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Tottuy--O,'alr. aXer il the woman who readi
MleeoulIi ad
VOL. XXXVI. NO. 213. M O1iA., MoNTANA, MON i.\Y M(IN{NINO, MAW 'it 14 191O. IiI FIVE CENT
, , m , ., w -. ,, , -, = , . _= " ". . --' -. - . - . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . ..-. . .. . . . . .." '- . . . . .. . . ...... ... . .
Only One Disturbance Marks the Day
in Philadelphia and Officials of the
Railway Company Declare That
More Fares Than Usual Were Col.
lected on Cars-Break is Expected.
Philladtlphiu, Mirilh 1t. Attracted.
by a fire i a boxcar on ii railway
sitding in .~elsingtoil. i i.crowd of sev
eral tlltollsUsud ptersons c'ilectd llate
today. mniall bIoys threw stonIiis lit
s 1min of thie police and later the win
dowi of a mimutber of curs were birok
en. Atlde fron this outbreak cars
were run wit hout ilelntatiloln a1nd
thlre were mtlore caurs iin operation thian
oin any other undaily since the strike
Thie polle and the tractionll ompany
oifflcials ugreeid in the sta teHiiment that
the sltuattoii . Im improving thourly. The
rough eleIneni that the (companiy hired
llWheni the strike tiiginll is beingll weeid
edi out anlld a better class if men nowl
operate thei crs.
"And we are getting tie fares, too,"
deculred an olfficiiLl. "Where two
weeks ago two hundred thlou.sanld fures
wvere eollectied in one day, yesterday
750.000 fares were 4utrneld in. Tthis in.
of c'ollse, auc(ountlteld for itn Ipart bIy the
fact that we are runnIIng mliore cars
and lpeopl are lsinllg themll ilore free
The N'ttlemenit of the strike Is still
ulppermost it the minds If citl'izens in
Philadelphiau. Nearly everybody con
idters arbiltratlion as the nutural meth
od. but the co rtpany Insslts there Is
nothing to arbltrate. The offielals and
dlrectors stick to their original declar
ation that the union will not be dealt
with and they are apparently just as
dCeterminell d todlay its they were three
weeks ago.
"Open Shop."
Offiialls of the union are Just Is de
termined that no settlemlnent will lie
accepted that does not Include full re
(conition of the union. The comnpany
olfotm to take strikers bark and does
not demanlid that they shall drop their
union nenmberslhip, but insists that the
union shall cut no figure in any peace
negotiations. In other words, the
company is for the "open shop."
It Is not believed that any effort to
secure outside intervention or the me
diation of the civic federation or of
President T'aft or of anyone else will
hear fruit. Tile company officials are
cllent regarding yesterday's action of
the Interstate Railways company in
creasing to 23 cents an hour the wages
of motormen and conductors in Tren
toll, Wilmington, Chester, Lebanon
and Norristown. Thile Philadelphia
Rapid Transit enllpany now pays 22
cenis an hour with a promise of an in
crease to 23 ents onil July 1 to men
employed Imorle than one year.
Look for Break.
The authorities look for a big break
in tilhe ranks cf the symlpalthetic strik
ers tomorrow. Many have already re
turned to work and the police canllvass,
It is said, shows thousands will do so
tomorrow. A superintendent at
C.ramip's shipyard declared today that,
desplite tile extraordinary efforts of the
leaders, not it single one of 5,000 em
ployes of the big plant walked out.
According to police Information hun
dreds of tile sylnpathetic strikers al
the ialdwin locomotive works will re
turn to work tonlorrolw. The bricklay
ers and carpenters, it Is said, will re
s1Uie1' Monllday or T'uesfday anid other
trades will follow.
Ordered Out.
Inl order ito strengthen thle sycilllpth
etiv strike, thel- Central Labor uniolln to
day directed that all milkmen, bakers,
grocery clerks and other dispensers of
t11e necessities of life remain away
from work tomlorrow and l ntil ire
grievances of tilte striking carmen are
It was also resolved that union Inern
bers withdraw their money from
banks. Their symnpathizers, Whether
clrganlled or lnot, are also asked to
do likewise. Tie leaders of thl sym
patiletlc strike say that when they en
deavored tol conduct tltce movement
with sonlne regalrd for tile convnience
of tile general public, D)irPetor of Pub
liH' safety (lay and otllers blittled
the effect of the strike. They say tliey
are now determined to draw their lines
The union drivers of milk and bread
wagons were called upon to strike to-'
morrow by tile resolution adopted to-.
day by the Central Labor union. 'The
grocery clerks, 1,000 of whom organ
ized today, will quit work tomorrow
night. Any union mnan working Tues
day nilght Ill any line of employment
will be expelled from the union of
which he iu a member.
Pressure was brought to bear on the
(Contlnued on Page Eight.)
Fireman and Enginemen Notify the
Managers' Committee That Agree.
ment For Consideration of Their De.
mands Through An Arbitration Board
Must Be Made.
('I.lig , Murclh 13i.-W. S. ('arhr,
Irl'eidliqt of lh](. Brthlerhilood of Lo}
c'mnative \ , ire n l ml U a1 l(d Erginenilllll ,
notified thie railrlloads tday tha;t If tihe
iclltrtoversry with tlhe firemeniI were not
Hlsubmiitt'ed to urbitrationl. a strike it
Inevlitable. Twen'lty- flat thousand
firemnOn on rallroads w'est of (lChicag
are involved,.
MIr . I'rter's litter of Iicti'icathin
was indorseid by the brotherhood's
cnmitllllttee which represelnts the fire
mien on uliout 47 railr'otds wet, Inortlh
weist anld southwesat of (.hilago. The
letter was senlt to W. ((. Nixon, gen
eral manager of thile Ht. 14lnx & Stln
II'runciseo railwaiy and chlairitman of
thie' ratllrl'ad general maniagers' coi)n
Inittel, alnd reads:
"Ytour letter of thli date (March 13)
itwhereinl you stilate that tihe manIlagers'
vomlllitte declllines further to) ('coltdler
lothe iultters in controversy and In re
ply out colmmittee instructs oii ,to
" 'If tller Is tio be t great railway
sitrike, reisltlon ibllity iitult andl will
text on th I Imanuagerms' . coetlllicittee.
That there lmay he no mislundersitand
Ing concelrning thisl resipontlitllity, our
oI omlmittee hereby prolposes the sub
I lnitlltn of all maltters in didpute to an
audjustlment by arbitrition.
"'The, public Ihas beenl Ittformote
r through the press, that Ilmtters in
t contrtoversy calnntt he urblitrated, hIe
cause tiheiy Involve the authority of
t railway, rffielaeils aind the din ,plineil of
etliployn. 'fThis statet.ment our corn
SInittei emhlIti t ltcmily denlies.
" 'le iflal;lms of nitty railroads relp
r!ese.lled by th-e mantagers' nintllllltee
dol not heittllli. to colnflrtX the groms
inj llstice'x iperpetrated under present
practices. Our comttlliittie directs mIn
to requesl t the mtuanagers' contmlttee
through you, if this iroposition to ar
, bltrate is not aicepteid Iby the Lllilun
r ugers' citlnllllttee to notify us at your
' urlil.ut v, n ivcn clle.' "i °
The railroads previously annoullinled
their willingness to arbitrate the In
creased wage demand, which the fire
men May would ainourit to about 12 1-2
per cent, Two otlher dllinLI(ns in l
valved tile managelrs cay, concern
dlselline and are not open to arbi
tration. These points have to do
with the promotion of firemen, wheth
er. when they become enginemen, they
are still under the jurisdiction of the
Brotherhood oif Locomotive Firemen
and Enginemen.
"Does your cltter mean that If u
satisfactory reply Is not received a
strike will be called?" Mr. Carter was
"It Iloks pretty grave," lie saint.
"We are nearer a disagree'mnlllnt thall
we have ever been during the whole
six weeks of conferences. Wc dii not
want a, strike. We want lih publcl
to understand that. As It at'r U''lth)r
Ity to strike, we have the vote of l',,
than 80 per cent of the men in favor
of It. All the answers we have re
ceived from tiht managers heretofore
have been evasivei. I hope their re
ply will not be so."
It was learned that the mlanagers
had agreed to "stand pat" and, while
refusing any conce-slons probably
would Invite tile ibrotherhood's com
mittee to another conference tomor
After conferring with Mr. Nixon, O.
L. l)iekesn,l ussistant to the president
of tile I'hlcago, Burlington & Quincy
road, gave out the following state
"We have received Mr. I'arter's let
tel'r, which to the laymanl who Is not
thoroughly fanmilliar with the methods
r of labor organizations, would appear
'tol Ie soile('wllat serious and point tio
a strike. I wish to say that this is
maerely onil of tilhe mtethods unfor
tunately invotked in coiiducting such
negotiations and it' Is not likely that
the men would sanction the action of
r their leaders In calling a strike over
one or twoi technical points. We do
not feel tile slightest apprelhetslon
ovier the diffleulty. Thile luanagers in
time, probably tomorrolw, will make
lefinite answer to thie firelenll's coon
minttee and we lhope for a peaceful
New York, March 13.--I. a cross
I hoplpy wind of about 20 mil'es an
hour which caught his biplane at tile
start and stripped It from side to
e side like a boat in a rolling sea, Louis
Paullian, the l"renech aviator, made a
v daring flight at tile Jalnacla, L. I,.
- race track tils afternoon. He was
t iI the air eight minutes and 10 see
f onds and covered about six miles.
Paulhan may attemnpt a flight to
e New York, 13 miles, some day this
week if the weather conditions are
City Has Been Decorated in Holiday Style and Throngs of People
Have. Poured Into the Town to Greet and Welcome the Former
President---Will Be Guest of the Sirdar at His Palace.
K '. l tl 'l u ull l l l . P |l l 't 'h | . - K hll a rtl ( l l l l l I n
noW in gula attire awaiting the tmli- 1
Ing of Theodore Ilosevelt, who, with
the other members oif lhi'l America n
hunting and s'ielntfi'l expledltion, is
alboaurd thIe tleamlner Doili. oil the last
leg of the journey to this city. The 1
stllamller Is ex'pected Iher' tomorrow af
ternoon, but an unuulalllly tronllg nor
thern gRule is klhking up Iheavy Sells ill
the river it Is poIt slle that tile urrlval
of the dlstinlgulshedl At.erilan will be'
Colonel Roosevel, lt's stirccess ill slhoot
Ing Itn the Soudtntt, ai dozen11 attelotpes,
Inlluding ,one known si Mrs. (lraly's
wlhite-eared outtelop' an111d1 other rare
spoelienas, makes i fitting 'lend to his
hunt, which Iha been succ'essful Ie
yond all xpec.taltilns. IHenceforth the
ex-presldent will be the' guest of ho1n
or at a series of brlilll lt an11d e.nthlu- I
sltatic receptions. l'he first of the re
ceptions was he'l lit the Jungle SLta
tion of the Amerlican mission tit obhut.
where Colonel ittos'vnlIt dined on his
way here. Hefre il thisdleparture from
tiibat he spvke of th'e manttlner Iit
which tilh mediall l missionary work
had inpressedi hint.
Anxiously Awaiting.
If Colonel itose.ve'tit arrives at the
scheduled houtr, 4 o'clock in thei after
noon, he will go first it tihe Hirtdar's
palace and then it the railway station
to Imeet Mrs. Itoosevelt and Miss Elthel
who are now on their way frotm Ahlx
andrla, alnd who are due here at 5
o'clock In the' afternoon. Khartoum
society and great crowdts if visitors
who have taken alpart eents at the ho
teIs, are anxiously wafting to ccord
the former president of the United
States a fitting welcittome.
The official arrangements for i 1nlo
net .ltoosevelt's receptlion hatve' beell
Iuttde. Captain Clayton of the staff
of tIle Slrditr and Major (;elral liir
Francis Wingate will go down tihe' liar
bonr in a launch to mt th l' teaeli'r
t Dal. They will tontllult the party It
the palaue where ten will be served.
They will go from there to to'he deptot
to meet Mrs. Ito)isiv'lt aind Miss
Roosevelt. Apartments arI' ill roadl
rnesa for Colonel Iloasevlit and his
family at the palace and theiy will dine
there aloneo In tile eveninIIIg.
Tuesday will Ie devoted to sightsee
S Maluila, March 13. Seriond Liutetll-i
L ant Clarence M. Janntley, Twelflth itn
'f fantry, killed himlltIt yesterday at
r Fort Willamri McKinley. It is not
' knlown whether the killing was itein
Stlontal or by teildetlt. Army Inspectors
n are Investigatitig. I,l'utenant Jannttey.
Saccolnlpatlld lby lls wife, attenlded a
I dinner party lt the Iou:e of lileutetl
ant ColoneIl Rolmert F. Anes. Jatnney
left the party and wont te lhis quar
ters. He secured a revolver anld re
turnied to tht house of Colonel Atnies
, on the way to which lit'he fired one shot
n presumably inl the air. He entered the
,e house and flourished tlhe revolver.
o There was ani explosion, and Janney
sa fell with a bullet in his head, He died
a Ilstlantt'.
It was at first reported that Colonel
r Almes had shot Janlney antd guards
placed ilhn under arrest, but ihe' was
subsequelitly released.
SLieutenllant Janney was bIor iin Vir
is ginl, in 1881. He was a private in
'e the 12th Infantry but was appointed
second lieutenant on February 11, 1907.
ing ir iUtid Kll;tlou'illl ald vilts will a
he paidh Ito the (lIordolln Itnolllrial col
lege and other lnoted institutions. In v
the evening the ieads of thell govern- I
mental departmentllls andl their wives! It
will meet the Atrll'ianlls at dinner ati a
the palai'ce. The guests will include .
Sal-in Pasha, the writer, who has so 1I
vividly dnserllbed tlhe ma.llrlltesl'. ii tiln the
oludall. I
A Banquet.
Ini WIednesday morning 'elln ate ',L
I.oosevelt will visit mlndul'llnlln. Thl'e
hills of K('rreri, 'I'lven miles from On)
durlnl(t, I((llrk the sitel of thel grlLat
battle' of Omdurnalllll on Septelmbe'r -, ,
1898., when tilhe Khilifira' army was an
nililatlled and the rule of thill KilallfaI
wtls hbrought tilo an e'lnd. liHe will Ln
rlect tilhe Khalllifa's housle alnd Iimeet
the local iauthorities. Ill tilhe afttlernoon' t
a galnme hal' Ih4n4 arranged( for his billn
efit at the ylymkalla pa1lol grollUlldl, and
after that ihe will visit the Alllericn
nllltlonl. In thle Ivenling he will h thile I
guest tof thil Khartoulltl c'lub at a dill- t
nor at which ,overs will he4 laid for
'Thurslday i.s a fr'ee' day, but it is
probable thatll the ex-president will tlt
tend the Masnelll Ilndge beforte his de- I
Ilprtlure alnd witneslls tihe Hloudanese
drill. Colonel Roosevelt and hIs fam
Ily will leoave her1',' by lspe:ialI train illn
Thursday night to visit Assouan, I.ux
or and Edfa, oni the way to Cairo.
HIi visit heire will e of 'atln entlirely
unofficial chllfracterr. ie will ente'r
Europe either by way ofr Naples or
Brindiil. Malny lof the streetsl of Khar
toum ilaveh Ibeen decorated In honor of
tile Amerllalns andt tile American flag
Is to be seen oIn various buildingsH. Full
4Iaccounts of the prowess display'l(led by
the florlmer lpreside'xhnt in huntin g Ixp'e
dltlolns lhave precedetl'd him 4and quite'
apart trolin lith dlntingaishelld off0111'
whi'h he has held, the people' Ilhre are
anxi1dus to 11nollr mld for what he iltaslI
passed tlhrough and what he has a-it
coplllllsheld during the past 1: mlllnths.,
Sotr h ol of big game hias paIlss- !
e. throukllrgh so Imany hardslhips I il so
shorlt a time alnd belen qluite so sntu
Fine Health.
'rl'lly rella Lrkl able ih s I.'II n I1'o
heulth enjoyld by Colonel itnosev'lt
and his sln, practically ithe ,ly twol
members (ofr tihe exp edition unlllllg the'
whites at heast, who etlcalpd ic'knlIess.
S4light attacks, such us I inost of the
palrty experilenced, were oly nlatural, r
In view ol tlh hardships enlll durled, th1ew
hat l of the tlI Iropl l', thIe n1ion(llllll placesl(
tllhiough whihh the expedition wlas
compelled to pass at lirt]'.
Thile 1,s1' islands, thrtough w'icll the
steamer threaded on the trip to Ell
tehhue, atr(- a luinllent to the devasta
tion wrought bly tile tHlletse fly, lIfor
,n1c'(- well ,populatld, they are now de
v eid of hlumlll life, as a result 1 of t11 ll
sleeping slt kn,'ss. 'T'hroughout til(
many dlays of hunting C(lnnl ltUosc+.
velt displayed the groatest ctlilncl'ern hin
I thel (cur of the party and rf thii n1l-I
tive 4lttn4dallnts HIs p11 lersonal inter-I
t was shownt wchen Workne f . e 'or
respondensll whIIo has beenl within
touch op the l.xpedition from the veryr
hoelinning, wlas folred to drop bllehind
oin onet I th ln' g w, lll', hIet twool
points. |li, wra.s finally brought up by
Iporters, whio cartl ried hill many Wllies
hin halla nul(k allnd atter that drl'gged
hi mnorany Lli uLr4'sl ote t i'kry i 1ksh1w.
Watches Work,
t Colonel t ,l IItc s't lreet inlln ('at4ely i.A
glted that I r. Mearns tak'+ the case
and when the doctor decided that an
f operation wa.; necessary the formler
president volurnte,'red to assist. This
was taot nl+enu. ry, howet\'r, but thie
I colonel nteverthelcs stood by and
s watched the sargeon work.
s Nothing has Ilhalued the ex-i'
dent more than the native guards of
honor that turned out at every t,,t- I
A ceivable place to greet his conting. At
one of the statlons In Uganda, a na
tive' contingent with two bands, one
l1aiit l ii.' i ( tai11dI tih I l'IVittI llt tikedb
where Mr. ItRo<osev'lt wais a gut'st at
iluncheon andu drew up lfor review.
,.la.II of the hanids was ciondluctea byms el
guislled AnmIrivan's s.rpr'ise and de
light tlhe'y enlhusiastlll ially rendereid the,
AtInerhaI tl nationajlll; l anlthiltn, with onlly
II false note here tllld t'here.
'I'lt.e mannerill In whichl tle tluailing
of the lmitvls. Is cTrIried out Interent
ed t'fhm+inl 'o, l <,sevi ll greatly. Amlong
other 'irious things, hie aw uned-du
'tiled natives tilkllg atd 1 nltnding lil5e
Hagei's by Molrs. - ',tl. cd nd i s( llltaplllhore
with flags and ilallp andl heiiuograph.
No Mistakes.
Althtogh theIose s.Ignil men do riot
kniow whlit the l, iiil.sslage. melan, yet
they nevel'r llakt' itiiitfike In sending
or revt'olving. Th.hir mthod of ('heck
ilg Is Iby counting the letter. In a
grotp. The nativesi dlispnlay t curious
inistilnct i following their instructions
to the letter.
The e(x- Pr(sid,'nt llmade lnost of ev
i'rything, Ienjoying the sue.,nmem of the
iexpttlition aii keenly as the othern and
sharing as t flly ts tihe other In Its
T)inver, lMarc'h I1:.- 'Two tiln were
hurt atil the lI' al plant iof the Rocky
Mountain Peiltroletmit ct'tipIany was
pll'atiL taly dli'itroyled this afternoon
wheiin ia contiduit burst uniiler high pres
surt and flofodtdt tht building with
fluittnig oil, . l'Th hiss will reach
$1 3,ui,00.
Hutitgfisa,. 'iltn. M arch 13. --A
riteetihng 'f Cmtholis tloda;y held to
protesl agailinst la, sIh}tools 'Ulllllmin ted
In riious sttr'itit ftighttig. 'al'ih police
persiris wu'irtt' li l t.
UI)n.vlr, Marih 1:3. -Katrina MIriint,
thil, first wolima scttlhr inl Collol'olr o
tilid rputi.d i i c iountoss, dl11d here to
day, ih! was 86 yeal'#ra old.
'T'opthku, Kull., Marlro'h 1. - W ade
, lndattowood, II l'ar.rl' livinv g if Ilil'es
,; -. if T'l o ' k li, w a s lu red fro n tl h is
hulll earilly this li rnoll ring bIy all, un -
Ikn'own 11111 [ and after hlilg badly
S woundeid, Wits lift for dlad in itl
['Dtal. Lindit'wtt u l tuassuilant 'rushitl
his viicitti''< skull with iani ux' al d then
I rlturnll to the fiurllt crt'' s biolan( ', whltr'e
hi a tt' rn t',l (a ri mii· t l a stault upon
Mr' i, tI l'uinl iwo t'i i Tiih lutltrt'Ill b tlk
e ttitir Itlh hguilt.
iawa suu~ tila stt I iii, lIit' ilndi u, aped.
- L tti ' ri il Itit ltlluittl ig, offlict eri'.s w ithi
r tblldtlh'lill is loaitittd ilit 'rge it tittaii -
t hIli' tat a I 'i hfurl housl l nearl til', sigt of
St 't'I t;p ktl to prevenlllt i ly chll h K. Hoi
! deniia his guilt.
I The ui.ali Lnt lir' l Lid candood fe onl a
Sthew house or th. e p'ext of being th
owner of a stalhld autlomhobile. The
f ti l.In•r obllgingly ion.senlete to bar
- litss a telun and go to hii assistance.
The telmn was found later, Surgeons
- state that Lindwood can live only a
e few hours.
It Is Now Conceded That Several
Important Changes in the Adminis
tration Measure Will Be Forced On
the Floor of Congress Which Could
Not Be Carried in Committee Room.
W ,d 4hingtinlli . Mililt .-h 1: i. lth1 utgh
;h tu1e ' ,of "ngrvs , it is I ' t'I " eIe t
Ihilt li'the 'l, lseur'es t I crat. t c( url
"1' com il' '..' and I am nd Ih'e Int.,r
tathe. m ts1111 re iL it. sull |e-ar little
re,.-elelhancl tl. . each * ol lth.' wuhi thell
de.lilli 'itleti of itlh'Ie it h.llies ,r ' cti
SIn lhe euecc.se cmrminltte'' Illaly it t1.'.
allllllllItr;tilln tllhrlies t.I eP ll Issi.lng
of slok e l)and lIl lltll .lhte lmerK
ing iof non--,nl|.ting lines hlvte , bi,-n
shiltlt.rel tl 1d the end is nl. t In sight,
fotr ansaults on the, I1t11 will cnlllnein e
oni the floer. While tihe ilpposltion toi
the adcllninls.tration bill w11w uiit strl.ng
enough tO antlnl'd tlhe bill In th(1 e eln
ite, II Is lconcededl that sev.'ral V l
pt lrtant changeL1 will Ise ft'rc-ed iin tlche
tflor. The lbiatl-en the bl11l . ll be
hKin either tI-morre itr Tuesday. Ie'un
;itlir 'ummins will open the discussionI
In slpo'urt of certain changes adve
cated, In the miclnorlty report of the
senutt. committltlee.
l'Practicully all the Insurgent senan
toirs , Ill speak on the railroad bill
;and there- will be many speeches
freom the democratic side. No one es
Stliattes that thie debate w Ill be fil
l- Ihed In less than six weeks alnd reoni,
t pred.lt that much maore time will be
ie conisumlled.
To Make Effort.
An effort will be nlmde by the hiouset
ollitnlttee on interstate cm)lnirtt.re to
report the bill this week and it is a
probhuale that debates on the sanme
subject will procteer d simultanetouisly
at both ends of the' capital. State-t
hood ltgislatlon, which has paIet n d the
houe', anti postal tsavings liank Itgis- t
latton, which passed the st-nate, have t
been sidetracked for the adltllnistra
tlon railroad bill. The postal bank 7
bill, its hearings have btene ordered by i
tile Ilhouse colmmllttee on postoffles land v
ipostratlds, will not racht the floir for
ntevtiral weiks alnd in all probability
not utllll tilh. sHc on iinears Its close. V
tRegardtlies of the fact that the
postal bank bill, thei anti-injunction
It.maiture, statlloodl legislation and the
adllinistratltoni ctonservation nmeasuresi
all are , part of the adlinilstratltt
progrlam, thirte is not apparent any
where a positive force lushilng them
for tconsidtlratlllon. If the debate on
the railroad bill tlag., It Ilay require
a iprtsldtentlal lltmestsage to Instill life
ilt othelr fattlures of the lprogritalm.
Many Pending.
In Il." house many mialtters are.
plitlending thaitt will call out shlarlp itie
bate .told there is ait displlllost n tI lt
sitll(1 If tllhri gt biy thie bouardt. 'Pnesa
include the Mondell bill, to pem'inlt the
holplttiiad entry of the surfate of tit.
vitl lauds. which would involve $0, .
1I00,1000 t'rels.; shipl silbsidy, thlt, con-i
struictio of twio lattl.lehilis, wihlih
niay ite a feature of the naval bill;
atri thit sstuaince of certlifcates of in
It.litry n r o titi ht it aiI lt' t I 0 ;lllullaU t i
i LOCJ#D .,IN.
Polls Ilarl, b lit g taken onll tlhe tqul -
tll of l ii ng i titalpproprlitiolls tio con
strct hatrtliships anill lth question of
anti-it junctioi legisltion along tht
llil lof the ooit bill, The prIl' ltn
ltnary t Isluiti it t to Ut otlppose to
the b iattle hills, but tihe attih udt of it.ie
house on (ite M'at, thi ths not beent
eattle Yok March 13.--After hilll its
lilt, through th old, ascade tlountai
blocked for three weeks, tilhe (ireat
Nor'tbern railroad got it open `.itur
day onily lian Welte r were f tuti o lat
h6uu t trIal o t'illiitital train t, getl
thr tln gh whili ,. laiJlities ;,gain
blocked thlt road, Tratffic o'ft'icials an
St ll tllt tonight inthat r theti lext the
Ilhrut nil It ppeagr to baiS of theb
Gurdeat N dorthern ll usu i lt Ncd'ther
Pacific tracks thruough the C'ascade
lun iilta , [
M.Sal Iiego , ('.tl, March 1:3 John
Du in Flretinan, one of tit . most 'x
p.rt pln pht)le's in Arni''ici, ditd ihip
it hospitl in this city to a i s ai .i -
stull of injuri' s r,"cet'ivedl il i l ta
If("' gtine il ('tor lnado yestetrdu) M :r.
,reeian's pony a.n( that ritltien by it.
Wtlss, iollided alnd Mt. I'rreimant ota
t struck on the head, sustaining ctnl
cussi, of th,' bra.il.
New York, March 13.-Heriin iaMlor
tias, 43 years old, and two ss,on
Gieorge and Walter, were found shot
to death tonight in their hoitte in the
a Bronx. It appears to be a double
murder and sultde,
Numerous Measures Looking Toward
the Harmonization of the Laws of
the Various States Are Under Con
sideration, But the Classification Act
Is Receiving Most Attention Now.
\Vt-IlkiIngllto. Mtarch i| Senators
frm public laud states, aho were ap
t "'p l IIe1 i t spl'hal oI'iriIttiittl ' I ') pr| p;ar
'i,.nervatlin lillis that souldi harnnon
Iz,' the laws ,. ar' filtling tthl r tuask
Ior frrit o.eay.
.1 lullnIr of hills .irt' bi~fore the
.utim. iltllt,. buit it I giving its uttO n
thlu prlinlplully to tht,. 'lasure known
s the' 'lt.siflcation htill. The ciintnlit
t oe I. clmllpol d of ;ticatrit l. i r mullm t of
UI'tah, ('arlk f ryoing alnd l)ixon of
('lrulad andl t'humblr(tllrn if ,lrt go .
A majority of them are favorble tio
ti he general theory iof icon ervat in.
ulenattullr ('lltr and Iiughues, howevier
are Intatgonlisntc ti thle lproposed
change of the publi, hind polihy.
The testtonty beforeu th- Italllnger
I incthot comrnitte hasl di1s'losIdI that
- the genetral lnd iffl,',. fth' ,res- t cr'
hice, the reclatiaatlon sorvice, andl til.
geologhical survey are not operatinu -,
sympatlhy and this miakes work of the
I comminlttee more difficult. It Is their
Sopinnllll that If the clastlflcation and
- the wIthdrawal bill can be paassed, the
way will be, easy for other meas.urs.
w whh'h look to the dlsposal of the !and'd
Stinder trhe classifcllatlon bill.
e The prinllulal obstacles In the way of
u an agreement on the classification bill
are found In the provisions relatlng to
a oil lands and water power sItes. This
ybill authorizes the seciretary of the in
terlor to classify all the publlc lands.
e Mary sePntuirs cotlend It would be hn
Sposlsbl, to classify, ill lands In ad
Svaince and s-nnators who hold this view
-ar maknlllg troublle for the conmmittee.
k The cormnllltt- Itself appre,,lates this
Y difficulty and thellre I a tendency to
l wards it provisioun for the leasIng ruth
er r than lithe sale of klnds supposed to
Y over oil de.posits. If the bill should
be franedl with thlu Idea any person
could lease. a tlract of land and put
Slidown his well, and if successful in
findintg ill, couldl then acluire the land
under the mining li aws.
ThI-(' subject of water power .sites has
Sbeten the basis ol f rtnany tlifferenc.e
with the executive branch of the gov
e Ornmntt al Well. As the states con
a trol th sltreams, It Is recognized as
dllfficult fir the governmenit to con
tinue its supervision of the lands litt
mnediately iriiriding thu ttiramis, as
i power sites neu. '.trily tmust. itn this
Iucuurt t ,e u-natl' siis favorably
it dispod tl. -wari the grant io ti -, pow
r sitel s tol the1 soevrlr al "tlatls and It Is
believed that thoI Uliliuututrattion mutay
Sbe Induced to conseni, t to I lth dluspoui
, thin of the-n if -suffi-lint restrlctlito s
- ar, : rov. eld.
Much Concern.
'liii' wvithdxrawa'l hill isi giving the,
xiiiiiinitt,." ainmost iii Will~t exnctrn
six tits' cI ixxiflxxitlxnlxIIII, nxotxviiiilxthxini.
ing It is nixow the" -i0riate iRxill;ir.
really nt-ixxxxry lx'fxrx ()hex clxs,,ficxi
tlion IaI coiul lxi ixirixixI xint l'ctd.
Its Ixiriguxig. iis wt IxirxIltitl thtit ,a
Iiixrix.'s tilii Iresilint to xx'i.ii traiv
tiraitixaiy xxii iiie lxxxx: Lindi xi lxis
iix'rri'tixni. 't'lx tn."l xii, sires''i Ill l iii,
ljorei ,i f1r xxii liii lxx! x Lins niaixy l
Ir sli t crvrxr !.xr.itrx, xiitxr lixuxir
iItxy, ir(rlgxuioi i ., r~t.ixi iil+"i .f i lapli
r ther purl.-..~dI~I1~P llri~t
r1'h.-iItwIe l hiell ne iii i al thut
hill 111101 tit.' iLl t 41 fit, Ixi-irixla
e"'ut ivt'l ;y .ertllr, Cu.
I Ei !',t . lxxx ii 1;; xxiixht smite~ I
glihtg xix lxf hi, rrix Ir .:". xxx Iur
tiih' ItI II itixie l ii xi an tr ii n this
iix'ritixxx, Fiiix l~ing, xx tlx ii i i'iiiss
if xxxxxiiix, xitletiixtxxl tx snix-, ltixil
gixitlixi lixs ixixixii t'ixr isin. xxxi
Irt iiot lxi xix sill x.tly xix nlr xxi ii y
tha oilr'r. ktt~ t' , ix ii xxx~nr
1""axixilixixiii, Mxiiih t1 - Ii ix",.nt
Itixi llitchcxxxxk. xiexxx'xixt. xxf tihe !'.x
xaxd Nebriasklx dixsrii't, toighxxlt xiii
iixiiiixiii li~xi ..if iii It xixixixlxe fxir
thei senate Lxi eutxeepxl lasixix Biurilixi
Txxjx kit i. int. March t3.--6lldxxrd
lkiysoxx HVistxin, the pexe~trsln, spiiit
.I hitre lie arr'ivedl last nxi~ht. lDour
fieltd Ia 3 67 ilodes west ot Topxeka,

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