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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, August 09, 1910, Morning, Image 2

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fqt n Irrnmd-new 4-rnnl
NO. ajr~ nd a ehnielw level
. . r Anent ,i4oI Iii w4Fatern Mun
7I, : can':ei l youi ths rfnin
piarli bn termnsl tf $04) down, budl
once Infl equaI annusul jflpytnenlMs.
ftotoli t for 7-room mrul Podern re4l
4pnce. oJnly one hlnek rront now
!rtunty high sr'hony. Tcr1r04 atre $0I0
veue, balance $I0 i.er unotuli.. I1's
new ahd i tfine bonola
Jas. M. Rhoades
lrai Estate and Insurance.
115 higglns Ave. Hammond Block
The Triangle Mining & Developlng
company will build a concentrating
plant at Clinton. Work will begin
Wivlthin 60 days and about $50,000 be
expended. A 100-ton mill will he erect
ed to start with, and, If business Julstl.
flen, it is to he enlarged. Those he.
hind this project expect to sollet the
co-operation of all those interested In
properties in the copper district about
Clinton .and handle ore for all the
mines of the community.
The Triangle company has been at
work on the Clinton mine four years,
but has not shipped any ore since the
panic of 1907. Soniething like $100,000
has been Invested in development work
and that much more will be devoted
to the same line of work after the con
centrator is put in. During the last
12 months the Company has run u
700-foot cross-cut tdnnel and opened
a big vein of low-grade ore. It In
.necesosary to have a mill to treat thisL
ore, as It will 'not pay to ship It In
crude form.
The Northern Pacific and the Mil
waukee railroads contemplate putting
spur tracks to the proposed mill.
"None of our stoCk Is for sale," said
a man who is Interested in the Trl
,angle outfit yesterday. "We are going
to develop with our own money."
copper properties at Clinton are the
Other concerns and persons owning
(treat Nome and the Speculator com
lpunies and Judge Stephens.
"I travel all over thils country," sald
F. A. Tait, who sells the E. M. Miller
olnnibuses, wagonettes and carriages
In this territory, "hbut I enjoy my semi
annual visits to this charming little
city more than I do those to any other
place., not because of the. business I
gett here, but for the reason that Mis
eoula is an ideal place. I wonder at
the improvements you make from one
visit to another. The town always goes
ahead of my expectations. I have
joined the commercial men's auxiliary
of the local chamber of commnerce and
pledged myself to moost the (harden
City wherever I go."
Be sure and take a bottle of Chnm
herluain' Colic, c(uole.ra and Diarrlhoea
R.emedy with you when starting on
your trip this salnmtcr. It cannot be
obtainead on board the trains or steam
era. ('hanges of wltier anid climate
often cause sulddenl aitiacks of dlar
rhoea, andt It Is best to be prepared.
.eld by all de-alers.
"Juest ay"
It Means
Original and Senuinl
The Fod-drink for All Ages.
More healthful than Tea or Cofee.
Agres with the weakest digestion.
Delicious, invigorating and nutritious.
A mik.-nt grain, powder form.
A quick lunch prepared in a ainute.
Tal k ubstitute. Ask forHORLIUC'S.
W ' Others are imitations.,
` O` n Higgins
ty esraible: opportunity
busindes. Will sell for
actusl valial. Call or
r onlpany
Thone who atlltnlld the werformance
'ot the ulariiiii afnd HBalley grePat..t
show on earth In Mlnnoulo, Haturday,
Aug. 13, will Noe. one or the fn1..t :q..e.
ta illllnir Ihrllhers ever pr.",lenteod In
Amnei.rla. 'lin latest nlerve-twnisting
devIce Is in the form or It a hof., luhf
lllllkes a I aill llon IIHeCI'IHI I Inind ,o
naciandn to earth In iI shoiiwer of flre
works. The nlme of the horena Is
"Jlupliter." lie Ic Ia n hanldsome nfi
animal an one men In a lifetimeln. A
beautiful young woman, with nerves of
stPol, ac'ompanlen him on his perllnoul.
voylage In the air.
Insteld of the usual ainkhet, a nar
row platform in Inuspended from the
balloon by four chalns. The platform
In barely large enoaugh to hold the
horme. It lha no railing. There In in
delvlce In iunr to nafegluard the splendid
animal. The horse steps proudlly Into
the arena. It In Ua white an snow and
the girl who sits In the saddle is
dressnned In white from the tip of her
dalnty nllppers to the plume In her hat.
The horse steps onto the platform. The
lldience slts spellhoundl sen the great
nas bar, already inflated, Ilfts the anl
mlal iinld its mlntrern uip Into the dome
of the tent.
When the highest peak of the arena
In reacheld, the horse turns its head
to one saddl and with Its teeth takes
hlol of a leather strap whleh operates
a battery of rockets and exploding
plnes. Jupiter given the strap a jerk
and immediately there in the hlsn and
sputter of a hundred pyrotechncal doe
vlcea. A Niagara of flame and sparks
comren tumbling down over Jupiter and
the brave, girl who rides him. The
dencent In made In a flood of fire stars
and white smoke. Rockets fastened
to the platform add to the danger and
confunlon. It in a moment of supreme
nlusponse to the audience. If Jupiter
steps to the right or to the left, or
moven to the front or to the rear, to
the extent of one Inch. death will re
Mult to the horse and the girl. When
the ground in reached In safety there
are 10,000 sIgns of relief and storms of
approbation. It In an admirable and
audacious performance. It leaven Its
inpresn on the minds of the spee
tators for days to come.
No elreun act of the past han scored
anything like the nucess of this spiec
tadle. It differs absolutely from the
so-called thrillers of the past, that are
ghastly without any beauty to com
inend them, aill made to assume it dan
ger they do not possess by meann of
*loomy rigging. There Is no Safety
device about thin act, no scientific se
cret to offer sure protection yet hint
sit death. The danger In there, self
evldent, convincing. It amaxes sight
seers. It almost robs them of the
power to applaud.
This In the act that sensatlonal Paris
shuddlered at. It made the whole Iu-.
ropean continent sit up with amaze
ment. The young wonran who rides
the horse In an American, though the
nact wan devlsed and perfected by a
Frenchman. At Madilon Square Oar
den In New York, w'here the act was
first neon by Americans, Jupiter was
given a reception that would llhae flat
tered the vanity of a king. At the
cotplietiort of the act wreaths of flow
crA were hung arouind bin white neck,
men shouted till they were hoarse.
Two other surprises of sensatlonal
Interest are the dive or Desperado and
the perfornmanlce of a chimpanzee.
(ICharlie the First, who in the greatest
Iicycle rider and acrobat in the world.
There is a treat in store for those
who appreciate the fact that diulnties
are to he had upon one's table and one
he ahbie to sit, cool and comfortable,
uipon the porch, and one's familly still
be content in being well fed and nour- I
ish.ed. 'Pih other woman is the one
who hnas worked. In this ucase, l'hur
day Is the opportunity given amd the
ltlles of the Eplscopal lchurch are they
who will work. One goes to the tea,
sees thet handsome caltes and does the
rost--wthilt. being interpreted, is
A sale of cake in to he held on the
lawn if the place oecupcid this Slnl
mer by Mrs. John AMec'ormick, 328
llast Main street, where the ladles, of
the church will serve tea, 'lHao, during
the afternoonl.
Don't forget, tI1l ye who read, that
the ladies who are in chlarge expect
every lady oIf thii parl.h anrid ailso tlll
For Butte Visitors.
Mrs. lldney inti entertained last
night for the sons of A. II. W\etlley,
who are gteosts In MissoRllli,
Helena Visitors Feted.
Miss Phyllis (lagnon entertainted lust
evening for Mrs. J. A. Price's guestsl
Misses Less Illchkett and 1':INie Miner
Abot ll I oir more young11 folks will
-pendt toldayt it fIrnoreen'ugh |ark ot n a
plen kl.
To the Park,
The exodus ino the Yellowstone last
night Included the O. ]. Peppards
that Is, Mr. and Mrs. 0. .--Mrs. Jack
Kennedy, Mrs. Putney and son, Miss
a.ts1, Mrs. Bartlett, Miss PFye Buck
Iey, Misp Utevens, Mrs. D. H, Ross,
1-. O. V. Troop, William Brooks and
b.li pother, Mr. and Mrs. John B, Cat
Ji. 'Mr, a4d Mrs. Prod Btoddard, Miss
A,4n..Is Ros. Miss. Winifred Pelih
.er! I. fact, it Its said all of 27 reser
,t.ld . Wwars made from Missoula.
tkt of the number is Leo Solomon
Be Carefull What
You Eat'
At thl, time of the year what a
p.erson entr should be of the very
he),t qualnlly In order to keep In
theo bPet of health. We are p)roIudl
of the quallity of foods whlllah we
cell to our patrons. For quality and
fair jprir.e give, is a trial.
Extra fanny dried beef slleed to a
water thinnese , tparxCed In her
meticeally realedl Mglins jar. Regular
Mrf, Jar, lcspellcl .............iO
)eep molellt. swe'et, dlell'ious flavor.
''l'he RInt.l we' have had thi seasnno ;
2 fr 5..
tCurve-el miaicelronl is Ipreferred by
many to thee re.guair. Large lpaelk
ncge'., e'xlra fcncly g.Otmdi 2 Ipaknges'
fr ......... .............. ........ 854
l.arge, well-filledl car; woeet va
rlety andl witheeout wortrn, itl' the
first real frallcy graeph (Orn of the
Ieauseoe ill at loW i irih': l dowpr ... d Os #
SPECIAL, 7 LBS. FOR ......... 25#
If so youl will .e more thlen pleaned
witlh "t)elIgaclud'sel" hbrndell. 'illThe fllest
we haIlive' ever .'en. (C, ln , 17'/.C
nanl . ... ...... . ........ . 03 ?
Phone or postal your wants, as
we guarantee to please you.
and Irving Kohn. Mr. Kohn Intendsl to
visit hish si.ler Mrs. P dward lllrnh
berg of ('ho.tnlls, before rtanrning.
Reports from Mrs. A. 1,'. Avery and
inns 'Kvarn Avery tr"e to Lthe etffect
that they arrived in Dt)luto Httturday
andt will msoon stirt, as guests of Mrs.
K;enneth Ml. Nioles, for the lake trip
to Iluffa.in. The. retu'rn trip will nalts
be by water.
itev (II. Ui.linly is exprcted, fit
.ome date duhring Asgust, to be In
I Montana, with Ills son ,Vredl. who has
-grladeIte.d from his s.chool. It Is Mr.
LilnIey s Intention to stop over in this
clty. TIhe trip will he made to the
Pac.ifi c nast with s vliew to locating
the young man.
Mr. and Mrs. (Cillie of Hllutte left
train No. 42 Is it pulled in anti greeted
frlennds. Mrs. (lllle ,Will be remem
beredI as Miss FPay Murray, formerly
of Missou'sl, and the couple is return
ing home from Swan lake.
Mrs. V. .(. V.'ellsman, who has Iseen
thie gssnst of ('. A. Davlis anld family
for the paIst two mllonthls., retulrnedl y.-s
tordaye to her hIe in nlslmton.
Drives Distress From Upset Stomachs
in Five Minutes.
MI-n-na stomach tablets not only,
cure Indigestion, but build up the en
tire system and make the weak and
trail strong and vigorous.
They cause the glow of health to
appear In the cheeks and make the
eyes bright aind sparkling. They chase
out bad blood and cause pimples and
mallow skin to disappear.
MI-o-na stomach tablets are such
wonderful stomach Invigorators and
upbullders that they are sold under an
agreement to return your money if
they do not cure Indigestion or any
other trouble arising from an npset
stomach, such as biliousness, dlsszi
nesm, nick headache, loss of appetite,
fermentations, nervollsness, sleepless
ness. nightmare, etc.
"I had stomtach trouble: was weak,
bloodcles and depressed, blit MI-O-NA
)sullt ulp smy health and made me
strong."--Mrs. J. Newton, Beilevlle,
M Ichigan.
MI-o-na costs only 50 cents a large
box at druggists everywhere, antl inl
Miss.ula at Cleorke I'relsheihuer's.
Fitrmlal nlotlce of tile dissolution sof
the Mentrunm-li'rl.-i,s company was
flied In the district court yesterday
with an approving order by Judge
Webster. The notice recites that the
company was. orgtlnlwed on August 9.,
1897, with a, eupit:l stotk of $50,000
and for it terns tof 20 years. T'he stock
holders are (leorge liriggs, J. H. Will
lumns, C. II. Mleleotl and John .,
Keith. It is aais recited that all claimsn
haulists the Icorporstioltt have heen paisd
snd that all propserty owneld by it has
lists. n sol.
1'innn I lller fliled stilt Iit the distrli.t
cosurt 'essterduy sagainst Williamh P.
Heller, alleging desertion. She asks.
ablsolute divorce alnd the restitution of
her maiden name, Emmal Hlayda.
larina SOAP
Slye sufler from Zosema, pimples
or other eruptions, if your completior
is dul| or unslghtly; your skin needs
PiNeluisal in its puret form. You
can get it in BAlRlNA SOAf and at the
same time have a delicate, refined
soap that will be a constant pleasure
to use.
HiARFINA SOAP is absolutely pure
and marvellously cleansing, soot lang
and healing. It will make bathing a
delight and keep your skin ao4 com.
peoo perfect conditiou.
At druggiste, So, or d41.
rent on reelipt of price.
lead to feror booak*, 1Tkem
--'f the ýkltý and Hair. PH|][,-(
Smoke Wm. Hooper cigars
J. Flahive of Plains Is visiting In
the city.
Drink John flund's Peerless beer.
I,'. H. Shlipf of New York is a guest
in the city.
Dr. Willard, osteopath, let Nat's Sank
J. P. Nelson of Spokane is registered
at the Savoy.
Publin.stenographer, DaWson, 6 Dixon.
fl. G. HMole of H4,okane is a Mis
solia visitor.
James M. Rhoades, fire insurance.
4. R. Abbott of Spokane Is registered
at the Savoy.
Marsh, the undertaker. Phone 821.
A. Barrett of lialntlton is a visitor
ll the city.
R. H. Melaney, livery, hack and
transfer. Phone 6O6.
1(. A. Bradt of Ilutte is ill the city
on huslness.
Dr, Ward, veterinarian, Tel. 33 or rb.1.
('. ft. Moore of Ovondo is a guest at
the Missoula.
Missoula cle Co. Phone t10 Bltack.
(Y.' Allis of Bitter Root in a Mis
soula visitor.
Try Dutch Calsomine Kellogg Paint
R. C. Seits of Ottawa, Ohion, a
Missoulla visitor. 0
C. D. French of Helena is a guest
at the Florence.
Frank P. Keith, Insurance. Florence
A. L. Lipes of Butte is registered
at the Missoula. "
1I. C, Paginkopf of .ltByte is n the
,itti oh busiopes.
The Mlssnula Brick & Supply Co.,
office 11I Higgins avenue.
Charles 'R. Sutton of Butte sl a
guest at the Savoy.
Mrs. A. V.'Viert of Victor is a guest
at the Misasoula.
Dr. Anna James, osteopath. Phone
834 Black. Higgins block
Harry R. Osgood of Spokane is a
visitor In the city.
W. J. Pitspatrick of Helena is a
guest at the Savoy.
Mlssoula and westerin Montana
directory for sale at Mlssonllan office,
WI "A. Moore of Minneapolis is a
visitor In the city.
Mrs.'M. E. Williams of St. Regis Is
a Missoula visitor.
Drink Joel B. Frassier at the Oxford
"l0very kwallow makes a friend."
Earle Bancroft of Hamilton Is regis
tered at the Savoy.
George T. Larson of Ogden Is reg
istered at the Florence.
Stains, enamels, varnishes, etc Kel
logg Paint Co.
S. E. Hillslip of St. Paul is regis.
tered at the Florence.
II. A. Whille of Salt Lake City is a
guest at the Florence.
Hairdressing, Miss Archer, PFl'at No
tional block.
P. H. Griffin and fanmly of Sunset,
are visitors In the city.
O. H. Linn of Wallace was a Mls
soula visitor yesterday.
Colonial for candles and Ice cream.
Phones: Bell 67 Red; Ind. 475.
James H. Shelden of Kansas City Is
a guest at the Florence.
Dry cord wood, slabs and edglngs.
Riherdy Lumber Co., Tel. 743.
Louis C., Hausselle of New York is
a guest at the Florence.
Newton H. Schwelker, optical spe
cialist; eyes examined. 318 Higgins,
IL. Bishop of Waukegan, II., is a
guest,at thie Florence. t
Foren. Anderson of Salt Lake City
is a guest at the Florence.
Dr, Pearl. ,Foster, dentist. Childron's
work a ,sptclaloy; 4 Hllggln block.
J., C. Phillips of Butte visited the
city yesterday on business;
C. H. Overington of Groeat Falls is
registered at the Florence.
Phone 38 for cabs and baggage
transfer. Greene 4k Bllinghouse.
Walter H. Inbusch of Darby was a
visitor lit the city yesterday.
John G. Brown of Helena is stopping
at the Florence for a rew days.
Dr. Hanson of Butte. Mont., visits
any part of the state for consultations
and general surgery,
Lincoln K. Passmore and wife of
Philadelphia are Missoula visitors.
John P. Spohn of Chicago was a
business visitor in the city yesterday.
Dr. J. Louise Smith and Dr. C. B.
Spohr, osteopaths, suits 17. Mlasonlo
temple. Telephone. Bell, A61t Ind.. 7:41.
IH. I,. Wakefield of Minneapolis, was
a business visitor In the city yester
R. H. Owen of Minneapollis Is In the
city on business, and is registered at
!ttq Savoy.
Dr. Riesland, optical speclalist, now
at rooms 2 and 3 HIammond block.
until.August 20. ,All glasses groupd.
George H. IHull of Detroit is a Mis
soula visitor, being registered at tihe
Elvans Bros. Trunk Co.. manufactur
ers land jobbers of trunks, bags and
suitea es. Salearoom 204 Higglns Ave.
Factory. D~Wy addition. Phone 351.
FRed a Bows of New York city is
a Missoula Vlsitor, being registered at
the Florence.
E. L. Bookwalter of Spokane is in
the city on bcsiness. He is registered
at the Florence.
Does your piano need tuninag? Leave
orders at Luoy's store for expert tun
er. Work guaranteed. Montana MUsl.
Dexter Fellows, in advance of the
Barnum & Bailey circus, was in Mir
soula ypesterday.
C. :&r Carland arrived In Mlsboula
yesterday from Butte and is a guest
at the!.Wlpee, e.
Appilb: boe-a large quagtlty of
standard i fl kePt donataptly 9a hanid
at ; B... 8.ii4 b Co. Yalr S5" Toole
avenu ;
J. U. Mesenger aind wife p? 3(eitlO
are ~~ltors in githe city, beilty ils
treedat, the F)oreshc,
JAiesT Reynpdla ot t.ayW.r
rlve.tn the setj3 last eventnr ar
THE GOLDEN RULE The Store That Does Not Misrepresent
Big August Clean-Up Sale
.Laces and Embroideries at Record Low Cost
D'signs and imaalities I lha you'll greatly adinire at, pricers thI will eiinable you to buy lib.
eraljy for extretmely I:ttle 4ost. .Just Ia few of theml lllltionlll.
18,inch flouncing in an abo rtment, of designs, regular 75c, at .........................................4
SI8"'ind 27-inch flouncing and corset. cover elnbroidery, regular 75e, at ................,............
*27.inch flouncing, all good patterns ................................. .............. 8
A lot, of emhroidery, edging apd insertion; sold before at 5c, 7c and 8e yard. nmw, 3 1.2*
A lnt'iof Valenciennes laces in edging and insertions, yard ............ 3 1.2,and 7 1.2
5c Corticella Embroidery Silk, Skein l.c
Corsets Fancy Ribbons Veilings
An extra good serviceable During this sale of fancy rib- A big lot of veilings in all
corset, made rf c(outil and bons will he a good time to shades. In this lot of veil.
batilate, trilnmmel with lace supply yourself for the hol- ings many sold at 35 yard
and ribbon, with four hose dayto 8 s. widanc e ribbon from col and noln olss than 25c yard;
,supporters. Hiszs from 18 or1 ............... 49 duluring this sale, special,
to 27. Mpoenial ............. 89 fnn.y rilh,,. 10t to 1 .. now .................................. 150
Notions Hosiery
Notions priced less than you usually pay W\'omen's Iblack and Ian ho.s, pair ....8 1-3
for thenm. Women's 25e cotton hose ........................19
tHood quality toilet soap in several different, Women's 35c cotton and lisle hose ...... 25
odors. Regular 10c cake, now ................5l ( dhirlr en's hoe ........................................1
3. package pins, package ..........................1h.
2 packages safety pins ............................. Children's heavy ribbed hose, now 2 pairs
Large cube pins ............... ....... ... .... for 25
10e ,Macy hooks and eyes, now ..........
5e braids ............................................................
10e .~nchine oil ........................ ..........5 Knit Underwear
8-inlch curling irons ................................50 The summer stock of knit underwear
Mmall cube pins ..... ..........3
SDeLong hairpins .....................2 for 5 nust he cleared out during this sale, a dis
Imitation cluny scarfs and table covers and count of 20 per cent will he made on all
hattenburg scarfs and center pieces, $1.19 knit underwear.
Extra Low Prices on Domestics
36-inch unbleached nmAslin ...........7...., 1-.2 2J-yard wide bleached sheeting, yard, 300
10e unbleached shaker flannel ........8 1.30 2#-yard wide bleached sheeting, yard, 350
15ie unblenched shaker flannel ..............10 45-inch pillow casing ..............................1.8
short stay, and is registered at the
Charles A. Howard, accompanied by
his wife and son, arrived in the city
last evening from Aberdeen, N. D.
A. T. Moreaux and wife of Hamilton
are guests at the Savoy. Mr. Moreaux
Is connected with the Bitter Root Val
ley Irrigation company.
N, Hyde has re-entered the transfer
business and, is equipped with a com
plete. new putfit. A specialty, will be
made of the moving of pianos'and fine
Hope for Eazema Patients.
'.he oil of wintergreen compounded
for eczema-known as I). D. D. Pre
scriptl~on--can be secured at present
from aeo. Flrelshelmer In. a 2E-cent
This offer is especially made to con
vince those skin sufferers whio have
not yet tried the remddy. One bottle
will suffice to cure a mild case, and
the first application will instantly
prove to you that you get relief at
once front the itch. The moment you
wash the skin with this mild, sooth
ing liluid, the Itch Is gone.
If-upon our special recommendation
-you want to try a 'ottle of this
proven eczemu cure (D. D. D.) at 35
cents, telephone or cull at our store.
(len. i'relshelmer, Missoula,. Mont.
The Montana Funeral Directors' as- I
sociation will hold its annual conven
tion here tomorrow, Thursday and
Friday. C. H. Marsh is acting secre
tary of the organization.
Hugh O'Neil has been appointed a
deputy by Sherlff'Oraham. Mr. O'Nell
takeasthe position made vacant by the
death of Charles A. Farrell.
If your liver is slugglph and out of
tone, and you feel dull, bilious, con
stipated, take a dose of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets tonight be
tore retiring and you will frel all right
in the morning. Sold by all dealers.
In Beautiful Paradise Oanyon.
.Beneficial, Medicinal Waters, Fine
Scenery. Good Fishing, ComfortUble
' From Miasoula take Coeur d4Alene
train; stop at Quinn's Station.
R tes $12 and $14 a week.,
M. E. QUINN, Proprietor.
-apteffltse ddress Paradise, Mont,
New Family Liquor Store
154 West Cedar St.
Opposite the Postoffioe.
All prominent brands sold at out
Frank Borg & Co.
rWe repair anythins In our line,
t hie pi da fltted. .
Via Ravalli, Mont.
Boarding School for
Young Girls
All the advantages of public
school, commercial course and high
Rpeclal attention paid to music,
drawing, domestic science, etc:
Spocial buildings for young boys
from 6 to 12 years of age.
For further particulars apply to the
806.303 Higgins Ave.
Groceries and Provisions
Fruits and Vegetubles
A Meat Market
Al Kinds of FreshoMeat aod
Both Phones in Both Department..
5 WAYs . the
From REATTL. to this ReumrkSble New
antry I Now an sav and Quick Journ)lY ty
to Cordova. threnc over the COPPIt RIVEit
II at last available. It Is th4 opportunlity of
S ienerstlon. Oat ACCURATE inforIatlon
about it rad also about THROUGH RATESi to
,Th Iitaro4d,
Ibe" New Peeoor Ma's p,"
By appllatilon to
The Alaska Sleals p C~.
Seattle, Whoa.
HarIth Ph.. *terth
Hilggin AvoIpl
Cloth.. Slaned, pre.'ld hnd rspairod.
Suit. je. i to . i~ . '
Hlte slahed, re.blt* ~m p tIn, .,
We#t MO J IU Pity
Hall. Poth p ioe-d, 7f a
Best Service,
Best Apparatus.
Universal Connections
Make the
Bell Telephone
the ideal means of transacting
business rapidly and well. New
lines Just completed to the Flat
head country bring much addi.
tional, and important territory
within Instent reach of Misnoula.
Order a Bell Telephone today. You
will never regret it.
Every Bell
Telephone Is
the Center of
the System
. .
White Leghorn
200 pure-bred, perfect white Leg
horn cockrels for sale. If taken at
once will sell at $1.50 and $8.00 each.
Tylar B. Thompson
Don't overlook the big
clothing sale at Link's. All
sueniuor suits going'at tce.
tory cost.and even less,
1se W1Sw0i" t.

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