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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, May 30, 1910, Morning, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Tolll . ulrrnX--I'lr. The It ul 've l n TMh
Tadat-Luval mIIhPwerM. InR It t given
I. XXXVII. x 11., Ii4 "1,., .A I)N'I'X.N., .IO)NI'.\S ,Il'ININ;;. aI.\i :31', 1Wil. I'ItlI FiVE E T .
Aviator Drives Big Aeroplane From Albany to
New York in Two Hours, Thirty Minutes
Bird-Man Sets Pace of Almost Mile a Minute and Leaves
Special Train Far Behind---Purse of Ten Thousand
Dollars is Given by New York Paper--
Details of Feat.
Nrew Ya'k, May . I, 'li i ,, If I ',,,
thsa flhw fro.n All'i y to Niaw P 0rll
city ill ii i errIplainm' t.odl. , w i.lli lg.. .
the $1ll,flO lprizx'' orfreriel by the New
York World. IHe cove.1ed the ds11tare
of 13:7 ilesh. i two hours and :12 lnttn
pel an1 d a1 m e o eir1th . 1114 Il hnly rUa. l
as IIlghtly as t pIt.ge'(on. lisll e/(rage
speed for thel distance--4. Oii miles Ian1
ho)nur--iurpltlsm's any othelllr racoridl ever
made by in allrlllliallne in i longI i
tanc!e fllglll la111t Its entllrety hIs. fla(lt
perhaps ealilse. anylhing Plumn hts lit
temlttle in at hIeavlcr-than-air IuIt1
illlnr. The start wa n1 imde from AI4
iahn) at 7:11:1 . tl'ank liiitl mtorni lg. tun
elrr weather pt'llltionllls a ar plerfect
as tile 12most flstlldious aviator 4,lill
demannd. One hour alld 23 lnilnllUtetl
later he had ,imade his st(,,ppingl Illi(
near roughkeeple, whllere thre, was lilt
holur's ilnterlnilialon.
Crosses Line
Ilesunllling hi flligllht t tI:2I6. IIIhe sped
southward and lanldedl wlitlhin thll
hullndary of Manhattan sinlnd at 1i;::1
Only 100 yards north of the tline on
which hisi craft srttled stretche.ld Mlnuty
tenl I)uyvll cireek, sep(arating lMan1lhlt
tan Illand frolll the Il anllaltdll IHalld
lie failed to cruoe thhe. his flight would
have Ieen in vain. bullt a hle swept
over it, the Irlize wisE hil. l'lhenc. to
Governor's ilanli his. tlalk wasi bnut till'
.oncluding lap of a race already wol
Paulhan's flight from London toIl
Manchester. 116 miles, exceeded theI
Curtims feat of todaly n distanee. Ibut
not in slpeeld lnd danger. 'rile lrench
main's average was 44.1 nmile l llan hour.
and below 1hlm1t lay ngllish meadolllw
land. l'urtlis followed the winding
course. of tile historic Hudson,
with jutting headland. wooded .lopes
llad treacherous pallieades. He swung
thigh over the great bridge at Pough
keepsie. dillpped at tllmes within 50 feet
of the river'. broad surface and Joctk.
eyed like a fatlcni at the tIturns.
O(nly once did his c.raft show signsK
of rebelllon. This was off Htulrm King,
near West Point. when, at it height of
nearly 1.000 fteet. a treacherous g llt
struck Ills planesll,. 'rile llimachinel
lrolped 4011 feet lai(d tillted perillously,
1but Curtrlls klept hi head(I un4i by
adroit manipulltiln, restoreld tihe
tuqulllbriuin of the m 1achin(41..
('urtlss .ts lilta helfore 1dalWn1 toiday,'.
helltant. deplite the favorable weatlh
er c·ondittijons. Hut with hII eyeys Hnlii
brain eleared of theill webl of 2sleep
he went with Il Ille cthanlil'an Indl a
handful of lspectat-rn to \'4n1 Rls,.se
laer Island, In the Hude.n, three iulle,
south of Allltlany, where he wias to,
start. Waiting at the river brink wasil
a spe.Ial truin. chlartered by the New
York T'Irlle for Mrs. ('artiis a lili h.r
Starts Fast.
H I'ro the trIahnl t lhey 4C 1 n1l lo4t 1 i..l.
lthe a tlual stalt. IIh t tlil oe oa h Ill," l
tilln w atl w la ed i re-i i Irkil 'l lc. iii
rocket. T'hri- wlar i lO I'rll inir'
Ilaneetl.rs, thell re wi.s ii, tlriil light
'rhe aeroelai Il ni l 11111 rri.lly o4ivr tit..
urftlle (If the Itliua st1 l hliiril st ta g.l t
fir it It ., go , Irtillll a l( 'e 1 'le I li inllnt
to thil wet. , o thiat ('hl rl iss mightl
compl"y with (h(, trTuts o the i mi. h i ""ll*tl
11n1 under w4 lli he wi,,W s4 r.lyill., ian41
itchnlll tally a.rls tlhe .Mlhinly ('iO y lint.
When tile tleroplane r-'.i. i-ed1 la htil
stinmateld t .licl fet, It Nit'le"d for nl
Umoment I) bhotla that l hvel, Ilrn ,'n
to raise higher. ('arils 1was flying it
a height which he had nvar attmpthd
tefolre Ill li life. lu seven iiiiht le-s hie
had bein lost to view
When the ilronpline wit- w4h44 ed
wlfl le. Iii- e l rea llil llt 44i114 114. il- ugl
frh Ieellatth her canvas ll uovllring
ilhiortly BIefore 7 o 'l'l.k. tile lsky wasI
perfectily leir andi whiat little windl
wls stilrrinlg hIw frllll the noirthl
dli l'e tltlin favorbtl. Ill i'rt Is -at folur
,ilies in hour. W ith the slglil Ihllt
ltirtixs was 1 ff, 1th1 speci l Irii n., five
iarls llan .ionlOive, gatlihnlte' r hl
Illull il a ougllht to follow. 11at1 nso
quickly had ieI- finwi tilhe first I 1
tnllesI that the lia-ioto.tive, thoullgh rui
ning nearly at mile ii millute, wa2as un-.
ibtle tio atch up. At 7:24l. however,
the train uartiIe ablreast of the nero
illae and thence tol New York city,
thille onI hlard kept the aviator il
ight, till as lie d141 nut have t, reckon
with curves or track, switchhlu and re
dalued speed through tWlns, the m1ull1
sh'ove maintainil a utbduntintlil lsidl.
Flying High.
• wiftly, town and 1coun1tryside reeled
by. atsklllt was. pased at 7:41, with
tilneaeroplane 1,000 feet ahove the
Hluds.on. At 8:05 he wa.s still flying
high and veering well toward the west
tank iof the river. At :06, 6:1 Ilnutes
after the start, hlie snared past Rhine
clift ferry, 54 nile.s from Albany. Here
there is a bend in the river and Cur
tiss turned again to the west. passing
overland to abshorten his course. Ltaats.
burg marked the 60th mile-point and
he had covered thia diatance in 61
mninutes. With btaatsburg behind, the
sgant brIdge spanning thd. tudaon at
Poughkeepale loomed ahead. The
bridge is 313 feet hIgh, but Curtis.
topped it by 300 teet. Then he turned
westward and, with the precislon of a
i l,' li h lfil "llii I1 I h11 )i 11 , io 1111e i is i
I1 h' iai fullw Ti I gils ni-li A liajy iv
li,111 hlsl 11f, 1f14.i huh Sll l, u fl' lll . flh.lfifI ;
"ituia l 5 h ti l' Ihll fill pirfl , klul'( ll II'.
f illi .11onthsww.. |tid Iprev\iouslyI. hbeen so.
hteetedl, I'tlrtl. usisn t II a gX-',trl thhi
io nngtlll be mielll.' oIf intst wIIk I' iloost
nHIII ne rth In | t ih re w a|IN no g a soi n
li lltll ll 1, 1111Vi.fI. hill |hat \ u r-f' llyIIi
Ianll *fl rll ngfilhff 4 lifllMl l y llliil IM Sllh
I'iI, f U i f11, I'llll rII' II r. ff·lq ." h11111 11| Iii
~lrllgrf'ssu V.1f5 liii Fif 1111 1(1-14 rf'lf illIfI.
t11l l if l'h el.Ii 11 fllh' wit1 lh 1 ll. 411 tlh l'
ini 1-litnifbg 111111f14re ill. h lf ii lflt'. 4. E'i x
Iin I W 14f'~lc i l-l'tlnily, 11 14 I(.** ()1f 114ifl'
fifrl 144 fIrI 4 filv ItI 11(l I 'lrl l Irlllhtll4
riln lildf I Ia llll lih I,. hf l iilrlif d lrl)lin
thi Wllt Irlalt I'lrti. wrallii t kinr lIt
thatllrIIl'ft , ha h ever, l I rfi ll f i -' f Ill. i I.l
I°rerrtl nh h.lllf wlr . rliniI til trle
Fcinal Oaah.
aivinttor nealredl IPol(hkeo, plleP, bt his
14-S fri1411sf'. t f'r lnltfitir t alifil1 S·~ Ylali
i trllfry ll' , 111111 1111111r i tIllt f wi lvanllrp
ilhd f l hnltlr c ti, Mlet himhL fltn. (4n Ih,'
cllkX Met iwt . Ii IItlf l'rlr 1 ll flthlte,
hit rll lningh ean'. ret ull ii F hIaer. ('lil
ingK doIwn grllneIrfll , hift ma:cle1 C hirIs
-trtlick , gr y ko rll, trun ld nln
ir :Poi fir 441. f It, rlhiIr HIn ta' ia itit
]he pn Illial f ll, it lin. imenwi lel h'rlll.t
hit Itlll1, wlli ruff I r lll t llll e itcar li4nd
hulrrhll t her huhll hnld S ide. WhIi
: sreeted hift Julli l' tll' , l hil lllillth 'rro il
Final Dash.
tr Ilth i tl llk11 irf ,filhid a dIll. with i ,vl ,rl s
w fire F4d 11rew telS"led, (srti tlii:l. hlit
1(1Pu41t for the fha 4ili I- Ntar' Y4rtL
In11 Il Ifilei t I l llm i ll' ithi trll- 4t,'tw a a taini
ov'er thel HIstlisonl anll ('nlrtiss tulrnl,.
hi ()llrtllNa u It Iaaaini .as I t t(l, 1JW
14x tl('ty f in. hloIr hadrislll .ll ( ii'nll. lll l4
n'-I lrim tIihk' pile fll r 11111 ilrriNve. 'llr
pan,.HPI theint, liltar'.y ,lt'nldl'lnl at West..
Point at II|:f (1 I ( llwlere and ell l e(lllt
alike l ent y. a ci,(r after the ad
-':tilt Atl l'trinrl KJinK the, Imll} snI.I.n=
Ic, lnl IcillrlOut ,of the laIg. .netrre].
1111'~lp~ thaI11n II t '4aillfF a u'iii.(l~ Initia·
('urtin w'11 fll'11 hiigih 1 it t till. ii ilt .a
thluiiuI s ,lii feIt.ar It l .a artilral 1111, wlnla 111
111: 1114lift. il II14 Id Illis d tlh ml' lhl,' in(1 t1 1
dri, 14IlllI tilt -I'*v r '4 1 4 o'"in' o'nIll'
'Iii 1114 11111(.(14 (Ii' lii'la a I ~I 'l''I(~~ I - -l
r1al, hi a lilna-tinu iri a-tahftrd. isall
P14k1 hill, ('111'lliii a lll' I I).hhl ' V.14rr
Yionkers wa'H. ipnood, at Io.;:., ut nI
heIia ht ofu l |NI-V. 4'lt' fe'l , 1 l1.re, fl-l rti1
I-t ii i fil.r Klllmp e l ,f thl .l0tri itt ll
tall tll .' u it i.llllll'l 'ur V hIl d lika Ilk 4,4
ta-~If l~l,,llh I'llala- I- I r 4 N W illl 11'11illt I':4
Ilil t ,,14til a' lllI,,'illlia' I t Il li I , 11 1 It
1f tl' rll' iv r lia t 44 V r'lslillr , h lila' in tor
ilia* vie~w ofl the, tilmiurnlstlll whio we(re
,l itllli hi' l nll' till' g Ihill'l 1till,'3 I 111i1
riialui F1 r fivr4dh lriv. and 11 the
i:eiINd ofl tile hbig dieiarlrlllit ilhou. hin
Weillinhtnl)l IIIights. A Iil(re ninl.€'k at
fir'.t, thll little niro'linhlll h.lo ,d Ilik,, n
;:II i in]glh willh rig.id wings,, on the{
unll, "Ihie illltir wa'.t Hil/in|ling .lturdil.y
uira ,l Ilrlinllg thel (raftS alonglj tolwarl'd ite
L'nql sit \f| mil!"N on| houir, Italllllinkla
dro,° hi s .1{i11n" llignI nor' ,% llil, r11ih,,
III'I;VI the. Newl' ll, Yllrk' s s IhP I' h e
|wivli'd II1t, a*nd hunii rh, , i f" antr dl Iiiii
hal rp'l. shrill whistlh.N o1 th,, Finllltl
Ipll'altlil' hbents .j'ined, with the o lpre
.,llilrou agl. ofl,,1 l t h ll' urK..( ('rillt l in
hl ,.urly, wel('()lls
II11 ii0Mt [{iveorhide, flyvin0g >fl'i i/.lt 1:;
anl alrr,.w, ('utlle the, nl(,r plane i t II 1:
Hlhren, ( Nt .',*,, rllk Citl} allel *i 10,. IiIhIIO
fromll thll ulllllal vislit of Miilhatttll ish
uslll Sturlrillg someII iel(*l entl,lt it ,.1,e111,1
Illlw tilat d'Iwi'INs In||tit wi'li the{ $1|).00)l|
ri )z .e, bult Miidlenlyl~, whenl ile' tuil
rl'ai(hedI aI p.ini IliIl|dwal. be#tw'lenI |Spat..
!l**I I ) yvl I ,'|'',k t i v hl'I Ne, para.it to.
Manlhlalnsl Jihlland fromll the ho rough.i ofl
"lhii Irms|l ).1, mu ,'Washinil tonl Pi.nt, thl,
p1.,e'd ,f thIP hipluhrlw .hl('lkIlnl. i.(r(,el
tilhl. urlll Il,, malllhilnl dr'.lq.ed unltil it
;.eemel|,d Ilalni it would( Itolllh the wa'.tr.
"Th|lai it €'aulle .lbmit Iprettil,.po inllting.
iiwI rd.'tr , uslll |loud|ld .11, the ri\'er. "rh,
• peN'(tators', weire onpilusl,,edI MUnl,. ,of
Moneli wrongi mid~l thatl ('rtin- iiai, Iint
Canny Curtils.
Hliu I'urti.M waved his haInd usr- '
hugly V'Whlel II ng HSiliK Illytl I)Ii.vil i
he had .oen, hllf a mile arhead, a biroad
explelise of gre'nsward, thle iupper e(nd
of Manh lilattan iliuid. 'lo win the I
prize, it was Ineei.sNir.v Only to Iiind In
Manhattan proper, anHII hIere a thhe
challlce withit rlik of fuirther flight
to (lovernlor'n Ilanid or thei Hattery, I1I
IllleM away. ''herefore, when he agalln
rcame abHreast of the mouth of the
creek after hl pu llaling turn Ibackward,
t'urtlne throw his steering wheel about
ablruptly, gilded above the railroad
drawbrldge and floated latlly inland,
with the propeller barely turnilng. tie
nmaneuvered carefully, then alighllted
wlthout mnishap on the stretch of green
which had caught Ills eye. He had
flown from Albany to mlanhattan In
two hiurs and I.32 minutes, and the
$10,001I was his.
Jumping lightly from hI~ machine,
the aviator Inspleted hli motor, and
(Contlnued on Page Elight.)
· o
"The soil out of which such men ar e made is good to be born on, good to live on, neeood to die tor and to be
burred in."-James Russell Lowell." !'
. . . . _ - . . . . . . .. ... . . . . . . . . . .. .
I hii.alg, .1 .I N ' I lit . -.'I h it' .
tli r W ill.ia Ii l . -
allýy I' ]f~1"l'f1 1t a 'f 1 h1 1 lo ' I.l ",r ,.lilt
hixl ' 1h I rv· b tes, iv :,l n bo l I 1;. Tih'll.
II lr)' t I I. li ii I' i l 'i r ..i li hii
inli Iii .i4i Iof thlt I r' " ,r- 1 - i-i .f 1 11 In
x111 gli lls 1411if l" ri-N . -i, .iskif ýI li
iiitiI 4 -fitatf i-i'ii .i I 'igilfI hun i. ii .u , ..
lull-l''. 's od 'uhf-u- .$-.i,, l u' ii I It hr' ll ii
xInll\ If ill f1-l (filIi II i.,f- I r-iI .I
=',;"4141 for \qllat ll .' Ioi" ',lr I,,1' . ,
il l.iIi NiW , i nll hlu- Ih 1
' tal ogil I "Noi ' 'lJu r.; .Ihl r Ii
I'rN oi ifs hai l ' 'i 1x 1i4 l ,. I fnIr, - -.
r 'nak mt alpl ly grillls Juri ., :r or I . I
$tut, .' A fll...... . y ' 11\ star1111 h r'. "l' Thn
first conilfession wn\' 14'144. 1,% I:."1r' -r
Ni'lnlltll., lI'iirls . %% W hitir1 - If ir ' l
lit +41 ." h Ii fahn , r1 ln- ' r $ ill Ill
fi-I-'I tI.. If..- xvi-n t- .stN'Mt lay ' Li'ifir i
IHi ll~ l I .ill IIl' l ' hia ii' ' - i h1111
% Ih i'" i 'i I ;." Is "1 ''I
w ill Iir li Ii lili- > hhl I,. l ,l , I 1III
fil | lsi . ;illlll l hl ,Ir %%11'1 .1 1i;1 4 11 4l'll;:
11 i't i f I -i. I ' ..v' l Ii Ii "
'Iil ' tll .'llull llt I, h ll ,I i . i ,
111 hIlis 'ia i x lu-hi i%% ith If i, i' I I.
'im it Nialih l l llltlh i, i .i.i -I IiiI II li(
(Ii'1o i 11$ , ta-l . Ii":I I- i .Ixj ti-i
l l il i i. I s il ' l Ili l Ii.. ,
iilN fi l n i IIIIII 'f iatiotii Il' lIllji a li l
hrl -In l I, ll lhas- l lx' Illluil Mul nl l i i 1 1
4I4I4i. lf Ilit' as l l'ti l If .uill i h - l- -i \,
S iii , if INtl iir i i i iih ftil h i.i I :i.,i
Still,, h . x4 4' ,'.ol'll l , .I i. lI, %'.111 h 11x'';
grl lat al jury )p rl+I 'Ili'.d I lll ii, n 11,0I1
fouaII , Iio' Is 141"a'l1 ," '1 14 lu ragi p rl;
1h1 ' $2,. hrihe ,, Iu llit,.,,'m Il n'I
Iri' i, rINol. xl i nPll ulof f ,i g 1hi . I h I,
n11 w s o'. . )I| til,- Il 111 e i u' i 11 il-lill. t ll
i lnx t hl.hII ,I I li l 0ll 8 1+,lli. 1 . ;i l4ii 14
i'forts of il 'iul lu lt . IIi' f llu I l'I I ,
Hilt I.,
A ft lrw Ii' . itric'k II li l i'i 1ill, Isr-0lI
Srl.'k' is I'gl lillvilll., 8 0Ii h" dlli Init
hl 'not, il .' I llhlnt l+l 1 h1 1+. 4'r" 1,t
iter ir'-lehrick Ix," xniii, Ilnnin umii . "'I
htll(,'v , hII' w ill milll rnl44 . r ;ii lll I ,lill
io,1-0 , b" 1 s urla n t urriliu 'Illlnlel iI
1 owIf 411 lr"
Ne Yv. k Sla ;;k %t 'un r I Ii
tryntuini uiduI s'ufnijil A.Auuutir. ins arr.
InJuruul Iu it fire juu a t ern-uuueuu hI)uuu*I'
todai~y. 'J'µ"1 hunidreul nun atrr a u-i iuials
lived in Ihe houute anud uiwheni ariusnul
fromnut their Iunks they stoann) In I aaiaaes
lin te hatillways shriekinug far alal, lout
doing nauthing to rauve iiueaaaa'(iv's. Pu
livenunn. huawevir, dauluhei iuutu Ih
burning buildinig andi! Ilterally tihecan
the frighntened (Ihlnilnnuu ala! a llt' tllu
IlI,', Is 1t' (i"'1 . Il'',, l l'11 , i1,1o ,, '4
S IIll ri1141 i; I sItl rIi h r im. Itr' t11 ,i,., 1 .'11 11,
II itth .r, t l t iy -rl irst I i ' 1f -I ,ll il K .,
Thirlo. i ith ilnl' . ti l tt, itlll ,I , 11t lh
IInrh..F t i 1 ,10 it- 4 itti .tt:- tl l ltt iii - F
lr ts o. lt . I ih111 F1t. \,i t litr. ll -hi l to
11 -.4'", ;1141 4114tll 1 llft r l il g I'rIn. , iill II
F-rl.,,l ullFI ttl'll u'l t Fl1;i 1 ' F4'lr 1' 111\4 'rh4.
1 Fll'lll II tFl.l 'lrri- | I-F. i t 1,1 F1.. . 1111 ah
.1, l 'l hti l I i. i t F.1| i .ll• I44 -'l.1 l I414 It'
It Iri F'F~ltlllltlF ll -ll.ls -FFII tig I 'Fitl II. i-Ii
t, ll4 1 11µiit, ' j , ,i i t 4 II-.I' lightll l III . ii
,ll' ·i.. nt ", 11', |l 1,'l,.r1 ,h I,", ll l11 4.. i
Ii 111ir111 hlllh . 1.1ill I thleh ll4ll s I%
h." 4 ri. 1. 1 IIt i i1 1 ' h1 4 .'I'. ,ir li'f
I il . 1 1,4Il 4 14,il IIY llll r liIl I'I.1"
ith.. 4ir"1 14 ,I 1 1 .14 111;111 him 1111
Ihe nfhll- 4 1 ,I" 1 '4 r t' . . Ir.1t hi'' l, ".14
Iof rang., but 1 I0f i hl tt.iI r h w lidll h 114 h1 ,"
f. iI li. Ils .I s l WIII HM 4 ut h . 111r.l hI i ll
.1 ,IIII i , .\1,1' J'.4 I ll 111. hi' N11 1 ,. 11 Ih,.
.111 1I,' tt1111ll; awaiting lltlr .h-, 111".1
ouhi, 4l .1t l ls I II Io u r, Ih II th,' ib l
!l'ilslhl i; 1, 1 1n iil. i 11 h 41i ' .I . l h1 1 'I, 4
I 1rk'" . I , a'' I'i. him hI il 4. Iii .ll'. 1.1-l l l I ,I 11
'Il l l' , I II I I I f11 141" 14 4l l .+ 1
,1 - 1,1 l i hII I, t,11 , 11 li
.ý1'lil 'll~l lit I lv t: " '1'1 :11 mini 'I'l r"I'.1, III
I.: i 11'1.1 r i( V i~ill'·.1111 ia :{ 1111" 11 1'1"'', I1 III
g iaal l III rra a, IuIII Ililat l I-,.luu''
1'alga' l; jag1 ;IS a'a l 1la laty I'1 - titj . ( 1111 1.11g
,;,1 u1111ut 111. Iit' _'9 ` il'v"I;11
1i1 1111" r' Hull 1i' Inlli1ll hug I1'1 III
N.--III gal~olli11", Fri .1 (7111 1."1 till1·
IISn'ulll.l S)l'1'kie, II 111 tins rlty ;It..~ II
11'"a a rlu Hart 1.1%r g 111 a I',,I aa .a
' IIh . three I Ie (mlia aeu tll~·r i
dll bina) haul Itam,a Wt1 Iia,1 a wa I'
t), a'aIaai this igi.n auriaTh Watr 1.'
liii. Iaagiuula I lii I wasa a artal uu ,atlul,
ail Ih.l Ifiturnl trill,, it nl nbtiilIg
;MaiYers A wt IyrIyng · n thelila a
t.lao . atl aarrl val atI ting $arailt alt
digk, ahardnur aiia $tauikt aiunu. a
faounlatl ha. li daid. Hearoic work lay'
phyia)llagian lirlaigit I'lynia bauthl a
une Gairddgur waau Lii' tat-hair
thai Iladlslijaiit TIgli'iu Mtuuckhiaaa"'
was it a 14- yeaar-oldi boy~, thu nliujila
air Dr, t. I'. ~taatkhousuaa.
I'd 1 'ITIl ;:I l ,1111{1 .,"t I 1' I11I,- oIrill
i n'' i a III litn' i ifl ,,' t:i'" I' iill;
n I{il ,i l thi- IIli l'll l uil.' t 'isV r t' s
:I 1 1,, I|, rll l t l' .. itIlll' Iti11 M li, 1'11111
I"1I1 ," ,n1 ; t111 r th1 . h liI.t N d a ii'sl host,', l
il1lil I" i -ll'nl it h" ,l',,,'r lit h I f ii-.
11 ir ;', ·1 ' . w 111 I . . .. i -i. ll'i rlhtili..
'1'11 " . r ,11 ',. : h ;11; at II ,o'clock.
~ II li 3 1 "1 ,IrI I~
I ',r TI he' Hlt II 1.. l { il r ll e fo11r1 fo
llu + ,I,1 1'nI ,". i' girls , | l'rtis fPn,
il l III it r I e l I-i ll lltin htto. M rs
f',,".,,,, . I , 1,', rh11 1 lh. 1 .11 11.1 . I`". 'I'htl alll
i Il I, 111 h , ,A ,Ill i, i111 1 ' te ,4, t - cl+' -e
t Inl- . ,ll . 'Ih , ' \ III h o111( 1 h " lll l lll
111' I 1 . I sltult,1 . ll', mi, ler'ilt ~f' t1h1,
l'lll r. It ,,I o\ ni lt llala l
'I' ,, ii' I ~,,,ii l , ri f .l 11 I I, idllow -
,';,/1 1 1 1 ,11 1 1 1 - 1 1. 1 1 1 , (pi , , ,l l , l f I { ,II, .h ',
\Ii-" + ' t1 11 , i n , I, { lrti 'lln l, Mi, lK 4 l; sl
f u [ ; l b ,,h tl I; ,if , ,n % l ly ,f I ,I b11 1li.+,
\It -,IIII·i~I( Iltlll l. : .+,l 1 s, rolll l ( 1,t ,i l ,r t
I'll ", 1 . (11l1 'i'l l l 1 its s i ',llIl. if ' ,h ' , r,
1" ,I I" ". 1 1 1 -1 1 t i i 111~
.l,,t'n11"~i'h , h as o" f It h 1 " .' It III
1, ,,hl+.,l- scho- l ,'hlldrr'n,
l''r,, 1't,,l l l +,++,r II'r , 1:. 1 " I t, n, S t uo'l , -
,'I,'+ 1I n t'll, 1 l alluI' h hili,.s; M I
h, T ,i l' ] , 411 l,:lhor " i flln,"11 ralll 1
, I I ,+ ,I ,11, ,1 th ,r i ,. 1'a ,l "-t n '1~ l,".
,i 1 "! 11i,,i I , )
, I\ -t 11 lt II l" e l, uI t' I ti;J li
ICI , lugl . Ior' hi " t 'rip to I)tlh .( h114. .''
, l, I, r g b, k his r'"'nrl I
i ,' ll- "\' r '8 y 4 h4 i"4 4 rll444 l I"4 ' an44i
994I,' 9I4 ; 994" int'Ifus 4. b9 rul9 4 44 ''i,
'II l I ll . I' lt. 4 I i , ll 9 ihe' ,i l l
9l ,9, .9 k 19 " .. jell "l llI. 9t 4%44 44 lie 4
"I1, Ia ' re l o vIlllet h4 ill re orIIIId I ii
NIl ' II i,- .i4.}. thl'" 4l 4il a r, 4991 1
.l I ' 4, - 'e iich , 4i41 11 , 0114 lil4 l t
11 9 4lu9 9t4n4, MI 94 " '9194(414494n'en
b hall > I in tit' I'InItell4 States IIntenll
i994 4" o 9 ''14 rt f.'r ('hin444 or any3 other
49u94 l9r\' with the I14tenti' n of ohi. I ('4ilIg
h++ I. hereaft.l.'r wi ll 4e 9ble t1o I btial n
rc retur9 certiflll c witU less, trouble.
'li i 4 drue to revlilon of the regtu
latilIns affect'.ting Chinese Inllnigration
jus4t lllmade y C'mllll4l4one4 r General of
Il9mmigrationll Keefe.
Sangamon Cotnty Prosecutor Expects
to Examlne WItnesses Today. Al
though Grand Jury W0ll Not Meet
Apaan Untlil Tuesday--Important
Man May Oe Helrd in Chicago.
.SI, iIj. ll .I II I 1lit I. 1 h' · l 1 l l tl
,h~. '\l 'l I(I\v(L:'l.. , (·it~', · Jl. (· ..'1'' ,I I, 1, lhl .
In t l 11, l I IIh)\ iii. lll~ 1.1 ,:.| 1iiI 1) Urillfo.. lNl
lish t1a II . i Iii iranti i I I I~ li ia l
ii{I IliiI Iho, tar. 1 ainlie t iiail laIar
raie . hil $h .½iin iri, Stli. at'll, ll Ilatr
la iii iirai lia. i111i 1,11. r t. i llaih ri1r
iia rl i lir II1111I.i t larI aiiir far o tii
Itir. atll $;l i fris ll Ir ruta l rItral• ri lk
,l hi. cl hll 'o.a r h, "i a 'amf . th r a IJ . "' 1it 11
i a' an.al r tla hra . iiillaiia la a ill hai tIii
uaraia( h li na l r. i ili , l IIa i arr:
'IIIl i ( ul at. Und 'r h t rll it i I tr lfr tMll all' l
lrilstar., tlMiniiltu I'a alaPll rta. ralililh.
Ih iii. i i:akilndil iIlalslr Illl al a Ictm nt r i
atxonlairu g iii ii t i I a it a faaii I; i i.,.
tiait., ii ihlla th fI l l'llau i ri ' i thi tl. I W"
IInllsl.! aiua 'lla rI t, ItaIu ll wiii ala li
eani. Ita-tiri.aa ati t ut i ,-a Ja plah
(i h lra. uio al . I nl lilli,a iialrr iii
di'lclinil l lair i-a ii alraa-y in li 11nitilrl ,
alinis. I' iuarla.x I. .h'Mad.ikinl. rlalali.
li-ian, H.4latlii, wlhoi itail tar I~arn iir
iiit tli axrIri~y I. .M ,tiiilliaii alanaiairag.
tl.aaauhla w l a h i Iaaa ia.-' fa r tat lauthIair
Short and Ugly.
9'111" ,lh.'r \rilii'·s to I1" ."1 II11 II(. I
14 A. IS .1,4141,t444144r4I' 11.- Jonl~" &l
44.1.4 1114~· 11~,14 441444114~1,14 111 III.' ".i41 -
.Iel."11 IIN 11'411% "liin l o.p' t111- 4444'1.4d K.
414441 44111444 1.i4 .41%4 ll..II.- rul r 41 1.1 ."l;11
14 '1 I ,,, 414.'l 4'.II l,4'lt lv.' 1 .444
Frier 4r1I4481 411141 .n ll.41141144..' 444141141
l1&i' 1,111 1.1·( 1411,, A\11,44*144' (lr)lul'4.4 Ill1(
4.r...... It I 41a 1hI'1II,.44 44411g 111. I ril .l
t lmny I4111,'8,4, 1 1, Ill' r4I'414lI 14444114''
444411444 414'..l"d th 11at l.r II.NII ll4.11r441,, I '."
1t4'141'4'141'1n 14,. 4144114 44.411111. " gru4
t1 i'.1 l'11 14 1,ii 14 lll 1144144 'it 4144 I
14411'.) I' lII 4 II I1I' .1.1414.4 '4444' 441l.44 4441
It.14444.4414114141 I I '.i1,11k %L14141 .It hi1 .t..'
4'1,1111.11,4'4 I1 1.4 144 II' 4 ri4 ' 41 II '1141' "
rr,"dI 4'1 4l' 111411111 i I Ii'' 111d1:tr.11 1r4',j,'41
Ilrll.." 111:1 14414.11' J 1111N14II'" Pr41 %l 1
bI'll. 1114 l 14411· 4141·1 I' 41111.4I14114
44111,'IVr'" 14448iu% 14114114 144. ''i...11'4' 11
1 I411 ' II1141 ,Il i 14 4111481 11t1h1," ,rlIrIal
'Ill 4 14111,~ 4. 111141.1'~ · r 4,1 1 11 . 111.1I ,,III
J~hnn~tl." "I kn 1I il I1, ",rruali·
1444111481 41'. .1 14111411 8 ' . 11·
1144'.., ''ii,' II 18 1 li.'4114 4411 Il lli .a I
,1t1i1. '4 i 411 411 n 1 1111 1444 11 ." I ll.. 111.4 1
41111 II'i 41144114)lil 1.11411.(I 1114fl II 1441111
f I .1441144411. 1111.1 \~III ·I 'Ii·l~l'41,4l.
Jury, 'sill 1." l1"at ill~ri . b"I)1htr )t( \. l..
CAn't .N Esce.
h4"1111" .'11' ,l'141 n 14"rd 14.'11on 1.I'Iiil.r I.II
1 1.t1'r, I, II ' Iillc.rlr us 18 11,1 I's il1
11.141..' it .!111,1 11114 I1,144. S1.4 1
44'. 1 Ii h, 1. '4 1 ,'1' 11',14. 4 i d 1I4'14'. 4,41141.11'
I a11411 II :1, I .'' I .1 1111111` 1 lilt 11111,
1I.''14 r ".'l 'II'.'' J41144 14 4411141 ''.144. 14.I~
1141111 r 11111 1111 i t.. Ill 1h -I r,
,list11 nigh 411.1I. It.14 1 1:14 l 1 ,11.1'1'1111\111I
114444114 i 811l l 1141. "118111' 111.411 1111.;r14 -14
1,1114)h4 4.1144." i'4.I'11.l :u''. 'a. but 4.4.11:1%
44 en411.' 414 f~r4.,'14 l.,1111111 'Ill I ,ll ll ''l~l 4
wi44414.411 414' altIr 414,111,1 III' b1ll" ,Iris144
ill'U1U144014114' tor. (1'1." . 44414'14r4111 d"
cr4't14 ..4 14 lr4' " ,,':144r 1y iil'I .,'. li 1, 1.11
414'4?141 41'4414C ' ;II ldl
Great Audience HNears Strong and
Appealing Address-Fred Winthrop
Post, Grand Army of the Republic.
Ladies of G. A. R. and Woman's
Relief Corps Attend in Body.
\ N...ii ''i 'I'Tlh" I." t., tl , II,,rlh"
A,,. 1I1" ..i l t n. 1 II , ' i 1 I i t I ly V illa
'nlgilin i lli\ ' K I h Illr-lllllll t rTll'n h
'i' I'l i-itirtit 11u i i 'rn ti til.oniti
Iti-I.i ,i Iilr Ali .inrI t ''ii. i' - , aI. ii.ll l
'r 1tr in l nlellrlllpl r ,o 11I | , wltl e i. . i' r
tl iiii ii' I , tlid .'"i tIns itir ,i.tn1
itnlil a IairK. ifil1n11.1r if Il iz.'nlr n ot
aflr tlll ll w ll t i k thl' tul,', Ixt lpu tlu"n
tIl.. tiilih , r 1t11I 1111 iin i f it - lri tiiansl.
r'lh l, a lll arilli if I he' th ,.ittrir wasil
r llid tI it ll-.. l l, llt he tlill , Army
11f s. Iits
"rh" i 'i .t' hI i r oi f I ll- tr la t it
hlrrh. ul lll r th, hr,. n' nii l of II .t!.
itlrralt, tiang i . i;ivi.itr h ill r IIl.atl.,.,
iit I h'lla" . li 11r i 1 1111 itrt oii ta u
ran'ic-u by ii t. 1"m ii 'ihn
!110. %11 \'..n Ii :IIR .., i 1,1'res.' ll.I .t
Itronli arili. t i* iitit'tilnft la r i r 1c i'
Iklllle ,i f lll.w '. it . ll l ll l
iheart' It ll ,tl n a r tendtalll t l ll ,lll i la
iand Inrr n rit a ti i liili't. it ,c lil' .a cliah
IllllI Iitia II.rui l ll, l it a' ii' t1 n' iiiia-ut'iil
ursions or hourt to piy i tributi of
rttiutou ti tItI,- Iutgai .it'ill the nation'o
hlo riT.r ''1 1'".. lr· l w ho .olf r n * i 1" illr' It iI
iti tiV it ' t,1r 111i.. ,t otr ism ithat I thl
I i itih ,it I. " tH Irp' Iat ' f It it s i . l i
Ipril tl'' Iunll llt iru-s tht Ir I1'1 t% ing't
, tirl t' .I, %%h' 1 i, ll'f tr I wIthtll l th t It I
oifI t'rni- lat inr l I--i Ii .rII J III:I s il Ipe -
Io that hitt-I. lc prt.,I 'I i' . str, In
itll'ii I.rn 1 hi h . 11 1111yi t l f thI ,l
i tarr' hl i ni rl ppl i t . i rii with h' ,altl
ilili i I. .i l . I il, hl.. i i i \itil ,' I1ti a- .11
Ilhos i patlll r itil' I 11 111 %l .iii'. it- l ,illEs,
iss l, l ti ti' I l"I iII I ,11 u i Ihtl l' iiil(i~ t i
thsp liiti '- I r aiz, itlii 1 flII 1l,1 . t , iIilI. t
a liii liiir I . licii -iih 'liiI 11,1i' t l riI~ ill.
ti .l llrsts ' i Iltiato . I k.Il -p iii r Iint'. ( "
im rl ll·fl. · a d ·h il 11.'-li .f-'. Ic i I:al l -.l
bra e, l inish who o, i t11· 1 l fil"h, t e rflm " .
the r . lr- iinli t'i.iii- . .ioll I..l .h nlI,.
Ii i. f Iii, . la i+p . It 1i. , " ii." I , ,"it '. ,il
1 erpl l 11 1 t %' .l ii , i1 1 ,11 I .htiiI ,lt-.
:, f.w ., 1 the .,r sur- 1 1:. 11 r eat1
i l lII 1rtr .ln' l I'' '' i ii- tn ; 1 It
n+'!ii i I '''1hz t eil Ilr ts fAmt
ithi ic 1''tr ',l'i n t. llill,' . ill l. i ,I the ,ild
l . , hl' k ll uih . i hiltl ' l .s ,a It
Iigt ' i to-. ira i 'ul . N. l Afl ritag t
gen't, 119rl itlii i ~lsi itu lutui to
itii we antir r twir,"l 'nh fIr'I" h norar e
f th|i b' huan, I1 1f1t. - hlhr hllt Io p'.
ith tih , gr-I l I it ; '1t , It,' t lrrobIler'
('ll 1 ii.lltiU.Itl uI' l P" p i it t aSI y
11,11 IthI , 11 ,1 "1 i t ,- It, w ith a l it.
il l a ir . llho le p r l i,.I t illI. I li , , I ,
f."li l 11 l~rit, , t,.' n . w l,, ,ra.r that h lt
iieriti, ting i nt l inti . lit h i ' hr.illl. h
:rI l "ta h,,.*ln .t , i.' rL , b,Ir ' /4r w h' ,
rl igh ' it ,r I it h '. S t' tih .11 .I ti ll.
\ ill hl l i thIe le t ' I , i . 111;1111 .i -
il '"rtl - ih VtIl l m ul i I al r it w ht i -I
th i., ilrh , Iar i h .it l .It r- l. tr 1 iti,. .n th iir
HIre lfu l , , th uI1" h 1 it, ' \ i . ill '1 ,I Illlst
I" iwi , ;i h. II .l l . , I .1 wl i . ,I' g ,
it, ..n hIllth ng 1. Ih I..t . lg " i n "t l hi,
r .. ill ol. rrI In.i i ' st I h.iI t . lltlr the
i ll fno p. ''. I " Lh u | l l rf ,r ""lr hill.
"id."ler' it T Ili i rt furs."l.1,il Iib1 ,i i t ol o
r""i h uit. I ..r Ilitim. h"ih ie s,
['t iltt i llaI.-1 I .i, . ,ti111 thait oil i. r l tl.
b ,eIf ., -- I . lur d l'l, '- ; t hitlh I l I , there lI
<ilinlg r that o-r i, t. ,,1 I t sl 'r'll" t.
pr-r'h'i o ",mIt i, ,i"on il hI .|o t and Ii
Itlhls. who Io .r. e' Ih ' brlnt oil it shell
11111 b'" as k' ui .11, . ;,ill ll' a'tllive as It
taoui-n)illue oin Pagel Six), <;i

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