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Carnations .{CO.NT5-HlR ._ Carnations
will IN' prsin4 . ~ed from 2 p. ni. to a pl. ii. I1rid1' 1a - wdill t, jrs 4tdl he I frMIIt nt 2 p. mt. ' p. t! . Frhlny and
Stul1rday ito wmien oly, THE GOLDEN RULE Most Popular Trading Center Natlrday to w4'on1on only.
S Our Formal
Easter, Spring Millinery .
and Women's
Ready-to -Wear Opening
This announcement that we are fully ready to meet your Easter demand will be most welcome news to
our many customers. Every department in the store luxuriates in the new, beautiful and stylish in
Millinery appareling, fabrics and dress accessories. Now is the time for reviewing all the superb new fashions and learning what is the authentic model for
spring, 1910. The opening is scheduled for
Friday and Saturday, March 18th and 19th, 1910
Suits and
Attractive "
and -o
S--- to Show
Wearable Show
" You
()ne of the featurest' whilch impresses an olise 'rver of T
Slthe ',w Nty Sl1 in lliilliery iN that tllhey arte I1ot il
d .,..",e tractive ,and of a wtu'abhdl type. While there are ex- | r
SI('IIme idea1 hol.l1wn i, tI le 1oelt, ltl'tlt iVe 4t1'e4 syh4 rl'tloltilIlt4'e.
1 11 uThe new shalps pal'ii I't illy are in s ll w lay suggestivell The full rage of corr'1 (t l prt' hg styleR is
So wf li i' li 1 11(111 'l'o 11'i111 lll. 111 1 (l l l' tll I(' 1rsIIs1' ithiw Ii it t
twide1 ranglle of pll'ia inig designs. . 11111n br of the ready; the imst fas.hionl(f materials and t he
' ir ()l'ltOiltal (ffl'ets l are sl i tIH'll ill l ialt' m lpe, the ' •'wIst Spring colorl's are he'r in aILl ih .
Arabian turban heingi\ .onne of the nw % ones. Cou'arse
br'idN aro e used exten4iv'ly,. Nit, hsare and leglorne If you will lake lime t i iom 'r to4 l.k tl hrou'gh this exhibit of new spring suits and rIss-s yol will n h e
Iot' 1n(on, of t4heir i pqular ity. Nt ar e us ed very free- just l is en lhusiasti over t he autiful styles aI w are al nd, in addition, you will hetter a1 pe4i t he
ly; flowtqrs retain their pou .arity and are u ; d in mlportance of 1n early helectin.. This showing of new spring sunits will quickly convince any wouma that
In lsvl. Th)L, n olorig', eIhh'h' , i ui h hs . lg r i lllu p sil n u1. lille oit .\lioisull' loading. su.it stl or i( N I tlrollgeri, t hl n iwir lhis s s1·oilH)1.
Tlrirmmedi, Tailored and Ready- ,,,(,.'~1,4,,,'.I,,,,6.00"'" ""(""'',, ,"1.""41..
New Spring Coats New Spring Dresses
to -W ear H ats $ 3 5 d o w n to $ 3 .0 0 c,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,,,,- , :,,.,,.,l' ,,,,;.,.:: ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,.: ,,.,,,, ,,,, ,,,,., ,.,,,,,, ,,,,., l,, ,,, ,. ,C.
£" •T ~ v''~C ~ l'Flihl' i'(1141441 1)(lln 1111ifin 'ii4 h l i~4l'.(t( s 444.1 t'1n rsit i'inlutliful ((f (it ess14s hi the cityn
illpetUlg tl .tyh4 1 h.signs. .Miiy a4ili( c 1 ivi, 1 l 'IW f e 4lifnf 'll it i
M isses' Trimmed Hats $1 to $12 "it'"'"""' Nn'I'" "o('" "1"1(IW14t"'"14'" 'g "" '" ' "" "'"'"5'0 ""' "''e "n1.
liflh ,|iile lli lt sil -hl'ho' lp lillI 0 ''li .....................I-dwn t l. 5
Rmoke Wm. Iooper cigars.
Drink John Gund's Peerless beer.
John Cromer on f Carter was in tlhe'
city yesterday.
Dr. Bryant. Tel. 587. "Paxton."
F. P. Keith, insurance, Florence hotel
Charles Swartz of liutte %%:1s in
town yesterday.
\Wlndsor hotel barber Shlop for sa.;€,
Dr. Willard, osteopath, lt Natl. bank.
II. Z. East of Ste'ellviiie was In
,town yesterday.
Public stenographer, Dawson, 5 Dixon.
James M. Rhoades, tire Insurance.
Walter Duquette of Potomac is in
town on business.
Marbh, the undertaker. Phone $21.
Public stenographer, Florence hotel.
Mrs, W. O. Dickinson, who has been
sick tar some time at Stevensvlle, is
rnlt;n iahlet trtillet tclll be found!
at i 'ternill 'l hi lg stior.
I. A . II 'ad l " I it tll 'e .ln t ,y e.i l r
day in Milis lla.
Dr. Wari, v'terinarian, Tel. 33 or 531.
Fltuod & hiipell, tailors, tlteaners antid
ilpresses. 215 We\\'st ('etldur.
J. S. Ketlly of $pok:une is viltingl
fritlends i tlhe ityl)'.
St.oke (Charles the Great and Bul
wer. At lheihnbach & Kelley'$.
'The tztlnial for ice criealmi, candy
anild bakery. Photne 57 lied.
E. A. (Iray of llelettl is vliittng
fr'inds in It1e city.
Three pilounds finest butter, $1.00;
deliverted. lltPhone 322 red.
F,. E. Ietrs ild wife are vitling
friends in the city..
Davis & Siltter just rentlvetd a beau
tifll line of noveltie antd hair orna
nents. 1209 W. Mlain. Phone 482 lied.
Mrs. Tomrn Wood of ButtI is \lvsiting
friends in tho city.
Park pavilion open for club and prl
Svate dancztes. Publif dance March 17;
admnlzaiou, $1 a couple.
The MIs.oula B0rlck & Supply Com
pany, office 115 Higgins avenue.
1,. lFre'st of St. Ignatius was in
Missoula y.est rdl.y.
l)r. J. Loulse Smith, osteopath, uiltei
17 Masonic temple. Phone 618.
1. it. Jeudt of Lewiston was in town
on business yesterdaly.
HI. J. lHamill, architect. Tel. 248
Red. First National Bank Bldg.
Mrs (filbert Dreminidur of Itionner
wis ii leh .1iy yesterdaiy.
Eyes examined, Newton 11. Schwelk
er. Optical Specialist, 318 Higgins.
W. McQuade of lutl te is making a
business visit to Missoula.
Dr. Anna James, osteopath, rooms
101. 103 Higgins block.
Mirs. Elsie Johnston of Ha!iltonll is
visiting friends in the city,
Shorthand and typewrltlng school.
Hotel Missoula. Miss Wisdom, teacher.
C. A. Weber of Stevensville was in
Missoula on business yesterday.
Clarden City Construction Co., gen
eral contractors. W. 1J. Kennedy,
manager, 316 Woodford. Tel. 891.
Hell (Gate Adjust nltnt ronmpl:ny,
sulite 15, Alsullnie telImple. Tel .a3.
It. V. il.i.ltm.in of Saltoese is mak
ing a .I hdrt 0.4it to Missoula.
For hand-made harness see Mis
soula llarlitless (', 107 West Front.
See Link, 103 V. Front, for the orig
Inal Jefferson River shoe. Copeland &
Iyder Shoe Co.
W'. 11. Foley oIf tte is making a
sholilt business visit to Mlssoulal.
Phone 38 for cabs and baggage
transfer. Green & Ellinghouse.
Dr. Hanson of Butte, Mont., visits
any part of state for consultations
and general surgery.
A. W. Williams of Hamilton Is
spending a ftew days in the city.
Drink Joel I. Frazier at the Oxford.
"Every swallow makes a friend."
H. H. Metcalf of Stevensville was
in town yesterday on buslness.
See Stumpf & Stein, ladies, and
gents' tailors, Gibson block, room 4.
Miss Wilson, dressmaking parlors,
First National block, room li; fourth
Dr. 'Pearl Poster, dentist. Children's
work a spelci.lty'; 4 Hggilns block,
IIHt butl salh. Now Is the timn to
make hot ibeds for catrly gardens. A
Itirge supply at it I. M. CO., phone 106.
The ldles' All soihety of the Ilup
th I cihurch will metl thils afternol.n
with Mlrs. iDr. PiIeCse.
L. S. Catllin, public stenographer,
rodnlt 31, Illllllnt d block; phoneo G
The Ihtliaes' auxilliary of ithe A. 0. H.
gives a bhll on Malch 17 at lllte haill.
Admnission $1.00. Missoul (Club
orchlstra. Ildiles withoot ewcort, 2r'c.
('Clyde Jones, who was operated upon
lhout two weeks ago at St. Pat.ricks
hospitil for appendicitis, i.+ slowing
Chiropody, Shampoolng, Manicur
ing, Scalp treatment and Facial
Massage. Mrs. W. F. Coleman, Room
20, Masonic Temple. Phone 245 Black.;
Rlberdy Lumber Co., prompt de
livery; dry 106-nch cordwood, also
Sdressed lumber, shlingles, stucco and
all kind of mill work; roofing and
building pap)er. Phone 743.
Specials in Evaporated Fruils
Evaporated Peaches Evaporated Pears
Large, golden halves with all the Evaporated pears are recognized
flavor of the fresh fruit. They are as one of the most wholesome fruits
of the famous Muir variety, 12/se that deserve to be served more fre
pound. fquently at this price.
25-LB BOX $2.75. $J. LB., 25-LB. BOX 92.40.
We are still selling those delicious "Sunkist" Oranges; 2.$ dozen;
box .. . ...... .... ................ ....... ....... ................... .......... 3 .0 0
Don't you want a can of the most delicious apple butter made in America?
Our "Teimo" brand Is absolutely pure and one of the most delicious and
wholesome preserves that can be made. Try a can and you'll doubtless
serve It regularly; 3-lb. can .......................................... ... .........38 (0
ttuffed cucumbers are a pronounced success. Large cucumbers, stuffed
with a relish, possessing a rich, desirable tartness that whets the appe
tite and imparts an agreeable flavor with the foods with which they are
strved. Especially desirable for serving as a relish with cold meats.
EACH 56, DOZEN 55~ '
Phone 72 THE HIGH-GRADE GOCaS. Phone 7
12e1 EAST MAIN ST. Phone 2

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