Heitman's.
Dr. W. A. Allen, Dentist, has arrived
and taken rooms at White Sulphur Springs
Hotel. He has a'full line of machinery for
doing all kinds of work in his profession.
He is an old resident of Montana and a
property owner at Billings, and as he comes
here with the view of bringing his family
and locating, he feels safe in his warrantee
to suit the most fastidious. Those wanting
dental work done should call on him.
A job of sheep herding, or work on a
sheep ranch. Have had two years' experi
ence. Call on oraddress W.i. YouNo.
White Sulphur Sprinjs, M. T.
A--c-S -ยท
A meeting of the cattle, horse and wool
growers of Smith River valley and vicinity
will be held at White Sulphur Springs,
April 19th. Everybody is especially request
ed to attend, as matters of great importance
will be presented.
At her home, "Craggy Dale Farm," Chestnut
valley, on the morning of April 3d, Mrs. James
Austtn; aged 30 years.
S. M. & H.
Carry a complete line of
Furnishing Goods,
Hats and Caps,
Furniture, Sash, Blinds, Doors.
Oils, Paints, Medicines and Stationery
The celebrated Mitchell Wagons, and the
world renowned Buford Sulky, Gang
and Walking Plows, Mowers,
Sulky Rakes, Wool Sacks
and Twine, etc., e:c.
W'hite Sulphur Springs, M. T.
1884. 1884.
We are now in the field to take
and sell Lumber, Laths and Shingles.
We will not be underbid on Contracts
nor undersold on Lumber.
Caskets and Coffins
constantly on hand, and furnished;on
short notice.
Come and See Us.
Harness and Saddles,
Saddlery IHardware,
Composed of the following trees: Montana Stock Tree, Long and Short Frieseke Tree,
Half-Breed Tree, Vasika and other good trees; Ladies' Saddles.
Horse Blankets, Saddle Blankets, Chapps, Spurs, and Bits of
Every Description,
Also a Large Stock of Harness of all grades and prices on hand. Harness Oil and Soap
:(Old Post OfJce Building) WRITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, M. T.
White Sulphur Springs, - Montana.
Keep constantly a large and very complete stock of
Tin and Granriteware
Together with a Choice lot of
Everything the Best Quality, and prices Low.
Diamond City Hotel,
SARATOGA, G. A. HAMPTON, Proprietor.
Ample accommodations for both man and beast
(Next Door to rprings Hotel,) Stock well cared for and
White Sulphur Springs, M, T. CHARGES REASONABLE.

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