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Misisoula Ha Never KnoMn This Week You Can Choose
Missoula Has Never Known Silks--Most Popular of Summer Dress Fabrics This Week You Can
Greater Price Reductions Y.o would almost expect every promlenl and ,very fahi.nal,,e gathering to one Beautiful Pattern Hats
On High Grade Suits great radiant shimmer of silk--IF YOU ONLY ,' ill;: '.M.NDOU l YAI)A( At Barely Co Prices
THAT HAS GONE OUT OF THIS SIILK STOI&H: This xiliniv. Andt this is tile silk toure At B re Cost Pries
For Women and Misses upon which the great majority of Minmoula waoneln th l,. I. :I;Iur,'I that here are to hte found
the NEWEST .ILKS IN (GREATEST VAII Ei'\Y i , ll' ;. ,', ,ihsigns or colors, and uassnuredul
of gretteMst values. I'Frn China and Japan, Ifr:unce,. Itini :iu the lh'st American iilake.rs, di
reel to this sti.e.
Foulard Silks R. & T. Indro-Shantung Silks
FPolardls lotalards! Foulardnl Everywhere you A d ti .. pl" ',I n that in weave, quality and ap
turn this seanon In the vogue for foulard llks manl- ,':," te.r n , .i the. very finest imported Shall
tested and never were they so worthy of popularity- iu.e - lllt ,I material for ntmmer cnts ni.t
they are ilghtweight yet wear well and their soft tex- Lii:- inll I, I nn l II'I ,, olla'r and hlsack; 27 ntches
htre adapts them perfectly to the requirements of %. i r I . . 41.
stllimler wear Rut ais in everything else, there IN a
wide difference in the qalities of foulards-the hbetter Pongee Silks
grades, sltuch as this store handles excluslvely, are ithe ' ue, Nll, ' vseon rival all others li popular
only ones worth considering. Iii, ii,,, lt- r-Ininll lapel s of tummer apparelr
Hlere you will find the fumous "Cheney" foulards: when- li' I hCIIt wiIlght and their extreme durabtility
20 Inchen wide, In colors of tan, navy, rose and gray, ,Ik h, *'I .-.. ily desirahbl. We art' hii.wltg ini
with small figres. dots, rings, squlares and conven- usr ill, *.tli h. Vlirv Ivebt gradles of real geOnunllll i'
tlonnl desllns; a splendid quality; per yard .. $1.00 l isp hlrtl 5ii,,h . naIIl Iiy rlasron ft tIheir having lut-e p
I/ - ndividual dIress patterns, tno two alike, In the fines)It il rtI hIii -t the ilues afforded have. t i) c ,siari
/quality domestic frtulards, I1t the richest and most i .
fashionable colors if the season. Patterns ranging 1it
the neighhorhodw of 14 yards each; per yard ... 1.85 Intiil.' ivI iII ,n .1 It}iches' wide; lper yard .1.00
IF'xtra choice exclllslve impolrtedl lFretnch foulard dress ilmprh.d II-la-i. g 'i l Inches wide; per yard l 1.25
patterns. 7% yanrtls elit,. Only a few of these hand- l -i1iiI 9itll ln5, :t1 ilIhies wide; pier lard $1.50.
/amoce' paiterns reelteitl; per pattern $14 1i$0 ItPl.I I h-iiiri - . citr, heavy. 27 Incl.thes wide; per
Shedwater Silks K,,,,, ,l , . n il ses .... r ,,he' frt tot.n
t .ha n I r hi, ",. I that ,1.ll l adaptI It for snits awl oalts
One of lithe sePson's most prontounlcedl favorite; itf a of IhI, , lI i' l Ilt'heN wide; per yard ii.$1.50
firm, yet soft texture. In lleat stripes and broken cheiteck
patterns, in grays anld bluesl; N I nche's wide; per Crepe Plisse
yard ....... . This I the In t, ulst heautifutl silk shown for
Black and White Checked Silks 'eveolig tt.n.l.. . x. otr exIui.se lightness and soft c.re'pe
Black and white checks and plaids were never no pop-ll . . rind t T dubly wipe
uilar as this se'ason. One speep then In aIll kinds of nimtr.lH -ii-,.w Ill tlternt ofe 7% yards eac'h; per Like' M'Ihee'tillg the filil'est hloeeiiiell ill n fiir' glti'd-e WIhen one
materials and made tap Into all classes of garments, r$2.. . ('lI it'k fioIii tlit'Me ' 'XCJltRilt' Pilri mtl New York master
and they always look neat and styllh. W e offer a Guaranteed Black Silks pieces of Illinery at prices uarely covuring their cost to us.
wide range of patterns and styles in silks of this class Tile Ian l Sll Vli had eodirP ict flill( iIPiti rPit, upon catrn o wa
". ( ~-large and small cthecks, dlagonal checks, plalds and A shitinnlge ut f bla.k silks exhausting the list of new The lint you l your d heart st
hroken plaids. It and 27 Inclies wide; per yd p1.25 waves andI st.tl..s-Taffeta, Pqna de Mole, Peatu de ie yholIrNi antir hot s flmnr yost ever tdared( hope. And thiv
('y.Kne,, Memesulltn. M(ire Corded Fallue, Natin I)uchess, (p you ill folifetce; not it one of th lotbut
Satin de Sole ...'.. , ili., ti aill width, fromnt 18 to :16 inches, and at i m i ofid.n f the lots but ha
Said o s r l ar ............ s BOs t, nsO perfect rIstillll or admirers and it's going to lw an lntereting
Anybody who imlight have taken the trouble to observe the A silk of firm weiht wit ha l trots satin nicosh, mak- ali iri k trtk ir tcl trt-- - an th e f or the iArize, or ith the adv ntoge tIm
Inmimuher and ,. log it a most exquisite material for dressy costumes. All ricie hhitk silk, tire of the famous Winlhham make. nt t wee'n thmeti for the prize, i-h the advantage in
Ililiteek would om n a ful range of colors-navy, red, re white, kind sl hre for years and that have alway favor of thie O quickest to act.
hIave a Imalilliel ld al I ithP ctivity, esleitlly conllidering that cream, gray. light blue, yellow, reseda and wisteria; given the grete sttifatlon to buyers; each yard
othler storeMs ifre e'litililing to Neil their Milits itt- rehductionR as 27 Inches wide; per yard .- -$1.5 y ntThere's that dream of loveliness, In nw crown some lucky head at
great, or gretater. But tl ' reasonll is nIot- flr to seek. R. & T. Salome Silks White Wash Silks a bronze hem,.p brald, with three p . a0.
handsoeee, stipple willow plumes. That beautlful white Mlla ha t,
I-F- W WOiile'i wllho Ibloight INlits, blut ilitdetl e'onllparisonil The silk sensation of 1910. Salome silk Is a silk ,of The, very best gradles of China and Jap white wash shhadled to exactly blend into the so artistic and picturlrsque, with lts
fil'tt Itiiel folitll it to thleir IIdViiiiltagt to hlllV here. mediulm rough weave and lustrous t atin finish, heatL- llks alre staples in tur silk section. The qualliter hat Itelf. The price was $5t), and majestic 24-Itch willow phlume nad
Tliit the fre el'1 ' rNi'k itt not a tifully soft, adopting itself well to this season's grace. have u, t estabilslllheid rreputation for satisfaction and the one cioltld scarcely buyllt the plutmes satlll rilhbon trimminbs, will p ob
--hit |li lit -ffPreIl hl'te i' rgillhii stock iinud not e filol modes; hi white, black, tIavy, brown. light hltue, ihles hal e n qt.ltl ainene for the $30 n ow aske d for it. ahly go ,i some June bride, sad foer
11i lit llht fo llef sil lll'ljutioeMM. pink, gray, reseda, natural pongeet color, tan, rose. win- 'VhtIe Cititnl watsh sllks; per yard 5OI. .5# and $1 Then thiere's that stunning crea- $25, instead of $40.
:--Thillt MsiMNhlll M.'lVetlliht I. lits tire "edifferent" terla, raisin and other tonlors; 27 inches wide; per Iliathtl .ip wash silks. In three dlifferent grades, each lionl made from genuline hair brahil A flower-trimmed Leghorn. with
than iothlers al Wi- ithoit e',ltllri)ltiil eitlhelr i Myle, qllility, yard .... ....... 1.85 27 Ilhe w ; per yard .$1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 in lutrnw tatck, wti th ihree whil, tlnder-faclnl of black velvet, will
Swillow plllmeR altlt Jet hand areutalid lost wait long, since the pele,. l
tailihoring rI fit. the rnown, that wait $45, ant will stead of $35, Is only $22.0.
4--That ha n this r, 1leh'erti sc redlilcedl pricos the rr- Genuine Economy in These Two Silk Specials Andl o onit throughlout the line, not a one has escaped.
ulhlc'tiiMs alre' exuatl'y ius allh'e'rtised iimie thtat the article was
not first markedl p ti th e "red.elllee" and scoldl ait ahot regn. Two of the most popular silks shown this seasit II on ill this week at specially attrac- .2ro00 Pattern Hats, now las.sO si re0 Pattern Hats now...$lsL
hit price. live prices. A little sale, madelll greatR by the clesiriaility of the merchaldinse and the sae $2oO Pattern uaes, unow $15.00 s15.00 Pattern Hats, now.... , OO
We Are Actually Selling All Our ings it presents. $5 for Hats Sold Up to $12
Tailored Suits at One-Third Off $1.25 R. & T. Diagonal Tussah 75c $1.25 Imported Pongee 95c Not just a few hats selected fron higher priced lines and
$20.00 Sls. now er1.50. $410 0tilts. now . 26.75 couts for I ew i is is e thmarked at e.00, e I in e they n ueld not .il for motil is f- nr r r and $12.00 hat
$22.'0 8Utlls, niow $15.00 $42.ito Muits. nowt .... $8.50 brated FRoger & Thotul stylish weaves, epe. sreI if all silk materitals, Uand that at tir regular ohunt I ritmllil it til ltiii lit ill c)PR of styles In esh
$25.00 Mslts, now $17.60 $4500 Hultm now . 8.......... 0.00 rtllly for eoat suitste, tld an heI, relied iupon l prices th.e 'ts we offer are not apprhnahelas- li two alike l h at- cotliig to every face. Many
1275.0 tMilts, Inow I$18.50 co.tlo0 MHlts Itsl, I lW ...... ..83.50 gi'e satisfactitonl; 27 Ilichen whide; IIn black. navy, latwtn felts whiich gisve thirs tfefring rare Ilonepor
$3:l.0 Stits, nIow $20.00 $S20 M4tis. now ..... 85.00 brown, wisteria, mlIeal)dow blue and crushed rome; ta-e, 5- ill genuiine imported pungee, gnd eI'lltOIllPrN have told us that nowhere else in own ae uch
$32,50 Rilts, now ...... 1.00 . I0..00 Sulits. now $..........58. 0 regular price $1. a yard; t close now at 75eight regu ' " " "quait '"y 95eeay altogether pretty, stylish and good hats sold for anythin
$35.0A0 Je ils, ni.w 122.50 $60110 H Muits. tow $40.00 only, per yard..... . c pried il, per yardn .rty as little as t,5.l.
Fabrics That Are Half Sisters to Real Silks What's New in Veils? The Wash Goods Store Plans for a Busy Week
Prlefrred by may to ih a11-silk p, s h, use they look enough alike to be 'We should have written for an EXTRAORDINARILY busy week, for taken
twin sisterl's yet iare iteouti half thell price, making it possibleh to l)buy two dres.ses of with the regular demands for wash goods tt naturally om es iet warmer weather
the milk-ireerize.d ctton imaterial for whit nile of thlie all-ilk kind would cost. approihes, it lannot he otherwise with thlese extri tlia l offerings that mean
'l'lTvy tlre t'M .)('ialliy sulitable forl' MultltllPer W'r anditt for eVPening ani dressy goWsI uclh grant svingsR.
fll alllflolt, All n Of'e'inll, iotl indlool' Iliai il . 8 1-3C Lawns for Sc 25c Scotch Gingham 18c
50c for Any of These, Sold Until Now at 65c 27 inches whle. and mostly In llght effects. 30 Inches wide; int handsome stripe, check and
Benmurl Moniotone,,, with wiven putternis e.ither In I Ia'ncy Tu~aush Silk, pongee weave and color with 15c Batiste for 10c
dots or oblongs., whi'cht, n aken together, make Drtesden printings of those quaint old-style fig- 30 Inch.P wide: in pretty patternw ror 2chldren's 25C Brittany Linons 20c
really exqulatite effects; its its itile' it Lmp)lesl , it In ure-s that were new when grandmother was a and misses' summer dresstes. pti Ilchei wride; all nolors and plain white.
a oneet-color ullulteriall, iii thuns, pinks, gray, rose', lown belle., In green, blue, red, lavender, pulrple
lavender and green; i 7i Iche wl; eg- and brow-n; 7 Inches wide; riegular price 15c Sea Island Percales 10c 25c French Crache 20c
tllalr prise O6i l, now 5 0 c , n w .. ......................................... v'I ilncihnr wide-; ih dark tcoulurn, patterned with
FaAnncry Printed To Tuah s -roh wave with OUR ANSWER IS, EVEIlTHIIN( HERE. lar and small dots. t ihes wh; all colrs; fr eat atlt.
real ipyiuige-i,,s lit lusteg.e tilodr writhi ird p ty tuityc beattifeul finuish, in plain colors of light blue,
ratterls p.r intd igee cbl, or tvuh nre;tty fancy sa framen, nan, pink and roseo n pa ned in Here Are the new Wash Veils that as si ppular this 20c Handkerchief Linon 15c French Linons 35c
small figere a d asdtrlpis; 27 inches wide; 50; seasen, In a great range of styles unit clnrs, ramuging in 27 iuches whiue; Itiggest seller ito the s,-'eon; 4' hth,.s while; all culture. fur summer suits
patll tlllres prtla int est ra jgs I lcgg e en 50 wide; 50c """" r7 "' hia wide; 1t seller of the ,, ,,.n; U, ,,,c z,,, wide .; all col,, or s. for . . .
'7 Inchesl wildh; regulur te'Lnt 65c, nohw , rcgilar price 65, now 50c prihe from 1251, $1.50 0 up to $2.75 aih. mostly ht rud wi llll iure
Ietrleui lit ,te'lits it sirrli,,ll wriulthus. it ulld tan if hruwlm, tam, gray, blue, wlsteria and mtll- wearer' comfort and convenie'nce aphid-an. oi all uib ani Good Apron Cheoksk per yard
lot; 27 I s ult-; regular tritc . 50 berry; 27 ilics wide; reyular price 6c 50 alltle and roln 2 tor yard lon; .5 to 14.0 2 LinenWeft Suitings S c ,. & 10C
SnngNew Mesh Velingn all the new w',vgutle fIre-s pcut mesh 27 IIncisrs s-Ide-, 1mm llalme cullours and stnitembs. fine quality a ondy.
wert' yrowf.. .tw ... r eand In your colors; per yard-................ 35 to y1.so
The greater part of the meeting of
thle coiunty commisloners yesterday I
afternoon was devoted to a discus
lion of the road question. The ques
tlion of roads through that part of
tile Flathead reservation located Int
Missoula county was taken up, and it
was decided to I ulLd two stretches of
road. One will be from Arlee to Ra
valli and will necessitate two bridges.
Thil piece of road will be quite ex
pensive, but Is badly needed. The
other is from 8t. Ignatius to Roean
and will follow along the section lines
from St. Ignatius north to Ronan. The
commisiloners made a trip to the res
ervation last week to look over the
road proposition and will go up again
this morning.
The county clerk was authorlsead to
oall for bids on the' old counthouse,
whidh Is to be sold and moved away
as soon as possible, In order to allow
the work of getting the lawn around
thlu inew building in good condition
uLald to allow the immediate comple
tin,11 f the sidewalks.
New York, May 23.-Application to
the courts of Justice for the dissolution
of the National Packing company w'itl
be the next move by Prosecutor Gar
vc'n of Hudson county in his war on
the so-called meat trust. The con.
cern was indicted in Hudson coun*v
last February. Prosecutor Garven an
noulnced today he would apply for its
dissulultion June 7.
Fred Graham, who was sworn In as
deputy sheriff yesterday by Sheriff
Graham, left for Wallace yesterday
afternoon, having in custody Paul A.
Hamburg, who went crasy Sunday
and attempted to take a man named
Backmen to Wallace and turn him
over to the sheriff. Hamburg will be
turned over to the Wallace authorities,
as the affair happened in thb state of
Idaho. Backman accompanied the
deputy to Wallace in order to appear
against Hamburg.
Yeaterday morning at the residence
of Fred Oroepper, 1507 South Fourth
street west, a blaze started about 8
o'clock and completely gutted the
house, leaving nothing but a shell
standing. Owing to the long distance
of the house from the south side fire
station, the building was ail in flames
before the fire department could ar
rive. Mrs. Oroepper had oooked
breakfast and had left some lard in
the oven of the kitchen stove, which
is supposed to have ignited and set
fire to the building. At the time the
alarm was turned in Mrs. Groepper
was at the home of a neighbor and
four little children were asleep in the
house. In rescuing the children, Mrs.
Groepper was burned on the arms,
but the burns are not serious. Mr.
Uroepper is a cement worker in the
city and will now occupy a house
three doors from his old horne.
Milwaukee, May S23-"While' ,ui :r',
fighting for some theologialtl d.g,Ku.
our boys and girls are goinK to hll,'"
declared Mayor Seldel in an ldliress
'aefore the Milwaukee Minierria.l us
soclatlon. During the discussn.n Mtayr
Seidel had remarked that whll a I)by
is offered a baseball ticket he' will ,hun
sermons. A minister declare i ht, w.vi
not trust hl boy to attend a baslba;ll
game because Intoxicants were .ti ll,
the grounds. They'll nmnage t, ndrink
somehow," said the minlttr
"Then it is up to you," repli, l the
mayor, to cultivate and develop,. a b,.
ter taste."
One of the ministers declared thi+re
was not any need of trying to gi\,v the
boys "good wholesome altlusullnlnt
when the nickle theaters d(lwl~wlt'n a
'tered to their baser passlons "
"The thing for us to do then Is to
compete with the nickle theater.," re
piled the mayor. "Have a movltng tlc
Iture machine right in the school house"
Washlngton, May 23.-Wh,-n former
Congressman Walter O. Hoffecker of
Delaware rose tonight far back in the
great crowd that filled Convention hall,
where tonight's session of the world's
Hunday school convention was held,
and all by himself sung "Travtlin-g
hlome, Ied by Jesus, I ant Traveling," I
the audience applauded so long and
lustily that Mr. Hoffecker was cmm
pelled to go to the front, mount the
platform, and sing It again.
It was during a long service led byi
Charles M. Alexander, the singing
evangelist, who hals stul the gospel
story to immense audiences in all parts
of the world, that Mr. Hoffrlkt-r, when
a volunteer was called for, stood up In
a far corner of the bi( hall and swept
the audience off its feet with enthu
"Officers of the association for the
ensuing three years were elected as
'follows tonight: President, teorgb
]laie'y, 'Phl' delphia, vi'' pre.elsid itst ,
Sir John Kirk, England; Juiinthl A. A.
M1 lhairn, i'aidait ; ltishp lIartzel,
Africa; W' N. Hartshorn. Boton, and
E. I. iFritchley, Indiana, ihnorary vie
presidelints, thei vien.irail'e archdea'n of
London, Rev. .J. J . Monroe Giblson,
right honorabl. Lord Kinnaird and W
H. Gironer of Great Britain: John W
Foster, former secretary of state; John
WVannamlaker, Rev. Dr. S. H. Bell and
W'. A. WIlsno. olf the u'ited Htutts.
Rev. E. I. Rexford of Canada; irev. J.
I. Lehman, (lermnany: Prince Ber
nardotte, North Europe; Bishop Will
iatu Hurt, Europe; Baron t'xkull, ltus
ala; Dr. Ibuka, Japan; Rev. . r . . '.
Moffett, Korea; Rev. Johin Marckenzie,
New Zealand. and H. L. Hancock, Aus"
tralia; joint secretaries-Marlon Law
rence for the United States and Rev.
Ca'i'.y HutllIt'r for I:Englanl; statlstical
.secreitaries. tleorge hilpay, f' I' K
land and Hugh Cork, for the Ut'nited
States; joint general treasurers, I. A.
Wells. Chicago, for the United State.
and Sir George XWhite for England. E
K. Warren of 'Three Oaks, Mich., a
former prelsdent of the asocmlati n,.
was made chairman of the executive
committee. A large Mexican flag sent
to the convention by the Sunday .chit)
association of Mexiho was unfurled to
night and draped over the front of
the speaker's stand 11 the side of tlhe
stars and stripes. Bishop Hartotll or
Africa, spoke on "Tihe Moslemn Peril
in Africa," declaring that ('hristiatl
churches had come to realize that inl
the conversion of the Mohammedan
world, the church faces the s.upremna
crisis of its history."
N A. P',r..yth, who has obtained
pertnlsin to pIl) t p...ople through the
l.Ibyrlnths of M..rrlion's cave, is In
the city and is nmaking arrangements
to take. a party through the cave
a ithin a ahrt tmle. Anyone wishing
to ยท. . this mullll oth tasUe of Mo.l
tn cue';LI muk, arranlgements with Mr.
1"'orlyhl. who will be at the Shapard
until 'rlday o this week.
Not In Milk Trust
The Orignl ad ulios
The Fod Drlak for Ah Ae.
Forloanidtnv d Cowir dsld
Pue Nuu . h.wb
A quick as h pr.Leare d ,
I Take as.us l .Auk

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