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Clothing Opportunity Q
Clo hit
The climax of our Great Clothing Clearance, bringing the very
best men's, young men's, boys' and children's clothing even
lower in price than our already greatly reduced prices
\11,'v , hald it 'wonlldlaerfuil clothillg sale it ' p ,at tw, wa k, to ywu'II rinds ilyr nala' knw i le g, ifei f on do not alreadalt y knolw it, wheui we. tell you thnat ua 1 f 0, sevel hunt -
allred Iralld tIwe lllt 's suIl iti s oIl hand whell the sh' l startel d Nliaturdayl I mItorningll, ,It.l t6, l Wi.1' hIave I'e tha I o hundred / u l uirl I lft. Ilcludel in this i hlllll'er
.are h lhth I,.' sellintg and most deshirabhltle .tl ishown Ihis season alnd at their originnli prices I, e Iwere by long ohys the hll clotIhing valles 1t Ile found in .1is
Sprice. Now theassthatgsnit sss, however, we hpi ealaaI ta r r ia a linning 'Lr haLtrlllll.
Beginning Today, All Choice of All Our Young
Our Men's Premier, . Men's Society, Fashion and
Hart, Schaffner ' Marx and Wool- Hart, Schaffner & Marx Varsity
worth Suits Clothes
Regular $12.50 Suits M,- S6.25 Regular $22.50 Suitse1m m5'11.25 .
Regular $15.00 Suits M,.- 4 7.50 . I Regular $25.00 Suitsml ' 'm12.50
Regular $16.50 Suits 0.,,= 8.25 Regular $27.50 Suits -S13.7S
Regular $18.00 Suits reduced to . . . $9.00 Regular $30.00 Suits reduced to . . . $1500
Regular $20.00 Suits reduced to . . $10.00 Regular $35.00 Suits reduced to . . . $17.50
All sizes in the collection and those who come here early will have no trouble in being fitted. Alterations extra
'(t' hit as 9 11 ill proportion are 14, Ilar" 0 In the Rovs' store HIALF PRICE prevails on
aulie pricieiu f i al lines of 11alI's aNulllll ei till Ioys' Kniekerhoeker Suits, Juventle Suits,
I'nrnisihilns, inaluding Shirts, Naakw rr, 1\ sh uits, Mr:iw H111at , etc.; great t savings
I 'ldrlt llu, Ilosiery, Straw llilts, etc. ;l Issilla' n i )III it1a , Waists, nderwear, etc.
Illnntlltn, July '8.--(H4,Ipelnl)- The
lmembllers of thel (Irea lItaveelil Coounty
Fair i'lnlill1ini$iun, II. V" thrort of Vic;
Ior, I) . lIus. of Nlevani1ville, Johnl
('oduh of C('orii liis, W. J. 'illdt iof
IDurlhy anld I'. J. Runnol n tl ind . I,.
II. Ihlea of thsl city, stliart 1toil ,rr w
iornilig to tiake a twoi lu ay' tour ii'
IIs valley. The trip I , b lug made
withl the ldole Ipurp'se of arouling
enthusiunauu in the fair and to gather
dlutlt that will Ib of ILstIe tane('. In uar
ranging lspecal plreluml to eC given
fir fruit., grain t. l \vegetable ex
hi ,its. Ever'y part iof tile valley will
I.. visited by the comminllttee, and It In
exltdi'hl that every uinlmlheir of the
valley will lt aware l f its' L presence
hi hin liiality.
In nIspietlling yesterday of the ')co
iig fair, ion ir I he n.tl.ers of thte
ciullllltteie stated that the ilroapects
for a splendli exhibit were never
,ltter than at the present time. lie
Illddef that In all parts of the valley
tIh ranchers were planning on muk
ing exhlhlts oif fruit and vegetables. In
Iluly instances specal, l care was belilng
holwn to treen that give piromisnie of
yieldling onllething extraordinary in
the fruit line. Ourdens ure re'eilv
ing attentlon no that the growing vege
tIlble mightl get the full benefit of
the soll that I. growing them. l'he
uoinillllittee In an enthullaetic bunch and
.A mod·l
for ry figure.
holan to t it r iup it a livly -lunll.rn itn
the. fa.ir.
Stevennville, July 1d .-(Slecial)--Jo
Itllnter started work thi we.'ek on the
futndautlon for a new )ulllding on his
lot ac-roun fromn the Stevenville hotel.
The building will Ibe about :0 by V5
feet, and when completed the stur
theater will be Inovid froll Its presentl
quiart*ers In the hhilding Inext door to
this new hulllllding. In ntrIuctulral Iplan
and btuotty the building will Ie In
keeping with the mitany new buill
Iogs thaut are helng constrtlc.ted in this
town it the present time.
Stevensvllle, July 2 --(speclal)--Ac
cordling to rumors that are heard thln
week on the streets of( thin towit,
Stevennavlle will soon see a new ulp
to-dute hotel building in the process
otf c(onstrulctLon on one of Its prin
ti"Lpail streets. Nothing de-finite canll
he heard except that the building will
cost In the nelghborhood :of $125,1000
alld will he modern In every respelct.
It li understood that C°hicago mnen are
back of the venture and that work
will be started thin ft,i. Such a build
ing would greatly Increase i.the hotel
oulattl, odationi of thllls ity.
Hlamllton, July 28.--(Rpelcal)
"Yale" Willianm, Iamlltoin's baehball
slugger. In in town today, his Uppeur.
ance on the street without cruf.ihes
making the hearts of local fans glad.
Williamn suffered a badly wrenched
knee In the Monday game at Dillon
and remained i( thin ity all of last
week under the doctor's care. On
SHnday, with the ltid of rlltches, he
was able to go to his ranch at Comltio.
il.n appearance on both feet anntures
local enthustlatt that he and his war
club will be a factor in tilt- c'ortilig
Hianlltonl-Dillon series.
HIamllton, July 2..--(peclal)-A
bill-of-fare fromt the Frederic Cafe
of St. Paul in exhibited in one of the
windows at the chamber of com
merce. Among the many good thlngs
the cafe has to offer, the bill an
nounces Bitter Root vaJley colossal
baked potatoes. The care Is run in
connection with the Frederic hotel of
St. Paul. one of the flnent hotels in
that city. In a letter to the chamber
of commerce, Fred It. Snydet, propri
etor of tihe hotel and cafe, has tihe
following to say in regard to the Hit
ter Root tubers: "1 bought Msiie iof
your pIotiaties when they first caim
onto the market and put theIii intot
cold storage, anud we have been using
them oLuntinuously ever lince. They I
are certainly finle potatoes, and have
lleell the sour'e of IoUmany c(uullllllell ill
our afe "
lilllton, July 28.-(Spweul)-Will
lum llT. Lel'evrre, deputy Ilspector or f
the state horticultural department,
who in statlolled tat lilnillliton, ussisting
O)rchard Inspiector M. I,. )Dean. left yes
terday afternoon for his honme at
Iozrluian, where he will spend the
week's eald. Mr. Ler'evre is getting tI
be a real fitter hItot enthusiast. An
ithe siood amonl g al Interested grolup
of menl who werl' viewing the exhibit
ut tihe chamblner of commlllerce yester
day, hle was heard to llay: "This
valley is certainly the greutenst fruit
iectiuon that it hau ever been nmy
ileasullre to move arounld in. Ever.y
slay I aln seeing sights itl the fruit
line Ithat appear to be almost Inlraui
Stevensville, July 28.-(Rlpeclal)
\Vith the connec-ting of the toll line
betweeln Misoula and this place. Ste
venllville l now in comnunlcation with
Missoula over the Independent tele
phone line. For some time the loctal
central office has been In working or
der and many of the Colu)tlpay's tele
phones have found a place in loctal
residences and business houses, but
it was not until this week that lIn
dependent lphonles could be connected
with those of Missoula. It will be but
a few days distant when Stevensville
will have direct connection with Butte
.and other large cities of Montana, hav
ing the Independenlt service.
Stevensville, July 21.- (Speclal)- I
Charles Anion Buck has placed a con
tract for the building of a fine resl
dence on his four lots next to the
residence of his fatner, Amos Buck.
Work on the bullding will be begun
within the next few days. Stevena
ville Is fast becoming a city of fine
new homes, such as is seldom seen
in at city of its size.
Hamilton, July 23.-(Special)-Ouy
Welpton and family returned this week
fraIa BleepinglK ('lill springs, wherl.l'e
thiey have beIien visiting fur sev.eral
dayl . Air. \i'elpton l peaks In the
highes.t rllrms of the finl. nervice I'
corded therm while guests at this pnpa
hlr rest.lrt,
Hunillton, July 2N.-(Hlpelul)-- tr
rainge licensen have been issued i) the'
clerk of the coulrt to F'red Ileayst and
Mrs. ('arri. i. DLonaIltldull, both oft
ltevensville.; ito Wesley hlicke.y ani I
Clara (Crtelllr, botllh of Victor, and toi
C. H. HRains and VI1 lwlwllh E IaBruni,
hoth iiof Mtevennville..
Ilainlitlln, July .N. - (l etil)-.To
mirrow evening lte ladies of the Hup
tlHt chlu'ch will give u lawn soclul
at tlihe hu tle of tIr. uiid Mirs. (4 l!.I
Ilurtley. Ire cream, ttrake d tcffee
will Ie seirvted fo r rh c, l.ents i i the
Ialtlliltln,, July :'t. -(Hltpetil )-l -)I"
iowent nh Wt IIt. Ioierts left yesteiar
iday foir thi. wetr foitrk lof ti llhe itter
iitot river,. where the.y hestabilshed it
itiwd of Ilurinllill boys t n lllllly fo
all oultitlng l u t h
lHamilton, July r t:.-( incl 'lll)--Mi.s1,
)na Hi kuI has returned fr iilll ill
.l.lli, where she has spenit the lllstl
wet ai wit friends. he has resumed
her wiirk i.s clerk at the pistoffile.
New (Orlaus, La.. July 2N -Tummiy
TWalsh, matchmaker tr intf theor iN dw Ir
leans Athletic hlub, whit has offered l i
turse of m $1,0 t io r reew ti l-ril tltl rutl
in this itlly rbetweelrdn Alld %ilgst i
Ptacdky ltr l'arland on l '' ith., iuhn
IrInounedl today that he had rle eivr d
necept' nc'i f10ro 1 both I l iglrli.. but
with ialle thrt racst thatl s t . tr'hi
whlpliiolli is exprestse d that i ruide d i li c .l
alredsh will lnt ihe l o gtlel th it.
to agree, I.l Ithe welgllt.
Washington, July 2t.-(Rpeclal )-
The secretary of the interior has denied
the motion for a review of the Iparft-'
mental decision regardlr. the homne
stead entry of Walte ra C" I1h. Hebb
requested thl t the review be granwn
because of the fact that the tract iln
which his homestead is included is cov
Bred by an Indian allotment.
National League.
C(lubo- Won. I.e.t P't.
Chlcago ,5 30 .1;47
Plttsburg 48 :15 .5781
New York 4t0 36 5,71
(incinnatll .. 44 43 .50O
Philladeilphlia . 41 44 .482
141 ,otlik 39 48 .4481
Hus nn 33 .; .:171
American League.
('lub- W'on. Lost Pet
Philadelphla . .8 :lo .6,9
oston 54 :,1; .;310
New York 5 36:Ii .5.91
I)D trslt 4'9 41 .541
('I 'levehl ld 3: 45 .458
W shir lKl(otl :Is 1 .497
I ('cIlIuag . 35 52 .402
At Louis. 27 ,, .314
Northwestern League.
Club - Won. Ist |lPt
Spokane .. 5 44 .550
Vall,,uver 52 47 .5,_
Tueioan 50 47 15.
teatle h. 39 r. 407
American Association.
Club- Won. Lst Pet.
Minneapol i, ... 71 :12 .609
I St. Paul 59 42 .504
Kunsua (CIty 44 49 .47.1
Toledo 54 42 5;3
(eloitulibus . 45 51 .469
Milwaulke.t, 42 .5 .43:
lndieu naplll . 41) ' .404
l.,uisvllh 36 l64 .:0;4
Overall Never in Danger.
Ht. oIuls, July 20 -Chicago won
frotrn t. Louis today, 3 to 0. Overuale
held the. locals to, five scattered hlth,
Iand was.. in danger iat n1o time.i
core.: t. II F1
4t. Loull . O 5 1
I'hiago ...1 8 1
Ilatteries -- Willis and lresnitiaba
('.n rall and Kling.
Curtis Weakens in Eleventh.
lIrooklyn, July 0 -B-rooklyn beat
H,.tont ill an I lilinig galle today,
I to . ('urt.is, afterT pitching as ef
ferilively as iaurgir for lo Innings,
wieakindl In the I lth when l)antlbtrt's
double, a pass to Wheat, Ihluniel's
safeih buotr, and lhalrpe'' uff let illn
ilth, only rtuti.
4Score: It r I ,1.
ioston . .. ..... ,
Brooklyn l ..... . . 1 7
Make Few Hits Count,
New York, July 28.--Philadelphia
luade only gour hits off MatterU to
lay, but1 111r4I.44 th4&444 eaine in Iii..
first inniing, mind witlh u fumble by
D).vore* naetted theI visitors two runs
Scr:It 11 FE.
Philudelphia .. 4 4 1.
N.'w York . I I :1
Httlerles-MttltIkullt 41stna 1 oi n
Mathtewson4 and Met.yers.
*yrni'g Run D..aclng Factor.
CintIsnnti. July -'s.-A fin.. rlutn by
Byrne Ironm first to third on L.*ZM'ls44
singl. to l.eft feIl. wuas the u4.'tclding
fa4ctor In t..da.y's 14-inning gane. t5tta
burg won. 4 I p 2. lyrne soured l o 4n th
4que-ezss 5144. p ulay I.anLacth uon Wagtgsr'
.cort i. I
Pittsbuirg . . . 4 10 I
4 'invinnul 4 . .. 104 o~
aLotterie.s --Adult4s. I .e.vr 4nd 44lls
r,~1; Sll 4ggrs and44 M/C ll
At Tacomira:
1.ore. " It. I. E
Tauoma ... . 1; 44
Spo4kane .. 1 7
Blaottris - hi441t 4n4441 11 ke4444M1444
At Vankt. 444
S4ore. it. 11I :
Vanclcouver 1:1 ::
i'1.444.4444V44' . :H i: 2l
4 iar,44wr .44nti 44.4
At 1'4l.4a-'11Ieka, 4;; Ih. V144in4s,j
At St Josep14i- J41 J-po4444 .. 4; :444'
City, b.
At ~Y4rivita - f'irs.t game.'-Wi44i 41t44.
I14); Omaha.41, 4.
At DeiJ.er,. 144.4 a.1r.Lincoln4 4,..'4
At M.iwaukee-'1',I..slo, 1. Mnlw,v.4i
kee~, 7.1
Mullin Is Invincible.
Detr444t, Jul4y 78. --"4tulu p4445 c4he44d 4.-1
vi444i414. ba4ll 44504444 44.li44agu 4444.4y
and4. Det'4roit wo44n, 2 4.o 0. 'P44e visito4rs
rep' at4'44 y h4. l4 1 d u. 44o 4. 444444 but,
co l I t 44441 c the 44* 44 hits 4444 .'ld 4.4
sc44.44 44u44s. OI..'L:4y h. L 444144g 4444r 4444
r 44aluN4'4 o44 the ga44444, it tr .- " I'' 1 th1.4 e
s444514' g4ul4 Is 411 .4.rcreti
Setre: It. II. :
Chiagou.. .. U. 4 (4
D)etrit .. . _... " 8 4l
I11.tt44i444 -'4.4ung,44 )liutst.ad an444
l'ayne4t; M4444444 andl4 Ht44i1ge.'
Athletics Los. in ron Innings.
Phi4444ladeph444. .44l44 "I - 'n'44l44 444444
defea1ted Phll 0d 4i: 44 l t. tIUnla11innin44
44.444 today1, 4. to 5. T'4he 4.>* e 4444 1.
fielded poorly, ottly five hits belng
made off Reisling, four of which were
made in the second inning.
Score: R. H. 3.
W ashington ....... , ........ 6 11 2
Philadelphia ...... ....... .. 65 0
LBatteries-Reisling and Henry; Mort
gait and Livingston.
Cmr* Hits Out a Vitoery.
Hoston. July 28.-Long hits by Cree
off Hall won for Ne.w York from Bo-s
ton today. Boston had th.ree on bases
with one out In the ninth, but could
score only one run.
Score: R. H. 3.
New York ......... 5 10 1
Hstonll ... ... 4 14 g
Hatteries--quinn and Mitchell; Hall,
S',,lllns and C(rrigan.
Recruit Deserves a Shut-0ut.
t.'l.laund, July :8.--Cleveland de
feat*.d 4t. L.ouis today. 2 to 1. Fan
well, the Virgllla league recruit, made
lhis local debut and held it. Louis to
four hits., But for an error by LIaole
ho would have scored a shut-out.
oreit R. HI. N.
C'(lveland . 5 5 L
nt l.uis . I 4 0
Htatterle -- I'unwell anld Bemias;
IHtwell and Stephens.
At Los Angeles:
core: R. H. E.
Oiiaklanid . . ............. 11 5
Vrnu........ 3 5 3
iaihtteries-lI.lvely and Mite; Raleigh,
Si ih.,flr and Ilenaling. Hogan. Hasty.
'cocre: R. H. e.
i,. Angles . . O 5
a'rul'ine to . . 2 0
luitterles-Nagle and malith; Hunt
At ouklula
Ltcore: R. H. E.
Sa Francisco ............ 2
rtland ..........0 5 0
Batterie--Browning and Williams;
S.-.L. tt . and Fisher.
Denver, July 28.-The Western Faed
eration of Miners was addressed today
iby E. S. McCullough, the repreeenta
\ve of tile United Mine Workers of
AJlierlca. McCullough assured the
t,,,.\vntion that there would be no dlf
f lu'lties pilceld In the way of com·n
plett ig the aff.llation between the
t' ltes MAline Workers and the WIetenr
orgalil,'itllln, and that charter would
bi rcatlly granted whenever asked for.
'l'hi recorllmendatlon of the committee
to subtmit to a referendum vote the
prol)poltion to reduce the memberslip
of the executive board from 11 to 7
was appruved by the convention toy.

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