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Harnols Theater
C. A. HARNOIS, Manager.
Wediesday, Aug.10
Mrs. Fiske
Alnt thle hManl ttat n C n.ml,,tny In
' ]y IAB N ft )N lI'rI('ll:I I..
Prhlre: .nwetr floor, $2 r )n; Itx
Seats. $.60; 3Unltlly, ,i rln .+, .L ).
B~alance $1.00.
Ic A m iI..ILY :or.
Kent Mal 'lr 'T ,mhy 4i :1 mi.
The Grand
SIMON A& EARLES Proprietors.
Two evenings of moving pioturee
only, and four evenings of vaude.
vill' at the Grand this week.
Adnlxaslon upatairs rc; ground
floor 10c.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and
Matinees T'hursday, Frlday an( '
Saturday only.
M1S$itbULA'Sr PRETTY' .. "
A love stol'y of old , New York
with pIh-tlresqulle )utch ne'ttings,
portraying the nmIdlles, malnnners andl
customls of the eLarly New Jl'1ngllnnd
settlers. A nmostt elievrly aIcted pic
Lure by those f'amous people, "The
VittaglraphLl tCo."
A dralimatic picture pilay of Itui.
elan army llie, involving a 'elilgrt
fal I.ttlo love affair.
A partlcularly interesting travel
A grei.t eonedy that Imnk's
everybody laugh.
A dicmnnndcl ring to oimc lachdy
Agiuat 29th.
10 BIJOU" 10
ule -, ou
Dbn't fall 't) co this
colonel Roosevelt
Reviewing . the French
An excellen't picture of the ex
p' resident.
A drama well playcd.
A glenuine Nlis comedy of the rip
roarllig type,
A strong dramlna love anid hatred.
Frortl (ologno' to 3lingon. An edlu
eational 'platu.eo of great interest,
I", I
CtIASa. A., CrniAoG, Prop
Open Day and, Niht -.
po is 9a ilroaý .t, .tAnd itui A, .r
cars .o t neaion:d.d
CARPoatnes Ooin ai
Nttrraganl.et't !,.er, L.. I., Aug. .
an 1aftermathl of it settuitir.nl I., Id
ilponl an illgegd K(l tling hoItue 1.ht o
yesterdcy In whllrh the raldinl Coo l -
stables were arres.ted t" reagulnr l .
lice, fIrr men appeared In court todq .
.lonillbllle John (l. Cross, who led tli '
rildi, was arralign-ced on the charge iii
iatlltult, but Ion picking up the' wta vHi
rtlll hie di.(cov-redt that It was Invalli (
not teatinlg the signatulre of the t 11111
plulatllnt, .1IIhn I i owers, h e vet'
that tlhe cas' be lecl tsht andl I lthe t'lltui
sustained him.
Cleirge i, ('l ctlllutting \f'i'rcltr ltnrl?.
Polihemann J*iln (1. ('ittii hlrojight"
cross stits na.llnllt eltch olher, (olllellt
chargIng ('utllhti with .Iiaault ollll
c'rrying on'lt'ealed wVlpons and (lt
thlg chairging ('ullln with siitiIll.
larli c.is wli toolliitilhl twol we-kt.
When the regilIt' h i pni tt lilrtt',e-d
ldll'ing thel rlld, (' lld n n tnl ll lpl,,d tol
alrrestl . (I. Ivins ofi N-ew York, a
j deputy, (td ('litning interfcered ant; is
HIIthiiiy l3itall (' rtilIII k hlott, rf.ri'1 il tl lit
hagd wito hve tilrt of hill revolver.
hIiilt -I wllh I hi! liilt or alih rievolvtr.i! i
Ivins erapedl . Willtfn Arnoli, who
wasl arresuted, 'tIhtrgied with maintain
ing it gathllhltlg -resort, iwas Ibrought hIl
fore Judlge Lewmiis nd hls hall was Ini -
crtuledC f(rom $ril tot $2,)0 ,
(('nttllnued iF)lroi Page ()ne.)
It is iln(posible.to etilnllmate the dam
age dolle In Idtlho and Montana, though
doubtless there has been mtuch exag
geratlon. In Idaho, especltlly, whore
thlbher owner' fire atltnottL.iltlionsi are
highly cfficlent, what seemed an al
most hopeless tuationll has been got
ten pretty well In check,. In the Coeur
d'Alene dlstrict but three fires remain
not reported under control, these he
Ing tin P'lne and (Graham creeks., near
Wallace, and on the westterln ilde of
.lke Coeur d'Alene. It western Mon
tana the iltuatlion is aboliut as hadl aI
It can the, all avallable help bIeing en
litled wltllhout any tertajnty of the out
co)tme if rain tdIe1 not stoon Intervene.
fIThesadelgUuati emtpahtlaesa tl{akt.
oInst dantgeroutts piortlon nof .the- I tman
it still to come. There are fires every
where that are hatrely being held In
leash. Ndw ones will overtax tll exist-,
Ing organization. Since conditihons
throutenl unider which fire Imay travel
long dltances, timber owners alre
urged to extend Ipaltrol beyond their
own tracts to all c':.nagor points. a-,
tablilhment of citizens fire brlgadles
It advised, bli4'anlzfnrf'ln advance for
havinag hlellps leadership llll nd cl equlipment
'Anty Drudge on Early Rising.
Mrs. Workhard (windingalarm cloflk)-"I always set the:,
alarm-for 4 o'clock on Monda. morning, so I can
make an early startrwith my ws.hing and get through
. before,dark." .
A tA Drudgq-"Nonsense. Just you sleep three hours
ter, and then s~nd to they gt';cer's for some
Fels-Naptha soapt asnd do yrour washing the
"rui-Naptha way, kYour wash jill be on the line
before noon, cleaner and Whiter than ever before."
In India the women Ail, go down to
the river banks and wash-' jo'thes by rub.
bing them over stones.
They are unprogressive, we say. But
they are no farther behind 'the times than
the American women who still boil clothes
land hard-rub them on a.,:as.hboard. The
Swormen of India don't weakei their clothes
by boiling, at feast.
The truly modern way of washing is
the FelNpta; h ' way,. N boiling to
weaken the fibre; no hard-rulbbing to wear
and tear. Work saved, tiz saved, fuel
isaved;' thesI r cle ter . it
Follow directions on the rod . n
I availlnable wllithViot hm of time. Cithi:
andl towns are askied to take smllnti
steps to supply tihen when called lpon,
wi4t arrangemenets for trunalltlrtiitlon.
.lvt*'q;eiltizen I urged to spare neithie
fI.lpn ior foe in relporting violations
iof the'fite laws, especiatlly by camp
eri, land clearers and spark-emlitting
ilo lnltlittves. It in itointet out by the
s.ot.alntion that if the warnings wide
ly circulateld tearlier in thle season had
resulted in stluch t:s, lossnn of life
ituld property would have been largely
avoided. They still apply with evert
greater for[ie.
Washingto. Fires.
alttlie, Augl. 8.--lre \Varden James
I). lBrown hits teleg'.tplhed that 10.000
mten ore needed to flght great f'l'est
firPs ill qlluthertl SteVelM t'olltty.
"Standling upon the top of It Iukle
brry,', wir~s the fire warden, "I 'ould
sre. nutlhing hut a -sea of flame. It
Pe'ld that if I l'several townshiltap omust
ie o ntirely hbrnetd over. I do not lee
how this could be stopped fronl sprlead
IIg into Spokane cc;unty. I wlant then
I to fight fir+S--any kilul of men will do.
i can luse a thoululld of thelo tl and pay
them well."
Order Received.
A w\ irt' fltil Fiorester PIotter \\sts1 ri
ivllied atn the I-eal district ol'ffic yes.
Ierdly Imornitni hg l til, i1 l' fect that
irirsidi.tIH Taft had ordered the mill
Iary pIos, t ilI Miolntiatli, Idaho, 'nhsi
hgt, , I)rI.gin 1itnll d I'atlll'ornila ti give
lie forestry officirela viry l-poslhin as
sistltanir il getlllfg colintrol of the fire
Iituation. IIn speaking of this, Asso
slate lI)trilet Por'tster Mlleix said:
"Tile colmmanll ding officers at tihe dlf
:firent posts lthave been Ilntiftied of tile
a'deir itlil I haIt Ia phone converal''
tulon with the conntioidling officer at
I 'rt Mlssoula thsl morning)r . I will
I robubly have ii conferelnce with him
i ia thry - 1 two1. 1 have also written
(lie colnmmanding offlcer at Fort Harrl
!nl. ]vt'rything is qutt t along tie linhe
6w ' l' d I doin't expleet it will lie neoes
I.1 try to call out tile troops unless alt
rl 'rlilal conditions prevai, but I Iwanllt
.i get a line on tlhe number of men land
trie equipmenlt that can be furnitished
I r that we can use them in a case of
t llllergency.
Another small fire has broken out
i .ar_ the Monitor minll In the vlicinity
: ' Saltete. This fire In thought to be
a. part of the old fire which 'was re
: tntly tput unllder control, and reports
ait tithat it is not seriouls.
Another blaze hll lbroken oullt on In
dlilpendenlce creek In the Coeur d'Alene
f 'cest and a man has been sent there
to investlitate conditlnns. HiM report
Iwf'l be received within a short time.
I listrict IForeuter Greeley has gone to
K ponskia, Idaho, where he will have a
c: tlferenee with Major I'enn. Muper
vi lor of the Clearwater, and will then
jo imrny. to Orangeville, where he will
se i Bupervisor Ring of the Nies Porce
olt ot,. lie will confer with these men
ls ' to the forest conditions In general
nr~l.bxho,. att .way to';hg1dIt d the..fire
sit i .. -...........
% p1ack train is heing organized at
Da by for an emergency ball into tile
Cht trwater country. These men will
be hIeld In readiness to move through
the Nez Perce pass and head off the
firn n If they cannot lie handled by the
mno t in charge of the blaze on the
Idhlfio side.
Ii' :pervisor Koch of the Iolt reports
thiltl every fire on the jorest Is prac
tilc fly under control. Thli means a
great deal to the foresltry 'service. as
orije of the mnts dci* strous flre.s have
been In this forest.
Sulpervisor 1\'hite of thl. 1ittIler
Root forest telephonelld iI yesteirdaty
that all fires on the west W!le tf the
Hitter Root are out (or under '2ntrol
The fire o. Miller creek is still hloun
lig, however, and iprmises to give
consi.derable trouble Ibefore it I. ex
t Ingu ished.
K. i'. Kraller, district rengtller., hasl..
been in chark,' of the fire ut Mhitlvale
onil the lenth and 'let endsl of the (hln
cler nntlonall park Itdtit rpllorts that it
is nolw under contritl. .lIe wits4 forced'i
to efmploly alollut till redskins of the
tlaotkfeet tIri(e in fighting lthe fire. Mr.
Krnmller IL.say they' work all right, If
'clisely shpervised. Iow cIosely he
does not slate.
Thei fire on the nartl'h end ,f the
Lewis l aid ilark flrset, witch h' in In
charge oft R. It. lRutlledge, hasi Ibse'
whip'ped Itti life by high wl inds anditlil
Is giviIng .',iqldeirahle troubtle. A goed
crew of r e11 hkA horn i oellt theire all2(1
it in thoughtlll that they IW snll halve
a fire line arollnd the1 blaz.e. T'he fire
caHinc to life sil lddenlye that It de
stroyed the ntmlp efrore It olullnd le
tnnovrd. The grulb land tols, wlerei i\laved,
however, by picinVllg.thetmt i tl. wIater.
Nol rellports hlave Ieon ret'eiV'(ivd from
thi' Missoullal Irlet, whelre Iupervis'\'or
K ltltl(,y i aIt pr l'ese,'nt. 'rite hIg fire at
Merly Ilake Is tinder coltrol. Trile fire
near tvanln'llI, which'l in thre'teoning(
government tillmber, In thouilght to hte hi
mllclh better shape rlad it reort saying
that It Is I tlnder Ionttrol Is loked flior.
CI. 11. Adlmlts, who hu Ieel lookinlll
after fires' onil the' ILewi anlll (I l'rk
foreIst'c went to Ttttll illd li lelver
creeks'l ye'2s1terlday, wlhere (it' fire situ
ationll Is n hInl shapel, No rleports have
lbeen receivetl fromll hin.
Mr. Sihcox sitid yesterday that the
fire situation aII it now stalndfs very
encoulragingll and If high windsl keelp
down for at shtrt tllmle overything will
be in giooll cshalle. The patrol, how
ever, will not lie reilxedl and every
pon.elile means will lie empllloyed to nip
tiny outbreakn beifore they can get a
good start.
((ontinued. rom Page One.)
the hInd. t-he1 court of appeitN de
cided against 'this claim, however. .It
ls argued in another case that the In
dians have been granted citizenship,
and have beconlie citizens of the state
and congrem.sl has no right to act
respe:tling them.
The Answer.
The goverinlent is preparing a
novel aInsw\V to tthis silt. It will be
contended that wnvile Indians may
have h~nt 'g.ligtd tl{( right of citizen
ship under the United States laws,
they do not b'conime citizens under the
fourteenth am 'ndmetit providing that
persons bhorn Ih and under the juris
diction of the United States or natur
alized, were citizens of the United
States and of the state in which they
reside. It wilt be claimed that the
Indians were not born under the Juris
dlctil of the i u)ted States, but under
the tribal. $ul, iction,1. The United
States deals with the, tribes but Ilever
with the Individuals.
The outcome of this contention will
be watched with interest. President
Taft has told several of his callers re
cently that lie was fully acquainted
with Vice Preident Sherman's attl
tude as to the Indian cases involved
In the pending Oklahoma investigation
and that he know the vice president
was strenuously, opposed to allowing
the big fees to attorneys in connection
with which the alleged attempt at
bribery occurred.
WVashlngton, Aug. R-Prsidlent H.an
uel flolpeirs of Ithe American Fed
eration of Imbior today received a
letter from President Moyer of 'the
Western Federation of Minoers denying
that In his speech before the recent
miners' crunventihct at )Denver he made
a statement -disparaging either to thle
American Federation of Lalbor or to
Mr. CGompers as its president. lie ex
plained that he had told the delegates
that Mr. Goippers, after 30 years of
labor, should be retired tonl a pension
fuor tie good, work h-e had done,' If tlhe
policy of the American Federation was
wrong, he declared, he had also said
to the delegates, it was their duty to
endeavor to chalnge it by becOlling a
part of tlhe nationul body.
Mr. Moyer asked Mr. (tompers to
name tile place and timlle for' a (cn
ference Ibetween, representaitives of the
American I"ederatl.n of Ilabor and
the Western Federatioln of Miners
looking to a merger, Mr. (,ompera
said today he would' endeavor to ar
range the conference for the latter
part of this- week or the first part ofi
next, and it would probably be Iheld
in Chicago.
Clha"leston, W. Va., Aug. 8.-U-tpon
being informed that arrangem(ents are
being made to exhibit the Jeffries
Johnson fight plctures in Wheeling,
Governor (*lasrock tonight aplealed
to the local authorities in Wleeling
to prevent the exhibihon. The gov
ernor litimated thut the state milltl
mty be used If necesuary to prevent
the showing of the pictures in tllis
Cate. -
Dysejntery lI 4 dangerous disease, but
(tan be bured. Chamberlain's Colic,
O.holera and Diarrhoea Remedy has
been uuoeslsfull used in nine epidemn
los of dysentery, it has never been
k.opljq to Intl. .,It e owiualy valuable
.60' 04111rdPerit ultl.idults, and whern re
dulted with Wi fo and sweetened, It is
pleauaalt to tlae; Sold by all dealers.
(O'itiinueId l"roul Page n11, 1)
nm living than to wait until the giv~
Irnment nis anu get $,,0A4 when I
am (!tad."
''lWhy Is it that while you ivr' illt
trll'in i .' nii r 'g inllr nIIls rvy nIIll p,
livtt il by ithei g.'vrnmentl. yo1u ',
ldrye spc'hil lttorllney ?.
"i''llt .us(' milr relgillr AtloriP.ey gl
pniht \vwhethellr they work Ior nit, whil
lthe specriil itilrney'., i i enti'rlil ge'il
fe,. work hecause they expe('t to eta
i~it l."
. sin ullrh app'llentnl.e. was pe.rn l
ell by I'hultes Ida lnfore, a I'hnertaw
hail nly 'ine eyel . thre of filmi' i fiigers
relnted thlat lh l tu (.tu . I nlte il bytl Ib
I aire' W. iilfa ti noting for Mim'r
rayl , anti had ecn induced ti sII n il,
rtelegrar, ithe wlrding of whichi' hut
t Washingtn, llh attorney an I lha-in
wire 'idten..
The " bstul of that I I 'letrailt awas
that the Indin Iltpplllrove of the con
trails. anld hstked Adll s ito call on
)Preident aft unit urge 'lint to seill
the land withoult delay.
"Who doli ylul thinlik Alants wItlls?"
'Why, I thnught he was sottithnily
with powerful influence who W could g.
to the president and congress and till
them what we wanted. We were lint
to anxious to give lilp 10 per ceint, built
we thought it llbetter to sell on ithat
haula than not to get anything at till.
We.were itn the dark as to how mitt
ters stood at Washington but we
thought Adams woulnd bit ableli ti fix
things all right."
More than 10,000 Indians wOio signed
the contracts are to be interrogatedn
Creager Explains.
Musolkoghe, Aug. 8.- In reply to the
charges made by Jake lt . hmin iat
McAlester today, that CIingrsessittn
'regr hadC attempted, lunlder the
guise of loans, to obtain "sum.s" from
J. F. McMurray, Mr. Creager tonight
gavel out the following statement:
"I have just written a letter to
Congressman Burke in reply to the
charges made against me by Mr.
Hamon this afternoon in which I am
explaining the circumstances Ini detail
and advising him that. If necessary, I
will be glad to go before the commit
tee and answer any questions that
may tbe iaked In regard to tle malter.
"There Is sonib foundation for IIth
stattement of Mr. Hamon, but he meust
have stated the case in all (ntretly
different manner than it wits given
to him hy MciMurray. Before leaving
Muikogee itn November, I tried to
trade certain property for 0O acre. ofl
farmi land worth $10,000, agreeing to
piay the differience, which amounted
to $4,000. I folund that I could not
meet tlihe requirements of the trans
action, so I made application to tllte
stattl for i loan fronl the school fund.
In D).enber, after my arrivu! at
Washingtonl I receivedi Io letter from
Guthtrlie denying my request. Mr'. .e1'
Murray happened to be in my offlce
at tilhe time and I explained the sltu
ation to him and stiked him if he'
knew where I could get the money.
He replield that if lit hald lit, llivoey
on hand lie wouild be glad to make the
loan himself.
"A few diays later McMurray tilIl
me that lie hall tihe rne.essary 1I ,it y
and 'ould Inlliake . loaln hut qulii.
tinned the prluoprihty ofl oiur onteli'ug
into a deal of tihis kind, Thatl wilasl
the first lin'e that tile matter wall
blrouglht I lil y attintlihn i tithat tI lil
and it was droppedl tiluihan and thelre.
Mr. Md'Murray never loaned Ime tii:
Hamon Story Denied.
O'klahlioma ('City,. Aug. it.- iverniior
tHakell today delnied thati .i. l,.
Hai1lm1o hlad i'ver bin elinli t yilil as
tcounisel fl'or hint In tlhe .att' of sa
icuring an investigation oif town lot
In"hi m,.nt.
"'Whun lHilailin was on ,hls way iii
Washington". sil til givi'riiiii', "Ili.
iuggestid that hiai (ioiull uil hi liil
p.snage i' of thi (Oire. ri'shililtliii liree,'t
ing all ininquiry lilto thIhd iIegr i.'
mt.inldus in the dlipartlinli t t of liit
gioveranmient, lit I tilhi him I woiihl
a phire'iat l is inflnli'ni'e. I u.'v.'r cii,
hiral for tinly Nor.vicel r'enidoi.l "
New Yorlk, Aug. 8.--Th'l'e frignati'
iPortsmnouth, one of the l ast old sqleare
rigged partlclpants In the clvil warn still
afloat, weighed anchor today onn the'
first leg of her last jourlney She will
nshortly sail for Seattle, where nihs It n
to bo, transformed Into a naval mnu-i
Tl'he Portlsmouth was built at Ports.
mouth, N. H., but she was largely
nmannenld by the state of Washlnrngtonl,
and the elInhn of their descendents
was given first call by the federal
government, althought - an 'Franelsce
also put in a bid for her. Her journey
today was brief. t'ntlI last year the
Portsmouth was kept In cornrllnislon
as a training ship for the New Jersey
naval reserve.
Jie. Alska, Aug. a.---The steam
shlp Princeees Beatrice sailed for )'an
eouVner' today with the surviv'ors ofI the
wrecked ste+lanmer Princess Many, whichn
went on the reef north of Sentintl
island early last F'riday mlorning.
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