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- mÊ
The Palace Buffet
Walter Hard . Proprietor
PlMty of rooa for everybody la the Coaaty
whea they visit Judith dap. Doa't forget to
see the old raaye rider whea la towa.
Main Street
Judith Gap, Mont.
3 Companies
to be trusted
In payment of
Hail losses
People's National Fire losarace
Company of Philadelphia
Northwestern Fire and Marine
of Minneapolis
State Bank
Of Judith Gap
ousan omaj
Tocher of
MeLae • (p«ilty of the Highly Succcn
MeeoR Method of
W. H. Smith
Baaiacta Ina the Jadlth Gap territory
reapectMly aoHcitcd.
♦ ♦
Our friendships hurry
to short and poor con*
elusions, because we
have made them a tex*
ture of wine and dreams
instead of the tough fi
bre of the human heart.
See Frank Carrier for Plowing.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Dawes of Gnr
ueill were in the city Tuesday. *
Ingulf Birkeland, Plowing contract
or, work guaranteed. if
Judge Bain is having a temporary
buildiug erected on his lots which
will serve as a dwelling for his family
uulil his residence is completed.
Dr. Cabbage, dentist, will be in
Judith Gap from the 20th to 25th of
each month. Otllce in the Gap hotel
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Buleu entertained
at dinner last Sunday the Misses Al
len and McKenzie and Prof. Dittmar
and Mr. Harry Keen at their home on
Main street.
The "New Barber Shop,'' next to
the post-ollice. Good Work. 17tf
The warm weather the past week
has been just what the crops needed,
and vegetation of all kinds is thriving
splendidly. 'Die outlook for a good
crop was never better.
Breaking.—For first class mold
board team breaking, see C.. A. Mc
Allister Judith Gap. 15tf
Miss Gertrude Skelliington, who
has been teaching school in Lewis
town during the past year, is visiting
in Judith Gap the guest of Mrs. John
A. Bring. MissSketliiigton lias a line
farm near Oka.
For Sale—Early Bose seed potatoes
and hogs. John T. Carlson. 28tf
Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner Green have
returned from Michigan and will re
main in Montana permanently. Mr.
Green will go in business with his
father-in-law, James Sheill, who
operates a big ranch near Buffalo.
E. G. Worden, lawyer, First ->a
lonal block, 'phone 127. Lewistown.
The residents in the vicinity of Ox
ford will give a social for the benefit
of the organ fund, at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Jerry Lester, 2 1-4 miles
southwest of Oxford, on the evening
of June 28th. A program will be ren
dered and refreshments served. All
are welcome.
Wanted.—Contract Plowing or
breaking. Write or see L. O. Oliver
at Straw, Montana. 22tf
Joseph McDonald was in the city
Wednesday and brought to the Jour
nal oflice a line sample of alfalfa from
a field on his big ranch near the west j
end of the Snowies. The alfalfa j
measures 2» inches, and is the lirst \
crop, which was raised without irri- !
gat ion. !
I am prepared to do all kinds of j
plowing with teams. Ain able to \
plow between 8 and 10 acres a day. j
Mold hoard or disk plows. All work ]
guaranteed.— H. T. Widditield. I5tf j
All the settlers in this section of j
the country will have their annual j
picnic and celebration in Saw Mill ;
gulch on July 4th. Messrs. J. II. j
llerron and Jas. P. Kent have been |
appointed as the committee in charge.
They announce that a large bowery
will be erected, and every one is in
vited to attend.
A crew of surveyors have been I
working soutli of the Little Belts for j
several days past. It is presumed j
the surveyors are in the employ of the
Northern Pacilic, and that the work
is the lirst step towards the con
struction of the cut-off from Glen
dive to Helena. The route lias been
surveyed from Glendive to Carless
Creek, leaving only a short gap to
close up.
The school board is having the
grounds around the school building
graded and beautified. Next spring
it is the intention to set out trees.
The townsite company donated a lia if
block to the school district, and the
directors this xuiek bought the
other half. Äe whole block
will lie fenced and the grounds
will be made into a park. The lower
lloors are being cemented now under
the immediate supervision of Direct
or Dolan, the work being done by
Contractor Snyder, an experienced
worker in cement. The west room
will he used as a manual training de
partment. The east room is the boil
er house. When completed Judith
Gap, will have one of the finest school
buildings in central Montana.
Miss Bertha Small, who has been
teaching the sixth, seventh and eighth
grades in the Dunseith, N. 1)., public
schools the past year, arrived home
C. J. Shanahan and daughter Doro
thy came up from Nihilllast Wed
nesday and returned on the noon
train Thursday. Mr. Shanahan re
ports crop prospects line in theNi
bill country.
Every boy and girl in Montana be
tween the ages of twelve and eighteen
on Oct. 1, 1912, is eligible to enter the
potato or sewing contests for a trip to
the state fair at Helena. For rules
and instructions address F. S. Cooley,
Bozeman, superintendent state fair
industrial contests, or your county
superintendent of schools.
T. F. McDowell, the Montana Life
insurance man, returned to his home
in White Sulphur Springs yesterday.
On his short visit to Judith Gap he
wrote about $15,000 worth of life in
surance. Mac is very popular here,
and can always do business with our
people who know what good life in
surance is.
E. A. McMillan, who owns a ranch
between Moore and Hobson, and a
half section of land south of the
Little Belts west of Judith Gap, took
sick in Judith Gap last week and lias
been under the doctor's care since.
Tuesday his family arrived from the
Basin and will accompany Mr. Mc
Millan to the Little Belt farm as soon
as the patient is able to travel.
Last Wednesday one of Oscar
Skeen's horses, which was picketed
out with a log lied to the end of its
hatter strap, became frightened at a
passing automob Ie and ran through a
crowd of children playing near the
Walker cottages. The log struck
Jesse Bay, breaking her right leg be
low the knee and otherwise bruising
her. It was very fortunate that the
accident did not prove more serious.
Prof. Dittmar and Harry Keen
compose a committee to arrange for a
dance to be given in Hanson's hall on
Friday, June 28th, under the aus
pices of the commercial club. Tick
ets will be sold duriug the coming
week at »2 each which will include
supper for two. It is expected that
every business man will purchase at
least one ticket. The surplus goes to
the commercial club to help pay run
ning expeses. The music will he
good, and the banquet will be Han
son's best.
The farmers held a meetiug in Ju
dith Gap last Wednesday night and
adopted a constitution and by-laws
for a Farmers' Elevator compauv.
The stock subscription list is at the
Journal office. Over 81,000 was sub
scribed that evening. And they are
coming in fast. The shares are $50
eacli and no one can subscribe for
more than 10 shares. Tills stock is
payable on Oct. 1st, eitner in cash or
grain delivered at the elevator. It is
desired that work begin on the struc
ture by the lirst of September.
Murphy Bros, lost a valuable work
horse Monday. It had been running
with a bunch on one of the Murphy's
farms east of town, and in rounding
the animals up Sunday this horse was
missing. The fact was reported to
the stable in Judith Gap Monday
morning, and it was presumed that
the animal had been stolen. When
Frank arrived in town Monday even
ing lie was convinced that the horse
had fallen in the well. He immed
iately left for the farm and on arriv
ing there fouud his surmises to be
correct. The horse went down head
first, presumably Sunday night, lint
was alive when Frank reached the
well. He gathered together about a
dozen neighbors and succeeded in
pulling the animal out of the well,
but the horse died a few minutes lat
er. There was no water in the well.
The horse was valued at $225.
The commercial club met in Hansons
h ill last Saturday evening and Oscar
Skeeu was elected secretary, vice Dr.
Bemaley, resigned. Considerable im
portant business was transacted. It
was decided to meet hereafter in the
hall, Mr. Ilauson agreeing to donate
the same if the club would pay for
the lights and janitor work, amount
ing to about $1 a night. Mr. Hanson
was given a vote of thanks for his
liberality. It was decided to give
some entertainments in the way ol'
dauces and dollar dinners for the ben
etit of the club. The executive com
mittee was instructed to go ahead
raising funds for the forthcoming cel
ebration in September, and the out
look is good for one of the biggest
events ever pulled off in central Mon
tana. As the 15th of September this
year comes on Sunday, the celebra
tion will be held on the 18th and 14th.
The club meetings will be held often
er after this, now that there is a cen
tral place for holding the meetings,
aud it is hoped that when the mem
bers get a notification that there will
be a meeting they will arrange to at
tend. There is going to be a whole
°t doing this summer, and it will be
necessary lor every man interested in
the growth of the town |to put his
shoulder to the wheel aud help booBt
tilings along.
Mrs. \V. T. Fringer returned Mon
day troin a short visit with relatives
at lier old home in Iowa.
Hr. E. M. Gans this week had plac
ed in Ms oflice a telephone. If you
"'Hnt the doctor call No. 19.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schabel were in
the city Monday the guests of Dr.
Hans while enroute to Lewistown.
Otis F. McKee made commutation
proof nu his homestead in 82-11-15 in
Judith Gap Monday. His land is val
uable, and Otis made a very satisfac
tory proof.
Bcv. Father John II. Beady will
hold services of the Catholic church
in Hanson's hall on Sunday, June
ferd, at 12:15 p. m.
Miss Mamie Michaels, of Aurora,
III., arrived Tuesday aud will spend a
couple of weeks with her aunt, Mrs.
Frank Selmittger on the Sclmittger
j ranch east of town,
j Mr. Guttleman. an experienced ele
j valor operator, addressed the Society
if-Equity at its meeting last Satur
day afternoon on the subject of buy
uitfiWM handling grain. The society
ye the gentleman a vote of thanks
»? tiie splendid talk.
I îMf». O. A. Weiser returned from
p allac.e Idaho, the latter part of lijst
wepk and has taken up her residence
n the farm soutli of town. Mr.
eiscr is still working m Wallace,
dt expects to return here soon to
Ijpok after his crops.
M.JL Bain purchased two lots in
the Clock facing the school house
Monday and will erect about three
Æsnleiices'ou the same at once. These
houses will he for rent, and it is m>
Äc^tjipd that they have been spoken
Let the good work go
®*S'xel Kngberg made commutation
•&of oil his homestead in 27-11-15,
before Commissioner .Small Tuesday,
pffe* proof like the claim is a good
Hi»#. Nearly $ 1,400 worth of improve
Jueiits have been made and the resi
dence part of the proof is hard to
~ Mr; and Mrs. W. T. Neill drove in
from their Fergus county ranch Wed
nesday. the former to get sqjne late
eon vent ion dope and the latter to do
some shopping. Mr. Neill has ar
ranged with the Fergus county com
missioners to a point just north of Ju
uers will have to construct just
mile road to complete this highway,
and the Fergus otlieiais agree to pay
half the expense of this mile. The
tlpanks of this community are tender
ed to Mr. Neill in securing this road
life was a long time persuading his
ctfinmissitriiers to grant this highway,
lift dually succeeded.
The republican national convention
met ii#'('lff'cago last Tuesday, thedele
gates seated fradulently by 1 lie nation
al e&mniittee making up the majority
wlu^h elected Mr. Boot temporary
chairman. The vote on the cliair
mairsliin was 558 to 502. The latter
vote is supposed to represent the
Boosevelt strength as the convention
is now constituted.
Wednesday, the committee on cre
dentials were appointed, and if it
takes up all the important contests
and hears evidence it will be"
at least three days before it will be
ready to report. If the com
mittee does not hear testimony and
railroads the fraudulent delegates
through, there will be two nominees
of the convention for the presidency.
Boosevelt lias a clear majority of
honestly elected delegates. Taft lias
the machinery of the party and lias it
well enough greased to unseat honest
ly elected delegates and seat fraudu
lently elected ones in their stead.
That is the situation.
*The sober, sound judgment of the
majority may prevail and nominate a
dArk horsef possibly Cummins of
ljxta or Beverage of Indiana. The
ftje)r)tg, however, is so strong between
Boosevelt delegates,
candidate may not
ditltfi&fp where it strikes the county
litj£. * The Meagher county conunis
tljci (Taft and Booi
tljuija compromise c:
b|i|jtected. ^
ijfcago, June 20.—"So far as I am
c ill Adorned," declared Colonel Koose
vdl^Lb iiis delegates and advisers, in
lit» .'aiiTress* this Morning, "I am
j^»h- are voted down l
b#Kiy'«ni7.the-Teatand lawful major
ty of the convention, will orgauize as
iujjeb and you will do it if you have
th*e courage and loyalty of your con
•Estrayed.—From mv pasture 10
miles west of Judith Gap, black mare,
; weight about 1,100, white nose,
I branded (JH on right hip. C. R.
I Stone ira I will pay §25 reward
I for infor-Bflpmatinn leading to the
i recovery of the animal. D. C. Hays.
I 8t
JudithJiap Meat 1 !
Wholesale and Retail
PELTS ÉilÉDES Bought ft
Horses LIVERY Autos
* f
Bus» Freight and Baggage
Transfer, Reed Barn, Hay,
Oats, lee and Beer
Commercial Buffet
Ora Wilson, Prop.
You are always assured of an
enjoyable Hour at the
44 ,
■ t r :
V * ..i t * I
Whisk ey^ Whiskey! Whiskey!
We have it and its good
Cottage Bar
O. Fi ON, Proprietor
■***» H
-1 -.L.'. 1 ... *------—
George - j Chaussee
DRAYINQkAND transrer
Coal delivered to any part'of the city from either Montana
Lumber Co., or fromj McCaull-Webster EIv. Co.
1.000 Pounds or'le^s,.....................50
3.000 Pounds or less.....................$1.00
C. E. Shoemaker and Company
504 Mala Streit.
_ Elevator Co. _
Wholesale Grain Merchants and Dealers in
Lumber, Coal, Feed, barb Wire and Nails.
J. A. BRING, Local Manager
Judith Gap, Montana

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