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T' dny-Annw: miirh *flfflnr. WhE - Iii
'IVnnOrr.w -XVH N
VOL1.XXT. NO.'I S( i;. M OiA.MNAA T ()Y Miii N; . .tI'1 I'f:IWE fIVE CTNT h
Question of Jurisdiction May Result
in a Complete Tieup of Operations
in the Mining Camp and Ultimately
Force the Smelters to Suspend Oper*
ations-.Trying to Avert Disaster.
Ihutte,, I,'lcit. l.-- ts pe,"'hitil--'flu'l s,,ri
fronts the illnh.trial world in l3uttt'
'cannoLt he oiveresttltlletdc l 11s it looks as
I' there will ibe II general shutdown of
all of thl' me/inhs af' the c'lTmp next
'Wednesldal y mornillng. The, o'fftlers oIIf
the .\nlignlmatedl h"ve stated that
they a re lpowerless to reinlstate any.'
man in Ill ny position. its the' enIlpnnfy's
c.ontrl:ct is with the tIhrltee unions In
votlved, the engineers ofr No. 93, the
mill and ismelternmen and the mIners
if' union No. 1. P'resdlent ,Shea head
.'d the commlnlttee which appeared be
fore the (officers of the Amalganrdted
company today and staltld its posi
tlon regarding the matter which may
result in grave complications. This
r (mmittee claims jurisdiction over the
mllnpmen, compressormen, firemen
n11d nilers, as well as hoisting engi
neers. At a late hour the committee
had not waited upon the manager of
the Clark properties. A general shut
tiown will mean that within three, or
at the most, four days after It goes
Into effect the smelters at Anaconda
and Oreat Falls will he closed. It
will also mean the immediate suspen
-ion of operations by the ('lark re
rllction works, In the event that the
engineers go out there and stay out.
The Butte Miners' union will discuss
the situation at its regular meeting
tqmnrrow night. Officers of the union
today declared that the Western Fed
'-ration could. ai)d would furnldh en
ilneers to operate the mines, and If
they are able to do so. a long shun
down may be averted. The mnlers
say they will bring engineers Into
u11tt1 iI' necessary alnd that malny of
thie members of the international union
stand Iy EIngineers' 1nio4n Nol. 93 and
decllne to go oiut.
Gillie Talks.
Suprintlendent '111iel trodlay merely
rp'lllted what IIh had alrt'ady said
lhrout the situation. T'his is his .state
"\We ha1ve nothing to . sly In regard
to the' situation. It I1 :1 j1rlisdhetiolnll
fight and1 not ('one of w1ges\'( or holrs;
.lJust II nmaltter betlween the unionls.
The 11a1111 at the N'ever Hwoet was
taken 4o4t a11 the reqluest o' le l mlll
and nlmeltcrmeOn's olrganizationh-. We
Iar simply lobservlnlg ouIr contra:ct with
11io \VWestern Federation of Miners."
'I'tldaly the' Internationll ongineler
were againl informed that the .lAmlg:1
mntedl contpilllny would l t 'nd by its
onoltrnllt withl thile \Vestern o"deratlion.
''his cul1 have ,'llt one lmeanoing, :and
whe1 n tile 'conllittce left it was\' in
dertl'ood that their men w(,1uld Inot go
to1 work W\Vdnesda:ly in,,rulnig. It is
undllrstood that W\Vhetstonll, tile n1an
wholse dischallrge caused the trouble
will not hI, r'einst:ated. Ie was former
ly mnlpltoyl d Ias an oiler at the N'ever
wea1t,. The 1(utt h1 ill and rlmelter
Inn'eN lunion. which nlways htis clnaimed(
jullrisdlltion over' the oilers, denland
e'd that he' heronlll a 1nmember ill good
rstitndl: u. lie earried a license from
the Internatlionlll Ilnginers and re
fullsed to pay duells to tlthe Mlil alnld
smol.terinen's union or to tilhe Engi
neers unloll No. 3, which nlclnowl
Idge. allegitlcr to tilhe Westoerll Fed
oration of Miners. (1)n the rl'lequest of
th Iluttoe Mill anrd Bmoltermen's u0nl'n1
he' was dismissed. Thile present lt4;1
tlrnn is brought about Ily the fut'tlonal
fight rif the hoisting englneers, a large
majority of whom. It is clalmed, de
sire to break away from tho We'tern
Iedtleratlon or Minors.
Under Contract,
No qullleltlon of hours or wages is In
volved in the controversy. All the op
orlatlng companies are upder contract
to recognize the Western Federation
of Miners, the contracts having been
signed with Englneers' union No. 83
three years ago. T'hese contracts were
to he bihlnding for flve years. Thile conm
pnnlies will recognize No. 83 with
wich it has contracted, If the union.
together with the Butte Miners' union
and the various mill and smeltermon's
- unions are able, as they declare they
tIre, to fulrnish competent engineers.,
the impending shutdown may be of
short duration. It Is all up to 'the
Western Federation, for the fight is
out of the companies' hands. John
C. 1,owney. member of the executive
committee, says: "The Western Fed
eration of Miners will maintain its
Jurisdiction In this city at all costs.
As fat' as the present difficulty 1s
concerned, the Western Federation of
Miners has a contract with the em
ployers here, and the managers have
assured us that they will maintain
the contract in sp!rit and letter.
"When the contract was entered in
to 'dustrlnl peace was assured here
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Latest Picture of Louis R. Glavis, as He Appears on the Witness Stand at the
Ballinger.Pinchot Court of Inquiry.
(loldf e(h, Xiv.. Fit. 11. I AS."nn
tion WIý ireitMd hesri today %% hois
roar wall knttion c1tlteins r Oiartost
ed 'in i'hnrgi'n o hlgh grading. ttai
alleigicion helng that Ilivv had entiried
mntnl it iefliiiiirjv to rotb tii ii mil if
I the cailtonslliiit1ttiii Aloes compnypiti. Thu
1 aeca~ed tnea RrP Bart 1Cnighi. hitj~l
candidote for rhhtrll: M. .1. SCtyVJt
ow'ner of ai ii ix-syitig plant: Jake
fllilrr. ·an ialoui it thur itt.d Mart in
Miller. an operartor atI the· milt. It I.
Hleaia, Feb. 14.-(tpocial.)-Alleg
Ing he could not get a fair trial Jn
Helena, owing to the publications of
the daily papers and the public preJu
dice, Tim Lebeau was today granted
by a justice of the peace a change
of venue to Marysville. Lebeau is
charged with having lived unlawfully
with Anna Ruhl, who killed herself
here about two weeks ago. After
granting of the petition was an
nounced. LTebeau's bondsmien, Joseph
Deschamn s of Missonia antid 'harles
Murray of Helena. notified the court
they desired to he relie'le from the
bond and Lebeou was put In Jail. 111s
trial will pr,'hnbly take ile, this
'Wallace, Ida.. fI h. 14. ( pclal)-
Whil .Mrs. .1. A. Fisher and Mrs.
Chlarltes List were on tlhilr way home
fromn shopping this l vening and while
passing t: dalrli corner near the Prao'i
deOnllo .ptl s IttheI y \were cl.. Ifrontedl
by a Ia;n with at revolver ,. r ' r "
them to hanld over their vallltli:hes or
he would shoot. Mrs. list. who Its a
little wonana, starteld wre;auning da',ln
the track li the opposite direction, de
terminedlt to save $.,0 she hlad with heir.
'Thei rohhtr, turned and fled, forget
Ling to take vlltabli diamonds Mrs
List wnre. The police ihav hoo tlin il
able to loaaito the maan.
Portlandl, Me., I'eb. 14.-Former
Presidentt Roosevelt omay lnad the unt
arctlc expedition to l)e sent frmn thet
United Stlattes, was thel statlementll made
today by y Professor Donald Ml1MIllnn
of Peaary's north)l'L polo (xpedlitin.
Albany, N. Y., Feh. 14.-Former
Llettenanlt Govearntor Cfhlanlter ntro
duced In the senatef tonight i restolau
tlion providing for a. more searching
Investigation into, alleged legislative
Washington, Feb. 14.--The sealrh of
the United States navy and revenue
cutters for the naval tug Nina and her
crew of 32 men was continued today
\with grim determination. Not a trace
of the little craft was found. The
fate oa' the crew is a1 na matter of,
i conjecture and the hope to which of-;
r ficers cling is that they were picked
Sup by some passing vessel rot yet
spoken by the searching squadron.
1 Today the navy department ordered
the fast scout cruiser Salem to pro
ceed to winter quarters at lenwick
island lighthlip and to explore the wa
Stors n that vicinity.
This action was taken on word from,
nii. i lthat the Mod tiIa exltractedI fr.mn I
tlihrl iet. here iuv that ablttt $1.000 ",tt
been lis t lint hi' luti fete \ttirttK fruit
olilrM wernt rtltated utpint furnitshitig
t..ttiitc tipt r antl tntw nt guarld it tlh mill
it- i, rut-tl i with tIh tiffic~ers In theI
eas ttd iluith liii. lttf n iis tin,
' iii.. th ixi u rpue nut btalilnid.
polse, Idaho. ehb. 14.-Indletments
w've returned today against William
Ni, i. ingnt of the C'udahy Packing
company; the Iolise Butchller company
mand the tilah, Dressed Boef cempany
for selling ,short weight lird by the
grnnil jury whillll has hbeon • prohbln
Into the lo al trust situation. In Its
report the grlnd jury finds that iI
conalhielI tion of loaeli deulers was
formed to control prices but that the
ngreemnlelnt Ite raliac prices was not ear
rid llnto .effect. The grand jury also
found that there was a4 combination
of meat dealers, bult not for the pur
po.e, of eotrolling prih.s. alled there.
f'iee l inled tlmenteintte fero reternel d.
New York, Feb. 14.-Attorneys for
the Alattka Pacilllc teamship coml
nyll, owners of the steamner Ken
tilcky, whicl froundlered off' 'ape Hat
h,"ln, I.lll.y d a statement tonight (he
ny'inr that shel wan sent out In an
unsleoiworth'y condlition with the kniowl
edge of the company' officers. The
.vesel, sayI the sta;temelnlt, had been
roplt ,ly lnrspited :ndi passed by rep
resentlative of the ownoers and the
g lc'l,,V t' lent, lth l .efore she left here
and ofter' t' faire hald hl'l nladh at
Ihrlin, PI"eb. It. --txept for a ban
,rauied hoed to Ibe met here and there
in the east site streets and a few
casies in the hiospitals stuffering from
sbll)er wounds, there was ino effects
of yesterday's demonstration against
the pIroplosed PrI'IIHHIan franchise reform
IrRmeasure to le obs,+lrvtd here. The so
clalist papers protest hitterly against
what they term the unnecessary and
provocative tacties of the police.
Reports from the provinces Indicate
more serious collisions between the
police and the people. Official figures
from HIalle, Saxony, give the number
iof wounded there na 102.
the r.c4iiting officer' at ilaitimore that
the Merchants & Miners' steamship
Howard had sighted the Nlna at noon,
Febru~ary 6, nine mi:es southeast of
Fog island. which Is just below the
lightship. At that time a gale from
the northwest with Increasing vio
lence was tossing the tug about and
the sea and spray were washing over
her nilot house.
The Oresham is continuing the
search today in the waters north and
east of Cape Cod; the Castine is ox
plaring Nantucket, and the Caesar is
1 going westward from the light',hlp on
Ithe pnoslbility that the tog may have
hoen blown out to sea.
Letter Is Read Stating That Miasing
Epistles Fron Laid Office Had Been
Found in a Box Belonging to Glavis
-Latter Heatedly . Asserts That He
Is Victim of a Deliberate Framne.ip.
\ .t -hinti i n. .'eh. II. 'lih I: .lhh; t
e I'ilh h t uil .ift iiiiltf ill lirg " Ia n"dlu
1, htri-th, l i lt;; I tir. h 1 s t i-till:y h11n.
J-hn .I. \'t r aii y i. , I fii l" nufu lr '1cn
It ury I tllh t I -utlllt r i.tk Ith It rol'nf- \
:ni ii n lll ; f , I.cnit ilhlo 'i , lIrhwl , l ;l
w it ntý-.s f;ir th , " ri, '.l. l i,,utti l '
.•\ tclituit %%,t, rt'.":whl hit" it; thi.
4 a'tornol n w" , I 1.. Vert roes noii
nollned that hbox elll ngin hi .11rn
iii ti and I 1i i willl tihe g tr1 iud juryl
1t fnlHtitlie h1 ul * - iroktip n t luchn a
f I ' y ilti w iai ; tIlln als th er t ll tnu er I t
lCiattlr. m-itt ing from titii fi i f tipttthi
1 llantd ffitt Ini lt t fl'a. ll ltih. nl o f w hih
a I liol -t-,,h-il. T'.Iroughlltl-iih the hethninga
the ry.ntllll hi-- en thp- slisheld fIn ii
at it kl, nrit of sr, t w r lfound the. r ein.
tir. tllils gril ann.unred thatt f a.ny
lChrstdnen. h Ctltd Ien fuaieal in his helong
SthilS " tf'ali'ilup hio hwould lirep llred
tor 1tll. to th ltlndlintl ofnlt federal
tr ffihl i otFr.ul Inidenstop to a uth i
Itrik t,1 Will favor wibth theli' superiors
e vatlhld oiIt it dt.nonstratioln of app|iusIH
from thi" sp.'etators*. C'halrmfn N.e
sou annoltncld that It ripn thitiln of the
, outhorst 'would rtull l ll the roomn lie
l It hareld. hdroughor t thi hearings
the stmptl thls oi f the slet. tors, tl
grist mlljorit" of whom w\€ere women,
have hbut'n with Gliavys and they have
lauglhd t.Ith satisfbction as ho has
made points against the questioners.
-"Mr. Vertrees announced that A.
Christiansen, (invtIs' successor as thief
of the fohld division, would he etlled
to ti'.tif" to tite finding of the lot
5 !tsera, He offered in ievidene'. a letter
n from ('hristionerst giving the dtnlis orf
the alleged discov,.ry.. This caused i,,
lonY \wr lngle .s to whther the lot
Council for Glavis in the Ballinger
Pinchot Inquiry,
ters shoilil he rei'ceive\'d int evidIene |it
this tllime. Tlhe ma:tter was put over
for conshil'tdiion In executive' session.
At the morning '-ssion .1r. V\'rtrees
drew fromt the witness the fat that
lie h;2 Iii ie ,no clh rgis of r. i rlpi tll
aigti llnst anyone IIn the l:n ut lflc,. i r
ith tlhe department of the, iinterhir.
Glv].s dleclared that If hlie had finrld
vevldencte of corruption he woulhi hiie
talken the matter toi a granld jury in
teadtl of the president. Iie stil heI
thought the facts warranted tihe a
ion tha;t Air. Itallinger and MIr I)IIe
neltt had ;Icntd improperly iid hIl
,charged the1 with offii ci ni si. i
T'hrough a procese) of ,liniattion, the
witness cleared aIll ithie iother princlipals
of wilful wrongdoing. Ii ' s:id hei waus
fully convlinced that tihe i tl lip had
offered in evridenc. \\iar Irnt'ed the
jJudgment that Ireither S.ti.wr'tiiy Ultl
linger nor Commissioner D)cenntt lwas
fit to hold an offlie of puihli truat.
As to the assistant se roitary of the
interior, (flhvis deltared he Iliad rend
Prod anl erroneous interprtat lion of
the coal land law of May, 1908, and
that this decision, while not an act
if wrongdoing, Indticate. l that he was
not fit to fll'the office hi, now holds.
Dennett, ilavis d,'elared, wag noth
ing more Jhant a "tool" for itallinger
and "would li) .ctiythiig i lblltnger
At the afternooni sesNioni) (flavJs. iln
respoonse to ait iustlotIn iy .Mr. V('r
trees summed up lthe speclf le cts of
wrongdoing which he clharged again st
Secretary Ballinger. His statement
was a long one, but was listeond to
with interest and really for thle first
time gave a definite statement of th,,
"proecutlion's" cas,. Mir. Vertrlees In
dicated today that his crass-examina
tlon will he It thoroiugh one,. 'lThe in
Itllry will proceetl tonniorrow tornl
ing. Daily uesslons will Ie h ld
iPhnladrelp n dil si. ll, uriht II Vhri a
IininiedIlit.Iy hanigs aI c;ird1nhus
ZellIg the wm'~ild ahi''it it $4'jli hast
exanipIt. Ini th( sut it iiir strikei tist
y'eair. twt'zt thaif ttte p tp~i taI'i wera
weu ring itrdt sir iiitltgatintt t tht fart
that the% worI w&4tkIng tnstitartf rid
S4lttle, F1b. 14. -14tsrctltve and
army offters who have been investi
qating Ihi' 4Ilgr'gd titi utt upon M.r1s.
C·.'I.. Aizdlzd In the Tnterbay district,
Friday' night b,' Ihav f 44fn lutnab to get
i1 t fl1nit4 cliue upon whlich to work.
M1rs. 4lzadn c4hlotrg4.'i that thie4 mon
who444 1444444'kod 14,4 tlray Ia 'jgr44 s41i1'r.
'444 h' the 4.44 4l *,lr-iif th '3nflnll, .'t4'
14nedi a1 Port L tv.44 4 hlt t4h41 N1l' p4,1
dnd the a4rmny 4,I'4'l,', 14i1II4441I4 mriot
bi444(4 l'y ef44t4 In ,44441'I 4h4'ile aff ir.
arel~ Ircillnrlunt 7'i.xh ( 11"t. llP l I:L
or. 1I444.41 44 4144444,4 1444 444ll443.Il'
had 4ofr1" I,, t. 441444.4 444141144,4 Wii4 w
were inr hs It 1'r -tt ~II1 ~ll.l,ovt Friday11
night Il ..':.i'' 31. A 17041,4, '4 41a4 -l44
might l ol ,cc Dail r lb r nilr~l Mlo nttfl '"
herflt Lc ''ItrlT ¶1444,44 it., 444 1441;4. '',i
4 it(- tl i· (·144r44 AI 1.'r I A4'44d44o44i4'4',
tolnight it was44 4441444, that 41, t'14''41'4'
Wilhol) 404 44e44 t,, 444.444 3144
.A 174441to the 41o,' today wer 43474' 4
t4) fin, 1444'. Alth44441gh 41he pli-4i'' Ilir1'
44riot4 it ti i4r4',i 44l. caul.4 * 4'4'', 4 ii,':
are Inclined t ., tout flit, Mrs. Al' 111· nla· l
1414144 444444t 444. 4446~1'4414,'1411?444 1I1
to *'''''r ''-1s -'' - efur- r;- - "1
finrllyc1 will,~r the invcstigctt LI,
Pit tsb1urg, F41). 144.--fi'44 tia4ls4 o4f
CMlnty itl .4'4l4114.t TaxI' l4 44441,4' Max4
(4. leslie , anker IW4 rk'4' . II ,t4'441444 44nd
P. A. 4riffen. cap14ita1444 list P. F i. ulta
04441d f4TrmerC7 (44 to1 444 !'barley
I t4'wa1rt, 4'4arged1 with1 c'o4nsl7144'y 14444
b~ribery4'3, it....... 4447444 144 il4,, 44 1444444.
4'ou4rt 444od4ay. Thei 4 rIia 4iare 4144 out -
4444414 of at4'4'444414,44 ag44inst tilt 114C11
4fl4'n t14a4 brIbery (w144 44444414434 In 14411
s-4'e'4'1444 by th4e 4'14y 44ue'i 44.,f '. ri'4'
dlepos4ita~ry Int 11114.
Aac d (hI ic 1 '~b 14. 'I'l il:u
444414 n u44r' , r4 in 414'' t'4'~. N~lu i44444
Sthe 4t4'4444'4.444 h44pe4 14ha4 41443 44*Y
44114 41' 10. S , .r*4'.44444 441444. w414.4 1,4st
r,-ported4.4, 11444' 4'lIinging I.~ tll-. s41444
4o1 t444' 114i41ish stea'mer4'4 1.114 a.' th-
1'4'4444l 4144,' 14444444ing ht's.-,If 44 41' 4'',
1444444 '-14' 44' 4441 143' 4144' 114140,14 I44444
finally c4'444fl4'4'14 4144' Iat1414l4'4 444
44bando144 tit(' workI 444 4404144. 14444
44f t144 144444lt44'4'x 447444 sacrificed their411
14is c444w 444 e'4's444 t14eir efforts.
i lit I IJu sinofaitl htlletin
-i1' t: tc t his o· l hut I'mwlnt r I
1'X i''Ie w rit nt II,, r tig., lil loa
tug. N, -%% . it, mnt hoy'ntt
with Its "1 IDon't Ft Meat" ulan. The
only bet they hauve -i overlooked is In
conllntliil "rits lhey s)Iirtwa bit makers'
o Ihe- sitriuis. hioiwever. the mcat
boyutiotl In Piutlud'lltiiui is being car
rictl to a nltlath ia ndt sulately leaders
and. wirlting girls alike har. given np
the riatu tititil.
Knlispeill. Mont., ,'h. 14.--($pecIal. )
$tlpulatlihn relative to the right-of
way ,if the Mill.iiwakee Rlalway com
pny wbli'll run' from near ollonner
throughll ttilt M.-loulai, Flaithead tiand
Illackfeet national foretis to the In
tirnationail untdary are oirdered
ru ,hedl til etxet utiln in intruictioni r.
iv.tled tl iy by the Illo ,t forest offl
hlHlrn fr.ol thie district olfice in Mils
ii.lThe g"ve.niirnert Wa. itllnRiat
Ing tihe ti.ier oin the rlght.-oif-way
ill lid ui.l lnhletel thl.e itlmitmteg on
Ill Iiltinlkfll."t forent wheln on October
on Innt otf till. -nrvey- and work way
nii. iu' (f il Ie u i lll t l ingkInt MitIho -
e.N ilin . the n. -w corporah tiiron of thed
oiline ti1 , oo lr, ., the, Illg Il:tlI kfl ot
lnmh -er earnw. l t y., trilriv il ,0r filing to
i:ity Iitl Irt l ii ng ii 1it,1piditinlllfli the
i,' ll,- I r.i' -I lie.nver filng
Washin gton, rb. 14 --t aptain BI.
O)siiblrne., soirrttary of the Arctie c·lubi
of Airerleha, has written a letter to the
Ssub-einraliii'ittee of the lrhouse naval
'ronuiittoe, approvinlg the latter's ae
tion in voting down the piroposition
to ritikt l'eiary a rear admiral, in
. hi'h he says.
'"'I'l have given this sellfish egotist,
this bIraggart, the rank of rear ad
rmiral would re a l'oul blot on the
ir,, ris o c i'ongresl', and arn insurlt to
the navy of the I'nlted States. It
would have dislirglusted millions of oiiir
iItlzll.ns, who have no 'confliden.ce in
this alltcgedl pole huntelr and Arctic fur
tru hr anrid istory teller, who for nearly
a iqtlulntr of a ce'ntury has belen liv
ing ot" people anld calling under a Ina
;al r';ol l , wh\\h'h he h td In lh~ gil
riighti. l11 lhthi have beein severely
retrinlanded by the oari"y dipartient
llnor Norris, in reisponse to a letter re
eoivedI todaliy front enator 'arter cni
earning approprlations fr s.rv..ys of
publiii lands in Mntiiana, hais reltert
i-id tlit commrinrecial organizationls aind
ilividuai S for'waird petitiu s to the
mmIiiers ofr the Montanta dhlegation rin
congress, piraying for i n inirls'o.d aip
Propriatil n.
thtvr aro 1 it v s di; ~i~ti.. -'a t
extondo~~ll ;ntl hP ii t t llL s ...I
light ijn tlI, Nvi anm! thi Ile l'miene"y
i'itijt*I mmi~t ltns. J)!' atait itig ifi
mittsý trilhttti;ls W"if Ilitt" o Ft
Helpless Sailors Are Caught in Rush
of Steam and Flames and Almost
Roasted Alive-Engineer Dies After
Eleven Hours of 'forture-Another
Victim Is in Very Serious Condition.
W in t:; e . i. tL . 1'"h. I|. tine |n:i,
l ,hI,d filt are Iadly hburned, one of
Wvhilmtl n.ay tIt recoeOr, atnd two tre
gainfulllly .lhhld shIaout thle fee anid
nlint. as r ul.tl o .1 bollr tthie
blowing ouit in the firward bhottery of
the torpedo.rl destroyer Hopkins ait 7:a0
.t'c'lik this morning. II. t. Taylor. a
first-claiv firemln. Is the first of the
injlredl to ell''mh toi the terrible
hurnsll s ustained in the ruslh tf steam
tnd flimes before the neln n lthll
biller roomi icould esiarpe Il dleid
lfter II hours of iagony.
I,. II ('arltitllo, a se(condlitlns,. fire
man. Is nealrly tis badly burned is w..as
Taylor and his recovery I. doubtful.
Following Is the list of other Injumred:
J I. HtR. nt. chief water tender. slight
ly sealdedl on hands and fare: Pr. A.
'liary. aotsltant water tender, senilded
on nieck. arms and shoulders; %%. A.
Nea\e. flrst-elasn fireman, slalded on
arms., nck and body; T J. lBrown.
onalI heaver. slightly burned on the
hands; ('. E. Davis., coanl ;asiser.
s;lghtly iselded on fine and halids.
At the time when the accident i e
curredl, the Hiopklin was at a pier on
the Coronado lside of the hay and was
getting uip steam for a run with other
veissels of the midget fleet to Ran
Pedro. There were hut eight men In
the forward engine room. Reven of
them were on the port side and one on
the starboard side of the boit. When
the tubeh slipped and the hat steam
rushed hissing from the dislondged nd,.
six of the men on the port side
scrambled tip the ladder to the dlck,
Igiing the alarm.
- In Coal Bunkers.
Water Ttender Clary, who was on the
sturboaroad sire, followed, souinding the
fire alarm, which Instantly brought
every officer and sailor to his station.
The men on the port side dil not have
an opportunity to clamber up the
stairs andI naved themselves from re
Ing choked alive by jumpinllg ito the
tonal llnkers, from which they emerged
after the hlotwers had hbet started.
'There wtas not a suffiient cohncus
slln front the pulllltig out of tihe liha
and the ecaplllng of steami to Jilr the
vessel to warni offller1s and mI1en that
lanything inot of the ordinary had hap.
penctl. TheI first that the men above
the ldeck knew that an necident hllld
ocuurredi was when they saw a great
clitld f stteamn rushing upwardl from
thel hcitilh aboveh the forward firernom.
"T'he next moment, the men whoi were
In lth ruooms bpganl appearing In the
icloud of steam as they poked their
heads .above the top oif the hatch.
Their cries of filre" startled lthi moen
aboanrd the Iloipkhi,. and othehr boats,
whii h wterle Maltngside
'Tho i.rntai e Ito the IlIpkin. il not
i. 't ,B i ,,
Dodge ('ity. Kan., Feh. 14.-Robbers
who travield In al utltontihitle stole
$3,750 from the state bank of Pord.
20 miles southeast of here, todaRy. Four
charges of nitro-glycerine wore use0
in lilowilng up the safe. The bandits
were gone several hours before the
robbery was dlscovered.
Plainc. Feb 14.-(Rpeeiali-Officer
Georg' \V.lls this morning arrested
Jothn lhates, a sutl.oon man. anil hIlls
hart,'nih.r. \Wilter Itak. ir, who. It Is
allegidt, aolhi w\hisky to an Indian.
It1th tilti a rt" mlit 'on all until to.
mireo.a w, ihen the, wi pl oead hefnr*
•.Tut l 'a' To''ulmin.
New York. 'eb. 14.--.ames TI. Keene
called this afternoon as a \.witnes be
for. IUnited States Cnmmissioner Al
exatrnder In the J. M. Fiske & Co.
bankrnptey proceedings, admlitted he
was the mIanIIager of two 'of tIheI pools
in the Colunibu.-lionki rig o('a; & Iron
'ollmpany stock.
.\ .'rdeen, Wash. l,'eh. Ii - 'illian1
:bil, agent hfr the .iril,'rs' union
h ti' .as arra.igntld upon the charge
of untriLer in t'he s p.'ri-' r .''irt ut
. inctea n . todii 11I ' pleadedtl not
gutlt'. The tritl i .,s s...t foir .tarP h
Helena, Feb. 14 --I )Speclal)--AlfredL
IItmpton, who has been inspector In
chairgie of the inmigration servicl for
Montana antd Idaho for seven yours,
hasc been promoted to heo inspector of
theI port at (Ialveston. Hli will be sue.
S',eldel hby I.. T. Plulmmer of Chlo.ago

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