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:.: a < .i'very Day in the Year.
$18 and 181 West Main Street, Mis
souls, Montana.
Lttered at the postoffice at Missoula,
Montana, as aecond-claas mall matler.
(In Advance.)
Dal ly, one month................................. o0.7t
Daily, three months ............................ 2.25
Daily, six months............................. 4.00
Daily, one ye r.................................. 8.00
Postage added for foreign countries.
usness 110 Editorial
Offlee L 0 Ilooms
Washington Office
Mu n s e y bullding.
Ernest laseln Pull
man, correspondent.
Hamilton Offioe
Main street, near
'The Missoullan is anxious to give
the beat carrier service; therefore, sub
scribers are requested to report faulty
delivery at onc., in ordering paper
changed to new address, please llve
old address rlso. Money ordera and
ohecks should be mads payable to
The Mlssoutlan Publlshing Company.
MONDI)AY. .ilUltt'AltY 7. 1910.
Here In Missoula we are so bullly
engaged in attending to business af
falrq and in the endeavor to keep Mis
soula moving along toward the mark
we have set for her growth, that we
do not find much time to talk polities
during the closed season. On-ithat ac
count, there sl something refreshing in
a letter to The Montana Lookout. which
is republished in The Missoullan this
morning: this letter Is from the pen
of a well-known Helena fnan who
sojourned In our midst last week with
plenty of Ilisuri on his hands; he
employed his time in a manner thiat
Is characteristic of a man from Hclena,
where they think more of polities than
of anything else and where they have
the subject on their minds all the time.
To most of us--perhaps to all of uv,
there is a lot of news in this Iookout
letter. TI'he communicatlon comes
properly undler the important-f-true
olassifical tion. MZleanwhile, watch Mis
soulu grow, while Helena talks po!ltciM.
Tomorrow noon the i hImnber (f Clll
lmerce will hold its regular nleeting;
,- this week the nesnion will be held at
the Bhapard hoteL where lunch will
he served and where the tcustomary
informal discutssion of nmitters in which
the chamber Is concernled will be held.
There was it gratifying attendance at
the last mleeting of thin kind and it
iS hoped that there will te even ia
larger number of tlhe business nein
present at the session tomorrow. Presi
dent Keith has an interesting mutter
which he expects to bring up as the
principal theme for discu.sion and
there will be attraction enough to en
gage the attention of all who attend.
These noonday meetingn are a good
feature of the work of the chambtlter of
comnlerce; they should b.e enlcouralgeid
and each shouldl have a larger attlnd
ance than the procedllng one.
Sonie of the friends of Tl'he Mis
ooulianl have felt that We did not give
plrominllence enough in our news cUol
Iumns to the late visit of .1rs. Nation.
The isnKuuOllama ditd not u."y mlUch
about the soJulilrn, It is true;' we did
niot, in fact, say alsn uch as we would
have liked; but had we ex'pressed our
candid oplinion of Mrs. Nation's course
In Missoula and else hllere, it woultld
hiiave been very mluch like the follow
ing letter frlom the stute secretary o
the Voitnia'ns ('hi rltlatn Tt empieran lice
unionl, which is ptublisheid Ill the Mot
taina Ittecord of IeleIi:l;
I'iarry Nationi lspke last evenillng ini
the Atuditolrililllm undei r a blusinless ar
raingementi with the VWoirnan's t'ihris
tirln 'rTenlperlanel unionl of Helena. Had
I known what she would say, I would
have used ily influenIIce to lprevent any
engagemenlllt t ith hir, flr I q.uestion
whether any good purpose is serv'-d
by the speech lshe mradi. There was
much truth in it to be sure, but truth
was lost in the ltuinch that w\t vulgar,
irrati nul itid Irrelevlantl
The Womlanl'n Chliristinll Teipirlllllite
union In a conseirvative orgaunliztlolti
endorninlg iothing that tend. to anl
Lrehy. Its members are' not freaks.
They are not doing fanatical, fantastlc
and outlandlash things to attract pub
lic attention. They are not po)sing inll
spectacular performances. Thely are
seeking by evclutinary mIethods to es
tablish such conditilons of living that
there shall be no evil places open to
tempt otur' young people to do wrlong.
They are not denouncing the nlayor
of Helena. They have no reason to
do so, though they are working to
create a public sentiment that shall
OUTLAW the saloon, which they re
Mrs. Nation by her own declaration
is not a temperance woman, but a
,prohibitionist of a violent type. The
Woman's Christian Temperance union
luas no controversuy with her, but her
ppeqoh it not our speech, her ways are
not our ways, and her methods are
not our methods.
Though the Woman's OLhrtltian Teln
perance union orf Helena has not the
numt.ers or the soial prestige uitlona
in otieir places lhane, the prlrliplies of
the organliatton nmut be in necnrd with
that of those of the National. IMrs.
Nation Iperverted her freedlom r
speech in her attack on President Taft,
our Woman's Chritian Temperanice
union contain good republlcans and
goord ldenmorrtts as wrll nas good ',r-.
htllitlonists. And though I full to ser
any connection lt('welenl MasUonry PIrac
i tee. and ualooin nsmashingl . I will l;1ny
tiht I am far front agreeing with Mrs.
Naltionl* expreruAoed viewrs, for Notr.mle of
thei best murn that ever lIvedl--antirlng
thenm my fathler andi the late Judge
Hcdgesi-were Masotrns
Thercfore, thlough we admlnlire ctrry
Nation's utneflfish devotion to Ithr Iotneo
Intermrts and praise her for iill good
rerults, she has attained andtl find her
tnot congenialI in rivate conversation
and wlih her Goud iriad in altl ilr
philanthropic efforts, we rdo not rn
dorse her public utterances,
HIowever, we shall wierleomtre nd work
for the day wheln weV il t lll t good
pr,.hllltliionltis and when all tlhe saloons
in the land shail be legally "nlallaitshd"
by the ballot and supplanted by Young
Men's Christitans aasorrltlion iulildings,
.gymnasriunls, Ilbrarlie and "EMvIery
Day" churchen.
Itec. Hecretary .tMontata W. ('. T. I'.
It In autiorrittivetly tnnotunced that
T.n Taggart'r eyesright will tnIt hre
delrtroyed: thist i n good; such roemnrk
able smight lshoutld be lrerrrved; tiro los
night that loulldi dlntingllstlhl vir I' ry
for Altonl II. PIurker would Ib i
In the florld of gold, pouring iu lfr
her rlietf. Parisl finds sorie irmn
lrpenaltion for tile ffects of tiihat other
floondand this (ollmperlttitn,,u l I notI
n1Iwttnnured by thie numttber of tihei dollus,.
A flltrun oerat I, tenor hIlls ur
renidlered his wife to It rival and hasI
tihrown it a gift of $25l,0010 for gnid
inlumsurre, flow the, tenor lmusilt lihavei
sutfferend iln the pluat!
i.,f lll the boycotts ever Inllunlgultted,
tirlle' wan, in or will be nIonre thlat
catllrsen no much joiy as the a.ctioll iof
thlle Dunver woltnli in wnalring off
wearing hIuts.
All of the political econlllmilllst tillU iu
that the relief we desilre muIlst comeimi
fronl theti fartiter: but we do int oriervii
ainy iltnd ruIIh on tielh part to pick tip
the Iut,.
A ireonch doctor hlia ua miethlodl ft, r
i;litlg InosluItorns wlhenl they are
nllivnu the ditffliculty with thirs pllnn
will ihe toi catch them iutleep.n.
C'hmpll i Clar iii a lteder without in
followlig: thllr ntrgrentr refu.r to fall
into line anlldl the, dinemocratll de~lilne io
br: ld in nl onet direll'lction.
Now l IIl\' itiryl) IGgllandl IiiUHt hold
lnither elcec lion Ii dete ninl e hl4, %% i tile
luast iel.ttuit wtrll . (Our ytemlll' i Ii not
wlitltout minlllte iitlvuanlltles.
Xiot only will ,consiurvation bei Plin
chut', tihemer, li It will be litir theitie
o man:1 I. dischushnsi It choming
'rile lowering of the highl-wlit.'r mark
in Paris glives us h.lope tihat the point
Itreached by the prie o'f beef may dl4rop.
T'w'o da)ys ior of dancinflK; two days
nirle ii' fun--lthen we 'swear ,aff, froml
all that's gay, till after Lent is Jdne.
Nor does this year's crop of new
Linoln sturies inlldicate any dlllhlnutioll
in tile late of pruductioln.
MIr. (idas lhidl fair ito rokv a1
nuttoril IiIsu of the Alaitka coial Ilnds.
Thet are big ,enough.
There are l liny new stores uilding,
but they ire all Letl'ile'd us fast as
thelly are flislhed.
Il r ilaragu 4, llh lti.tht Ibalttle IIs
advanceId tli ' rebels from rei'lutioilts
'to ii'r llllon ll tl 4' 1
Whli w.as it Iilnorirty ove1r r iatisfied
wIlth the hioMle rules ti r lthe ruler?
Uleasll Iits thl peer who 14IiI'sl I
curuet in pirlliumenil.
(t onttullll l 'd Itotl' 14 gt II o nll' ll
I l'ivr' t '-thirds of the ulll i t ioi' 111
Mnute Details,
1Th, ill illar'i got1 e intoil l ilt. 4li 11t 4st' I
lthlil tin rilgUlat 44i llg pa Illlll ','r i -t '
Juries, ,pu'et0ifyiing how muctrk 'hall he
paid for thil e I lt befot J llan y , l l'llt , ii
filnger, ol a I t, lIo. a lo illturdgirnit Iofll
tight, iou rirng or siill.l iljury Iild I
clud ltng rlitng l, i urgict atl nd hospit l4
treltatmen,. The, hseot ostf al t1ae is fixed
at 5 Iper ent. c Thohe ll sI of blloth eyelts
interet5 tl (rcide t, ueoio the lrightell
hlan at 6ur. ile roa nt. Til1 bill wou1ld
tablsh ath court totet koer tieak nw a 4he,
federal ernni ission of injury, The
court would colist of three nlitlliber's.
appolli te hnoin proalds, andt it rusly
f $6,000 tper o yar athe woneu ldhllle
authority into inquire iiinto dl rose it
IthiinLts and to IC ul lop y iees.ry .iel
Kulispedl. Mont., Fell. 6. --I pecial..
Heal estate dealers and land owners,
who have had before the people a
proposition for a long straight road
to run south from Kulispell Into the
rich farming region at the north of
Flathead lake, got together lfrst night
and Iil a conference Inl which all were
Interested decided upon the general
line of the road which is to be petl
tioned for. The road will cut across
city property and farms, and also some
present roads to a point several miles
below the abondoned town of Demers
viii, gathering together at that point
all the incoming roads, and thrusting,
them through the one macudamized
highway into the sonth enid< of the
avenues of Kalispell.
The aged father and mother
of a prominent Boston lawyer
safely carried through the last
two winters by
The son says: "My father
and mother owe their present
strength and good health to
Vinol. During the last two
trying winters neither of them had a cold, and were
able to walk farther and do more than for years.
I think Vinol is perfectly wonderful. It certainly is
the greatest blood-making, strengthening tonic for old
people I ever heard of."
We want every feeble old person In this town to try
VInsl. We will return their money without questlon il It
does not aecomplish all we Claim for It.
a1hI.l.hn1 utlo , I'1.1. 0. (4llp1 'l.s.,)
t)(' Jllands { nllllmlltter' sIII thlel bill o1f 8l0n-.
iator ('arter. iretLhlug tl- flat'ier nlii
tioll park in Miiontanu, hltS4 Juust n/1l1e:
from the govlrnulh m,,IInt prlintilg Iff.l
It it il ve'ry hIul ndlst t111 dumiuiliint. mi ld
one of tii VIery ItI illustratetd iioi t -
tllellut I issued by In, 1gr1'11es. At lenator1
i1k ;111 es tJ Iti' tk lliglltiiti urlii, I'ItiW
I)IxIo 's rIqulll'St th** senate authorized
til plll tlil tion rllth the report l if a
inul.lr rft ihto rlhlillih of views in the
proloIsll a lal iark, alll d t, ll. o* t arollI
1 1hkwin Ihg tht extient or tlhe park. lThesmel
ill h tographs J ll, prl,'senLit the lllown. 1
1 ' rllene, in tl Its h Iutitf l h4 ,,ltluin oR
Ilt r iiuii woiltrii Iinn <iiMnltail uti; u(lllt
hla nlt cliff, htr Mt1it. (i'levelank t, Lewis
ranitn: park train i ri vi- g pliains iti est
ritin ; Iuu liltli: Iii fll -kl t r I . ull n s 'ihll4 t. 1.
tof I11 lunit lli' n-i un, St. '11Ma y Iikes
uilture pliik, ifro ntu tlet oif ( 1artz
lakl e; 1llllil in l 'ivingston1l rallIR , :I'.w
init l-'ii t ii r i.u rtl, l 1..t'-u ii. l lwhin k tol
iniiii ll.t of l i i li ut ll ,(100 flttI:
All pithelil *ter ll fl i llail t i irhn l lI tli
,l. i ll l t h ll of lll- i i i ift 11 . rl :1t v lley;
I'lfr moi i thl hi fronl !l ni dy i . r, k
" Ilis'y. .A 111. d Inlinh lrkl: ,.Mt. (l nldl
from 'llJeritltt Il ke, $wi fteurrent
41ll.4; (*ns ude 1of swivtlurrent creek
1,t .Ml.,l)erl'l tt like. M.11t tG llo d in
h .nkgr111oii; il1 1r Iliky witv h ' reflh', -
htlm s, nioirth lfork ,l " I1lly1 rlv4 ir; 1 l'
l iltls I r:1nu1 1lkinq southwest from
betwhl w,..t olf Intliile ,-M divide to
Vilture peaki, 1ithl the huillnhl" Rll
hi'rs; i'ootinli t l 1 ,i' hhi i11rto Vulture
l111114, 1 /11/1111 n tl h .111t a rii$lN 4 ll14)'1
11t he'ldw\,it ' r4 1 Sal, katelhl\wall.
Grand Scenery.
I1 his lil .1' 11 1ri1t tilt 1hi 1ill 5 n1.1111t1)r
1Ix1i1tn lit1k' 11f the h rihndeu, r 1l1il1d
i lunty 1f t1 "en ry ill thetl propo
p °r'kl. The ir ina1tor id r:
tihllll park 0hirh \11II h4 fittingly'
il11 Waviheter Nat.llitl park. The tor
riltoly embril..d contllslihll$ ,Ilut 1.41i0
.1 li111r1 1 1111;1 $, i 1i11 1illproxim tll y ii 11illl
11111111 onli l, rh u ,.st 111l1l Nest ..f tll' 11Un11
nit 111' hill h 1the 1,1lll- of ill. , h ock)
ii,1ll11 t ill's iilnnediatllly - 1iith ill' the
Itlehrnltinimi hounlldarly line. The p r'k
111 111 1m ,01 e,"l 1l141111t 41I ; llW '1t'rs 11nlhd it
llrg1 1 1t " 1,1' llh i kes 4'l ld $11'1411n6.
I,1"111 th sll; :1.1:1 ar ilter1 fl'1w t-, the
111111i'll I , hlI > f 1,\h.(1111' 1 i l !lth
I', / lfi' 111 n :il1 'till' nlll ltant htin scel'n.l v
1s 1f uniparnl,\t1ll r,I nll., hlull,.t 1n '11u
r wl', "h .es al ,111 thlii o1 f lit.r13,14 fort
,VOR li
During Change of Life,
-ays Mrs. Chas. Barclay
(r'antit'il.. \t..-- "' I wa lsasing
'hrl'ugh tIt h' iigetof LifT'ue aI dnt ired
from ntiervoutsnee
Su.ndotlhur ia noyillg
h1 mptolnus, and I
call trulvy say that
Ly'dia I:. inkh.'l flmil
Vegetable, Coin
l)'^pound haus proved.
º- orth loultainsll
of gold to tile, its it
restored mjy heIalth
iuuld strctuegth. I
S never forget to tell
my friends what
lydiaE. l'inkhaL's
.cgetable Com pound has (lout, for me
hlring this trying period. Complete
'estoration to healtl meai s so much
0 me that for the 'ake of other sulter
lug women t 1 ant willing to make, uy
rouble public so you tiuy publish
his letter." --,lMi. ('nAs. 1AItLLAY,
't.F.l ).,(ira iltvilh,. \'t.
No other mIetdicine for w.omnl's' ills
has received such wide.spread and un
Squalilled entlorsemcient. No other med
iciuºt we know of has such a record
of cures of female ills as has Lydia E.
1P1'luhatm's ' egetable Colhtouud.
For more than :30 years it has been
curing female complaints such as
iniamnmation, ulceration, local weak
nesses, fibroid tumors, irregularities,
periodic pains, backache, ladigestion
and nervous prostration, and it is
unequalled for carrying women safely
through the period of change of life.
It costs but, little to try Lydl. E.
' Pinkhalm's Vegetable Compound, and,
as Mrs. Barelavsays,it is "worth mot1.
hi,,is of gold " to suttferi1ng wo1men..
ilr.... the.. s.i. tnd there are iuie'.
ius ruggtd Inuintitaitnt in tihet' prop,.otd
llk rl ilnling from t ,000 to lo,O )i 0 If.t.t
above sea level.
All Mountainous.
"'Th' .rl, i Ipraticatlly ni t rgt'lulturtai
Itlln willln no minera' l '.uring' tforman
t1ions ill' 1 any -Ignific ,nce oilr utmtmer
(tlill vraltie 1 lthin the exte.riolr limits of
tih,, :l'l l. .1f'uni tt in goats. Inountaln
i)l p '(l ightKlirt . thln.t k bears, deer, elk.
,n,',I Im, abbller l' i In the counl try'k, Ipro
wi'll Ias i 'relt vari'ety of birds. tand
these game :n, hnilms and birds will in
c..t.., IIIn nuitberr If prot.ected by h1tW
fnrollo Intenl. cf.ll t,(e, to tlch an111 extent
its to fulrnish ini tl, overfliow fromt' tlhe
pork e t, itltiil siupply to .sports.mten
foir il timle o I, "'omell'. In the litlsence
i'of sutlh protection of the bre.eding
r, rundII nIilce of the lulnim l.l , part-lt
nlarly tilt. sh"' "II,,l 11 gol tl, will be.
itittn ' tr'cu'ti Wily extinct \ithinl It 'tery
shortn time.
in order t" ~{,en this ( i'-g slo of
su.in'r:c tand unhpt',1(e sceneryp for the
Ipublic' i fe 'it Itlitnl riladwt ay' will be
wlth ihorste trail: to purst, of esrpeclh
lilt 'trist,
leake M1 "-thnts ll Irll* the .A'+tilnve et
p trI bt.linih'.. of tht' proposed palrk.
Is a sheetltt t oi' wilter ofl Iln ll luatchedoi
liiutal "-' iptl'n t ir s to make ii roadway
ptloni its +,* .t.'rn .itl el'' -xtrettletiy le
s.rable: but the' lliestlion itof makingl
Ill.- Teg.on asse. lble' will be t lt' suh*
Jte,'t of' futurit conslderatlIti by con
ri s:.;. !
Ily .I nellh lurtilV 1ote If' the t tulll tteel
tilp uIl ntiIry i..r thel p'troposed rtIeserva
,il l.. tis chn11ed so 'is to bring tihe
o'et boun(tdal'y of the proposed parki
d11,011 tit nihddleh line of the Flathead
rivet'. iH ith, maijority of th' tconi
mittl , bel'ieve that uItless soime ni lut
Uril .i itoundary lile it' te etitblishedt there
that it will hit) t, much confulson
Is to tihe t trrit ia li ttilit otf the pro
posed plrk antd resullit In the slaughter
oif ithe pik. dlter, situIl uothetr lAihNlla
thalt migh t itre thii' i t'Ullty utis t fi' eod
ing ground dtuhing thil milmll ler m 1ontha.
'rth' coilni Ittl; alsIruuthorized Hlle
ntor Dixon to change the boundaries
in the l ill to they would be as fuol
"Cimmencitiing it a point ontl ti n-p
tirniilt it buUniitly bet weIen the
Ulnited States and the Dolminion of
Cln.ittau tit ilt' midle of the Flathead
river; tIthence followinig stuthterly ilong
llll with the middlel of tht' Flttelud
riser to it, chnillhnlence with the nmiddle
fork it tihe latheadlll;tl rlver: thentce ful
lItowi'ng tie. ntlh ehonk tofp the mitn dle
forlk lif tllhe I'ltlhllad river."
I. ip.rnpntnte ttu lit was also itntirpoi'at
Se authorikingt Fintur ept.ent
sttn ltion ofil rtltr s oi t hlut ' Irt a ttlrp rllt
t'ttl' tt:lh at 011 srall'pt lllli. t.I.tI 'lht. FlIt
hl ad lriver or any of its trlbutuarle
i1lth the hIutnirh.ies of the Glactor
Striking Features.
ti l'' l 'illc i' u t iht tlt' se ''teLt few
s,.'m to. r !,..r tl of l14uh , it wtent icier.,
S,"nlttlor l'urt "r expl' l ned the ft'|ttul'ts
of tl lprpo..dt.l parak to tht smlate,
alh iIg it wvIis a \wondterful c.entry.
;ill for P. nts. s if scenery, hetality tof
tkiies ;ill] t ct ti' '.llas lnd remarkati ble
gll.er buIl poslts, it was ilt'htinctly
tnllehlth h til the world. }Ic' s ill there
wIrl . 1li llli AIers in the iil trk, the only
ones this t Id of Ah'sliti. Slenator
C'rti'ir '.it.·l st tttted lth t the Canadian
gov.. i% ntl' l has in Contllemphatioll tilt
Slition it' it li'ke :Iret to tiH north ofl
the line, itsit' rt'fuget frill wild game.Ut
tl' e 1' tnrk also cii, tai tied sti last dtis
till habitat of ti.lt tutilitth sheeptt
in the lnited hi .tir , atl. nd theier re.treat
should e presit t trv'd fron Invasion sso
,s to avert extermination. The -ainel
applpi'd to the mountain goats, dir.
carLtr aid that ii enator hadl tilld
hnl h,. had visited thi park lcten tly
;einl asclended ol t of the. (ll ffs, obl)er\
in' tlhe iountltin sheep|ll going tdownI
tI a.l clietilit ll 'k whern' salt 1no zed
lout. They had blt, travoling down
,the cliff ulntil ilev had worn path
%i%.v tl'hrough tlh solhl ro k lihngit thte
traillS I:d these Gtlasho reached i
tih l hi ."e10t, lae,.is of two feet. The
. itar" tehlred that the sceUiry in
the 1ari. was as :arandi as that of the
.b t i.'! of Fwi tzetrllalnd and Ihe
hooed ,1 meirll ,n wl ould " irh't-'t their
Wh,,ri ':rnerv eltil tio that to be
P lou d llIiv vheri ..n tllhs globe mlly be
Ite! In :old tenjoyed."
iof $2p,00 Uit.Illl He denie0s th0 chargtes,
Wuhlngltolln, yh,. 0.--(Sp'dc'l.)
Senatour Dixon oIppused thil ptusage of
the Johnston Sunday rest bill in the
senate whln) that 11measure caune up
on th.e ealendrl a few days ago, on
the grounid that it appliedl a religioust
test in Washingtonl. Ie saild he was
in faldor of keeping one day of the.
wet k is a day of rest rland for re
Ilgiou worship, but the bill in Lts
present tr would not Ure('utpllHh
this, hilt would Upply a rilgious test.
If thua t as the purpose of the bill, hel
slki. "tihen the trliilmings permltting
the sxle of fruit, newspapers, confer
tiot jry, illgarM and other thlillgs ought
to b': cut out of It." tf a religious
test was to be applied in the ealpital,
the bill shlluld so specify. hle said, and
I llitminute many of the exemption" that
are int It. If it was not a religloatus
ltest, he .said therm, was no occaision,
fitr' the paIss age of that kind of law
in the upitLtal, "I think." said Sen
ator Dixon. "it a republicanll forlll of
g overnment. onle of the Limoust dntiger
*,f's programs thllt lehrIslaturelC can;
enter upon i1 anything lolokitig towirl
the esitail' inent cif ia ehigiousI test
throutr's i coutlI of law." Cont:unuing
he . ;d:
An Exemption.
'I think there is an exetuptlou Int
this bill In favor, possibly, of Seventh
ay Ad\tlentlsts and Jews. but in somei
way or olther the bill p)rovides that
those persons whose coltncellce itnpele
thetn to keep another day tlhan Sunday
Iit order to kee'l withlit the provlsiollu
i tof the 1,ll must be members of a re
ilglous body. Suppose they are con
verts to olin of these different kinds
of reliixitt and believe Saturday is the
.lgltltntste Sunday. .its usually int
terplreted, are they to be convicted tn
di.r this bill because they have tnot lat
filtited tantd joined nuotre other religiou.
"I notic,, by the provision In ltie
r five of the iill that everyone is pro
1 hibiteti from working at atty trade or
callingl. 'nder the provisions of this
bill you wouldl nott send fir it dioctori
I If a munl were sick Ilt your Ihouse ontl
I Sunday witlhout ntakitng both the pa
tient lltd do .tor liable to pioseciutionl
1and tine or imprisotrntllPlent.
"I 11tiv' that puge two of the bill
permits a pretty easy-going time on
Sunday. \'(e cant buy fruit andt soda
water and minieral water and news
)'papers antl eolnfection'ery. we aull buyI
ciga;ri: but the poor man wt . smokes
Shis pipe ean not btul tol,,b'o., I think
L" wltenevler you begin to sipe..Ify \v.hat
Stlll )e dolltne on Hunday atnd what can
I not bte dotLne. you lre troing to find
Syourselves colnfronlted with ia nm.jt dif
, ficult t roioatition.
"t'n"ld0rr the hill is it Inow st:tnds, the
l man \whlo hist.kes two-bit rigldtr cant
- go to * story oil Sunday antd but1 theml,
t' whih the man whol smonlikes his pllli
Sor watslll ti litty i pli11r of tohabtto
" ln nut iti , It. io111. :,, t is1 (.i remte, and
i, t . other Is l'irithnL ute. I Ilhilk ibefore
- thI. senalte of' th:e Ulnited 5totes under
" takes tii naitt lrislitt.iton of this kindl,
It oul.tll tin be imost hell hertttely conl
sidare.l and most enrefullyv lhrased.
I "-lHere we. provile that the street
Sirs tlla rui ln , dllntlyrV. Si the Itub
f lIt. sr1ri'e earnoratHions cani continue
I to reotur' tithe tl.tsaitndls or more men
Sinll thls tolwni ePngad in runnling street
lI rallwilvs, Pa me ni whomnl work it 10 ,
e' and tl I *I,'' '" IlvI, to lahor on Sun
- ~ lray, while if their itiigilic "r who works
i + t s.mlll other I ti' e1 or emtnlloyment
Swiks itr atnaniiv he tome,.m.itst n crime
- and is It ile to be sent to jail.
t Better Considered.
-! "I do think, i1Mr. Presid'entl, bef,)re
it Ihls bill is put on Its final passage
r that It should l'1e be.tter cotn·ldercd
titan apixtrently it hats been up to
this tule. I know that the great cry
SIn thlit country un.toing certainl classet:
of citizen. is lfor Sundiiy observanlcr .
If this bill Is to provide "a day of ree
ri tla h It'id I rest thenl it is legitllnate;
sf but If II Is itl apply at religious test
In this gre'ut republicl. It is a very
i tldangerous prover.edintg. and. tlotwlth
staulldlng tie popularity that will at
e tend the support of this bill ias it now
Slalllds. I ' think theI' semttate of the
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Unite Statc~ ought to pause land well
consider tlh propositio.
"Ad the bill now stunds, the only
way the Jew. the Sevcnth Day Ad
ventist, atFd other people who 'believe
in observing anlother day in the week
tihan Sulnday for rest and religious en
Joytent can take advantage of It is1
to rovye their nlmembership in some
such religious body.
"The bill would absolutely shut up
churches in the District of Columbia
bec.luse the ministers could not preach
an the bill stands. As I said In my
first remarks. legislation of this kind
is fraugiht with so mnuny Gangers In
sullch n governtlellt as ours that It
ough be mt to It Inst thoroughly colliid
tl'ed; anid in view of all these virious
d-ifects In the ,bill. I move that it be
t'.,notumitted to the committee on tile
l):sitrlet of Columbia."
At the request of sever lt senators.
oMr. Dixon withhold his motion to re
ennitttt the bill. anl several amend
ments, were proposed. Thtese, he said.
vit'asted the bill, as persons observ
In- Sunday any other day of the week
than Sunday woeld not yw liable to Its
tIrovialons. 'The statethood bill then
vI ,rle ui nod the dlstrict.blll was :ild
aside for the day.
Shakespeare Department.
'rite departlnent of tlhe Womalln's
club dei.oted principally to tie stutdy
of Slhakeulieure will meet with Mrs.
,M. T. l3andtmann today, at her homle
onl Gerald avenue.
Just Before Lent.
Mrs. Hermanll Kolin anld Mrs. Ed
PIershberg of ('hoteau. will eltertain to
dity at thle Kuolin res:Ccnce, East l"ront
Social Science.
Mrs. II. 1. Iarlnworth of 120) Southl
Fifth west will be Ilostess to the lletm
Sbrs of the social and domlestic iclience
department today. -
Tea Club.
SThe ''Tea club leets today with Mrsu.
M 1. t. uathbun.
Art Brrnch.
Mrs. J. M. Price elntertatln tIh art
IdepIt'ttnItlnt of Ute I'omanat's cItlub to
Aric, Feb. hU.-(k'pecial.)-Rev. G. H.
G;tibbs of the M. E. church, South oft
Missoula, visited his nephew, Mr.
Kruutz, of this place Wednesday and
i Thursday of tills week.
Mrs. i. J. Holland of Jocko went to
Missoula Wednesday evening to meet
Mr. Holland on ills return from an cx
te nded ieastern trip.
Mrs. L. A. De Meers, who has been
visiting relatives in Missoula during
the past 10 days, has returned to her
home at this place, accompanied by her
brother, Horace Hoyt.
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Bibler came out
from MiWsoula tiles week for a visit
with Mr. and Mrs. \W. H. FIerguson.
Mrs. Iilbler leaves next week for the
east and after a few weeks visit there
will return to this section and settle
on a ranch recently purchased by Mr.
BIbler in the Bitter Root valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Newbrough of Bakers
field, Cal., are in Arlee again. Mr.
Newbrough is filling the place of the
railroad agent recently vacated by Mr.
Thompson. It Is hoped that Mr. New
brough and family are here to stay.
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