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-JagF3a to the Year.
4t U 'What Main street. Mts.
, . ; t Montana.
at the posotofice at Missoula.
as secomelses mall matter.
",atg RATES.
(1# Ade*)
5lse month . .- 107
three months --- I i
.11 mon _tha. ..- ..4
oone yar -85
one 0 ear .-.- i.O
wsa ge taer foreign countries.
Oc ,0 Editorial Room.
Washington Office.
Munse y building.
rnest lHasen Pull
man, correspondent.
Hamilton Office.
Main street, near
Air econd.
The Miaseanisa is anxious to give
Als *bat cearrier service; therefore sub.
are requested to report faulty
at once. In ordering papea'
S to new address please give
014 address also. 41oney orders and
it5 should be made payable to
See Miasoulian Publishing Company.
As far as The Missoullan can learn,
there is no opposition in the city to
the construction of a municipal newer
system, along lines which have been
laid down by Engineer Swearingen.
To the contrary, there Is everywhere
the most cordial approval of the
prosegatlon to do agmething and to di
it at onoe. The final obstacle In the
way of a start upon this work was
removed when the state board of
health sanetioned the use of the river
for thb discharge of the city's sewage.
What we have to do now is to get
ready to dig so that there will be
nothing In the way of a beginning
;when spring eopes. There are the
Improvement districts to be organised
and the 4teliminary steps taken to
ward awarding the contracts. These
matters will neesesarily condame some
time. It i the plan of Mayor Logan
to get all of this advance work out of
the way this winter so that the digging
can be staute at the earliest possible
moment. This will make It possible
to pave the avenue next summer.
which I. the purpose of the mayor. In
the execution of these plans. Mayor
Logan sheuld have the earnest co
operation of the members of the coun
cil and of all citlsens who can assist
in the matter In any way. There is
n(. doubt that he will receive the
support which his plan merits.
There is one of our national re
sources that can never become ex
hausted no matter how severe the
drain may be upon it. The field of
litigation is always open: there ir
always something for somebody to *eue
somebody else for and new avenues
for the activity of the lawyer are ever
opening. It Is natural that aeriai
litigation should follow aerial naviga
tion; and that it what has happe'ed.
Last week's New York papers con
tained large display advertisements.
exploiting the attractions of an air
ship that "any amateur can handle.
Upon the heels of this, a lawsuit was
due and it has arrived. The Wrights
*have sued for an injunetion. restraen
ing the Glenn ('urtiss peeeple from
using the aeroplane which they are
making. The case comes up for hear
ing tomorrow.
The gist of the cltam meadth ie the
W'ights is that the new Herring
('urtiss aeroplane, which teas built for
the Aeronautic society. centaina sea
eral infringements of the Wright
patents, which are registered at Wa eh
Ington and In practically every t itll
ised country. The mRain infrat.eneent.
it is alleged, lies in the use of the
flexible wing tips which give stability
to the aeroplane. particularly when
glkeing or making turns.
Should tI:..' Wrights be successful
in the federal courts and prewure the
Injunction they ask feer they will have
almost a world-wide monope.ly of aero
plane construction at its present stage.
for there is hardly a heavier-than-air
flying machine of any consequence
which does not use tiae flexible wing
tip in one form or another. Even the
Bleriot machine in which the French
aviate ' croesed the English channel
last sumemr though a monoplane, and
thus essentially different In its con
stractioa from the Wright flyer. has
alexible tips at the extremnit- of its
ti1s or planes and would le- practi
cally useless without them.
The AWights have advanced their
'tiins Informally when comparing
their anachba. with others, but this is
the AIt evaprt step they have taken
to ialilhik their sots right to use the
Oi Xhs tUps. Other aeronautical
Maeers have decried the idea that
th Whight patents gave them the sole
lt to use this device. and have
that -g before the Wrights
so* WasE in the invention ef fly
appkblaas Hiram Maximn. Chanute
and others had devised the flexible tip
Idea and had adapted It in one form
or another to aeroplane construction.
.Missoula. it seems. is the first city
to run up against the serious condi
tions resulting from the lack of any p
state law which will give officers con
trol of patients sufferir.g from small
pox. The plight of this city has at
tracted attention elsewhere in the
state and there are some of our sister
cities which have expressed sympathy h
fo' Mlissoula: others are too much b
alarmed by the possibilities of the
situation to have time to say they
are sorry, though they doubtless are.
The Billings Gazette. after reviewing I'
the local situation, says: "It is now
declared that the repeal of the luar
antine law was a mistake-some peo- l
ple think the term, 'criminal blunder' a
would be better, and the question now
is 'What are we going to do about a
it,. r
Perhaps Zelaya will never read the "
letter of dismissal which Mr. Knox s
gave to the Nicaraguan charge c
d'affaires at Washington, but he can
read what a coming to him by a ti
study of the situation. ;
If all the male denizens of the had
lands were to contribute $1,000 to the F
city before hiking to parts unknown,
there would be some style to their
Though Zelaya is also a wazxer, he a
cannot look back upon any such rec- o
cord of usefulness as has been made $
by the Welts bridge. F
Their lordships have started some
thing in England but it is doubtful n
if they can finish it; it is more likely n
to finish them. b
However, we are Inclined to think c
that shooting is too severe a punish. 'i
ment for the automobile man who
frightens a team.
- In
The marines on the Prairie have
about a million rounds of ammuni- b
tion-an argument to which Zelaya
will listen.
The army wakens to the fact that I
there Is one who is more strenuous N
than Teddy and that one ia Dickln. E
son. a
The budget campaign in England
will at least serve to put the
suffragettes Into the background.
Missoula hopes that David Cohen's
honeymoon journey will be so long
that he'll never come back. i
When Mr. Knox stripped Rodrigues a
of his official dignity, he didn't have
much to leel off. e
In 1894. also, the local railway men
acted under instructions from eastern
As a wedding month. December is
knocking the spots off June In the
local field.
Secretary Knox presents a clear and
concise statement of the Nicaraguanl
Nicaragua has some of the symptoms ,
of passing into the extinct class. ,,
The map of Central America is s
liable to immediate revision.
The wise man layeth up coal and
waiteth strike developments. 4
It is not too early to shop enary and
avoid the Christmas rush.
The house of commons stands pat.
Spokane. Dec. -.i--Aparently well
groundle reports are current her,. that
the engineers and firemen of the tireal
Northern and the Northern Pacific
have demanded and advance in wages
According to a local newspaaper cmii
miittes are en routas to St. Paul to
confer with railroad officials.
At the local offit'an of the Great
Northern it wax admitted that a new
schedule was being prepared, but it
was explained that this was in lint
with demands made several weeks ago
Some conceiatons already have beer
granted. it is said.
Denied at St. Paul.
St. Paul. liec. _-General Manages
Slade of the Northern Pacific ans
General Manager Gruber of the Greai
Northern denied tonight the story traoy
hltakane that engineers and firemae
of their respective systems hatve dl.
mandled an advance in wages. Mr
aruber said the engistneers and firemsas
asked for a conference 'aith the gen
eral managers conunittee in ctoher
ssaion after the sw itehinen asked fai
their conference. but that no indi
vidual demands had been atade on tha
two roads.
It then was agreesi. sail Mr. turhes
that after siifferenet-s hetween tht
switchmen and the i.tilroaels ere ad.
justed. their cases would he taken up
Engineers and firemen have made na
demands for higher wags, either oalio
the Gerat Northern or the Northerr
Highland Light. Mus>s. iare -
Three men were washed overbsarsl ant
lost from the British schooner Mi.
peh when that vessel was driven upor
the beach tonight. Your others of tha
Cew were aiaed.
New York. lice. 2 --The fight fur the
hegvyweight championshipi of the world
between James J. Jeffries and Jack
Johnson will be held in California, 'ear
San Francisco, on July 4. 1910. and
will be staged by "Tex" Rickard of
Nevada and John J. Gleason of San
Francisco. Their bid of 101,000 and
two-thirds of the moving flieture priv
ileges to the contestants was formal
ly accepted in a stormy meeting a
Hohoken. N. J., this afternoon. Final
articles will be drawn up and signed
there tomaorrow. It is believed the
fight will represent more cash than
any other fight in the history of the
Thomas J. McCarey of LIo" Angeles.
whose hlIl was consaldered highest by
many. made a game race for lila Pa
cifIc Athletic club, but his cause was
witho, t hope . James ('offroth. by vir
tue of his control of the two basic
pate-its on mntving pictures, had de
creed against McCarey and his all.,
Eddie Grancy of San Francisco, and
the fight was given to (;leason and
Rickard. who, It is, said by sporting
men, have an understanding with Cof
froth-a surmise strengthened by the
fact that Gleason and Coffroth het'
shared one bid In the past. McCarey
and Graney estimate that the net value
of the moving pictures will be at least
$200.000. and may he worth $400.000
Rickard and Gleason declined to esti
After Lou Houseman of Chicago, 4s
master of ceremonies, had called the
meeting to order In a hotel at Ho.
boken, Sam Berger. Jeffries' manager,
announced that his principal had de
c'ded for Rickard and Gleason. George
Little. representing Johnson, made a
similar announcement, and Stokeholdir
Bob Murphy was about to declare th'
matter settled when McCarey rose to
Insist on reading the Rickard hid in
an effort to show that it was not tit
"I was Induced to comoe across th?
continent, protested McCarey, "by the
representation that everything was to
be above b9ard here. I find it either
wise. It my bid is not the best, then
Eddie (raney's Is. Graney's bid
amounts. Including pictures, to $275,000
to the fighters."
"Well, I've been lit this fight busi
ness longer thAn you have." spoke up
Gleason, and was about to continu",
when McCarey jumped to his feet and
hurled his wallet across the long table,
-There ' at least $25,000 that you
"Hitt I've had bigger fights." per
siated Ileason.
"I'll bet my pile you haven't," shout
ed Met'arey.
Oecision Stands.
Lou Houseman ,iuieted the argument
but there was more wrangling before
Berger announced 4eclsively that Jef.
fries would not change his verdict.
Little made o a similar announcement
for Johnson, and Stakeholder Murphy
declared the award to Rickard ano
Gleason. At Gleason's suggestion the,
final signing of the articles was post
poned until tomorrow at 11 o'clock,
vwhen lawyers will clintb the last tech
nicalities. Generally sympathy was
expressed for Mc(Carey. He hail preju
,.pced his rather delicate health by a
cross-country trip in the expectation of
getting the fight. Rickard assured
him, as a sup to his chagrin. that it
A Bald Headed
Inair is certainly most necessary to
twoman. Whi could love and marry a
bald-headed woman?. What charms
could one array to offset such a dis
A wsoman's goal is usually ivte anti
marriage. Hier crowning glory is her
hair. The loss of her hair mars her
beauty. happiness and success. Yet
right here where we live. are thou
sands of women neglecting or injur
ing their hair t.. such an extent that
it is only a matter of time when it
will be utterly ruined.
Many women destroy the beauty of
their hair through thoughtlessness or
ignorance of certain facts. They do
not shamipo their hair ftten enough.
or too. often. They use soaps or prela
rations which contain ingredients
harmful to the scalp and hair.
As a result of such treatment dan
druff is created. the hair lotsens, ltoes
cultr, falls out. and ltlaldness com
Itences, unless proper and prompt pre
cautions are taken in time. Then
again. miirobes and certain distasea
bring about unhealthy scalp and hair
Most p'otple can rid themselves of
dandruff and correct diseased setalp
and hair conditions if they will use
the right remedy. We have that renn
edy. and we will pstitively guarantte
that it will eradicate dandruff and
prevent baldness or it will not cost the
user anything.
That's a pretty broad statement but
we mill htack it and prove it with our
own money. Itexall *"93" }fair Tt.nit
is the remedy that will grow hair and
overtmtone scalp and hair troubles. It
will grow hair et en on baltd hetads.
unless all life in the hair rmts has
been extinguisheti. the follicles clo-tetl,
and the scalp is glased and shiny. It
gets its name front the fact that it
grew hair in 93 out of 1to cases, where
it received a thoroughly hard. impar
tial and practical test.
WVs want you to try Rexall "'93" Hair
Tonic at our risk. You surely cannot
lose anything by doing so. while you
have everything to gain. You would
better think this over, and then ctoe
in and site us about this offer. You
will be well repaid for your visit t.
four store. Two sizes. :,A cents anti
Sl.00. Rememtber yout cant obtain lb x
all Remedies in Missoula only at our
store,-The Rexall Store. The Mis
yout:t lt-ag 4'u.
Ladles' cash- Men's all-wool
merr hose; a hal f hos e.
go~od warm rn7 either in black
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3 pair . $Jn n
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lined under
wear; sizes Thssr
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Itants; special. le n 5 is eav'.
cach. 5. *flannel shirts,
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an extra ape-*
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lined I' ln.n
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fromn t o ; -il lixsl ' .teren rn e a t
extra goo a jlust the mtiterial for a girlis -TI 1all styles cu1 l colors; fleece - Ii n ed
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weig ht and Ifrilliawnhtiees-[ln cream l i A large line of 4otits to seleIt is an eceXst
value In gray Jilee fine quality for ai waist from at from $10.00 to Iie'nal cap tor.
only, rle t. 45. pach ...7...000 75a
or /tress. jt' tle'Iill.... 75. $2000 a M.70.
special ringside box should be built
for him and his friends.
The guaranteed purse for this fight
is the largest ever offered. but sport.
Ing r en believe the moving pictures
will net even more. An indication of
their value is to be seen In the fact
that Houseman, who handled the Il
linois rights to the Corbet-Fitssim
mons fight pi!ctures and paid $104.000
to Dan Stuart as the promoter's per
centage for them, still realized hand
somely on his investrrvnt. Houseman
in principal bidder for the Illinois
and New York rights for the
pictures of the coming fight.
John I.. Sullivan was mentioned in
the gossip as a possible referee, but
he was not seen at headquarters.
"John I,. has been on the water'
wagon an long," a volunteer explained,
"that he will not permit himself to
be tempted. For that reason ho has
not been around." No one 'Ii 'vt s
that Sullivan will be selected Is rot
Prep. His age and hulk are hi'i "'dy
handicap, but they are sufficient. 'rlet
referee may be chosen tomorr'a- when 1
the final articles are signed. but I'
V considered likely that Jerfrie+,
Johnson and the promoters, tll of
whom have aln eq I voice, will take
pb'nty of time be'fe selecting no i;m
portant an of 'oia
Coffroth the Man Behind.
San Francisco, Dee. 2.-Today os
sporting men here received private :ul.
vices from the scene of the openin4
of the bids for the Jeffries-Johnstn
fight, the conviction grew that James
W. Coffroth is the n.at actually I.e
hinli the offer made by Tex Riskar l
of Ely. Nev., and John J. Gleason of
this city. Instead of being depresscl1
by the news from New York the cl w.
associates of C'offroth were elate l
when they heard how the mnatter nh, I
been decided.
It is well known that since his con
nection with the co-called "fight tr. Sc"
durine th. Sehmitz-Ruef regime r'.tr
froth has been unable to secure a per
mit to conduct ta fight within the uty
limits of San Francisco and for tli:at
reason he constructed his "tiunshie'
arena" over the line in Sun 11 it. e
county. Until lately t'.ffroth was
on gomtl terms with the suitervis'rs of
that country, but some friction , e
veloped when he made his last appili
cation for a nerinit and it is not b.e
lieved that his troubles in that di
rection have at-n patched up. for
these reasons sporting men here crn
tend that while I offroth will ren n:u
the power behind the throne In the
coiting fight, his name will not ,ad
pear as being directly connected with
the affair.
It is no longer a secret that a str'ng
etftort will he made to have the 1
coning adnjinistration repeal the ordi.
nance which forbids the holdin' o'
fights of more than 20 rounds dura.
* Are Getting Their
Christmas Photographs Now
I'1ou,30LA, MONT
The Best Residence District
in Montana
FRANK P. KEImT, Secretary
Livery, Cab &
Transfer Co.
Flne Livery
East Main Street. Phone 33.
thin in this eity and it la figured that
there will b" little trouble in dohig
this if Coffrothis name is not too
prominent. It is said that before go
ing east Voffroth had praetically se
cured pledges f..r $10,000 worth
of the tickets to the fight, providing
the hattle is held i ithin the city limn
Prineton, N. J.. Dec. :.-William
Alfred Packard. Ph. D. DD. professor I
emeritus of Latin in Princton univer
sity, and for many years a well-known
figure in the world of classics. died
suddenly from heart trouble at his
home here today. He was 79 years
If you've worn a W. G. &
B. suit or overcoat you want
another. I f you haven't tried
one you ought to. We would
like to show them to you.
Every garment warranted,
with a warrant that does
Brooks & Turner
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S e olul window and bring
your laby here. If you
haveu't 1one, bore ow one, but
don't nhius this.
NT7OIE-.Iape'8 & Mope.
This Is the wagon that sucks all
dust, dirt and germs out or your
carpet. draperies. rugs and up
holatered furniture. *We also do up
holstering and repairing. feather
renovating and all kinds of carpet
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Savoy Hotel
Modem and Centras-1U Resam"s
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Cafe i. Coaneedtea, Useewpeuss
Telphene and Leng Distese
Ceansetie. It Eseb Resum
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