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Los Angeles, March 19.-A crowd
that filled McCarey's pavilion to the
rafters tonight saw Jim Flynn of
Pueblo, Colo., earn a good decision
over Billy Papke of Kewanee, 11L The
fight was a 10-round affair, and Plynn
was the aggressor in every one o
them. But at no time did he have
Papke close to being out, and he got
the decision because of his aggressive
ness. Flynn started the bout by get
ting Papke's nose to bleeding, and the
first throe rounds were Flynn's by a
wide margin, but after that Pajke's
training helped out, and he held his
own until the final round, when he
seemed to weaken. In the seventh
Flynn chased Papke to the ropes re
peatedly, but did not succeed in reach
ing him with an effectlye blow until
just at the close of the round, when
he drove Papke through the ropes
and then fell through himself. In a
preliminary Martin Hefron of Gold
held knocked out young Turner of
this city in the second round. Hefron
proved to be a whirlwind fighter.
London, March 19.-The Oxford
Cambridge field sports at Queen's club
today were won by the former uni
versity, six events to four.
The 100-yard dash was won by L. C.
Hull of Michigan, a Rhodes scholar.
Time, 10 2-5 seconds.
Hull scored another victory for Ox
ford and the American Rhodes schol
ars by winning the quarter-mile run.
His time was 50 3-5 seconds.
It had been anticipated that G. E.
Putnam, a Rhodes scholar from Kan
sas, would win the hammer throw for
Oxford, but he had to be content with
second place. Watson of Cambridge
beat all varsity records with a throw
of 148 feet 10 inches. Putnam was
second with 143 feet 10 inches, and D.
G. Herring, a Rhodes scholar from
Princeton, was third, with 122 feet.
Chicago, March 19.-A special dis
patch to the Daily News from Los
Angeles states that President Comis
key will offer Fielder Jones a salary
"larger than that givpn any member
of President Taft's cabinet" to man
age the Chicago American' league club
this season., Jones is heavily inter
ested in timber lands on the Pacific
coast, and has named $20,000 as the
price of his services, not with any
idea that he would get it, but as an
intimation that his business interests
are paramount. The dispatch states
that the offer will be made to Jones
when the club starts on its return
trip by way of Portland, Ore., where
Jones makes his headquarters.
Savannah, Ga., March 19.-Stanley
Powell of Philadelphia disposed of
Tommy McNamara in the third round
of their scheduled 10-round bout here
tonight by a neat right to the jaw. The
men fought at 122 pounds.
Honolulu, March 19.-The bill pro
viding that no aliens shall be allowed
to fish in Hawaiian waters, and
which is aimed at the Japanese fisher
men, was p~tssd by the territorial
senate today.
A special income tax on incomes
over $4,000 annually is provided by a
bill passed by both houses of the leg
islature. It is further provided that
the amount accruing from this tax
shall be set aside in a fund to be used
for the furthering and aiding of immi
gration to the islands of plantation
Comanche, Okla., March 19.--John
Campbell, the fugitive cashier of the
First National bank, who left Monday
night with more than $6,000 of the
bank's money, returned $6,000 in a
letter written from Denver. He said
he was intoxicated when he left and
that he had no intention of stealing.
He regretted his action, he wrote, and
would return the balance of the
amount in a short time. The bank
officials tonight decided not to prose
cute Campbell and withdrew the re
ward offered for his arrest.
Pasadena, Cal., larch 19.-The Los
Angeles pitchers were unmercifully
pounded in the gane here today be
twen Los Angeles Lnd the White Sox
No. 1, with the resa lt that another 12
to 3 game was re corded, with Los
Angeles on the litt e end.
Score: R. H. ..
White Sox ..............12 17 1
Los Angeles .............. 8 4 3
Batteries - Thorsen, Koestner and.
Orendorff; M. Walsh, Flene and
San Franoisco Taukes One.
San Francisco, March 19.--The San
Francisco Coast leaguers won their
frst bout with team No. .1 of the
White Sox by a score of 3 to 1 score.
'Score: R. H. E.
San Francisco ............ 3 8 2
Chicago ............... 1 7 2
Batteries - Henley, Berger and
Berry; Altrock, Spencer and Payne.
New Haven, Conn., March 19.-The
intercollegiate wrestling match be
tlveen Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Penn
sylvania and Columbia, was won for
the fifth time tonight by Yale. Yale
made 13 points; Princeton, 8; Cor
nell, 6; Pennsylvania, 1, and Colum
bia, 0.
Kansas City March 19.-"Brooklyn
Tommy" Sullivan won on a foul here
tonight in what was to have been a
10-round fight with Phil Knight of
Leavenworth. Knight fouled Sullivan
in the third round. It was -Sullivan's
fight from the start.
Valparaiso, Ind., March 19.-Jack
Johnson, the heavyweight champion,
had a narrow escape from injury in
an automobile accident near here to
day. The machine in which he was
riding was overturned.
Concerning the proposed match with
Stanley Ketchel, Johnson is quoted a.
"I don't know anything about the
New York story, except that I am
willing to box anywhere when proper
inducements are offered. I'll box
where I can get a guarantee of $380,
000, and I want make hard terms for
Ketchel, either. I know I can beat
him. If the bout is to be short, I
think $25,000 might be enough for the
Chicago, March 19.-President Ban
Johnson of the American league has
placed his O. K. on a design for an
nual passes for President Taft and
Vice President Sherman. Both are
bareball enthusiasts, and have been
frequent visitors at major league
games in the past.
Two prints will be made from the
plate, after which it will be destroyed.
The passes are embossed on thin ivory
tablets, which will be enclosed in cases
made of elephant hide. In the back of
the cases will be placed the mono
grams of the:ptesident and vice presi
dent, carved by hand out of solid gold.
Both the American and National
leagues sent passes to President
Roosevelt, but so far as is known he
did not use them.
Elkins, W. Va., March 19.-Joseph
Brown, said to have been an ex-con
vict, who last evening shot and
seriously wounded Chief of Police
Scott White at Witmer, near here,
*was taken from jail by a crowd of
men early this morning and hanged
upon a telegraph pole.
Last evening White, who is the son
of Mayor Washington White of Wit
mer, remonstrated with Brown for
using offensive language. Brown
drew a revolver and shot White and
then took to the mountains. He was
followed by a posse of citizens, cap
tured and placed in jail.
White will probably recover.
Phoenix, Ariz., March 19.-Not until
this fcrenoon did the Arizona legisla
ture finally adjourn, having worked
all night over the public institutions
improvement bill. The total of all
appropriations was left at about $850,
000. Bills passed include those for the
creation of a railroad commission; a
territorial good roads department; lo
cal option by a majority vote, munic
ipalities to have separate vote itf de
manded; creating the office of terri
torial historian; exempting new rail
roads from taxation if notice be filed
in 15 days.
All railroad legislation failed. A
woman suffrage bill was defeated, as
Come to Donohue's today and you will see the new creations in fashionable
headwear for ladies. The entire department presents a new and novel appear
ance. On the tables are arranged hats in almost every color and their shades,
but fashion has picked a few shades as her particular pets for this season--rose
shapes being predominant; then follow canard and Edison blue, peach yellow and
all other new shades in vogue for spring.
. Come and see the exclusive pattern hats that come direct from New York's fore
most designers-exact copies of famous Parisian artists.
Children's Hats 500 Trimmed Hats Street Hats $2.00 4
Our line of children's hats eclipses any- in one impressive array, all the predom- Today we are offering some very .
thing that we have ever shown in the inating spring colors and shapes. j
years past. Most noticeable are some You can never have any difficulty in jaunty street hats of Milan straw in
bonnet effects in horsehair, with lovely choosing a hat from such a choice line. mnushroom shapes, velvet girdles and
ribbon rosettes and trimmings, shades of Not at all expensive, either, being priced feather trimmed; a very serviceable and
red, yellow, white and blue....$2.50 up fromn ...................................5.. to $12 pretty headgear for only ................ 2.00
Remarkable Line of Handsome SpringSuits $25 to $50
Yesterday we received a new shipment of fashionable spring suits that have every new innovation of the season. A better line in every particular
has never reached our city in any previous season. Every suit is carefully tailored, effectively trimmed and cut in the very latest styles. They are
twos three and four-button cutaway and square cut jackets and fish tail styles. Made up in plain and fancy Prunella cloth, serges and fancy new
Herewith We Describe Two of These Fine Suits in Detail
At random we picked one suit from Here we carelessly selected one suit
the less expensive assortment. We are among the finer garments. It is a rev
constantly on the watch for the best val- * elation in the ability of a master de
ues and we think that you cannot be dis- signer. In truth, we have 20 other suits
appointed in this. just as beautiful as this.
Handsome Suit at $25' f Magnificent Suit $47.50
It is a remarkably clever-styled suit Gold cloth happens to be the material
in a late shade of ashes of roses. Its for this suit,
beauty can hardly be expressed ithis suit, and anything more pleas
beaunt ca hardly be coloring oessed bined cohl ing or artistic cannot well be imagined.
print. The delicate coloring combined ,The softness of the material and the rich,
with the graceful lines of the new fash- subdued tone are a feast for the eves. All
ion lends this suit an individuality that ,\\. ' the knowledge known to the dressmaker's
can hardly be described. In short, it is at seems to havebeen embodiedin the
really a suit surprise, and a most pleas- making of this one suit.
ing one.
The coat is a four-button cutaway of The coat is a three-button fish tail ef
clingy material, lined with the best grade , feet, lined with satin to match the color
of white satin. It has self strap trim- of the garment. Trimmings are in satin
mings and braid finishings ornamented and large and small buttons that exactly
with buttons on the collar, back and match the color scheme. Perhaps here
sleeve. Narrow satin braid loops at each ( and there is a sprinkling of Persian braid
button give a buttonhole effect. Also that harmonizes perfectly. Add to all
there are some embroidered Persian I this a satin scarf or tie effect, ending in
braids that lend a slight touch of color two gold tassels, we have a very stun
here and there. ning coat.
The skirt is full gored, and like the The skirt, of course, is full gored and
coat, is carefully made, all seams being rI adheres very closely to Dame Fashion's
felled or pinked. While the skirt seems decree of being plain and clingy. Self
rather plain--in keeping with one of straps and band trimmed and buttons to
fashion's fancies-there are . some self match the coat.
straps and bands very artistically ap- Those who particularly desire exclu
plied. *oiveness will find these five suits very
You would never expect to.buy such a much to their liking. They are by far
good suit in such new and pretty ma- the most distinctive styles we have ever
terial at the extremely low price of $25 shown.
Just received some beautiful three- Don't miss seeing our line of fancy
piece models, consisting of jacket and / white serge suits that also came in with
skirt, with sleeveless jumper attached. this lot. Take time to inspect our suit
You should see them • department thoroughly.
New Lace Waists Spring Oxfords Knitted Underwear
IN THE BIG, WHITE SHOE STORE All our knit underwear comes from the cele
Perhaps there is nothing more important to' the well dressed
woman than the waist ng owadays waists can be worn at Downstairs we have the pleasantest brated "Forest Mills," who rank among the first
almost any time, and almost any occasion, instead of the shoe store -in Missoula. All the appar- of their profession. Their products are re
gown. We have just received some handsome lace waists that atus and equipment necessary to the well nowned for their flexibil
are exceptional beauties. There are some exquisite effects furnished store are there, and your com- ity and durability, and
among them, and they are most pleasingly priced, too. All fort and convenience are carefully looked are considered a shade
have silk drops and may be had in dainty colored models of after while shopping for footwear. better than the common
very soft tones. A noticeable feature is the ball fring& trim- Women's Oxfords are now ready in all sort.
mings, a new and striking handsome finish for spring waists. their completeness. The celebrated Fine q u a 1 i t y spring
Prices are $5, $6.50, $7.50, $8, $10, $12.50 and $15 "Queen Quality" has the finest and hand- weight union suits, high
somnest creations known to the trade. Pat- neck, long sleeves, cro
, ent leathers and tans, olive, wine, golden cheted edges; suit, $1.00
brown, russet and champagne, in ribbon Sleeveless umbrella style
ties and Oxford ties; all the new lasts, union suits, crocheted
with the low and full Cuban heel. lace trimmings, Swiss
$2.00 to $4.00 ribbed, superior qualities,
Men's ()xfords have just been unpacked. 35C to $1.75 I
, If, There are handsome one and two-buckle C h i i d r e n's two-piece
/ effects, lace and Blucher lace, also but- union suits, cotton ribbed,
S ton styles in russet, brown, tan, kid, ox- crocheted edges run with
blood, patent leathers and gun mnetal. tape..........39.. to $1.00 !
Some new lasts, including the new stu- White cotton vests with
dent toe and the broad, comfortable hand crocheted yokes on a
"treadezy" ............................ $2.50 to $5 sale at ........................-10
Messaline Silks 51 Yd. Extraordinary Sale Lace Curtains Wash Goods
Very fine soft finish, in chevron stripes, reseda,
green, canard blue, nut brown and Edison blue; Owing to our making a very heavy purchase of Dainty lawns in polka dots, floral designr,
beautiful fabric for jummer dresses and waists. lace curtains we secured a very low price on some stripes and light or dark shades, yard............- 1
Priced today at, per yard............................-1.00 Nottingham curtains of exceptional worth. We Pongee Sylx, a very silky material and washable
New Gloves place on sale 50 pairs of these Nottinghams in six imperial linen suiting in solid colors, also poplin,
w V s different patterns, worth $1.50 a pair. All are on sale now at, per yard ..................................25
All the popular shades in two-clasp styles, per regular width, three yards long, some with plain New belts, belt buckles, back combs, hair bar
pair .... ............................$1.25 to $1.75 centers, others have all-over figured patterns. Take rettes are now in. We advise making selections
Corresponding assortment for misses at $1.25 your choice at only, per pair...................98¢ early.
was the employers' liability bill de
manded by the unions, but vetoed by
the governor as leveled only against
corporations as employers. The sepa
rate negro school bill was passed over
the governor's veto.
Great Falls, March 19.--James Hat
ton, colored, who yesterday pleaded
guilty to murder in the second degree
on a charge of murder in the first de
ree, was today sentenced to 15 years
in the penitentiary by District Judge
Ewing. Carl Schultz, who also was
r charged with murder in the first de
t gree and who pleaded guilty of men
slaughter, was sentenced to a term of
five years' imprisonment. Hatton kill,
ed Mitchell Dabner, also colored, sev
eral months ago, and Schultz slew
Jacob Anderson at Belt, a short time
i Japan recently completed and
3 placed in commission the fastest pas
senger steamship in the Pacific. Oil
I fuel and turbine engines give it a
23-knot speed.
Cleveland, March 19.-Six persons
were injured, three seriously, in a
stampede, at the Majestic theater to
night. The panic was started by a
fall of plaster from the ceiling, which
struck several men seated in the or
chestra circle. Boys in the gallery
yelled "fire," and in a moment the
theater was in an uproar.
Officials of the theater tried to quiet
the crowd and the actors in the play,
"The Man From Shanley," continued
with the performance. However,
most of the crowd persisted in trying
to reach exits. Many were knocked
down and trampled.
New York, March 19.-Plans for a
rescue expedition to go to the relief
of Dr. F. A. Cook, the polar explorer,
who is believed to be alive in the Arc
tic regions, were outlined today by
Captain Osbon of the Arct!a club. Con
tributions for this purpose have been
coming in recently in encouraging
numbers, he said. The committee con.
templates purchasing a small vessel to
carry a rescue party, whloh will eal
during the early summer under the
American flag.
Cream is separated free milk it
a new machine which alteeat ,
subjects the milk to peetivo sea .,
ative electrical curreats.

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