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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, July 22, 1910, Morning, Image 1

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T1ln Xrr.w ·X X- Ir. Iuk.
'OL. XXX1'iI. NI). 7.. Ml 1.< . 1'.., .%l)NTr.1N.1, WI: I.1Y Mi~liNINe;. .11"1." 22. In1o. PIRICE FIVE C CN
Chief of National Organization Gives
Interesting Talk, After Being Intro
duced By Senator Dixon-County
Attorney Mulroney Heard-Plane for
Visitor's Visit.
i. lla lighil t a sma ll ll but iinterested
1utdi1n4I . ia t the Ilur11al theate4r 1heard1
Frnnk 4 I lE. IInr'll , f o h1111' i h a Ill . Ind.
Kra ind w orthv rlsl. 'nll of the I'rnr ." '
nuil fIrdl ir of I agles.l . gve ' n i exp4 l
olrdier lstands4.
Thi. ruin, wh'lclh meant s- .lUl mh to
t.e pity and to s l much oLf Ihl. sullr
rolnding l a nltry a1 n It fielt ul.ll n. re
4s it.d In l lame dE i.iy n the 1 r.l'ol'ed
Ilngs of I he ven11 , lland rolul hly' all N
l4.4 u Inted il n plirt ftir Ithe stnder it
El.'11'dance. It 'wal 4 lneairly x: 94l wh.en
the. MNi 4ullil ulind begaln tll enInel.'rt inl
front of the theuter, and sioe ruli was
sMl)l falllicn . Tlih fo.llliwiIln c s.le hluls
were playeld:
M.Irc111r1.h-"lnKls.' i nventin" 14ch] ulltz
M, rc.h-"Weiddlnlll I.east."
ut'l e "nll - l).ar 41n144 I.ar Awuy."
Meidley "14wee.t old n411gs4'" Itlh.y
lincluaiing "I ke111 d in thle. (r11le of
lil.. )e' ." sli. II v ill s.4.4 , by J H11Irt
Wltllz4 - "Hi4, 1l14 "ro the North."
In the Theater.
At I ii.e c.lo e of tihe l' l1'ert, whlillh
wias Much enjoye1 d by thu4nn l plre4'lsent,
the exerci.le in thel theater 1 e1 unll l.
'lpOin fhlp stage were Edward C'. Mul
ril.v. tlIleph M. t i.xon, Ju.lnesI IFro
maIn iIl Ifranilk ', ihering. Mr. Mutl
rnlelt was t.lli f*lrst to speak, and In aI
SwIl well chosn wotr.d I pre...Inted
l.nuiltr Dixon, whI, hi. e" ild, wouldl
x11I.i wo Ir of W er l e to t he gu tIll hi l '
and sp4k141eir .f the evening. ''This Mr.
Dixon did l his own hl.lppy wlIy.
IHe s4i4h4, 1all he loc ked over the alu
dience, "'lThis rain is worth 1 i nillhin
dIllhr, to we1telrn Montlna. but It Is
u 1:1tt1 uinfortunute thatlt It cn4me jll:st
it lhe. tIme flor this meeing." Mr. 1)Ix
iln then spoke t141 he phenoenaIlli
growth of friternal (organiatio.ns dur
ing the p1t 25 years. T'i.' senlator
also referrl'Iel facetli4ply to u m.,1 of'
Mr. Iering I politiclt experil'lEl andi
then llpr-lnted him to the audience.
Mr. He.rlng, 'whtl Is II youngK l4man
wllth lil.' lil)pearance oEf being even
vo.lnger thlnr h.e is, enjoyedl the c4l,.
.Ut attention ofi the ludhIe.nce th* .ith
on41t hll addr".l' Hle i4 ll gan to relat.tI 1
his exlirlences in Biutte. II. -'"0t1 and.
i .l or It , othi er Monti na -L ' i... on :ii
I ste rn trip several 1month1 1.4 l1..
Whenll I was In Butte," he aid. "I
1U11 Ired oif slime lof the Io4d af, e.les
there' what was the beat tolwn lin tih.
state, oensidering buslness, e.1.E'ltloniul
and oeli.l Iintelrests nd they all re
plild thlnt Bultte, of course. wails really
-the only city In tlipe lstate.
"l'4ater I was In Ill tenal, and I re
Inmarked t. o14n of lot r brothers there
that t had been toldh Butte was the first
city of Montanalilli. They assured fIllt It
wai all iit drealldful mistake. ulintl thiat
lienla wAsll bY far th14 btit city of the
Tresutre state. 'then I met it Hilllnlg
Saniti, and he told ime hlls town was the
onily ity In the state whlich really
atllmuflted to anything. I ir then1 I told
Mrs. 11.-ri in that Illy y nl .llrecourse
was to come 44 ut hiere agiin land see
all tlhe Miantana itle. for Imyse.'lf"
Then tlie speaker related it story, Ito
.mphnllll:ix the fart thit he thougIllht
well lof MiN.nlouIlln.
plain Task.
"But," 'entilltued Mr. Hierlng, "I am
hemr. to talk with you In a plain ortl
f way aolllmut the Iraternal Ord'r if
Eagles. Mr. Dixon aid lomethlnlg to
.111i about the great change. which
hare taken lilace during the lasit 25
yearn. Now there Is no effect' with
141it 4444141'P causE', and 1 want tE 4u14gge4t41
Ii f4"w reusileln frlir Nlome of tiiese.
a hilnge.
"There hiive been great hanllnfg In
helIef. lind l'UatlimU. I was biirn in
Penniiylvanalll. My mother was very
etrh't, arid 1 well iremel1be(Ir thut onle lif
thip wrstI wlilpplnge I ever got w0..
14n114 lte giale ili4 for giilng nutting 14n1
l4ullln:yt. .4eW was l f ltho)4 l.rNulnll
whll believed it wrong to go walking
('ontinled on 1'age Three.)
ICEllitt. Miss., July il.--Five ne
gr'es were killed rand wo otherje
werel mIrtlly wouindsed t-day whell
the seven took wllue with I)Dputy
ttheriff Cauley, who was endeavor
ing to arrest them on a minor
hawre, As Caulpy and two citiseps
approached the IneWro ceated their
work In the Aeid and, grabbing
pit hforks, mad tar the deputy
Caulty then O.ped file with two
lIP ri s, Juli y 'l'i. , i s i ii ith ' lv,
,tu til froi lll Viriihh tut liii I I.ItI I I t.
I Fl eingrdflg to a to e 1 .pi. Il.
itt I +ht. .IItt I u t t :iii .t I 111 h ,ih \luiu
InK t|1,' d,'l< r'l tll',n "f Ij li,' le \
II (I'ri(pp I, \;lt. i 1
(' nnl * tlll n \\with th,'. di11" "lll''`' iI
itf Iu whi , tuu I Ii'tl. .IniUr. Iii a iII .r Ait
it II .nil rdihil, ;i t \' i · ,1si m '+
I), l') i ll ill ) IPlnpllll,11C 1 ); 1 11 %li', !'+"+t ·l.1(
l'ari+., Ju~ly :tl T°l ph ld ,, :at ',r+
nltl .l lo im l ell ,. the, little , l.'',' ,'h \,.
terhan 0rl; .t,,' ;t tht, fo',,,t of t,,I" h+ 'vt' ,
tiI'I I lllo n t ;ol IIe' l n'it k ' h e ir a ll'
ining in! tl , \iulth. -, i l hv
It lllulgt+l ll 1hi uli uu ic " ll I "l
n II~ ,~llrl 'I .I +i.'*.' l~l~ l,l ' I1II ~l;.. t+l,+"
hu'liluinut uttuh t -,lai, t I th." , tli't'tt,;" IlIhtt
nert yru tr. It iii a thlirtl tight hut
uthire lirir lthe tutu it talet- luuul
M.III'* I I l lllDlfC'rllIl
II1 tl, l I uintil~ ,1 Ih0. tlly ll \11 Hrv'
lrl-. u Inull u.ll 'll. ll -llllli It llig.llttt I , IIiii
ul'tll ll uuy l l utitu ii It I I attitit'l
I Thtii lpro Ii rl ir .uh h li l hInl hli uI-hii 'lh ItI
t i'r ip tge had t,'z d u ti ,l'n'h r. ilttt
Itl uir i . tut l it l u. Thll I.,i it ih d.ulu ttivt
I llprti nll. lt r In . I' r ll it ilu ilinI t ot ' l il'v t
Ingthi(t ti t rh' ll al'ul." Iw .;P . Io Itl
hhlli ltiy f (IrLlu t 'It u n. hnl t,%t l. t it i i
w~lltlllUe nl' t h I' ll !U,,'d Illi ' Ni'·;LIW I Il).
whte 110 crsse EotheSand fo
ti'er +1\ \rn', ' ts I, tLin ;t+'< 24ll tih,'
)tlullllv*' (IIn 1 I)(·ll;;llh (ll :l I ll.ia+ () I p,.+ ..i.ll
Iaof Uth iuithe Itilt'titute Aht hI' Ilkuti
. rtr n i In'l r I re ir ; l tti 11 11it I ututi
r h Jrry w hich itht hluuluu Iur ut hite.
SJliut i;;itreant iti Mluh u iituitt. A. tI,
r ( .'Iauflel '4 ureit Fatlhi on! I. T'. 'Irt
Fileing to Andorral.
; i iftuenu. The buutlnutei uiuu~uiluuu itt ttuu
1idue utio t, tii rwardn thu niit lmiiti
of lint hetlh durlInt t htrPl c-ttitli.d A
(ionrn fur ei, ins Pt ed fver An.)
lil ngPsl,.n, .Jtly "l (Spe1 n..1 ) Att
S til, hotlit.n , as Newhen1 o1' th+. Iaghes thlls
m nItnllg. t~h+Pl ('IV \'l. l.+ity as o ne i the.
hunllr ofi Iellt'lritlllillg, th*" convll ntll ,hI
nenxt yeur It \w;s a i;trd fight but
Milealltuwnl boosPterlT swtpt away';) till *lit
5postion~l undl fina:lly wenlt unldr the
wire withiou~t It do nt'<' itigl++ \ tt.. Ited
Lo)dge, .\lnulte.dl mllll fl mltll nll~ wler'.
afiter the, pluh m mill ill th.+ iplrlimni
n hn rle m ad i alh mIt .IIII.h,.wilg, btut .Miles;
CItyl w.aII lil thlt gr',lltld eairiy and with
ythteh' t'owlhy haltn Hd us tl othr uttr111,'
go As I resuilt ofl wi;;tnta-g the en liVent
lnto h el .ll1 MlheH lViit deItga tlon has.
ls ntuat" flte ste et'l*i- ,dt l.l\'|l t"Rl hut;
it with melrim'' nltt'l. Tlhl'p, have't Iullh'd ,ff
111m 111y rithd lhleaiu ul ant, s I Iii." lllh in. gig+
|)ulrill ltauh y nI );rg*. l ;a lt tlni If'
bullinl*an. hts+ b.','n tlr;ll;u. tetd; iy th,'
l'onlVelthlll III .+*'lr,' .a-ninll. I ;flit'r,.
Wml'r elatel*d MP+ follow ~M. 14Mtut' pr'l.i
ah'nt, I'. I). Woo.d of Hll* nnI ; vh ." pre+"+
hlln.l , lHarry l,. . m l eas;'.; of Livinlg+
.iton;' chujll ubdll, ltichur~ld lBrown'l ofI I.iv
llngstonl; neerturt+~ly, W+ It I.KL I; HIt
U MisolaltIh; trousurelr'l. W%' W' \Wal iln.+ 0f
Hil~lllllgs;' t'oll|ul.t,+, Chall;Ihs ftills of
I atmilton; inhl+hh g.uaJd, .\ I,. WYilk.'n
an ol+l ,f Itjed l++ntge; outllside* liu;arld,
I Jerry Maluyh o iluP( Irtlilnr; I rutllt esl.
I Jansn llt;l4arlgeant of Mtualaml~h, A. E,..
I ('u ufleld ofl treat PFtlls, and J. T. Tlroy
I ot" Havre. The buit~ntess wani, o~tlf tihe
."order oif todtay was th,. motlt impr
t ant held during tile tconlven|tion. A;
(C2ontinuesJ on Patge deven.)
q~q~ttll, t . hilt ;.l I ;l l lt. t t~lr l4"Jt ,tit ,i
ltli., ilhl. IIi h .I t , f n slh l sJ ,f" th I* ' j \.li.
l|1',it ll i s e 1i~i in t . ld '' nIm l t It iti . I ,
s bI , ortrlll~· tI o wanal.I) be1111·1~ difflenit,11~ if Is
ahe l i if lii x ta" ,l.lila it 'f t till ' ri'' - It
atl l atf h 'ta. i -t,. i,' gt-t' tt I i tl, ilitl,| ill,,
...1% .;l 11i- I1 afl a. I ,I'( I -'i ,i 1 1)11 l i, |l\'- .I )
i t. all ll tllj 1 t t I j i la. i
Story Scouted. i
1. 1 M. h . hi*.ei, *f,1" ill, ' * r li',r h 3 .
I.~ IIII,,'1 i*4 Ih' *i (·IIl I·III. I~llll l., lua It'll aI
'.r I.in n l t fi )1i-i t-i I l iii I. i is NI ll' i i
I.,lll )h'll ill Ili.11 1',ol.- 1 %~ .1 1.. 1~. ,- '. h . Io
twi I I. the ma-itt ii I lar!s l rIt. l a
th,,i i' hllr ' Ihi l\,i ll· t X i lh**c,~v 1 Ihl hi'l+-1 I l-I
t.'1 l li" - l.t' t i. iti l i t t1s( l ttt I ' It 1
1.*n10 <t e i wigen I t I ho e a. i
IttaitiaIt It 5t lli iia trail a lltlta a Il l t I :l
t.li- Ii Ihl.aims. at- int 1ititil: li, 111it
L tat. tialai' " ,i. f ' l.. al tlt , 1at t at" I tlal ,,I It
:a gilt- at I t I Ih l \i l ,' Ltt 'lw t ita t t aitt at .
h-ill ti, I. I i' ' .lit a.igit Ii it.1 iili-I l i- t
Fr*** I t1-l a Itat h t ii l l lli hlat' is l tll Iia
vlal ot a ta. at-at1. tIl ltit I talt tagiii- i
iU t li t a l l t gait tti t : *l.a ll tat,. I a -s.iha, a.
ll rt o tatla i wl a li v o i lh . lt-laa ' hl Il.r IH i
Iitglllt litlt tai i , a iiiall I llth l r l atat.
Mv..iiogicli, o c.ire ;i'h [email protected] heit i
tat'illl at I lit-ia tu ilI.- l l ilitia h ia I, II a u t
H atalliall l I:V . l\% iii i iltl, ti a !Ia llvl I"
tattli prita at b M ilitiatai ri t. w la t i
It'II Iti'ihi-al ll , I lilhallllliuttt Ill at ittart lui
Ntae m sisess tic ..--i tait itor ut ggtlaaalg
Iit IIln al a I tII t aH t i l thltilr lu \in l a
hlill .1 , ,1 1; 1il~,'lli l .1 l'tIli .II lild I'XH I IK 7(
w. llaih . til I Ih lllit tatI t rly i ,ts halt a 'i t
at- llgul, ii t.r ill ,1ttI Ih l, a ir atln- lirgI t
i slitu tl itl. If' lit lllii h I titi lllI I t gi gtlir-gay
i-~ti l taP I ii 1~ a 1I iliia cw l ii ilia-g iri-ita tatu
i s' Jl l y l It.l'lg it ilt : .t th ii rllllr
Ii Eilatottitti th1 OFi aiUliaga tla tI t -
iF tatE OFli. hail lit- Its a- o eIr t r traa
IA I t l l . ,thyttll l l t I ,i tha illlt a i.tr h t at l
ilthe i i Lllua tIl ll htla lle t tha wllarI.l.s ilnd that
at it " af.lrr. l la ritia ali t ll r at allllt l o
.- ONC I SI - . lll. l llI iRi V h i
.lliilil , lin l t cw I i o. a , rhids lM.v l
I',.ii li eurIhn, laltiit ul' i' i nil ii~ th iso n
1 il'g~ ll.i l, T h1: , iynll,l'r liho Ilof p li ce t~
. ~is n il, ilell of la ll' I ing t iii.- ort t ov~r
I thml, liit'lll h %i !. no il us llliifl'r paI ng ali
f h . I m ut i Il,' hill ,iio lflr hi net na l tplined
:. Yould e i' ormllinl iili i aH . l " '.ui~lt y lt-i
li rllk,. ,n nt w on. ll tho, uigh W nin* hull ni)
'>liihe nli ty l ull l I ml' bil ling i i used li he lik.
1' hi i Ihu tl i 1n t ih ' b lll IIun Il l i a t hr i'e I imeli
h n 'i lth',l n i niastit, o t e ou t
t rii , I'li'lt'lli Iw l p ll b'othrli t li coutyw i
eniti.ihle lf iid t t. ilil lll ~ l~
Itl Iti, maiyllr, I~Pth , lhif slidi that h1.
huint venJiodffri.usly.ll lit tlh- liayolr /
I' offles bt, ii ho. wa11 eithitr oull lt r ,Ii-!
f gage'l wilh I-a.lh wailtliin fo r hlnm,
I ,illl h, slid ii,,t thilik hi, c. ulih sparl'l
- th , ttillt. I r i ainll ;il Iliill ter lir m lre
1, lit lhl, llhlofb iIoir oi f Ithe a, nyior, t
4. Wh1. thuit hi" m:w the' Illayor onl the
dayi) prl,.,.liig thtli asli whilh chairges~
.y wierl filhed aiinilit th wi tn'lllL' and thit
.' he hlnformed I hiil ilf tily condlitioni of
* I1 Itw -rc., Till c, lltlf unld Io thld thel
lit'antlllinud onl Pllget Molllven
Aiierican Consul Instructed to See
That Millionaire Gets Fair Treat
ment-Was Thrown into DunUeon
Without Bail For Putting Gaten n
Fence Without Permission.
ý ll lii'*. 'i. l l, July' 1 I % f
. ' l I r. w b'h -e arr es t l t 'I'1. .t 1i.1
. - 1111 - i N)). , tl l rllllI IiliK . a tt elllx-. '.lit
lh, Cato dlh*iitrtllllll t at \1'+1-hinl.|tonl.
;, I .Idi 1 ', 11 lMl.l d till 1 cII -l Eill .-ti-L t
ii NlO rNI t.-It- I' II r'11'.i Iu . tI h1.4
h1i ,llttI rn , . J. t. i ilit uin-. - I thill- i
, Mr lWadham muth" this sttll.
I t l lI . lKai l d r-ti'-liil l l l1 es. I,.|t m :
i i l.. rl ., it+, i4 I di qn . ' thi: u J l h i i .i .1 ,
t1 Ii i 1,t ,111 that N rit t.w-Kiy w.It ' tII bu g imll..
t .1 I. I* 1, 4 I ' M ,' K u . M r\ " %1 K a vI "
I , ai·l \lI 1'r ti 1 t Ii 11ii it i l . lt ll- I,, ittI
it ai t ,1 11ii. 1t .t, A rglN1il u sh IIlw " 'il-1t-t ul
at n W "It - iiti h 1tt t. Ju1 .t11111 t hu ti.r i
f' r llli .- l IaI, I tI t ofll hisli Iilli s h 11it
I' Illy itnglit l. " I a-t led ab ut thr.g."
T. '1:l' .lilul. i.l n di i 11r thei 1i 1 t t.,i r vil*.
" hr I, I,, lot m i t I "t h"r 1."r 1111., ait h*II
I li.gs 1ir4- l M r McKaII .l hi' rll1':1\'.1h
M .Kay h:r puticiai e I illllr Nint lrKd ilntl
.rmittmeal ti t lrh- iwti wigito.%hIr
i ''1 J .i L11*1ll p.l i n i lllll 1. M 'K.11 ' ly aid
it Iui ilitulKay Nh. Ir that r M lKii
t I-s Ike lsit t -11 is1,1 two ii t lil wil.l. tt i l Il.
i. 11t1 s lure1110 1 3erty and Irut ii t 1; 111 -
' ir .lru ei IIIr. ,lntr i IM r Ailt ,ir yuiily
tid I;nk e i ormis.lion Wante Iil' f.lct
tii.ll h 1 r i r*il lr l lt thu ll-it ltii l ll ti t O lliii
irt- : . that re It Kut di ll iut a witt
i .lrty lrtt ii + II. 1 , NI, , '. yIt ii r t1iul. I IT l '
SA ni-+ n ittl I t .r llll . -r 3 t IlMg-I Ih'-'i
:li"i • - - --.laK i --'-h - , -l i w la ,I
" I' : iti * l w r I,,i It' a 1 ii wairr nt, i* Iich
r 11 1 1 -.,. h Kai was alrrlhl," d ill w4S4l l
IiM' Argue.K ll. 0 lrrt .s, i Ju. an
nt" lit' 1rn iln o " t II Irda11, (Ii. "llitl J l)t
i r- 1.% IK Iay did nllt kmtw .,f his in
'1" A1edllt "i y wen l1'111 . T '1 '15i JI.ll 111111 ant
I '.li1l1, Ithit Mr. M lKiny 1511. ehallli "x
i in l* l h ,y th ti ilhe it l'riti M I IUi4i14
: ill :414il Ithat Mr Mtr';y Ir r.ltle sed
.lil h,.i, l4 , w hlich had bean , . ffere I In
+4(,y riusa.inhl, ,nnunt by 1.1h% :Mervb -
I t tillt' . il l l matb ilk 4,1' Saul Iulnie ; the
unlthilt 1i ' ul'lsed to c,,ll-Ihd r 1hi,
t in iltt.r, t.latilnlg thit he 1 1.ll Iliil n t he
it, r..L, I.c.I , +o i h llll tallt t I , t."stimllnl
ii the hi.o rllnl w,- ** llt t, Rosen
.1111 IIi c,1ln ietl acl e of hi1ch I t i'
iK McKay -alaed In 'I'hi. Juana ih jaiil
it. until the 1614i 1,1.1' 01i1n if ihl . I ll list
i" "I inl , ln r m hl that SlUl iin., Ih
1-t 1h. Iint., he W i.as a ied Int., pretti
r- ouud illlur't.r- alnt 1.'1 - illhwl td to go'
hin undi (ililt it the d otr. but thflt !loUn
day nihtKi he 15114 taken for a dungeon
S Ulin lcked till, the anardii i.indllg that
hie did illit Inot r, +,'e ti tiak., ain.'
chances. W i'. fl-'red 1t take Mr. 111
K ,y t1 hnren:M I, ll in aIn utit hllh
and tak ', the Kl inalts w1ith Its, but lhil,
was refu'e*, allhiugh Mr. McK. y ilas
ip .rm lllt l tu K it hi- awn i wagon, in
charge of twit ulll.er-, whli. I telivlete,
r1. 1 ti rill l.,rse. .."k McKay wiis hbaud
]'ffell , It Is -11 1, hll I o Il nut knlow
4(4 t11 this lpositiv."ly. IlH wever. I hii%*'
r'e -e lv e d ta ilt ' h'e s frl lim IE ls.sn ll + I ,i t i t he
'ffet't that Mr. McKay has be**.n ri,
E Ieta ed till hall"
Government Interested.
1 mll:luI froml Waishinagt win says
'The state* derinll 'lnt hum tel'*graph.dI
tn I"nentubl't i i itruting the conl. . l..
there I. watch the pri'ceedllKis in the
Mx- oM.cKiy case usll ilnfoirm flith delpa t
Simeat frlly. The ,. ihsy of M"oxlct,
.me City hum l141 I."l iln -tructi i tI il+n
II."I I . I ii I l I, iI,
htf $225 tin wtiiiirv ai..ng atr whuo
pleadled guilty to, ulll,ropriotlnn to
hlta own ttw e while u, ring as stumpn~l
tIerk In Ith M issoula Iuitoffici,
titampnii to the nlni of $261. Ia
tenfuitlulg i"rctir'aii taliutie wen Ir u
vancied In diahl if Ilerrick.
A ful Disaster Marks Target Practice of Coast
Defense at Fortress Monroe.
l)uring Reloading of Giant Gun Explosion Occurs, Hurling
Men and Officers Mangled and Crippled to (;round
---lieutenant Van Deusen i)isplays W\onderful
Heroism---Investigation Ordered.
ill tti e u':l , it't Ir' .i .1111. it 1111.r ' ii ..
d.eet. 1 It . i ist .i.t e I i. r i.e t ii . III h*5 , It i -
h"I ..ll .. . bttl th Ih. :1, . I I . lh " f . tt tih t
1.1 º:ltri. t 1.tat l t.i ' et ig.titi
)t. it I. II t o 1Ir* t s 1 I t*II :
1 , lti. . : t IItI.- Ill1\ \i "' :1111' .'l h tl I t t "11t
l I.1IIll\ ,ilt 1. r tho d i ll I . \\ . ,,1'io .I'
|l'IInt |]it' \\,II (1s |,,lel(1,1i li ill \.f·t ;JlIiK
|,,11 Th,' II I .,f d" ato ..1,I .t,." It~ll',
The Dead.
. .111 :1',ANi' IAlitY IIAA .a
i..iunii t-I
'lit tVA lT:, A I t.,li.. , ..l N, .1 I -
I'Y, AIKIN. , AItIl:Y. KINIt I'll,\ I
\\ II'K. 8111'M 1 .l'r 'll, '1 11. t.:1 I1, '; \.N
I gen.It e-tl 'e t: i e. Is 11 lu l.e I'eeeii.e
ile.i le. I .I I f ,er illt itit" ll, 1.1. s Iuk I. l
|'llillIlll l ''ll hi.lt f''l', ,1 1,l'".k."l1
t e; tuh l jI eIri' e l"llIt e I la , t t i" t tu'u r i dr
Tht Ac hid 1. nt.
1The. 1.tl, ,f del ti h, II is e i..ett.'r,
I.woutll hl ve bi"N.. l Ia i rg' le lltd ii. I t t I -l
lI.or ti*.' h' ir.ia' ll s l ditpi l I ld ht l' the 'if
flitr .I iind men i the t iil.ttery Thel
w,,u lded f)rK""t their hlrlts linl maled
hth' teiii njurell hr e lile hitIlug lie t !It* i
(unrlning powder that Iihrsi I n.esterl th*l
clharge ftr' Iai e'' i iind sh ii t
The Accident.
The expl ioti n )ti itieeurrtL a III I, buttle-ry
I)e ll h usl y. N.lt It KII doin llll n litthe e ulrnic
igi " Thle gn wieas ii t li.lrgi f ('l ,e
Iili James Pr.ntit. a, whii haIl with him
lieutenantul t;.-"orge 1' lliw.- , Jr, iind
( Iorr , . it n t lth er l h. r leiwe,' had
g a'mt f1,~rw. .1rd Ir' ,,in Ih , b roocl'h it 1-x -
unltile thei ralnge', whlreris when tile
h arge itis e,.lxp.iet. II. ti le s thr.w it
d a w n len d t l li t t itr l l Mil l lim e d o h ilt
' Itherwis.' tll inlJ r.'d
:Iihe eili en w.ke r, killl.u it trilt, th eir h r
ntiill.eu (ei i te'rl d arm atll tiii emplace
I1n-1 Iia we' for,.l aw It furthe.r rrarfl(e
.ell iIe', t if the utllielr t h rgl tae .ughtl
flrin the Im uldel'ring spee 'rks and th-I
it' , sent out a i i ei'ei fir ellrge nil wh'ilei
_hIthey attl ,keld tih flt, ,un's w ath their hlrt'
hand's. I'ptulln Pr,'ltie. reach A ut'h
_iinpl rem,.I ii t first lid ini p hing I hiI
way throiulgh the snlke wllni sp1rks. he i
crried out it hi g of powderI Ho then
w';1.1 JUslil.il I lliw,., 1,11(l th*l twe .
o~.ItII tr, J lyl'. I .1 .I ,-itt .ri 'M'arv l f ''
ii'i 1ngtI h . r1 9 1. ,n' , I, l'r tI il t I I.'
i nlall llc"i',lll itil l I f' Ilt ' it' d'nt i - I
Ir tliti I' lrititl ciltlllliitlr -, tt., i it It
ih rt* ,f ttt tll" itl ii i l ig l ti illMrg .
tta'i'y i1' itt 11t ;1t t ,r ti "tt I n ati on1l l II
fLr thl . t rlr tility ii Ih , i' ttiut t in g vh th i' I
r111 itr iw ili ,ua higti ,h hti.t I-' Hat i t Iq
1ow t%' inwlll fo r doimlrlta~l N to) KI° tip
K.thellr anldi ,l011:-i unl till Igr'tindlsl upl
.o sil |l|{'h aill)l lllln 1i e ll Iall nllll l !
I.,li,'i,. 'l'en h illg III ills, illfliln 'nlc
W.'1' . I I Hl' l l be111 MII;I V i r M vl~ll'V,'l
I erlwI ll , of w', e l h ', r lirPat'
wv,.igIt t11t1 |h i, Iotilllw ill il hi- |pa rt%'
Itwt his w ishi'N .houbtilhl hi " nidl d .LI '.| *1"1
"herh i.rai II sw ril I g I', l ,If doin:lllll I
tH'an1 in te densr ati,, 11 Ic prllty~~~. To t
tIll nt t all tell I ,l r liV I,,l r|) '1' Ill,'
s'late all l lll t o i tl" ].r jlri tyl'. oifl i'ilt r
sllart lJI "i houl I. e fuIl' . i ta irwd
anidL approl vedl'l, bult wI itsn Ill goI. htw
ynd~ thisC t~nl H'uty l oft1 rytoi
yrifrtr' r) il ti Ih. ihi l, l l,, Iil't (h~ If
-e-f 1wis to n d Ir p tI l l, ik thin. t
Mr 14ryun is t iil i hfllahh , a Ii It:
I r io" atlr iar} w oll in ugreell w thI, e ln Mr.
tIr.1iil slliho ld arguiil lith hinm ilril liot
illotit h imlr.
Mlr M ir vel.I IstatI.'I thllt Jidgll Ilrtlly
w lull ill n llOluln hw, ciilinii .,t lrt M
tiir . l nr ilt I lln it n l i t l. tl . t w tei I n
Intte tlelll. Ill n ii I , lll ill illl hi
Itkluihliii t'It., . llih 21 .I I' M ,'
Murirl'y. oI Ml,.lh.-ter, wa. hin eth if r
eVlltwo hleret, da whlv 'tlh his~ ittlirnl.)',
lventiatlon oft the o I~re, chairgil fl.
bribery Ilt Musakague~t AlllUgs 31. Het inl
anxiousill thiit the inl'lestigatlioi hblgin at
the ealirlslt llissltbleh dhtu undil Mahiil heI
hadl nol klnowhblldle ofl at rtensll teridlll~l
possitlllnen im lt whlen the. c'lrnmilt;;"in
conl %v, nes.,
. 1,. , ta. i i a i, at,,' t I .a l Ia ta - ia
11.. .ina i .1* I h t\r.11 r 1\1 t,
1.1\ 1 11g ,1 , 1a.I. th t a 11' tI . li.II Ia -"
II . " ' I 1, ., a I al a I , a111 1a I. Ith "' 1.1
Il,1 , I h illi 1 t. '; I t ala 11111 l a
The Heroes.
.a I' , I11, Il1 l1t 1 i 111 ha. .11'ti .111,I
I'I'r '1" I . . ,: llI ( Iata k IIII I . ,.' l f a I II
S I III, 111, " 1 t '( %I\lk s
111la kh,. \ .. llll ,u u. 1. a'l ai 1.a1 t
t;11I1`. .', 1 h ,'lill ,'l ' . l'hv ' I1'll ' , I(""1 '1 1 ,i1 1
I h '. Ilh. I lt. .t l I t .ilala \.aa It' It ltt d ltala I
I1h1."., .t I I t v111K . .II IIri. ll 11ll ' h d ih th
t 1. .i1. ;lot(t :111.1 ,\%% 111 11.",' 1 1'.1111':111. "
ILIIIIg . III h tlnj, it lllrll'nlll I· ,|IIII
.1111 111 Ia t itll ' l .a' t a' 111.t 11at a atl' .' 'll
,..lll all .'lll*, fill" ,.,1t "'1" S ,"rg,-';ilt! JI lllk -
a., tat.i It.i n I .i , ti h t li' ih t h .att tl'th1 It
*,1tat, ,,liata I It t a V atla tligo a'taltar ta
histat o t a II. wa I Ita' I'.c.a a.t"tr a hla
tight 'i tai lllild lIltl la i.n hli ri.K. iit,.'
.,t", ia . atfl ltva a ati. a 1111. ll. hlilm ilt tait.'
IIn K |a\ -i' t a1 r a tfal thl rl iThlll K o f li l-'
t K h l I I'i Ia 'I tI ar la t all A l t h o iu h t ta r ri l t. I t.
faI ls.e :lnl itaa l.l't'lg fra alta It1.' stla . k.
ItIrltikliv' la''lltine'I lto gK lt, flt ho4la tial
i.r pi-- lli t.h' tl.rgK o.l to e$ xal tln.nI lhint
lautlat tta-t Iaal aas tala.l lia ta 'tarai'a la
Investigation Ordered.
I (' li' l '1l l''t' ' tlt at1.'>. 1 a'11t 'ila i tLIa l
I' \ t.alaai'.- Il ll a
- I aII 'Athe 10 ,t r nt tly Iarderal His III
IIt IH a t alat'i ."I h1.' .:a111, '"1hat1 tih,.. '..
tli,. lan ,.,a'.alrria.I tllrilng th*. Into'rtloa
or lh,. Ill'.'.'ach la 'k tlo' Italllh ' b' ''Ih , if
Ilth. gaII II and lo.r',r .t haldl ant'ai rlliut
t. anllat lt.,ktaaa ill lli a ' ''lt. l alf'aty ,l -.
vi. ,a lh t.' ailtla i tral I nlalat ad t,' maake.
ii r l.an llturl a di.halil'Ke a lalm ilath. l'. Jlust
Ilaia Ith.y falll l Ito a l. tilu laralbablalt
nliv.'r "lll Ia. kbll .al it :'a. rv It 'llai'h r
of the d litu.htn tilt w lins cosld have t-x
Ieiniltiial It it dead ""
'Ta h. alilalulary, hililaIt-'r, isl tia hl th' ir
oail li As li ting In. the ,hnvta.llilt
ar'Il• ttalll it, Iaa a 'lia'ing offlaers ,f tllt.
aTho faatal ala.hia nt l .allrlrrld hl ill'
ta' rg .t alrlet, ' t a. at fla tlhiagi I'ar IK tm,
which were taaalt to the lrain rtinm if
batlllta hr iM. \lallatl KitlK ola n 'alh. firaagl
wall olt l landultd i s nearly g tt 'I silltrIg
u4 l r'i . a ttlt a'l ndil tianr ai ld wr 'm ,il n it
tIU ra' larlt.ntlIaalll ill ili' llann aiv r lih,,
a- t aln u llteallial It .fara.
M.,lo~lrl:,1. July .1 All 1, ilr~llllg!:
.ll I (4-. ., 1. 111,' 1 ,I 1.411 I' l 4 1 4 11
Il.- 4 ':u ,li:a l'a''iI ..tf' 414114.4 44 4 11.
ht~t s.,'n1-Itnlh v.ni 1-111,. all'1{r4 o l-. 1114-lt %itst",a.' ;d11,"' if
I.w4 .'i i Ih." 44' 444114ll44 n4 I4 11..'i 11
'1.1.4 .I..i.I..ck i r7.4I II 44 . I l'4 414.1 .1,1K~(I
M . .4 pay I."ri L," ' 1u1. 1 1.' 4',..I'y
II''ntlIg Ih. r-ll, i.1414'M 4' V I 1P.414
11..1 ) .1 44 , ,I h 1 1 11r11.1i. :11111 a1 ,
gl I' ''lI4l 4 i,..'-m. - 4 I w hClt l.it. .ta. I
'.'z1 11 ..f,,. \(ag1 is r11 11. g l 1 ., II by 111,
Arbitration Wanted.
l14 1 '1441r4.I 4..'111,"4. '
414,1 '1-- 4u14 1 I 144114 1I1 144444.4 441441,4144
aloof fit.. 'hal 11:,l 1 .f Its strik ing tram-,l
4444-4'n 44,1u~ .44,1.. 4,.44. t...I,.ay 1 1.11 1.
!41.44k,14'/.1' 44 444, II4III.t.-'r ,f Ll...i'.
.""..114.41 4. w 11 4.-h lIntlmatI.44 44,t it'
4144 11 11 4.44 I %."- 11.1 44' 41144 It 44441.1 1.1'
as hill.1 II.g IIII gIC: Irili1)ll t w ·1 l d."-'
fray II..' 144.14:4 1 X 441 .1- . 444.-4 14j'-.I1
4', ':.N ."Iý .1 .44' I ''i. 1 .41 '1 h.. il t.
'.4444..4 i ' . 1 1. 11 4u(Ii .I 4.. 111. i ll:J 1"
.4,1 4..' 14,41 il lr II:, .. I-tli .In t1 4.
'1':1 1-l . h"' II' .,- 4 14 .41 . 4.'4.1 4 .1
11':1'....I I' 414 (4 4.4 4 1 i4 I~i
Service Poor.
til4 . "11. .4 il..- 14441t'144444 4.ilk 4'
414p"4 -(111(. 'r . 1 up-. l h144444 1 `44 4 ''. 44441n
,44..I It"41i.. 'l.I'~ 4444 1 '14144 " :1411. 444444.4
4fl '1 i. 44 .444 .4 1 ;444 'I.4I'4ll., 11 4 .1 '.11 .,1
41:4 II ... 4 41 . 4. I, ,. '..444 111.'-1, '444 .If
4h.' 4-."1 .'tI ra.- It 1 11444 alt 144 .k Irl 4.1"
444 nu1 at411444 44.4 414441e In O.ntario to
4, da~y to. mov.e4 l'I.'lKIat (rand Trunk
1' 4144..''444.-' u 4444144 44444 t .dTurunto wan
444.4.14444114. n4urma11.
Investsg.tions So Far sem to Point
Toward Fact That Presdent of Mu
non Route Was Mixed Up in Greatest
Railroad Scandal In Hit.ory-Surcide
Ides Prevalent.
I 'h .,,., Juyv :1 \\H2 I th.r tra It
|. l sw I rt h I'''. , tl ,,r thi t,, nl **l n rPsial
I. w . 5Illd , .s biular." ilii hiii hls n'
.It sI llsis . ). li ii i I \ II"ll"n I.t, rs sIr
V th1rlh . .,I i'i sta. te' hb the I< (h;wag
isis '. h*I a lhinsittid -ish'sl'. rsstwlll :l I
IIH'I ,E .L lolr 'l to'***\. Ill. d 'l l th *.'
Isi' t. I' *,iii l io' si.\ af l tle li It. .It a llll
I IlsI lh ,r,'.ll, 't "s~sssI s is11l rII ilrssss( st
IlltlJl I .I I' 1IIHII.). 4(111k*'d Hll (~l~l III I
IhI.liri - .Illh'l t s IIn il s'l Illial · sIntr a
r* r I* I i' o', Ill air*. tlr tsti.' . It
I. mlall, v b iy ,I' aft rs .*0 w lh thI, IIIt*.II
stirs, ls, ii i ,I*..I1ii,,,I. silti ilhs,' llIr.
Is his Iislminil' tis iiw ii5 i''tii.i ls' fiar
ttsiisi to 5 th i r sri sI. 's-' II. s
| f h, s lsis l' t'I lir 1lii rIssast lit
hslll '-·oi ss IIIi sss I*s I . l*,' I hKit h d ll sisl I
'I'l'y is is tsr l'nor ,ii t* I tl t's s lllllltrlsst *I,.
t 'rt sit l rs,. , Ii i .'irs,.i'slu list. h,-s ssstl st
firt frr I, ihiy hil tls Il'id sd tIl*ll eX
- 'iiiisistsrii w'se Ii hiss. Iio'iise ntlfinued
'TiIslllllrll Its" t slwtsaill tsi1**i u n.lyll
'|'l,..ll~~v II' ,I.;i II ,iI IiI IIIIINIr ill.V
hullt iI tlhs llli llry .stsit Wslt.,rr I.
Vishs r, .tir f t l,, I llr.,,rh ir lr iI st IarK.
sif this il itl lv's'
'it i's is c l ll iis lly ts |' i dlts.rmemstts
Iht. lsis s itsr it f Isr111si's itsv,,h'**d," hi'
Is.lsi "T'r IItll, si.lis IIris aier.* si',ktd Mr
r, Itli ll ti t Ihl tirisIr si'e ItI IIs I, lay ii
- fliCsn 'tlstil sr Isi s l S insssst.II i I it i
hlr.,ll ht mell
l"srr thu flr-t l thI,. sri ssl . thls i**aiath.
I the ilr 'if 1 , ,s ris- wss llft.'1e frill th
ii Il sw Is llsslss' ;Il t' tsas nll, IswI(mut *swuipts
*f l, Is i.rn sisit a nsis I's I 1t tsIi, Lhi'r
itrri t.sitsiintsmst ass isisait.' thuS
:~ir~Irlil|;l~lllllCllll:ll.:. lli| hl
s I .i'ssItI d Iril ll, ItI .' Itss',.ss',f whIch
s:itilitd tsr Ith. atpp-'srtnlt's, stf isutidi',
hald hIPe'tln dslisv'r,.rs'd TIs. hullet wast
It tinitis.usr, itng tss C ' I Iltssls'i alms
irs rLtIIssesi 'ItsI5 t iL ' i tlengs ItIIIs, in ths.
i t 'r y, sirt si,.hh itr " lshis vlit.llh a tI.rl
,f I nrn'llsll' , islrs l- ttlshsntld Ai s Issistt
(I'hiii t sitP'srlh., It'shutsl'htr hers, sick
inK hh li t l dl;tal iw In iio sld the
tIIv st illlgulliu ' Itrs.' e lltlls ive r Iltsl
I 'srivs'tiiI's's airs', rhs' liss'sl sritn tshs'Uia
yest 5,rhly w Irs, ru1si sd 'it IIi, ssai II
thss Ivsistignts'i
A 55.-a this ry uss tss thi, sir-itss tsr
a ll IIis tia is a si ati t s t' ass
s.iKUs'gi'IstI ltse tI.tssv trissis its.' offic'**
ist thes iris tsust Iris's' t'l'.e s.tg.'ts-y i'In
Ki*agsd Is) Its' IStusa'l r'laiitl.s tsI ti
n*i'stiglstls" IlIss lh-stlh 'hs. sstsitiinstl wassis
exipreisse.'It that ir suwns iilst hi.,
des'ssthi issl' hti rIsu( sits l f s's'itdlt anlsd
thatl iln fult', butt onle sh1,t hald twen
rirsit snit I thsit fissims ths' rev''lv.'r the'ld
l's Mr. t'Riawn
it i.s Ilk'ly tIhs lt r lsiawn Iis.arst
'sins' nosiisi'it IsIiss Iosisis sts an itti r" -
sIs-slir. its1I Isisit ri'iii-i'sslts's t tiisl siut ris
ovliver in hanlld di'..t'*lld*.d tI1 stairns
Its wi'ssrs 'h sif aisl istrIsisdI'r." ssist ast.l U'
* fi-sir stf Ihi dis-ii,'s'Iirr sigi'issliy "Whe.s
ts Issr tlis' Ies stltitilin s tl*s' iiist rway, I
Is'iltssv' hIi*i sitisimileIsi s d this restl'uv'er
as'as itisushssrMe s'It'Iis awsistt nei'isssnn
fur Its.' fsit Ilisi unity isi. dusht wa's
h Irl hy lsiiullhiris ,aid lhihit thr. 'ati
is's iris'.' if i r'r.ib r Ill i ilt' Issiia. Mir.
Itas ii' ri litus i-, l w is hi t desr
s'ntitsd is visit's is f us tiurgiir siris
what i lillhg hIsis sh':s ,. Ilkis ly ais
issitsI' hi hl,. hwsI ' I i isit ii)" a bsirgt1ir
a,'|is Ii si, u d Iis lisi'.. troirlissliy wass
s-ass-it Sl Its ih u issinstaI l stiscirliasris. sit
lI ii ible Isii'iriI\'sv
Jsilih. .1M,, tusly 21 -.Ass alsUinllulllms
as r.l', anell fl'*nll whillth ~rv-a, t h inlgl[
wtere *'xl-',,t., Iby i .11 Ilre.h ntslllI itsl
illV itor, s l'ulssr ii ri .Ii urs 0 .ss ilatiotIi
air' i tsi'sii's thit the s5 u5.'liinitss ta
l s-lsh . sisis.' i', sh, rs arl t K lighitii, ls slsll
i'hstiisiiss its us islirl re I isli i'
ttr. 4 it, Jsly "1 - t'halirniart
11 tluski ' f tIis' lI'oIsi' i'sissitl,'' si tsl hts
suns lls is, h's his i-i notis I .-5t| ililt
hun'h' a.l Ii' b I, . lt'silt l m is t j siw s ttsi'
Itosisissh iisi liii,*' illhs ' l isst, iII
$st sih N I Iuksl;i -'',.si' is St s'pr5 li
I.) IIlllf 111 1·11: (I I.Ll~ItI( A
~, I g II I, *'I I .
.jte'.l t tilt agill1 3' un) *I~ptirtinc
thatn thu L.Ibe'ritun Irullil h.,t. b..fl
agihy dle'ltrtt11 III un ..11ert Ii)
41.1 t u t iatiluhg

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