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~1~~m)rrw-pOhh, N, nwerN
Vo(l' XXXVII. NO. ~. M IOI LA MONTAA, KA'Ulrr)\Y IOUNIN(,, AU OUST , 1910. 'll IE nEn h
Executive Sends Messages to Heads of
Northeirn Paciific, Great Northern and
Miiwnukee Roads Explaining Needs
Not to Be Taken as Admission of
. Fault.
Ihlllnn, Allu. t.--lovernor Edwin I..
Norris today ali1 litel in 1 p0IlillI to
thlle presildnts (if the (Ireilt Nlortheirn,
Northerrn Pellcifhl ald Chicago, Mil
ullkee & Pnget Riulnnd Rfilllroud ntl(l
punle for nasIstIlnce in fighting the
forest fires now prevalent in western
nrld northwestern Montana. The tele
grans addillressed to iLotius W. 11111.
Illoward 1lliott and I. I). iewell of the
roadlls nnloed respecll'tively.I , IN sll fl
"l'orcst firesx destroying large areas
ro vullable timber. Condition serliousl.
DI)lfficlt to obtallln ufficient numbler
of mnn to fight fires. E.rnestly re
tilpent that rallroads opillferlting in Mon
tulna co-olperate with staite and fed
rill ufficiual in plrotecling forexsts. 1
1liln iO c hfident uc4llh li14tnllsceVP will not
he tliklenl a n iadlmlin1ion of nclgil
genc(f 1by railrolads In starting irexs.
o-oll-Pution Is requested rln Ilcounlt
of lirgel lprnperty illnterestsc of rail
rondn In state and lllAl.llon Ilinterest
In lreserving vallluable forests."
Flathead Fires.
Kaispell , Aug. 5.-(l3lpeil.)-With
some ruiln reported todliy it wasx sold
It the foreset headqulllilrters here that
the fire siltuntion I sonlmewhat 11n
pirov-ll. The I'hatheaid forest officialsl
today posted notihc.s that no Inore
lie0n are wanted. A number of fire
gulrdhs are dally reporting with their
t4me and being paid off. (On the other
lhand, Ien-n are wanted for the Glacvler
!Jntional park fires. Pumps have been
tried on the Flathead lfurest and found
so effective tlhat two others were seit
out today. With a length of hloe It
lylun said that two pr three men can
do good work against fir.s where
nlttocks unind. spaLdcs would he two
slow or inadaptable.
No ma llip eme from Spokane today
Anld the sittlatlon Jis credited to the
fire conditions west of IHere. which
nye no had as to Interfere, it is
tllouight, with traffic. The statlon at
I-'ortine yesterday wt illiout to Ibe
nhallldonedl by the operator on Laccoutll
of the llIroxinlity of the lirleH, butlt word
ffroml there today was that the l-Great
Northern had srqnt men a1nd a1n clln
inle to cope with thellitll(tion. Wires
welre down a large pllart of thll dly.
I(loweverl, west of here. The fires
Iln the r lhcelc'r Nationlnl park ure
IlnOll the Glaelerl Nationall plirk are
dpnlgerous. No tooll can lie founlll
'ill the valley todaly to furnish tile fire
figlllters, and ti y have been ordered
iby wire from 8pokoSne. The demanlld
for shlIoels and mrlttoCks lhas beiien so
heavy Tfr' the equipping of the firne
ligllters who have' golle out tlilt n1
tlhllpN IIe t slch ofl various Iltrol ig
p1a111d in the vahlly HlhoWed iInlny till
PIlllly had ibeen exhlulltlil . I
New Yorki, Aug, 8.--An inves.tigatlon
if( tlil, Di)Amnd MIltch company and
the I tandard Wood company,li by the
lopal'rtlent of justice has reslilted, the
New York Tribune will say tomorrow,
InI thile liicovery o(f L combnlinatio 1
ll illing blllndle-woodl monullfactureri
Hllllif to thle cairdhoard pool stuccess
foilly pl'otse(Iui d by the goverlnllent u1n
t1Sr thle alblrmIn anti-truslt lft. 'Thil
H(allnlardl \'iioll tOldlllcm ny il Cltliz(ltid
lit l,$1.00,1i and the i)ilnllOind .1Mutclh
.olnlilnlry lit 15,i000,000.
)Berlln, Alug. G.-Tle Japllnoce nllll
t\ry Comnli0l5on which for Hovernll
nionthl has been stuldying mllitary
e9ndlitionns In Europe has arranged
with .the coplpany controlllng the
'Wrlight aoroplano piatents In Germany
-to lily C number of WI'rlight nlaicineH.I
Butte, Aig, 5P--(Spileclal)--Jol l Slax
irglc culd of thle murder of Alex
kii , uwas this afternoon foinmd
giltl Sf .mi4)tlJ1i ter and recom;
nIlnded to the 'arerc of the court. The
jr WiPRi, Wint. Sliotira. The kill
lilreitte # ate4I quarrel at the
%41it.o Hoau it B n the' fliat near Butte
It April, and Mikelson died several
iy liftp$ tlhe4 tliury was received. A
ii~s.e 9tniii was uiede, and all of the
Srtlea to the dlisturbonce had been
Is of
I of
I I.. a i i
ele- tn.
11111.. ` I:t
thie l .,
Pilgrim monument at Cape Cod and President Taft as he appeared wher it
r'a making his address dedicat;ng the Pilgrim monument. ii
Pr ovineltwn, Mscii., Alug. 5.--Preixl
iLdent Taft's Vi.it to Provi,.lnctown t(,
day' t, 4ssIst in thlle dedi lthlon of a
monunmrent erected in tmTemory of the
I nlrims, waUis mLade Iinitilei by an 1 i
I ir'eitsive nilt'u rei.iew, theL first re
view of the, reseL,:tt iadminis ltrition.
Mr. Ta'ft icame on tilhe presidentiht
ynt'cht Mayflower and returned tot
HiverIly on the isame wsel teLonight.
t A hie mulled awly ii the L.hlnting
rays of thie Iite atternoon sti11, the
prexsident wasn given I ailrting stilt ',
by ill tihe shipsli . 'l'hIe mrl'h IM Hands
Itll .tnd lguards were drwlln p Ion tlhe
1 qluarterrdll ks and "'The ,Strill Spangled
Iulllnner" was played by eacllh sllip'.s
mtll.cinlils as ItIei Muyfli.we'r 'iiili'I
s abroeat.
SxOi shore the Ipri.lLdent had aithi.'r
e Interes-ting tine. The dedihution of
rthe Ph'irims' mionument utlr'trlted'
S xisitors frim ill tparts iof tihe t'nitod
LStatlie. The ,xetlii'nx 'Iswer, httld lit thep
lnhise of ti hiii gh stru x tu rltl , w'h.lr h (lI lll
Ihbe selen for lmany mlilhes t ion. The
t i"immlemolltive tablets on the monul-i
t ment \i'were unvellied by Ilttle Miss en!r
burnl HIyit, tnllth ill tiii'xcint frim lF:hltui
' ihe Iituni'h friomn tih Mayfitwer,
beuring 'Presideni't ''iafl, rii xiiached iore
ult 1:30 (I. In. 't'ihe president was'llx
Donver, Aug. 5.--'lkling freely with
IInew paper mln and s1pmi:n: I-I : h' 'x'I
the notorlety whl.utli lhucome to, him.,
Josleph \Wendllllng, lc'used of the mur- 1
Ier of S·-yellr-Iol Alllll KI i.lllllr alt
Louliville, tloday let slip the, first
statemenlt that ,an Iie regardetd i. i I
P dalmaginug dminlllolln,
a \Vendling, who Is lodged inl the lty
jall here, while (thlle' of I)ellct'tlv's J.
P. t'ia'ney, wi ll, Iiis (clltrlge of ill, is
s.securing Ii short lrent aftr| IsI. urdulllus 1
plpursult of his l a ptive, w al l n I-i g !
a nearch of the Loui.tvllle chllurch mldle I
by himself unlldl Fruther lltullnlinn aflter I
the girl's disappellllralne.
"Ve did 1not look in th'1 place wlhere
the hody was dlisovercd," he said, and .
then alqparently realizing how the re- I
mark might Ibe tlakn, added hlstlIly,
"I i rl ot klnow1 InI what 11 lle' tl Ll,l o.ly
1 wasl follnd, illt Iw'e ,I llmld not haveI'
S lo'oked there, olt~r'lwise \\the w ld haveh l llnVt.
l'oulnd It."
As hlie lspioke -: eyed his Inte'rviewer
'rftlily. lither it o'l,.lummute actor,
Ior els. of too \'litile i a nature to4
comprehend fully tllhel a'l'lolsnels of
his 1 psltlon, \Veldlilg contlnues his
light-hartled view of the situllatln. lie
lolleaghcdl when lIe learned that offlce'rs I
were cllosing I on him at anII Fran
ciseo after I ,1utei41 of 12,000 miles; heI
langhed wlhen the, heavy hand of the
law fell on hris shoulder; grilnnol whenl
his elptopr tlhrI'utefied to ishoot him at
the fhilt sign of an atrtempt to, es
scpe, and laughed today when he was
Lold of the probablllty of mob vilence
on his arrival at ILoulvIllo,
K ".ven If they lynch me at Louui- I
,ylvle," he said, 'I do not care; l um
Innocent of the murder oltLAlma KCell
o ner.',
Wendling asked the newspalper men,
With evident Interest, how mucl liad
e been printed about him in the Donver
1 neOwpapers.
S '"Thank' 0od." exclaimed Wenllng,
a alleged murderer of Alma Kellner at
(Continued on page Ninl,)
"i l i't byet I+) it ivtlllernor La n S. I) ra r,
(Iftllill 11'tirv 1M. r lSr('rsIpredeIIt (Jr
",t l'uth . lit- 14115 lilws I' Fly .'tly r Rrttlary
or thei Navry .X yor. I nit.eI $tulhis
tiro N'hltt oil' tit(- IIIp (11(' Ilrlllnllt.
1 President 'I'it' cud the other gueisIts
t were1 driven i pt lilt- 11111u t thili e grandl.
1 is 'IrIIt S·l(ri lllltlM, Ilu#itll 4iS ~ll l FlyHIIIR
ii. l~ltn t the loot-. their ilti riirti or.
I. tEm, rVtu ('lhllc · IV'th 1111W.11 t III IC j)Pi
"Ir of Il 4.IIIrit Ir tin rity d Iivn.e rut
SIt. hl t ll i I :id t t and is I he otll 0-11 by
lIhtXtiuteltttl iiJ l(RiltiS I'. ~at Vlting-l
ý pilgri msirt stil l ( Ii nim Iii tll lltilito
.It ii(i i lt, Alhlsk:l,, . 111. -. Tiet C( nitll -
Jiln Pll'lie' Stilmship iritncss'1 Mlly,
wh'it left skogwu' . ':i, auth
lbound 1'ir "alneLIt verl, at Ti ,'lh lol k I ast v
night ilth i l pa,isallýo, - imi it n Irew l i
iof IO , :tru ' k th, i i rlll.t'lh r ioof ill' l 'eltill I
Isht, it 4 i' lo, k thi ml thni "g li dark,
but not fuggy, wortlhlr, ilnld In at
sm iooth siti, iid .aik Iwo hii'rs litte.
All the l iassn IIIrs ii thi irll bilg. ge
were tuaken to the lll thlllliose, it ulren
tinel Isht., whienc, t,: will b, broughtlllll
to Jiliuneiu tonig.ht [by st'tnlrllts whilh
hllve gone (o |llheir rl-lift-. TIlhe Ilght
keprt' (hl everything i llis poweI r to
make the iastwaiys ticmfortabl'l. None
of thie jallss nr ,i crew was. injured.
A lin l it' i i trOW If istxi t Il e p ulk ' til
i 1a ihiig hilllitutch ind brought ito
.I lnnl u. J.il r n I ll IhunI's (Irew r
+ith I'iitl I(t.ii lr ,n arrivel. Miiil 11
steamer will luif total losI, the iu I t I
loin hling tlrn openl, ,i It will he lnl
polissil ei tills i, is lel vessIl. ('li in
MIlieirl and arinitii Vi ' L of thie crow
will stiiitd by thie ship. ,
At t lt tinl r l tht y . 'tin n v iii C p t anll
Mcl.co+d was in llsl berth tlidl Pilot
'i2chlrdson wi,.i (ll the bridge. The
1 11"'11p111 10 to St+ntllm I Islht, tit the
suthlrln end i ill' Lyln anal, Is one of I
Lthe moilist pileitiius stretches if watier in
I Alaiika. A ship musilt ihir rioky lI
landls irt both sihles, the smallest varilti
tlins from tile coirsi entalling de
trnetilion. ',o wallis of thie c!itnl are
pri'iitiitous lnd the waterway deep,
ind in maniy pila.es niarriow. Sentinel
Island, situated aboutI'ut rfoitr mnlleiS north
and east it Siheilter isltlnidl, In the key
I toL the nta'roiw psiltgeway by Shelter
Islidndl. This plassageway Is strewn
with reefs aind it sone'&ipoJintt Ii less
thatn hailf a mile In width. Sentinel
island is a jaggedl rtck abilonut 250 yards
long and with long toLoth.lile reefs
pirojeetlM' atl tite, nori'i andl south ends.
Pilot TtR.hardston. It is suppoised, lit
trying ti plhk itip the islanid In the
nigtlt. filed to observe the Ilght and
struck hdfl't;itl o L the north reef,
Premier Hears That Scotland Yard
Detect:ve Is Holding hack Crippen's l
Cable Messages and at Once Orders
That They Be Delivered to Prisoner
Immediately Hereafter.
i li'' lor" I)lw -ulW I$' ii. ' t i Yard itul the to
1uebe1 i pfrovlinll u ii llahnrtiilh l t ilm y sl o -
Inw the m-timl of the loll r lsd:hy if
i. o tlllf a cin g n prI'vileghl' the il l.nspector
h.eretofot, e haI e.njllyed thaIIt -t' u1 t ip*r
rising per(tisonlly thIe delivery fr abtle I,
messa,.;em to. . to Lr 11 . I1, ('rippln Iland
I:thell Le.,veI The RItn o uthoriths ,.
tº ,,k thibs n( tionl tocday In tlh ahsllencte
IftaoI the city of Inmilutor iew.
It was learned by Il'remier (low .
that twoi meiMagei., otne lildrotnel to tl
'ripp'nll nIl the otther to MIss Le|(nve, h
write hld at til jail, not to he de
liv red nti tll the i r Iilrrt c I o ll first I i
concur them. Orders were immediately
nIssed to the governor of the jail to
d'tliv r tii, 11 t tes geNilt to the pri tlIners i
:11 once
''Ph( . wI m ti i to be i dispilllti t in ill
litl f rt of tlte I 'al u thloriti s to re
sent tlt prernative till .otlan d
Yrd l n tu ht'l ' n unl m (. d.
The messages fdliv .erd to the pris- (
nnlrl tlunlght are tupplloed to tel from
frihnls In lfdon. That thlo e frlanl m Mhr
continue their interest wnas shown to
dly b.y thOl reveilit att the ihelul tile- tl
dn to ne:'ept froal Crippen andt Miss .
levle m lssilges to e ll'hl for by lthe
r'.'cya rl'. n hl .1ng tland.,
Sprinigfhhlt, III., Aug. 5-The BSngn
mn countyl grllnd Jry hIsI alttdjoullrned.
It returned at total of 115 true bills, of
which 10 were against persons llatccutlsed
In the legislative bribery setdndali.
The jury' wias In ssslion nearly three
months andtl ovier 100 witnesses' wereo
hearld on graft chairges. Indletmelntsl
Inl the legislative intvestilgatlon lfol.
51tate Senators IIolatliw, lukn, lper- E
Jury; John lBroderick, (ChIcago, brl
bery; Stanton C. Pembiertoni, (lhkilnnd,
OnHlNpirh e iy,
State ReltlpreIetn ti Ivs Michael S.
Link, M It'htell, lperjiury; Joiseph R.
Ch.ark, V\andlnlla, conslpiray LeeI,
')'Neill Browne, Ottawat, conspl)lrtey; o
Robert It, Willson, Chicago, eonsplracy.
The indlletnments against Senator
Ifloliltiw aint Repre'sentative ILink ink
were nutlled lunder l Ithe llltmunity J
Pln, Aug. A 5.-i\\ord iAnl h thidl toin
the evennlrg that An(Irtlw Jltllllead hadll
e1lt i and killed Fitirlk tiHIlhi o4 l the
rtiervation last night. lHoh ml, Wdr. A
In town y .estrta a.nd leftr for lhous altt
()I H l nII tun°elln. TI y ' rV i li'a" t h II. a ;ll ll
it la suppIsed the.y Iml l bnrillkilng'.
Notnlet of the prlvettrlt lr n ia b.tel re
Dtauglase , Arl.,, Atuig. .-Alptln als
to their brelthern of tlhe Arirltitei
railway employen' otrdlers rieachtd
here today from CondtLctors tPatith, I
Hley. ('hatlln and i.Etgloltart itf IIt
Southern PaclfIc lint-t In Mex'io, t
who have been Imlpr|t;ituned at Onti- Itt
mat for 'learly It tonttt. N lt pl- I
tlctilair'e are given regardIng Ilit'
fharges, further titan that tht 1ntt
have been aqotetI of vltating the
Mexican ralhload lawtt tnd have
been Utllable to. obtatn thter release
on ball. OffJclals or the Order of si
lRailway Condu~tors will a.uk tte Ih
u United Stat. governitnitu it it- lit
v estllgnte thle cases. ',t
Man Accused of Offering Senator Gore ai
Bribe Brands Testimony as False
IDeclares That Every Statement Made by Gore, Congress
man Creager and Clerks on the Stand Yesterday
Were Untrue---Not Interested in Con
tracts, He Says---Senator to
1By Heard Again.
V ___
IIt 'I' Ill l l 1'. t; l, II rill' $ii ·lI'. I"'
4IS.1i h( s hl l." hh lfil W1 4. ' 1" ith Wltil hIl
hinds 4ill. un t"4 I ltr l ls, 1lu wi 11t.1i. It
l . I .ll-r -lf rI i lii t11, ill by 1 I4" 115 II I
t/ i Ii gri-ll i iill (.1 Ili' 1.1114",liii"' IN 1ii h e)
1:huiii .'als i,1" u 1 Ih lli t l ."t 111 11n . 1i4r4111I
hoiusll IlrIil-s, nlllit r Ili4i ll5'i liihl. l o
111k11. h 1not r,1. I'tltllill. lat.- llliol t11 1o1.
It wS.1414 :Juti ll s t..1 tI '11 wish whail
r rby 1 11114sn li 11 hu , i huh:Ii 111111
Ivu 1 r Vi hlnclll iil."m t I J41i 1 iliiIi
- nrtl univ a' oIui wl liii i ni varl's ll I lei
I",' it,( v ylvll4 lg-u1 ui i( I mgtll ll lhe
haI oll f I M iii 13- I Int i lfl xIr. fet es." .n
I reilgi-r i tr Denieidl.f3111 Ci)
sl111111il111i I tilli4w gI i.fiii t'/ n sl I In ll
ve'lhl lgu t ing ililll·lit ii.- dnwi? lit i ll
the . ongr rssmcun'gl I IrgR) d l .t11111m
The Deniall.
reoiioi oiton ltni flgflt
"ltu wai r l u hIl i sll witil' eL It was jirltilwi
le fil n-ll t VIl IngLiIln sto huh'li ng tea -
mpr11 tpiiil Iuiiih 1111' 1114111,1 NJl V M lr-ra
('ontrats, ti I hL(I 1'\ l nn i t tlll lutl' 1 .1.1F
went to \1'1. Mlshingll,, tn" I got hold of~~A
('wagr mi Buhl 'hok her, yo
C'azaillro, (Cial.. Aug. G.-The Ilnqucest
over the few chrllid remains if "
I':loeh Kendall, the rancher, and ill
wife and nlln, who were presutmallyt
inmurderel y I enrl' Y ml)niguchl, t r
Japaneii se, alnd then hacked to pieces I
und buirllcned I the kitchen stove of I
their farm house, biegian here today. 1
I)lstl'rct Attorlney Clarence F. I.eia Iunl I
ShIerlff Simith Wl.l'er both in alttendince' I
Justlie of the Peace Francirii I). Crons
liper testifiedl to tovi.rhearilng a bitter
qualrrel Ibltwiice \VWlllain Churchman,
I nilcghhlmi r of thi KIondalls, with p
'l'iholnas Kendaill, tii.he son, in wichlh
Chuirc'hmini threaiteneld youngll Ke'ndall t
with ai revolver. Crosper ailso tutl
the tiorin),l's iury thiit 1 fiiud had l
long existed between the Ktendalls and t
Juapanese tnrlarkllc peelers who were at I
wolrk nl tL' riltncl namllcli ilonmhe uKt . a I.
According.ii to the Jiustlice.. of the pam.,,
till, Kindaiils al ,all ed t hl ii oill on
ol't'isiiln for protl etion, agaiiinst thei
Jipalinese, Tilhe hiil st will beot l .. I'l
minedii tomatirr'w minrnii'ng.
lesides the blooid-staiel axe, bedi
clothes, hummer, the tor'o of ,i
woman, which formend l ii hastly ax
hiilt, the distrlct attorney andl til
stheriff todllay follu i sevelrail ltlll'
bnson in i creek inear the uinse, ibe- h
lileved o lie froll Ithe lskulllls il tll
K ndulhil fuamily.
Shelbly, ihl,li, Aug. 5.--Hlurvey h)luy, a
liiutltr, wal .shot anil killed by a Jpo
Illlnlem thi is aftiernoon, aifter hlie hadi l
run mamuliU tllmrolllgh the streets, lshimt- I'
Ing ii farm'ler alnl two pollliemn. Mayl
fled aifter shootling tihe p)oliei.iuitn alid
wasi run down byi anoither officer.
I irllinton, lowli, Aug. G.-The Mila- t
sis.ippi river is illon-half Inch Iblow ,
Ihli !iiw-water miark of 1I86l4 nd lI now l
lit the lowest polint overl reached. Pack- I
ltsll arse tiiiabli t get aloive Fort Mlad -
istoe . .
iit hl'al t h. 'luii l Ii,' r b ii n i I'lcltlio ted with
I( h lIilI f' "·\'·I· \'.'€I. lllt,·'l, ~'xtl /!( 1 ( Ih+ '· 5h
i|ir i I ,'.it i l '',llal 'elak
tIl ' h re l lllaen jbu t It' Lh,' hl llll ltl e.; i'l',·
t,' IIII ith l itl, ieV i ihld I ile ,ltt crl'I
I eeeehl ii' w t eiu e kil. I th. '1h.l, Ite'l (rI'Iel'nIe
l tulllla hi ull i l wi ii tll e t111il i n tut i i l the e'
I.. (;n'l'IIII (.1',,:1.4.i" h)I11 vllh~ llnrl tnnlrj '.1
it r h t t he ineth ltrlt w r
..'+ be£ in l eiele ii e 't'r l t" l ll, tlll uit
iiientittt'i' hllel
\'iii, r ' l . h ' iitil ,l iir a ill iii t' el,1I1 *.tI, bu
I. iiiiiener. tr viutlu leek aiil tie i''ee tha't~e
I ninitl i ill iiesteiyr thle' It Wu ineleti liti
w e in'e t Eel. inu tie yett
:. '"Ir,ll' ml.,fi l{ lly 1II + (+f. (~ I~~r - II
,,, rhell hI . .IpII el I ver med. I "' l h i rk, th I,
)0 . ieetel i ' W,.o m it m ie htir. y h l ls th e
M 11 ' l'rhl its" in tr te reenl'l0l.e v I" . loe .
i h, up 4,11111r ]iii iel r's efter theL i' llenatcr ti,
I' l'o.'e.l ilieir. rewIeInt'c hl tal.
Tlhal h, . e had ,'v+r ulbi,l +'I watit .to
. ie ee1 a lt· 1111 11.n+ -+I i dl m en' t lnl r
u'ee' . tutl ' ri+; hImcl pee o III ll'tt Ihri m ei tly
I. h l 't'l tie.he I t h, , rullllln (.a Ni ec) Fh
SIn tII l,., . H"l l l lanllrs, ' I Inembe r of th I
"NowI "." , +MI', mlalnl . ll, yl lu h yavi iled
(11 th, l,+im11,+ o, f alll (h+, witnesses~ who,,
hirrflip d yl.r You IIn I Irande I
II lro hllh.r his ),cl, rk Iand tIIh c lngres- -
main Ii i ullhm.tll y al'+lll . It wo.uldt IupIr
'' pI alr" fr'lllnl ylullrl d-nnllhi( that t rllul
t Npidrnity lan, b,,., ,',,f+r,,, lnto grow.ly
r. misreprIr .I. n,. you·,. L1ow duc yoU ac
)aInlllct f irl l latl'?'"
"Thalt'.. be.cy4,l Iny· Iower t,)o m re
stuald.l," rol'Idi,,d llmanni l. "I never hdll ]
iolIe pIIeIIy's wrIthI of Inte renit iIn the
h Mt'.Mullrra y cotra.ts and n(.ver offered
'a li'l b,+ I. to l Yone,. It to but-ol1 pdfelk.
ble, that I did m.,e'' lllonno {foreo on MIIy
(1 lilsl, wlIeI lie mIyX the offerl of' 11
b. rilbe was, mnad,+ I i.nw. him flerquentlly,
blll ii thl.. time, I tIxI ve+ lie tolk+ me
j up into l~th Il llhralry or th,,eae n
p Hlned< thl+ t|olr, Hel wanted{ to tazlk
- ;ov.l' with ne hi enmlng camlaign,
n sllll how l I malhl 1111 him ollt
:. (('nimsllled onI ]I.l.(. N|IIn .) r
-- -
('hlcaygo. Aug. t'.--Jlr'br4esntatlvc,4 of
0nglneIr4 emllloyedl on 62 rllroaIuu
I wYet of Chllealt, tt a conf'ren4o of
the BIrotherhoogz of 1tconlotlyv 4ngI
ne'4l'H hlre toduty dvcodedj to dmlt1and4 a
flat wage Increagie of 1I1 to 1 Ipre cent.
'Plhen, mtter wIll too pr4'sent'gI to the
enlgneer,4 ol t1ht' reisIwctlve roads at
once, alter whcol, formnal delmnml R wIll
toe miilde 140 llhe ra:Ilroads 4. Aboult
30,001),o *m en ae 4ll'4(to4.l, I
It walx suld tlouy that cnferences',4
loetw een rai Iro:id llcflfcia14 atdl the en
gliieerx will 144161r1 about Septem4.Inber '_O.
'Other 4lOln4±o4do Were f'4ormn ulatedl
behsite thlei I w4eiageo o444st4o)n0" said 4 \Vu1'
yen S. HStolno', 14r4si14100t of 1thie Brothelhe
loo~n, I 41' ln4',,4ncIotI4'e IBiIglfl0'4i.IY j.I~ll I
they inoostly 44' i teclnlical nature
I44'144 1411414a 140 '44l4Iing c(4)144IntI444 04441 j Ih'g
The "1'014 4111 of4,g1 I1'1 .4'IIs V411- 444'.
" 'id, 1y, 44i444444144'. to1 'mu4,o ;III 4,4 44
n u',, $150 144 $2144,
a%''444I4II414 n, Atug" . --"A 4'4'lls4it 4'ltal)tl
inlcl(4444o In tI h' 1444014444 of 1pers444444
kil-44 1i.4.1144'cd 444 the railroads of,4
11he I tleI Stad i sall4.a,' the1 Il un l44
of JLi.4 ltu'y, Ii'14±4uury 4±44. Zll March, 1011,
44 44ho4wn4 o4v4r the 4.'o4rrespond441In4g toe
4144,Io liust ye±4 4r, acr±4'4444li 44 to) h4ov4'4u
444401nt stati41t41i4s. 'The4 t4o1t4l numI iber
killed duri'144g, the4 4j44.4r1'r 44a4 1,100 and
,1 were uiijrr'. ThIs as an In.
creas444' 44f 40 I4ilI44.l 444441 6.110 injureI.
I'hes,' f 4gl;'±4al 44nl3' with1 employes4
nII '114 ty and4. l'li'e'x Y
('141l 4go, ,4g. -'. "-1',0 414o44,ldemeratiC a1n
4±444ll~un stat1e 4444041tte14 4met hero
todal4y to 4444me 0 i4) pl4 4es0, or hold44 n41
11the p44441y convenioV'i 04s, 144 confori~rty
vI with the 44144 Ic 4'l4441' y el4' lo'4 'n 'P14
v demcr at41l'4icll' 4.'44444'444on w441II he ld 1 In
East El. Loafs14 Slept4'10h4'4' 2: l'13 e re
pu4b114an1 04nve1o wi44 ill 144 14,d In
S~po'14gfet141. us)1 41w 4440 San 1±414ta
Sherman Declares That Until Charges
Were Made in Senate He Had No
Idea of Any Attempt at Bribery and
That He Was Never Interested in the
Indian Contracts.
S Ilig Mo'.. N. Y.. Au'I. ;..-Vlce
t I'resolhtt hru'rnon today braltd'd as
t ntrn e the- li statvinient lpurpolrting to
ilunnict hill with ia pirsimtl interest
hi thie M(M'l urray Itrlian i land cnn
trl l 'tS. .ittllng iefore' a blazI ng log
at t t'llnl (`'rag, on Ilig Moose lake,
whlere lie Iv lpaisslng the summer with
his fanll., Mr. Sherman read care
fully the testimoniy ol Ilnlted States
i lenlitor Iiri' iefore the lpecial con
t grehsional I \nvesiutatillng .ioumnlttee at
MIliskog.e yes.erday.
"I nlevelr hearId my named mentioned
Sin conllnecltll.n with thei contracts whlchl
wl'rF the subject of Senator Gore's
testmollnily yesterlday," he said. "I
never had lany Iliterest of any kind,
otlher thain the Interest I have had for
yiillrs in thile wielflar of the Indlans
andllll which I slhll ever have In any
ilndiain iconltract -nif plriirsnal interest
I mean. 'I'hlli story so falr s my name
I conrned Is withouit any Ifounldation
wltwhiatevr. If iany Ilp'rIlonls have sadI
I I hlavie :iy Ilntiruist inl tlhe. or any
S othelr Illlllin iai iltratl Irlley ha 'v staled
W'l{t w':t ,nlt t ell,."
Met Hamon.
Mr. Rhermanl said he remembered
havingn nl Mr. Ilamnon four yearn
ago during the calmpilgln when Ilamot.
called on hilti at Wlashlngton with a
d uelegatlntl fro, Oktlationia on a polltI
' cal nisaluon.,
d "I hasve not seen him sInce," (oh
tinued the vice pr Jildelit/ "In lfact 1
Sdon't belleve I iWould hiiatit him if he
were to alppler this nlmorning. I never
had any ennversatlon with hinl re
Sgardilln the McMurray epntrahts and,
Shkl no piersonmal Interrast in them in
k any' way."
Mr. Sherman said he had heartd
Snothlli of the alleugid attlenpt to bribe
Senator (lore until the latter's decla
ratlon on tilhe fliiiir of the selateP, and
no mi iiis,' Were l'' n Illonedl at that
"I hlave endeavored always to 5show
lenator (lore every eonallderatin In,
the senate as hle II blind," he said.
"Anld I thilnk the mllanly thing for hips
to have done if mly nallle was nmen
tloned In connection with the McMur.
ray case would have been to have
Informed me."
Mr. (lore's declaration tol the senate
just before adJournment that an at
tempt had been made to bribe him
was recalled by Mr. Sherman, as was
the vice presldent's subsequent ap
pointmlent of a colnlmittee to investl
gate the chlarges.
The mountuln air hias greatly bene.
fitted loth the vice, lirialdent and
Mrs. Shermaniil, anlI the latter has
about re'verl'.rlI frro Ilher recent fil
Mr. Shermlan explects to remaln at
the camp ntlil u ninday. when he wilt
return to t'tt'a to attend to some
businesn matters. lIe plans to spend
as nucth tinel as posilble at the camp
durling Auigiust, and expects to take,
the stump in the w'Cst for the repub
I icun ionlugressional campalgn, openingi
pirolibably in IIllnnis. lHe .ull hii prob.
ablily woull d 'al largely willt the tariftf
Isat, lil his speecihes,
N.eplil. I'tlIh, Aiug. G.-StaLstics ipre
::ne lk ct ab mi'u'tinig of lily farmers in
thi. eity · toda), li.iiv]iii thlilt the preslent
seasonll, oine l thl, ilryut in the hIls
Ltori) 0f the .ltet, will I' a lirotlitablo
ollnl If'r Idry fil'nls. Tw'lw hunillleidl tIhoo
SOiliLil Ii hi ls i' 1 r' i hi a vii hlbgi i 'aioi'il
t l 5. 04, l it'i in tih lil t ii I'tllih.
'ri illll viu ' lih1ia iiu l ills i t lut.V fllonu'.
h II~ti, tiihI, AIug. :,--Iiurlng the
pr. 14grisi if a v~iliteu finhl In WV'eiietr
betw wii S. M I .i.lh.', lrt'iliiu'nt of the
Pau.rifi, & lla hoii Nit ll-inlt'alh'oad, and
'el\\. y't . ll.irtln. , cailhi'r lof t ' lll irst
Niultliii;n l LInk i l rw,, Mrs. Rylilit1
Irleglle.inil, tiltr)lhTii in l tw of artoln,
I ppeaed io thlil e t- 4r,'h ,if the 13attorn
home In uIi tno ,ae l-Igho pl1l i litk
'olvei'. Shli ilailnie, whiclh stopped the
fight. Wlthis 20 mintllltlts sI tih wa.'s <
lo.l. tart alhwiri 1 L.gLiit Ie tt
nu 'lliOC. 'Todlly a warrIt Wt PiluluiA '
i In the hand, of the liihftt ti4 .,,
Hteolgho with manauhlllhi. . . i;
I It will be served toiieb
a-mm'b *:;-f Go v'.,
L. ,

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