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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, July 23, 1910, Morning, Image 5

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WEATHER When You See It Here WEATHER f t f ~
It's SO Fu I~i§ jmXYtL.jA I'
A Straight Talk to Men About Our Great Clothing Sl
SUPPOSE a friend in whom you had full confidence should Irunt you up to tell you that for about ha/f the retular price you could secure a suit of
clothes and he would guarantee you full, enthusiastic satisfaction that the garment was full value at regular price? Wouldn't you profit by that information?
The Missoula Mercauti/c Co. advertisement is the friend that hunts you np to t'// l'ol 7-HAT4 7 FA CT' exact/y, and a/ll the strength of the M. M.
Co. guarantee drclares that 17' IS A 1"4 CT7:
,< " There's absolutely no getting away tom the fact, either, that you can always buy the best
.. . .clothes at this store for Less money than you can buy it anywhere else. Where for na
' stance, will you find in Missoula clothing to compare in quality, in tailoring, in style, in
fit, in value or satisfaction with out hand-tallored PREMIER Clothes or Hart, Schaffner
A Marx Clothes, in the high-class lines, or our Wool Worth Clothes, in the popular
t1 ipriced class? YOU CAN'TI
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~N,, ,'i,,he'. inti Ihe worMhl e its, nleI r thial .M isso-,ula .li.rani bi . <',,. ,'l,,h,,.. \V, hax,. ,,iit t,, l,,u i I,, ,, ou -r,.at bi,,n.it,.. t,, lp o,\, it. .%ny thinkin~tg imaI
SkilcWb' th ii .i .li tinl'.l ' hie ' l iiti lel' lh\ It i 4titist t ll il tltlill iili l i 'il i'.tiIsh 1 r1hi p Ii', Iill r.,i If'lll ' - .a'11 l'4 su h ;ilI thi .4il lil. 1I 'M H ' 1h,41
I iihid ,n it it lidl fnl hition of larit.
(rIIIr' . Ie'tI 4'l ihlllci g l ('IhasIu nni'r, hii'Ie es is Ils t i, . 1 '1 ' s ,lt .I'e'k 1 la ue l h3141 hee ' 1'.l ' ";,.I kitd hl ,f h1 .-1 i 'f I ,i, l it ' lfe s h,' has li, thi f'llf'i i svi g
Ilnitll' thli uael. tilts sof i Iiilin' le i eit' (i'jlenel iin ''s. Its s.,e'r.ss is 1114' e i, 1h,,' sii ptlIh' 1l'ithtl :
1.l. ---ll rin!l lhe' .m/let 'l lhinfl (;i hl ; ill it i r10 if tl y 1l hpl h, u, I 1 ,', r i, I, d., th , nl l l f / e r I f o, l t, f l f i, l pei iIu r flvri,' .
eulllf r or fi' or ein' iiel le rit li it i' Ih rih lit .x i: ..
*.' i. - ri l 4in ll p1 ia','s. cc* l /s1vf " txI h i iv I.1 /r' I#1.he U nitt/iV., ih / (1 I')t I. t , t 1 i 1. lov'I'fst
ta:Ivd. -I .limilr e 'l firjfiel e' in lhi. ,SItt' fhiil it will lirr ,i 1e, ifts 1rr rd 1 ri# tI cl '.
S.llh.-- lifu'r itt i m ios ' l'te'If li: fh l if ix 0yer iovni/ lo bf l l r h " ai d Ilertrrtflv e l/i v toI li. ili/ i 'lrl e r~ 1 , .
Men's Good Worsted 8 . Men's Suits that sold Men's Fine All-Wool
Suits that sold at $12 d 7 all season at $15 and • Suits that sold at $18
Now - - - - - $16.50 now - - $20 and $22.50 -
Men's Fine Suits, 1 7 Men's Suits, Premier 1 75 Men's High-Class
All Wool. that sold and H. S. & M., that Suits, our best, that
at $25 and $27.50 sold at $30, now - sold af $35, now -
Thin Summer Coats Young Men's Suits Half Price Men's Summer Furnishings Speeding Out
',at. fr h ..ffl i' il t- '.ree wiar w h,.,ety i, th4 . I: l lhn lan I'hthe, II. 4 & M. \urclty ltles ill ' " S1- - . aLll , sl ,11'hilt th5t .,4 1 ", $ i I4," $1.35. $25 0 iw $:1. 1 ,
re,,leved to cl-,,en1, fill. ,hehiir cccke ,,' c ,t tr ly 't yung in'n stilts, the very heatt .l,,the ini . u $11 wi. 1 ,, jTI 2. , In4,0 u lw .5l; $1 s, 14111 [email protected]
$71".1 Hn,'k Alpnrn runts ;1.00 fart, upon which this store hen bh ilt up the largest mid sl ti I - vrlhu- .
$3.10 lirnly Hihlliian cit $11.75 ahbl y',,unifg iiln'nc Irade in Ml.nu vi it. .11, ; n, ; ils k nhiirts. tIi, heIlrhl ,, cuci " .r c'c cf r t -ai h i a.ll
$14 ' Hlliu' n A ' ,glc t rat" $' 2.$00 " .ta tt, $ . 25 . ;,: $ . 4.7$ 4
,41 Itick Hl lilinl I', t SO . 0guil r irho o. i t Migctc c,,, c' i c . i . I 1: $hh4( I ' .c $S I ,0l "c ,"cia'
ý2 iii '"c~ 'cclccct 20 "''tllc "cl'im $41 ilý 4,,ihl $::siio c~u In I'I1n i;l $slý sic.l~u $Ic $:.1
15..00 btray. Hilk aitc;.. $11.01) Hllh- 5rlir' $1..00 Io *17.541 r " o' cit "f't
MEN'$ LINEN AUTO DUSTERS Trousers Clearance 1' *1 . "-" .. "'"' "'II . "I .. '" "i' 14 '"t .-ft
.Sth niii a 4 c11c i ~Ic ' I h c" Ili , .01l lulll 1-111 " . ic " "c ,, c'i c c ct"" cil i lih i cc. 4.t dcc' l il" ti ,,25 ' s
"b u Fe Iain , ~14-1441 s' aletM n r undern re ;1 ,111 uu nd rI I 4r 1 . . rmen,.t Ir 26C,. !I
ia1d 4)u"dI it itlttrci c'h c c kc. Ite'e'k; A c i dress trn sers,'. rcegularly priccd iat frcom ;i $ ulrt n c Ii cc I * ' 1-lic.' , g f 756' ; 'll~' 5:: $^14 141 ln hn isi I'll-t $1.0 .; re
itlltury crIhla'rn yfour c.hlc. " 1 :. pair. racclI'edI 25 PER CENT.
of the Int - 1 ,)qr en.g m 'nn Pi;-t"p trc.iers HALF PRICE. A . srt ,n r crhsllt. ahccc I , .rth , t, . ., In r I cfcnryr halc, 1o ml r
Leather-trimmed Khaki Auto Colts $7214 ihwi-,., r r cniict- icl'de Khaki plants, tith (nt 1i 0 . " . .. ... .... n . Ia n ;*414 .I"nn s -
..*,. ,o.,.~ o,. ... " *'' ' . .. I " ""' '"" c" t".'" c' ti" ..' Picc e "-c " - ..... c ' "'"" ...c.. "'ci ....... ,,,,,c,, Ic - ,, Icc ,,c icec , 3,,, i .c..... icr 30
now going at great reductions. and cci cut tutot s. u l . . cl w iig'rly pri ccIc it f 'r cc $1i nin . cccci.. . Ill shdcl.'h, hyleS ;ail cal-nr14, 7Gr and kinds ti cv
$1 .?,o Khaki Ients, gccw $n 1.00 81.2 i Khnki lpunts, aiw'w Sc1c tc,$cS , $ soa, FII., 1 Three for a half, al ,i 75i,' kinds for cr 504 ' t,
Straws, Straws Greatest Clearance of Summer Footwear Missoula Has Ever Known Boys' and Children's
A", ",i , f.i, ",, (1, , ,>.., Clothing 4 Price
that atll';hlS I irgsl iifd In 11, ,- .N w i'dsrfllv 1 4Is('('( s'if'l ve'nt w int full l W nll g ..MIstnic',ll sl Itst s how 1i' 11.e.1' ,, exceeding h 1 fill" tht I'r lll:u ',0i I r'''l'r ( f I 'l ieti er' s . l l; b till ft i t ItrvlIIl
n lI tI' 1 I1t1 ,t' I ,I W14 , II it is l'4e b5lll.ll4 , 4',I el t 'h5i ' t 1' ie 'f1'1' 1Is h v1 w1' had ue I4ln dl5 sira4he Iowv Nho ft, ''it l's fur 4 441 5V al" e 55l41 iu ila nII' pri,', 11'' l'i- .N1 e11"144 till-I 11oes,(1r .uit",
M,'ni' ec Flu t Hn ,t lints. It all th,' fi' . . I llt an )4rtiunl'itl without l'l'arhl l held m1'n an1 w11e1 n mi i thI, h hflint '.hiieljh',i 1eh,.t I nee railIlg th e, elne. fi. Ni:'s t,, fit /ll f:','t 1,) f n,'y juv.I tiloe '.(iti anem8
ep,,'lsi'r t ta1rt,.,. tI 'all Iteylnh H osc. doi't I i'itt. ' elhiNi e'asiih s ll. 1 40 in
iancciu ' r igu ctr pri'. cllM5n ,/ 1,.' iv u ' ('i 'I.alll, In thi I !Ls"i'. M l '
te $4.01t, rtduord "A 2 MEN'S '""MEN'S O 'BLOO.M
.i 0 i "', .... pacs. tht1 Fine Oxfords $) Men's $6, $7 Hanan Oxfords $3.95ne Oxfords . c.o
$1. 0 4, , 1 . . .3 14 48 1 ; 1 . .. : 1.6 0 . 1 ý $. . . 11 ( m . . . o . . F i n e O x f o r d s F i e O f r sBY.°
r8a. . ... ... 'ise leaerei nnIlll emli '( e'tt, 5',lijeh'l witi is slute' s I"I' rhleilltjist fnit'"lllak- r p t o
'ieilicdrc'g .? at IIl.i, 9ll kilc b i r.g g h" woS l bring 'vPr ' 1 ,he k1s hi liest 'Ne f i'h es '' a itih 1 JUVENILE SUITS.
cend c-is u'eg " ilt recia'E t hest nelI'~ , hlere soi lhe' jise h l c.ic $4, Si I.' $c icg Mle'
an rit sex lci.'eiccr. tie1 /24.4~ ,_________ ,i' " I sessusII I ts U t el' 1 e11'111 111'-11- 111 1 4111' es111 "9 5 17 rs,141.4114151 441ls '~__________ c 22 t s$ .0
illutilrccc ccll'l l' itcii', Hirhcci' I iic•cN• It I,,usNil )xfli'iitisie l til l, g Ii ef le i ftellts IIiItci.RGAT AWSHS ITS
$1.41 t., $4.1 r,.1 ( i,,,s,'tt 1 ie h'aven't h'd ac'k i ilhlgl pair, i el oI I a ' iil o iiim is, iiId rpli 4.a t, i.oo
I lul(rllt lht' liolst )Oxford lasts ant tark of this f1u1 llo I ke.
lulsirrls antl ki 1si hne n 25 'ro N "or Igorltc uo fF r'l 'fti o1' pi. li ll' of (J'oi'r t f i t 1.00, REGATTA WASH UITS.
"' ""'."" l"" e'"" '" 25c Regularly $5.00 l , an m e. Regular1ly $4.00 0"' 73'. $2
All Ittiilwri4 is jepilnt kid, patni t e'n li, gi'tlilles ItimtSit lia i t ,Jlf I r gUl' - 1'11
1.All our men's fine O(xfords lIat(' i'by sulsil ii lf, iild ipra tically all s izs 111is ' \It ie i n l'h jlel-39its i' esh Ic'4 u Is PI i' s ic' s s fftsl le ji BOYS' KNICKER OCKERS.
T runks, Suitcases 'I'u Ely & ., uo r d to prIanc lcather a. he n he Igils. Pe 'r lpair *.. . m sin ,wet iifsr and i h . I xfrd( % wil nl 41.. i<,i, t I. , . 54.4
ally half .r1.ue. 11 , l, , . . . ..... f.ai(irly i l't il ) ( 1'v1i' 1 1' S1111e1ll '1ril dif- Ki , $1k, - 8.1
Outward Bound nw lasti, in puch ltaihers as pattnt fer'.t si tyhlS ar, its ,a11l it s'set ,f. s' t nc .. c,.,.,,, k .. . li$1.3
s.o1l, gltstttl'l .s'alf "sl I "II.eeiAI til1eisf Men'f $5 Oxfeords at $2.95 :ttl ".""'"."" '"i....ti. llslc't'iti """ci'c.ic $1.0"
fo r illh 'ir Nl h nd id f ttittu i, ity le il l sl le ,' i , t wic o ,,A t c xf rdi , i ul, r i y ,I ... f i h I ,t I l k ,.r hi it it .. 1,,,r i.. I . 1 1 sl't lf; a llit ilii ' ailussl *4 'ize' Io fit . ", cc i ,, i '!,i..,w i rti.53
ifu lltfo --ilt t i ' l0 t $5.00 hoNII oi the witcili...vc , . ,I t ilc cel. riti .. .. i , i/ imt,,t ih . .i I, I 5 2 95.....4 ieec2 9 "'"" ,,t lid ,otl l eiir l i tlh ' 1e' . K ......', . . l .
lHiltrket.' unsulu la ntrti('i ; Jil u.Iz, aipd nt ulli.; reusur ntl , prv , I:,ol. 1- ,1,,.. ;il • i*lit ll hiilf prlic'i. nl no.,,, .z . 7 ,, li ya~r.s,
I,. ,',, ,I , t. ,$ ; . .... 2 5 e
Women's $6 Hanan Oxfords Now $3.95 Women's $5 Cousins Oxfords $3.95 .... . 35
\\'4%elmes f(iss ()xfieldls, Ilis s b y lusIlatiii & Hsniis, ltid Itis finell t il , iii WVis 'IH f t wi Ei', tiielhs tcs I. & T. ('tii l is lSg u h giodi viiecit tI 1 I il' cc"'"35
gs ilfiI5n IhliNNiI ti. n tt ni fakin, in ibihlits lih 'e Ntyle.4, with haI l d-wl m lt Ns wei ,5iI prl'-iinlil 5v4id Iiiw m ktieew is -lhsil h ilni iieliese i I ri, , I i d 'kls ltikci I - I ,. ' ,,t itch c iI accat.
eult N inI s n iliilry hIelN,; dain iy, styleh, Ier ifs 'f slt fitinsg fuolwtl', r, guhf.S 'ly vaniu gt ,,r. 'l'htie se 4 fcl.l arit 415 41 h t ,e gee.' uine Iutiiil lain I .I ll'41kin, ,.,nt , i ,ci . 25c
pris d sh1 $4; ll. a puesasir, elow l',du,'esi for quihk k .leae an'e,.i at, t. 9 n i n,'.ll tIthE lie,'h, ,r " 5 it 11'n i i i ,S." I e Ii" 1,,-w s. ,,l. $ 3 .9 5 ....
53.95 s. ..l. ub, s'ti; allt els~ie naiss wi hs Isbl" fee lid ito 1cs jI Pil$3 9
Women's $5 Ankle Strap Ties $2.95 Women's White Canvas Oxfords Women's $4, $4.50 Oxfords $2.95 GOL1)EN
W' mln8 Ankln lStrap e , li, iide ly W. hl rt ac Mader fri Hi Ict ie i l , lt ,ii cll I, ithi w, , |i i$ il r t , I i cxcc l, tnc i lc ic i , ,cc ,, I an i ,4. ei il I,[p li ,I',
,IicinWIg all thu. trlic "I1In an fine fltting quallthlte of thi l*, r cc cc ccc cct cc iii t i lc , P
Mis 'u's' .'5 ~te'' s f g ' r i , clcr a, ke; regeltr crice $i a pir. $2.95 Sale Prices $1.95, $1.45 and 95c ,, , .i c ,, ci2i5 Jill is lic cit ie 4l
(oi I Itri by *5iiiling your" Boy's Canvas Shoes 95c Boys $3 Oxfords $1.95 Boys' $3.50, $4 Oxfords $2.45 Boys' and $4 Oxfords $2.45 , c.:.'.ici,:
st'(elf Its l is 4(t'h iri'l liE'l s'f\ '. .l. ', . 11. 1 1,I
T l'l y Veluu l' ' A (,i. ,l , 'jd'N . H 'eys' and y utlth's ,iacaitlic n eho e , m d frot i, llcyc ' ( ixforda , c i iau de flom li gi g icc il il l ki l yi' iixfiIi ii, di l(' frcllii ii oi n .t ,tcihli IcI,, ' , i rl i .c*,, c ii .... I,, t,.I I ,t , ,,'t , c' ,i , .\ IS a . ' , ,c
iccccii.tgiid elty, durcilch calnva ~ s wIth auolid leather valf diet ik In llhu'helr lyi s i t tccI ckcctcci. i'i, lfi', c kncic. ci i c r, I.''
cciiilh 4chc oi f ' w iih cl~ hiii ddlicl Ici cclt q ,i-c ,i cc l li. ;i, 'il v l;i ,, '1 il ,l, ., I, ill i I ,, ,: l ., " I ....ii-tl, cc, i hcii' cc III I.Ii ci / 'cl' \c.\ N l'
TcculrINK . H l . ..i. l $ ri ...... h ilc; ,cicoi,,r 95c ,ihr Ir .iii . $1c95 . . c. .. $2.45 [I ... $2.45i 'l'I
itcg'uhccr SIarh'si, Sllit.10 tic !130.00.lii Nlhl c rtcr ,'-c ' l 8* i allc t t lil ,SI iii ic dir • e p ir, ni' ... epL ie I i~l , c l, ic;:1, ,'t, ; ,i,,4 t,!s ,. <'iN4i i,,,\
prisce..$7.30 to $33.30 fLl~ ~ Ofrs"~~ xod
oueASES. - For infants and Children Children's Canvas Oxfords Children's Mooseskin Oxfords Cozy Carpet Slippers "" i n' ... "'- .....cr"ciii
Ret2ul5r prces, 11.00 to $35.00, ale Broken Ilnee of Infante and Childs'en's Misses' and Chhldre's W5hite ('an~ec tx- Aic . ut fifty flit rs c e f Ciit l a'Ic c V tiii Mtn' idiW Car e Cr ipi, cr, lltcd t ac tiui tIcc timin dl
prices .......... 1... to 16. 75 Summer Oxford, end n tlillpar., in all etyleo fords, ntde frolid bet b es Nil lhiI ,,ttIcro x cf,,r iM tr cilii .ti ..ckc i, cki iry liht, well m d and property shaped, in asserted ,-i, cc lii, ll i the ecifh r
TRltAV I G BAGS. end miterl*Ihe nw on e uP * U i#3 1 ll'lelo duck, with turntd tur led ; l s .till .; re gular uc ft ...r.. durahlc; nearly all eitz.; riguilar colors and patterns, cn the clear 45n
many at even I""e then HAL" PRICE. prIces S'*So an"al t" 7 a 9 e lric snI Si a r isir anr -i.*er pair 45 c cc. . c ccc u lit c th ttd Sac' h Se
Regular prIce, .6300 to $381.0. Fhle . ..... . j" ir, ulow ....... . .t. .nJ w -.. ...C th_ _b___i hii It- ill,, thi. ctrlcc is ,
siricet . $3.35 to $56.60 ' . li lirc-M(iiicdl

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