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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, April 23, 1910, Morning, Image 1

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VOL. XXXVI. NO. 353. MI OI'I1.\, M110NTAN.. M.\'I'II).\1 M11ININ;..\l lill. :3, 1p1t. PIIICS FIVE CENTS
Crawford Urges That the Railroads B.
Permitted to Enter Into Understand
ings Relative to the Hauling of Goods
-Carter of Montana Supports Da
kotan's Position on Matter.
W u hllingt ln. April 2,. ,enai ,lr
C'rawford of South Datktt ;Iaddtressed
the witlutei today In supplrt of the
plroploltin that the rallroada hle per
Ititted to, mlaku traffIc a.Creements.
iHe quoited froml tllree ineitages of'
Piresidenlt Itooevellt n support of his
u.titenIiuin tand sidi the republican
platf)orm ofi 191)8 declaring for agree
Inents "IaHle subIject to the appilrovial
of the Intlrstate collllllere ciomINils
sllll." .wail In accord with the Itouse
V.lt views.
tueltor Clp , pIintedl huI the rl,' iose,
velt declaratiton had lspeclfially fav
oired the "previoun" approval itf tie'
etmmlossion. Mr. Crawforld said Ltu
lawyer of standing would contend that
under thie pendiIng anendnment, vwork
ing agreements subject t, the up
lpro'val ,of the commissillon would ie ef
ecltive without such approval. Mr.
Clapp answered that both Henators
Aldrichl and Elkins had aso construedl
thel passibilitles. In reply to a ques
tion from Mr. Crawford, however, Mr.
Elklns' said lie had ,been itncorreetly
Mr. Aldrllch was not then lit the
chamber. Mr. Crawrord lsaid he anld
the minority commllittee on Interstate
comme'rce illffereld us to the prac
titability iof havlng the comnmi~nllon
paIs on every Item In rate schedules
imtade itl conllformlty with trattfflic agree
"RFlt t if tl raltes are un't reasHionale,"
Interjected Hvnltitor Junles of WashJ
IhRtotn. "the publli Imtust go on paying
Supports Crawford.
S.lhitir t'artr of Miontia.l, stup
piiortting Mr. Cratwtord'ela lposition, would
have the rates filed with the a griee
lllents. Sienlator Elkins called utton
tlion to the fiel t hat if found unrn-a
soinable any schdule l· wbittlledl tLo Ilth
colmminrsin ciotuld lie suspentled. inilder
the terms of the bill. The agreement
would h ilni onlly the( ralltoads. HP sauld
If followed to Its ltIllttmate conilclu
Olln the Omninu111i1 ianitndmenlt would
allotsw thte coIIIII ntIIIW O I fix rate. all
over the ciountry and liour down any
oimimunity it will.
Mr. Criawftord, resullng l lhi speecih.d
wiltl Ihl Ilurlp t oe wtia to Ibrlng the raIll
roailds uitder tle superviaion of law I:
mltters il wht I h there w, e atlbuises
lllndier the pres-ntillt law,. Le saiul I lhat
tinot untlil the bill was entiirely ctim
pleted cou1d he say hI, Was 1',1' hise
meansure us tan entiretly.
After theii Hiiul ID)ki)ta senltir )liiad
iotntluded Mr. Huthorllla spoke in ad
Vote.'y of tihe Cratwforld uillllend.el;t.
Hei agreled with the view exprosedi by
Mr. Curler that lnecessarily thle en'il
Ilissionll wIould rlequllre the filing with
each ugre.l mnllltl io thle rates irnvlid
undler It and that lin may cases the
'aten wiuld be examinellld l'before tlhe
appro;vul of the immlinalin.
Los Angeles. April 22.--After being
arrested lon the charge of having
kicked hsll wife to death today. FErnest
Wirth, 35 years old and a burtender,
tried to end hl own life in Jail to
night by heating his head against thi
bars. Fellow prisolnes talr ned the
turlkeys land W'lrth wasl prevelnted
fronl doing hiinmelf serious Injury ,by
guards, who were crrpleliled to fight
to subdtdul e him.
Wirth was arrested in a roomhisu
house he jollntly owned with Iis w .lt.
'j'1h body of tle woman lay on ti e
floor of her room and Wlrth wwa';
standing" over It stamnping on tile
woman's face with his feet clad in
heavyi btsts. According to the pollce
he freely confessed the crime and
"I would kill myself if I had a wea
"I've got to die," hel told the jailer,
"and I tried to cheat the hangman.
I will try It again, too."
A guard was placed in his cell to.
night to prevent himl Iarrvyig 'lout lils
Nurse Testifying in the Murder Hear
inm Causes Mild Sensation by Telling
of Doctor's Present to Young Lady
and the Disease That Came Later
Dramatically Describes Suffering.
Kan.ii a itly Ali.ll , ' i-vei fa ays
iftt' L)r. II. ('. Ilyth Kgt\'i Miss l. t hll i
Hwaavla' II ]lax oft' ulI tilel yo !lliia
woman developedil typlrhl fever.i.., t.ti- i
fIlcd ils11s Annla l linuithan. i I1rse, Ill'
t hlr Iwlii murder trial this altrlll n, i
Ior the first time In ll the broIaaIad in
vestigatlKion of th1e H.wlpe tralgtigdes( W it
Ithe quetlsntion oIf candily blrought Into the
(aise, lThe mIentitn tof the tnaly e'illine
ns I isuilrlrse to I)r. lydle andl hIs
aauinsellirs. Dr. Hyde, wiho wats sit
tlng tiltedl Ihaik In hlis i'hair, siilllhigl"
listenlig to the testhln.ly of the nurse
(quickly' movaiI ioveir to his attorneys
anld enteredal intl I ('a lllnfernl(el witli
thmlli . l -Mrs. lHydela i* l ill .l(ned the IIt
tIc grl'lll. I"r severi-al minutes theyl
tallkedl 1irnc-sItly.
"It Is a sinlrln ent teatiure, hut I
innoili t silny just wluit will develohil
frt)l na111 Ilivestligatllan oiln It,," salhd HMI'
-hall I'rosecutoar Jatlles A. Reed--l. hIter I
Attnrneys farI Hydei s!hIl thlieyl did
iiIoat i-gainl the testliIIny seriously
The dleath li (f'hrlisnmuin -iaHwi, aitlliil thei
Illlness If ilurgaret Swa.ale wereI re-i
viewed inl the wltnes stlanal lst ldtoday lty
Miss llotullhun. M.ss I liihaltiin i(.lisedi
the threatetIned walkmillt olf the nurses
at the Nwol't hlo InIId deI nd'lelllllll Un
ilvestlgatlion olf Dr. Ilydle. t)ecaenelier
18. MIss Holnlhan was on the stanil
lpractically all day. .Her st,. ry was
lollng and Intarestllng. It was filllied
with str iing uittaeraci..es uit l dilit il
sc'rllptiins that held l the iittel iltl i ,af
thr spectattirs.
At times lir toast iimany was uliioasti
g'i .iesaanio e. 1iL telling a .l Iii-, Irlyale's
lactions ll tel " (a'hsi' . sllna iwi ha. d i lia
(i.ed. Wing s'll swi 's fill t odd. chf
"Dr. I l ila-iai.,i al I h- dIl eadl malin ll llb
Ilthe eel t aial turin lld hlail irauilial iit
"Il w dhi liie dia It. " iskel d Attiirni.y
"floughly." shli rllal d.
nll attae ipl tllin to Illiatu l . Ithe lilr
of L'hrlsmai ii na i"f 1 Margaret Swaiie
thlle wlltess glae -ltteralie to a i weilrlt
cry of anguish Iltke- thliat if it sliallenlig
animaal. Hlictiatls., iuiilawaire of hei-.
Iitentl tilo itmalk Iithei sounit. rosh
quithkly froaili thllir sants, thinking
soalne Illl had ifiiliin hier.
riry ll' I.eiDhi lr'inii li i l 1mines it Miil
gID tiodaylI Wai Ver'y 1l\. 'ht' loll 11nthal
It n br,'i ght toll' iILi. Iurf Iic, the rtll
it itwa found neirliary ill remove tons
of rllth and l rock, h.l ini' of thill rIoCk
hiad tLo hlD blasted D wiy. The r'eJlD(Ds.0i
Iaw I'D o llIr bodies l u lD r the debris tIo'oi)rs heltl
It tlDDk hourm thi 'xlri.U(, lhi. imllllllDllD
,i'lltri lrtii the ImDa.lI. 'ihe r ll'ef corpsi
is divided ijtu hllifts ofC eight, whi)
,work (Diil.Ltantly lrnl th'ere aire Dmore(
volunteerM tht (irin IDP IeD .dI,1 tLhey
idilvanced flurther i nto tie i, ll'ifateid
uIllDi the ievidenl.eii iof tilD. f DDrce of the.
exploxIoll bet'aiml' Iti1uro and miiire ip
ipalling. L,'xperts whoi hiave exaninllleu
the minel arDe positivet not one of' tllue
entolllbed I1(11 ln Ives. The numbeI1lltr of
mIIo1 in tL(hi mine t the time of the
explohlon was 42 or 4:1.
!DNo attempt i ils ade to IdelDtil'y the
bodlies at thIe monlh oI thl mllilne, i
tlhey aIre tiaken fromllll tIhe shaft th)ey
Iare placed i ai bullanle and i hlllrliedl
to In lN.iy tio be preIpared ior Iburial.
Identlificationll I lll(ade at the nor'gue,
W hien posibl ie.
lPittaburg. April 2Y.--After 4: hiors'
dleliberation tlhe jury In tlhe, bribery
c'ie ofI forr irlll 'oul(ilman Ii ltlnon Vwas
dischargied today by Jlidge Rolbert S.
Fr'uazier, utter falling to agree upon at
verdict,. The district attorney an
nounced Minion would be tried again.
1.'ashington, April 22.--lepublican
members of the house have been In
utructed by Repreuontatlve Dwight of
New York, the majority whip, to be in
their seats next Tugsday, prepared to
vntO till tilt' nldmi inlll trlltioli rmiilrai d
fltAH- t
wzxc w
.I l 114 244'.vh I2444 Ii t I41I14 IIl 14tts
41s 114i1.l I). lller Itf. ii114.4'4in114 n1 II44l,
r'w) o1 4141 a 1 I t I,'i; II I . 1 441' ItM al
itypleil LI 1t'l ill 4 e 111i 1 . 1c11144 j I
LtIl') l AprII S'. -JA Ic tIIcclct4 ll r1,
sit, .Turin 14, t ill orts n l lr illc'iI ' 111'
Trouble Looked For.
WVl~ltsi.4Il4I.,. .pril4 _.. hlqltrlr sI I
cUll trii41424 IIn llulnIIii' IliIv IM '4 .111
etsIII 4 'inI. Mr~. CaIlhoun4 It I'lkil
144as4 rllg4IuiI u tccI ItdIiit .\iliuihi.i hI 421I4'41.
421411' 01' 44 .t NhI t ii lt l t I' 4444 n 1e it ,lilt iy,
111 1111 vi his fleet 1r1·;113· 1 In rtltl~l ns.
Ilillanl 41 hrtlltl it 244 n1,, '.44 ~y.
Flee for Lives.
114444144 I Ar. pr icJ'. I T . II lc4 1 i 4 i II
%lI4iT itIV ris 4444 Islc lc u1 4 '11t1 114 t 2'It cllr
tlcir I24cs 2444tn l' ltlPg-shal A 244444
mer icr vllcges c44ur thtat sitty hcitve n
burned44 by) 144t21I icwilc. 1244o Iullultry
244 t44ln lrluil %% [lt Ic r2 cits ti kill tt
T1hic 144444 4414 b41,iiilhi by) 141isscl41
&try ret4ugeeI4 WIh ic 44riv 114.2 1 I'l 2 ay
frotl4 1 titciliiiiut Mid~ liii~b statioi24,4 .
141111. 1144 rcthelital 2144ote :;n lilt ." Ic 14 n
river lit r11g44. 'T'hiri hllilil liiil 24444
n, h, w ill , I r . I ir' . If,.l l tllru i i I, g 11'- ,
(thr'lllik. M'.h Ilin in.. \,~',sI t l k nll la
w iJllh Illflrlla talt ry' Ihl'.llll;ltiIl Ilu t ,
irtlllll l filr, tII I ill ii, IIv llo I Jl li.i
ieil i ra ilit . I ' iIy , i r llll 1 h11 , I',it .il 11 -
liyi l , w IIl l yI . , h ltlo 1 1 t. hI
th erill neI; d r.1' tirt ,I t . 4Il . ll ltI t. ,. I tI11
t.all ,'ilndi ee t her Iirtl', nlltit hlrl till ,
hR ald h aird o1 hir 1I. l, 11 " ,lea ilr :l
where Inlue hlfl he, r I il ,t,. ° ti.
evllrJlnn it b Ie IIIalt. ikl wtn ItI t 1i. i ho '
ep ewl \ s. lie r, N in. l W. l a l d b ll t I -
it' cl ifu l 1l-ll'ihout a ';I rl , I t
rJu dalll il 11 it ig .r 1, I a.h T i .l
(' aii llli h a l, i t ilrd sriii it (i i l Jl a il, n Mti
l il iy th e n li t. r'i1v }ir i iy t J':lr i l . il ,
Iattr, wM K fn.t r t itti 5' t t w, il lI.
i hti ll I ,rl th llel llltn ii - t lt lii ! ,
tein us ittrr n r sit it ot d l li,
chlgl b tn, Alril .2' (S t.', hilr) l rtrc
e. gt h oll.a y O f lid. ity, wint, hi i il at i
pe aefly-re -te d on th t a hurBP stl"It
itgain tlel d nu l ni iltlr ltati', jM-t
Inl . Itih tln k y usIv ti ll, l i to. Lt0',
llh uht a ticket fo r ll lnihe iid, r itf
hw l trip, It io the fluit r st iln 1ih
ling li oter.t p ,1,
!lelnive, Airll -- ',Hp inti ) Mrs.
Kathlerine i hordllon, , o I) c ei inti
Glendlve on the firt Northerli iPaclfic'
train ever run e nto the c hit r, ied at
the home of her dauighter. Mr..
lthomast KeIn. t-day The atinrl willT
l ti , held It the re i lrtn re st h. th i l
ietolorrow l tatenro.,
I, /,f
+ti ýGr ý
ti ý ti ý ýý, h ý, ý
ý" fý" ý ý f, ý
rlnhtm iipuI nul t I y lst oIll IIt f ti m.Ir l·Iy
'f I- hlt.iii )luu"1 11tti4tI r idt* fu
tiult In tul ill- It-rN 11it ,r- 41 il 44 hi.lt tilns
ititIttit" IK 1ern. Thlug I n tut-rlt l ('11t
iiutl ilutiths .I'i iti- t'lmltnlh allo 4'iu-Ih-tI
Thirty Burned to Death.
Ihiltly t'hintns have bhi.n klll, Iii
oral- l)tltttutl- e it techult(· ll (11·)11111 \(i12( *1·
N'hi~n vessl-ls t~sl-ach ed t'hauiK"Hia to
14l-s)10 *lh." i1( nilu llnJ( o us fhl k lrl)Wi11 1"
.iit lrl, n llllfCd 111."1n i n I· 111(' (Hul1l
11.111 ilitlI1 Jul14c 44444 141 )4'444M 444 ~h
4444 44 until Julia aim ,114444-44 ll years1443 , 4144.l
rttnoving to till- S11s .11 11 i valll-y. I)II
k 44ta its4 H1-1 4ill44 44 444.44nd, 444 144,u
IThIe 444)4t' (l1-111241 444444i14r i fa il, t4'44 4 o
4144lt- p)ar1ents 111141 Ihi' 44 4(444)4)4.444 .411,
1444sh h III a lt 144.Ivii. 14 4- t .i 14-444ar
4 i4)s .4i44 (444tYI 1 n11 Ill44 144) 1'4444 41' 1444.
444444-i-lIC lik l .il I· I,. 1411 113 44,44 11444-11
41 ' 11]r 1 n 1t111 4)44' 14.1 .4' 4)4 , I X1y 34'.',I
Iiuilr u til tilt fill -, 1' he next year,
16644. 't'Ihen lhey r4-4oi44441 t4 D)ry
444'4'k. h Il 1 u 111444 Ih 44l4 tintli. '4 I44.
144', 1jI.I)'44, 44444t' stricken4'4 w*ith 4)h4 III.
.11114. 4211 H .all 14 14'. Ude '1i, '4) rl-i (4 1114il
h44444s 4444 (;),444 444. 144-e 14il4' - 4a'4
I4I4'4 .1144141 (:4.444 lIt 44-4-44444 till- 4l !
4'alctain '. . )III 44, 411 all x-'4141'4
ill' ill, I'lti tet SI;I I, citvu try turd ;I
4;4i 444vof t (Ii'- )- 4i1'444 Is 144. (t en44 44)
lilt- ;Iallrrin l tla ulrnt lctl. Mrs Iir·I·
4144.I 41nd .'.del 4-444 w1444414. :444,4'. 44,,4;4
444444) Ii 4444) .4441 11" 4444 4444~t1r4-4-1 4141.4
li44 44444t Iti 4434444 III .'1444ll"I4 I4
4444444 34444, 1st.4)L )"r444k I11g414-, 441444
444I'l444441$ Ie 44,4444 4444444'444444 44444'K
4444444444 N1o.,4 11~i 444444 4444 144-. 44hle44
('4444414 was 3-44 i4 tils Ilit 44444 ('4444.
1444 111444tl144 I44444)4 him444 ;444 his 4444
4444I4'4. 444- 44 4 441444 4444 4444-444'
4)4l- 44444 444, 444444 444 )'444la414 , 44)3444441
a4144 \'4--44,r. 4444444444444 44o tll' IlIlI it
l44g ]444s4 ;41.44444 4)4444, 444114'44 444.4t 1.4
4)4-.4.44444 '1144%- 4444-44, rl144 11'14444 ,4444
144n1) 4 '444,ill1 44444 4i44 44') 'A 4'4'
frolic 414 444 '4)4 II .1. I1(1141444)4 lie hi4t.-, 444t
.444 44'44t WV. i*44'4le'444 44444) J.ti4 1'
loca44444 1 -4.4414444 444441e, av 4'-'Issu4-.4 4)4t4
r4)44e4444d '4' t)4w- I-l') 4144-444 ýup1 44144 4-.
444t4ndent .J44ii-4 114' W.')tten, 4444
ar44 4'44) u4414)41 4.4 444444,14)41' 4t 4S
444)444)4 ). 444. 4444 A44ri4 10, 1914)4, 441
4444)4'44Un14 1.4 4 and 144104)1' ent4ry 143
(4441th, aged44 70 y4'ars, for man41fy y4'ars
i4 44r44444144444 lie444)444 )''r 41144 4444i 444t
th'.r, 41)ed4 here44ea1,43'today,
Consul Exolains.
\\h111 ig- ilI'PIVI'eI IInhi'l'. h)lai t hedlaiy :
"If ne I ',l 'lreig. ,r hIal d in n Illed ;
itlo in ( hTIw I tilthi at o.lird uiisat p iast
lrna l 'itl hei, h it t ih . It.lSIO 'II ' i ire S
triy san iiliti-r utlin ll' th i ust n
'1ni 1 ti ielelijVe. I, it t o the (ra,.
thilsl.' fit iI illv it N ; I lllli * stssi ill
Sa.rslpitt l i (11i urliih i tr vfhlii sIiltns, si
I i sit all 'IS iti ' tI·III * t L st'si. hiat
)ll.t "Thl" .Jh' |if th" hou.- w s (l1l
wih'Ii ihii IlinIIis ,ilsk is 'altad.
()uptijiiIll ifns dill in l si.
sit' tlliiii'i w' r I ll l r l nllI't tl ii'ffIIlli
sia l Mil's. lig iss , 'I , lao.llm ('ii. r asi'I
s1]'s I l IIs , .rtihlir. Ittssllihsi sit'l I fir
I i t r Ir' lii i l r livi ll s(it' sl. thilr
hIssills' lss'11 iii iin l. M isiisflsi. Al
sIutsii Lh .l' Iihlit I h. is ft i rills i- f I-raik
tiiiiliI3,y., wilsrd-ie of t ill 'f st. t l,. i-isflt l-s
tIllry lit ll r I,.',i . T'il s'- ill chil
ii ri' ill': Fl'tSi iki, Jinsihs , ti\lI .lillllin -
ri, s 'i s Il-n. I'isik Itig his', the
fir,-sill iirl, sits ' i ii ir llll i ii i ll iltls f
sLffirrii Mnslsihi, lliS.Aing s-rv'''I tl'
'sislifi l55 IutI iii5 I111 i' ' rsi'sr. isl- it'asI
iilsol H vlali''iil of thl' S liilllJ<4h-. liliof'
-'ras' ifI II Islr ?fi s f- ss -
I,'ll' ii s i' 'llilt st s'r ' lh di ittih if
h ir tissl sfsilli. M r is ll hisif i's 'ilislt sit
III, '-'' I' i siiisti.li, '5ll fIt ,¢llil o
'nlt, ' ll ns list Mauiii B sit"',ll''- I- l tlir
-Is' ir'-ssiii ov I I'' thf , s.-i is Ih irs'p'f lly
just 'isi '5' iii'-' fity' si liii jul o
ins.u .lllylf ill' hl, , .t y ,- ill Ihs lis- if''
'insish *5urhlii i. ' i i I.i l, w l lll
ioll i od byl thl, I s:l th,,ll, ,,f hi r ]lf e,
tsit' fy i ti f i'', .'I I 11fs- 1.r11i ii El *, it-il
.11',- ft11M 41 ii t - I , MI I)n I 5 l , big
hI iiiir i i ii'. l i i ,'' sh, iL h.ih d ill ii,
'1 s kill s, - s i iis, I illr hl'if' ifs'
slit-i wheiin dss inf ,i ki i l ii' 1 for" soliits
iy sll Iht d iif, f i -iii's''' l itrut this
ssliss- Ii h il ts',l's l l i ll .,,i4 r , 1ill~
w,,rhi 0 lls.J w anlsl.
IItliv i iltonl, A !,ril 22 ( pl ciaih l ) -
Ill tilss fft i i i f f its I '' ils- ' lti s tl' iii'sht.
Thsi issass If-Is isis'- ssti i-u''rif'dd
if (1, ii s5 S t ll i.' -5 "''is " i iii'lw' i\i tfs'
''tIsti~ll is'- "rtiis ,r,, i \;n si l i 'll iss'l i-4ltsil'
Itsisll-sifsi''"ilJll lh if --' isIs i -i'iiiis ft~'s sssss
is r ss-ii' , i ts f' sifti gi-ti- i -l is'd aii
ailv' r f ol'-sf '-., if i'l is s sll, -l'miltlb.' i s,'s
Iwrisf'r itisti iis histr s-- lli i-2fss ,n ll
tr'inii thalt IbrouliKht ovir Nlt I.l1k:, anld
tisr-i' fr'i' ls s 'rf .'lts-is illi 't sls- iso
lie . , tl i n cl'( ' i fsl' t lii ri' g.
5ff. il'sisf. .\l'ril 22. -Iths' Mfhinistai'ii
stpt-u-srsit' c'''uti., fit an opinllottn ftled in
Jay, ihsli that its" I reamni'-'ry' Package
ioillisins , Ilfis',rl''sir tedi- in f llifthiuitfa an.!
doitlit tiusinss in ()wntonitltsi Minn,
wa.s a s-sositstinatins is restraint of trade
anti strdit.',ii iistitf Iti if ,-i-nsa t' dio tltus
nitis aIn MNilfianot-s Iii flefted,
Obsequie~ of Celebrated Humorist Will
Be Held at the Brick Presbyterian
Church in New York City This After.
noon-There WIIl Be No Music and
Only Br;ef Address by Dr. Van Dyke.
SIer Yorl c ·\l, 1 L'A .n \ Illiple1 141111
i, 'ii,'i i it ill I .l ' ,l\ i l thih lll-,t
t it i h I t l tiii Ii.'ii 'liii lI r1 i tI ll
Iit l'll hl luIii h hvIIIb, il ii t (u tit l'la
Ii, Ihliillnry t1ia t I h i l In· lftr i ly u
ihli i lr i I It l'Ci k. 'lii T Il un' ral,. Mr.I
IDu k tImi wald. tilhl o ari siltmil
11t %it I ll ,ia ltat i' ,, hutn i it tut lilt' uutuiti t'lllll
uunly luy rei'itlv'i iitii iluite rrlititen if
liuretiruu ititl. .ttlhouigl fintil arrainge.
hinentii hute tiit Ii'giiuun m di' thi seirv
tc rloblily witit utnsiutt if iialhirt iii.
dress liv I r. Vuit Ivktu. IlThere uroh.
uuluy witlt iii Sit itistli, Mir. tDuneku
ii!. 'thui ltiuy twill is' turouught Lii
Village in Mourning.
I ltudlli ti, oi'ilnl.. Auril. l 'rii littlel
t'illif' if I ili tudig wius it. imuurtning
tildly fl, r it ueuil ifactlrtii, llit friettll.
Mulrk ''ttullli, whil Itltd ndr'lloure.l hin
thilf lhy' litl kindly goid Inlatr , antil.
giLleruluiiti. 'T'mlllurrllw ll, irnl g hll Whul i
lthe hld Is tlakePn ti theI. train tir
Nu.w York. wlherill' fuierall l s.'rvi'ces
tilli li lldu 'liniii t wil ht ilaurui. it
hlithl'. Hl · lill be au rnlldl nriid e.
thinel ru anu futirn, ii 'rti froitii thu' h uit.r
thei i hl i lla W III l lhlr Ilt utrllli
),IrPII) hY. Ir. \Jill. Iyklj,r~ 1I. Tho(.ll,d lh
All hlty thu vilingera tuttd Lii
tluu'l ll u 1urh tui'lllui itrs t. u ut i iir rlvi'
eigh bor inl lit lli nlrlove up i er, vUlekr
ru"1 u.tuil itit i il o ki ik d utri't tli
llowii itut Sl' rin f I't ilr hiilt on (Liin. ll-.
't'lii' .luriis% J il l i ulll~.ut i Ii a t ir. luute
Th lo bin lourn gin ri,
in thh vili i ., sit l' lMr. ('7'ii"l'h Iitthe
lli tufl, t fir I ih l Ilrtiut Iit i. rhuh
ti'edy it r I ii liult~ii'l ut.li itresai t frvinl
hiri' ntlut iih ittmlt fhriig i'.ihn
kit.b tlin . itilla ti ti' tiur- ' ittib irtuiiv
tir iiiSr utg'i ii uuiuri l vil i'ti.se ti'
iii lll lli. llrlll Mr i uti i ull ui uullii ii lI'
liltu.Mjiiitiit I~itititti II lll . trui'amu fit u
iliitIluuIhit'u fl kitug hut Mr. (miil
uti'u iullr uiutll~ilu, uIiio ij it.l '.uihl'.
wiliti ip lihl Il 't hr , Itirs his tluurt, h ill
ii \ .. wiu l in .iuiiurtlr 'I in u ilni ] ahu.
'ills · 1t iii 'it.irlll~ , .tIfluull tht.I uuu t
iut13 wi. h will urrite lhih- ltoio Irh
Nit l~ il l'ti i't ''i,'t. irli'i ui 3 iii h . rv
reiimilli, t l . lrllfhly Mr asiin liabr ill.
witsl h ll MarkI' wain lhl I lyl'i) I~ iihg
gri ns '''~l % l fr tn %Pr i lilnt~ T ft r if l i ir ill'r
Prllhlient. Iooise IOlti) A hl m lina|.% wa'l
all'rt' eiv'' d froml l tll'li aill luthoritie] il
Ih r. williu. M . rltkllln, Ill. in M r'l eanlll l)
M rs'. hilabilt, w~i tsch)' .t'P ill' relJ . I ,,w ill
kwat ihhll w:1 ill Nt Y v, ]ltr was thought\!,
Min heboy Ms aeil thlll. h
.ill .. cl i',k tomorrow I ll" ,Ii r nll Wig a-id
fr,,.d ta lli% h),r (1 r.. Pat iIur Ilxtlr'l,.
(It Jill h e wol' ui lpllll d by.,i w M r' mltl,
Mrllll f l'brlll Iq,,li ilh Alb'ti fl i gel ow'l'll~'
Pinii. l :1ily lip rhlritll wh o Ih alel blll' l all'ii
M r '. I'lenu 'lll i. ,i l ',ll . .ii
Pays Tribute.
li '. - April 2 . Ii',ii.r l',r ti . nt
Ii9i.s.\iIt ii> ; rhilly painld to heari
il Ills di' allh eef Ma rk Twl'wai . Il l' alll :
"it is ti i I+.tilci l'it, lri.' tlhat I l tavII
il Ih' I ah J\ tl , Il i .r t .1il' i tler intl
,ullt lll r. Ills piu illtlti, lika h t i11 l"' JJ e l
('halilll l'lr | , 'rl, i%% ',1 ulal l , Iwt ll lyl
Ih' the iiul t l d.
"1re 1 li nt init a ,ly a gril'u II tilie 'ist,
trib utitrs It t.i h. world u I' av hii v'iii lllent
to h' A e,' in llrel lY pr ,'i.
Il th plIgsr kin I lbrary wh ll i Mr.
i,.eitusv It ii'.irria l ha h til l II: jiingle3
if ,\a fritieI, 1we ir i tw ii ,.e' thi' litle
a tith ler's o.,oks "f ii , kiatlerry Filmi,"
anl "a'l'u n i.twyenr," ait l .1 Hl1 Ilii its -
hIct says t ihe r' d 1e.th It f th.ell wth
ilral hit e th a ll ,lalys Kith ithli gbrut
iasetIg IIrel ito tha n he wap.l aiwtre
witrpole Mon thel tebttered wd h.tt flags
hti e in II lhii Nht ta lpule n i paiKglt.
Mr. Houstev.eIt kept up it running fire
oft' mi', inlt't with (entetral Dl) lstteint,
military gov.lrnl r of Patr'l.
A few Inninelntll Inler thi, patty tie
se:"nidh.d tit the crypt thrlugh which
they irlter'ed the tombh olver the dolor
of which Mr. iHooievelt ,Iad the wirrlds
of Napoleon written at St. Heleni, in
which the great general expressed the
dtsire that his aihes test hi the banks
of the Seine among the people he
loved. Here in a nilhe was shown
Napoleon's elebrattd sword ,11d block
hiut in i K lass rase,
Youth Who Strangled Pretty Ruth
Wheeler to Death, Then Attempted
to Burn Her Body in His Fireplace
Hears His Doom Withnolt the Slight
est Show of Excitement.
S'et' York. April -.2 Albert Waller.
,1 youith of it Ihs yiar*. lh aa ted ot'er
Ilt pictures iul wlas i"truzny" alaIt
w mIlen. lll uInit l li ti he elctri ictair"
f'r the tnurdlr of tiuth Wheeler, ia
trieltty 13-year-alid stenitgrupher.
.liter lone hour aiInd :l 0 nilnutts ,of
deolieration it jury lIl thle .,urt of cle
alln seasi tis frount hill uil Ity of tlar
lider hii lihe first degree i at 10:30 n1 .loik
tonightl I)linglng to ai closet a trial,
ima rkld b). Its swift llOlament i lll llll
hstletia.ny aof horror.
"The boy a eaunsel with etloquenae.
dtclared that Wolter was tol tlelner.
heairtd to hlrl it . at, bhut 1'2 llaimn
decided tlih liht hie had stranglled tulth
Wheeler and thrlust her while . ,t
alllv il his firelphie where. msntkell
ulth atll. her trumpletd aidy writhe.i
aint hburllied. With thI It llun Wax
fir.' Ilulifferen.' lle he had shownlt ,l
thir'~lglhout the trial, WValter liltenedl
to the. verdict. Willth aluiastl Inhtllmnll
oltplhiaelny he hadl tben found alislol
iln his cell while tlh Jury wisn dt elh.
rattllng. lle will be Hsentenced Wedltes.
'tht. Jurors themselves slthowed eilno
tlonl, whtil. l thei boy wliho must dite
showed nonl. When asked If theyl hual
ifounl i vaerdliat, Willlliam 'V. Kulp.
foremaniiai. itansweree In i shakingkl vo)tlit.
• 'ai.0 hall*i, andl anntll unc.td tlhat t .liv
haid found 'lter guilty of ilrdetr ii
the first degree. Alltl eyes lint lrl d te
ly shiftedI toward the pIrisoner ji,"
w.s' strtld at s t1 ph.Iee, of sllon. W.il
ltr refused toit talk "I id not want
to talk tonllght.--I'm tired .lrlt I want
to get ii little good a leepl first.
Mother Sobs.
Th, 1 t hal. cIapt, r i n ll. th fight tiio .aii
W.'atltr fria the dli'tric cihair helign
when Watline, D. Miartt, hi lawy,,r.
h.agul suna.iniii. ii f hrl rthe defltrl+e
W'ltharI wia ititseilf the chiei wli, -n,
alll reri ltied on the* statd thri l
hours. os M .1lr Mt' t )egal, W, lter..a
|parents appearaeril Iin tlIla courtramsai fir
acoal ulsiv-i iobling as .lt. iailw the boy
led into the ro.oml.
"( 'iriurristl ti l e idience I s very
danigerous et'id1nce ,ponl which fn
convie't," maid Attottiey Satt I
stances IIh. eli urred here t. oea' l
liitie bit1' it ailtkenly ca i tvlitd ''tbis
hay has not nerva- to kill a atI. let
alaiea it human Itlil tig."
'I,' il not at gr iat a ritntintl," s;1l
.1slisttl. t ll D)latritat Attorney Mis'; "h' l
Is i daigero ts 'r iltirlial -;Ia liiri. I el
ihaml tI r at l a a"i iuge to II
.l a1'ce h ler' ' rl' t er l. r ill is a r; .liia
Il t hila i , --ry 'iri, aIi a.i.itu '. ;lI: i-i6
a .ir ig t "
Bin Crowd.
i lt I i tixitutl1 ill I wi t .i uihi ill 11'' i
tll r 11 111. 1 hl.iiillilu I iirn l II- I II th"
h hit. i.llti ril rl Li i II t11,1 I 1,4li : .
'inIIhltrrig ult l "IIrtI I SuillII At.
it 1~1111~11 V. ji ii .tI.--(U Ijrl e iiai). u.\
itirtiwl rr·1~itui· an.1 auooile al 1·It.is rid.
ltug ii Lte S1'awye bitt thial lu lfunao;
etid .unl tru' s' oly strugiged for sxnirts .
,aitita.tt it iL( Tur Qn find anisn.
tlr'lhl 1 ton; I- I 11 1~1 k In Ills , 11·11)I II(
yuuntCi ttutna·( hlti ·! lilt ', I I, d~rri l1i0
1 1 , 1 "ft'I , r In "u-11- 1 1 w r llll Il,
IGr r he rl f.. 1lh jlluru 11 rN. , I, ., ,, ffa a l~n t; \'lt'',l~ a ill %I
tur( ,") I(·P ui(.(· 11 tII(· rly n htct he lll hr
If.,tt null Iou' lt H it, ,it hll rtu polut l ·l' of
th. I rtr illr"n ," of I< I111'" tl)rill, (p~~
Itnth 1\'hoe r er tltc t; l il - I 11.tr It 1.l
fireplace, \Vu lll'r tut it ;tl,;trI and l." ft~
the lutist a~ nd heat itri Rl-I n hurrip
,-If it fire e5, ap' tt h111 L it %% its imO()Iu
Mar, I1 _ti a d irlarr l ,I tt taI NI on
hilt Ilu stl r [I y c(hl r eft , fin

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