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,,,ter. ,pril F. Frank A. Sposata,
a tinlelNitl merchinit of I'nvi', 're
ccIlv,'d a black hitau letter today from
Malrid, Hm1lin, wrl tt'n in ItalIan, the
letter Multl:
"1 nm in lprlison in thls city (Mad
rid) firt failure in businean alld I leg
youII t(I ('mlllle t l) y assistn1elln( to ne
cure posses),)i .sionll of 1.200,000 francs I'.
longling to mIe iland which I hiddlen in
ai trunk in the hands of the customs
"It is nece.sarily that you come here
to take charge of tny naggage, pay.
ing the court conts attaching them.
To colipensalte you for your trouble,
I will give yoru one-third of the inuil.
"For fear this letter will not reach
you I do not sign miy name, but if
you do receive It and wish to com
mullnicate with tle telegraph to my
aged servant Mariano Olivero, Cruz,
24, Miadrid, Spain.
"If you do not extend aid I shall
at rlv' without notice In Detiver and
wipe out the entire Sposuta family.
"I rein'toliendl till discretion antld
suggRet that you lansweir iby telegram.
"Awaltitlg your answer, I will sign
only, (Signed) t. ieh 0."
I l .enLlond, Cal.. April s.--Jamne:
J. Jeffrie beganll Irelliminllary traininglll
tiduy ifor hIIs fight with JI(ek Johnson
on July 4, but it will be a week or
II)I'Pe beforei' he settles down to lhard
work. J,'ffries 'mtiu hisl party arrived
tly ltndl took IptMsuiiion oif his trallll
illg qlulrtet'rs, I' tedI it ashort dlsHtlnce
froimi here'. The fighter wua accollli
panled by his wife, hi two nephlllews,
.ln 1ilogetr, hII1 nllillalger; Wrestl.r
lrlor il'urns land a iiiiinumbeiir of othter
inett who will .be used in the training
, 11 l l.
Jeflfries exipresill hliseiift us griltily
pieisedt with the piliee where hei will
woirk ironti now until a (lily or twoi
telst tihe world's chlmplonlshlip with
.After looking it the otitaIge and ii
gIInusium which have been fitted tIp
h1111 mut, Jeffries and tii his nephllews
and others elngagedli1 it Ibr'isk gnant'
oif llluseilil lie shohweid great agility
,,,,, ¢,,as. .e o .. ,i ~o...
" I llden, Utuah. April 5,-Tlhe board of
(iontril of the Intermountaitn Good
Itoads convention, representill ng 1
western Intermountain and Pacific
(cast states, lmet here this afternoon
and decided to build a mile of Maca
dalzl road as a demonstration during
the lnext convention to be held in Og.
den, Septelnler 23. 1910, at the time of
the Intermlountain Sheep show and
Four-eState fair.
The United States director of roads
will be in charge and will give prac
tical elueldation of g, )d road bulld
ing. A unique arrangement will be
a calll for every farimer In the coun
ty to be present with a load of
crushed stone to aellltate the work
and join in the ceremonies.
The convention will have among Its
delegates all western governors, con
gresrmen and senators. An effort will
be made to have the government set
aside 1,000,000 acres of the publlc
land to each mountain state for road
iullding purposes.
E. Milton Royle's play, "Friends,"
was acted for the first time in New
York at the Standard theater, May 9,
on terms of $5 Itr lot cash
and $5 per month, will buy 4
chuoce corner lots, 120x130,
west side; city water on the
on terms of $200 cash, hal
ance $25 per month, will buy
a choice 100lx30-foot corner
S, Houth 'lfth street, east of
Bitter Root railroad; south
and east front and on city
will get you two choice cor
nor building lots in block 69,
South Missoula, on easy
116 West Cedar St. Phone 8
When a remedy has lived for over thirty years, steadily
growing in popularity and influence, and thousands upon
thousands of women declare they owe their very lives to it,
is it not reasonable to believe that it is an article of great
We challenge the world to show any other one remedy
for a special class of disease which has attained such an
enormous demand and maintained it for so many years as
has Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, the famous
woman's remedy for woman's ills. Unless it is a very good
medicine and the claims made for it are honest, such a record
would have been impossible-fraud or misrepresentations
would long ago have been detected and the business gone
into oblivion. Read this unsolicited letter: -
Corry, Pa.-" I am happy to write you about the benefit I
received from Lydia E. Pinkhanm's Vegetable Compound.
Before my marriage two years ago, I suffered something awful
every month with pains and other distressing symptoms, and I
took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound in dry form.
Sinee then I have never been troubled with pain, not even a
dull backache or headache, and it has helped me a good deal
.before childbirth. I recommend your medicine wherever I go."
-Mrs. E. E. Ross, 112 E. Church St., Corry,'Pa.
When a woman like Mrs. Ross ts generous enough to
write such a letter as the above for publication, she should
at least be given credit for a sincere desire to help other
suffering women., For we assure you there is no other
reason why she should court such publicity.
We say it in all sincerityand friendship-try this medicine.
For 30 years Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound has been the standard remedy for
female ills. No sick woman does justiee to
herself who will not try this famous medicine.
Made exelusively from roots and herbs, and
has thousands of cures to its credit.
Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick women
to write her for advice. She has
thousands to health free of charge.
Address Mrs. Pinklth.r Lynn, Mass.
Hall ;lke ('ily, Alpril It5. ol portsl toI
the effoTt ihat the rl c , tll stormsil
have, wrougllht sullch dl;llmage to the
Lutin cutoff that the Southern Pacific
ioffic'iul had thlcidhed to ablanilon the
cutoff n thlit the oltld Promontory
line was to hbe reblulit with heavier
rallM are tlldenoutcedl lIy Vice Presl
denft and (General Marnager W. H.
Iaiincroft, tas r.t."
The lite stoinsm, he mauld, had
washed out hine of tthei dirt in the
enlanknk nt at sthe ends, but the
trestle work has not been inljurl ed In
the sllghtest. All the dirt work will
be displaei d ilS rupidly au possible
with rock rip-rupping anld tristle work
and when this In eomnpleted tihe cut
off will Ibe in ibetter shale thian ever.
Continuing ihi said:
"Stories H.cet tilt frIom ()gdlen that
tile ProlUontory liili' was to ibe relayed
with hiavier rails to be operated as
the miiiln linte were unauthorized. That
truick is now luaidl with as hltavy raili
ius s)iome of ithe transunItinenital lines
Inow use ailnd tlhere is no (nuHise for
laying the track which is to le miain
talned for enltergency p urploses.
"You may ..lay that the Sutlhern
Pacific does not Intend and inever has
Intendhed to abandon the Luclin cut.
unll Franllso, April 5.-A large sil
ver trly was filed with the c(ounty
clerk today as proof of the claim of
Michael Grunwaldt, a wealthy Pa
rlslan, that he was related to the' late
Julius Frliedmun of this city, who left
his $700,000 estate to charities in his
native town of Millkki, ltussia. The
tray is flied lias an heirloom of the
faintly when in Milikkl.
Frledmian's will decla red hie died
without relatives, but 110 alleged
bloodil kin have alpoareod since the
document was filed for probate.
I)lion Irouclault wrote "The I'olleen
Bawn" in five days, and In submitting
the manulscrip)t to Laura Keene, he
wrote: "This is the seventh play I
have written in the space of twenty
eight weeks."
"III, Weak and Emaciated"
Is how Mrs. J. W. I"lagg ilesertlhe thel,
condition of her little dlaughter after a
severe attack of hpneumoniiia, and noth
ing seelthed to do her. a bit of good,. "At
this time," continued Mrs. Flagg, "we
commenced to give her Vinol, and the
effect was marvelous. The doctor was
amazed at her progress and said Vinol
Is a fine remedy, keep it up. We did
so and she was soon restored to health
and strength." Missoula Drug Co., Mis
soula, Mont.
K alispell, Molnt., April 5.-(tilpelal.)
-A letter and a telegra.tll fro Con
gresentlln Pray' Wtas today grVen pab
Ilcity reltllng to the F"lathead reser
vatloon, the letter statnlllg that the Ilst
office departmnent had called folr bids
for the carrying of mail across the
lake to Poison, and the telegram that
La ill providllng for the sale of the
llnds thIat lie along the lake shore had
Ipanssed the 110oose,. The' fll Import of
the bill Is I nt unIlderstood here. The
land is owned by Indians and half
breeds, accordillng to those familiar
with reservation condIti)ons.
Regarding the imall. the Idepllartlllmenllt
refused to let a contract on a hid of
$1,500 for a year, alleging that the fig
ure was too high. Many fruitless ef
forts of the K1alispell chlalmber of
commllellorce anlld others to secure mall
connections with Poison have been
malde and at the mass Imeeting ill thile
winter a strollg vote of censure was
passed for continual neglect of tilhe
matter, at the time the irrigation sys
telll of the reservation was attacked.
A bottle of Hyomlcl, a hard rubber
pocket inhaler, that will last a lifetime,
anlld simplel Instructions for curing ca
tarrh makle 1 HyolIlel outfit.
lnlto the inhlaler you poullr a few d(rops
of Inagiclal HyollIln ( proounccc it
This is absorbed by the antiseltic
gauze withinll anld now you all'e ready
to breathe it over the germl-infested
membrane, where It will speedily begin
its work of killing catarrh gerlas.
Hyomlnl is made of Aulstraliun euca
lyptol comnblined with other antiselptlcs
and Is v(.ry plleasant to breath'.
It Is guaranteed to cure catarrh,
b)rotlchliti, sore throat, crI'UI), coughKl
anld colds, or money back, It cleanlls
out a stuffed-up head in a few min
Hold by dru'Iggists eve'rywhere, and
bIy GeoC. l"rl'ishe'll ,Ir' in MHissoula. JCoImI
plte outfit $1. Anld reillnlmber that
extra bottles, If afterward needed, cost
only 50 cntsH. lir.athoe it, that's all.
To bralk lup cold in head or chest
in a few milnutls, pour a teasploonful
fII' Hyllnel ilnto a bowl of bllling water,
cover he;ad anld bowl ,with trowel and
bre'athe thell vapor.
John Bringhoff and A. C. Carpenter
of Elk City have sold controlling in
terest In the Shelby property at Re
lief creek, Idaho, to Spokane people,
and these officers have been elected
by the Crescent Mining & Smelting
company: President, E. 0-. Clark, vice
ptesldent E. D. Sanders; secretary,
P. N. Clark; manager, A. C. Carpen
ter. The company has comlpited ar
rangements with the Pacific North
west Investment society of Spokane to
Insure the purchasers of the stock of
the company against any loss for a
period of 10 years.
FL.. A M 1.. ~Ad p
Tltl I 4ll1,4 . IlliiI llll
', 1 hI I Il ( IIr 114 11 141, l l '1
11xiv. whi;eretl Ina1IshiIchirteerwhre
re tyle i in the tmophere; you feel t the minute you nter Rerstful pce, with comfortble
u illl bil'lkol tie Vill
the luxuricualy appointed department, which is an appropriate Well-appointed rest room, with all conveniences, and commodloug
atage setting for the hundreds and hundlrede of beautiful garments fitting rooms well calculated to win favor for the ad~vantages they
i . 1\hill w\'tillll whol hilN c'loltlhe
nd xquisit ht. A tgsetting, though not intended to dlight i fford one to try on end ;npt t leiure, nd prv ely, the gr
the eye alcne, but dcined to be prctial well Th s ld menth s he hs under conlx idr- tion. Where the ervce of n x
ervie in thoe maive mahony and plate-gles' cse, rich in pert are eiver t tffhi. utomer' cfll to note nr ltrtion
pper.nc la nd dignified in deign, constructed on the mowrat, aip and lto mhike theni .e
proved line, kepng their conts free f f fda hiot. .ald h Behind the icnr , perfetly equipped workroom, with work
thedy h d they me from their cretor' hand. refet mirrorhl, wtht her of tkill . nd h experience, capable of originating, ae well as car
Here, stylet your iimn the fratmosph evere; point of view, enb minute you entetr Restful space, with comfortable stteei your own iders everywhr.
inthe luxuriouy thsly appointedt deparfet in fit, which isther an appropriate Well-appointed rest, n orgniton whoe one thoughtis, and commodit yous
wistage seting for the hundreds and hundreds of beautiful garments fitting rooms well cculated t ling fauperor tylthe advaluntages theynd
yoand exquisite Lehats. A stag setting, though nort upon hvn un afford onchble to try on evnd inspect at leisure, and privately, the g.r
thS eye alne, but Y ourdesigned to be practical as well. There's solid m ts the hs under consideration. Where the services of an Herx
service in those missive mahogany and plate-glass cases, rich in pert are ever at the customer's call to note necesary alterations
appearance and dignified in design, constructed on the most ap- and to make them.
proved lines, keeping' tIheir contents free from du11 t and as fresh ail Behind the scenes, a perfectly equipped workroom, with worktI
the day they came from their creator's hands. Greet mirrors that ors of skill and experience, capable of originating, as well as cor
rflot your imag frm everypoint of view, enabling you to detect t 1111 ying out to the minutes detail your own ideas.lt a
intantly the slightet defect in fit, should there be any, or to note Behind 111 ll, an organization whose one thought is to merit you f
with satisfaction the becoming effect from every angle of the hat patronage by fairness in dealing, superior styles and values and
you have set your heart upon having* unapproachable service.
Select Your Spring Suit From the Hundreds Shown Here
flImtkiiii llrllly mnllllll: flhlilll aftih ir sylyh in lerltlicl The, w(Ifi wh* l kniowf, whill sial wnliitil ---ltnO instantly
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I'l,(,ll, \\llhI Irhllil/llK.Y ill I'~i~l.ii iilllll IIII lhI~~I.V\ il,. i11., lie 1 l;li ..iil'l iillll Illrlit KI'.,.,II .I',llIl.,; hII I-II~'Jlli tll, . lI li i(lll(llllj ~~IIr~lr; h~rowII wool
nillll fa ill ni.. tt hIl nl, l ; II il y w:,,l'L,,., li hlin bl ,ck, h ' rill. , lie I l inly i taiinii wilh plrliln hrui'hl 'l , tiiln Pa. nin, I(,i erd , luld ,
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lhri 1,11 ,4 w ith i llli Iiilh l, h111 . uil Il l rll - iya l 4 1 il III( II it) . Mu10 11 wI h h tf 1114 i 1t I lll l h , r trltlldnkN, i''tt tuat l vou
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Ho wond.,rfully lohvly nIlid artisit'ic alrc· all tih hlais ill thel .\lillinlery snc.,tioll of lle Salon de Luxt that, one could anlmot
ph'k ouiit lblindfolde utl crhal'lin t) I; I nilg. YI soieIi of he(. hils a' for all woilmn and otlles for shlolrt women; ownme
fo he' li., ftiir Ino oll m foii t'hl i lialirk ; nlli lhtc' c uiil, foi ilte ll y iYl , ollei, for llih, lhinli i, ihait w ari extremestl
mlodh',s; r 1 ill ot hicri. fr( t hilllilill 'i(, il ilul oth1 01 \yei for" t f ; he( (th 'Illli '( , lni o'ri i vi womiliaili wlio wasIIl, \ sjolmethhing
"jusitl meetw.(, ariid Inlvityo.'"
In Ihii. t i of Iliil l'ui iiillhin ry all you i l do is io (io e oit of thle hunlllr l s th'e parlhtic lar hat0 tiat ulints you
ihs1. \W'. kiiow it is h erl li .
LMf Lo
New York, April 5.--'' hat h thani
a thlousallnd women gral'iduat'es of BJiryn
Mawr college have already raised over
half of the million-dollar fund with
which they hope to endow their alnua
mater on the 25th anniversary of its
founding, next June, was announced.
by the Bryn Mawr Alumnae associa
tion in this city today. Backed by
husbands, brothers and friends of
women's education throughout the
country, this little band of enthusiastic
women has suoceded in matching dol.
lar for dollar a conditional gift of
$250,000 from the general educational
board altd has sUbstantially provided
for wl.ding onufthe present $130,000 In
Idhtitdnss iof tl11 exlpandinirg college.
''Tol ltomplhete within the next three
mnlliths tile million dollar endowment
neceslsary to perpletuate Bryn Mawr,
without lowering Its high standards or
raisiing Its tuition fees, they are or
giniinllg it systemratitic' canvass of every
H,'ction lof the 1United rtates.
Planning ai widle.pireald camplaign for
till diication ofn' Ameileican womllen, i
s'peiiial colrllittee of graduates has he
guni, witl the cl-o ,pe ration of the col.
loge and illiinliin liheadls, the drafting
of every ilryll Mawr woman as an ac.
tive agent to lirouse interest in her
crnllnrrunit and seek support for the
future of her college. Ten companies
iof' such womlen workers with the help
of their relatives and friends are be
ginning to canvass sections of this tit
whlire they are finding a ready re
spo:nse to their call for the perpetua
tlan of the widening work of theh.
alma tmater. In Chicago, Washington
and Slt. Louis1 old Bryn Mawr girls are
eagerly organizing to raise their share
I of the fund, while Boston alumnae are
plannling ta Isrles of elaboratte enter
taillnIlln( ts for its benefit. At the hone,
of HeCln Taft, who is nIow a sopho
more at the colllge, Cincinnatli i re
ported to bo lspecially interested in
this work thdit is ulreadV hbeing plushen
throughout the Pacife states, Missourl,
Arizona, Alabalma, Texais. Kentu.'ky,
MlichjigaI, Malryland and the New Eng
landl an i, rihi le Atlantic states.
ullnldredls of slI ns snllrll than $100
Iare bing slit fromll the avings o1
loyal Bryn Mawr womlen to help swell
thle funds to whllh l few of their nmore
financially fIlrtunato slster alumnae
have conltributed in $1,000 subscrip-,
tions. By one large nlanufaeturln*
corporation with a prsonalll Interest in
the colliege a1 offer to make up $5,000
of every $10(1,000 raised by the grad-.
uates has been InaIde. Several women
are ready to glve $10,0,00 each, whetr
ninle other contrlibutorts of the same
amount can be found. (Inass collec
tions front every part of the country
are also being turned into this general
fund which all Blryn| Mawr to rallying
to complete.
The girls In moderate circumstances
may still come to Bryn Mawr without
auff-tring from the increase In tuition
rates, which must be made it adequate
endorlwmenlt is not forthcoming, la the
object of this unique campaign by the
graduatltes and many supporters of wo
nin's education. While the original
milllpn-dollar endowment of the col.
leg' has, with $100,000 in donations,
amply supported it with strict economy
during its first quarter century, the In
crease in its necessary equipment as
well as in the general cost of livilng
has been shown to call for larger mainL
tenance funds. The alternative of
turning away the girl scholars of mod.
est means, who are flocking to Bryn
Mawr from all over the country, by
raisipg its fee has already been re
jected by the alumnae, Who bnlle
they can arouse the country to b g ag.
tlonal need that they believe l A
this college for women.

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