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VOL. XXXVI. NO. 114. 111M 80I4 IL.\. 1I'NT.\N' . , 1\ . I' M ''I \ 1 NIN;. ' \IAI;. 111 ¶I. 1 PHiCeR FIVE ('ENTS
W. S. Carter, President of the Brotherhood of
Firemen and Enginemen Makes Statement.
Decision to Quit Work Is Reached at a Meeting of Forty
Three Members of the Western Federated Board of
the Brotherhood, Each Member Representing
a Western Railroad.
4'Ihirnigu, JMarchI i4.- At inlif a6t IunightI W . S. 1'II"rtr,
problemI'I~ of the' Ih'uthe'rhood of LIº1"omo(tive Firemeln a11l
I lEniin inen aal Ithat Ii strike of 25.II41I firiiiII oll eI ti ' I
Iy ull Iip weIWIrl vailt-.atlal hull Iiieit 1i-alie4 .
Mr. 1'Irl1or shtilI lit- he d ision to strike had twi reached
at a meet'ling of" 43 neein'h4'rs of I he WeVtern PedeIr" n'"iI1-l holurd
of til.hi-u b lrl honil, 4'11-h It1neenh1' I1nrepreut ing II weste'rn
1-91uiil. 'I'hle e-xi-il hluur at which thI uinen IrJe to walk out, h1e
wail, wioubl lu- decii11h'l 111(11 Itomormly'o .1114 1'vIry" ui1nih4r 40f
the4 Iutn(ts bet1wo'' C'hicago) sa1I tho' Pacific 1-(111x wouil he
informaul h' t1'legraph~l when to Unit work.
TrhO railro1ads issiuol a statlmeiU-1 (hs~luring that to) p~r1-venf
n strike Ity oubIIl, if uecesSary, ajijieal to the authoritie
at WaIshiingtinl. 'h'lie 1-n;li rIIVerlyV, which ilhts been i ullel'r (tis
'iiissilI fhi liire thanl six weeks, itnvolves 47 railrnalds opelirit
ing west, northwieSt st14 5lithwest (1f 4'hliii-gni and umbraees
11hmi1t liO1,11HM miles of Irack.
II lhis hi,- 1 n stati-1 l liv hotll fI l siIes Ihat if it iitriki wer1g EIllel
it woiiil tie iplilt riatti-ally every fri-ight 11ll paisimge r trait
beli-oil ('lirng4, 1ndI the P'a4ifiv 4-oaslt. "T'Ihe strike lilts h1-ls
enh11-1-ll- h t it I1 h-1 is 1-'rtain1," it ill .II'. 4'l"orte . "II memisan
thliii not m1i lv 25,144111 firimPnlli, membieIrsM of i1uip O1l iln, will r(1
nut, lill I hut ierIihalps hnlli Imorie IllmplioveM will h,! I hirow "n out
IIl 4 EiI1 X1'11 I IlI1EP4.
The 41Plhlrnt ion of iI 1tr:ke, as issulell front I lie I 'Ii ngo
offici- of thie IirothIerhoo1s ii of Itaiiwi Firemen l nlll l:ngin l
ml'un will have it far-reachEing effl'et on Ilh railrolds of the
weswt. Ime-al oºffirialº4 estimate1 that froml 2111 to 250 mein will
lit otffl'rtl'd in .11isviiula nilone.
llhiagig, a~rchi 14. Mluth suitsI In thu
%v lterng tilny. whit uIntltt .rfinin rin
oh dit utrilhl Menn'nnd Innunnltnnntit, fi
ra~l luntil nnniniigrur sal t ii daung'r
It In Ithuiniht tint tin. mate-ngu'rnn
g~unlnurite iun'nn.,gt .r Wu. it. tNuhxsn&
to-i tau tIima~nag ofl I',it'i 41t1 I~nnyin &
Sallttnn ram nutitt il ii n nnn u wl l i tint!' W .
h~ntdo Iuunitiun utsi~it Fhir'ntn undin nil
tint'I t n ;11nntlti Iin ti nuitttet ii. u~ihntltut
,Iilt nttttlttn ttl nii t' 'titu l~tuu Itnlnuun ht1 tii
Wathln rton, March iit. iepresentl
tivn i Smith iden. Tex.) toldhe ( i -hoe
an. ways Iilans the mtilitie today
riat thuripna of dollars in goiern
" hulnt ","crtific~at,"w of inhehtedness,'" Is
lrii in iinnieioil Whith v-riman Irri
gation projects, iiere iing et irulated
in the i est at fii cents on the (loth
Jiti. Ihi wal thlie- paper represented
ranchers' pay far work ltone on
projects, and which they were to be
allowecd by the govermnrtnt to ex
change fir Iand when the i rigaltio.
SrojHcts were coNpleted. AS the
proects have not beeta comh ete- , thee
holders havn cneen forced he declared,
to discounttin thu rin orader to buy
the necessaries of Ifte.
Mr. Smith urge I favorable tction
on the hill before tl comitte firl
the' sunance of $30,000,000 in govern(i
anent ertificates of aintwhiedncs to
cIlIplete irrigation probects .
Washington, trMarch 14 -At the end
of a long conference with his tariff ad
v'is rs today President Taft fhat nut'
decided what actitln he will take on
the exteihon to a nanada and e rance
of the minimum tariff rates of the
Payne law. It is slid the situation
with respect to Canada 1s all but hope
less, ttnd the indications are that the
biggest, and nearest neighbor of the
United States may be the one lim
portant country against which the
maximum rules will be applied. In
striking contrast to the attitude as
% sumned by f'anada, France Is making
every effort to roach tin agreement
with the United states.
II Nirice' 01 till the' syste1is hovilween
ShlIeign auntl t1' fati-ll'ic ('11sat w,1iitia
ib ellslNiiiy. 'Till railroads today re
ItV.rated uhar aatilsser that they woulei
continu.' t, l reltut e tif l ubm1hit tL o arli
tration any but tgitn tiage dema.' .
"'Wt' know" i strike will nut lee c ill
ee," ..,fit to. 1. .antneon, nassistant t1)
the lire"Nident of the t'hieago, I11udinfg
tenl & dainty. "That stage of thle
9:11114 is over. 11INt is n only i tes
till oef sour gellttin togetther"."
"The rllaloalts are trying to make
iIght of the Iitunthion" nlid kIreildent
Carter. "'It is indeed teritceal. We'4
haste been authowrized by it'vote t,, ':11
;I N1trike unless they make coneas$ions
uand tl have i skelk for tlill rilitrutlln
, i lt - whe W lel Iullte."
N."wt fork. M~arc, it.- Iaa. m an;:
w:I>$-I"'x, lilt Itllg 4l newspaper
womian mnd (1114i tie' 010111 ited m1r11
her of higher Hnel:tt i reles 'f New
1Yr ani other ntitlies, ied today In
tlit- i olr hospital a rtot the effettis ot
a drug, tillen wtith sunpponedly suicidal
intent. She hull been arrested nn itcug'o'plst otls he
MrI StrIn nKwtys-l 1)x cimEE hne.
from ltngland 1111'. than two yeints
ago uni represented i b li lf 1 a
mlember of the nobility. Troubles of
It financia l n11titre ov'ertook tier, and
finally she was sentenced to prison.
Sht" disappeared alter tier mentenve
was eomutnte~d, but she reappeared
last full and latterly acted ity l(nrlre
spot int for London newspapers ill -
der the' namne of H{elen D)rwunmmo, the
illull sit gaeo whenl arrested.
WVashington, March 14.-All the mfail
trunk itliets from the east I the ia
tinle coas~t are now clear of obstr~uc
tions and the mail11 Is m oving without
interrtfption, according to advices r'e
c(Eved by the postoffice department.
Diversion 1)t the mtails, maude nreessary
during the lust IlE days, has been
abandoned, and the maills are now
mtiVIng 1)titr their regular rnutes
Chicago, March 14.-Robert y
Lovett, head itl the tu rrimailn lines,
passed thriigh Chicago today on his
way to New Orleans, Mr. Lovett iald
he war on a six weeks' tour- f the
Harrhiman lines, and that he intended
to make such ita trier once a year.
Sydney, N. S. W., March 14.-The
Rugby union has decdlied to invitl the
tumbina d Americn univetrsitiia to
tour .11 stralia this yeatr.
Colonel Roosevelt, Mrs. Roosevelt, M ss. Ethel and Kermit. Center-Map showing roLute of Colonel Roosevelt on
the Dal front Gondakoro to Khartoum and the course to be followed from there to Ksiro.
Looking the Picture of Health and With Physical Fitness Showing
in Every Line, Roosevelt Meets His Wife and Daughter After
His Long HuntingcTrip Through the Wilds of Darkest Africa.
14 ht.rtit Ifit, \I:II I II I,.,.k6i1K Ihi
1 .10 t'' I.f h...It h, t\;tII (,!Iy ir.ll filnrs.c
shomi"Ing in ,"\I ry Iht,". 'i'h, oI t~ Moor+"
volt cams- kick t 'ti.lt frInl llu' 1 ,11R
trail on whil"I1 h, II:III "(I,"Ill nolrly 't
Yea 1'. 4,Illl, r'.111 h, ri 1~
hint, Ilos,"t'iiI ll''ui .11,Ir III"" Iaunols
fanliilttt' I'ortn call lit'- nn-r- I:Iuliar
s111lit"---Ina110 i~ to tunýo w11. la\.. m't
I"I' lll"I',Ir1' f41"t ,"t','.1- 1,11 h im It" IIt,"
roanllor""1 I,:, Iu:,'. ri ,"utly (oltli.-il."tl.
Lati.l. 1'. 11111 it of
t olonol n nt \1t it , ,. ""t'1"I t t'l,1 Ill+"I I.
! .+IIlI11r1"n. Iý1 rllut I i \I1=' IaL,"I. in
Oil- Nw-th ,I
Mitt. Ituow \, It :Illi h,'1 l"ulýiltl"r :Ir
I'Iv'itl 11b ,lit ...^n ,',"1~rk !n III ,"c,"nint;
A taIll, h ''iv * rope -~n1:1tiv,'s
of till- K+,%irnor K,"n 1,11 +'f 1uKlu
I:K)'rltlan i,,u11.111 atll \t 1,1ur ti'uorul
Sir ht"tutiis It, t In:1111 \\'inkIi,", sirLn"
of the ISK)'Iti;ul nrnn', II', l tin' sto:ua
or lilt tilt the ri\or. till ill,- II;II t'"lu
tl,"i It~Iso\"ill 711",) ill'' 111~IIIIn"I i his
party hall voy;IRt"11 for nn1r," tha 1
1.300 miles front t;"Illlol< It , ill 1'I;.o1,1:1.
whorl' till-N, .11111;lrkil I ,"hrll:l:'ý .4.
It was it \\o;ult nu trip. ,n" Own'
\\'lls little to 1'1" so.... ;,nit ill,- Ilttor
prl't )I' t If,- \'. )),;I g. its --x
lltIIIIIi .1"sliII};, lit,' "I\','1" -+,111,"lit,,.' h,"'
tu g a m ilt. ;111,1 ;1 It;l!I it ,.!,"" '.t'itll 11,11.1
1'I;,ts tiff I'tiho r lllo, t\ tI1"rI" .'Illy ,"r''t ~ _
11111" allnlni, .111A tott:utl thi ,"-III t"Ilo
toI Ihoso\'iit Iiis''t.I"""'l i~n Il,-rahli
anxh"ly to In. ;Ir:nn' 1'hl, NO,
hut tnor'. ttit. ttl 1~ I: o l yotor
(lay, \\h,"n :I In"a\ n rtl tt1"vi gut It'
sthrwl u(, till tt.u,"t Tull ihr,";llonrl
,11"In\ to lit,- ,tltxi''n.tl\ .Itt'tilo.l .".t,;1"1;
Surrounds Roosevelt.
'1'ho slrllar's .Hl.Ii't .liilorS tt,"ro t;1k
i on ahoartl ;1 t I ttll,"n III, n1'a it l' ttltll
tlu- Anu'rl,".if , Il1ltpit n 111 IR)'(ýtl;nl
;7 ~
-~ lOBjill.
~ -w.
* ~.#-...,'
P.jlacv uf t)i~, Sidrtr, where Colonel R oo~tveIt and the n~emheo of his fain fly are [email protected],
Ills Hyng 7177' .1 :.777-. I'777;47 fig l' 7777777
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ho r fi .. I.I I 771 l71 '"7;7717'.l7" (;,.I
si7I 177I7f' 1177 t17 77.7 7.I 1. 1~,:1 '1 . - II
17177 1uI7'177'' 7~1, 1 7171 " - It. .
777.nn ,1777IIu it l7,'' 14 7I7.. 1777l 1 -7'' II1
7.7.777.7 f :17777 I' I I '.711W7I'7 V 71174 I1 I7771
1,.111NJ I:77.77 1J71' .I'. ': li *'i7I-,s 77'7'7i7'71
7777.1 1 :. l I r.4 .717771'77' 777 1,1 71th's
I7"-"nIIl nvh1 .77'77."1.1 441.17'"777,'77
777777 7' ;X1,v 117 17'r I77n 7 1117 7,'
1t l l s" 11117'.7.1 77I,":lt. thati t 4II 1 777 ' g.,7'ilil7
1,7 I ' II '77- 7777 777"1 1 77 If l it- 777 .777'
i ll'' i'.11 11x 1 \..,. ai d 7177 I77 s 777*7
7i771x l t 1.777 .l Ii' 1177' 7'I 7777. 7,777L.'. 7
1111" '7' lu. " II .. I 7,7 .7777711 11 m 17.7 7 -7 '.17 ca77s
777'il .. 77777'"777.7 -177 1 77 sh77 7771 71171
II 1"4117 7 17 '."1 1. 7,777 71%1774 ,'77'77 ,777'7l iii .117
17711.1i'n h 777Im i17'7' mi I777 " 77' '.777 7177
111.'l7'.7 '1777711 -777 ,1'.t' 17771177777777 717I!I
Ii'.t 17.' 7777' ý 7777777 11n Irn.'7..777.'777 7.'.'7
l.717777 .I I I l. . I l n oo',7777'77 1.. 1177 I' lilt 77
1717 777l'7777 7 1111 11. 1'- . 777777' 77.; 7I I'7'
77777.'. r7 i '7777 .\lI,717r I.I1771'171 17777 77177'll
1'7, .77' 177'.1177..771 777 7117" 77",7.7 t 7777. '77 7177
77171 .777 lit . 77 n 7:7"711 7.. 77 77.I u
All ,,sle,'rs remarked his fitness
an rigs' aid 'iiiit i ung tht'nt were'
II, i' s, il ntled ii C 'iriiiit'lo el finrie
,Iil 'iiw itIt - Ii Nit Vifi York ' year
ag' iIi* efits 'f the' str'aiel of a long
m0l "tr'ia'os tIri in 'fflie Ie'rrnr
ith s. , frel," s it,- h:,, now comnpletely
. ~ r 'liril .l Ithiiu h the hrc'dshiils
f 1 h t hits f A r'i' t ' have ricit re
I:'.. ,h b s Iie t" ally al'1i'pr ill le de
1 r,". 1.. "a k'-. I~ utsse hil own words,
"n .1," t. fill th. lline intr'l."
A...,.i IIt, - xri'sideint hirs re
Ilu- I i' gi% at il inite'rv'i'e'w ior give
..ut Is tt tI.a al, I n I bli' Iuesti oni s,
until to ,ý of uteIssnan of the futilest
III uri ti''ll n t ;111 s i pu l(s, heP T'w ilZPMe ,
he r , " II:,..[I ..") I;. h,"'r h00 m b i seM -
i' . h i 'Il ''Ir itiirking dliys thl.n Jiuigie
unt' i' .i'rtly afiti' 4 i''iic' k the
te",nner ,name up sloel. Iytnid it rorn
iitin ns i ilii'lN lg 't t ic ers. eilionel
turosn'.t ii ;s tllIv M ir'eeted by Ma
Jort' r:'n'irai I Sir ' u Iilol Itararn Nitiin
sh, ilsl , itir u hntiair'l, and by Mtt
I'r 1 ' I i sisI ti''- sirdir'i private
s''Irill i '' li inIt tii Tie h r e' mt i er'
'f tilw. I.,rty twe.r." r inin ted to the
.ubst e" graitttnd , t\lu r" the houais of
5,uri.u= l;..l.rlultletil1 d,"Iart maits
It'l * fn rill r d 1.es lull t,"; %%-is served,
'I'i' tisir s p I hilt is situstesd ei ' tie
,', tb r 'I' 'it ..l res t o utitfal gar
ti - II 'iI. 'i.is . ' le it t ll ofI gter
tharts I.l e, " ii-' thi Steps 'i il-i'
Meets Family.
AI tr t."n Ihe. .'Ib l.Id t :t his sun
U.."n ri e.r t' u u (''tilut) north
It i lii', ' r," rs -'s. sv lt tint1 H iss
I:I-I - I t'lli h t-r'ty ist i'rw uri 'in an
exlpr." _ It ..rran anntL''' tit mad.. Il
utidcnfl ' f IL vli"'ngy titis in jarivust,
( I l' li in' 'u ill Pag liv,".)
New York Attorney for the Defense
Speaks for Three Hours Before the
Supreme Court of the United States
in Defense of the Alleged Monopoly
-Reviews Growth of the Concern.
11 si inatni. .1 ire h 14. Finli fight
f "r the dI sl ion ,' "$iandard nil"
I".gan Itilhty befrore thel itupremle moigrt
.of Ilh. I'nited :States what. John K.
ti llturi of Niw York spoke for three
h lirs in its defein . 1-it will i'nitw ittle
iuiorro w. T'li rtist of tolorrow will
Ii , vtedil to iith reply of I'rrnnk t.'
KI'lliogg Ior the governme nt.
Thi heitnring of the suit agailnit the
standard Isill company attracted law
yrM and spect tutinr from all sectionl
if the i ountry. Miminbers it Withi
houses 4,1 aongree" forsook their re
spllct've chmblrs to lIston to the re
vie~w of the dereme of the circot court
of tIhi I nlted Statest for the fasttrn
dilstrit of MI"oiirl dilaslving the
St1.andard n ill company of N'w Jersey
,t" ii iiispiriiy in riIntrint ou tradei
and its to monopoly in vilolatlont of the
Nhermnan Low.
Tha greter part of Mr. .illirn's
Saddravs to the court aonsisted of a re
view of the growth oi the Standard
til tiuinrty. li ettempted to lay the
foundation for the ilium that the cir
praltions entering Into the ruorgani
Zation of the Mtandard (il company
of New York in 18t9 were nin-compet
itive because fair many yearn they had
Ieen under so-celled common owner
'tship. lat hold of the tremendous "ize
of the hutiness and exp aIntd how It
It had grown. Hl sold large tutors In
this growth were the building of pipe
Ilnes "which anybody has ci right to
i' build," the huilding of refineriaa and
the. exenlon oi iairketing faillities
l t iougituit this ceuntry and the world.
Forced to Combine.
icomnpitt abroad with great cor
porations," he said. Ithat are protect
ei amt shielded by their Koverninents
cued cmtpelled to oi.ibine so that they
I1n1y ie powerful. We have been able
It dicer them, henause of our
Toward itrlh cinli. of the day ht i.is
cussed the Shertmian anti-trust act. He
aidtii, inaiit iuch as the ircuiit court
had hlld that tilhi mere tit hod of or
ganization was i conspiracy to mono
polize, uand had not considered the' ni
tiged iiniipolistle conduct, he felt an
enthur~lrassnle'nt about discussing'
Wihtheli the. lii li ii i lis iolatet[i the
iYou discuss them in your brief, do
yo.ua nut?" elte'riel one of lith- ustlier.
"(Il, yes," wits the response.
After a dilsiiilon of the general
Ii ani~ng of monopoly, the attorney re
vcrted to t11e alleged monopolistic cull
duct of the itandard foI.
:Mr. Milburn scald he did not twthieve
that the ienrpirition Wlas Il riestraint
of traitie. in view of titi- "ciiniun own
ership." It had never restraited the
libt-rlies or capital of any on.' who
hi. entered into It, nor any one who
w is Its competitor, Ile asserted.
Instead of :I monopoly it was Urged
by Mr. Milliurn that Ltie amioint of
business the Standiaird (oil ryas doing
was I i-ri-sing.
Justite Hiartin usked Mr. Milburn
U' he woutld cull an organization of
tile to buy all thet coal lands la Penn
sylvaii i iconspirncy in restraint of
tr ale and a monopoly.
Difficult Query.
Thrie question you put is one diffl
of volution," responded thiluuitinsel. IHe
explained to tilt- cOurt that hi. %%i
really getting "out of his line of busi
ness" in discussing monopiiluu.
"I think you art- in your line," saui
Jestlice White.
"Well. the hermian lair' is very in
teresting," observed Mr Milburn. 'Na
poleon complainel that the laws did
not lend themselves to the imagination
but h.' had never riad the .hermuan
Fhially Mr Mhtliurn ti k up the'
charge:' of iotmonpolsich condnet as al
ligid to hai c been shown by transpor
tation dilscrintinution. He declared the
Idea that railroads throughout the
country would discriminate In favor of
a business that afforded only one-half
of one per cent 'if th- total traffic,
was pr' posterius. He said the gov
ernment claims of tremendous disxrim
inattions in favor of the Sitatlard Oil
refinery tpints and igaiist tlhe inde
pendent refining points were unwar
'No independent refiner sinte 1$f7,"
he uddod, ,when the interestate com
mter-il act was pansed, has complained
0'clatnued ell Page Thiost-)
Lewis Declares That the Miners Will
Fight en the Supreme Court of the
United States the Adverse Decision
Rendered Last Saturday by the
Lower Tribunal.
t'ti ininfatih i .111Tel 14.-- 'ontrary to
.% expotaiti .tn ti.. n1pe.'I.l convention of
lee' I'Iinite'l Mine %'orkers of America
Ill orgaeel'e in this city oiUorriw
without anything definite lo view. This
ltitlt of affairs liai tbeet brought
abitiit through ithe. inability of thee
nubi' ule comemitte'e. if the joint con
flrin'' of the mil.eers and iherators of
hliio. Inllana and wertern Pennesyl
vanin. to re'iwh an agreement regard.
Ing the wage *cale fir the coming
two yeare.
The convention will adjourn subject
to the .l II of the chairman, which will
le ised when the cihediile commit
tie of the joii iintferen.e il ready to
reportie In epiklng if 'onditiones to
Mr. Lewin derl'red tonight that the
lnllted Mine Workers of Amerimc.
I am ii ill ciiiini'e'ied that there will
he no strike and that the demands of
the miners wil le grunted."
.Mr. Lewie decltared to night that the
miners will fight lin the supreme court
of the t'nited Staten the adverse de
iinien given Saturday at Iti'hmond.
Viu. Mr. Lewis was one of the defend
ants in the e'se.
"The decielon, if allowed to stand,
will le the mist detrimental to organ.
lied laubor of any ever handed down inl
the country.' he saidemi. Bet It won't
lestand. All through the various trials
we have simply been huilding the
foundation for the presentation of the
entire eiae. ltiire the eupreme'eeurt."
lI iuu.t March 14.-Intense excite.
aunt was aroused here today by u
tletgram fromt Mayor Joseph U.
Sweeney of El Paso, now In tonsulta
tion with the state department on the
Mexoait boundary dispute. Which
stated thatthe tle lepartm nt was con
sidering a proposition to ctde to Cay
county, Marl Elizario island, In the Rio
lirande, 30 nilles below Pl Paso. irk
consideration of the relinquishment of
Mexicol' clanis to the ('harnizal zone.
The Chantizal zone ncludes all the
southern prirtion of i Paso, has 50,000
Anerit 1n mthabitatnts and is valued at
$ ,0hsi,000. It has been recognized at
Anirhcan stil for 50 years.
Sait Elizario island etintains several
thousuli acres and was delarted Ant
eri an territory by the boundary coin
missin to 1147.
i'I Pl si citi..tins a 1. circulating :k
trinost."r petiti,.n pretesting against (1he
co~nsidthratio"n of the proposal of the
.0xieut govt 4 nrmt nt.
Kalispell, 11nt. March 14 (Cpt.
chla ) - Peace and harmony settled
ow.e r the tr~ansactions of the commis
Si nlirs of Linciln cUonty yesterday
when th1y met in Kalispell and agreesi
with Z. Pond, who heas been tran
scribing the rc ruts on a basis of
settlemnent fnr th, trutjor~itr of taw,
work cunmpleted, ran dispelled, it was
scud bi .11r. fond, all tirohability of
a lawsuit which was thieut."ned. A
difference had arisen as to the util
ity of certain records, for whiih about
, 01110 would have to lii paid and
which wore declared usel. ss Mstt of
thati were accepted ts the county,
.Mr, Pond suariicinig, he stottd, about
$1,oo0. Whitther Mr. Pond's contention
for pa1 mnent for each and every pune
tuation mark, which it hits been east
mlated Would shout to $3,0011, wil it h,
gurnted, wits shit learned
Evanston, Wyo., March 14.--tF'reshet
witter. rushing down a ravine in tear
tril r canyon today drowned 2.000 sheep
belonging to Peter Olson, a flockmas
ter wiii had successfully brought his
hard through a trying winter in this
section. hite entire fllo'k was over
whi 11i11 within a few minutits, 1o1 Mit
Spilau i esca ping'.

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