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\ ^
The Palace Buffet
Walter Hard, Proprietor
Plenty of room for everybody In the Count
when they visit Judith Qap. Don't forget to
see the old range rider when in town.
Main Street
Judith Gap, Mont.
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Bills' Block
Civil and Mining
220-221 Wise Buildng
Lewistown, ... Montana
w. l. McClelland
Auto Repairing
Quaranteed Absolutely Satisfactory
Judith Gap • • Montana
Attorney at Law
Wheat, No. 1 Nor................ flO
Wheat, No. 1 Turkey.............. fio
Flax (per bu.)................... 1.0»
Oats (per 100 ).....................so
............................ 40
Potatoes ..(per looi...............1.50


Mrs. Abigail Uarbit has been in
the city during the past ten days.
Arthur C. Willard, a young rancher
west of Oka, left on Tuesday morn
ing for the home of his parents in
Duluth, Minn. He expects to remain
back there until early next fall as he
has leased his ranch to a neighbor,
A. F. Johnson.
Dr. P. E. Thompson, dentist, will
be here on Saturday. Office with Dr.
Gans. 8Utf
A. L. Hossman left for Bemidji,
Minn., about two weeks ago and is
George Kidder was taken sick the
first of the week and on Wednesday
Dr. Gans decided he was coming down
with small-pox. He was removed to
the building on the back of the II. M.
Hanson property and has been quar
antined and a man placed in
care of him. George's many friends
are sorry to hear of his illness, but
with the prompt atteution given the
case it is hoped that he will soon be
among us agaiu.
already in charge of over 125 men in
a lumbering camp near Bena. AI is
an experienced lumberman and is
much sought after by the big con
cerns to take charge of the crews,
lie does not anticipate returning to
Montana until the logging season is
over. Mrs. Hossman and the child
ren will remain on the ranch during
the winter.
Benny Lunceford, local agent for
Billings Laundry Co. Laundry call
ed for and delivered. Prompt ser
Fergus County Democrat.—William
It. Harbitt has brought an action
against Abigail C.'Harbit to secure
a divorce on the ground of desertion.
The parties were married at Bag
ley, Minnesota, in 1908.
Albert Fahnholz, Albert Larson,
C. It. Stone, .lohn Bring, Walter
Witt, and C. T. Benson were sub
poenaed last week to appear this
week in the district court at White
Sulphur Springs as jurymen. Mr.
Stone and Mr. Bring returned on
Tuesday evening, having been excused
from jury duty by Judge Mathews.
Patrick Feeley sold bis ranch west
of town this week to Millard C. Sin
gleton of Harlowton, who owns an
adjoining ranch. Mr. Feeley intends
to leave in a short time for his form
er home in Jersey City, N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. John Dolan and
daughters, Ora and Dora, expect to
leave the forepart of December for
points in California. They will
spend the holidays at the home ol
Mrs. Dolan's parents at Stockton,
Cal. They will be gone until the
middle of January at least.
Miss Ktliel llolman, who was a
candidate for county superintendent
of schools of Meagher county at the
last election, was married on last
Thursday in White Sulphur Springs i
to Samuel C. Woodward, an employee
of the Anderson-Spencer stores of
that section.
Wm. Feutresse who is employed on
the A. Dyer ranch was thrown from
a horse in the yicinitv of Evans*
brothers home in the Belts by the
breaking of his saddle cinch. He
suffered a dislocated shoulder and
other injuries. -Bay Evans summon
ed Dr. (Jans by telephone from the
Bower ranch, and the injured man
was soon sound,, but sore.
J. A. Nickel left yesterday for Cof
fee Creek via Stanford where lie will
enter actively into the land and loan
business prior to the opening of a
bank in that town. He will return
here for Thanksgiving, but after that
lie anticipates remaining in the Cof
fee Creek country until banking op
erations cau be begun in the spring.
Mr. Nickel can see a great future for
that section which is situated 18 miles
north of Stanford.
Mr. and Mrs. Caleb .1. lteece left
last week for points in Kansas where
they will visit with friends and rela
tives. They will spend considerable
time at the homes of their daughters,
and before returning will visit at Mr.
Beece's old home in Galesburg, 111.
They have leased the ranch to Wil
liam Gray, but will return here
within a few months.
Don't fail to buy a pair of those
leather gauntlet gloves at McKenzie
Trading Company's sale for *1.17.
Don't fail to attend the sale at Mc
Keuzie Trading Company's store.
Don' fail to attend McKenzie Trad
ing Company's sale beginning ou
next Tuesday.
Nifty *22.00 suits at McKenzie's
cut to *14.98.
J. A. Nickel awarded the contract
for his new building in Coffee Creek
to Contractor W. T. Sharp Wednes
day. Mr. Sharp will have a force of
men in Coffee Creek on Monday ready
to begin work. The building will he
a frame structure and will cost ac
cording to the contract about * 2 . 000 .
It will he used as a land and loan of
fice by Mr. Nickel for the present, but
will later be utilized as a bank build
I). C. Donovan spent Sunday at the
Pero ranch. He left on Monday for
Great Falls.
Joe Korslund made proof last week
at Garueill for his line homestead in
the Hothiemay section.
1). C, Hays made proof on the
homestead of his deceased daughter
last Saturday before w. H. Peck, and
left on tlie afternoon train for his
home in Skedee, Okla.
Oscar 11 Bidgway expects to leave
soon for Kansas City, where he will
remain for the winter.
Bob Peeck passed the Great Nor
thern tiremaus' examinations recent
ly and is now assigned to duty on the
Clancy run out of Great Falls.
G. 8. Bills reports a yield of 2d bu
shels of winter wheat on the James
Marshall ranch east of town.
Rev.andMrs.il. J. Hanson were
in town the first of the week. They
have just returned from their honey
moon trip overland to Great Falls
andreturn. They will leave for the
ltothieinay country the lirst of next
week and will beTliauksgivingguests
at the home of Rev. S. A. Nelson.
A lady quartette is always a source
of delight to lovers of beautiful mu
sic, and the Shubert Lady Quartette
is uuiversallv acknowledged the best.
Hear them December t> at Kierstead's
For Sale.—1(50 acres two miles from
Judith Gap, 145 acres in crop, good
buildings. Easy terms.—C. Hunts
Roy Ingram lost a valuable horse
this week. He placed the animal in
the barn apparently real well and
three hours afterwards it was dead.
The Thanksgiving dance will lie
given by the library club. The price
of a ticket *1.50 will include the lap
supper which the ladies will serve.
Don't forget the date, Nov. 27th.
W. L. Nichols and family left last \
Sunday for Lebanon, Tenu. They '
had the body of their deceased baby
exhumed and took it with them for
iuterrmeut in the southern burying
O. C. Hetts and Frank Lenniugton
were in town from the llopley coun
try last week. Mr. Hetts made proof
on his homestead before Commis
sioner l'eck the latter part of the
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hubbard j
left the first of tire week for their new j
home on the farm near Long 1'rairie, j
Minn. They will stop in St. Faul for ;
a few days at the home of Mr. Huh- j
bard's sister. j
Mrs. M. J. Tenny and lier son, Gil
nian, both made tinul proof on their
homesteads last week before Commis
sioner Feck at Garueill. They made
good proofs and showed a large
amount of improvements on the
Geo. S. Haynes and Glen Rills re
turned on Saturday from White Sul
phur Springs where they were in at
tendance at the sale of state lands
last Friday. Mr. Haynes bid in sec
tion 10-10-18 on behalf of C. It, Stone
and himself. Mr. Bills got section
10-10-17 for himself and II. L. Bills.
The demand for the lands was not
very strong with the exception of a
few piece which brought forth heavy
biddiug. The fact that no other land
in this vicinity was sold is largely
due to the fact that a large number of
people who would have bid on the
lands did not know of the sale until
the week before, at which time the
Journal carried an announcement of
it, and did not have sufficient time in ,
which to arrange for the money with !
which to buy.
Rev. It. \V. Farquhar will preach
at the Bascom beuch school house <m
Sunday, Nov. 23, at 3 o'clock.
- - —
Small-pox exists in Judith Gap. 1 j
would advise all persous who have !
not been vaccinated recently to do so. J
This will protect against small-pox 1
and prevent the spread, of the disease, j
Dr. E. M. Gans.
I he American Tettrazini
Lreta Lynn Corder, who is soprano j
soloist lor the >liuhert company, lias ,
toured Ho* principal American and
Canadian cities for the past four sea
sons and has been spontaneously
called ''The American Tettrazini" by
many critics. Do not fail to bear her j
on Dee. il, at Kierstead's hall.
1 will sell sand which has been
around from rock to anyone having
use for same at *5.00 per yard. At
the new bank building. Judith Gap,
Mont. \V. T. Sharp.
Catholic Services.
Rev. Fr. Ready will hold Mass in j
Kiersteads's hall on Sunday morning j
at to: 3o. !
Swedish Baptist Services.
in Oka school house on Sunday af
ternoon at 3 p. m. Services in the
English language. Everyone is cor
dially invited to he present.
Hev. Harry J. Hanson.
Congregational Church.
Services will be held in JudithGap,
on Sunday, Nov. 23, as follows:
Sabbath school at 11 o'clock, even
service at 7:30 p. m. Subject: Think
ing and Following. Mid-week ser
vice,every Thursday evening at 7:30
p. m. A Thanksgiving service will
be held on Thanksgiving day at 11
A cordial invitation is extended to
all. Rev. R. W. Farquhar,
♦ ♦
Mr. and Mrs. L. ('. Thomas are
making arrangements preparatory to
lier visit for the winter with relatives
near Benton Harbor, Midi.
A large delegation from Nihill and
vicinity attended the lectures and
other entertainments at Iledgesville
last Monday at which time tin* Kogers
Templeton J,umber company pres
ented Master Horton Shepherd with
a loving cup for the best corn raised
in that district. It was the Fride of
the North variet y that was liberally
distributed by them last spring.
Among the ollicials present were: 11.
A. Templeton, M g'r., G. W. Bul
nier, superintendent of the central
division, and R. W. Graham, .super
intendent of t tie basin division, which
includes all yards upon the Billings
& Northern also Lewistown. The
lectures were verv instructive and a
proposition was presented by the
above ollicials for better farming and
the system of diversified farming was
discussed and a direct step taken to
assist the farmers in getting stocked
up, and General Manager Templeton
received the signatures of the fanners
who wanted to get stocked up in thor
oughbred hogs which resulted in a
carload being spoken for to be deliv
ered after the lirst of the year.
Mrs. O. Buckner and the Misses
Ada and Lein Buckner left last Wed
nesday from Nihill for Geyser where
they will make their future home.
Miss Carrie Uliman is contemplat
ing a trip to Wausau, Wis., Duluth,
Minn., and Chicago, III., soon. She
will be gone the greater part of the
C. J. Shanahan was a Ilarlowton
visitor Wednesday.
The Uocky Mountain Elevator Co.
at this point has been practically
closed for the past few days owing to
the lack of room and the inability to
get cars.
Do not forget the bachelor luncheon
at the C. A. Cowan ranch the 22d of
November in conjunction with the
auction sale,
Ernest Coleman was a Iledgesville
visitor last Thursday.
Arthur Edwards made a trip to
Billings last week where he may ac
cept a position with the J. 1, Case
The local hardware is allowing a
liberal discount upon all lines carried
in stock and it would be well to give
them a trial. They carry a very com
plete stock and mint reduce it prior
to taking inventory which will be in
a few weeks.
Souvinir given to each married wo
man on Tuesday moruing at 9:00
o'clock, in comuiemoratiou of the
McKenzie Trading Company's sec
ond birthday.
f 9LS
< IV
will make your mouth water just
to read it. Turkey of course and
all the tixin's that go with the
great American bird. Come in
and take dinner at this restaurant
You'll meet plenty of good com
pany and in addition to serving
you the feast of your life we'll do
evervtiling we can to make yoq
feel at home.
Cottage Cafe
Ben Lunceford, Proprietor
Big Shipment of
and traveling accessories
Let us fit you out before starting to the
old home for the Holiday Season.
hardware and Implement Co.
Health of School Children Better
Protected Here Than Abroad j
—— — .... t
By Professor LEO BURGERSTEIN of the Royal University, Vienna
T he united states is moving forward rapidly toward
In ventilation, school buildings, lighting systems, co-opcration of va
rions states and the installation of innovations such as the single desk
and open air school ideas the United States outrivals European improve
ments. Open air schools are IDEAL METHODS OF INSTRUC
The interest displayed by people of wealth is one of the factors
which have made improvement in the conditions of your country re
The hygienic importance of the single scat idea as practiced in nearly
all American schools cannot be overestimated. Children sitting alone
arc less liable to infection.
The highly polished wire glass windows used in the school buildings
of America are also a vast asset to the health of the school child. This
glass produces more and BETTER LIGHT. As a result children de
not suffer as much from eye strain. BLACKBOARDS ARE A MIS
TAKE, as the boards, in many cases covering one entire wall of the
schoolroom, consume a great deal of light White boards are ideal.
Black crayon makes the writing on these as prominent. i
The Eastman Kind. Also
Films and a complete
line of supplies
Oliver Readel
Repairing quickly and
neatly dôiîé. Orders
taken for home made
hand made harness
Main St. Judith Gap.

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