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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, February 20, 1910, Morning, Image 8

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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The Mlnt lntiohn OI lh -it,- trlikeors ;iii
the Milnn"',pnli . I tra s.,r i0 hl it- , ind
and that t.hey Ihiv thi . itt.lll,,n s w.1
in hand there. ' 1its to it shlli-tlItllllill ~ 1
hb an artirlel' n the ... Piut Ntr,.
lwhich ltntia that tih In1 1t1 - of ,ta l
tion. A, wing tor t l Ii ithhl lhll f ithe rlil
roads to get fli ,r a iil ro\l-,on
through the tr:lnfi Ir : r+ri 'l'h. 'i
lowIng nrtlci, 1*I twlio.n frLltn lIth N. v..
lstate, and Itin ane lil tientsi ll il. i l tIi
shift for themnalvs t i fri'e, ll-, f.acingli
atralhlain tin llhe t,· I ri i ituti,, .s of
Milnneillti t idoy beli-, in oI" It (rlolr
flamlne, due ito tli freight lhllohiia,.
"Wheither ior not tih. ftini Isl dlue t
the switclrhne.l' tr'llk Is nolt iknown.
but, at any rat'l. ith sta.ill.' rilll'iitt anld
'arehoisii'.oriolsn linti. wIhich haiill it
teinded to tile with l i,.v.'rniir Ailliph
fl. IE erhart today it v'ltumin ins rel, rt
on traffic co itilltiriti hihld i tli rl.l,Ir,.
In the lIght if tlit e rt, ilnrllln riv ltilliis
made to It h . th tt stale h trd o
ront .ol.
"4tlate c'litrges ir.l wvillthllull th 1 rin
epral staple of the' .-ll Irilt, il aiblhhe, iId
a two l .eeks' fight of ulirhliasling orfl
htaih with the ralIroiid hta., bi- ., thusi
far in vain.
.'Four Institutions ar. h'" l1le>< In Ithe
Sflight to get flhiil'.
" iThe StIIllater stilate pri.tnl, itlhei·.
are eonflited betln ,'ti 0fl0 ln 7nli.t
"The Ait. Clnlot rrfirnlltoiiryr. wvllh
about 31.0 lprisonei.rs.
"The huge Inltanel hospital at tllohes
tor. With betwe.in 1,(1,nl ati 1,40l0 lin
"The Inutsane lslslt l iat IrnstlIgs,
where nre abliout ?:ii.
.annot Get Cars.
"For two we.ks e'iiarlnds of fi liler firt
Stillwater itnd Ilastlngs have lh len
on the way between W\llntiIr, Mlin.,
and the Instltlltliitts. it dl.tunll(, ,f.l" ll
than 100 milles.
"The flour ru'iltratc't for Ithl.' insti
tutlons Is held by the New i., ndon
Milling t'o. at Willmnnr. anid that ici
corn has Ibeen tnlble t'. get c .'llalltln
lots of flllor tlhrotllh.
"Who Is resta!.nsibll the state llfl'l
claia have bhen tiiunllil lto itisfy lthonl
"The Northern Pacitilfii. wh.tlich would
he apt to carry thie tillllwater fl'ight,
declares that the tlreat Northlern will
not permit mirent Nortlhern caler to go
Offt I ' 1ods , ov the torlt t ffunce
Ifron Ilt. #bl 1 MtLHllliter. ,Itud th,
Northern Pacific lhau hbeen unalle, It
declares.* to get It ,iiltlh·s to Wilinrl.
Stock Car for Flour Sacks.
"ThIe .''llhtinr lpltpl.' .aiy ti rhat.il
Northeri l si\vlteheid thl,,l iIl a filthy
stock car in which Ito shlip fltir, hull
the cuomripany. kniiwing thi t Ithe flioir
wast iesperately Icl-drl.dt illtl thllt Ithi.s
who would havei It eat it wer' hIll
Siss to liprotest aga ist it. rt"I'! ttsi to
pack the. flutir lit suclh ai cari.
"The' Iatltr it lllch has Ihee Ii s.hippetDl
to the othellr Instltullouis. It Is dcluired,
li tied uil it the Mlnn ota tit I'll rl'cl,l
* which. the strlkting switlchnenl eltlilm, Is
notw exists in thli .1o'uiou.
"L)epuiarnltg if gettintg th1 ire gllht
throughli by sitll'.itutluin of th' il ads.
the stat. h.ar Il oif .iittil day hll
its troubles bl efrot thill rU1ta ranir-ai ,ln t
warehouas cortintsitni. an tlii the Iiari.f
of n startiling it showing itI wi
Ilnnounceiid Ithat t replolrt iion tlihe
frleight hilcalidiie, is h-ic liid i een ,.i
peCted ltoday. wYvlllll i, it , I..
' fore lT'1Iday ) ."
W'ashingto. ii b. I . 11,. r . I h .,i" u
today ,U.)l . rý Mor.. ý l ib I lt i :tol l I'
If y)'oll . 11 *. if, "tl .,fl lbr; ,, \\'.I,;lýt
Itl ll tr, '.nt. rial nlix s .ttin ,ý t + ll ,i ll'
I t lf ln 1. Il I t i g l t ll' t .ii l. I
rnt" itla i (ha ll 'i. I
4'' h irii, l th+i, i l, i, n+, : l l ish
tiined a, I i g lll urtUa nlt rIu a i 1 i.
'h'flh .pit 'izN ith ilit, ,. I t i i, In rt , t
Ifl thVy w li". t, vol, tli~ lttp 1t i)
na.vo to . ,li..1i and t ih r ' tln I, r il,
"They u eht th undrlstlt Il.l I ,,t
litte In. Wiut It ngI , -. ;ti ti -
Jf7yiui Irl i 1 1ul, l' li rch i fl ur- liht d
mntionr and thr te. t i
li w fTrr lln t~ th 1o agnt, 1i. , t'1,e
th ipl city and thich tht tluner, the in
fret-lorn Ameril an cltizenns, I vib ii
httite antrl andl urtun cton lt, I iull
p ympal thize with tht th ilrouh theit
If they ve nt tovy o t vo , thiyi ,l iit . ,i
love to tilartu and or t.'u'inlla t I,,
Heine other good place.
"They ought to understand thtt, by
living in. Washington, they are en
joying a privilege which is furnished
to thenr at the expense of the entire
nation, and that they are llving In
the bapital city, which Is under the
datre, control and direction of the pen
pla of the ,llnfted Sltates through their
representatives In the house, mldl that
sublerivent body, the senate of thyi
!United Status."
hII hiil., i in|l 'llt l','l iill str'l' tlh . lll ·
where1 1 It appeared1'.~ (11tator1 the( l1notion1
,' "W\Vti:it lht' It'i rIji, I1,i t a11 ,11
ri 'i1 tlit t t h I* llt lntr'i it' rill hiliilitl,
t1ht ttl i , " t'h rIt in tr t t1'11t( nsit r i ndll
rit fi th itil lt' Ii l imi-.titi l tgnt4 iill'tnfjl
Vitr,'ll.hilnn.I f mtf'inv l. it .h nl tf'itif'r il
ft lu'ir tiIf thIf flt' litfi' llllt tI n l y t' t hll ti'
11 'r 'tt W1ill.'. fl Ii lpi' Ift "huit wIu fit
fhb rlilt' r.'tl t"'t t tt'ht i tt fhl ' if ' rh inda
far.l ' ilgtnuie l t' i Ih M tan.{ ' I tu. I' ifI m fi.
Hlll' t iluf irf tIw t I t'tll It'i ill ifit' N" trh
rnt I',t',lI'' " fi;lrlt I ]ihv flul"ii rtli
Ilill~lr 11 \\Ir 11 h. 1 i . \i~.lll\h..ilrlr~ ~lltll. Ihllr~
th im h; 1 Wh-,, t tl h MIi,, Hll .,inii k n onliront
hli i'olllrntell f ,r tln ian, th, a.r it Ih'lve ttI p
\\.11r l I,,, 14 ·1 dr\l,q,lll(I Ii r~ll iw ri. rc·IIH lh
il~ntol the o nltate. rc l·bt Ir~ri
III ¢ rellllct publHie tioI th l ni t
HIJif,, r' tll), 111ll~tlll'P ~ 1 IN,;I1Pl.l (·\*t, J rlt /
ill '~ll){. r. l nn, I, tl rFh'. lltllrln ill I)|ll"i'H l
!.'Irr'(t~ l{.l " Ifr~nrtll'lll ]llllrl. ili~ tl.,rh
whch.l w, dIIo Iict rnIt w.el' , a
in oIl ltn, nod til wllr . lil nt frolgfhl
fulliflll ,/ It plrovle, hh I n ti he' iltomlrlp.
tonl wel tlhl, nato n ll I thai netrly ev(r
ril'h villey nionictfl he N.-rtlhrn Paifllll
i Isr'ltPr otl pnCtrtelll t a. .t hyIthe
MIIwo ke P, hill whlch It "Inten A lto
(,fitalr."\'l wa I deparlibed andll thi" Mil
woukerl (' .ven antil(hl if' till creitl fill
!ti dlev,,lopmiitll. Trhl Milwanik{.. rnll
roadt~ halli devl.vedtiili i wonldlefull terrl
th1€ rentl dIevilopmllenlt olf the .ltalte, and
the iipntelet whlih tbroulght li shlout
lie muilst hotw irn Plllirepet l~to the orth
{,rll Pai(.lelrl rond'llll
Years Ago.
Not .' ytr ngo the first railroad
train entered 1tht niithe. ive r the n.w
li.e of thi Nrthern Pnaclflh. The
icountry then wtN the grazing liurtutre
of thiiolisalnds If ctttle tand countless
herdls o hT.fflrio rndl other wild game,
thi hunltng gro)tund f hostile Indiana
lilndl tilt- tbitt le'iihl for wa nde(riing
trthie. It wtan not sIX y'ears atfter the
lta.ilnes.rte of (Cleneral (uster andl hisi
ldetachiit tenlt of caIvnilry on the Llttle'
lg lhirn. Itletw.ent the I)koita in
attl tIinxein ther, were tut two
Ltono of lsh sls. Miles ('ity and
.unlto.< '.The pipulrtIonn-of the ustat.,
ti'cnrdingK ii tii,'- cintus of IRt0. was,
then 311,1J5t. ''ihe railroiitd Iriffih was
\Whitt the Northl'rn P;a'l'l, Ili H dlne
for ontallllrlll in showtiil in the growth
sincel' tha tibl'e. 'T'odlayv therei, lire four
urol't rnl 'oitd ystItnitIIs peneIletlng the
statel'. thir't I.'- Lna ii t frolll iast tol
u.'.it. 'The i 'iuIII tind tull lall(.e if tIhose
11tii' runi Into Itai tclns of billions;
ithe ( iihlnedol lmsengel irll tifflc on tanllll
totasl s"Vietrl million people annually.
Tl'he population olh f I;the state, ')lcordingll
Ito tih 't, un s'of 191h0. wsn r24332.0 andi
li l, Is lnt the alight.st doubt brit
Vhllat the populllation loiw exceeds thll
haIlf 1lnillhl1 nua"ki The part the
Northerni Pautl(l iI hits played in the dc
rfionInont of this country Is evident
'from th.l fi.t Ihltt It of\ns mnlre
)rilnch litis and hl liunder conslilert
lion tihll i',strut!nii of tmore than iall
Ithe' otlh, . Its naIn line facilitiles,
r,' gratitir thanii is inix's otther line'. It
I'transportIs oi.i'' people through the
stlt' i llld handles moreii() frtight, n'cotrd
iug to ritl reports of the state ri'tt'il ultI
ollllllmission, thiuln any her tline, t)ur
ing Ini,. t t 'u tr it hit s rrout ht i lntl
iti iitat- I 'ore honllle'ii l'l IhaItI thl
Ioti' I i I ttulatioull frit l int nn w'itii ttt llh
first rain enter(,d iIts borthern. ithelt.
illt'onds re needed t+o devrln l tilt
t:tlt It Is sufe to ,lly that ii lthn
fI\ve yeas I Nt rthlirn Pl.c lti 'h will
hi dllhu. Ircll.ke fronll SI T.' to the'
'Illt, l.ull even thel n it, with the ns
.illtin e ofi' tll i. i l l th lr lines in the
sidhe, till IIi haruly Ibit , b * tI ll lndl ,
lhil r t 'raf'h whwlh hill rise itl M -Ii
It Is ti 'illt ,l I'l uItI I ' n tu tl to I tll'
v lIII\Ii Il l ih w rii i i o illl' t ilut. nItS i
rittlhr ,\1f f:It t'ii,' ' li', . lli I 1 it iO re
I t11 il. .Ill^i '1ut"1'1 i.t ';ni f '.ll no redue
'I, ,:; il I. liii' ii l'hi ' ia X ,i r th 'l'ti
in lnlluhi iitn1 ail 1.'iii'r M llutanlo
I1. f1 I iii , te Ii ' thi Northern
Fuir ifst it ti'nr'- lti rnsest trtite
oI ns" \oult ;lnn ur ti buanin race ftmti
S'IH'tio:" t.- N,'il Y',,rk ri+e tlly w ith 't
shilpntht of ifli' ne'lu'ltitt of thern
In.' I 4 nttte. I.'tcill rain while tihe
ItI hir', I he bi. u lndln th' hnuti-snes
Inint. tn lit uit ..I the stur til tihlt North
'he INorth'.c ifri itirii's trlh, first phit.
:ve.rlh'ill g I,' isi Ill in t lt' wIY ly Io -
l,- tit Irtf om tI,." MNisselshell to the
\\'y, uing (.-ti+ lill( i ItI astPlrn sec
Sci.tion iiof I tn st lte, x thict in' l'lei theu
tirnt'P Y, 11, -ii ton, ,,, l e; , it" due; to the
iieh of ilt N , 'rh.rn I'i lh'. Ninety
1 i nt1 c 1 thi, mll-n wli] h have piled up
thiln-A fnrl~itl i . it ulntritl, shltp and
I\i 1 ilhuiltiltis of ih Ptern Montana
hi:' ,tne s,- ,nuse ' u the Northern
For this it deserve no more cre dit
than would nnv shrewd business man
[who . nia, ill tihl- development of the
t+ rritrV )hot pro|iuces his revenue, for
rtilroIlds for butr tllin s r let on;i d(tIelup
tit, territory tri.utaruy to their lines.
hbt it is entitled to credit for hiwhat is
don,'. We want to st'o inre railroads
loarn here, the business of Mluntine
demands that they con', rind they will
come, but let is not forget Ihtt it was
the Northern Pmifih, (ilro(]d that fhs.t
developed the stait and hrnulght it to
it condition that \wr'rantll d the othe't
lines ,nming he:re.
rl'lent .ert' tlli, c'liel' , rontributors to
th- $100l,0 0,)l0 un,,t' of hides anid
skits- im.porthl bh lh," itroted itnus
last year.
.lon Anitonli. T,. 1l"1h I' (St. .
rill) -'lhlis .'ity Is lite'rally a vatirn
ninrl Thougth most of its etlzons hntve
iifrrlllllt tv) th llll'l iii a iNii ira ah it rl
isurveyed Mother Iti Irth in the p'lst
iafforded . ), tIw r(,ltµ tl ii llner's I n;l1
thlr , th, iv i ll.y' tn kel n llo irll,, rl I. in
lthe m' l- rlin telr ig s hin s at fly t ll , I
at liints to u rn Piillr y I t raz ., Nt li t
infew have li lIt e.r.pllms--I hings thatlI
fris, to grif iti iu' fet t nriiiui ' l'u rrA
iali I'm, Ii " I'i"i Itii t ·w riit tl i,'ItIt u c'ut' tilt
IOrlna: i'tlfl llid ilhl whoi h;l , nt In.t hrli
tites the drit i'g ,ntur Ioi Istnnwith I'n
unnAllt' Iolasr liand their first Ii..t
if ularial vitntur and 'ti hnu r 0 h ii n r nni
of their citizens, Io r, ctelding, Inrried
If it t trin y for long dlist:,nr stilin,
in it hllliinn , tho e yllll )ea d. iati ll t rtl,l v
,t 'lil" llii'l ttt vtiFllllr tR il aill, ir Iii1
Ifthe tlnt thre' nt Irot plan lr ntyt Its lan
or mind v'rnas i lls. tisg ktite'. Fil ntIi' i
utllw n iil was l l oti l llt l firt to ienter
lh IoIh l, iklo jill if the,,ill, ii lit'h d
C' etlh1ing nIi.lw to offer. Itillls mnhllin
ullals kt'li lp its t ti, ltiuhnl h n it unei al l
,'Coilittons, til fu il' .ld to dol so. ltor
ing it tri l llp t hrinad f llow d ily :l
iiwe'rfutil u tintrliri ii, . A lfter tl.'elditg
to ;i h lght of nhnt.l it00 nt l lthe rolll p
harniisslng the flyer to thl lil aul" Jtoml r
bl uil broke hand ill:t I 'nti ti'hiu l m nero
pian t dnhuhrl ltoi th'e graldii, losingl
itl olif it 'i ' hll"' ity and fi.VIlll li
Ilioperator and Invento' r it verlie auk
ti ulil. I lit h r li ites htilla t by t i ,t nei
intl l Ilgt 'niigt l ii llnl ht' iui
mon servedt merely to duniotoittto fil
pugnaclity -the equilibrium f i .ture rn
allnstil Ii, l rllllc zlltl. l ),
The next Inventor and aviator in
the tuild w..s ,, W. I)imian. 1i entered
the market wibth i nort' Innke that
would hlve dl ighte fl the heart of
ti. llhl I i,1 Iit 'll; l' ' l Iulth' l 11ht I enire."
xliulrs Verne ki. hIlrsw not wlin mtter on
tllltcks and van'vta and high-thnsifn
Ilanoii wire'. The i iliiratus wasilti toi fe
ult ollif rstlt l In noriln , andl slh
vlously nltiwerting navIal anld wair io.
turtment sp'cllikat ions, it 'outs rse
tI lnllt lflurn-'il'ila'nw ,'n d i' i.,llhr 11 -.
ronlvel laroundstrou wr withoutll the
initiall lnl forwarlilld of the . ordi-ll
nI ry variety orf epllrlhline. oll,.pters
we iti lI thIft IhL thing hIdI ly ofi f Ilt.
r'i'tIndi. It intty but slt the rat lm.,I hs
i t , IIinl' l tin i 1llllh'lutn Itylhlh. Ihas
snld holi It ltherel tr tll tohe n ito ntulili
ofi the whotlh wlllh I, rlrl',;llt notlllllt
to1111 p rt11 it to l l lir alll cin the sltion. The
O~ru ilt l ntiol ii ,1 I .ti u it Il.e o ip. r ,to
f.tll tion of i' il , i, ntlll y land truhe : .
scription l fi Ina l ig t itis* tv i ir rl i-d
with iannnulnml ,l c ,'; tior m.l tl ial
ial lil lcrigrtt lt l sti fi'ltil ,I. t liil'Stmint
Ileidtd, puwerful it rtes wert inspost
iId, i' nd ih o rrgthe 'un i iitlitsl linl s
still a thin' o' f h',. future. Al i'il rding
to all Ind'.ici ll in , tuI i tiil ' u itr po ,i t.l
and light n1ough to anuink Ithe honi,
r Isipi (ftir airship it as) porttssible,
has notll bn fotindi yelt.
( iGreat Prac istu.
A. lin'rtf: Jr., wits8 A next to try his
hand it advhtiin. He, bur, was prompt
ed it this by it desire to unlke the
mrioinnti' itnafe thing, snanething thin!
would not dhetract from th~ valuie of
ii life Ioosuranc-e pllihy. Whait l s more,
Ili sucr,,le ld I ilniing thi to anmol
extent. ills kite., hliving wings mom.
what 'urve(I and othir' apputronances,
positively refused to comen1 clown side
iUways. Iaw of gravity, however, sont
it on it forward-downward curse that
proved disantrous for the reason that
planeo and sill'eah met ton tonni. Ior all
that, Mr. Hlerff's inmahinn gave great
Among the l atlst in"entors is C'apt.
A. W. P. McManus, 1. S. A.
reirlrd. It unity h' said that he has
nude real progrnss towards the set
Cling of the equillbrium proh.llem. Us
ing the princlIplh of gravity, he has
showiri film machine to he it de(ided Itn
provenie'nt ove"r otihtl'ls. The weight
oarriiIal is slsphndrd fro'n the phlnt.
frliine by pivots, an arrangemlnt In
suring plri'te load distrliutinn at all
dines and under all eonditio nis. The
effnitiv\, tied l ave| to the operator
rnarkalh, qli ulties of the McManuse
rachinl wore d]lfneitely demonstra tell
;, rlye dji!.s figs In i mt tl m A t 'i"wed he
hlindl an aiutomnoblle.
hill Kt il Antonin is getting a little
tiIrd or its htm.m talent. olre a.la
hla Iu n, 1114 lind ed to 'st:al lill an e
riil navigation sttion at fiori t Samt
Vinsr" \ill 1n 1 I , Hwpape
ll). iii li lii Ii' i' tiro oItllee jndg.
ranigiii himsenac hi hi in -,\\ itcourt oIn
i charge of dlsturbIng, the. Ihoe ifltet
hi hiii irtigigild il it fighit wilth J. L.
I'iM Usorlli Ictv n tl l aolrtty after
Iii nlsiit I.'
It ,jaitihli, 1 -
"'I'ut. tut," inte~rru pted thei( judge "I'll
'.1 1811 y W it H a t hi~ i ii ctstit.b
illlllnlnI Stotler Is alsot thle city editor(
f a XVlltingtiin pnpir.
'I'll(, fight stirtedl oier a story Stotler
iiitiiig, lighititng itil iioiing ai.
ioi' ýtnoltel,ýn'~ fur~l.
I ... .1 1 -. I,'Ii. i...- M rt ti llh !io!
rn + rr l w' h {,1.) twhi have brt.n ia, t
ing in liliin li' midnight WpiednwnIlty
to I'ilh in 1tho In.-t'nT irrligatel f rurrl'
lit i'iun i, whi.i(h wi\' l hii thriw.rn ol.j n
rl.iiI I, l . I 'n.ril t, i iii ' that they hlll
at .l ,. ill. m niguhts !I1I th .i rr'v.t
frinti ii I Ih . Xat .l'll(lrlnm it tau t '.i. (, .
'.,r 1 1hh lu, F'' rot iry finli Ill ,f
ith iin tr'lr i~r d . tlrl r l. tl, w ,r it t . i til,
tuih t. iit rtnt"nu Iit hau anti that hnl.tvu"l
.filr .+rvi.rl, ii t \,' l hl h"' at timulton -
uti i d11strlhuuiti in Tlhis nletr ni IIt ltriii
l -ih i ul v t ullh ''xt itinii t on tih, on
try l vy. Th,' u i, s l.'ta ir r ii't hl.l itht
th,,r,, rll ittrlh el.' lu. 17 , 'fArms to thoI,,
tiI, mlar ge to t .. l hl fir.t etwooian
)t l , hI r, l 's "f u . iii !i i i t h ,e In n r n gi n
,1unll Ifs+ lntirfrthou' , asH rlx ri'esweI, '
; lnl ng tih.* pru ,p*, tliv' ý'.ttlerr i fl in,
then I'R'l '"itl ''r Rhit'.h hns in ann lnlOe i
th.' w,,rat hry ,ec',i l o'wlrn. Thr" only aires
'il'l' r,.l uI Iim l t.s $1.6l,(m for prei errli
i;n-- IIi th h i l' t ,re redful l.
XettW Yok. I",'b. 19. Olperationn in
the i.ltk market,' t dIay were ii,n
uctled With ati t y' to t.echlllnald Lon
lthn:n or tih s peculallnltin, r'athir than
with it v<,'w" t, m 1'i .tslh tantini con
idetlriltlons wlaringK n the Intrinsic
lii i lir 'tiingrllllllr poweir. The extent
it which them ri Vr t y iil run allln( theI
ritphilty ulth hic' h ih t hrts bei.n ae
itul lll ed pIu I ly i itIllad i i oiiitien e nll
It ril ) et fit I n r . i t u'I , 11)n hu'sita
1o1 11I tlli' pillr lltl of Illf t)l\tmarl-d
ninvenll iilt.
tl'he 'Ietior lll'y tnldhne'y o Relad
Ingll uns if' l'm tl.u it'h l h'honce in that
diertihln wingi t l hei. leading part
th11at st-k Ihas 'L)ir, d oit the plw.'ard
fll ln lentl
Ad, ltioln l iol' nf latippl 'orrrobl ratl d
i( ll pi Ii thilt ill i : i proVolnvnP nt W 1|.
taklinK Bplare I , tho conditions
r New Ykin the reClosng tock niarkt
|'pr"ession. . The c(hoerful tone of the
iAtnirlutile revi.is ,." i .efod a convictionil
that fi',i.cs oi a sever' trade re..,..ls. n
wl0re gr milhss. 'I'IIT'e hIopseul e\'pr).
l ins by t.llnt ,is I. iehwa over stiol
tr: l, l prl p.'eel.s. tr')id i haive n
relti atirluig ,ffI'.e't . on1 tlI..t f el1jl't.
The 'asin l lll till, lt l t raite in
L.owidn ill spli of, fur9,r elthip41pts
of g.l fria there t, qi.th Arnrfe &,'h
S:1,ipro,l,m tisl of a, r of til N ........ rk
Ilmoney iii Im llarket. utlrs were . '1
)total sales, $I ,6l 1. 000.
l'nitei' t tes i . :1+ ctp.,)i tl is
c." allp l ald lt'a eed I-I I""r c,.it "n I, ,iI
New York Closing Stocks,
' intl: ll;lg nated 'I p .o ............. . .i
Anh riati It et sugar ............ i,0
Anenl rl:t, ('uI' & mal)I r"vr ....... ,_'x
llllAmerican l'otion ( I ............. I'%
Amorican 1·oc1 n. t iv.' ..."....... :..
1Ameriatn t r Ieltuig & 'Itutining .
)io upret erred . .... ........ ... . la
American Sugar ItI'f:)r i t hilhd) ..12I
lAnaconean ) Mdining I',n .. ........... ..o
At hhnit la i .... .... .. ........... 117,:
Atlanl oltc io . . I. ........ .t130
:lli lti nol r & lt .. ... .. ........112 ,
Iriokln IRpi ........... ......... 7.i
l'hhiknlla I'rllhi ................ 1011"
l'hI p', like il. l.. ....... . . . .
hitin & Ni rtl hwes.....rn .. ........5.1
'hi agl. Milwaukee & .St. Paul ..141
ic,l 'ado Fuel & Iron . ........ 4102
t',olorauh & S. thern . .. ......... 60
I)l lar' & lidn.... ...........17.I 4
Denver & HIto (t'nl..... ........... 11'
s p tonrI'e ed .....i. S9t..
Itli rl'......... ...............29]v
(l.i.t g ,,trthoi l pI, l'r .. . .... .....1nji
IIli o s t ntral ........... . ... .....13
Inth r'l,,ro, h twi t r1,'hop ,lt II ....... :"_
o prni. 'tll, na'rr i i..l.... ..... .. :i
Lnanisviille .ii, Na'uhvill h 1501.
AlIss.itrl I'lfl ......... .........
IMlitsur1, Knlsa & T .(, "u..7..... Is%
N tio t l,'lIi r l t ...uiI ...... . ......i)8
National ed .... ................. 1,
w York Cntrol .... . 1I:
Nor"f'ltx & Wostii t' .. ........ i1
N .'rt ht'lll I',1 11t'1. ' . .. .. .1....... Il'
lacit , .11 ll ... .... ... ..
l it'pllle' iV Ii ... .... .... ... 101 4
i'l hi l rlan lainecl .'nr . 197't
Ir aling ........... . ..... ......691/
htock Island Cu'n . .. .......... 430
I)o preferred ..... .. ....... ss
S,, thero n 'Pacific ..... . .... ... 12:.?
ounthern Italltw . .....
I'nion Pa' iflh ....... .. ....... .1861.1
1ni'ulte tatesa creel .... ......... 80%
I),n prfterred ........ .. ........120'/
\Vah1 sh .... ..... .... ............. 21
'tt prefierred ... . .. ...... 17%
\ 'ste't rn Union .... . .. ..... 73
Stanaln : ir ' till .. ... !.-..... 10
Boston Mining Stocks.
Alltou ,' ... ... ............... 3,
Anta lgainutetel Copper ... ,....... ';1
Amtr''. Zif '!Inc Lead & Smelting
(hi0) .... ........ ... . ..... ... . .30
.arizonni (',m l erelal .............. 3
A tlht ith' . ...... ... ..... ..... .... 9
lh:o .nl, (',In. ('. & C. (.r. i >. ...... |919
I, & (' Copper & Silver . I........ 17
lit tt,, ', a litio n .................. :'"
t'alunul t & Al.rizonm ............... 1
t'al:, in)et & liela ..... .. .........630
(',n ten n ia l .......... ..... . .. .... 26
(-",P i.~ tl"iange ('on. Co 77%
bla't aitt, Copper Mine ......... 9%
Franklin .......... .... ... . 19%
(; x011o x 'Con. .... .......... 97,>
i]1rtl by ('nn . ... ..... . ........ S9
l 1h ,oyah' (Copper) .............
Kerr Lake ,.. ...... ........... 9%/"
lhAk ;) p,.r ...... . .... z.+
Atohal,!w ...... .. .. . ........ 64"~
.\S I" I ,0 '\ T I" I' 0I
l:l .II AN 1END
il I-),:i NIS i)
ti E T IIl'l L
I l I( N'l IA'TIY.
CA N I ,'I I.1' 1ll l1).
isouliaT 'APublishin 1 C.
ALL (O)iat W\'ORIK
W\'I: CAN 1'II++\ I:
Missoulian Publishing Co.
1:11 West .1alin0 Street, 11 , Soula, Mont.
North rhatts " ......,. ...,.., aI1y
N ,,rr l .-- . . : I.. . . ..... Is ,
:pill l ll a . 14
I1,I ltn i .. n i . . .... .. .. ..... ..... 14
.) ;l li y .. . .. .. . . . ..... .... .... .152
l'1r6t (li.evir &. Tupper) .... -0
N . t f r .... l....
i etl r )l " . . .. . i.. , ........ AI
ti r , . ......... . .. . ......
nll'nllt l . .t t.s I 'f'inin;. - .\1 nil g 161i
I'L;ih Ic. In. (:a .k,'*l ) . .. .. ....... :!
\Vil' ini1 ......... . ............. !i
\V ' |' (,erin e ... ..... . ...... III
New York Mining Stocks.
lilce n . l. . ........ ....... .S D
Irunsiw k I'll.
l.')llilrunsri) k 'rllnll6In :t. ,'k ...... .. : ': .
t'tnistolk 'I'unn'l : t1ok :L"
( nlstnll ik 'l'Tlun el han) ........ It
0I.):. (', I. & V. ........ .. ...!
II rn ll lve\tr "
11h ilv r ......... .......... . 16.
I[, l l \ ille. ( ' ,1 1 . .... ......... ......
I .tl li' hi . ..... . . . .. . .. .
.)11li:l'h) ...... ........ ..... 1;·
ph:,)ilr . ............... ..... .'00
8tandl:rd ............... C,'
Y}ellw .I;ne'rl ...... . . ... 1301
Chicago Livestock.
C'hi, au,,, I,' ,1). 1!". - (.',lttle It t"',ipls
*'"tiI;iate' iat I.711: nIit ark.t stalidy;
heole'."s $1.o0i; 7.:0; Texal stelr, $4.15
i''< ,-;stern st'li"rs, $4.3:14t6,15; stock
Itrs .111.1 t''l. llfers, k$ . :. ' 3 s ;: IO r,!'ts ,
IIngs - h iltl' pts slthlla t;! J e it 16,II00:
a$l"k'l late'r'; light. $,. i 1, 3 ;:
mlixd., $.0.90'19.37; Ielvy, $ ,0'l4ll;'¶ 7 :
rulgh. $.10Ptltl1.t ; giaid toll "'hOl(
heavy, $90110159 .37: pigs, $,"1009. 15;
hulk 6f Nil's., $9.2/ !10.30.
Slhb .op " Ite'lpts stisi:tetl at 2,000;
in trlkt stl idy;: native, $t.50.te7..5:
\''estrn, $5117.7,'; yearlings. $7,05.70.70;
la Inbs, nattile, $7.2 5.i 9.23,5; 'oestern,
$7. 50li 9.50.
Clearing House Statement.
N(I,\i Yorh. Feb. 1t0.-F'lhwing Is the
lstatetll t of l' ening hOhtis' banksilll '
th'e ti' k:
Lonns, $1,223.t74,l.00 inlrearte, $307.
300; dtep.l.slts, $1,236,18613,500; increase,
$1,436,900; lrlrilation. $50,00,600; de
c'rose, $479,400; legal tenders, $67,:L37,
00; delrelase, $670:700; sp0icle, $2'7 513,
00o:; iln lcre:, $3.573.20C; r'serve, ,34n,
93.700; lnc'real e, $1,0R6,5l00; reserve re.
hIurid. $30,.213,37:s; incroelse. $359,225;
slurl' as. $25,0..l.,32":; Incri:eas , $1,507,
275; ex-nrltetd lSlti's dilepits. $lld,
I1:1, I;17; incre'as $1.504,350.
Grain and Provisions.
Chhicgo, iF). Ill.- A ruih of' sellers
in tine wheat pit caused i decided
riln ,opening. 'r[hi selling was o)ve\r
n1, however, ad wheIphn arshort. ,
sllughtll to ,v'.r little grtain was Iln
siglht t nl prices rapidly r11'ov red
lnd Ia ltailllned higher loeels Iun
der tl'he stroni g dilliand. The advallne
<arrid liplIces ulp flnt n 1/.4 to 1 .le
nahov' the lw\v price, 1May ranging
lisinlg ilt $1.146 1.14.
loillllhhllhin and shorril t selling by. '
.pe)ubintors caust l ai 1rpid decline in
.'.n atll'tlr at relatively steatdy openillg.
'iThe upturn in tthl eaLt tiled thel corn
frInts t'' l'v l''e hill W. as registered.
ts refl'looteal the courso of other
Got it ,14i . h it If 14brtI 011
\\:1.l'hillngltn',. hil hhtdy sit
Spposrite Havoy , lotr1.
219 Stevens Street.
Th, Starbt"r Ir ,n hor ('. Is n,,w sell
In; stol, k at $1 1-r -hair,. It will ,oon
h io :, llint at $:.. " l l iiif you want i g.oI
ill ll 'ntl )(. 11 tl' v ll l i10 w ,]l-l (i t.
Box 507, Missoula.
The fact Tha¶ Competitors
are trying to imitate our goods is an
acknowledgement that ours is "THE
Garden City Bakery
Scandinavian American
State Bank
A General Banking Business Trans
M. L. Gulden
Won Medal at 6t. Louls.
501 N. Saecond St. Missoula, Mont,.
Missoula Palace Market
Wholesale and Retail
Phone 143. 806 HiggIns Ave
granil In the oitrly detcline and a late.
releaiery mand the galns however not
einlg so prn.nluri'ed 8as in whealt" ontl
Botn. lThe ceI.i was firm at neIai the
high poilnlt. May was at 47%6;147%c.
Provisions were liier' owing to
heavy s.olilng tearly. Thet losses hnOw
'v\er, wor, In most ca ses, rogained
and tlh close wat abtoutl the samI. as
eipir ianlld stieographer; irmut beI
l.ntilill with 'll tible entry iatld cor
Iprltion act:,tults. Apply ltFren
lar totld Mli4iing & MIlling ('.. suite
I tend 2 Mustonl~ templel.
Make it a want-ad. task--if its a
quest of the least Importance.
110 0115 B
Careful Housewives
,itnsuilt theilr ,w' n 1,, t intlt r- ":ts !),"
.'.ltl g thI , I'r nM' nl - F t . Ini i . l
11"nt n.n1 , 'r ex,, }1l,. n , r If k at, t
Union Market
130-132 Higgins AgeI:. Phone 117
Old Hats Made New
".11 annual rlet , ulll" Siz.. e nlltrI ..t
c'h"jlt +*l]t,4 1 P lt.. } u;:. · \V 'i+h ,l , t ix .1l
c· 1 lt i h lis, $1 '0.
Family Liquor Store
Pabst Blue Ribbon Boor, Crests
Blanca Wines, Old Goverrrent Whis
ky. Mail orders solicited.
('ife in (', nu tin. ,
l, II in :l y ;an NI';ht
('1r. I: 4i.N t. aIII \(; ::fn, .\"r .
Savoy Hotel
Modern and Central--126 Rooms
Newly Equipped-European Plan
Cafe in Connection, Unsurpassed
Telephone and Long Distance
Connection ir Each Room
Every Room Light-Elevator Service
Good 8S mple Rooms
Flathead Stage
Empress Line
]nialy service between 11txalll and
Leave Ravalli i . m., connectlng
with steuleir for Kallspoll.
We'll be glad to explain.
Iq the time for those lmprlishable
shl It m n E' E shoE. The $, kind ..l .4(15
3.I glng Ave.
Buy a Buick
For the money it can't be beaton.
West Pine Street.

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